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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 21, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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gameday. right now, we're just hours away from kickoff at the linc for the eagles and the vikings. we're live with the fan fever sweeping our area. the big game means parking reeg strixs in south philly. we're live to break it down for you. >> government shutdown. day two. we're following what's next and the impact and how it's impacting philadelphia. good morning. this is nbc 10e news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> thanks for being with us. we begin with breaking news this
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morning. three people are hurt after a crash on i-95 in south philadelphia. two cars collided on southbound 95 at broad street within the last hour or so. police tell us one person was thrown from the crash scene. medics took that victim to the hospital. a second person was pulled from the wreckage, they're in serious condition at the hospital and a third person will be okay. all southbound lanes of 95 in that area are now closed. you can see the backup on your screen. police are also in the process of detouring traffic. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. now, we continue breaking news but let's get a first alert forecast from our meteorologist krystal klei. >> freezing to a little below freezing or 25 degrees in -- 29 in olympic city and 33 in philadelphia. bluebell at 28. these numbers are similar to yesterday morning and like yesterday morning, that's a good
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thing. if you're starting around freezing and you know you're going to go up through the day, that means we'll have that good chance of getting into the 50s once we progress into the later part of today for our eagles gameday forecast. here's radar and satellite. a nice tight view of the area, starting pretty clear, but there is a difference. off to the west, the clouds are hanging along. they're picking up some and spread throughout the day. a mostly cloudy forecast. i know you're looking at this, seeing this fleck of green on the farthest edge of the screen. i don't expect us to see any rain today, but it will be getting cloudy. don't be too alarmed when you see the clouds increasing. by 8:00 a.m., we'll be at 33 degrees. not much waivvering the next handful of hours. winds are light. the temperature is climbing. there's still sunshine out there. these are good conditions for tailgating weather. then we get into the afternoon. we're going to talk about that
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if you're heading out to celebrate the eagles coming up. love that music. today is the day. here is a live look at the linc from the eagles nest camera. we're hours away from the birds hosting the vikings for the nfc championship game. >> the countdown is on. we're roughly about 13 hours away from kickoff and the start of the game may be more than a half a day away, but the tailgating is about to begin in less than 30 minutes. >> nbc 10's reggie gyllenhaal is there with more. >> reporter: good morning. 13 hours until kickoff. that doesn't mean anything for a lot of fans who show up real early. the tailgating officially begins at 6:00 a.m. at fdr park. we're going to catch up with some of the early bids in a couple of hours. the lots at the linc open in a couple of hours, probably around 11:00 a.m.
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krystal mentioned that beautiful forecast. a lot of people will be out here. if you're coming down, get free eagles swag. we've got eagles gear and cheer cards on the eagles road to victory bus. we'll show you video from that bus from yesterday. it will be here at the xfinity live lot starting about 11:00 this morning. you can pick up that swag and sign a message to the team. we were talking to fans yesterday over at suburban square in ardmore. they are so pumped and excited for what is going to be the biggest nfc championship game since 2005. >> it is so exciting in town. everyone is just pumped. this is the most amazing thing >> i'm very excited. i can't wait. i can't sleep. i haven't slept for two days. i'm so excited, man. i haven't slept for two days. i'm ready. >> reporter: get your rest, guys. eagles need a lot of energy and noise inside that stadium to help their defense out. quick happy birthday to nick
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foles. he's now a-year-older and wiser. after last week's game he turned 29 yesterday. rained gyllenhaal. >> hopefully it's a lucky birthday. thanks for that. if you are driving to the big game today, be warned. police will enforce parking restrictions in south philadelphia. that's where matt delucia is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. at 2:00 this afternoon, these cars at south broad street have to be moved. like these ones here. not just in the medians but also the north and southbound sides down to the stadium complex. that is the order from philly police. getting to the game, if you are taking septa, you can get a round trip pass on the broad street line for four bucks if you buy it at city hall or walnut locust stations. starting a little after 3:30 and
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running every ten minutes until kickoff. trains are running approximately every 20 minutes for most of the day. back here on broad street, you see the signs up and down the roadway. if your car is parked after 2:00 this afternoon, it may be towed away and you can bring it back tomorrow morning. all these cars, there's a lot of them, have to be moved. live from south philly, matt delucia. our eagles road to victory bus, xfinity live in south philadelphia. the bus will be there from 10:00 to 6:00. stop by forgive aways and to write a message on the bus that cheers on the birds. you can count on nbc 10 to have you covered before and after the nfc title game. coverage begins at 10:00 and runs throughout the day. then join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. coverage only on nbc 10. we're the official television station of the philadelphia
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eagles. american troops overseas will have to do without the eagles tonight or any sunday football for that matter unless congress ends the government shutdown. the government pulled the plug on the armed forces network because sports is a quote-unquote nonessential activity. it provides news in dozens of countries and on navy ships all around the world. >> the government shutdown is in the second day with a partisan divide on immigration and spending still in place. they failed to find common ground and pass a budget agreement. the big sticking point, they want to deal on the daca -- something president trump is not willing to talk about until the government is back up and running. the senate plans to vote on a budget extension early tomorrow morning. the shutdown is impacting tourism. national historic park yesterday, we found security guards turning visitors away from independence hall and the
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liberty bell. they had to be content with taking pictures from a distance. they were able to stop by the visitors center which remains open. 5:38 now. "the new york times" is reporting that pennsylvania congressman pat meehan used taxpayer money to -- he denies the allegation. he's become a key figure on capitol hill fighting sexual harassment in congress. paul ryan says meehan has been removed from the ethics committee and ordered to repay the taxpayer money. according to the new york times, the aide reached a confidential agreement with meehan's office. the congressman asked for the confidentiality deal to be torn up so all the facts can come out. you can read the congressman's full statement on the nbc 10 app. the january thaw continues today. we're tracking warmer weather and how long will we be enjoying it.
