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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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are you ready in the eagles are just hours away from their biggest game in ten years. [ boos ] >> the vikings are in town and the birds fans are letting them hear it loud ask clear. taking a stand. hundreds of thousands hit the streets including in philadelphia on the anniversary of president trump's presidency. tonight, eagles excitement hitting a fever pitch. in just hours, all eyes will be on the link as the birds get ready to take flight and hope to go all the way to the super bowl. nbc 10 is taking you on the eagles' road to victory.
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the week-long buildup of hype and excitement is almost hitting its peak. the eagles are now less than a day away from potentially going to the super bowl. take a look. and the countdown is on. we are just over 19 hours away from kickoff. let's go live to drew myth? front of a green boat house row. we've been hearing eagles stories all week long. you have one in particular about a lifelong fan whose dreams just came true? >> yeah, that's right. people are just so excited. we've seen them all coming down here to take this in, boat house row drenched in green. the whole city feeling the excitement. we have one story about truly a generous story that embodies brotherly love ahead of one of the most anticipated home games in years. ♪ fly eagles fly >> reporter: it's not hard to figure out where gary hall's sports loyalties lie. >> the eagles are going to win tomorrow night. >> reporter: hall lives at melmark, a center for people with special needs in delaware
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county. he's a long-time eagles season ticket holder but that does not include playoff games. >> oh my god, he was smiling. he said, i want to go to the game. >> reporter: the staff at melmark figured it wouldn't be the same without hall at the link sunday. so a lot of them personally donated to get these tickets, which hall isn't letting out of his sight. >> i'm so happy. >> he has been an eagles fan and attending games for a very, very long time. heat been with us at melmark for almost 50 years and he's our family. so yes, this means the world to gary. >> reporter: over in ardmore, fans once again swarmed the road to victory bus. the underdogs represented by an actual dog here. >> he's a big eagles fan. so we dressed him up. >> reporter: the pride for the home team has caught fire around the region. >> it so is exciting. in town everyone's just pumped. this is the most amazing thing. >> i haven't been into it this much in years and i love it. >> reporter: fans relieved game day is almost here.
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>> i can't wait. i can't sleep, i haven't slept for two days, i'm so excited, man. >> reporter: just one more sleepless night for that fan. and much of philly looking forward to this game. those green lights will be going up, the sun will be coming up, and pregame festivities will follow shortly after. here's a live look right now at the link. it will be nothing like the falcons game we saw last week. we are expecting warmer temperatures this time around. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist steve sofna, it should be a warm january day for the birds. >> that's right. that's certainly good news. ben franklin bridge, this is a great sight to see. everything lit up in eagles green for from pennsylvania into new jersey. the energy, the electricity in the air. tomorrow if you are planning your day, it is off to a chilly start. if you're walking out the door around 9:00 a.m., you'll
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encounter temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. jacket weather needed. look what the sunshine does to us. by lunchtime up into the mid to upper 40s. by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon around 50 degrees. so not quite as warm as today. today we were at 57. and then tomorrow evening, this is around game time, 45 degrees here in philadelphia. not much wind. and that will make an enjoyable forecast. so here's what you need to know. if you're headed to the game tomorrow night, a medium-weight coat, some light gloves. again not the abracive cold that we saw for last week's game. good travel conditions to and from the game, comfy tailgating weather, and a nice january evening altogether. i am tracking a storm for the beginning of next week. i'll have more on that and you know ten-day on at 10:00 coming up next. [ boos ] >> the boo birds were out this afternoon to give a philly-style welcome to the minnesota vikings as they arrived at their team's hotel. several dozen vikings fans stood outside and cheered their team
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as they walked inside. >> the fans are really passionate. should be pretty intense. i don't know, i'm hoping for a good game. >> don't count the eagles out. we're taking it, we're going to win. i don't know about these guys but they don't look that big. i think we got 'em. >> fans got their scold chant in outside. eagles fans don't want to be hearing that inside the link. parking restrictions in south philadelphia start tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. there will be no parking on broad street from south street to the stadium complex area. and parking in the middle of the street is also a big no-no. restrictions will last until 3:00 monday morning. ♪ fly eagles fly note on the road to victory ♪ eagles! >> nothing says i do quite like
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the eagles fight song. this couple just got married last night in newtown square and they had to sport their carson wentz jerseys on the biggest night of their lives. eagles fans are traveling to philadelphia from all over the world to see tomorrow's game. ferris standards and his 7-year-old son flew in from zurich, switzerland. the father and son had so much faith the birds would win their division they bought tickets to the game and booked their flight six weeks ago. nbc 10 has you covered before and after the game. coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the day. and then join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews only on nbc 10, your official eagles station. women across the country took to the streets today to demand equality, justice, and social and political change. the marches took place from coast to coast in hundreds of cities calling for change in washington. in philadelphia thousands
