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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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left in the cold. children forced to sleep near ovens as a housing community bares the brunt of the worst freeze in the area in decades. >> is the queen of daytime tv trying to become the president? oprah delivers an electric speech at the golden globes. fuelling rumors about 2020. >> an ad for the a hoodie sends the internet into a fire storm. and has a popular company apologizing. this is crazy. they're not doing nothing about it. >> that's the soud of frustrated neighbors dealing with the worst of the record cold. that's put our areas into a deep freeze.
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good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. no heat no hot water. flooded homes. it's been one cold nightmare after another for hundreds of people in one local housing community. >> parents had to put kids to bed on the familiar. ne floor. next to the oven so they can go to sleep. what the neighbors are dealing with. >> it's quite a mess for a whole bunch o families out here. we're at ben net homes in chester. we got a statement from management. about 70 homes are without heatment they believe the issue is a pipe eight feet below ground. we have been out here for several hours. walking around this whole complex. people yelling and screaming at us. to help fix their heat. >> the big boom. and then. >> reporter: pam has had enough. not only has she been living
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without heat during the deep freeze over the weekend. now a pipe is broken. >> my moms house is flooded. this is crazy. >> reporter: her family took to social media showing the water flowing from the ceiling and throughout the house in chester. she had a mop in hand for most of the night. >> frustrating. an older woman to try to sweep water to save my furniture. >> reporter: at the housing community many are without heat. management sent out a letter stating it was having trouble with the heating system. there was a break a few days ago and several under ground pipes. some are using stove or oven to stay warm. with kids nearby. >> i have a whole curtain balled up to block the air. at the top. so i'm making sure we stay warm in here. >> reporter: she tells us she's doing everything she can for her four kids. one is sleeping on the ground less than 20 feet from the oven.
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it's on 350 for the night. >> we have no other choice but to stay awake and monitor your house and the house and your children. and make sure it's warm and they're safe. >> management says they're doing everything they can. to fix this issue. they're handing out temporary space heaters. they opened up the community center. and hope to have this problem fixed by wednesday. all right. the people there in the story and chester. all over the region will be feeling the cold over night. >> first alert meteorologist is looking at the temperatures right now. >> the good news is they're not nearly as cold as they have been for quite a while. it's 33 degrees philadelphia. that's the warmest it's been all day. it's pretty cold elsewhere. we're not seeing the bitter cold that we have. blue bell, coats ville at 30. redding 26. in the city of the philadelphia
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itself we have 33 at the airport. 31 in park side. it was down to 29 a few hours ago. so that's coming up as well. that really lessens the amount of ice that will be around. in the le high valley. burkes county. it's mighty cold. redding at 27 degrees. 26 in fleet wood. 25 in allen town. 24 in walnut. 26 easten. and bethlehem. temperatures won't change very much. there will be icy spots in the morning. especially north and west. with the temperature just below freezing. as you can see we're going up near 40 tomorrow. i'll tell you abouten everyone bigger warm up through the rest of the week. take a look at this. water just gushing out of the restaurant down the steps. onto the street. here in south jersey. this is from a broken pipe in mill ville.
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neighbors say the water was flowing like niagara falls and it's starting to ice up. >> get ready to hear a whole lot of that tomorrow morning. dangerous ice is coating our entire region. >> keith jones is live. you saw people trying to get that ice off the cars. one of them using a credit card. >> yeah. that's right. you have to be careful of the ice on the roadways. as evidence here behind me. take a look at the black top. you see the water ponding from the freezing rain. that might freeze over night. imagine that's your driveway. and also imagine that you're prepared with an ice scraper. you'll need it tomorrow. some of the people had it some of the people didn't. >> reporter: her car is one big icicle. >> my daughter called earlier and said be careful. she's learning to drive.
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>> reporter: she works nearby and let her employees out early because of the ice. >> that's my assistant over there. >> reporter: bren da clearly struggling. >> i lost my scraper. >> reporter: we ran over to help. >> i have a great answer for you. i have another scraper. >> you're so cute. okay. thank you. >> once we were done. we made the round. salt trucks coating the roads preparing for icy conditions by morning. tonight the bus slammed into a car. it couldn't stop in time. we found people spreading salt on sidewalks. shoveling snow. and everyone doing a penguin walk. >> i almost did a split. im not hurt. she's putting salt down. it's about time. that's a lawsuit. >> reporter: the cold bursting pipes all over the city.
