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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this is a landmark development. >> it is but only an hour after the big announcement l. the attorney general released a statement saying that these sites would not be legal under current law. city leaders say the epidemic has reached an unprecedented level and they are simply trying to save as many lives as possible, however, possible. on the streets of kensington p, we watch the epidemic firsthand. we have seen the lives saved thanks to narcan at the right place at the right time. philadelphia has the highest drug overdose rate of any big city. more people died here last year than did in the worst year of the aids crisis. today city leaders said their controversial safe injection site plan responds to drug users unprecedented crisis with an ub precedented step. >> meet them where they are.
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the safe injection sites take a practical approach. if you can't get people to stop using drugs right away, at least help them stay safe as they do it. users administer drugs like heroin with sterile needles only steps from medical personnel trained to treat overdoses. in philly the sites will also attempt to connect drug users to recovery options and even leaders who were initially skeptical like the police commissioner say they have arrive d at an open mind. >> we certainly cannot just throw our hands up. >> there are many questions like how his officers would police the spaces. officials still have to determine where the sites would be located, what outside agency or organization will run them and how the federal government will respond to the plan. >> i think we're confident that and hopeful that the federal government has more important things to do than to not save
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people's lives. >> the trump administration has not endorsed safe injection sites even though it's declared it a health emergency. leaders cited a study finding these cites could save as many as 76 lives every year. >> we first broke the news on the nbc 10 app. our digital team has been committed to covering the crisis for more than two years. see our award-winning coverage of the impact on local families right now on the free nbc 10 app. > > . >> eagles super bowl buzz uniting philadelphia tonight. >> we finally about to win.
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most of america is on our side. that means it's time for eagles fan to shine. take a look at this. the colors and logo painted on minnesota. crews are putting the finishing touches on the stadium as the big game is just 12 days away. e we all know our fans sometimes get a bad rap across the nation. now it's redemption time. we need to show why we are the brotherly love city. >> some fans have done some dumb things, but the vast majority of us are good fans. we just love supporting our team.
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i just saw this lady walk by. this is a fan. look what she did to her hair. that's looking good. >> had thanks. . it needs to be redone. it's been green since november. i'm not a bandwagon b person. >> the whole nation is going to see her passion, my passion and we're going to join in our passion against. the patriots. >> go eagles. >> cheese steak versus chowder. it's also good. why we deserve to win. >> this is a shot of redemption. spygate and all the championships that came after. there was talk of bad behavior. some of it fair accusations. . >> some of the things i saw on vid e owe over the weekend was not pleasant and should not happen. >> the vast majority of us are decent folks that just want to support our squad. we will behave well in myrtle
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beach aminnesota. let's face it most of america agrees we have had enough of tom brady and bill belichick. >> tom has huff rings. he doesn't need another ring. >> this is our time to shine. this is the eagles. we got this. >> we do got this and will have a trophy and the end of an era in new england. >> go eagles. we really want it. we want it bad. >> i agree. i think we're going to run the ball all over the patriots and they are going to rattle tom brady. the greatest marry of all time. this is the year that he will not have that one magical comeback left. i feel it in my gut. the eagles win. mark my word. >> i love the green hair. they are asking a lot of fans to wear green. >> i'm going to have to. john clark did it. we should all do it. it would be a good look on you. >> a little stumble there too. >> why not? >> we have some big news about
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those underdog shirts that have become a huge hit in the city. >> this is a tweet from chris long. he responded to a tweet advertising underdog super bowl shirts. by suggesting the nfl donate the proceeds to charity. ask and you shall receive. in the last hour, long tweed this message out. the nfl has decided it will donate all proceeds to philadelphia schools. so good. long and eagles tackle came up with the underdog t-shirt idea in the lead up to the divisional win over the falcons. since then, all of the money they have raised has gone to philly schools. this is a day that chester high school fool team will never forget. they were touring the complex today when they ran into a couple eagles. that's a good day. the players presented him with a check for $10,000. an even better day. the money will go towards new equipment for the weight room. got a lot more eagles coverage still ahead. an eagle who helped the patriots
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win a super bowl last year is now hoping to beat them in one. how he surprised some of his biggest fans today. that's coming up around 6:14. don't forget nbc 10 is your home for super bowl lii. this is the only place you can watch the game other than in person in minneapolis. count on our live team coverage for the next two weeks with super bowl coverage you won't find anywhere else. turning now to your first alert weather, the cold is making a comeback. a live look at the river rink where it will start to feel more like ice skating weather tomorrow. let's go over to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we'll feel the cold when we wake up in the morning. >> absolutely. we have been unseasonably warm for a couple days. but that's it. 62 degrees both monday and tuesday. 's high only 44. that's still above normal for this time of the year. the normal is 40. then 38 on thursday. 44 on friday. that's about as cold as we're getting. close to average january
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temperatures. 54 right now in philadelphia. so we're dropping some. 46 in reading and lancaster. that temperature is going to be dropping pretty quickly during the night. this was the last of the downpours that came through right around noontime right on schedule as the heavier rain moved offshore. and now we have dried out. that's the end of precipitation for the week. but the temperature and that's a different story. it's going down pretty quickly by tomorrow morning we're in the 30s. and it's feeling like the 20s. especially in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. and we'll let you know how much colder it's going to get after that. and how much warmer it's going to get over the weekend coming up. in montgomery county, police say a spilled bowl of cereal sparked a deadly beating of a 4-year-old boy. now his mother and boyfriend are facing charges. officers arrested the 19-year-old.
