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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 24, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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tickets to the super bowl. carson wentz is giving you the chance to see the eagles face the patriots in person. and that's not the only part of the deal. a safe place. philadelphia is pushing to become the first in the nation to give drug users a supervised
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site to shoot-up. a gunman opened fire sending students running for their lives. this morning we're learning about the victims. plenty happening on this wednesday. thanks for being with us. this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. >> let's get you over to bill henley the most accurate forecast in town. >> the temperatures are falling right now. they're just in the very low 40s in the suburbs, the lee high valley and new jersey and 43 in philadelphia, and just a degree warmer in delaware. that's temporary. we will see them come down. for example, in wilmington time 6:00 this morning we're looking at 30s, and wind out of the west to make it feel even colder. and those winds will get stronger at 9:00, 37 degrees. that's colder air that's coming en. more sunshine will be around later in the morning, and we will see temperatures climb from
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the 30s after we drop back into the 40s this afternoon, but nor where near the 60s we saw yesterday. and at the shore 45 degrees and a breezy one, too. i'll break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes, but first katey zachary has your first alert traffic. i want to start out with a live look on the schuylkill expressway. you can see this vehicle here blocking all traffic. that's because there's some construction eastbound. it's closed right at the vine street expressway all the way to south street. so this vehicle should lift around 5:00 in the morning. westbound you're really not having any delays. you might find some construction or around south street, but it's not closing anything. 95 looks really good. we do have an issue on the
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burlington bristol bridge. alternate lanes might see construction. that should clear around 5:00 a.m. 4:33 right now. this morning carson wentz is giving you a chance of a lifetime to see the eagles play at the super bowl. >> hey, randy. >> reporter: yeah, this is question everybody is asking themselves this week. how do i score a ticket to the big game without shelling out thousands of dollars? back in december you might remember an eagles fan here in philly actually offered to sell his knee on craigslist for tickets to the super bowl. wentz tweeted yesterday donate to the aol foundation for a chance to win two tickets to the super bowl, a meet and greet
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with carson himself. he said the minimum donation is just $10 to enter. of course more entries give you a better chance. and also a better option. a local charity called the elpis foundation is issuing off two tickets. this charity helps raise money to fight lung cancer. but if all of these options fail you and don't win, you're going to have to come up with a much more creative solution. we're going to talk to early bird eagles fans to talk about what they would give to go to the big game. for now live in center city, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. here's a sign the eagles super bowl dreams are getting closing and becoming a reality. home of super bowl lii, crews are still putting the finishing touches on the stadium ahead of the game.
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images of eagles safety malcolm jenkins and defensive tackle fletcher cox are standing guard outside city hall. nick foles performance shows why he's the best in the business. >> yeah, foles has the highest quarterback rating and percentage completion in history. and people behind the scenes say even though carson wentz is not on the field, it's a big part of why foles is turning out to be quite a soldier for the birds. >> it's one of the greatest things about a person that you can say is when you see him celebrating somebody else's success, even though when you know it's at the same position, i don't care, human nature tells you that's hard to do. it's been fun to see those two do that. it's fun to see carson truly have the ability to celebrate nick's success and also with the
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frustration knowing he wants to be there. eagles guard tweeted this image of a recent delivery. you can see fly eagles fly skrauld scrawled on the box. the only place you can watch the super bowl is right here on nbc 10. we are the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. that means you can watch every moment of the action, before, during, and after the game right here. well, school will never we the same for hundreds of kentucky high school students after they had to run for their lives from a gunman. this morning their school remains closed. this is our first picture of one of the victims in the shooting at martial county high school. bailee holt was just 14 years old. her aunt called her a precious soul and said her parents should not have to bury their child. >> in the building, please. in the reck center. >> students ran out of the school yesterday morning. they had been trained on how to
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react in numerous active shooting drills, but there's no way to learn how to grieve the deaths of two friends, both only 15 years old. more than a dozen others were also hurt. the 15-year-old alleged gunman was caught running from the scene and will be charged with murder and attempted murder. >> i had seen one of the students that had been injured, and it was -- i had to back away from it. i couldn't look at it anymore. >> i heard like two shots and i turned around and behind me i see this big figure of a person. and i just see like fire coming from a gun. >> and five of the injured students remain in critical condition this morning. in delaware a bill to protect students and teachers from shootings has been delayed. the legislation requires all new school construction and major renovation projects to includes measures to prevent a gunman from wreaking havoc. construction standards include an intruder alarm, bulletproof glass and doors that can be locked from either side with a
