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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 4, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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winter storm out in the ocean but spreading well over us and we still have several hours to go before it moves on. here's a live look from ocean city this morning. there is a blaze saizzard warni effect for delaware beaches but conditions improve the further inland you go. more than 600 schools are closed or delayed. you can get the full list on our nbc 10 app and it is scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> the storm is expected to bring the most snow and then spread out across the rest of our area. to show you exactly what's happening outside and bill henly and crystal are tracking the current conditions and how much snow you can expect. >> conditions have gone downhill since early this morning. we're seeing snow accumulating and strong gusty winds and this is just the beginning. >> so i'll let you take it away right now, but we'll go neighborhood through neighborhood talking about the
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wind and the snow and what those combined do mean. >> and thisern mooing a lot of both. the snow coming down in south philadelphia, that's not heavy snow, but look at what's going on at the shore. this is a live view from cape may. this is why we have issued a first alert for snow and wind. for the entire area for this morning, for this afternoon. in fact, until 7:00 this evening, the steadiest heaviest accumulating snowfall will be here this morning making for a treacherous morning commute and then this morning we're already getting wind gusts but this afternoon those wind gusts could peak at 50 miles per hour, so blowing and drifting snow is likely even after the snow stops falling from this storm that is centered hundreds of miles offshore, but it's a massive storm so it's spreading snow from the carolinas to our area and into new england, so it is just beginning. you can see the bands of heavier snow. those have been moving into new jersey and delaware. already a report of five inches on the ground in southern
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delaware and more than two inches right near the coast. inland though, inches are going to be mountsing. we'll see some accumulation but not as much as the shore and even less farther north and west. we'll break it down hour by hour and show you what to expect for your neighborhood. >> a few things to follow and we're starting on route 202 and our cameras around route 29. there was a little disturbance at the bottom of this offramp here, it looks like it's back to normal. sometimes the majors look a little bit better than some of the back roads. the on and off ramps are another story. you can see some snow accumulating there over into the shoulder. an earlier crash and tractor trailer fire here. the southbound side of 295. they're diverting all traffic off around that scene. you can take 130 or the new jersey turnpike. that's nice and clear right there. watch for speed restrictions. mass transit check ins, we are
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seeing minor delays for trenton lines. all septa is running on a normal schedule today. amtrak running on a modified schedule. just expect some small delays from dart too. >> so we are tracking this storm at the jersey shore for you where there is a blaizzard warning. here's a live look at cape may. you can see the snow accumulating on the docks there. let's check with sydney long, she is north of there in atlantic city where the wind is high and snow has been falling for hours. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you it's cold, it's wet, it's slippery and it's difficult to see. here in atlantic city, i want to show you just because the snow is accumulating you can see it's accumulating on the grass here, on the bushes as well as out on the roadways. the plows have not come through here for at least about an hour or so.
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we changed location. it's the type of snow that's stinging your eyes, hitting you in the face. we wanted to show you what the light underneath here, and you can see some people gassing up as they get ready for work. the lights of this gas station, you can see actually see how much the wind has picked up and it is blowing the snow around. we also want to take you to a little piece of video we shot on our way down. there was a car that was spun out along the atlantic city expressway. state police are helping that motorist, so the road conditions are definitely difficult to maneuver. also this is what it looked like as we got into atlantic city. the snow coated roads and of course that was about 4:30 this morning so for people headed to work, anyone that is out here, they are definitely fighting these windy and gusty conditions. they are bundled up with a number of different layers. schools are closed across atlantic county which is a good thing. i imagine some parents would like to take the day off at work. you're not going to want to be
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out in this. here's a live look in the wilmington area along i-95. officials tell us they have about 400 plows and salt trucks out now clearing the roads and we did a phone interview earlier and they remind drivers to keep about six car lengths behind those plows so they can operate safely and do their jobs to clear the roads. our team coverage continues in new castle. what are the conditions where you are, matt? >> reporter: about a half hour ago when we saw you last we weren't seeing any snow falling. now that snow has started to pick up a little bit more and it's kind of blowing sideways. you might be able to see it over here with the lights in the distance. because of that wind we have seen gusts upwards of about 15 miles per hour. we're also seeing some of those plows making their way throughout all the parking lots. we've also, as you mentioned del
