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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11. murder for hire. a breakthrough in a years long cold case involving a local radio host. swept away. fire, rain and deadly mud slides ripping through neighborhoods out west. > fullying under the radar. you can't count them out. murder for hire. prosecutors break open a years long murder mystery involving a local raud y local radio host. and now her husband. >> biker gangs. illegal operations and hit men. april coughman sounds stranger
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than fiction. >> this goes back to 2012 after coughman was found shot and killed in her linn wood home. charges weren't announced in her death until today. >> eight people are facing charges. prosecutors say the focus is on two men. inclouding her husband. he allegedly ordered a hit on her. after she threatened to expose his illegal drug empire. nbc10 brandon hudson has the story. >> april coughman's voice was a fixture on news talk radio here in the jersey shore. prosecutors say her husband wanted her voice silenced. investigators say the doctor cooked up a murder for hire plot. because stletened to divorce him and destroy his dug empire. prosecutors say these eight people are connected today the murder of one woman. pop h popular radio personality. the master mind was her husband. and a member of the motorcycle gang. >> really just taken back by the
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details that emerged today. >> with the attorneys she considers part of the support system by her side. april's daughter spoke for the first time. since prosecutors named her stepfather a murder suspect. >> today is an e mesmotional da >> she waited six years for this day. on may 10, 2012. police discovered her body face down. shot several times inside her home. investigators say doctor coughman had his wife killed after she threatened to file for divorce and expose the illegal drug ring which he ran. it continued for several years. until police arrested coughman on unrelated weapons charges last summer. he remained in jail ever since. and must answer to the new charges. a relief to kim and her oldest son. who was close to his grandmother. >> after watching the press conference i got a huge squeeze from him.
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he said she's happy. >> the civil lawsuit involving april coughman's $600,000 life insurance policy is pending. this is an ongoing case with a lot of details. has the full profile. and lay out of the whole thing from the day of the murder until the charges tonight. log on now for all the information. following breaking news out of the caribbean. that's where a 7.6 earthquake just hit. take a look at the map. we know the quake struck north of hon durs. posing a tsunami risk to several countries. no report of damage or injury. a row house in west philadelphia goes up in flames. putting two children and two adults in the hospital. the fire broke out around 9:30.
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the victims are checked out for smoke inhalation. the fire is under control. the cause is under investigation. new at is 1 crews that have been dealing with the freezing cold are dealing with this. something else. water everywhere. >> we're tracking the water main breaks tonight and talking with crews scrambling to dry out the streets. >> we all know it's been exhausting few weeks. for philadelphia water department crews. they have been working around the clock and continue to work here tonight. at silver wood. they're trying to fix the water main break. this one actually happened on friday. in this just shows how much of a back up it is. they continue to go from job to job. >> it's a familiar scene throughout the philadelphia area. the deep freeze took its toll during the last nine days. causing too many water main breaks to keep up with. according to to the city water
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department it's already fixed 95 breaks since the start of new year. crews have responded to 315 customer service line breaks. those numbers do not include today. it's another late night for crews at silver wood. we found crews hard at work near rodney and washington. in west oak lane. >> i'm on my home. stst till the same way. it's like busting at the seams. >> this break in west oak lane was caused by a contractor hitting the line. it's more work for crews. already doing everything they can to keep up with frozen pipes. >> it's been flowing down the street and around the corner. it hasn't made it my way. >> of course with water main breaks this can mean a bunch of problems for you. flooding in your house. there can be no water. they're hoping to have this restored in finished by sometime
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tonight. and once again now tonight plumbers are warning homeowners they could find more problems with their pipes now. because of this stall that we're dealing with this whole entire week. >> also as the weather warms up all the salt is going down the drain. a car wash is around the city. drivers are heading in for a suds rinse to avoid damage to the paint job. they work non-stop at this car wash. we also visited a local repair shop. they have seen a steady stream of cars with bad batteries and busted tires. today's break from the cold was short lived. that was the scene. everyone was bundled up. temperatures once again began to dip tonight. glenn schwartz is joining us now. one more cold night before the warm up. >> we won't have a night this cold for several days.
