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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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we will see some wet weather today. those showers and thunderstorms likely to come in this morning. and this morning we will see temperatures warm into the upper 50s and 60s. then it gets a little bit coolwcooler with the winds. first jessica boyington has the traffi traffic. the construction is back. right around the schuylkill expressway around the vine street express wri, it's closed. and it'll be there at least until 5:00 this morning. now, the westbound side isn't closed but we have lane restrictions there, too. on the moorland road right around allison road, watch for tat. and moving around 95 through delaware, not seeing any problems there. and speeds into the 60s. >> jessica, thank you.
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breaking right now philadelphia police are looking for whoever shot on broad street. >> police home cameras can help catch the shooter. >> reporter: there were cameras in that area by the only transportation center where this happened early this morning. and the buses had to maneuver around that area for a little while because of that road closure in that spot right by broad street. all that area was blocked for a few hours before clearing up. police say the victim of the shooting might not survive. he was 19 years old and shot several times in his back, torso and chest. this happened a little after 9:30. and officers patrolling in that area heard that gunfire where it happened. the victim was able to run half a mile to his car, and that person drove him toi einstein medical center. we're waiting for an update
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momentarily. but the person who shot him or the motive behind the shooting, that is still a mystery at this point. but police say fortunately there were those cameras rolling from businesses and also septa philly police crime cameras in the area that happened to record that shooting. there were also several witnesses that were taken here to be interview. and at this point the hunt for that shooter is still on. we'll keep you updated. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. excitement is building for the eagles fans as we count done to the birds super bowl matchup against the new england patriots. and if you're making plans to travel to minneapolis for the game, this is some of the weather you'll run into. the up to a foot of snow yesterday. the minneapolis airport was closed for hours. and that left philadelphia fans
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stranded here. >> we'll make them coffee and hot dishes kelly and we'll welcome them to our space because we're minnesota nights. >> as for the cold, the stadium in minnesota is domed. here's the ultimate eagles super bowl shutout from the "tonight show"'s jimmy fallon and his band. >> fly eagles fly, to victory. little high, little low, fly eagles fly on the road to victory. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow, that's one of the best
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i've ever heard. >> you were there yesterday, right? you were at the game. was it exciting? >> it was amazing. >> did you play the halftime? >> we played the halftime. >> that's fantastic. congratulations. we're going to be there. we'll be at the super bowl. we've got a big show then. >> it's going to be so much fun. and the only place to see that super bowl is right here on nbc 10. hear what patriots fans say they have to contend with at the super bowl. and only nbc 10 can get you inside super bowl lii. we're you're official eagles station. new interactive reports on the pennsylvania government website may help in the fight against opioid addiction. today state officials will learn how to put that data to work. to discuss what's in the data and innovation from the drug prescription monitoring program.
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that new data is a map that shows the state. it shows philadelphia has the highest rate of emergency calls for opioid overdoses in pennsylvania. and today city leaders in philadelphia get an update on what to do about it. the philadelphia task force will update recommendations to the mayor during a meeting at city hall. the federal government shutdown is over this morning. president trump signed a bill last night ending the three-day long shutdown. it extends government funding through february 8th and extends the health insurance program known as chip for six more years. it does not address daca, the federal program that shields immigrants brought to the u.s. as children from deportation. republicans say they'll allow a vote on that issue next month. in pennsylvania your congressional district could be changing soon. the way districts are drawn now are now illegal according to the
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highest court. yesterday the court ruled this map clearly and plainly violates the state's constitution and that whole counties and cities were shifted into 18 districts. we spoke to political experts who praised the decision. >> it's nonsensical, nonrepresentative districts have taken the process too far-out of the hands of the people. it's kind of a dirty trick. >> it also showed the district as a puzzle piece, multiple puzzle pieces just to prove how complex the boundary lines have become. today a federal appeals court will begin hearing
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arguments f arguments. a jury found him guilty of killing one of ten people around the washington area. he was 17 at the time of the shootings. plea deals gave him light without parole, and for other murders a judge ruled a u.s. court decision limited him to new hearings. his accomplice was put to death in 2009. prosecutors wasted no time painting the mayor as a corrupt leader. they played a recording of the leader complaining about a $100,000 donations to a firm. pawlowski had his office swept for listening devices and even talked about getting disposable burner phones. pawlowski clai pawlowski's attorney claims his client did nothing wrong.