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like here on north broad street. crews staying close to the fire. as everyone cuts through the ice or avoids it. >> so make sure you give yourself extra time. in the morning. i can't stress that enough. and slow down on the roadways. wouldn't hurt to have one of these ice scrapers. this is from nbc10. we're live tonight. speaks of burst pipes. 100 residents evacuated from a nursing home. causing the facility to lose power. nbc10 was there this afternoon at the fair view nursing center in springfield township. that pipe burst near an electrical room. crews cut power to the building. fortunately no one was hurt. the residents were moved to temporary locations until the repairs are finished. today's winter mix caused dozens of delays and cancellations. because of the dangerous cold the city of philadelphia is
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extending the warming center operations. that center will be open over night. until 7 tomorrow morning. hot drinks and blankets will be there for anyone. >> count on the nbc10 news today team to get you through the morning commute. out of the dangerous ice and finally into warmer temperatures. to this now. a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty this weekend. will be laid to rest friday. >> also two public viewings for lieutenant. they'll take place thursday and friday. at the cathedral basilica. a funeral mass will follow friday morning. today would have marked his eleventh anniversary with the department. people who knew the 42 year-old said teaching fire safety and prevention was his passion. >> he was very much in love with his job as a fireman. >> he was loving. caring.
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he would give you the shirt off his back. >> a resident in the home where the fire started was also killed. the cause of the fire hasn't been released. new jersey governor signs a bill into law which protects women who breast-feed. at work. the law prohibits firing or discriminating against women who breast-feed on the job. businesses must provide break time and a suitable location for women to breast-feed in private. he signed another bill that exempts breast pumps from sales tax. state prosecutors are taking over the criminal case stemming from the death of a pen state fraternity pledge. attorney general says his office agreed to take the case from the center county district attorney. he had a conflict of interest. 19 year-old died last february after drinking and falling several times. members are charged in his
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deaths. college freshman was blindfolded forced to wear a heavy backpack. and repeatedly tackled. it was part of the fraternity initiation. it happened in 2013. at a home the fraternity rented in the mountains. at the jersey shore a colorado developer bought the former rebel casino hotel and plans to open it this summer. he paid $200 million for the property. you may remember it cost $2.4 billion to rebuild. renamed the ocean resort casino. >> the most critical part of the russia investigation could happen in weeks chl special counsel could come face to face with the president to ask him questions directly. the president's legal team and federal investigators met back in december to talk about a range of options. they include whether the president would be interviewed directly or by mueller's
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investigators. locatio locati location, how long the interview would last and topics. the president called the whole investigation a hoax. >> the trump administration is ending special protection for sal va do immigrants. 20,000 people will be forced to leave by set of next year. or face deportation. the fourth country to lose protection under the status program. since president trump took office. the program provides humanitarian relief for people whose countries are hit with natural disasters. >> 2020 vision. after a powerful speech at the golden globes. talk is heating up over a potential oprah presidency. >> hoodie backlash. a clothing company rushes to apologize after posing this ad featuring a young boy.
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>> a fast moving fire rips through every corner of this apartment building and forces dozens to run for their lives. dangerous icy conditions in some areas. we're headed for a big warm up this week. i'm timing it out.
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at least one person was injured as these flames race through an apartment come flex north of boston. see the thick flames just shooting through the roof of this building. firefighters had a really hard time getting this under control because of strong winds in the area. clothing giant h and m is apologizing for an ad is posted. featuring a young black boy wearing a hoodie. >> the boy is wearing a sweatshirt that says coolest monkey in the jungle. that sparked major backlash. with many calling it racist. they took down the image and apologized for the ad. in a statement they said in
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part. that time of the year. a time for cough. runny noses and sore throat. local emergency rooms and doctors offices are busy with patients who have a variety of viruss including the flu. another virus is also making the rounds. rsv. >> causes heavy naval secretion. heavy coughing and wheezing. >> wash your hands. wear masks. and if you have trouble breathing or the virus hangs on for two weeks. you should see a doctor. >> after an electric speech. the eyes of the country are on oprah. rumors are swirling about a presidential run. in 2020. tonight we spoke with the woman whose leading the way to get more women into politics. and what an oprah campaign would
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mean. >> i want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> in one speech the country now looking at the whom who needs no introduction as a potential presidential candidate. a speech that caused instant speculation and brought men and women to their feet. >> win when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight. and some pretty phenomenal men. >> reporter: a speech focusing on women standing up to abuse. a powerful message about the future. setting social media on fire. and sparking a trending hash tag oprah 2020. jasmine runs a local organization called she can win.