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close to a week. 32 right now. look at the suburbs. 27 in blue bell. 25 in perk see. mount holly 25. wild wood 26. the snow cover is helping the get the temperatures down. in south jersey. and we have several places way down in the 20s. only a 24. 24 degrees. hamilton square 27. just about all the places will be in the teens by the time you get up in the morning. everyone in philadelphia itself 22. it's not going to warm up a lot tomorrow. it's after tomorrow that the warm up comes. and also the rain. i'll it tell you about those coming up. >> first it was wild fires. now rain and mud slides. are taking a deadly toll in southern california. at least 13 people have been killed. as homes are swept away nearby
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santa barbara. res tu teams had to work through a mess of debris and mud. to free a 14 year-old girl who had been trapped. mean who i will helicopters are hoisting people to safety. ambulances cannot get in. just like when the wild fires hit desperate neighbors are digging deep to help each other. >> the situation is so bad that even some first responders needed to be rescued. tonight 30 miles of highway 101 remain shut down. >> philadelphia police say a fight between two teenagers ended with one shot in the leg. their patrol car was hit by another driver. police did find a loaded gun near the scene. so far no arrests.
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the teen who was shot expected to be okay. >> in northeast philadelphia police say this man was caught on camera stealing money from a church. this wasn't his first time. >> this surveillance video was taken yesterday. police say the suspect used a key to enter the room. where donations are kept. you can see him open a closet and take a white bag. filled with money and checks. he's accuse of taking donations on two other occasions last month. >> tributes in honor of a fallen firefighter. >> the call on social media. tonight buildings turned their lights red. they will stay that way through thursday. in honor of lieutenant. forensic artist painted this portrait of him as well. the eleven year veteran was killed over the weeg. his funeral will be held friday. a farewell from new jersey
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governor. delivered his final state of the state address. before he officially leaves office next week. >> i'm proud it be here to say to tell you that the state of our state is very good. and without question much bert than it was eight years ago. >> he use td the speech to cite a long list of -- he will hand over state government control to democrat phil murphy next week. he's leaving as the most unpopular new jersey governor on record. that's according to to the latest poll. it found 40% of residents believe he is leaving the state in worse shape than he found it. 68% have an unfavorable impression. and 19% approve of the job he's doing. >> ben state university is settling another claim in the wake of jer san dusky sex abuse
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scandal. the school wornt comment on the details. the case had been scheduled to go to trial next month. so far the school paid out more than $109 million. to settle abuse claims by at least 35 people. >> new district attorney is defending the big shake up in his office. >> he came under fire for asking 31 prosecutors to resign. in an interview today he called the city's homicide rate dismal. to make real change a reality. one of the changes involves kbroufing the relationship between residents and law enforcement. >> when they feel like they have a police department and district attorney who are not interested in abusing them and protecting them. we'll get more information and solve more cases.
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>> the district attorney office says five to ten cases had to be continued following the staff change. critics say many more will be affected. >> under the radar. the eagles aren't getting a lot of love as they get ready for the play offs. >> that's the story all philly fans can relate to. next keith jones shows us the team of the past that over came the odds to pull off stunning wins. >> lookout below. where mother nature is unleashing her fury on unsuspecting drivers. how the games are playing a role in talks between north and south korea. >> another chilly night. get ready for the big warm up. we have rain coming our way. the forecast is next.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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there's breaking news tonight concerning daca. a u.s. judge blocked the trump administration from ending the program. it protects children brought to
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the u.s. illegally by parents from being deported. president trump decided in september to end the program. the judge ruled daca must remain in place while litigation over the decision unfolds. >> former white house strategist is out of the job again. hooe stepping down as chairman of bright bart news net work. after a public break with president trump. less than week after his criticism of the president and his family were published in a new book. which questions the presidents fitness for office. >> tensions on the korean peninsula maybe softening. >> the talks between north and south korea in two years ended with an agreement. north korea announced it would send a team to the olympics for the first time in eight years. a military hot line is being reopened. in another breakthrough the sides agreed there will be military talks in the next few weeks. >> nbc10 is the only place bringing you all the action from the games.
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live coverage begins february 8. >> the eagles they're soaring into the play offs. as under dogs. >> fans have seen this play out before. one of our teams not getting the credit it deserves only to prove the doubters wrong. >> we are getting to respect. the odds makers call the birds historic under dogs. little do they know we relish the role. rocky for instance. >> reporter: we have heard the nay sayers. rocky is fiction. it's our spirit. we're david, they're goliath. like the wildcats in 1985. in 2001 we had the answer. against the lake show. in the finals.