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marched on the ben franklin parkway. their requests were simple yet shared. >> i am a white woman, i have privilege, i need to speak up for those who do not have privilege. >> i want the government to know that immigrants are people. >> i'm a generation, there's going to be another one after me, and it has to be better than i left it. >> there was push to get more women to run for office. washington is heading for day two of a government shutdown. on friday, congress and the white house were unable to find common ground and pass a did you get agreement. the last time this happened, more than 800,000 federal government workers were ordered to stay home. the biggest sticking point, democrats want a compromise on immigration, something president trump says he's not willing to negotiate until after the government is back up and running. nbc 10 stopped by independence hall this afternoon and security guards stood by telling people they couldn't go into the buildings. we saw tourists taking pictures
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instead. the visitors center at independent ant national historical park is open. a "new york times" report claims pennsylvania congressman patrick meehan used taxpayer money to settle a misconduct complaint by a former aide. meehan denies the allegations. he is a key figure on capitol hill fighting sexual harassment in congress. earlier house speaker paul ryan says meehan has been removed from the it things committee. "the new york times" says the aide reached a confidential agreement with meehan's office after she turned down his advances. congressman meehan's office in a statement says he has asked for the confidentiality deal to be torn up so that all the facts can come out. you can read the congressman's full statement on the nbc 10 app. next on nbc 10, cemetery death. tonight a local graveyard turned into crime scene. playing nice. the olympic spirit bringing together two bitter rivals under one flag but it could mean
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something much bigger than sport. the nfc championship game is almost here. and this is what is on the line. john clark examines which defense is super bowl-when nbc 10 returns.
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hundred of people were dressed to the nines for a special benefit at penn's landing. the 24th annual hair of the dog took over an entire floor of the hilton hotel on the delaware river. this year's event benefited the center for autism which provides treatment services for more than 1,500 kids and their families every year. the event attracts not only
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local but national celebrities and athletes. ♪ tonight's students and faculty at drexel college of medicine showcased their singing, dancing and instrumental talents for charity. it was all part of the 25th annual pediatric aids benefit concert. and since 1993, the concert has raised more than $500,000. the money goes to the dorothy mann center for pediatric and adolescent hiv at st. christopher's hospital for children. also in university city, philadelphia voices of pride presented its winter concert. the city's only lgbtq and ally choir performed by the water by the flame at philadelphia episcopal cathedral. next, a death investigation inside a cemetery. a woman stabbed to dead. police say the person who stabbed her took her to the hospital.
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huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. ♪ ♪ (radio playing in background) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ a deadly spanning inside a north philadelphia cemetery. around 6:30 tonight a woman was stabbed inside new cathedral cemetery. investigators say the person who stabbed her rushed her to the hospital where she died. police have made an arrest in the case and expect more details on the story in the morning. the hit-and-run driver that killed an 8-year-old girl in west philadelphia is headed to prison. a judge yesterday sentenced paul
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woodland to at least 4 1/2 years behind bars in the death of jiana powell, who was walking home from school in 2016 when she was hit. the olympic winter games begin in less than three weeks. history will be made during the opening ceremony. today north and south korea signed a unity deal for the olympics to march together under a unification flag. the international olympic committee says 22 north korean athletes will compete in events. players from both koreas will join as one team and compete in women's hockey. those talks between the two countries could signal a major shift in their politics toward each other. all week starting tuesday, nbc nightly news with lester holt is taking you to the country enough talked about but rarely seen. nbc will have that live coverage from pyongyang, north korea. live from new york, it is saturday night. here's a live look from studio 8h as the cast and crew are
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getting ready there. tonight's host is actress jessica chastain with musical guest troy saval. a warmer january night with people taking a stroll under a green-lit ben franklin bridge in penn's landing. your first alert forecast. a pretty good winter warmup. >> that's right. we're finally seeing that thaw that we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. it's happening now and will last the next several days. that includes the birds game here for tomorrow. so i know all of us love to drive on i-76, said no one ever. i wanted to show you boat house row. you don't have to take the trip along the schuylkill expressway. it's gorgeous outside. if you haven't been outside today, try to get outside tomorrow, another nice day, temperatures around 50. the january thaw will continue. quiet and cool weather for the birds game tomorrow night. middle 40s and then rain and wind back in here on tuesday. it will be a good car wash for all of you that haven't gotten
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your car bashed yet from all that salt on the roadways that we've experienced. right now it's 36 in philadelphia. we have a west-southwest wind at 6 miles per hour. you can thank that light breeze out of the south and west for milder temperatures that we have here on this saturday evening. right now it's 45 in graduate hospital. 45 fairmount. 38 andorra. in northern delaware mostly clear, temperatures 36 in wilmington. other communities in northern delaware right now are looking at temperatures in the middle to upper 30s. 35 in greenville. 33 at newark. 35 reedy point. down towards the beaches it should be another nice day here. tomorrow with morning sunshine giving way to afternoon clouds, temperatures in the 30s rahoebeth. 32 in coatesville out in chester county. what you can expect for your temperatures here tonight, not much movement.
