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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  January 20, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i've been waiting for this all my life. right now, anticipation. eagles fans are flocking together pabacking up the birds ahead of the game. >> and buildings all over the philadelphia area are sporting eagles green. federal shutdown. all but essential operations have come to a grinding halt this morning after lawmakers failed to agree on a bill to keep the government running. this is nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. >> it's now 5:00 on this saturday morning. and happy nfc championship game eve. a lot of excitement as we're one day away from the big game.
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the other piece of good news mild and sunny. let's get over to first alert weather with the most accurate forecast in town. >> you can just call it eagles weekend. all weekend it's all about the eagles. mother nature is an eagles fan. i can tell because the weather is looking so good. 32 degrees in philadelphia. allentown just below freezing at 28. we're in 32 at atlantic city. starting out at freezing, up hill from here. temperatures make their way into the 50s. on radar and satellite, a clear picture for us right now. a few higher clouds around the northern edge of the viewing zone. through today we'll see a few high clouds from time to time. otherwise a good bit of sunshine as well. take a look at the wider view. there's just nothing for us to track. no rain, snow, anything of the like. winds really won't even be an
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issue. if you look west you see cloud coverage. that will head our way by tomorrow for the big time. it does not bring any type of precipitation with it. we'll stay dry. through the next hand full of hours from right at freezing to about 38 degrees at 9:00 a.m. by 1:00 in the afternoon already at 50 degrees with a nice bit of sun shine and scattered clouds. the temperatures not going to be a problem over your weekend. we'll track those hour by hour in just a bit. >> thank you, crystal. with the philadelphia skyline lit up in screen, it is very clear this is eagles' territory. >> the birds host the vikings in the nfc championship game and the fans, nonetheless, are very thrilled. randy is live with how fans are getting ready for the big matchup. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is officially nfc championship weekend. the city has been buzzing for
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the past week, but yesterday and today we're starting to see fans from all over the country arriving here in philadelphia for the game in center city where we're at right now, bars are getting ready for really big crowds, and down in south philadelphia we stopped by pat's and geno's. we found fans enjoying a philly cheese steak and talking about the big time. the vikings arrive at their hotel later today. big pep rallies will happen all across the city tonight and fans are waiting for this game. they say the waiting is the hardest part. >> i am pumped. i can't wait until sunday night. the eagles are going to the super bowl. >> i've been waiting for this all my life, definitely. >> meantime, city police are preparing for a celebration. they say after the eagles' win on sunday they're going to have officers patrolling at hot spots throughout the city where they've seen issues in the past
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after celebratory wins like this. for now, we're live in center city. randy, thank you. the philadelphia rage is bathed in green in support of the eagles. that's why bird's fans might have been a little confused when they drove by the wells fargo center last night and saw this. the outside of the arena was lit up in, yes, that is the color purple. you might even call it vikings purple. when fans called us, we reached out to the wells fargo center. they told us the color was picked months ago in advance. it was an accident, they support the eagles. well, fast forward a few minutes later, our cameras were rolling when the lights of the center switched over to that eagles' green. the city is warning neighbors to be prepared for extra traffic and parking changes. starting at 2:00 sunday afternoon nobody can park on broad street. there's also a concert that
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night at the wells fargo center which will add more drivers to the mix. one restaurant owner says he's opening and closing two hours early on game day because of parking and traffic concerns. >> game time, it will be crazy down here. the traffic is unbelievable. >> today several roads around the ben franklin parkway will be shut down for the women's march on philadelphia. a lot happening in the city, and there will be at least a dozen no parking zones. we'll have more details about the women's march coming up in the next half hour. we have exclusive eagles coverage throughout the weekend. join us for inside the eagles at 7:30. and tomorrow our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs into the afternoon. join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews only right here on nbc 10. the official television station of the philadelphia eagles.
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now to breaking news. the federal is partially shutting down this morning with only essential agencies up and running. it took effect at midnight when a temporary spending bill failed to pass the senate. we report from washington. >>. >> reporter: the u.s. government officially shutdown despite last-minute negotiations that played out live during a critical vote on the senate floor. >> there's only one reason we ended up here. the shoe horning of illegal immigration ended this debate. >> reporter: democrats holding firm in their demands for a fix on the policy protecting undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children. some republicans worried about leaving government workers in the lurch. >> i believe that a government shutdown is a loser proposition for both parties. >> reporter: in a tweet president trump accused democrats of wanting a shutdown to diminish his tax cuts.