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dot has their crews fully staffed on the highways and this is the type of snow that is light and fluffy that we're seeing here in delaware. so if we have our snow right here it makes it very easy to brush that off your car. that's the good news if you do need to drive to work. we talked with a driver a few minutes ago who came in, he was working all night in the snow. >> the roads is not too bad. i was coming out of belmar, new jersey off the turnpike. the turnpikes are clear, but once you come off the bridge you're dealing with a lot of slush and the roads are being salted so everything is coming along. >> reporter: and of course we're also dealing with that blowing wind and that snow blowing on to the cars, on to the roadways here. that driver that we talked with said that was the only good part about it is when he got back to his vehicle that the wind had pretty much blown the snow off his windshield so he didn't have to use the snow brush too much. that's the only good news, but you did hear him talk about the
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slush. we've seen quite a bit of that. it is a little slick out there. we've been driving it this morning and the drivers out here along route 13 in new castle, they're taking it extra slow as well. that is the good news and the good advice here as well. take it easy. live in new castle. nbc 10 news. all right. thank you, matt. in philadelphia you'll find roads snow covered as you head out this morning. this is a live look right now at i-95 in south philadelphia. at least an inch of snow has fallen so far in south philly with more on the way. the city of philadelphia is towing away cars that are parked on snow emergency routes. overnight before the towing began at 4:00 a.m. we found philadelphia traffic officers ticketing cars on south broad street. now under the city's snow emergency all parked cars must be moved off of those snow emergency routes for plowing. nbc 10 is here for you throughout this winter storm. you can count on the nbc 10 app for the latest forecast, snow totals, school closings and traffic troubles.
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>> we have you covered. now to the other top headlines we're following for you. fire damaged five row homes. this is cell phone video from a viewer. fire started around 4:00 a.m. ladders were icing up as crews battled the blaze. five people in the homes were able to get out safely. officials tell us three people now need a place to stay. the fire marshal is looking for the cause. an attorney for president trump is accusing former senior advisor steve bannon of breaching his nondisclosure agreement. a letter from the lawyer asks bannon to stop making disparaging comments about the president. he ripped into the president's son, and son-in-law jared kushner in a new book. bannon called them treasoness and unpatriotic. eagles playoff tickets go on
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sale at 10:00 this morning. general ticket prices range from 105 to $185. standing room only tickets are 80 bucks. there's a four ticket limit per household. ticket master online is the only place you can get them. now back to our winter storm coverage this morning. here's a live look from the ocean city boardwalk. the entire jersey shore is under a blizzard warning but it won't look nearly as wintry the further west you go. let's be right to bill henley. they've been in the fist alert weather center for hours so far since very early this morning tracking the first of the snow as it's come down. >> i wanted to show you this picture again. i just popped it up. this is cape may. these are blizzard conditions now. strong, gusty winds and the visibility as dropped to zero right now in wildwood. and we're seeing much lower visibilities in atlantic city, millville and dover than inland areas where the snow is much
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lighter. so a miserable situation there, but not so bad in philadelphia. it's cold. we have had some snow. some people are getting around without too much trouble right now, but we can expect those roads to be slippery. that's a live view from the kimmel center this morning. the radar view shows that light snowfall in philadelphia. it's coming down steadier in some of the suburbs in chester county and into upper montgomery and bucks county. notice how these are kind of moving from southeast to northwest, that's because the storm is offshore and these bands of snow are pushing inland. so the heavier snow just as expected is falling at jersey shore and in delaware, but we'll still get enough snow to make for getting around difficult during the day today and it's a massive snowstorm. so the center is still well offshore and to our south and it's going to ride up the east coast. so we have hours of snowfall and wind ahead of us this morning and lots of wind and then very
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cold air to follow. how things are going to be changing during the day today. >>. >> yeah, let's talk about those conditions outside. timing throughout the day is going to be key today. let's run through those conditions outside. here we go. so from now through 7:00 a.m. so we're talking another 45 meanins or so. the snow is going to be spreading throughout the region. what we're really seeing is that snowfall right picks up along the shore. we are starting to see more whiteout conditions and that is reflecting on what bill just showed you. from 7:00 a.m. through noon, the steadiest to heaviest snow is going to be falling so this is when visibility is going to be the worst and that comes right about the time of the typical morning commute.