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and in 2010 the fliers were done 3 games to nothing and rallied back. beating the boston bruins in game 7. we're all under dogs. even here. every single one of these fans waiting to talk to fletcher cox. >> i don't buy into it. we're 13-3 for a reason. number one seed and everybody is doubting us. >> ruth brown got her ball signed. >> eagles all the way. the shoes is eagles. >> odds makers say the birds are two that have points under dog from of the falcons. the first time a six seed has been favored to beat a one seed. >> we came out as under dogs in the beginning of the year. they shocked me as well. >> fans believe the eagles will go for the ribs and make the
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falcons eat lightning. we can't wait for the game. >> got to have the positive attitude. nbc10 getting the eagles fans revved up for the big game. lookout for the road to victory bus making stops all over the city. like redding terminal market. fans get to sign the bus and wish the team well. >> ice plunged 20 stories from a building in new york city. demolishing an suv below. >> no one was hurt. that frozen chunk came loose from a building during the thaw. that sent temperatures rising. rights now our area is thawing out. glen hurricane schwartz back to time out this big warm up. >> today was the warmest day in the last 15. we got way above freezing. 45 degrees. actually above normal. we're uniform in the mid-40s.
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not so uniform now. with clear skies and lighter wind. 32 philadelphia. 29 northeast philly. 25 in mount holly. 26 atlantic city and wild wood. cooler temperatures in new jersey. even within the city of philadelphia. 38 pens port. right in the downtown area. where there's more concrete. 29. and 28 in andorra. those areas going down into the teens. by morning. and as we head towards the jeer see shore look at 24. in upper township. that's what happens when you have the big snow cover and fairly light winds. during the day tomorrow we start off in the teens. many parts of the area parts of philadelphia and go into the low 40s. we're not going warm up tomorrow more than today. it might be a couple degrees
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cooler. mix of clouds and sun. 18 in to start off the day. we'll warm up to at least normal temperatures tomorrow. then thursday the big jump. 53 and friday near 60. we have rain coming in. maybe heavy rain. friday, friday night. and into saturday. you can see everybody will see the rain on friday. look at the temperatures. even delaware going to 62 friday. delaware could be 60 degrees on saturday. here comes the rain. this is thursday night. and into friday morning. and into friday afternoon. and into friday night. we'll get a lot of rain. it's all rain. for everybody. it will be so warm. the snow will be melting away. we're clearing out just in time for the eagles game. looks like rain in the morning. it will tailgate early. and the temperatures start to go
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down as those winds pick up. the wind could be a factor in the game. the passing and kicking game. remember a big difference between the morning mild and rainy and the afternoon. colder, windy and dry. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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♪ but it feels like another life ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm trying to stay strong ♪ -hey! -♪ but sometimes i realize ♪ that the further i go ♪ the more that i know
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♪ that i want to go home -[ snorting ] -when you and your money are treated with respect, you prosper. and at santander bank respect adds up. you know what really fires up eeg lts fans? belting out the birds fight song. >> send in your version of the familiar tune. and fans really responded. including this family on vacation. take a listen. joe ann sent this video. she managed to get a large group together on the beach. in florida.
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to belt out the fight song. >> that's all one family? >> that's huge family. everyone has their own style. we want to hear your fight song rendition. go to or the app. >> john clark has eagles news for us. >> how about this. falcons quarterback mat ryan left the practice facility today. we'll tell you if it's a concern. and what's gotten nick foals emotional today. why is he confident he can play better in the play offs? that's next.
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eagles head coach is leaning on his vert rans who have won
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super bowls to speak to the team over the last week. letting the yug younger players what it takes and not let the game be bigger than what it was. back in pads. they asked to ramp up the intensity. doug said let's do it. nick foals he has struggled the last two games. he says he's confident. >> having this time to self-scout. go through practice and everything. you realize just go out and play. maybe i wasn't doing that as much. it's simple. sometimes the hardest things are the simple things. get out of your head and play the game you know how to play. >> he had a daughter in the off season. and says his family motivates him through the tough times. >> i want to give everything i have to this game. i know my family is there watching and supporting me. that gives anyone strength in their life knowing their family is there.
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for me having a daughter it's unreal. i fwet home every night and see her. it puts life in perspective. i'm getting emotional about her. and she's almost seven months. i want to play the best game of my life because my daughter will know. >> that's cool. hope it happens. doug's team knows they are under dogs. home under dogs the number one seed 13-3. some players say there are signs around the complex reminding them of that every day. extra motivation. >> we use that as fuel. and we'll go out and execute. >> everybody spooefrs us to be the weakest. that's fine. if teams want to over look us that's good. it fuels us up. >> falcons quarterback missed practice today for personal reasons. he left the facility. mat shob took the reps.
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jones missed practice. probably saving him and resting him. is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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warm thursday through saturday morning. with rain then colder sunday monday and tuesday. back to winter. >> we won't know thousahow to ah 50 degrees. >> have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh grant, greta gerwig, musical guest a$ap ferg,


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