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that's next in the neighborhood alert forecast. plus this. >> he's been an eagles fans and attending games for a very, very long time. >> it's a dream come true for a lifelong eagles fan thanks to the generosity of people who have known him for years.
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good morning. happy eagles gameday. we're opening a great forecast for us throughout the sunday. let's go neighborhood by neighborhood no matter where you're celebrating. near freezing conditions in philly. we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun expected. once sun comes up a little past 7:00 a.m. we're going to see increasing cloud cover. don't worry. it will stay dry pretty much throughout the day. but the clouds will increase. 45 at 11:00 a.m. by 3:00 in the afternoon, 51 degrees and by then, mostly cloudy conditions. in the suburbs, 43 at 11:00 a.m. 47 at 3:00 in the afternoon.
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the same forecast in berks county. this is warmer than average, very much like we saw yesterday. in delaware, 45 at 11 clon a.m. we should see temperatures that flirt with the low 50s as well throughout the jersey shore. we may see sunshine longer because the clouds are moving from west to east. it will take a bit longer near the shore. we'll get to 41 degrees at 10:00 a.m. 49 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon and 50 by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. look at the winds. not a problem. 5 to 10 miles per hour. there's no complaints with this forecast. we're dry for tailgating. winds are light and temperatures will be warmer than average. we'll run through the hour by hour for the game coming up in a few minutes. we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. the sixers are hosting their second annual autism awareness event. brett brown will teach a basketball clinic for more than 50 children in the area who have
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an autism spectrum disorder. it starts just before 2:00 at the team's training complex. 5:43 right now on this sunday morning. we're going to take a quick break and see you in a few moments. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed.
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sunday. here is a live look over center city philadelphia. looking good. green, lit up in green to support the eagles. mild and dry today. couldn't ask for better weather. about 33 degrees right now outside the studios. the temperatures will climb. meteorologist krystal klei will be back with a full first alert forecast in a few minutes. new this morning, lehigh county is in danger of collapsing. this is on buttonwood on fourth street and ken sack wa. no one is saying what's causing the home to collapse.
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the home is vacant. eagles fans holding tickets to the big game likely know other fans who would love to have their seats. >> that dream has come true for a special lifelong birds fan from delaware county. >> fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> gary hall lives in mel mark. a special needs home. he's been an eagles season ticket holder for years. they don't include playoff tickets. he was shown brotherly love or eagle love. they collected money for these two tickets for the game tonight. >> it's a good team. i like the eagles. >> he's been a fan and attending games for a very, very long time. he's been here for almost 50 years and he's our family. >> the staff is now raising even more money so they can send hall to the super bowl.
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i just love how excited and kind this city is as we cheer on the eagles. a live look outside. this is a cool view. pretty much any of our live cameras has these bright green lights under the city lit in green. this is the look over boathouse row. really pretty sight to see as we get ready for the eagles game this evening. let's talk about what to expect today. here we are right now. temperatures mostly around freezing. lehigh valley at 32. suburbs same deal. 29, that's our spots along the jersey shore, drop into the new jersey neighborhood towns, 30 in washington township. audubon at 29 degrees. florence 34 fort current temp. but similar to yesterday. we're starting around freezing. but you saw yesterday afternoon. it was actually nice outside to walk around outdoors. i didn't even have on the puffy
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coat. i had on a pea coat and was good to go. we'll climb into the 50s later on. parkside, smidge cooler, 34 the current reading outdoors. not a bad start at all. here's a look at redar and satellite. a couple things first. pretty clear picture. we have some clouds mostly hanging to the west of us. as promised, those will start moving our direction. i know you're saying, is this going to affect my tailgate, my game? >> no. for the most part, it's moisture ahead of a warm front moving through going into tomorrow. for us today, we are just talking temperatures that are going to be mild with mostly cloudy conditions. cloud cover is building on in. 52 in center city. 49 for landsdale and also a high of 47 in allentown. 52 for voorhees.
