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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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lost in the line of duty. what we've learned about the philadelphia man accused of gunning down a u.s. marshal. getting closer? congress only has hours left to avoid a government shutdown. celebration and security. where you'll see police in full force during sunday's eagles game. right now at 11:00, the party has already started. eagles fans are getting hyped for sunday's big game during a rally in south philadelphia tonight. everyone's only going to get more excited as we get closer to kickoff. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. south philly just one area where
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police will have a major presence on sunday night. aaron bass conville is joining us with what neighbors can expect. >> reporter: only a few days away. tonight police are sending a warning to people who live near restaurants and bars or the stadium area out here in south philadelphia. they want you to get rid of things like this, this outdoor furniture, all these chairs. bring that inside. also take a look at this playground set. that's something they do thought want in your front yard. take a look at those garbage cans. if you can bring those inside. of course they want people to celebrate but they want them to be safe. >> they'll be all in this block. all kinds of cop cars, they'll be down the corner. they don't let anybody walk on our block. >> reporter: the moores have witnessed the crazy celebrations near frankfurt and cotton after big sports victories. they live a few houses away from the notorious intersection. they say their street is usually blocked off. >> we're very protected. we have to show our i.d. to get up the street if we go under the
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barricades. >> philadelphia police tell nbc tell they will have beefed-up security including officers on foot, on horses on buildings. targeted areas include frankfurt and cotman, kensington and allegheny in kensington, north broad street in north philly, stadium area in south philly. >> we don't want anyone hurt, and we don't want any damage to property. we want people to have fun. >> reporter: move anything from the front of the house that can be thrown. as for the moores, they will join the fun from a distance. >> if eagles win will you be out here celebrating? >> yes, right on our steps. >> reporter: we're also told that police are looking at using more barriers in certain areas, in certain neighborhoods, to control crowds. we could learn more about that during a security briefing tomorrow morning. traffic and public transit will also be big issues for
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sunday's game. there's a concert that night at the wells fargo center, so fans are being told to prepare for even more cars on the road and in the parking lots. >> septa is trying to help fans get in and out of the stadium quickly as possible, offering a special round trip pass on the broad street line. buy those starting tomorrow. eagles fans got a chance to rub elbows with one of the birds' key offensive players. legarrette blount signed autographs and snapped pics with fans. the birds running back scored the team's lone touchdown in last saturday's win over the falcons. write your own message to the eagles players. stop by and sign the road to victory bus. it will be making more stops tomorrow at rittenhouse square, university schedule, the dog park, and xfinity live. breaking news right now out of west philly, where the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene of a barricade situation.
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this is unfolding at the intersection of 51st and brown streets. police say two burglary suspects are hiding out in a home in the neighborhood. they are wanted for breaking into a different home not far away. no word if anyone else is in side. a developing story out of washington. right now republicans are scrambling to get the votes they need to avoid a government shutdown. earlier tonight the house voted to approve legislation to keep the government running through february 14th. the measure faces uncertain future in the senate where a key procedural vote will happen tomorrow morning. the clock runs out after midnight tomorrow night. that leaves a little over 24 hours for lawmakers to come up with a resolution or the government will shut down. new details tonight in the killing of a u.s. marshal in harrisburg. tonight we've learned the gunman is from philadelphia. authorities say 31-year-old kevin sturgis had two active warrants and a fugitive passport, arresting a woman who
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lives at home. officers were able to handcuff the woman but they say sturgis opened fire hitting a police officer and deputy u.s. marshal. christopher hill did not survive. >> running out the alley, down the street, then two officers came in pursuit after him. they were shooting. one officer was across the street saying officer down. >> sturgis eventually left the house and was killed by police as he shot at officers. new video tonight of a high rise fire in montgomery county. this cell phone video from a viewer shows flames shooting from the regency towers in upper more land. sky force 10 was over the building around 6:00 tonight. one person was taken to the hospital with burns. the cause of the fire under investigation. philadelphia getting some extra help to become the next headquarters for amazon. leaders found out today they made the top 20. as nbc 10's drew smith shows us the city's former competitors are throwing their support behind philly's bid.
