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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. a deadly fire that also injured two firefighters. shutting down. a vote to keep the government open has failed in the senate. eagles countdown. where fans will flock on sunday. the problem areas you should avoid. right now at 11:00, a sea of green across the skyline of philadelphia. the city is lit up for the eagles tonight. so are the fans. good evening. >> the eagles take the field in less than 48 hours. fans are already getting hyped. >> that place is going to be packed come sunday. >> reporter: this crowd down
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here, you can probably call this the calm before the storm. come shoulder to shoulder on sunday, they will be hungry to see the eagles in the nfc championship. we're seeing green. eagles jerseys, hats and scarves. ask fans and they're ready. >> i have been waiting for this all my life. i was there for it all. >> reporter: this man remembers when philly last won the nfc championship in 2004. he believes that team should have won the super bowl. 14 years later, the hometown team is knocking on the door. he believes this year's team will answer the call. >> regardless, you think we're going to the super bowl? >> i do believe we're going. >> reporter: not everyone was dressed in eagles gear. nicholas had some advice for philly fans waiting to celebrate another championship. >> it takes patience. whether it's this year or next year. >> reporter: the anticipation
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wasn't just confined to xfinity live. go eagles signs and posters were on display. you could get a great view of buildings highlighted in green lights. south philly bar and grill changed its lights. the staff expects a big crowd. the manager all week has been a championship for a city that is starved for one since the phillies won the world series ten years ago. >> i think that everybody is just so ready without jinxing it to see a championship. >> reporter: nbc 10 obtained a letter warning business owners in south philly to lock doors, gates, to move anything in front of the business and make sure security cameras are running. they advise bar owners to beware how much alcohol they serve guests. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> we showed you how all these buildings across philadelphia are lit up in green for sunday's
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big game. >> that's why fans are a little confused when they drove by the wells fargo center earlier tonight. the building was lit up in purple earlier this evening. you might call it viking purple. when fans called us, we reached out to the wells fargo center. the colors are chosen months in advance. this one was chosen random by because there are no events at that facility tonight. they called it a complete accident and said, of course, they support the eagles. minutes later our cameras were rolling when the lights were switched to, the proper eagles green, as we like it. >> everything is right with the world now. the city is warning neighbors to be prepared for a lot of extra traffic and big parking changes coming up this weekend. >> parking won't be allowed for subpoenaed's game on broad street. it will be tough to get around the city. >> reporter: major restrictions in certain parts of the city. you said it, we are along broad street. there will be parking restrictions out here for about
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13 hours on sunday afternoon. just check it out. all of these cars will have to go. cars on that side, cars on that side will also have to be gone come sunday afternoon. if you are planning on coming into the city this weekend, you better have a plan. with three major events this weekend in philadelphia, septa tells nbc 10 it's ready. inspector mark dorcy believes more than 18,000 riders will use the system for sunday's eagles game. >> we will be on trains, on stations. we will do patrol. we will observe cameras and respond quickly. >> reporter: more than 50,000 could show up for the women's march saturday around the ben franklin. several roads will be shut down. there will be at least 12 no parking zones in the area. >> a little business for the eagles before the game. then we will close up. >> reporter: this man owns a restaurant on broad street in south philly.
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it is opening and closing two hours early on game day because of parking and traffic concerns. out front, cars had flieyerflye washiwash i -- they are warning what's to come. >> reporter: parking restrictions start at 2:00 in the afternoon. no one can park on broad street from south street to the stadium area. that's on both sides and the median. there's also a concert sunday night at wells fargo adding thousands more to the mix. >> we expect a lot of new people coming to get quick access to the stadium. we're excited about that. what we ask everybody is do it responsibly. >> reporter: septa is running express trains on sunday. as for parking restrictions out here along broad street, they will end at 3:00 on monday morning. live in south philly, nbc 10 news. eagles fans won't need help
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getting pumped for sunday. just in case, mascot swoop and some of the cheerleaders rallied fans tonight at penn's landing. >> this party at xfinity live tonight. fans got to check out the road to victory bus and maybe write a message for the birds on the bus. that bus has a full schedule tomorrow beginning at the zoo at 10:00 and then the king of prussia town center and suburban square. nbc 10 has exclusive eagles coverage through the weekend. join us tomorrow night at 7:00 for our fly eagles fly special followed by inside the eagles at 7:30. on game day, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the day. join us after the game for interviews. that's only on nbc 10, your official eagles station. we have breaking news here. one person is dead, two firefighters hurt in this house fire in bethlehem township.