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a non-partisan group that trains and prepares women to run for office. she's trained 250 women in four years. >> if she wants to run for president she can win. especially in today's climate. she's probably thinking if trump can do it i can do it too. >> would oprah run? in an interview last march she didn't shy away from talking about it. >> i never considered the question. even a possibility. i don't have the experience. i don't know enough. now i'm thinking, oh. >> after her speech, oprah's long time partner added fuel to the fire. telling l.a. times it's up to the people she would absolutely do it. no comment tonight from oprah. here's an early look at the front cover from the philadelphia tribune. oprah's moment. talking about her big night in prime time. and what's next. >> she can give quite a speech.
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to the first alert weather. be careful. don't slip. icy conditions all over our neighborhood. like here in fair mount. people were taking their time walking on the sidewalk. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. it is icy now. we're headed for warmer temperatures. >> some places are already seeing the temperature rise. even at night. you have to watch out for the sidewalks and driveways and leave extra time to scrape the ice off your car. took me like 15 minutes just to get the ice off my car this evening. this is the way it started this miranda warning. with the area of snow and ice in the pink. coming through the area. there was a lot of hours of freezing rain. and of much of the philadelphia area and points to the north. even the south. northern delaware. south jersey. it's all rain and it's just about to move offshore. and we're seeing the last of
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this. just ending in atlantic city right now. the temperature down towards the shore never got below freezing. so you're okay in most areas. 33 philadelphia. but it is below freezing. all areas north and west. coats ville. blue bell. redding. allen town. lan casters. and any of the moisture could freeze during the night. and be there first thing in the morning. it will be gone quickly. but it's 31 park side right now. 32 pens port. it's right at the freezing mark or just below. even in fiphiladelphia. so they're right on the borderline. they'll stay on the border by morning. the southern portions of delaware are well above freezing. and should stay above freezing all through the night. look how much warmer we are right now than 24 hours ago.
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24 degrees warmer in at lanic city. 20 degrees in mount holly. 17 philadelphia. that's the sign of things to come. with sunshine tomorrow, temperatures getting into the low 40s. fair mont 41. lang horn 41. some places will be in the upper 30s. everybody is going to get above freezing. you'll start below freezing. it's first thing in the morning with those icy sidewalks. and then 40s at 41. sunshine. nice day. wednesday another dry day. thursday dry during the day. 53 degrees and then the rain comes in. thursday night. so we're really warming up as we head through the week. friday will be even warmer than that. it's just going to be amazing. and as we go into the weekend it
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will be near 40. windy for the eagles. >> all right. maybe speaking of the eagles. next on nbc10 this years super bowl national anthem is going local. >> bucks county native who had belt out the starred spang ld banner in front of millions.
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. of course we don't know if the eagles will be in minnesota for the super bowl next month. >> we don't. but today we learned our area will be represented. >> bucks county, pink. will sing the national anthem. this will be her first appearance on the super bowl stage. h her tour will kick off in march.
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>> hopefully there's a will the of people from philly joining her. that would be nice. we'll hear from fletcher cox. who does he want to shut up saturday with a win. wait until you hear this. the bird are under dogs. we'll tell you why this is a role the eagles have owned in the playoffs. that's next. ♪ ♪
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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this is the first time in the history of the play awes a number one seed has been an under dog to a six seed. of course the eagles are the top seed in the nfc tied for the best record in the league. and they're under dogs to the falcons. the defense doesn't like to hear that. they have been good all year. the birds are under dogs because of the carson effect. philly we're used to being under dogs.
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you have rocky. listen to fletcher cox here. >> we have been disrespected all year. our record speaks for itself. we're a team. and that's been disrespected week in and out. we'll come out and ring the bell every week. it adds fuel to the fire. that's what the team obviously been going off of all year. big chill on op on our shoulder >> shut the doubters up. they have been here before. three times they have been under dogs at home in the play offs. they're 3-0. winning by an average of 17 points. under dogs in 1980 when they beat dallas to go to the super bowl. home under dog 17 years ago. mcnab and reed for the first time. they won. so smith, will you use this as motivation? >> i'm not getting excited about
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buzz. i think we're better than that. it doesn't matter. unless we show it. which is more important than talking about it. i have confidence in us. i believe in us. i have been saying that since day one. no matter what. before we even did what we did during the regular season people were doubting us. >> one falcons player is taking this game so seriously he cut his dread locks. take a look at rookie defensive end. cutting his dread locks because had had green in them. the green got to go. we have philly coming up. don't worvilla nova is back to being the number one basketball team in the country. we're right back.
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end of the deep freeze. tomorrow 41. then we keep going up. rain from thursday night into saturday morning. that takes care of a lot of the snow. including the 57 friday. by the time the eagles are playing saturday afternoon it's 40 crease and windy. but dry. cold again for a couple days. >> that cold air lasted so long. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. warm up, everybody. have a great night. see you tomorrow. from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, michael che, musical guest, sofi tukker,


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