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50 ocean city and 51 smyrna. areas farther to the east will see more sun longer than areas farther to the west because the clouds are coming west to east. running through the game. kickoff 6:40 this evening, 48 degrees should be the temperature. 45 at halftime and drop it down to 44 degrees by end of game. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. not a struggle at all. this is very mild for january. perfect conditions to go cheer on the birds tonight. hour by hour model. i want to show you the clouds increasing here. this is at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. notice this model is not giving us a drop of rain. into the evening, 7:00 p.m. on the model, starting to clip to the north of us. we've been expecting it. a few sprinkles nearing philly by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. by the time you're exiting the link, leaving the game, could
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you see a sprinkle, yes. it will be isolated in the overnight hours, early a.m. hours for monday. look at the tomorrow morning commute. a fairly cloudy picture. going through much of monday, other than an isolated shower, we should remain dry. this is going to be a pretty dry forecast, especially tailgating and much of the game. tonight we'll see some of that moisture enter the area. the ten-day. 54 on your monday and better chance of rain is tuesday at 58. a little cooldown the rest of the workweek. >> thank you, krystal. the annual philly home show wraps up today. it has home improvement, design and technology. this afternoon an organizing expert will take the stage to help you fientd ways to declutter your home. you can feel the excitement. >> gameday finally here. this is what's on the line. next in your sunday morning sports, john clark breaks down who has the edge in the nfc championship tonight.
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5:53 right now on this sunday. mild and dry out there and looking good in green. a live look at boathouse row. everybody rest up for the game tonight. 6:40 kickoff. meteorologist krystal klei is breaking down the temperature hour by hour to make sure we have a great gameday forecast to have. we'll be checking with her throughout the hour. this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm danny pommels. you can feel it in the air. we are this close to the nfc championship game. eagles and vikings facing off at the linc with a chance at super bowl 52 on the line. yeah. how is that for a philadelphia
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welcome as the vikings welcome their team. john clark has numbers in the burglari burgs we think you'll like. they're giving up 12 points a game in their dome in minneapolis. but when they're on the road, the defense is not as good. they're giving up over 19 points a game away from home. if the eagles, they have the defensive advantage at home. giving up 13 points a game at the linc this year. second best in the nfl. the second best defense in the nfl over the last two seasons. the vikings have a harder time running the ball on the road averaging just 3.7 yards per carry away from home. the eagles are motivated to show they have the best defense in the nfl. >> got a lot of respect for their defense and the players on their team. but we got a lot of confidence in our defense as well and the
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guys we have. we're not focused on them. we're going to have a big performance for ourselves. >> you know, we got to get takeaways. at the end of the day, it's going to come down being better than them. >> history is in the eagles' favor. the last eight conference title games all have been won by the home team. in the last two years in the nfl have the best home record. at the nova care complex, i'm john clark, nbc sports, philadelphia. how about it, the eagles are hot at the nfc championship. the sixers hot as wechlt the third straight win against the milwaukee bucs squad. a lot of eagles green in south philly for this one. third quarter, pistons up one. the big fella with the one hander, he had 29 in this this one. look at mcconnell.
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turns the ball over. robert covington with the deflection and ends up back in the hands of mcconnell who decides i'm taking this to the rim. spinning and winning. 116-94 the sixers with a big victory. they've won six of the last seven. flyers fans got a chance to work on their favorite chant. >>. [ chanting ] >> nice. corey graham joined the matinee against the devils. the pretty pass to travis who lights the lamp. flyers up 1-0. then one was roofed. three goals in the first series. they win 3-1 and won six of their last seven games. top ranked villanova visiting uconn. bridges gets the ball with space in the wing and look out. two-handed whammy.
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81-51. they're 18-1 on the season. that is your look at sports this morning. i'm danny pam else. go eagles. a special event on penn's landing drew big crowds to benefit the center for autism. the hair of the dog took over an entire floor of the hilton hotel on the river last night. the room was in eagles green and a mini pep rally revved up the crowd for the game tonight. money raised will go to the center for autism serving more than 1500 local families. 5:57 on this sunday. we're a few hours away from the big matchup between the eagles and the vikings at the linc. randy gyllenhaal is live in south philly where we expect early bird fans to come out. hey, randy. >> reporter: they're already here. who gets here 12 hours before kickoff? these guys hoping to get a ticket and also this guy over here, who we're going to talk to next. he was the first fan in line
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ready to party until kickoff at 6:30 p.m. >> dedication. i don't know if i'd make it to the game. let's talk about conditions outside. nice wide view and a clear view. great conditions for the eagles game. we'll run through the forecast hour by hour coming up. we'll have a live view in center city. at college inn we craft a deeper, richer broth because every detail matters. we select all-natural chicken and flavorful herbs and spices. college inn broth helps you make every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," eagles and vikings ready to rumble. the link will be rocking today for the nfc championship game and we have a team of reporters spanned out to cover all angles. a classic philly welcome is what the vikings got when they arrived in town yesterday. birds fans let them hear it. they'll hear it later on game time today. marching for change, thousands took to the streets joining many more around the country at the second annual women's march. we'll hear from local women who participated. nbc 10 news starts now. we got it. we got it today, right? >> everybody is on tap with their green. >> good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. i'm dray clark at 6:00 on


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