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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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heart-stopping national championship game. all right. two -- >> we talked about it on facebook this morning. we had a big, long talk about his life just changed like that. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. this morning, we are more than 100 school cancelations in and delays as a wintry mix leaves behind icy conditions out there. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert neighborhood forecast, the most accurate forecast in town. >> skies are clearing, good news here. we've cleared the way for sunshine. the bad news, you're going to run into a few icy spots this morning. it ae it's feeder roads that should be fine. temperatures in the 20s now in philadelphia, the suburbs. that's where you're going to see some icy spots. and if your car didn't dry off, it is likely covered in ice this
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morning if it was left outside. 30 in new jersey. it drop aid degree in -- dropped a degree in the last hour. once the sun comes up at about 7:20, we'll see the temperatures shoot into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. sunny skies for new jersey, the suburbs, and philadelphia. at the shore, temperatures are already above freezing. up to 41 degrees this afternoon. the big melt is already underway. at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes and show you how quickly it's going to warm up. first, jessica boyington is watching for the icy spots with the first alert traffic. yeah, so we're watching the boulevard. it looks like it just went out on us. trying to watch that around 9th street. i swear it's empty now. some slippery spots to report on the on and off ramps. the highways are going to be the best bet to be honest this morning when you're heading out the door. also the most time it will take is getting ice off your car. other than that, roads are back to normal for the most part. westbound and eastbound on the
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p.a. turnpike, route 1 to valley forge, no problems. speeds into the 60s there. also checking mass transit. minor delays for septa. train 403 ten minutes behind. and new jersey transit on out of new york penn station, this won't affect everyone. still canceled now. 3811. that's canceled. amtrak and patco on time. no problems there. watch for minor delays for septa. >> thanks. a wintry mix may be gone, but it's left ice-covered cars and slippery spots on the roads that could make for a challenging commute. >> matt delucia more on what drivers need to know before hitting the roads. >> reporter: a lot of drivers will be waking up to conditions just like this. ice-covered cars much you see the pickup, the windshield covered in a thin sheet of ice. that will mean firing up the car, getting the defroster running so you can get the ice
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off there before you head out. work and schedules reopening after letting out early yesterday. there are still a lot of closures and delays. down the road, i hear somebody's ice scraper going. we'll be hearing that this morning. along the sidewalk, another big issue, untreated areas with ice still left over. this sidewalk isn't bad. i've seen several sidewalks in the area this morning that have been more treacherous. watch out for that. as you look on cottman, you see that the roads don't look too bad now. the plows, salt trucks have been doing their work throughout the night to make sure that the morning commute is as safe as possible. side streets, not too bad. the parking lots, sidewalks, those address that you have to watch out for. and hopefully this will start melting relatively soon. live in northeast philly, matt
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delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. in montgomery county, about 100 residents at a nursing home that had to evacuate are waking up in temporary locations this morning. a burst pipe yesterday forced residents out of the fairview nursing and rehab center in springfield township. the burst happened near an electrical room. crews cut power to the building. no one was hurt, and staffers moved the residents to temporary locations in the area. repairs are underway. and you can turn to nbc10's app for the latest updates on the weather and your commute. plus, track the forecast right down to your specific neighborhood. 4:34. 27 degrees outside. this news is breaking now. north and south korean officials have met for rare face-to-face talks across the conference table in the demilitarized zone. and they've agreed to allow a north korean delegation to next month's winter olympics. the delegation will include officials, athletes, and journalists. it could lead to easing tensions
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on the korean peninsula. today, new jersey governor chris christie will deliver one last state of the state address. in a week, a new governor will take over and is promising change. katy zachry live with more on the mississipswitch of power. >> reporter: there's a lot going on in the state house behind me leading to the passing of power. in fact, legislators considered about 100 measures yesterday, well into the night, before the new administration takes over. today governor chris christie will deliver his final state of the state address. governor-elect phil murphy takes over on january 16th. before this defeat, governor christie, a republican, served the state of new jersey as governor for eight years. he oversaw pension overhaul and secured a multibillion dollar transportation program that was funded in part by higher gas tax. he also launched a campaign to fight the opioid crisis. governor christie leaves office with a low approval rating.