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>> the location is fantastic. >> reporter: it was right there all along in philadelphia's pitch to amazon. >> we ended up recruiting from three states. people from delaware, people from new jersey, people from pennsylvania. >> reporter: existing companies touting the combined tristate region as a reason to do business here. now philly has beat out more than 200 other places on amazon's list. >> i am so excited. >> reporter: camden had quite a pitch in zauk headquarters to reshape the waterfront. touting housing, infrastructure, education. >> we're somewhat disappointed but thrilled that philadelphia us still in the game. we think we're part of the philadelphia package. >> reporter: the new hq could employ thousands. some experts say the ripple effect could create five times more jobs. >> the jobs multiplier of amazon picking your city is endless. >> reporter: delaware, which also lost out, will now do
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everything it can to support philadelphia because they expect the economic impact to travel down interstates and over bridges. >> it's such a regional economy at this point. all the jobs in philadelphia support the entire region. >> reporter: cam ben county says it is ready to offer more land and office space to philadelphia in case it needs to offer that to amazon, otherwise they are ready to market this area to other developers. an investigation is under way after two students got sick from eating marijuana-laced cookies. it happened at lamberton elementary in overbrook. police say a 13-year-old student gave the cookies to three other seventh graders. two of the kids got sick and had to be taken to the hospital and tested positive for marijuana. so far no arrests. temple university is taking the next step in its plans to build a football stadium on campus. the university will file a project submission to the city planning commission. the multi-purpose facility will
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include a 35,000-seat stadium at a cost of $130 million. neighbors have been protesting against the idea for years saying it will ruin their quality of life. the group called stadium stompers says it will not rest until the proposal is defeated for good. president trump is back in washington tonight after making a quick stop in western pennsylvania today. mr. trump spoke at the h and k equipment company in pittsburgh. in the speech he touted economic growth and the recent tax cuts passed by congress. >> very simply, your paychecks will be much bigger because under our tax cuts you will be keeping more of your hard-earned money. >> the president was joined today by several congressmen from pennsylvania, including pat meehan, who worked on the tax bill. the u.s. department of housing and urban development is awarding the city of philadelphia $33 million to help the homeless. the grant money will go towards new and existing housing programs. the city currently operates 99
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homeless assistance programs city-wide. new at 11:00, traffic concerns took center stage at a town hall hosted by state representative jason dawkins. one of the topics of discussion, a new shop rite grocery store set to open soon. it will be moving into the shopping center, the first grocery store in the district. a welcome addition, but some at tonight's meeting voiced concern over parking in the area. coming up, a student's racist rant puts her south jersey hometown right in the middle of a national scandal. and winter warmup. it's here finally. we're going to see the 40s and 50s for an extended period of time. i'll have your weekend forecast and the eagles game day outlook forecast coming up. getting loud at the link. experts show us just how much noise eagles fans can make during sunday's big game.
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putting on a show. the hometown favorites who just announced they'll be performing at halftime. nbc 10 is your official eagles station.