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earlier at the white house, he and the senate's top democrat tried to cut a deal. >> even though president trump seemed to like an outline of a deal in the room, he did not press his party in congress to accept it. >> reporter: all the while government agencies dusted off their shutdown play books getting ready to close but some essential personnel expected to keep on working. >> the military will still go to work. they will not get paid. the border will still be patrolled. they will not get paid. >> reporter: the first anniversary of president trump's inauguration now threatening to become a very different milestone, the day the federal government shutdown. president trump postponed a trip to his florida resort. he planned a lavish party for the anniversary of his inauguration. and here is local reaction. pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey said this is a mess that the senate democrats created holding the entire country hostage because of an immigration issue that does not
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fully materialize until march. bob casey countered that statement with this. i was not elected to genuflekt the republican party's emotions. >> be sure to keep up to date with the shutdown. download the nbc 10 app and have alerts sent to your phone. the government shutdown comes on the one-year anniversary of president trump's inauguration. join chuck todd and his guests for a discussion on that tomorrow morning. >> milder temperatures today and tomorrow. just on time for the eagles' time. details next in your first alert forecast. plus an eagles light show coming up in about 15 minutes, more of this display of eagles'
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pride that's lighting up a local neighborhood.
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now your first alert weather. welcome back. our meteorologist is here starting with a current wind speeds. they're not terribly strong. they're coming from the southwest. whenever we talk about a southwest flow this time of year, it's a helpful flow. it's warming us up, getting rid of the bitter chill. it will continue through today. the winds right now at about 5, 10 miles per hour, will also pick up a smidge. in the afternoon i'm expecting gusts up to 25 miles per hour. a little breezy. up to 45 degrees at 11:00 a.m. in philadelphia. and then we'll make it to the low to mid 50s this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky. and 43, up to 49 degrees at 3:00 p.m. the temperature at 47 degrees. fast forward, 50 degrees around
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3:00 p.m. this afternoon. just like in philly, low mid 50s are possible throughout the delaware neighborhoods particularly north. upper 40s at the jersey shore. some spots make their way to the 50s as you get a smidge inland. nice conditions there across the board. the temperatures are warmer than average. they're dry conditions. just a light breeze. overall very, very nice. now let's fast forward to tomorrow. your tailgate weather. 48 degrees at lunchtime. by 3:00 p.m. around 51. we'll stay in the low 50s through 5:00. enjoy yourself at the tailgate. things will be night. you need a light jacket at best and a lot of great stuff to grill. we'll talk about the forecast hour by hour for the game coming up. >> bring on the steaks. eagles fans are pumps, but we found folks rooting for the vikings already in town and we found some drinking green beer. we'll hear from one of them
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coming up next.
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5:15. here is a live look at boat house row lit up in green for the eagles game tomorrow. mild dry weekend. right now about 32 degrees. we'll warm up gradually throughout the day. our meteorologist will have the details in the first alert neighborhood forecast in just moments. now to devastation and destructi destruction. this morning investigators will look for the cause of a house fire that killed one person and injured to firefighters. we were over the scene on iron stone road in bethlehem
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township. right now the injured firefighters are still in the hospital. we're working to find out their conditions. authorities have not identified the person who died in the fire. today family and friends will attend the funeral of the man who died in a row home fire in philadelphia that also took the life of a firefighter. loved ones will pay respect in north philadelphia. lane and captain matt laterna died. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. two olympic gymnasts deliver powerful statements against larry nassar. they faced him during his sentencing hearing in michigan yesterday. they joined more than 80 other women who have spent the past few days recounting the abuse they suffered.
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nassar has pled guilty to abusing underage girls in his career. >> who was the doctor they sent to help us get through? the doctor who awas our abuser. >> you deserve a life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered by this powerful army of survivors. >> more women are expected to give victim statements next week. then a judge will formally sentence nassar. philadelphia police are certainly in support of the eagle's road to victory as long as it doesn't land in jail. people will be arrested if they get out of control. police will be out. they say they will also be in the city's mayfair section where crowds celebrate. police say anybody flipping cars or lighting fires will be arrested.
