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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 3, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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to the jersey shore and points in between. you're not going to see any snow during the day today. look at the temperatures -- just dropped down to 3 degrees in the suburbs. 18 in philadelphia. 12 in dwoelaware. 10 in the lehigh valley. the wind has died down so it's not as brutal as what we have seen. just plenty cold outside. sunshine, we'll see a lot during the day before the clouds move in late. the temperature rises to freezing. this is the warmest we've seen in days in new jersey. 33 in delaware. upper 20s for the lehigh valley. the suburbs, philadelphia, inching toward the 30s this afternoon. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour and show when the first flakes will be falling in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. thanks. starting in cherry hill, new jersey, route 70. our cameras at kings highway. if you look closely, you can see actually the flashing lights here, flashing lights here. this is around kings highway, it
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may be more around brace road where we have a water main break, eastbound side of 70. lanes blocked because of the water main break. watching some of that. the schuylkill expressway's open this morning in both directions. not dealing with any of the construction project. right now a great drive time, 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine. speeds still up, as well. we're also watching the vine. open here both directions also. this is around 24th street. here westbound toward the schuylkill. eastbound up toward 95. no problems there so r. back to you. 4:01. the deep freeze is having a crippling impact on cars. from dead batteries to flat tires, thousands of drivers are being left stranded and in need of help. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live in camden county with what you can do to protect your car. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're out here with storm force 10 to look at things you should be doing before you go out on the roadways. it is cold outside. it is winter, of course. we've had some of the bitterly
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cold temperatures in the past. one of the big things that you should do is check your tire pressure because that can seriously affect how you're driving. also check your fluids, your oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid. still, mechanics have been busy lately fixing broken down vehicles. and since christmas, aaa has received 15,000 calls from the philadelphia five-county area. your tires should never be un r under inflated. another thing to check is your battery. >> at 32 degrees, it takes about 35% of the battery's life away. at 0 degrees, it takes about 60% of the battery's life away. >> reporter: here we are back live from storm force 10 here. we're getting 18 degrees here in pennsauken. it is cold. it is below freezing. not the kind of condition you want to be driving in without checking everything first. aaa's advice about that battery issue -- if it's more than three years old, that is when you
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might start to have problems. it's a good idea to get it checked and possibly even replaced. coming up at 4:30, we'll break down a list of emergency items that you should always have with you just in case. live in pennsauken, matt delucia. >> thank you. people at the jersey shore are taking this first alert very seriously, and you can see why. take a look at the scene in cape may. part of the ocean is already frozen over which makes sunset beach look more like a frozen tundra. in ocean city, a full stockpile of salt and crews are ready to hit the roads. coming up at 4:30, we'll go live to the shore to get a closer look at the situation. the vicious cold also continues to make the job tough for firefighters. take a look at the scene in jenkintown. they weren't just fighting a fire at a car dealership, but the cold weather, as well. the fire started just before 5:00 on the roof of the showroom at brenner chevrolet. water from the hoses mixed with the freezing temperatures created a more dangerous
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situation. >> it was dangerous on the roof with flowing water. it was icy on the roof, the ladders, parking lot, on the street. we decided it made the operation slower than it normally would be. >> the fire did not hurt anyone. investigators are still trying to figure out what ignited those flames. a middle school in new castle, delaware, will remain closed today. a broken heating system shut down gunning bedford middle school yesterday. maintenance workers have been on the job through the night making repairs and will need at least another day. take a look at this scene. it's become fairly common throughout the area. water main break in conshohocken along ballamingo road. it affected people in chester and delaware counties. customers may have had discolored water because before the repairs. if so, they suggest continuing to check your cold water until it passes. as a result of the dangerously cold weather,
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heating systems are being stressed to the limit. >> experts say routine maintenance is the first step to preventing any issues. they also recommend checking air filters, fuel levels, and making sure thermostat batteries are good to go. we spoke to one local repair company. they have technicians working around the clock to keep up with the high demand. >> the most troubling call is no-heat calls. whether it be gas furnace, oil furnace, heat pump. >> here's a warning from the service manager we spoke with -- expect to have a spike in your heating costs. nbc10 talked with pico. they say there's no way to predict how much higher the average bill will be. we'll monitor the latest updates on your phone with the nbc10 app. you can track the snow and dangerous cold right down to your neighborhood. 4:05 and 18 degrees outside. the monmouth county teenager charged in the new year's eve murder of three family members and a family friend has hisrt a morning. police say the 16-year-old gunned down his parents, sister,
