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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 20, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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eagles. >> cheering the eagles on the road to victory, the excitement is building for tomorrow's playoff showdown with the vikings. we'll tell you where to catch up with the road to victory bus today. >> missed deadline. the federal government is shutdown, but senators will be at work this weekend after they failed to come to an agreement to keep the funding flowing. how it impacts you, next.
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>> women's march for a second year in a row thousands of people in philadelphia will join others around the country in marches and rallies to make their voices heard. good morning. welcome. >> it's just after 5:30. plenty happening in philadelphia this weekend. we are tracking a winning forecast for the game tomorrow. certainly for today. >> this is an awesome forecast. i'm excited to be able to report this. i don't have to be the bearer of bad news. current temperatures, this is a 24-hour change map we're beginning this. and look at these numbers. we're about 8 degrees warmer right now than yesterday morning at this time. six grandson wadegrees warmer i. we're talking 15, almost 20 degrees warmer in trenton than yesterday at this exact time. here are the temperatures. it's not terribly warm yet, but starting out this way is a good
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sign. we're starting out around freezing or a little above. 37. trenton at 35. philly is at 32 degrees. and same deal in atlantic city. this is a great sign we're starting at freezing. as we claim up, that means that later today we'll certainly be above the freezing line. radar and satellite show and also a pretty clear picture again kind of like yesterday, we should see a good bit of sunshine in the forecast which will help up the numbers. nice, wide view. there's nothing to track. we don't have to worry about any rain ruining our plans today or the game tomorrow. how about this temperature trend? we're starting right around freezing this afternoing this m. the next 12 hours, making it to 50s territory which is well above average for this time of year, just on time in the game. low to mid 50s and only a little bit of a dip going into this evening as we ride into tomorrow, a pretty similar forecast. there are a few changes that will run through those coming up in a few minutes. >> all right.
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thank you, crystal. we are a day away from the eaeae eagle's championship game against the vikings. >> a win tomorrow, a trip to the super bowl would be the icing on the cake. randy is live to preview the pandemonium. >> reporter: it's officially nfc championship weekend. this city has been buzzing for weeks, but you could tell the difference over the past couple of days. we even saw kids in schools across the region doing eagles' chanting dur during their classes today. let me show you the south philadelphia -- up by -- it spans a few --. all munching on a philadelphia steak cheese talking about the game. the vikings will arrive later today. pep rallies are happening across philadelphia. we caught up with bartenders in the city getting ready for the big crowd and celebrations after
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the game. one of the bartenders saying she's already seeing some vikings fans arriving. >> well, today i had someone use a vikings credit card. i still accepted it. >> very exciting. it's big for the city, especially. we just hope everybody can control themselves in the city. i mean, it's kind of hard. >> it will be difficult, but we know people can do it. it does not appear eagles' fans need help getting pumped up for the game. the mascot rallies fans last night. the eagles road to victory bus has a full schedule of stops today starting at the zoo at 10:00 this morning, and then villanova university and suburban square. eagles' fans are asking is the nfl rigged? well, this after the league jumped the fun on its super bowl
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52 pronotiomotion. the nfl posted this picture with images of the new england patriots and minnesota vikings. that made eagles fans fume. the nfl said it has a mockup of every possible super bowl matchup. that's just embarrassing. nbc 10 has exclusive eagles coverage through the weekend. join us at 7:00 for our fly eagles fly special followed by inside the eagles at 7:30. and then tomorrow game day, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the day. and, of course, join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. that's only here on nbc 10, the official television station of your philadelphia eagles. 5:35 on this saturday. the federal government shutdown. it happened a midnight when the
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senate failed to pass a temporary bill. republicans and democrats are blaming each other with immigration policy. the main sticking point. president trump tweeted his dismay on this first anniversary of his inauguration. the senate will try to hammer out a deal later on this morning. we'll be watching it. during the shutdown hundreds of thousands of federal workers stay at home. they don't come to work and they don't get paid. that includes the cdc who are dealing with a very bad flu season. also facing furloughs, irs workers trying to implement the new tax law and park rangers who work at places like independence hall and other historic sites. today philadelphia will be flooded. about 50,000 people will make their voices heard during the women's march on the city. this is the second year for the event. today the crowd will meet at logan square and march for a noontime rally.