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you'll remember he was involved in the so-called bridgegate scandal which had lanes of the george washington bridge ordered closed in 2013. he also had a failed presidential run. coming up 30 minutes from now, we'll talk about the new leadership coming into the state house in addition to the new governor. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. we might be just weeks away from the most critical part of the russia investigation when special counsel robert mueller could come face to face with president trump. the president's legal team met with federal investigators last month to talk about a range of options, for example, whether mueller or his team would question the president directly or weathhether the president wo submit written questions. the white house says they're cooperating to reach the earliest solution. the president has often called the russia investigation a "hoax." now to the story we've been
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talking about. alabama fans waking up like it's another christmas morning. >> took a little overtime and epic decision to boot the starting quarterback to get the job done against georgia. look at this -- at halftime, up 13-0 over the tide. alabama has been here before, and their veins icier than philadelphia streets. the starting quarterback gets the boot. in the fourth, the freshman quarterback -- >> got it -- >> he's in the groove. >> i'm telling you, the kid's -- he is a gem. alabama rumbles back to tie it up at the end of regulation. in one possession in overtime, the long bomb there, touchdown, to seal the win. bama on top, 26-23. [ wild cheers ] and there's head coach nick sabin hoisting up his sixth
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championship trophy. with that, he ties legend baier bryant. the freshman quarterback rushing to his parents. he just holds them in a deep embrace, kisses their cheeks. what a great kid. boy, his parents are really proud. a big talker last night was president trump taking the field during the national anthem. members of the rotc units at both colleges flanked the commander in chief. the crowd met him with a mixture of cheers and boos. of course the president has been critical of athletes protesting the national anthem. last night neither team was on the field. ♪ and switching gears here, dr. j. seems to be feeling better. good news for everybody. enough so that he tweeted from atlanta for the national championship game. he said, "fully recovered, and hanging with my wife and son. thank you all for the love and well wishes." >> nice. >> the 67-year-old fell ill at
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the sixers game friday and had to be rushed to the hospital. >> good to see. push for 2020. millions urging oprah to run for president. why her golden globes speech is inspiring many and how her longtime partner is adding fuel to the speculation. believing in the birds. the eagles are finding extra motivation and being labeled underdogs for the upcoming playoff games. and apple defense. new at 5:00 a.m., the tech giant says it's already giving parents all the tools they need to help curb kids' smartphone use.
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call 844 reachnj or visit good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you and checking the bloumptue route. i want to look at the cameras, zoomed in on the on and off ramp. the germantown pike, southbound here, northbound moving toward the toll plaza. here you see definitely snow,
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slippery spots, maybe toward the center of the lanes. that will be most of the problems, even getting out of the driveway and getting ice off the car. the roads have been driven on, treated. they're wet. you might come across slippery spots. watching 422, an eight-minute drive time eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds into the 60s. bridges look good, nice and clear on the ben, burlington bristol bridge, and tacony palmyra, no scheduled openings so far. i'm meteorologist bill henley. 18 minutes before 5:00. a decent start, but it's just below freezing. there will be some icy spots. you might have ice on the car if you didn't drive last night. we're clear with sunshine. if you don't have to leave immediately or scrape your car immediately, mother nature will take care of it for you. above freezing at 10:00 this
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morning. near 40 this afternoon in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze. bright sunshine will make it feel like 40s. 28 in the suburbs. 30 at 8:00. into the upper 30s this afternoon. sunshine all day long. a beautiful day in the suburbs. for the lehigh valley, too. pockets of ice to start with, but it disappears quickly. by late morning, sunshine, 34, up to 38 by 2:00. new jersey, skies clearing now. you'll see a little bit of ice, just below fwreeg reezing in a places in new jersey. upper 30s, the warmest in a long time for our area. upper 30s to near 40 this afternoon in new jersey and at the shore. a warmup has begun. it started yesterday as the wet weather moved in. rain at the shore, 36.