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a few moments ago, this fire broke out just before 9:00 tonight. crews are still on the scene right now. they are trying to figure out what started all this. we have no word on the severity of the firefighters' injuries. more breaking news from capitol hill. the united states government will shut down in less than an hour. drew smith -- >> he is in our breaking news center. he is following the vote that failed in the senate. >> we are watching the senate floor. they haven't closed this vote, even though it's clear they don't have the votes to pass. i want to show you a live picture of the senate floor. you can see a number of senators there. they are still actually debating this. they haven't taken the final tally on this. again, the votes are just not there to keep the government open. this was not a total party line vote. there were some democrats who voted to keep the government open and some republicans who broke with party leadership to vote no on this. the deadline, we're racing towards it. it's midnight. otherwise, the funding for the
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government will run out. in a shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal workers will stay home. that includes people at the centers for disease control. they are dealing with a bad flu season. plus the irs trying to implement a new tax law. the park rangers who work at places like independence hall. in the past ten minutes, we watched the senate majority leader walk off the senate floor with the minority leader. we will see if there's a deal. otherwise, the democrats will be in washington this weekend along with the republicans to try to sort this all out. otherwise, a lot of agencies are bracing for a shutdown in less than an hour. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> know about any new developments on this breaking story. download the nbc 10 app and have alerts sent to your home. new details on the plane crash that killed former phillies great roy halladay. he had amphetamine, morphine and a drug used to treat insomnia in
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his system. it says his official cause of death is blunt force trauma and drowning. the pitcher's plane went down in the gulf of mexico in november. take a look at this. part of a philadelphia street just swallowed up in a sink hole. it could get bigger. it opened up this afternoon. six homes had to be evacuated. crews don't know what caused it. it led to a water main break and problems with the sewage system. powerful words from two olympic gymnasts as they faced the former team doctor they say sexually abused them. they went face to face with dr. larry nassar at the fourth day of his sentencing hearing. they join more than 100 women detailing the years of abuse they suffered. >> the doctor that usag sent to keep us health joy and hey, thet was our abuser. >> all these brave women have power. we will use our voices to make sure you get what you deserve, a
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life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered by this powerful army of survivors. >> testimony is expected to stretch into next week before nassar is sentenced. president trump did something today no other president has done before him. he addressed a massive crowd of anti-abortion activists at the annual march for life rally. the president wasn't there in person. instead, he delivered his comments via satellite from the white house. the crowd is hopeful a new president and supreme court justice can turn back the landmark decision which legalized abortion. our eagles coverage next on nbc 10. is the nfl rooting against the birds? see the facebook post that is sparking conspiracy theories. don't press your luck. eagles fans share their superstitions. ♪
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these bulbs are for the birds. how a bucks county couple is lighting up the eagles fan base. how about winning weather for your weekend? it's going to be spectacular. find out if you are going to reach 50 in your neighborhood. i will be right back with that. ♪ ♪ (radio playing in background) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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an autopsy released tonight shows tom petty died of an accidental overdose. his family says that came from a mix of different medications. petty was suffering from emphysema, a broken hip and knee issues at the time of his death. he just finished touring. tom petty was 66. right now, hospitals all over the country are desperately trying to control this year's flu outbreak that killed 30 children. they include lehigh valley cedar crest in allentown.
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they have mobile triage units in the parking lots. hospitals are restricting visitors, rescheduling surgery and using face titime for apar t appointments. >> the flu can be spread by just breathing. the fibers can last in the air for hours. philly is going green for the eagles. check out the top of the peco building in center city. you can see the color green and an image of an eagle in lights. what you don't see is the word eagles. you won't. the company said they don't want to jinx the game ahead of sunday's game. eagles fans have plenty of superstitions of their own. they are sticking to them to make sure the eagles win this
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weekend from what they eat to where they watch. >> the same thing i wore last saturday. we will sit in the same seats. we will do everything the same. eat the same thing. just do everything the same. >> during the game, i don't ware any eagle gear. >> the one thing they can all agree on, they want to see the eagles earn a trip to the super bowl. we all do. question for you. is the nfl rigged? >> that's what some eagles fans are asking right now. after the league jumped the gun on its promotion for the super bowl. check it out. the nfl posted this picture on its facebook account today. yeah, using images of the patriots and the vikings. that sent eagles fans into a frenzy. there were talks of a conspiracy. the league said they had a mockup of every scenario and someone made a mistake. >> we don't like that matchup. tonight, it's the eagles
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fight song like you have never heard or seen it before. >> drew smith shows us how a holiday display was converted into a show of eagles pride. >> we know what this game means. we are hungry for it. >> the eagles don't have championships. >> the eagles are all over the radio. but this man is broadcasting a different tune on a frequency around his house on franklin street. ♪ fight eagles fight >> 45,000 bulbs out here. >> it's eagles themes, they are mostly green and white. >> this lights up first for the holidays. but he holds out hope for the eagles. >> i had my display ready for this for five years. now they are allowing me to light up during playoffs. this is great. >> neighbors i hope tolerate us. >> joe's wife says this is a labor of love from the lip syncing muppets to the
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fireworks. eagles fans are starting to take notice. >> it's been amazing the last couple of days. >> eagles! >> this is amazing. >> good luck. >> great job. >> stop back again. >> the playoff run has added a good amount to their electricity bill. they don't seem to mind. >> a friend of mine asked how much it cost. he said it's a penny a smile. >> the show will be expanding this weekend as they add the rocky theme music. the display should be going for several more weeks in the eagles win sunday. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> he needs to bring that over to the link. >> impressive. we can't get enough of your fight song videos. here is one of the favorites we received from a group today. ♪ ♪
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>> we have received hundreds of fight song videos from you. tomorrow night, we are putting as many on the air as we can. tune in for nbc 10 presents fly eagles fly tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. in honor of the eagles, we have winning weather. >> it is absolutely an honor. thank goodness they are in the playoffs. that's why we will have this spectacular weekend. temperatures are going to be in the 50s this weekend. it's going to be a gift we should be 40 this time of year. inste instead, we will get rid of the snow and ice. it will be gorgeous. great for the eagles game. we will have clouds sunday, but it will be mild. the rain holds off. it moves in next week. let's take a look where we were today. 46 degrees. yesterday we were 36. today we are 46. i bet you can get what tomorrow will be, 56. it was 38 in allentown. 48 in atlantic city. right now, 38 in philadelphia. 29 in allentown.
