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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. right now at 11:00, left for dead. a car plunges if to icy delaware river. dozens jump ship and if to the freezing cold. a father turns to a last resort to save his baby from a
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burning building. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good evening. we are in for another wild weather week with temperatures in the 50s and snow. right now we're tracking snow heading our way just a couple of days ahead of another big warm up. here's a look now at it flag blowing in center city. it's another well below freezing mark with temperatures in the high teens. fought all eyes are on that snow. >> that's right and i'll show tattoo you in a second. but first, if you're stepping outside for it overnight hours, you have to deal with the numbing temperatures. a sting that feels like temperature 8 degrees. 7 in wild wood. but the big story will be it snow i'm tracking on tuesday. it arrival time is a little ways away because it's still 900
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miles away from us but tuesday into wednesday morning we'll start see it the impact. at 11:30 tomorrow night and we'll see off to the west. this is 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. we'll continue to watch this band of snow to the had east and it works its way through the evening hours and out the door by wednesday morning. so this is what you can expect from this storm system. it's not a major storm, just like it last few storms of the winter. it will be an inconvenience to us. it begins north and west tuesday evening. one to three inches. i'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood and show you it major warm up coming up. steps into it. pass is caught.
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touchdown. unbelievable. >> it took a miracle game winning touchdown but now the stage is set for the nfc championship game. it will be the minnesota vikings coming to philadelphia to take on the eagles. and live in south philadelphia. how are fans feeling about this match up? >> reporter: well, everybody knows it's going to be a tough game. you've got the best teams in the nfc kping here to do battle, try to earn a spot in the super bowl. but once again fans and players are embracing the idea of being the underdogs. it came down to the last second in the saints and vikings. minnesota had fans reacting as their team advances. next stop right here in south philadelphia. >> we'll be right back here watching. >> the eagles faithful saying
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not so fast. >> they have really great defenses. we'll see. >> i think at home with the home crowd at vantage, i think they have a chance. >> the eagles gear is front and center. and more is coming from just placed rush orders. >> i'll take minnesota. we can beat anybody. frrsz online they cleared out of dog map after they showed off their underdog pride last night. >> that's the philly thing. we're underdogs. we love that role. >> so fans have a cautious optimism. they believe in the team and know they can play even better than last night. >> the odds are out eand they're up over the eagles.
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but atlanta we all know what happened. >> it will be ready to rock again next sunday when the vikings come to town. joins us now to talk about the eagles/vikings match up. ed iticide be a thriller at the link. >> that's what we're hoping for. vikings and saints to determine who the birds opponent here to determine who will the birds will be. case keenum to digs and nothing but space and opportunity. wow, vikings win 29-24. here's the coincidence. the winner heads to minneapolis
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to win the super bowl. no team has ever played in a super bowl in a home stadium. we saw drew talking about they wore last night. the vikings favor by 3 1/2 points. >> thank you. and we're asking you to end us your best version of theege ls' fight song and we're getting a lot of great ones already. take a look. ♪ >> way to go, guys. that's mikey and kaden. they attend elementary school in delaware. send it to us on nbc
11:07 pm song. . our coverage continues after the news. tonight on a eagles road to victory, jalen mills and mike quick at 11:35 on nnbc 10. on to other news. a woman is dead after the car she was in plunged if to the icy delaware river this afternoon. burlington city police got the call around 1:00 this afternoon. police say the driver of the car was able to get out but ran away leaving the woman ificide as the car submerged into the frigid water. police say the driver was speeding, hit a parked van before crashing into the river. new details about a police-involved shooting in north philadelphia. police stopped the car driveing it wrong way on kensingten
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avenue. while one officer spoke with the driver, a second officer was talking with the passenger. they say it officer noticed the passenger a gun and attempted to take him into custody when a suspect went for his gun. he was taken to temple hospital in critical condition. police recovered a loaded 9 millimeter pistol from the scene. new video of that fire at the philly diner. the ceiling of the restaurant caught fire just after 8:00 last night. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get the fire under control. no word yet on how the fire started. well, two families were forced out of their homes by this early morning fire at a home on lennox court and spread to a neighboring home. a cat that belonged to one of the families also escaped it flames but is missing. on tuesday, new jersey governor elect takes over in
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trenton. and today he spent it day with families on a preinauguration tour. he's making his way across the state and meeting constituents. we asked about one policy item he's already pushing for, a way around restrictions in the new tax bill in lieu of taxes so they can write them off. >> how quickly can you get something like that done? >> so it's a creative idea. an idea born out of the fact that we think 33 other states, many of them red, by the way, have a provision like this. >> reporter: he says the proposal could be put into place quickly and done at the municipal level. and the governor elect also talked super bowl predictions. >> the eagles looked good last night. again largely because their defense was outstanding. the patriots looked good last
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night. i was born in boston. so could see a new england/philadelphia super bowl. i'm just saying. >> murphy did say he as a soft spot for the eagles because he used to live in philadelphia. an update to a story we first brought you. all have now been accounted for. it casino shuttle caught on fire with 50 people on board. captain saw flames from the engine room and brought it closer to shore so they could get to safety. everyone on board jumped into water. 15 people were taken on the hospital as a precaution. a high rise fire forced guests out of their beds. it started at 17th and locus street and you could see smoke examining from the 21st floor shortly after 11:00 in the morning.