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and a family friend. the teen's brother and grandfather both escaped uninjured. yesterday prosecutors announced that each of the victims was shot several times and at close range. they say the gun used in the killings was registered to a family member. there is no clear motive. a priest who embezzling a half million dollars from a retirement home for roman catholic priests will be sentenced today. nsdunnbro pleaded guilty to skimming money over a nine-year period and ud the money for casino visits, high-end dinners, and philadelphia pops concerts. he faces about three years in prison. new this morning, a soldier from north jersey has died in eastern afghanistan. sergeant first glass mikhail golan mikil golan died. district attorney larry
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krasner is one of many officials tosterday. rebecca rinehart, the city's first city controller, is also officially on the job. she'll serve with an office that monitors what the city does with your tax dollars and other money. the crowd erupted when d.a. larry krasner was sworn in. krasner reaffirmed his campaign promise to create a culture of change in the city. >> a movement was sworn in today. a movement. a movement for criminal justice reform that has swept philadelphia. >> krasner is against the death penalty and vowed to exercise power with restraint. he wants to reduce the city's incarceration rate and reform how criminals are granted bail. in montgomery county, the newest chief of police is on the job. steve gray was sworn in last night as the new head of the bryn athyn police department. he takes over for glen kaufman
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after 35 years on the force. you saw tracy holding up the ticket at the top of the show. more than $850 million is still up for grabs. >> here's the reason -- no one won the jackpot in last night's mega millions drawing. now the pot grows to at least $418 million. the numbers 1-42-47-64-70, mega ball, 22. the next drawing is friday night. tonight is the powerball drawing. no one hit the winning numbers over the weekend, so the jackpot keeps growing, as well. certainly we all wish we could hit the jackpot and perhaps go to a warmer place. >> how about that? >> this cold is many ways. >> here's the good news -- we have you covered as we prepare for the even colder weather that's headed our way and the snow. meteorologist bill henley has that. >> a lot going o
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dry outside. our skies are clear. there's a little breeze. even without the wind, we have a frigid morning. the good news, today, a lot of sunshine, it's not going to be as cold as the last several days. we will warm to near freezing. the freezing mark. 32 degrees this afternoon. then tonight, cold enough for snow, and snow arrives coming up from the south. a coastal storm system that will start spreading snow in delaware. and then into the rest of the area. right now, we just have to deal with the cold. bundle up. look at the suburbs. 3 degrees right now in some neighborhoods. 8 in south jersey. 18 at the airport in philadelphia and delaware at 12. the numbers are still falling right now. uclyn township, 10 degrees. elroy is 8. 6 degrees right now for north wales. really frigid morning. the cold air for new hope, we'll see sunshine. it will moderate during the day. temperatures will climb into the 20s at 11:00. we'll see a lot of sunshine at
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3:00 this afternoon. this is when the temperatures will be peaking across the area. we'll get a little bit of a breeze this afternoon. not as much wind as we've seen lately. the feels-like temperatures will be in the middle 20s later today. with sunshine, it will feel a lot better today than it has lately. we've got changes on the way. you can see scattered clouds in our area this morning. that's just the beginning. the storm system that's brewing is way to the south. it's going to move up the east coast. that's rain off of south carolina and georgia. look at north florida, snow, a wintry mix, and rain. that's how far the cold air has moved. we've got plenty of cold air around. after it peaks in the 20s, upper 20s and low 30s this afternoon, we'll see it get cold again tonight. 15 degrees at 9:00. look at how clear it is.hourfor. at lunchtime, lots of sunshine, low to mid 20s in the area. and then into the upper 20s and low 30s late this afternoon. you see some of the high clouds
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afternoon. snow won't take long to form after that. by 11:00 tonight when tammie souza's updating you on the nbc10 news, you can see the light snow in delaware and south jersey. that's going to be spreading inland overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. still expecting to see the highest totals at the shore. we will see accumulating snow into philadelphia, south jersey, and the suburbs, as well. then once the snow is gone, here comes the coldest air of the season so far. high temperature, 17 on friday. 15 degrees on saturday. back in 10. we'll look at how much snow to expect, and a look at the weekend forecast, as well. >> thank you. lots happening in the coming days. meanwhile, traffic. >> traffic, let's see how it's moving. jessica boyington has you covered. >> in spots might not be moving, but for the most part we're pretty empty now. just a few problems. one is a water main break in cherry hill, route 70. cameras at kings highway. you can see flashing lights up ahead here, flashing lights there. we're seeing some lane