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from noon to 4:00 p.m. the snow will start to weaken some aside from the shore where it will be steady. the winds will be strengthening. and then from 4:00 to 7:00, that's when the snow starts to exit, but the bitter cold will really start to hit us and it sticks. we're talking through thursday, friday, saturday, really just cold, cold conditions. the big concern today mixing with the snow, the wind gusts. so wind gusts around 25 to 35 miles per hour to about 9:00 a.m. now we're talking gusts to around 40 to 50 miles per hour and those wind gusts will remain strong right into the afternoon. that's why we are under a blizzard warning against the shoreline and concern about blowing snow even once the snow dies down tonight. we'll talk more about that with your future model coming up in a few minutes. >> good morning, everyone. a check on the roads and we're out in new jersey, watching route 50 right around route 49. this is a common scene the
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further south you get, especially in new jersey and moving down the shore. can't even see the roads right now, covered in snow. we're also watching mass transit. currently suspended until further notice so something to note for your morning commute and i have an update out in penns grove. all morning long on the southbound side we have been completely closed. right now they just opened the left hand lane for the southbound traffic to move through. there is a delay behind the scene for right now so if you're trying to get towards delaware from 295 over in new jersey, you can take the new jersey turnpike. it's a little bit slow in some spots but the new jersey turnpike is open and so is route 130. and it's a painful morning. we're out here in englishtown, new jersey, where conditions have gone from bad to worse. behind me, it's storm ranger 10. it's doing its job despite the weather. i'll come back and i'll describe what this vehicle is doing and what kind of conditions to
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24 degrees in philadelphia. we're several hours into the snowstorm that has the jersey shore and delaware beaches under a blizzard watch. here's a live look from atlantic city where snow has been falling since midnight. when severe weather strikes nbc 10 is on with one of the most powerful weather tools you can get to help you get the most accurate forecast. that's right it's called storm ranger 10 and steve is out in storm ranger 10 to show us how it's working for you. >> reporter: storm ranger is really earning its paycheck today. it is just being battered here by the wind and what you're looking at is, this is state of
6:18 am
the art technology so we actually drive storm ranger to the storm and today it's right deadbeat in the center of this storm. we have seen conditions rapidly go downhill here. now we've seen our camera light get blown over and a lot of our equipment taking a battering here, so this is one of the areas under a blizzard warning. so what this truck does is it has a lot of equipment for us meteorologists to use so when the weather is nice, we can actually open this up, but since we're in the middle of a blizzard i'm not going to ruin our equipment. so let's go inside and show you what i call my weather cave. so this is where i actually control and manipulate the radar and stay warm and we are using this radar to zoom in to neighborhood and street level. that is the beauty of storm
6:19 am
ranger. when we use the weather service radars in combination with storm ranger we get the best perspective and so we have this up right now to bring you the best picture of what's happening here in central new jersey which will be one of the hardest hit spots by this blizzard and we can zero down into some of those very intense snow bands where it's snowing one to two inches an hour. so that's where something like a tool like this comes into hand. so we'll be tracking it throughout the morning so right now it's a winter wonder land here in central new jersey. >> well, steve tracks the storm outside, we also have team coverage in the first alert weather center. how much snow you could see in your neighborhood because it's different depending on where you live and bill henley has us happening outside right now. >> this is why we do neighborhood weather because the weather is different in different neighborhoods. this is a view from i-95.