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just a warning. just putting it out there. the vikings are due to arrive in philly later today. a number of vikings' fans are already in town. nbc 10 caught this minnesota mn suppo in center city. it's serving green st. patrick's day beer. the vikings fan said he just couldn't help himself. >> they turned it green for nfc championship game weekend, and it tastes like a viking victory. we couldn't get purple beer back home. i'm just trying to blend in, fly under the radar. >> the bar will serve the green beer all weekend and for two more weeks if the eagles win on sunday. i wish that guy the best of luck. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. if you have any shade of purple on for this entire weekend, you're not flying under the radar. we will all know. let's take a look outside. this is in center city. a little breeze atop the
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building and of course, still dark outside. the breeze will continue through today. we're not talking major winds but you may notice it. here's the temperatures across the region. upper 20s in the lee high valley. 34 in south jersey. philly neighborhoods, fair mount at 35. temperatures that are right around freezing. this is a welcome change from starting in the teens to be starting around freezing meaning as we go up in the afternoon, we're out of freezing territory. and in some of the pennsylvania suburbs, we aren't there. unionville and kenneth square. we see a few 20s like doylestown. newtown, 38 degrees. this is a pretty nice start that we have to our morning and we're going to see nice conditions the rest of the weekend. so we have radar and satellite
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right now. high clouds stretched over the northern half of the viewing area and some of pennsylvania. a mix of clouds and sun but leaning toward mostly sunny conditions. tomorrow we'll see more cloud coverage. here's a look at the neighborhoods today. looks like our live camera has gone dark. center city at 55 for this afternoon. 52 in lens dale. sunny to mostly sunny. we're good. trend at 51. ocean city at 50. and smerna 50. there are no bumps in the rose. this is an easy forecast to run through because it's warm and it is dry. wind for today, not terribly strong. you'll notice gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. the winds coming from the southwest and west this afternoon. that keeps that warm air flow in place. go through the hour by hour model through the rest of today and through this afternoon. a few clouds maybe strolling by, but otherwise lots of sunshine
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today. tomorrow we'll start in the morning, fairly clear but the clouds start to build up to the west, and then they'll roll on through. there's game time, about 6:30. we'll see mostly cloudy forecast. as the game goes on, any chance of a light shower stays north. this is a dry game that we are expecting for tomorrow for that eagles' win. vikings and eagles kick off time dry with mostly cloudy conditions. winds will be light for the most part at 46 degrees at halftime. to the fourth quarter, 44 degrees. mild for january. perfect weather. there's a look at the ten-day on ten. staying in the 50s. sunday, monday, tuesday as well, but late monday evening into tuesday comes with a chance of rain. a little dip in temperatures next workweek, and then back to the 50s next weekend. more rain on the way. all right. thank you, crystal. as game day approaches your videos for our eagles' fight song challenge are coming in fast and furious. >> let's look at one of our
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latest entries. ♪ this is from the jordan road school wishing the eagles the best of luck. we have received hundreds of videos of folks singing the fight song. we're showing as many as we can on the air during our special tonight at 7:00. ♪ isn't it nice we have a good night song? we're going to be hearing it a lot. going green, coming up next, we'll go where a couple got creative lighting up their neighborhood just for the birds.
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we've heard it a lot. especially over the past week. the eagles' fight song nothing like you've ever seen or heard before. >> drew smith shows us how a holiday display was converted into a show of eagles' pride. >> we know what this game means. we are hungry for it. >> reporter: the eagles are all over the radio, but joe is
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broadcasting a different tune on a frequency around his house on franklin street. ♪ >> reporter: there were 45,000 bulbs out here. they're mostly green and white. >> this lights up first for the holiday, but he always holds out hope for eagles in the post season. >> i've had my display ready for this for five years. they're finally allowing me to light up for playoffs. >> reporter: joe's wife says this is a labor of love. now eagles' fans are starting to take notice. >> it's been amazing the last couple of days. >> eagles. >> this is amazing. >> great job. >> stop back again. >> reporter: the eagles' playoff run has added a good amount of electricity bill, but they don't seem to mind. >> a friend of mine when asked how much it cost, he said it's about a penny a smile.
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>> reporter: the show will be expanding this weekend as they add the rocky theme music and the display should be going for several more weeks into the eagles one sunday. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. meet the newest temple owl, six-year-old mason buy cough signed a letter of intent to join the men's basketball team and held his first press conference alongside the coach. he battles a condition that prevents his immune system from functioning properly. the team adopted him through their team impact program. congrats to mason. time now, 5:27 on saturday morning. eagles fans are gearing up tomorrow's nfc championship game. >> we are live in center city this morning where fans are probably going to be partying all weekend long. >> reporter: hey. you know what? we're already hearing about vikings' fans arriving in the
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city as well. coming up, we talk with bartenders who are preparing for big crowds and what they're seeing from our friends from minnesota. and a gift from mother nature. we're talking temperatures around freezing to start your morning, but we have a mild forecast ahead, both your saturday and your game day sunday. and here's a live look over the river rink as people will probably get out later today to enjoy the nice weather. the details coming up.
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eagles. >> cheering the eagles on the road to victory, the excitement is building for tomorrow's playoff showdown with the vikings. we'll tell you where to catch up with the road to victory bus today. >> missed deadline. the federal government is shutdown, but senators will be at work this weekend after they failed to come to an agreement to keep the funding flowing. how it impacts you,


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