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restrictions on the eastbound side of route 70 near kings highway. moving through there might be tricky for you. a little further north. maybe a little bit little bit further east, northeast of trenton, there's an accident investigation in monroe township. the new jersey turnpike's outer drive on the southbound side the exit ramp 8a blocked near route 32. that's blocked to get off of the new jersey turnpike for now. bridges are okay for most part, clear on the tacony palmyra. checked in for scheduled openings. clear on the walt. the burlington bristol bridge, single lanes of alternating traffic in both directions. that typically goes until 5:00. it may end a little early. i'll keep you update there and have another update in about ten. >> thank you. watching her son die, a group of teens allegedly murder a is demanding justice. >> on the street, you know. me and him at birth and me and him at death. >> what she says about her son's last moments and the new video
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of the suspects. shoveling safety. the danger that you could be putting yourself in while clearing how to protect yourself. and going the extra mile. the one gesture from a local uber driver that's helping to keep those in need out of the freezing cold. in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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as police search for teens wanted in the murder of a delaware county student, his family is talking about their heartbreak. >> police say the teen seen in this surveillance video shot julian deshields in the back on december 23rd. the high school senior happen picking up food for -- senior had been picking up food for his family. his mother heard the gunfire and found him on the ground. >> it was just me and him on the street, you know.
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just me and him at birth. and it was me and him at death. >> police have received several teens and believe the teens are from the neighborhood. eric williams was chester's first murder victim of 2017. one year later, his murder remains unsolved. family and friends gathered to remember the 24-year-old last night. they want justice for williams and for his killer to be caught. williams was found shot to death in his car a block from his home. a reward is offered in the case. imagine living next to an area that months ago was overrun with drug addicts and dangerous behind. it could be a possibility as a company unveils plans for a new complex of homes that will be going up near the infamous conrail tracks in kensington. city officials will review the proposal for the homes next week. features a 155-unit complex seen in this rendering from kjor architecture. the design says it will have
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duplexes -- the designer says it will have duplexes and more. right now it's a used car lot. it will be near a heroin hotbed that was cleaned out this summer. since then the city has been wo that shifted to a new area after the cleanup. we're under a first alert as we wait to see how much snow hit parts of the viewing area. >> some of us will be getting the trusty snow shovel ready to go. health experts warn that for some, shoveling is more strenuous than many other forms of exercise. that's because you're putting a lot of stress on your muscles without a lot of movement. that also means your heart is working harder than it normally would. add to that the weather already causing tightening blood vessels and constricted airways, and you could have a recipe for disaster. here are tips -- if you don't
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exercise regularly, have known heart or lung disease, or have concerns about your heart health, leave the shoveling alone. just don't do it. regardless of how fit you think you are, take it easy. no need to rush it to get it done. experts say you should push the snow, not lift the snow. learned that lesson the hard way a couple of years ago. >> yeah? >> trying to do it and -- back goes out. >> not good. >> use the knees. >> we've got a couple of problems coming. the first is snow. tomorrow morning, slippery during the commute. we've seen this before. what we haven't seen in a while is the very cold air coming. we've had cold. i mean, it has been an extended period of very cold air. pipes are going to be at risk of bursting. time to spend time after the storm inside rather than outside. so limit your time coming friday and saturday. that's when we'll get the coldest. we've got things to get through before conditions will finally improve. heading out the door, it's
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plain-old cold. the wind is not as strong as yesterday. it is on the way. the gusty winds will follow the storm. a frigid morning, and this morning the temperatures are still falling. some neighborhoods are getting close to 0 right now. coastal snowstorm, that's still on track for late tonight and tomorrow, especially tomorrow morning. a slippery commute tomorrow morning, and then the coldest air of the season, bitter cold, gusty winds move in after the storm for friday and saturday. not much wind, 5 miles per hour in trenton. 3 miles per hour in wilmington. windchills looking better than yesterday. still plenty cold. feels like 3 in pottstown, 12 in wilmington, 5 degrees in foilz. if you're waiting outside, we will see sunshine at 8:00. look at the temperatures, layer up if you have to spend time outside. 6 in exton and reading. 8 in quakertown and allentown. not much better in philadelphia, even atlantic city will be cold at 22 degrees. skies are mostly clear now.