6:20 am
people seem to be moving along fine. we've seen about an inch of snow being reported in northern delaware. now check out ocean city. the blowing snow has been much heavier along the jersey shore and in southern delaware and it's still coming down. those winds have been strong. they've been gusting to near 40 miles per hour. this is atlantic city by the inlet. look at those winds and the snow sweeping across the roadway this morning. there is more of that on the way. in fact, you can expect it for most of the day at the shore. the winds now gusting to 30 miles per hour in philadelphia, but just shy of 40 miles an hour in dover, and look at those winds for atlantic city and wildwood. they will get stronger later this morning and this afternoon. in fact, those strong winds will stay with us even after the snow comes to an end. the current winds without the gusts, those are impressive too. 20 miles per hour winds in philadelphia and 29-mile-per-hour winds in dover so it's going to keep it feeling
6:21 am
cold all day long. the hour by hour winds, look at that. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts at lunchtime topping 50 miles an hour in wildwood and dover. add to that some snow and you have the blizzard conditions that steve mentioned. and look at this. we've got a thunderstorm act. you can see the lightning that's offshore. producing thunderstorms and snow that is spreading not only across the sthohore and in delaware, but these bands will be moving inland during the day. we tweak the numbers first thing this morning based on new information that came into the first alert weather center with a look at that and what you can expect for the rest of the day. >> snowy conditions and the high wind gusts as well. he also pointed out those bands will be creeping further inland meaning a little bit heavier to steadier snow over the next few hours.
6:22 am
we're rt staistarting live and talking temperatures that are going to be very cold all day long. this is on top of the fact that we've been below freezing for days and days. so the grounds are cold. they are waiting for that snow to start piling on up. as we go from about 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m., notice the coloration here. that deeper blue that you see approaching to right around the i-95 corridor, that's the steadier to heavier snow. it's more intense. it's hard to see through. the visibility is lower. then you see the white to lighter blue. that's a little bit of a lighter snow. still enough to cause a nuisance but not as dangerous and treacherous as areas farther to the south. this continues through the early afternoon hours but notice by about 2:00 starting to recede some. so now we're getting breaks in the snow. already light through the i-95 corridor and steadier south. now it's pulling out of philly. still a little bit on the shoreline, but this will be moving off as well. let's look at those projected snow totals.
6:23 am
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♪ ♪
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. this is a live picture from 8th and market in center city philadelphia where you can see those wet roads and it's only going to continue over the next few hours. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads for any trouble spots. >> of course some of the worst of it down towards the jersey shore and parts of delaware, but we are starting to see it accumulate now in different areas. a little further north as well. our cameras right around route 38. it looked like the roads were wet. so now it's starting to accumulate in the center medians and you can see some of it on to the roads here as well. an update on a different portion
6:27 am
of 95 out in penns grove. we had a tractor trailer fire that closed down the southbound portion of it right around exit 4 because of a deadly tractor trailer fire. so they had that all blocked off. they opened the left lane now. if you're nervous about detours and a little bit of a delay you can take 130 or the new jersey turnpike. watch for reduced speeds on the turnpike as well. i'll check in with more reduced speeds when i come back. stay there. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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a winter storm packing snow and wind is hitting neighborhoods across our area right now and nbc 10 is your window into what's ahead where you live. here's a live picture in atlantic city where a blizzard warning is in effect because of the heavy snow and the high winds. here's what it looks like driving in new castle county. snow is making roads slippery for drivers ahead of the morning
6:31 am
commute. and philadelphia and the pennsylvania suburbs will also get snow, just not as much as the jersey shore and delaware and we will all see some of the coldest temperatures in decades. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> just after 6:30. it is a snow day for thousands of kids. right now more than 700 schools are closed or delayed and that number keeps growing by the minute. >> we're tracking the winter storm and our team of reporters out in the snow to show you what you can expect. we'll begin with bill henley. >> a first alert for the entire area for snow and wind. the snow and wind will be strong during the day today. the first alert comes to an end at 7:00. by then the snow will be over and the wind speeds will start to be decreasing. but accumulating snow is already happening this morning. it's going to make for a treacherous morning commute and we've seen gusty winds of near 40 miles per hour in some neighborhoods. they could fit 50 miles an hour
