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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 11, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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accident investigation right now. and route 130 northbound side has one lane moving through. traffic is getting by the scene. here's the vine street expressway with our cameras right around 20th street where we do have construction crews here. so maybe they're trying to pick up these cones now so we'll watch that and also the schuylkill expressway. we're closed for that normal construction spot. the eastbound side seeing a lane closure so obviously a lot of stuff to start with early this morning. more when i come back in ten. and breaking right now, a person opens fire on police from a home and refuses to come out and now a neighborhood is on lockdown. we're joined live from the scene. randy, i know you just got an update on what's happening. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: the police chief just came over here. they've had a very long morning
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and night. this all began around 8:00 last night. calls coming in for shots fired. we're being staged at a high school just nearby. let me show you the active scene behind me. a lot of police resources at this crime scene. we're told that a suspect barricaded inside a home began shooting at police, even shooting at one of the police armored vehicles there. at this point we're told police have not returned fire but they have taken fire over the past few hours. neighbors describe a number of gunshots ending at midnight and this has been ongoing. about 18 people have been evacuated. the police chief says it's a delicate situation right now. >> the rescue police vehicles, the information has been struck numerous times with officers inside taking fire. >> and the neighborhood is being urged to shelter in place.
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right now this barricade situation continues. no word on who this suspect is or whether anybody else is in that home but police and swat teams from camden county and gloucester township have that home surrounded. they say school could potentially be cancelled later in the day. that decision has not been made yet. for now we're live in gloucester township, abc 10 news. flames destroyed a diner overniepgt. check out the scene as firefighters worked to gain the upper hand along the white horse pike in berlin, camden county. flames were pouring from the roof. a new owner took over the place last may. his family is devastated. >> i don't know what to welcome here, i'll be honest. my mother is disabled.
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my father has heart problems and i was the only one to help them on a daily basis. they're with me every day. they live with me. it was our bread and butter. >> the owner thinks that the fire started in the kitchen. five of the eight suspects in the alleged contract killing of an atlantic radio host are due in court today. among those expected to appear is dr. james coughman, we're learning more about the man who conspired with him. kaufman denies any involvement in his wife's murder. they say he's the past president of the chapter of the pagan's motorcycle gang. they say they're connected to an illegal opioid distribution ring run through the doctor's medical
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practice. and a good-bye to a fallen firefighter. a public viewing will happen this afternoon from 4:30 till 9:00 at the cathedral basilica. another viewing is scheduled for tomorrow morning followed by a funeral mass at 11:00. part of the home collapsed on saturday morning. fellow firefighters pulled him out. he died a short time later at temple hospital. police want you to take a good look at a man they say stabbed a fellow bus rider with a screwdriver. these are three different pictures of the man taken on board. he appears to be wearing a jacket on top of a sweatshirt. the man got into a fight with another passenger as the bus traveled along germantown and logan avenues. they say he slashed the other man in the face. the victim is expected to be okay. ferry service is returning
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to the delaware bay. extreme conditions closed services down. full service returns tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. it's 4:05. nr new jersey governor is calling for several senior staffers to hand in their resignations. he has call the transit system a national disgrace. the resignation request came from murphy's transition team yesterday. a select few will be allowed to reapply for their jobs and the executive director announced his retirement last week. a state of disaster. for the first time a public health crisis is now a statewide emergency. the opioid crisis has been declared a statewide emergency effort. this means reducing regulation to get people into treatment faster. paramedics being able to hand off life saving drugs and a
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command center bringing in nine state agencies to fight the epidemic. >> i don't take this action lightly. we know that this crisis has taken far too many lives. it has broken far too many families. and it has gone on far too long. >> pennsylvania has the largest overdose rate in the country. more than 5,200 pennsylvanians lost their lives to overdoses last year. that's up from more than 4,600 in the year 2016. and a new resource is added today. the family center, the facility will now have low cost housing which is critical in helping those in recovery. he'll also have on sight meetings and resources to help them as well. pennsylvania gives the go ahead for the first of ten new
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minicasino said to open across the state. the dpacompany says it will pic location about 100 miles from pennsylvania. >> we know how many customers come from that region. >> penn national had six months to finalize its application. the next auction is set for later this month. well, if you're not on the eagles' fan bus you've got some more opportunities today. >> you were there as it was arriving. a road to victory bus tour continues this morning. here's a look at today's stops and take a close look. our first stop is at 6:00 a.m. that's when we'll be at the terminal in upper darby. there's also a stop in cherry hill, new jersey, today and the bus heads back to stops in old city and the avz of the arts.