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the last few clouds are clearing, so you might see a brief period of icing before the sun takes over and warms temperatures to near 40 in the afternoon. delaware reaching into the low 40s after a cold start with a bit of fog. dense fog, pockets this morning. a sign that the warm air is pushing into the area. actually creating the fog as it comes over the colder surface, the ground. 27 at 8:00. by 10:00, bulletproof freezielo. we'll be dry until the end of the week. the chance of showers comes in thursday night. friday, rain on and off during the day. lingering showers into saturday. that's for philadelphia, dover. same is true for reading and atlantic city, as well. the next round of wet weather, though, only going to be rain. that won't be the end of the cold. another round is coming for next week. the ten day on 10 coming up. >> see you then. the right place at the right time. a robbery victim turns the tables on a gunman thanks to a stroke of luck, and it is caught
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oprah's speech brought down the house during the golden globes. >> she inspired the nation with her powerful message about women's empowerment. now the country is calling on her to run for president in 2020. >> i want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon! >> oprah's speech focused on empush onment and seemed like -- empowerment and seemed like a candidate's words. the hash tag #oprah2020 is popular. >> if oprah wants to run for president, she can most certainly run, especially in today's climate.
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she's probably thinking, if trump can do it, i probably can do it, too. >> oprah has not commented on running for office. her longtime partner stedman graham added fuel to the speculation telling the "los angeles times," "it's up to the people. she would absolutely do it." here's the cover from our partners at if the the philadelphia tribune." oprah's moment talking about her big night and what's next. we've learned that former republican presidential nominee mitt romney got treatment for prostate cancer last summer. two sources close to romney confirmed the report to nbc news. romney's treatment involved successful surgery in california. sources said doctors gave a good prognosis. he ran for the white house in 2012. analysts say that he'll consider running for the seat of retiring senator orrin hatch. 4:48. chester police now know who is responsible for what was an unsolved murder. take a look. these are pictures of la roy spencer and vernon jones. they're wanted for murder, accused of shooting a man in the
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back along west 7th in chester last july. if you see either of them, call police. new video of a violent robbery inside a new york deli. the crime has plenty of surprises. watch as the gunman forces his way into a store as the owner tries to lock up. they wrestle, and the owner's son gets involved. at one point the gunman shoots the owner in the stomach. that's when a customer runs in the street for help. get this -- he happened to flag down a car full of plain-clothes police officers who rushed into the store and made the arrest. when they pulled off the mask, the owner's family recognized him as a neighbor. >> i treat you like my son. >> the storeowner is expected to make a full recovery because doctors say the bullet that hit him missed vital organs. the deep freeze that's gripped much of the nation since christmas will thaw a bit. starting today. tens of millions are digging out
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from blizzards, ice storms, and the record cold. winter problems include problems spinning out of control, bursting water pipes creating ice messes, storm surges, flooding. lots of flight delays and school closures. the deadly conditions claimed more than two dozen lives nationwide the past two weeks. alligators are freezing in this winter weather. but that's only natural. take a look. that thing poking through the ice at a park in north carolina -- yeah, it's an alligator's snout. >> they're used to that in? i've never seen an alligator in ice like that. experts say rep piles breathe that way -- reptiles breathe that way before hibernating. they lower their body temperature to survive and raise them back when the ice melts. why would you put your hand there? >> i would be far, far away. >> i don't think that you know what you're doing when you put your hand there. we assume people know what
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they're doing. let's talk about our ice and what's to come. >> bill? >> my pet alligator's at home warm in bed. not going to be a problem. clear skies this morning, cool spots. philadelphia, live view of boathouse row. a breeze blowing, but that's bringing in moisture as warm air tries to move into the area. it's created fog in delaware. not everybody seeing that fog. back to the low 20s for the suburbs. 24 in the lehigh valley. above freezing, and the melt has happened. occurring now in south jersey. and in philadelphia, a few neighborhoods cooler than the airport -- actually not, pensport, one above freezing. usually the airport is not the cold spot. things have turned around and will warm quickly. at 8:00, just below freezing in