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key. while one government shutdown is over, another could already be looming. that drama and the russia probe are taking all the attention in washington this week. nbc 10 national reporter tracy potts has the details. >> reporter: two sources tell nbc that fired fbi director james comey and attorney general jeff sessions have both already been interviewed by investigators seeking ties between president trump and russia. >> it clearly suggests that bob mueller's team is climbing up the totem pole. i think we all knew this was coming. >> reporter: president trump says he's not worried about what his attorney general may have said. >> i'm not at all concerned. >> reporter: this latest developments comes as congress tried to hash out a deal on the budget and immigration in just over two weeks. >> we have a fresh start today. i challenge everyone to make the most of it. the american people are watching. >> reporter: but assurances
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already falling apart. minority leader chuck schumer is withdrawing support to fund the president's border wall. >> he made an offer for a wall. i said if we do full d.r.e.a.m.ers we'll give you a deal, and he basically agreed. so we were close, and he pulled out and backed off. >> reporter: president trump tweets if there is no wall, there is no daca referring to the immigration deal. the white house says the president will be involved, but it's up to congress to get something on his desk to protect undocumented d.r.e.a.m.ers from being deported and keep the government running past february 8th. those demonstrations are turning up the heat on lawmakers. a new nbc poll finds two thirds of americans want a solution for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, and they blame president trump and democrats equally for the shutdown. tracy potts, nbc news washington. it's 4:39 right now on this wednesday morning. some call it a groundbreaking idea to fight the opioid
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epidemic. philadelphia officials are now advocating for addicts by giving them a safe site to use. new video captures the moments a school bus driver loses control on on icy road. and all new at 5:00 this morning, then a number of men diagnosed with cancer caused by hpv is skyrocketing. the solution doctors say will help stop the spike.
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good morning. almost a quarter to 5:00 right now. let's take a live look at your drive times in the blue route in pennsylvania. northbound as you make your way between 95 up to the schuylkill expressway aup to a 14 minute drive, and 15 if you're headed southbound in the same direction. this is the schuylkill expressway around the vine
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street expressway. but tlhere is a closure between the vine, and that's what that police car indicates right there. because of construction it should lift around 5:00 a.m. an overturned tractor-trailer at route 291 eastbound. it's been out there, again, since yesterday. it was out there when i last checked. i'll see when it clears and let you know. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab the winter jacket. the cold is rushing back into the area. the cameras shaking look to a boathouse row. that's a sign of the wind that is going to be gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour this morning. a steady north weatherwesterly that's bringing temperatures down. so not a big change in the temperatures, but the wind will make it feel colder through the day. 43 now in the suburbs. it drops in the 30s. through this morning and into early this afternoon.
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and even as it peaks as 40 degrees, the feels like temperatures will be in the low 30s. 37 degrees at lunchtime, cool at 2:00 and 4:00. so we're actually seeing the warmest part of it day right now in the lee high valley. 40s in new jersey. it won't be especially cold. it's going to stay above freezing, but it's going to feel like it's just a degree above freezing around noontime today. just like the rest of the area the wind blows will make it feel like it's in the 30s this afternoon. you'll feel that chilly breeze blowing in delaware. the winds at 12 miles an hour. those feels like temperature peak at the low to mid-30s, while the actual temperatures are back into the 40s this afternoon. 40s today, and even colder for tomorrow. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. choosing sides. how smart technology is even
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showing support for the eagles. plus time for change. how students in pennsylvania could soon be able to go to college for free.
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this morning philadelphia plan to create safe injection sites to help stop the opioid epidemic is getting push back from a lot of opponents. >> yesterday they say they will push for safe injection sites with trained staff. supporters say it would reduce the spread of disease and cut down on neighborhood blight. aopponentan aopponents say it could have the opposite effect. >> we want people someplace safe, and save their lives if they overdose. >> we want people to meet people where they are and sensitive to the treatment plan they need. we have a lot of work to do
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before we get to this, which may save lives. >> the city is looking for a provider and has yet to decide where the sites would be located. philadelphia, by the way, has the highest opioid death rate of any large u.s. city. more than 1,200 people died last year. you can see our award winning coverage of the epidemic's impact on local families right now on the free nbc 10 app. all right, i think it's safe to say eagles fans have a bit of a rough reputation in the nfl. >> i think that's true, but if you look at the entire country it seems the eagles are on the team taking on the evil empire. in the battle of cheese steak versus chowder a lot of people say they're tired of seeing tom brady and belechick hoist up the lombardy trophy.