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we'll see a lot of sunshine before this starts moving in. snow in louisiana. snow in north florida. and into georgia, a wintry mix, too. this snowstorm is expected to ride up the east coast. by 10:00, it will be on our doorstep. the first showers moving into maryland. that's a mixture of snow and rain to the south. it's going to be moving into colder air. the accumulating snow at 11:00 tonight will start in delaware and south jersey. and then spread inland tomorrow morning. this computer model takes the storm out to sea, which will impact the storm inland. looking at the heavier amounts for delaware and south jersey hugging the coastline. less likely according to the model inland. we feel likely get snow, it doesn't take much to get slippery conditions, and then it will be pulling away in the afternoon. four to eight inches for delaware and south jersey.
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not all coming at once. we'll see three inches on the ground by 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will still come down until the late morning and early afternoon hours. further inland, two to four. one to three for philadelphia. a little less to the north and west, into the lehigh valley. there's still time for changes to occur before the storm moves in. if the storm comes closer, these totals will go higher. if the storm stays farther out to sea, they could come down. and there will be dramatic changes coming in the next couple of days. as far as your weekend is concerned, it's going to be a cold start. friday, bitter cold. saturday, teens. those are the highs on saturday. the good news, big improvement on sunday. and by monday, the temperatures will go even warmer. a look at that with the ten day on ten coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks for that. 4:21. let's get you to work. some people are back to work today after the long holiday
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week. let's okrout 70. >> route 70 and cherry hill, cameras at kings highway. this is the common sight. water main breaks, what we were seeing in a lot of places. right here, eastbound, flashing lights here. and right up ahead, there's some here, too. so in between this portion, it's near brace road, too. obviously kings highway is a bigger road than that. either way, the eastbound side having lanes lost there. traffic really slow the scene. also in conshohocken, another water main break. this is at dehaven and front street. areas are blocked there. the boulevard, both directions okay. no water main break now. on the southbound side, traffic moving nicely toward the schuylkill expressway. dray and tracy? >> thank you. a vacation turns to heartbreak. now the victims of a costa rica plane crash are being remembered. >> this light that nobody else
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has. >> the family of one victim speaks out about their loss as the memorial service is set for another family with local connections. opening communications. north and south korea officials are making contact for the first time in years. it's prompting the talk from president trump.
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today family and friends will gather to remember a family killed in a plane crash. >> the ceremony will be held for the family in bluebell. the funeral will happen monday in florida. the family lived in florida but had roots in montgomery county. investigators from the faa and ntsb are working to determine what caused the nature airplane
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to slam into a mountain on sunday killing all 12 people on board. ten of those victims were from the u.s. amanda guysler grew up in wisconsin. she was leading the trip for a travel company. >> she had this light that nobody else has. >> and that was the magic of this young lady. she could do things and move people. >> also, 18-year-old william steinberg was a freshman at the university of pennsylvania. railroads across the country have until the end of 2018 to install positive train control on their tracks. mak it a reality sooner. letters were sent to amtrak, csx, norfolk southern, and other passenger and freight railroads urging them to install the anti-crash technology before the end of the year. three people died in this amtrak crash last month. and while the cause is under
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investigation, the ntsb says ptc was not yet on that section ofa. railroads insist the cost is the biggest challenge to installing the technology on time. the deadline for ptc has already been extendeds. a snowstorm and bitter cold, we have team coverage to help you prepare for the winter we'll take you live to the jersey shore which could see the most snow. how officials are getting everyoneed. 4:27 and cold this morning. it's 18 degrees in philadelphia. some temperatures in the single digits for the suburbs and south jersey. that's a live, clear view from penn's landing. snow moves in late tonight. we've issued a first alert. the latest around the corner.
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heavy snow and bitter cold. a storm that'sd th impact it co our area. an uber driver taking matters into her own hands to help those facing the freeze with making contact. overnight, north korea and south korea reopen wit each other hours before president trump makes a nuclear warning. already a busy wednesday morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4,on.i >> i'm dray clark. right now we are tracking a snowstorm and even colder temperatures to follow. a live look from cape may and center city this morning. the jersey shore could see the worst of the storm. philadelphia could also see a big impact. we'll get right to meteorologist bill henley with his


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