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wilmington coming in at 34 this hour. 33 in dover. millville 34. 35 in wildwood. it's a comfortable night. it's seasonal. neighborhood weather, you will wake up tomorrow morning in the low 30s in philadelphia. by 1:00, you will be up to 49. we will break the 50s shortly after that. we head into the suburbs, you will wake up in the low 30s as well. bright sunshine tomorrow. 28 in the lehigh valley. that's your wake-up weather. it will be 29 in delaware, 32 in new jersey and 32 along the jersey shore. very comfortable day. we will move right through the 40s and into the 50s everywhere except the lehigh valley. a little cooler there. you are hanging on to that snow. clear skies out there. we have seen a few high, thin clouds drifting through. not enough to spoil our beautiful day. not enough to spoil what's ahead. let's watch what's going on with the winds. they are coming in out of the south. clear skies. we don't have cloud cover over our area.
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this is through tomorrow. we will bump into the 50s. on sunday, we will be in the 50s but low 50s, not mid 50s. clouds move in ahead of a big storm system to the west. the winds, they die down. they will be out of the west and southwest anywhere from 3 to 10 miles an hour. favorable for the game. here comes some rain. it's after the game and look at all the people in minneapolis. when they go home on monday, they are going home to a big old blizzard. we're going to see some rain. it moves in monday night and tuesday. we're in the warm sector. the system is out of here by wednesday. then we tcontinue with our temperatures in the 40s. here you are. 48 at kickoff. 46 at halftime. we will see 44 in the fourth quarter. mild for january. here is a look at your ten-day. 56 tomorrow. 52 on sunday. 53 on monday. 53 on tuesday. rain monday night into tuesday. 43 wednesday. the coldest day of the next ten. it could be next thursday at 38. we're right back into the 40s
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and 50s after that. we will be right back after this.
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meet the newest member of the temple basketball team. he signed his own letter of intent and held his first news conference alongside the coach. he battles a condition that prevents his immune system from functioning properly. they adopted him through their team impact program. >> he looks good in red. >> yes, he does. love that. getting close. >> too cute. look at that little guy. eagles hoping to not be cute necessarily, will take care of business sunday. we're coming in for a landing with the final home game of the season, a trip to the super bowl is on the line in south philly.
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sunday's matchup has divide one family in half. the brothers aren't speaking to each other. john clark brings the story of the brothers. that's next.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. >> it is finally the weekend. that means the eagles and vikings that much closer to playing for that trip to the super bowl. birds practiced outdoors friday. all eyes will be on number 9, nick foles, as he tries to lead the eagles to a second straight playoff victory. he is calm, cool and collected. >> right now, i just feel good. i feel good. i feel calm. when you are in the moment, i have stressed, stay in the moment, doing everything i can at this moment.
11:29 pm
the rest takes care of itself. that keeps me level. >> here is a list of all the brothers who have faced off in eagles games this season. michael hk michael and eric kendricks will face off. they played each other in college and they played each other last year here. but this is different. last year, they talked all during the week and met up before the game. this week, they are not speaking. >> no, no, no. none of that. the biggest game of our lives. nothing else matters right now. unreal. it's an opportunity of a lifetime. something we will remember forever. >> i feel like my brother gets a
11:30 pm
little advantage as far as with the family. he is the first born. it's all good. >> i don't know if he will hear the end of it. unless we come back to the same situation, which is obviously possible. it happened once. it can happen again. whoever loses is -- >> the family is a house divided on who to root for. here is the good thing. the family will be sitting on the eagles sideline. john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. >> thank you very much. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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it's here. i'm not talking about the eagles game. i'm talking about the weekend and the 50s finally arriving. there will be a string out there. beau beautiful with sunshine tomorrow. it will be great for the game, kickoff 48 degrees. 53 monday and rain arrives tuesday. >> have a great weekend. go eagles! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- trevor noah, dakota fanning, comedian jeff dye,


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