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the mission of this event in philadelphia along with marches happening all across the country is to tap into the momentum from last year's marches to harness political power and push for social change. >> we're really focussed on getting people out and registered to vote. we'll have people there available to register the people to vote for new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, and new york. >> you can expect to see road closures and parking restrictions in this area around the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. go to nbc 20 -- 10. >> today they will work to repair a sink hole that swallowed a street in fishtown neighborhood. it opened up yesterday afternoon. officials were forced to evacuate six homes. the sink hole led to a water main break and problems with the
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water system. still ahead, a drug connection. what a new autopsy report shows about the death of a former phillies great. >> plus game day superstitions. what eagles fans and even one high profile business are doing to keep the good karma blowing for the birds.
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let's talk about a warmup. earlier this week we were in the 30s for our high temperature. that was on thursday. yesterday our high temperature was in the mid 40s. it wasn't bad. it felt pretty good yesterday. the average for this time of year is around 40 degrees. just on time for the eagleagles
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game, look at that. we'll sit well above average, and we'll stay dry for a good bit. this is looking like a great weekend forecast. let's go through the hour by hour for today. 32 degrees right now. and it's a fairly clear picture outside. up to 42 degrees by 10:00 a.m. wind making it to 20. 51 around 2:00 and staying in the 50s through 4 p.m. the forecast high should be right in the mid 50s for philly. in new jersey right at freezing this morning. that's a good sign when you're starting at freezing and you know you're going to climb during the day, you don't have to worry about freezing conditions the rest of the day. temperatures 47 at noon. we'll wrap it up with delaware 27 degrees, same deal into the
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low mid 50s. >> looks like the weather is going to cooperate today. one liberty observation deck will celebrate ben franklin's 312th birthday. visitors get in free between 9:30 and noon for the birthday bash. the founding father will be in this person to blow out the candles on his cake. >> he's so young. >> right? all right. the clock is ticking down toward the eagles' somehowdown with the vikings. >> and we'll preview tomorrow's big game. plus a rivalry between brothers. how tomorrow's matchup has divided a pair of opposing players. it's all next in sports.
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this morning we're learning new details about the plane crash that killed roy halladay. a new autopsy report reveals he had a drug use to treat insome kn nia in his system. his plane went down in the gulf of mexico back in november. ♪ >> we're also getting more information from a newly-released autopsy report about rocker tom petty. it shows he died of an accidental overdose. the family says that overdose came from a mix of different medication, opioids. petty was suffering from broken knee issues at the time of his death last october. he had just finished touring days before he passed away. he was 66 years old. hospitals at home and across the country are desperate to control this year's flu outbreak that's already killed more than
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two dozen children. those hospitals include cedar crest and allentown. staffers there set up mobile triage units in parking lots to handle the overflow of patients. the hospital is also restricting visitors rescheduling appointments. >> we put this up during flu season because we wanted to get the patients out and be able to be seen as efficiently as possible. >> a particular strain of the flu can be spread just by breathing with the virus lingering in the air for hours. >> if you're an amazon prime member, you may have to pay more for the service. they're raising the cost from the monthly payment option to 1 $12.99. annual prime membership is not changing. amazon did not give a specific reason for the price change.
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>> all right. keep it going, birds fans. we want to see more of your videos for our eagles fight song challenge. >> let's show you one of the latest entries. ♪ that rendition courtesy of the credit union. nice spirit, nice job. >> philly going green for the eagles. check out this building in center city. you can see the image of the eagle in the lights and birds, go underdogs. what you don't see is the word eagles and the team logo. the company says it does not want to jinx the birds ahead of the game. eagles fans have superstitions they're sticking to to make sure the birds win this weekend. from what they eat to what they watch. die hard fans say they aren't taking any chances. >> i'll wear the same thing i
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wear last saturday, and we're going to do everything the same. eat the same. >> during the game i don't wear any eagle gear. >> we were saying this earlier, glenn schwartz is wearing the same bow tie as one week ago. one thing all eagles' fans can agree on, they want them to win a trip to the super bowl. we have exclusive eagles coverage through the weekend. join us at 7:00 tonight and 7:30. tomorrow, game day, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the day. and join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. that's only here on nbc 10. the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. >> i think mother nature has already picked her favorite for the game. the weather is going to be fantastic. >> great weather to play an awesome football game in, and i know we're going to do well. you have on your green.
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>> i do. i wasn't going to say anything. >> it's hard to find a full green suit, but i got something tomorrow. let's get a check on the forecast. not a bad one. >> it's going to be a good one. i also have my green dress ready to rock tomorrow. i wore my other one last week. i went on yesterday online and ordered another green dress just in case. let's look outside. it's still dark out there. we're still outside of sun rise, and it's a pretty picture. it's going to be a pretty picture throughout today. let's talk about some of the temperatures out there. the feels like temperature is going to be close to the actual temperature this morning. 37 in unionville. 32 in phoenixville. millford and warring ton at 37. it's cold but not brutally cold. that's the good sign. if it's not brutally cold in the morning, it's not that bad later.