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they beat the boy until he went limp inside a home last night. an autopsy also showed old rib fractures on the child. up next at 6:00, congressman controversy. plus our eagles super bowl. coverage continues next. all new at 6:00, how the color of the patriots jerseys could be a bad oman for eagles fans. and coming up tonight on nbc 10, going for gold. we'll show you the athletes to watch at the winter games coming up next month. catch the excitement tonight at 7:00 only on nbc 10, your home for the winter games.
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developing tonight, congressman pat meehan is explaining himself as he faces a sexual harassment allegation. lauren mayk spoke with the congressman about those allegations. she joins us live now from delaware county. >> congressman meehan talked about his emotions and interactions with a staffer. he said he act selfishly and wishes he had not settled this case. but he says he does not forsee a romantic relationship.
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>> i don't believe the stories out there are accurate. they are not accurate. >> reporter: the congressman talking about misconduct allegations reported in "the new york times." he professed roen maptic desires for a staff member. >> did you make romantic overtures to a staff member? >> not romantic. not a romantic interest but i demonstrated there was a caring and affection. >> reporter: he sat down to address the report that has put him in the national spotlight for both the reported allegations and a settlement paid with taxpayer money from his office. the congressman's representatives provided us with text messages between him and the staffer who they say was in a new romantic relationship and planning to leave the office and the country. he says the two went out for ice cream to talk about it. >> to me, that was something that was going to separate the time that we had from one of the employees who is a gate keeper to me. >> reporter: e he later wrote
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her this letter come pliting her kindness and laugh and a said she hopes she found contentment. >> i said, go for it. i want you to know that i'm here for you in that. that's been termed as a love letter. somehow i have been harassing because i'm writing love letters. i was writing a letter to say i love the idea that you have found this new relationship and even though it hurts me that we're going to be separated and even e though i'm struggling with the idea that having you with e me is something i need to make sure i always keep professional. >> he never expressed a desire for a romantic relationship with her. >> reporter: looking back, was the relationship that you had with her appropriate? >> it was certainly professional. there wasn't any inappropriate fashion to it. my own struggle with emotions is a different thing. >> were your feelings
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appropriate? >> how can you control feelings? what you can control is what you do with those feelings. and i had the ability to step back and say, wait a minute, don't make that something. >> reporter: i reached out to the attorney for the woman involved in this case. she tells me that congressman meehan's comment comments are a gross violation of the confidentiality and nondisparagement provision that he signed and her client will cooperate with the ethics investigation. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. back to the eagles going to the super bowl. with 12 more days until the big game, eagles players are busy getting ready and pack iing. but today birds running back legarrette blount took time to surprise some philadelphia
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students. >> last year legarrette blount won a super bowl with the patriots. now he's hoping to win one against them. steven fisher caught up with him all new at 6:00. >> reporter: what a difference a year can make. last february running back legarrette blount won the super bowl running with the patriots. and this february, he will be back in the big game, but this time he's on our side and going up against his former team. >> that's to win it all. >> reporter: he's a punishing runner known for dropping his shoulder into defenders. he decided to drop in on students at saint pio catholic school. >> we have a lot of fans here. this is a lot of love. >> reporter: he took time to sign autographs and take pictures with every student in the school. and some students even had something to give back o to legarrette blount. personal cards with messages of. >> this is amazing.
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>> in order to win it all, the energy, the whole nine. this is a feeling unmatched. >> reporter: legarrette blount is a good guy to have on your team in the playoffs. check this out. in the history of the nfl playoffs, blount has the 7th most rushing touchdowns. reporting in south philadelphia, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> as he flies, that keeps him grounded i'm sure being with all those kids. >> it really does. they love him. this town is bleeding green right now. when it comes to winning the super bowl, something that colored the jerseys can make a difference. 12 of the last 13 winners jerseys. what about the 13th team? here's the good news. it was the green bay packers and they were wearing green just like our eagles.