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here's a look at one of the stops yesterday. when this big double decker -- you can't miss it. show up today and you can sign the bus, wish the eagles well and pick up a little eagle swag as well. >> it's great. >> and nick foles continued yesterday with a strong week of practice heading into the playoffs. he admitted the past fuse games were shaky but he's still confident in leading his team through this weekend against the falcons and his receivers are keeping an eye on foles and they say he seems more comfortable. >> he's a lot more confident. i mean, a lot more relaxed. i mean, real relaxed. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station and the only place where you can see the battle of the birds. eagles versus the falcons. kickoff is on saturday, 4:35 and
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you can count on our pregame show to get you hyped up and we've got coverage you will not find anywhere else. >> nope. all right. 4:09. 39 balmy degrees outside. >> you see a lot of that snow is melting. >> yeah, even right now the melt is continuing. we do have clouds overhead, but it's going to be a dry day today. wet weather on the way for tonight and you'll see it again tomorrow but the temperatures we'll make sure it's only rain coming in. 39 in phi phil and delaware. upper 30s for south jersey. 44 at the shore. so yes, that melt, that slows melt continues and into the suburbs normally there's some pockets of cold air. west township, all in the upper 30s. and even in the colder neighborhoods above freezing right now. and we will see a warmup in spite of clouds coming in. we'll get some breaks of
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sunshine and no sign of any wet wetzer until tonight and tomorrow but we will get enough wet weather that could cause somes with some of the remaining snow that's on the ground. the moisture coming up from the south. that system is going to be riding into our area tonight and for much of the day tomorrow. but it may not be an all day rain tomorrow. clouds, a fuse breaks of sunshine in philadelphia today and look at upper 40s and into the o50s this afternoon. clouds will break for a little bit of sunshine warming into the 40s during the day and topping out in the low 50s and the lehigh valley is on track to reach 46 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. delaware, new jersey, you'll see breaks of sunshine especially later this morning. 44 in new jersey and then 50 degrees by 2:00 in the afternoon in new jersey and close to that same level at the shore. i am expecting a big warmup for tomorrow.
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65 degrees but it's not going to be bright, sunny 65. it's going to be on and off showers and saturday looks great too, but don't even think about that kind of temperature before the game. colder weather will move in for sunday and monday and tuesday and it starts to move in just in time for the game. tailgating at 10:00 in the morning, a few showers, they teal be dry by kickoff time but look at the temperatures. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour to make it feel even colder and down to freezing in the fourth quarter. it will feel like it is in the 20s with the wind. closer look at the wet weather on the way and the problems it could cause. police activity and on the eastbound lanes looked like it was backed up. >> you can't call me. just wanted to throw that out there, but it's obamacare.
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i got it under the control. we are losing our camera, but this is the apartment building that's across the street from the mall. all lanes are cloegsed. that's where that flashing lights are right underneath so where the target complex is where there's a shopping center across the street. and there's a water main break on route 130 northbound side. one lane lost there so traffic still getting by. this is on the westbound side and right here our cameras showing those lane restrictions around 20th street. traffic is getting by. i wish we could say the same for the schuylkill but we can't. a little slow when you approach south street. they're diverting traffic off and allowing everybody on down
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here. an emotional plea as the flu spreads quickly. >> nose your body. don't let things go. >> what doctors say you need to do to protect yourself. >> and murder mystery, a missing local student found dead and now his family is speaking out about the search for answers. and bill cosby opens up about his upcoming sexual assault case for the first time in months.
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police in southern california say the missing university of pennsylvania student found dead this week was murdered. >> his body was found tuesday at a park about an hour outside los
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angeles. he vanished while he was visiting family. he went to the park with a friend to meet up with someone but never came back. his parents tearfully remembered their son yesterday. >> he was a brilliant, colorful man who shined light on all the communities he touched. our family is devastated by the news. >> police are not yet saying how he died. two south jersey burglars were taught on surveillance video using a fire ex- tingisher to break into a gas station. they busted into this gas station on route 70. after the crime the to men ran away. philadelphia wants to become the first city for animals in the state. that means healthy and treatable cats and dogs will not be euthanized. the city announced a new coalition made up of more than a
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dozen organizations to push for the shelters. >> i can't put a time line on it. but other big cities have done it and if they can, we can too. >> the new coalition is also helping struggling families to give up their pets and working increased awareness about adoption and fostering. the american red cross says there is an you are jenurgent n blood donations. >> people have the cold and flu during this season so it's really a challenging time. >> you can schedule an appointment to donate on the red cross free blood donor app or you can call them. you can stop by many of the blood drives in our area as well. stay off of lakes and rivers. that comes from the police and marine unit.