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people packed the meetings at ben salem township council last night. members of the local naacp branch and others spoke out against the plan to allow i.c.e. agents to cross train local law enforcement. opponents fear racial profiling, but officered would not do random stops under the program. the comedian performed in front of a crowd of about 50 people at a social club in germantown last night. it comes just weeks until he'll be re-tried on sexual account allegations. >> i came here tonight to enjoy being with my friends and the musicians and the people who came. >> i feel like he's trying to make himself look like he used to look before the story broke and all these women came forward. i don't think that's a good thing to be doing ten weeks
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before you're going to go on the stand. >> his hair public appearance comes just two months before jury selection. prosecutors hope to sway a judge into allowing 19 women to testify against him. it's 4:09. talk about wild, you came back to relatively mild temperatures. >> good to see you. i was watching you. >> from the beach in hawaii. >> let's find out what happened today. >> you must have had some really strong binoculars if you're watching from hawaii. sounds pretty nice. this scene is going to change dramatically. we've got rain on the way. but no cold air during the day. we're getting a mild start. 52 right now in philadelphia. just shy of the 50 degree mark in jersey and 46. there are some cooler neighborhoods in the lee high valley and suburbs but no really
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colder air. everybody is well above freezing. so as the rain moves in, there's no icing threat at all. you can see showers just moving into chester and delaware county. we just detected some lighting in north eastern maryland. that's trending into chester county and new castle as well with some heavy rain in that thunderstorm. so you'll hear some thunderstorm, see a little bit of lightening pike creek come down. you can see it's just moving through newark and the south as well. that won't be the end of it. there's more on the way to the west. you can see the showers that are building in harrisburg. that's all coming at us mainly this morning and into the afternoon hours. and then we'll be clearing out, but there's colder air waiting in the wings. a few more thunderstorms.
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there you can see those in the northwest pns. look at these temperatures. well into the 50s for wilmington. heavy downpours off to the north and west. you can see a few of those heavy downpours in cape may as well. and this is the line we're watching that's going to dry things out for this afternoon. until that passes pat chestnut will pass. and the best chance will be at the shore, temperatures near 60 degrees in philadelphia. we will see 60 degrees or a bit above as those showers or thunderstorms come through into the 1:00 hour. but look how it's drying out through the north and est. and then the cold air make as comeback. a look at that in just a few minutes. let's get a look at it
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schuylkill expressway. >> jessica boyington has you covered. jessica. >> right through around center city we have this construction project. that's back. yesterday we didn't have to deal with that monday morning after an eagles win. this is the ramp to the vine. so diverting all the thask off that way. they typically are right on time with that. westbound we're losing a lane. not really closed, so right now traffic will be getting by moving through the other direction. also a bit of construction happening in new jersey. coming off the bridge there between 130 and 295 they have three lanes closed and that eastbound ramp right there is also closed. right now gossner police need your help.
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>> take a look at these three guys. up next hear from residents who say they're on edge. >> also the eagles are underdogs again, but at least our fans aren't rooting against us.
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it's 4:15. in south jersey a string of car jackings and stolen cars have neighbors in glossner county and other countries on edge. investigators say they swiped a dozen vehicles, several of them at gunpoint. last thursday they led police on
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oo fat chase, later ducking into owah-wah. investigators are focusing on surveillance videos from the store. >> i don't want them to steal my car, but i don't want them to try to hurt me either. >> it definitely makes you nervous especially i always have a 2-year-old nephew i have with he. i don't really stick around around my car anymore. >> the three men also wanted for threatening drivers and stealing cars in camden, summer dale in philadelphia. the eagles game wasn't a good time for everyone. a man now faces charges after he allegedly hit an officer and his ors. andrew would not leave a stadium parking lot after police tried to disperse a big crowd during the eagles tailgate at the linc. here's a picture from the scene as officers tried to escort him
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out. he allegedly took off his sweatshirt and hit the officer and the horse. he's charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. well, odd makers may regard the eagles as underdogs in their quest, but the team says that's okay. >> this map of the u.s., look at all that green. it shows who's rooting for the eagles in super bowl 52. tiny spots of red in new england, washington and dallas represent fans backing the other guys. not even close. yeah, that pretty much makes the patriots against i don't know everyone else. five super bowl wins, nine appearances. fans in the boston area so they're used to the jealousy is what they call it. >> a lot of people hate winners. and just when everybody thinks that we're done, we come down.