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we're going to stay pretty much steady for the game here through about 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. once we get the sunshine up, look what happens. that temperature turn starts to spike around lunchtime, 2:00. if you're headed out to get party trays or subs or whatever you're doing out there, it looks like it will be a nice afternoon. no threat of rain in the forecast tomorrow. you're going to look at some early sunshine giving way to afternoon clouds. our neighborhoods will be mildest from philadelphia through south jersey and the jersey shore. coolest in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. headed to the game, here's your temperature forecast. 48 the kickoff. 46 at halftime. we're looking at mid 40s for the fourth quarter. overall should be a fantastic game. i don't think the weather will be a factor in this weekend's game tomorrow. 53 on monday. maybe a sprinkle. 58 on tuesday. there's your rain and soaker. we cool off for the latter part of the week and warming back up for next weekend.
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thank you very much. you can feel it in the air. we are this close to championship sunday. eagles/vikings facing off at the link with a trip to the super bowl on the line. [ boos ] >> go back to minnesota! >> how's that for a philadelphia welcome to vikings arriving at their team hotel. the minnesota defense has gotten a lot of pub, but john clark has numbers on the birds "d" we think you'll like. >> everybody talks about how the vikings have the best defense in the nfl. and they're bringing that to philly. yeah, they're giving up 12 points a game in their dome in minneapolis. but when they're on the road, the defense is not as good. they're giving up over 19 points a game away from home. if the eagles, who have the defensive advantage at home, are giving up 13 points a game at the link this year, second-best in the nfl. they've got the second-best
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defense in the nfl over the last two seasons. and the vikings have a harder time running the ball on the road. averaging just 3.7 yards per carry away from home. the eagles are motivated to show they have the best defense in the nfl. >> we got a lot of respect for their defense and the players on their team. but we got a lot of confidence in our defense as well and the guys that we have. so no, we're not focused on them, you know. we're going to have a big performance for yourselves. >> i think this game will be a game of possession. you know, we got to get some takeaways on defense. at the end of the day, it's going to come down to is our d-line better than his? they got a come than the d-line, we got a dominant d-line, and who shows up on sunday. >> the last eight conference games have been won by the home team. the eagles over the last two years in the nfl have the best home record.
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returning to the sixers, looking for their third straight win against the shorthanded milwaukee bucks. no giannis antetokounmpo, no malcolm brown. the one-handed flush. fort quarter, look at this, mcconnell turns the ball over. sour grapes there. robert covington the deflection, ends up back in the hands of mcconnell, who says i'm going to the rim. spinning and winning with the and-one. sixers roll 116-94. eagles fever extended to the ice for fliers fans, got a chance to work on their favorite chants. >> corey graham in the house for the matinee against the devils in south philly. first period, shane boss advertise bear, fliers up 1-0.
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the tip-back, he scores, flyers have three goals in the first, they win 3-1. -♪ well, i'm trying to get home ♪
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a final check on the forecast. >> looking good to get your hoagies and cheesesteaks before the game. >> and some soup. thanks, steve. that's nbc 10 news for new. "saturday night live" is next. go eagles.
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all right, all right, okay. all right, thank y'all, thank y'all for being here. first off, i want to wish everyone a happy women's march. a million women strong out there to celebrate the president's kick ass first year in office. we did it girls.


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