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now for a check on the weather. conditions are drying out. and they are getting colder. this is a live look down broad street. it is mild tonight. but that's going to change tomorrow. >> back to the warm jackets. let's bring in meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to tell us how cold it's going to be. >> it's going to be more typical of the late january cold. nothing too brutal, nothing record breaking or nothing like earlier in the month. the streets are still wet in cape may. as the showers have gone through. but they are going to be clearing out and conditions will be improving. the streets will be drying with the wind and lower humidity. 62 for the high in philadelphia. 66 in dover. 63 in wildwood. even 59 in allentown. but it's about 10 degrees there. more than 10 in reading. and we have wind on top of that making it feel like it's in the upper 30s. as we go through the next few
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days, you can see we're back close to the average of 40 degrees for the high. thursday is is the coldest day at 38 degrees. 44 on friday. but look at these numbers for the lows in the morning. it's going to be cold again. winter is back, but just for these three days. through the rest of the area, lehigh valley up to 40 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature. and that's about it. thursday the high of 39 degrees. now watch what happens as we go into the weekend. saturday and sunday, we're back right up into. the 50s to near 60 degrees again. but it looks dry on saturday. fair amount of sunshine. it also looks like it's going to be pretty wet and stormy and warm on sunday. a lot like what we saw today with the temperatures up near 60 degrees.
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that is not going to last either because we have colder air that's going to be coming in. so here's the weekend warm-up. then we get windy and colder air for early next week. a high of only 36 next tuesday. and then e we start warming up again. so it is just like up and down and up and down at least for the next ten days. the lows in philly are the highs in minneapolis. to let you know. i'm john clark. how carson wentz is helping nick foles become a super bowl quarterback and an eagles special tribute to his brother. that's next. sorry. i can't make it.
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the purple rain is over. eagles green being paint ed in the end zone. the vikings home dome getting ready for the super bowl in minneapolis. i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. did you know after nick foles' performance sunday in the nfc title win he has the highest quarterback rating and best completion percentage in all of nfl playoff history for quarterbacks who have thrown at least 90 times in the post season. that's amazing. to put it in baseball terms, carson wentz was the starter this season. nick foles is the closer. hopefully closing the deal. he and carson embraced sunday night. that's great to see. carson has been right there with nick in at 6:00 a.m. for meetings, studying the opponent, the game plan, recommending plays. he's been like a coach for nick. >> one of the greatest things
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about a person that you can say is when you see him celebrating somebody else's success. even when you know it's at the same position. i don't care. human natures you that's hard to do. it's been fun to see them do that. it's fun to see carr virginia son have the maturity to celebrate nick's success and understand how he's helping this team and also with the frustration knowing he wants to be in there. >> very well said. most of these eagles are going to their first super bowl. some are play iing for other people. there's fletcher cox holding up the nfc title. he was asked after he won who he most thought of. he talked about his older brother. he was just 34 years old when he died from a heart attack three years ago. fletcher says he still talks to him before every game. >> that's the biggest part about this game. it's kind of hard for me right now. i wish he was here to watch it. but i know he's watching over
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me. that's the first person i thought about. >> you saw some of the big hometown eagles fans at the title game. bradley cooper and mike trout. here is mike trout on sunday wearing his dog mask that lane johnson gave him. he doesn't know if he's going to go to the super bowl, but he's predicting an eagles win 34-24 and he celebrated with carson wentz after the win on sunday. he's rooting for his hometown birds. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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last check of the weather. a live look at boat house row. >> that's bringing the cold air in. gusted up near 40 miles per hour. it's going to feel like winter for the next few days. bring the winter coats back out. but not totally because this weekend is going to be unsb bli warm again with more rain sunday. >> thanks for watching. i'm jim rosenfield.
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>> and i'm jacqueline london. up next is "nbc nightly news." we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a good night. tonight, it has happened again. a mass shooting at an american school. authorities say a 15-year-old opened fire. >> we started to take off. kids were scrambling over other kids and it was horrible. >> tonight the dead and injured and the search for answers. the russian investigation gets closer to the president as mueller has interviewed sessions and comey. we just returned from a look at one of the most mysterious places on the planet. tonight we'll show you what we saw in north korea. how safe are e-cigarettes? how vaping help some kick the habit while getting others hooked.


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