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otherwise you might end up in an icy scene like this one. crews practiced yesterday to prepare for people falling through the ice. our photographer said he could hear the ice starting to crack under those officers and that's a sign that the ice is beginning to melt. may be more even more dangerous to be out there. >> a lot f omelting going on right now. my walkway, it melted and then it was still cold on the bottom so i was out there with salt yesterday. >> let's check in with bill henley who's got the details. >> 39 degrees right now. the temperatures are above freezing but the ground is still frozen especially if it's had a layer of snow or ice on it. that's been really slow to melt. the temperature warmup has been nice to be out in the sun, but those pockets still in the shade during the day, those are the areas where we have a little bit of ice this morning but the melt continues. even though it's a slow melt,
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the lehigh valleys, the suburbs and delaware, temperatures are above freezing. philadelphia we're seeing a much warmer morning. 42 degrees. and graduate hospital is 43. northeast philadelphia, 38 degrees but low to mid 40s for the rest of the area and we will see a little bit of sunshine before the clouds take over. you can see some thin clouds that are in the area right now. but it's the clouds that are going to be moving in from the west that will give us rain tonight and tomorrow. it won't be an all day rainfall but we could see some heavy downpours. it's a combination, you see that snow that's the cold air that will arrive on saturday. we're not going to get snow out of this coming system. look at all the moisture from northern missouri into arkansas, tennessee and kentucky. all of that is going to be ramping up into our area. we could see some heavy downpours starting overnight
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tonight and tomorrow morning. 11:00 tonight, you can see the wet weather moving in from the west. we'll be tracking it at 11:00 tonight but we'll see it come in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we will have some rain in the area. that's going to accelerate the melt in our area, also warn away a lot of the salt that's on the ground. heavier downpours north and west of the city. but you'll get yours too. that comes through later in the day on friday. friday evening, a break at 8:30 but another round of some wet weather and here's our potential for thunderstorms with this coming system. this is at 4:00 in the morning. the temperatures will be very warm and we will see a line of heavy downpours. that's a chance of thunderstorms followed by some colder air. you can see the snow moving in from western pennsylvania. we will get the cold and that's going to arrive over the weekend. so we have a first alert for
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heavy rain and the potential for some flooding. in the afternoon on friday to 10:00 saturday morning that band of heavy rain comes through. we could see potential thunderstorms as well. the flood potential comes because of the rapid runoff because the snow covered areas are still covered by the time that heavy rain moves in. we'll also see that water spill into the streets and some streets could have their drains covered by the ice. then we dry out. a saturday afternoon after a rainy start and the morning temperatures will be in the upper 40s and 50s. it gets colder during the day and you'll feel that cold on sunday. let me show you how long the cold lasts in the next half hour. this is about the time you head out the door. let's check the roads. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. >> moving through center city might be a problem this morning.
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vine street expressway, lanes blocked because of a construction project. you can see the cones in place there. look at that offramp, it looked blocked where they're not even letting people get through for right now. also watching through center city on the schuylkill because we're closed on the westbound side here from about south treat. and we're also losing a lane headed eastbound toward south philadelphia. more news out here in cherry hill where there's an accident investigation closing all the lanes just near the cherry hill mall. so the eastbound side moving away pretty much from cherry hill and maybe more toward the area where that is heading right now. you can take route 70 to get by. we're also watching this water main break on route 130.
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>> a danger on the roads, the mix of snow, ice, and now a warmup is making for a problem for drivers. what you need to watch out for. lights out. what caused the power to go out at the largest electronics show in the world and how people made the best of it. and fighting for d.r.e.a.m.ers to fight for more than 100 ceos.
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family, friends and colleagues turned out yesterday to remember a florida family killed in a plane crash on new year's eve. >> a final farewell was held at a temple in st. petersburg. a relative says they both have
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roots in our area in montgomery county. they talked about the pain of losing this family. >> although it does not feel like it, we will smile and laugh again but a piece of us will always be missing. >> the weisss were traveling with another family when the plane went down killing 12 people in all. william steinberg was a student at the university of pennsylvania. the largest electronics show in the world went dark yesterday. the cause, heavy rainfall which caused condensation near a transformer. a facility that should be filled with the biggest and brightest gadgets doused in darkness. many people just used their cell phone light to get around and continue to check out the exhibits. a person opens fire on police and now is held up in a home. we're live in that neighborhood. also breaking overnight, fire tears through a local diner and
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now the owner is talking about seeing his beloved business up in flames. a mild start this morning. 39 degrees at 4:27. that's melting going on at the shore as temperatures are in the 40s there. neighborhood forecast is just ahead. good morning. watching a few things this morning. one is the schuylkill expressway. this is just before they close it down. they're diverting traffic off right before this point at south street. so watching that and other things in new jersey. updates for you on it when i come back. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you
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your acceptance is guaranteed. and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. neighborhood standoff. a suspect opens fire on blis po.
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and now is being held up in a home. and a diner fire, workers and the owner left heart broken. >> and what doctors say you need to do to protect yourself and one family's emotional plea. a lot to get to. this is nbc 10 news today. let's get to bill henley with his neighborhood forecast. we're going to get into the 50s today. >> above freezing this morning. it is nice and mild and yes, into the 50s, but we're not there yet. dell waaware is at 39 and we wi see clouds break for some sunshine during the day. 39 degrees. not a lot warmer at that hour but we will see


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