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allentown, quakertown, exton, reading. keep a look out for icy sidewalks this morning. 20s for philadelphia and wilmington. atlantic city at 32 after being a little bit warmer all night. you'll see fewer icy spots along the shore. we'll see a lot of sunshine for a fast warmup into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. the melt happens today. it's going to accelerate through the week. more wet weather on the way to end the week. a couple of dry days, then clouds start moving back in thursday. the wet weather on the west coast, that's going to come in for friday and into saturday. the first of the showers will arrive thursday evening. nice and clear today. by tomorrow morning, still in the clear. a little bit of cold tomorrow morning. it will be dry. the clouds come in, a few scattered sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon. the wet weather will wait until thursday night. thursday morning, showers just to the west. they'll come in thursday night and stick around into friday and
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the weekend. sunshine, 41. then back into the low 40s wednesday afternoon. clouds will be building on thursday. a pretty nice day. we'll start in the low to mid 30s. above freezing. then 50s in the afternoon. rain showers, but a few neighborhoods may hit 60 friday afternoon. cooler weather for saturday. showers lingering in the morning. i think it dries out for the eagles' game in the afternoon. and with the drier weather will come colder weather. in fact, the cold starts moving in later in the day on saturday. 30s on sunday. 20s next monday. and then back into the 30s on tuesday. it looks like it will turn milder. average next wednesday and thursday. >> we're looking at the weather on saturday for the eagles' game. i think we want it a little colder. atlanta's -- they're not used to that. >> we're used to anything. >> we'll see what happens. let's find out what's
4:54 am
happening on 95. >> jessica? >> yeah, watching 95 and on the southbound side, cottman avenue, no problems or delays. everything looks good. the on and off ramps look slippery, the majors have been treated and driven over so many times, now they look wet. a crash at old york road and wincoat road. police activity there. watching mass transit, warminster running ten minutes behind for 403. the northeast corridor for the new jersey transit coming out of space station. that's train 38 -- new york penn station, that's train 3811. everything oelelse on time. coughing, sneezing, what's making the rounds in our area, and it's not the flu. and why the eagles' players say they're not underdogs. message to doubters.
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flu season is here. and it's hitting people hard. we checked with doctors' offices and hospital emergencies across the area, and they are full of patients with a variety of viruses, including the flu. another virus is also making the rounds. doctors call it rsv. >> causes heavy nasal secretions, fever, causes shortness of breath and wheezing. >> you can never hear the advice too often. make sure to wash hands, wipe down desks, phones, computers at work. we've been doing that in the newsroom big time. doctors say to wear masks if you're around people who have the viruses, and if you have trouble breathing or the virus seems to hang on for more than two weeks, see a doctor. the eagles finding extra motivation for the home playoff game saturday on nbc10. it's coming from las vegas. the eagles are the top seed in the nfc. yet the oddsmakers have them as 2.5 to 3-point underdogs to the
4:58 am
falcons. that's never happened to a number-one seed before. as you can imagine, the eagles' defense, they're not taking too kindly to that. listen to defensive tackle fletcher cox. >> been respected oall year. our record speaks for itself. we're a team, that's been disrespected week in and week out. and we ring the bell every week. it adds fuel to the fire. that's what this team -- obviously they're going off all year. chip on our shoulder. people doubting us every week. we want to shut the doubters up. >> let's ring their bell, satellite one player for the falcons -- right? one player for the falcons taking is so seriously he cut his dreadlocks. add it mckinley snipped his -- tad mckinley snipped his dreads because there's green in them. he tweeted, "green got to go. we have philly coming up." what i'm talking about. i love it.
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kickoff at the linc at 4:35. count on our three-hour live pregame show to get you ready for the big game. >> looking forward to it. >> great. now to more of the stories on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> slick start. ice-covered cars and slippery spots on the road. now to a warmup. people in a delaware county apartment complex struggle to stay warm as they live with no heat during a bitter cold spell. fashion fallout. pulling support from a store in the wake of a controversial ad. > waking up to another slippery morning, ice covered in spots. welcome to "nbc10 news today,"
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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we're seeing more than 100 school delays and closings. those are running at the bottom of the screen. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast accurate. >> we've got icy spots and fog, too. this is wilmington, delaware. light fog in lancaster, and thick fog has eased a bit in wilmington. a few pockets of fog in south jersey, as well. millville has two-mile visibility along with wildwood. fog moving in over a cold region. icy spots to be expected this morning. 29 in new jersey. 29 in philadelphia. a little colder in the lehigh valley and delaware, too. today we'll see a lot of sunshine. wet weather out of the picture. with sunshine, in for a warmup. 41 in new jersey. the suburbs up to 40. near 40 for the lehigh valley. temperatures t


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