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32 at the shore. 32 in philadelphia. let's drop down to new jersey neighborhood temps. 36 for washington township. pepperton, 29 degrees. and 34 in florence. hope well township right at freezing to start a look at the radar and satellite. it's a pretty clear picture here. we have a few of the clouds along the northern edge. we may see those kind of slip throughout the morning. for the most part a sunny to mostly sunny day. not bad. on top of the sun shine, the temperatures are up. because the winds have shifted to the southwest flow. when you pool in air from the southwest where temperatures are typically warmer, that brings our temperatures up. 55 for south jersey. delaware at 53 degrees. the forecast highs. run through the hour by hour model for today. just a few of the clouds strolling by the area. otherwise it's a clear overnight. it's even a pretty clear start to sunday morning. sunday clouds will stream in
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from the west. by the time we get close to kickoff, we should see mostly cloudy conditions. it's just mostly cloudy conditions. any moisture, a little spot showers should stay to the north of us throughout of game. we are dry for that eagles' game day forecast. let's run through the tailgate weather. noontime, i should say, for tomorrow. 48 degrees. we'll get up to 52 at 3:00 p.m. and at 5:00, 50 degrees. winds fairly light. it will be perfect tailgating weather with increasing clouds. 48 degrees, a lighter jacket, you should be good. you won't have to bundle up like we saw last weekend. halftime 46 degrees and end of game, 44. mild for january. and quickly we'll talk about your monday. while we may have an isolated shower in the early morning hours, we'll stay fairly dry monday. monday night moving into tuesday rain will return to the forecast. this is sports desk brought
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to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you. it is finally the weekend, and that means the eagles and vikings that much closer to playing for that trip for the super bowl. the birds practice outdoors. all eyes will be on number nine to look to lead the eagles to a second straight victory. he's cool, calm, and collected. >> this is why you play the game. this is what you dream about as a kid. all fortunate to be living it. like i said, to go out there with these men i work with every day is special. >> right now i just feel good. >> i feel good. i feel calm. when you're in the moment, i stay in the moment, preparing in the moment, doing everything i can at this moment, and the rest takes care of itself. that just keeps me level. >> here is a list of all the brothers who have faced off at
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eagles games. michael and eric hendricks are the fifth. with more, here's john clark. >> reporter: philly is known as the city of brotherly love, but not for michael and eric hendricks. michael and eric played one season together as linebackers in high school growing up in fresno, california. they played each other in college, and they played each other last year here at the link. but this is different. last year they talked during the week and met up before the game. but this week they are not speaking. >> no. no. none of that. the biggest game of our lives. nothing else matters right now. it's an opportunity of of a lifetime, and some of that we will remember forever. >> i feel like my brother gets a little bit of an advantage as far as with the family roots for, because he's the first born, but it's all love. >> i don't know that he'll ever
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hear the end of it. unless we come back to the same situation which is obviously possible. i mean, it happened once. it can happen again, but, dude, that's not -- yeah. >> the family is a house divided on who to root for. here's the good thing. the family will be sitting on the eagles' sideline because the game is in philly. john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. all right. john, thank you very much. should be a dandy. that's your look at sports. enjoy your saturday.
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happening today, a annual philly home show. exhibits feature the latest home improvement, design, and technology. kevin o'connor, host of "this old house" is scheduled for two appearances today. 5:57 on this saturday. we are painting the town eagles' green ahead of the nfc championship game. >> randy is following the excitement. we'll check in with him in the next half hour. how about this for excitement. no rain, no snow, nothing to
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worry about for our eagles' weekend forecast. the temperature is on the rise. we'll talk act what you can expect right there in center city. your forecast temperature for today and sunday coming up.
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breaking overnight, no deal.
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right now the government is shut down after congress could not reach an agreement to keep funding flowing. we have you covered with what you need to know. >> eagles fans are counting the minutes until the birds take the field against the vikings. we' we're helping you get ready this morning. thousands of women and men will converge on philadelphia this morning as part of a national movement. the significance of the date and what they hope to accomplish coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. >> go birds. let's get that out of the day. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> it's 6:00 on this saturday morning. nice to be with you. so much going on this weekend. we have a big game tomorrow but also the benefit of great weather this weekend. let's get to first alert meteorologist crystal and her most accurate forecast in town. a big warmup today? >> yes. we've been talking about it for a week straight. we were certain this weekend was going to be the warmup


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