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crews got everything under control within 25 minutes. hotel guests were evacuated to the building's mezzanine level. well, tonight delaware state police arrested a man they say was involved in armed robberies across the state. they say he used a toy gun to hold up the business business. they say johnson's crime spree lasted from late december until this friday and that he robbed at least nine businesses around delaware. well, starting tonight our if tire region will be honoring the life and legend of dr. martin luther king jr. they'll spend time volunteering and help hadding out. andrea cline thomas shows us how people are doing their part. >> his "i have a dream" speech is inspirational to me.
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>> his words and actions still resonate. >> it makes me feel that i can speak my mind, like how he spoke his mind, i feel like i can speak mine too. >> reporter: churches honor that legacy. the interdenominational fellowship counselors not only celebrated dr. king's life but outlined it work that still needs to be done. >> we are monitoring racism in state government which has been a problem in delaware for over 20 years. >> reporter: earlier in the day serving the homeless took on a special meaning. and at brit mark college, they put students center stage to provide college scholarships. it's not only about reflecting
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on the past but being a model for and investing in the future. future dreamers like tyshira. >> i can speak out about how people aren't very nice to people about racism. and next on nbc 10, cliff hanger. tonight the video from inicide the plane it moment it happened. desperation act. a faupther turns to the last resort to save his child from a raging fire. and i'm tracking snow for the early part of the work week ahead of a major warm up while you don't want the winter tire for the eagles game this coming game.
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a vigil was held tonight in santa barbara for the victims of the montecito mud slide. 20 people were killed including children. many officials spoke at the vigil. they remember the lives lost and thank it first responders that help would rescue efforts. crews must now shift the focus and the clock is ticking. if more rainicide fall, it will increase it risk for more mud slides. they were a result of hecavy rains. the federal communications commission says hawaii didn't
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have safeguards in place that could have prevented the false alert that went out yesterday about a missile scare. >> all personnel take shelter immediately. >> that message was broadcast over loud speakers across the island pap similar alert was red out to cell phones. the alert caused a wave of hysteria that lasted about 40 minutes. in hawaii right now. >> for 50 to 20 minutes they sent a ballistic missile. try to call our kids and then we tried to call the stiegz let them know we're here. >> he said about 45 minutes after he got the alert reports were in but it was just a false alarm. a child thrown to safe in
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the arms of a firefighter. flames trapped that family on the third floor as the fire raged near atlanta earlier this month. 12 people were hurt. it looks like something out of an action movie. that is a car stuck on a second floor of a dental office. they say about 5:00 in the morning it went airborne, landing inside the building and after the crash, the car caught fire. he was hanging on to the bottom of the car. the driver and passenger walked away with minor injuries. well, some terrifying moments on this plane in turkey. it went off the coast of the black sea. passenger caught scenes of the chaos after it came to a rest. video from today shows the pegasus airline jet with a nose at the water's edge.