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tonight police are protecting the home of a south jersey teenager who was expelled from college over a racially charged rant posted online. >> who cares if it's martin luther king day [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> harley barber's family says they've gotten threats after the teenager uploaded two videos to social media on martin luther king jr. day, both videos filled with racist comments. the 19-year-old had been attending school at university
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of alabama, but she grew up in moralton. the community is shocked by the videos. >> i hope she, you know, learns from her actions and realizes, you know, how she's hurting people. and i hope that other people can learn from that too. >> barber has reportedly apologized for the comments. the eagles road to victory, today we learned some famous fans will play a big role in sunday's game. ♪ ♪ ♪ watch your eagles fly >> how good is that, the roots are getting warmed up with their version of the eagles fight song. their big performance will be sunday night. the band's just announced they will be performing at halftime. very cool. >> sounds pretty cool. >> really good, they're always
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great. from kickoff to halftime to the final seconds, fans are going to be making a lot of noise at the link. >> how loud can they really get? brandon joining us live outside the stadium, you did some testing of your own? >> we did some research. a doctor told us the decibel level of me talking to you right now is right around 50. but sunday, she thinks that the decibel level will be between 90 and 110. which is louder than a lawnmower or live rock concert. you think it was loud at the link saturday? >> the ground shook, the seats shook. >> reporter: eagles fan dane coffer said you ain't heard nothing yet. dane and most of the 70,000 fans plan to make it loud for the visiting minnesota vikings this sunday. one of the link's architects said the canopies built on the stadium help to trap crowd noise, but the true differencemaker is the passion of the fans. >> the best thing that you do to
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make it noisy is to have a great product on the field. >> for the players, it's probably going to be equally as hard to hear as it would be for you and i to sit there in the stadium. >> reporter: penn medicine audiologist doctor believes the stadium will be louder than a lawnmower. but not quite as loud as a jet engine. which is about 140 decibels. the guinness world record mark set at century link field where the saurks play. seattle seahawks play. we wanted to see how loud eagles nation is now. testing the decibel level at this pep rally at chiggy's and pete's tonight, 87 decibels. once the fight song started, the level peaked at 109. just a level higher where the fans at the booth at 110. the doctor says warmer weather we're going to have sunday will help the sound travel faster, but there is a drawback to having this loud noise. hearing it over the course of a game will basically kind of
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damage your hearing. so she suggests getting ear plugs like this one so you can wear them sunday. >> and now he can't hear us at all. >> thank you, brandon! appreciate it! the eagles have taken fans on a ride from day one this season. >> you think? but does all this excitement come at a cost? sports are all about heart-stopping moments that unfortunately could actually stop your heart. dr. yolanda headley is a big sports fan and also a cardiologist at st. francis hospital in wilmington. she says a tight game can be deadly for some, especially those with pre-existing heart conditions. >> emotional excitement can raise your blood pressure, raise your heart rate, cause your arteries to close down on themselves. >> the doctor says what people eat and drink during the games, coupled with that emotional excitement, can be a recipe for disaster. this 12-year-old montgomery county boy will be in the stands
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for sunday's game. we first met max bayer last week. he told us on live tv his uncle promised to take him to the nfc championship game if the eagles beat the falcons. the problem is, max was supposed to keep that a secret. >> i said to him, max, i didn't want to tell you this before the game, but if the eagles win, i'd like to take you for your 12th birthday. >> did he say not to say anything to anybody? >> yeah. >> well. max let the cat out of the bag. his uncle kept his word. but max says he doesn't expect to go to the super bowl. >> she can get anything out of anyone, she's that type of tough reporter. fans may forget it's winter by the time sunday's game starts. >> details on a really big warmup for the weekend. >> a big warmup. max is going to be smiling at this game, won't have to wear that winter parka, won't have to wear the scarf, be able to look
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at everybody around him including his uncle and smile broadly. outside, a beautiful night tonight. it is cold but not as cold as the last couple of nights. here's what you can expect. warmer than normal temperatures for the next ten days. we're going to be above average. a gorgeous weekend includes 50s both days. and then we see some rain chances move in next week. we still remain very, very mild. here are the highs that we had today. 36 in philadelphia. 30 allentown. 36 millville. 37 atlantic city. wilmington 36. at this hour, philadelphia is at 28. allentown 16. trenton 22. dover 27. wild wood 20. pottstown 15. so we are dropping but not as far as we dropped last night rewe started the morning at 18 in philadelphia, we won't be that cold tonight. doppler radar, everything is clear. we don't have any clouds, we don't have any precipitation. in fact, if we look at the entire state, we are clear. i call it severe clear. we're going to have beautiful
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sunshine again tomorrow and into saturday before we then have to address the next storm system headed our way. the winds will continue out of the west. they're tilting ever so slightly to the southwest. you night we're clear, no cloud cover. a little cloud cover perhaps for lehigh valley and the poconos tomorrow afternoon. those winds out of the southwest will take us to the 40s tomorrow. then on saturday they pump up out of the southwest and they're going to take us into the 50s. we still remain clear. look at that. but here's where it gets interesting. we'll widen the view to see what's coming in. on sunday we're going to be watching clouds increase. no rain for the game but we could be cloudy during the game. by the time we get to 6:00. we're going to be watching rain to the west of us. we're in the warm sector of a storm system that's approaching. oh my goodness, look at this. on monday when all the vikings fans head home, they're going to be dealing with a snowstorm. we're going to deal with some rain moving through monday night and tuesday and we remain mild and it clears right on out of here. so no big deal for us.