6:32 am
this afternoon. so even after the snow stops falling from the storm we're in for blowing and drifting snow that will carry us through the evening commute today. look at this storm. more than 300 miles to our southeast, but it's a massive storm, spreading snow up the east coast and as expected we're seeing the heaviest bands of snow reaching the coastline especially the jersey shore right now. cape may, atlantic city, we've already had reports of five inches in southern delaware and the snow is much lighter inland, but we're still going to get enough snow that you're going to need to do some shoveling later on. we'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood, show you what to expect and how much snow you will get but first your first alert traffic. >> starting on the 42 freeway, here's our cameras around creek road and we have a crash on the southbound side. that's usually where we see less traffic moving because it's going away from philadelphia. so here's northbound here, proetzty slow because of the slippery conditions and snow in the area and we have this crash
6:33 am
here on the side. so you can definitely, even up ahead into the shoulder a little bit, so this crash blocking some lanes. traffic is getting by the scene for now although it is poor visibility. we're also watching the bridges. speed restrictions there down to 35 miles per hour over the ben franklin bridge. i'll end here in ambler, watching this crash on route 309 southbound side just around butler pike. as bill just said there is a blizzard warning in effect at the jersey shore. here's a live look in atlantic city. you can see visibility is poor because of snow blowing, the waves are being whipped up by the wind so we have heavy snow and the high winds there. >> and we also have nbc 10 sydney long there. she is just near that camera actually. she's in downtown, the heart of atlantic city. we've seen you and they have just gotten worse, the conditions throughout the morning. it looks bad where you are. >> reporter: it really is. the conditions continue to
6:34 am
deteriorate down here. you can see the wind picking up and i wanted to show you the flag blowing in the wind here, but this flag -- the snow that we're dealing with is kind of a wet snow. so the flag is soaking wet here at the bottom of the pole here. i also want you to take a look at some of the conditions. some drivers are out here on the roadways but of course they are using caution and also giving themselves some space with some of the plow trucks that are working to clear those roads. we're on a little bit of a hill. i keep clearing this. i'll show you how fast the snow is falling but take a look right here. we're dealing with a good two or three inches of snow on the ground here in atlantic city. we're going to take it easy because there's some stumps on the ground as we walk through the snow. here's how we're keeping warm in between the live shots and you can see some of the folks that are out here at work along with us this morning helping some of these drivers get gassed up here at the pumps here at arctic and atlantic. it definitely feels like an
6:35 am
arctic tundra down here in atlantic city. not completely blizzard or whiteout conditions. we can see the casino's lit up, but obviously when you're out and about in it it's stinging you in the eyes, making it difficult to see to be out here. definitely stay bundled up. >> thanks for that look. earlier we spoke to a del dot spokes person and he tells us they have about 400 salt and plows out working to clear the roads and they're urging you to stay off the roads if possible and if you do have to head out and you see one of those salt trucks or plows, give those trucks space to do their jobs. they tell us about six car lengths is the safest distance. here is a live picture from center city philadelphia as the snow covered roads, you see people making their way through. this is 8th and market. snow day for thousands of kids.
6:36 am
700 schools closed and we just learned the museum and the adventure museum also closed today. this morning the city of philadelphia towing away cars parked on snow emergency routes. that is all parked cars have to be removed from those routes for plowing. we did find philadelphia traffic officers ticketing cars on south broad street. >> pamela is live for us . >> the good news is we've seen quite a few salt trucks driving down this area. this is sures lane over to the side of the screen. people are taking their time coming down this street because as you can see there's a bit of an incline as you come down. so looking just slightly better than some of these side streets
6:37 am
that we're seeing right now. there's a very thin coating of snow on the ground. very cold. the snow is just blowing to the side a little bit, but not too, too gusty out here right now. definitely causing a little bit of trouble. we were in queen village earlier this morning before we came back over here. some slick spots on the freeways as well. so if you're headed out anywhere this morning allow yourself plenty of extra time. if you see a plow worker out this morning be sure to give them plenty of space to work and move as well. >> thank you, pam. as the snow falls, show us what it's like in your area. see it and share it by sending pictures and video through the nbc 10 app and count on the app throughout this winter storm and for any other weather events for the latest forecasts, snow totals and traffic trouble. in other top stories a driver is dead following this tractor trailer crash and fire in se lemm county.