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amazingly everyone on board it plane escaped safely. the government is looking into why so much left the runway. dozens of fire crews rushed to the scene to put out the fire. that fire went out just after 6:00 tonight. they say the house was abandoned. so no one was hurt but it took crews more than two hours to get the flames under control and now they're trying to find out what startside ted the fire. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and bundle up. a freezing night here on the ben franklin parkway. you see people had had their kblu gloves on, hoods up as they if dured the weather. tomorrow we still have the cold with us but we'll start to transition towards milder days. but right now the stinging sensation is in the air in philadelphia.
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feels-like temperature 8. numbing conditions in lehigh valley as well. a wilmington delaware feels like temperature of 8 degrooes with the wind out of the north/northeast. here's a look at the major points we're talking about next week. if you're out and about doing acts of service, you would have to have the layers on. feels like temperatures in the single digits and teens. after afternoon highs round 30. tuesday into wednesday morning, it will be an inconvenience to us. especially with it timing toouds evening and balmy for the birds. this is just ream really incredible stuff. yesterday it felt like 13 degrees out there. it was very numbing, painful to be out there.
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sunday evening, around 53. it could be warmer than this. so it will feel 40 degrees warmer at the game. much better if you have expensive tickets. trrs so let's take a look at the temperatures.wilmington. live network radar is dry. that's what i'm trying to say here. we're look agate temperatures dipping to the mid to upper teens. feels like temperatures in the single digits. for your monday looks like temperatures around 30 degrees. temperatures from neighborhood to neighborhood won't vary that much. look ahead to the snow putenshple let's time it out hour by hour. 6:00 tuesday. i don't think the morning commute is impacted. as the snow works to the south
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and east and it may linger for it first part of the morning commute on thursday. how much snow are we looking at? not a whole lot of snow. it looks like one to three inches and let's turn over to danny for sports. the eagles were probably on the edge of their seat as it saints and vikings went back and forth. the eagles were hosting the minnesota vikings next week with a trip to minneapolis on the line. weal what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and
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this is sports desk brought
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to you by xfinity. x1 will change the way you experience tv. nbc sports philadelphia. saints, no vikings. saints again. vikings again. four lead changes in 181 second said. but it will be the vikings. letsv's have a look. droou brees, cumarrau. look at this catch. new orleans up 21-20. fourth and 10 for brees. connects with willy sneed. that led to a 43-yard field goal, put the saints up with 29 seconds left. crow could have walked away and turned the game off but the vikings with one last chance. they don't call it a hail mary for nothing. case keenum to digs. what? it defender whips on the tackle. no field goal necessary. vikings win a wild one. the celebration continues and
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the head coach mike zimmer was press conference. >> this the best press conference ever. come to philly. >> going to philly, i don't care where we play at, i'm just happy we got another chance to put some stuff on tape, clean up the mistakes and do what we got to do to get a win. >> meanwhile, much more of the eagles on our road to victory show. mills made the game saving play talks to john clark about whether the vikings had momentum after their dramatic win. >> no, i think right now as far as how our dfls has played and the they we went out on the last play, the momentum is on us. everything has to come through philly and as far as our fans go and team goes, it's going to be tough to come here and win. >> also on the show mike quick
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takes a look at what the eagles face in the vikings. that's next on nbc 10. the eagles success hasn't gone unnoticed by the other teams in town. >> just proud of the city. they represent what we're all hoping to do here. it spee the spirit, the toughness. it's blue collar. you see the fan's appreciation. and you're proud of what they have accomplished. especially losing quarterback and all those types of things. >> sixers and raptors met tomorrow in south philly. that's sports.
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steve's back with a final check of the forecast. that 10 day is all over the place. >> i believe floor and flabbergasted. we have mostly cloudy skies for your martin luther king jr. day
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of service. it looks like one to two inches and just chilly for it rest of the week but then we have the huge warm up. by the time we get in the weekend, temperatures in the 50s. >> are right. thanks, steve. for all of us here, eagles road to victory is next.
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who is this masked man? or should i ask what's up, dog? that's jalen mills, the man who sealed the deal, sending the eagles back to the nfc championship game. this is "eagles road to victory." we've got jalen mills on the field. we've seen him in the barber shop. now he's in studio to break down his team's chances of making the super bowl. plus eagles hall of famer mike quick laze out the blue print


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