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here's your game day forecast. 58 kickoff. 48 at halftime. 46 in the fourth quarter with clouds and unseasonably warm conditions. tonight your neighborhood forecast. 23 in philadelphia. 19 in the lehigh valley. 25 along the shore under clear skies. tomorrow, another beautiful day and above average. 43 in philadelphia. 39 in the suburbs. 36 in the lehigh valley. 42 for south jersey. 44 for the jersey shore. 44 in delaware. come on back for your ten-day on 10:00 at the end of the newscast.
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everyone's getting excited about the eagles. >> one group of students used lunchtime to learn the eagles' fight song, take a listen. ♪ >> these are sixth graders from north wood academy charter school in philadelphia. they've just learned the song on
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xylophones today. pretty impressive stuff. we've received hundreds of fight song videos from you and this saturday we're putting as many on the air as we can. tune into "fly eagles fly" saturday at 7:00 p.m. i'm john clark. we take you into an eagles meeting. hear malcolm jenkins speaking to his teammates. congrats, bud. >> joel embiid is an all-star. we'll hear from him. and hear from eric lindros, his number 88 retired tonight, that is next.
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i'm john clark. we are three days away from the nfc championship game. doug peterson has had his veterans who have been to the super bowl talk to the team about what to expect in big
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moments like this. here is malcolm jenkins in a team meeting. his message to his teammates. >> the only thing that's different is the distraction around the game. the fact that if you lose, you're going home. the fact that everybody's watching you. and you're so much closer to your goal, but in the reality. >> malcolm had a busy week. his wife gave birth to their second daughter. he spent a couple of nights in the hospital. they're all healthy and home. he's hoping for another berth on sunday, a super bowl berth. joel embiid named an all-star starter for the first time. he said he asked out his crush and she said she wouldn't go on a date with him because he wasn't an all-star? so joel, you're an all-star now, huh? >> she be denying me back then, so why go with her again? i'll have to approximates apasso
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the next one. >> i love joel. he is moving on. joel and the sixers trying to avoid the season sweep by the celtics. first half, sixers on the break. nice finish by ben sill monies coming up here, eight points for big ben. third quarter, joel with the jumper and the foul. 26 points, 16 boards for joel. he's got guns a-blazing, having fun. t.j. mcconnell, the three to beat the shot clock. sixers were up by as many as 21, they win 89-80, they are above .500 for the first time in over five weeks. there have been 600 flyers players, eric lindros becomes just the sixth ever to have his number retired. what a ceremony tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, eric lin dress! lindros! >> number 88 going up in the rafters forever. his kids are there to see it. interesting his number goes right next to bob clark's.
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they had a tough divorce but eric is a flyer forever now. >> thank you to the flyer organization for this incredible honor and to be up with the great names that are up there already. it's truly an honor. thank you very much. thank you very much. >> beautiful stuff. how about michael now verg in net, third period. flyers shorthanded on a two-on-one rush. wayne simmons -- flyers erase a 2-0 deficit. 2-2 in overtime, travis connecting to sean couture. his 26th of the season, his first career overtime goal, flyers win 3-2. i'm john clark. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it.
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the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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we are finally starting our big warmup. notice something about this ten-day? nothing in the 30s during the day. we're above average all ten days. 43 tomorrow. 55 on saturday with bright sunshine both days. 55 sunday. clouds move in. no rain until monday. it will be perfect conditions for the game on sunday. then we see rain on tuesday as well. that's nbc 10 at 11:00. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jessica chastain, ricky martin, musical guests franz ferdinand.


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