6:38 am
the truck crashed into a wooded area along 295th. the southbound side had to be closed for several hours. one lane is now back open. jessica is updating us on that. and no one won the powerball last night so the jackpot is now at $550 million. check your tickets though because you might have won a smaller prize. last night's winning numbers 2, 18, 37, 29, 42. powerball 12. next powerball drawing is on saturday. all right. and now back to our winter storm coverage. here's a live look from allentown where snow is falling but neighborhoods there won't see nearly as much as places like the jersey shore and southern delaware. let's get to bill henley who is tracking this snow. a lot to talk about throughout the area. >> some areas will get much more snow than others but the temperatures are pretty much the same in the 20s. so even lighter snow amounts are
6:39 am
going to lead to slippery conditions in the lehigh valley and philadelphia too. a little bit more snow, the buildings have started to disappear on this view looking across the delaware. that's an indication that the snow is getting a little heavier in philadelphia. this is a view at 8th and mark. a little bit murky in that view. not too bad in this view this morning but it is the visibility is starting to come down. it's not quite as good as it was earlier. we could clearly see city hall about an hour ago. so the snow is starting to intensify. the lower the visibility, the heavier the snow and now northeast philadelphia reporting one mile visibility along with northeast philadelphia, trenton, mount holly. the visibility has dropped a bit in wilmington and philadelphia as well. yes, we expect the heaviest snow and we're getting it at the shore and for the delaware beaches and that's where the snow totals will be highest, but we'll also see enough snowfall for slipping and sliding during the day for philadelphia and the
6:40 am
immediate suburbs as well. breaking it down to show you what the day looks like in those areas, krystal has an update. >> the areas really congested this time of morning when the commute picks up, not so good for us. we go through the hour by hour model but we're going to nice and tightly lay over from new castle to mercer county here and stretch out to some of the suburbs in new jersey. philly, 21 in pottstown. watch as we go from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. here. notice the coloration. that deeper blue that you see through about philly, parts of salem county here, this is the area where it's going to be steady to heavy snow. the higher intensity means lower visibility. it means the blowing snow is more difficult to get through and it's why we put this first alert into effect because it's right during those peak commute
6:41 am
hours. big difference. this is when the snow is going to start to weaken some, not end, but weaken and that lighter snow will continue falling through about 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. before it gets out here, but notice those temps, they keep going down. it is all downhill from here once we get into tonight and the days to come. teens at best. so here's the storm impact here for today. this is also the surrounding new jersey neighborhoods and pennsylvania suburbs. remember higher amounts south so we're talking into areas like camden county, lower amounts north like king of prussia. gusts 30 to 50 miles an hour at highest. that will lead to slippery roads and blowing snow in our forecast today. snow totals projected across the whole region coming up. 20 minutes before 7:00. road conditions are deteriorating as expected. >> jessica has been watching that through her cameras. >> of course as rush hour begins to get underway we start to see
6:42 am
more cars out the door and more problems especially with this slippery, messy, cold, snowy commute. right around creek road, this is the northbound side so this is what traffic typically sees the delay because that's what's moving up toward philadelphia. over here is the southbound side where we have an accident. you can see cars are slower moving through. not as many cars though. right here northbound toward the bridges is okay but the southbound side seeing accidents. 95 near the ben franklin bridge doesn't look too bad. a lot of the majors like the schuylkill expressway, and moving up toward north philly and pags thst that, maybe some accumulating into the shoulders but for the most part they're wet and slippery. penn grove the tractor trailer fire from earlier this morning, we have lanes getting by now so there's not a huge delay behind it. we're following that closure though so there may be a little bit of residual delay, but for now you'll get by.
6:43 am
straight ahead, we continue our team coverage showing you conditions across the area. next, we head to vineland, new jersey where storm force 10 is checking on road conditions there. stay with us.