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and people don't like that. >> you know, everyone's real to us. it's something we deal with every year. >> people hate winners. i hate cheaters. >> right there. >> sometimes i'm thinking and it just comes out. sometimes eagles want to right a new page in the nfl history. >> i love that map. when was the last night we saw that kind of agreement across the country? >> it's true. >> i think we love winners, but winners -- no, i'm not into that. they don't know what they're asking for here. >> tom brady is still good-looking, though, right. >> is that what we're talking about? >> i thought he's so spot on all the time. you have to turn around because he's always right there. >> i think the yankees and
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football are going down. we meet them in minneapolis. and coming down today, a little bit of rain. so far we've got some showers and thunderstorms on the way. so grab your green umbrella and head out the door. right now quiet and dry in boathouse row. but this is fast moving system. so this is going to change rapidly. i'm tracking some showers. we've already seen a bit of thunderstorm activity, and there's more on the a. downpours and gusty winds this morning. and into this afternoon we'll get those winds. and once through the area, cold makes a come back. you'll feel a difference tomorrow morning. right now seeing southerly winds. but look at this. this is a front right across the area. it's a warm front. the warm air is trying to move in but it's only gotten right up to here. so chilly conditions right now. pottstown, reading, allentown, and trenton much warmer for
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northeast philadelphia. do do dover is at 51 degrees. eventually most areas will see a warm up but it will stay cooler to the south this afternoon. it's a pretty good downpour, and we saw one lightening strike with this cell just moving into new castle county and westchester county. you're seeing that heavy rainfall coming through right now, and it's on the way to conquered this morning. and later this morning this line will come on right through the area and this afternoon we'll start drying out. won't be cool today. we'll warm into the 60s, and that happens this morning. over night tonight that cold air comes rushing back. and through this weekend, another big warmup.
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30s tomorrow morning, 40s in the afternoon, and thursday there's your cold day of the week. it's going to feel like winter has raced back in here. but the warm up begins on friday. come friday and saturday we're back into the 50s. those linger on monday and we're drying out next week. another mild week next week wednesday and thursday back to the 50s. 4:21 right now. let's see if your ride to work looks good. a check on the schuylkill expressway again. >> jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're closed this morning on the eastbound side. this is the eastbound schuylkill right here, ask you can see some rain is passing through making the roads super wet, too. right now diverting the traffic onto the vine street expressway heading to around south street. if you're heading westbound
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you'll see lane blocks. upper moorland and moreland road around allan road, some delays there. the push is onto make our region safer. up next what a study says about drivers and where the biggest safety gaps are. >> and no hard feelings. see how one minnesota fan wants eagles nations there's still feel good sports. all new at 5:00 a.m. this morning, a program popular with customers that one bank is eliminating.
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it's 4:24.
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pennsylvania and new jersey have work to do when it comes to paving the way for safer driving. they're released an update yesterday. the map examines 16 safe driving laws the group wants every state to pass. red means danger based on a number of laws each state has passed. the study shows both states have gaps in seat belt, motorcycle helmet and child safety seat laws and enforcement. it is less than one month ago before the start of the 2018 olympics. and we know have a look at the new threads american athletes will sport in pyeongchang. pollee and raffle lauren revealed red, white and blue uniforms. the jacket feature an interior
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heating system to keep the athletes warm, and then there's a wool sweater they wear underneath accented by french gloves and a navy bandanna. and don't forget nbc 10 is your home for the nbc sports events this winter. keith jones will have live events from pyeongchang just days after the super bowl here. >> we're going to be so busy. >> nbc 10 and telemundo partnering to support the nonprofits in our region. >> a $225,000 grant program. we're giving away money. nbc 10's vice president general manager told the non-profit representatives about our commitment to the community. tell mu
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telemundo 62 and i were there as well. free money to support your local nonprofits. you can submit an entry. the deadline is february 2nd. >> that's a great program. >> it is. >> if you're doing good in the community, we want to help you out. the healing power of art. how a chester county rehabilitation facility is using art for more than just decor. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you
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it has an affordable rate starting at $9.95 a month. no medical exam, no health questions. your acceptance is guaranteed. and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. breaking right now, shot dead on the street. philadelphia police want to know who opened fire on a man right along a busy stretch of broad street. paying for the privilege to see the birds in the super bowl. the extreme lengths a select few fans are going to so they can watch the eagles take down the
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patriots. and wardrobe change? william penn stands tall above philadelphia. he's been dressed to represent our playoff teams before, but what about for the super bowl? good morning. this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> and vai sikahema. >> look how quickly things have changed. completely dry at the airport, and the first rain has quickly moved in. and that's not the only spot. showers and some thunderstorm activity. we're seeing a few lightening bolts now moving just past montgomery county into bucks county. you're hearing some thunder and seeing some lightening right there. that's likely not the end. and there's some heavy downpours as well. look at the downpours


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