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a quarter to 7:00. we have e we're tracking this winter storm for you and we have live cameras everywhere to show you. here is atlantic city. the area is experiencing fierce wind and blowing snow. still further south, the cape may ferry won't be running today after making this last run last night. the ferry cancelled service for today because of large chunks of ice in the water and the severe
6:47 am
wind conditions we've been talking about. and airport officials report more than 100 cancellations so far this morning. if you have travel plans check with the airline before you go to the airport. >> let's head now to south jersey where randy has been driving around in storm force 10. first of all tell us what the conditions are like there and how they've changed from the areas where you've gone this morning. >> you know, the last two hours we were in camden county and then gloucester county and we were talking about the side roads being pretty badly covered with snow but it was the highways that were still fine. however, the closer we get to the storm as we get closer to the coast and further south, that is when we see these highways start to get covered. let me show you a look here on 55. right about a mile north of vineland right now and you can see the highway completely covered. we're keeping our distance from one of these road crews up ahead. we have seen a number of these salt trucks. the blades aren't necessarily down yet, but the snow needs to
6:48 am
accumulate a bit more before they can start pushing it out of the way. you can see completely covered and the issue we're getting since it's so dark and so windy is the visibility is really difficult. that might get better as daylight starts coming but with the blowing snow it's making it tough to see. we are starting to see a bit more traffic as well as this rush hour really starts to get underway. so right now even in vineland we're starting to see those highways covered. could be a tough commute over the next couple of hours. >> as the winter storm came up the east coast it brought the south to a stand still. this is south carolina where drivers who are not used to driving in the snow have been dealing with whiteout conditions there. georgia is also covered in snow and ice. kids are getting a rare chance to bundle up and build a snowman as they have a day off from school. and there's snow in the sunshine state. tallahassee got its first measurable snowfall in decades yesterday. and that storm is hitting us.
6:49 am
we have live team coverage in the first alert weather center. >> how much snow you could see in your neighborhood because the totals vary. we start with bill henley about what's happening outside. >> we're tracking snow and wind and blizzard conditions. look at tape may. that's a live view from the lafayette hotel. blizzard conditions for southern delaware and south jersey. we are seeing at the shore some snow totals well over two inches and it's still coming down. that accumulating snow, not just for the shore in delaware, it's for the entire area leading to treacherous travel during the day and the gusty winds at the shore, those will be with us even after the snow comes to an end. look at atlantic city at the outlets this morning. the snow is moving sideways. very limited visibility. the visibility, one of the indications of the heavier snowfall and you can see that heavy snowfall being pushed inland right along the coastline. cape may, ship bottom and we have seen some heavier snowfall
6:50 am
in southern delaware. right now it's moderate snowfall. inland a steady light snowfall so it will be accumulating during the day. all day today along with the snow, the winds. the winds are wrapping around that storm as it moves off to the northeast, so we'll have those strong gusty winds all day long. some areas will feel the stronger winds than others. in fact, they're near 40 miles per hour in millville. topping 30 miles per hour in atlantic city and up to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. so a snowy and windy and cold day today. how much snow will you get? krystal has the latest. >> some of you might really see a lot. others, not so much. so let's talk about it neighborhood by neighborhood. there's the live view of our forecast map that we put together, tweaked a little bit this morning. so we'll begin in sussex county, georgetown all in that deepest
6:51 am
purple, 8 to 12 inches. same deal along cape may county and up into atlantic county. atlantic city, a report on social media has gone up to half a foot. so it's no surprise that we could see up to 12 inches there. that deeper purple, 4 to 8 inches so still a good amount in south jersey. as we stretch through parts of camden county and into philadelphia, looking more around 4 to 6 inches so possibly up to half a foot by the time this has moved out. but philly is right on the cusp of that 2 to 4 inch rain. so the amounts are lower and that stretches through parts of montgome montgomery, bucks county, the lehigh valley and mostly some spots 2 to 4 inches. you can see that we've got the snow right now pretty much across the board. as we go through 8:00 in the morning the intensity spreading
6:52 am
to near the i-95 corridor. how can i tell? the coloration. but this will start to weaken as we get to the lunchtime hour and then start to pull out as we get into the afternoon, so from 3:00 to about 7:00, this moves out and we're left with those totals i just showed you. thanks for that update. we want to get a check on the roads now with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. she's focusing on new jersey where some roads have speed restrictions. >> difficult to see in our cameras around the toll plaza, so you can actually see cars moving through. this is part of the highway. you can't even see it right now because it's covered in snow. so both directions might be an issue for you with that accumulating snow there. look at a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder. we see a lot of that for situations like this on the roads because of the on and off ramps. cars getting stuck everywhere. that earlier crash on the 42 freeway has cleared out of the way on the southbound side. right around greenwood avenue
6:53 am
and here's 422. our cameras around trooper road really slow on that eastbound side but we are also seeing snow accumulate a lot into the shoulders and into the grassy areas as well. 7 minutes before 7:00. here's a live look at atlantic city. deteriorating conditions. we'll be right back with a live look at conditions. everything you need to know. totals, road conditions, closures, nbc 10 has coverage as the storm intensifies.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
if you're just waking up that winter storm is here. here's a live picture from cape may. snow day for thousands of kids. right now more than 700 schools are closed or delayed. for a live look at conditions
6:57 am
around the region we start at the jersey shore where a blizzard warning is in effect. i'm sydney long in atlantic city where conditions are really bad. despite the snow you can see is accumulating and the road conditions which are also really bad, unmanageable at best, it is making it far worse. number one it goes right through you. number two, it makes it gift to see. atlantic city going to be dealing with those snowy conditions through today. >> and good morning. i'm live in middletown, delaware, where we have seen quite a bit of snow overnight and the wind has been picking up. i've been seeing gusts upwards of about 15, 16 miles per hour so that makes it sting when that snow hits you in the face and we're also seeing accumulating snow here on the roadways. a lot have not been plowed yet. nbc 10 news. i'm pamela osborn, drivers
6:58 am
are having a difficult time navigating some of these hilly spots in town here. now, we have seen salt crews out on the roadways but they haven't touched every single road here this morning so people really taking their time, the wind as well picking up here. >> i'm live in storm force 10. we're in vine laland. we're dealing with a lot of blowing snow which is making the visibility tough as a lot of people are starting to head to work. take it easy, take it slow and give yourself a lot of extra room between cars as you head to work this morning. >> and now a live look at camelback mountain. if you live in the suburbs you won't get as much snow but it will intensify as the morning goes on. let's check the road conditions with jessica boyington. >> so we've been watching a mess all morning long. now we're watching route 55 so
6:59 am
maybe you can be heading your way on to the shore. snow completely covering the roads here. 95 starting to show some signs of the snow accumulating into the shoulder. southbound, no traffic though moving toward center city. >> i'm bill henley, a snowy and windy scene from wilmington, delaware. the wind gusts have been increasing. now 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts in wilmington. up to 35 miles an hour in millville and close to 40 miles an hour in dover. and those winds will get stronger as this storm system rides up the east coast. it's close enough to spread snow and as expected that heavy snow is making its way toward the shore and the snow is spreading inland. it's going to be snowing through this morning and into this afternoon. and then the cold. those winds will keep it feeling like it's in the single digits today and the temperatures will plummet overnight tonight. >> all right. we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning beginning at 7:25. you can stay updated all throughout the day on our free nbc app. good morning. slammed. that massive winter storm gaining strength overnight as it targets the entire east coast. more than a foot of snow and heavy winds expected in the northeast after a historic snowfall blankets the south. >> it's snowing in florida. >> this morning, states of emergency declared. travel a nightmare, with thousands of flights cancelled. schools closed from georgia to maine. we've got the very latest. breaking news. a strong earthquake shakes san francisco overnight. the tremors lasting for several seconds. rattling buildings and nerves but, so far, no major damage or injuries. we will have a live report. cease and desist. president trump's lawyers threatening imminent legal


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