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>> this is shot at redemption. spyigate, belechick, and all the championships that came after. >> tom's got enough rings. he doesn't need another ring. >> this is our time to shine. we got this. >> exactly, go eagles. >> we want it bad and we're going to get it. >> by the way, we're still asking for your renditions of the eagles fight song, and the response continues to be massive. you got to train them while they're young. the kids at east bradford elementary in westchester submitted this video yesterday. you can see they even spelled out go eagles with their little bodies there. well, you sent us thousands of home videos for our eagles fight song challenge. now we're taking it to a whole new level. we're looking for the most
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people involved, most creative, and most unusual instruments. up load your best videos to our nbc 10 app. so philadelphia is in two hot competitions as of right now. the super bowl and amazon's h 2q headquarters. it seems adzon's alexa has a favorite. take a listen. >> alexa, google in the super bowl. >> i'm fine with the eagles on this one because of their relentless office and riding off their underdog status. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we even checked in with some other amazon echo owners outside of philadelphia. the answer is still the same, that there is no hometown bias. alexa is real smart. >> guess what, we had to go and put her to the test and see if
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her opinion is consistent. we're going to do a live test. >> go for it. >> alexa, who is going to win the super bowl. she's too smart. >> well, she's tired. >> alexa, who is going to win the super bowl? >> i'm flying with the eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they've been riding offory underdog status. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> okay, there it is. >> now ask where they're going to build the headquarters. hey, listen if you're going outside this morning, you're definitely going to have to bundle up. the cold is making a come back. we're feeling a chill this morning, but it is dry. yesterday we had rain across broad street.
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we're back to january today and with gusty winds, it's going to feel cold all day and actually make it even colder for tomorrow. right now we're in the 40s. the numbers are falling. 43 in philadelphia, low 40s in south jersey. lee high valley, and delaware is at 44 degrees. and there are some cool neighborhoods. we will see some 30s this morning. in northeast philadelphia it will drop into the 30s because the cold air is slowly moving into the area. so it's going to be a chilly wait at the bus stop this morning. while atlantic city it's 40 at 8:00 and it'll be 37 in philadelphia, enough wimbledon to make it feel colder in wilmington and allentown. we do have a few clouds moving through, but notice no wet weather. the nearest snow showers are in western and central pennsylvania, and they're not coming our way. we will be dry for today. in fact dry for the rest of the workweek and into the weekend.
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the next chance of wet weather will come out of the south, but it's going to hold off until it looks like sunday. today we'll see the temperatures peak in the 40s this afternoon, but mostly clear skies tonight that's going to clear the way for a colder morning tomorrow. then we'll start to see a warmup at the end of the week. breezy and 44. that 44 will feel like it's in the 30s this afternoon. then colder tomorrow, 25 degrees to start with. just 38 degrees in the afternoon. but after a cold morning on a friday, 23 degrees. the warm up begins in the afternoon and really gets going this weekend. saturday at 67 and close to 60 degrees on sunday. but rain and possible to thunderstorms similar to what we had yesterday and sunday. clearing out monday and tuesday and another brief bout of cold next tuesday and another warmup and close to 60 degrees with a
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chance of showers next friday. >> love to hear that 60. 4:53 right now on this wednesday where fortunately drivers don't have any wet weather to contend with. >> the positive is there is no wet weather. and another positive in just the last 30 seconds or so the construction that was affecting drivers on 76 eastbound between the vine and south street has lifted, has cleared. so that's what this view is showing you. you might see some residual signage out there and vehicles out there, but the ordeal is lifting. so in the next few minutes 76 eastbound between the vine and south street should be good to go if you're headed in that direction. westbound with some construction blocking the ramp at market street, but that has been clear. also since yesterday there's been an overturned tractor-trailer. right lane is blocked. it's still out there. they're just having a tough time
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man, a school bus on a very slippery slope. >> check out this frightening moment in a massachusetts neighborhood. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my god. >> a woman in a nearby woman was recording when a full-size school bus slid backwards on a narrow icy street. officials say the bus driver was picking up students when a flash freeze created very slippery conditions. the bus slid into a mailbox and hit a car before coming to a stop. police say 20 middle and high school students were onboard at the time. luckily no one got hurt. some pennsylvania college students could potentially get free tuition thanks to a new proposal out of harrisburg. yesterday lawmakers introduced the pennsylvania promise, a plan
4:58 am
to give any high school graduate in the state free tuition for higher education. specifically students would be allowed to attend community college for two years free of charge, and could receive four years free tuition at a state university. pennsylvania ranks 47th in the country in terms of investment in education. lawmakers insist it's time for a change. >> let's be real clear. we will never move to where we need to move until we have everyone get the education that they deserve to have. >> soeupporters say student loa debt is slowing down economic growth and in many cases driving students out of college before they finish. >> definitely hard for family struggling. now more of the stories we're following right now on nbc
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10 news at 5:00. two innocent teens are shot just outside a pizza shop. now police are on the hunt for the shooter. why a dating app could be putting your personal information at risk. vikings faithfuls rally together to show some brotherly love. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary conners. >> and i'm dray clark. let's get you started with bill henley with the most accurate first alert forecast. >> we've got a bit of a breeze blowing and a colder breeze today. so reach for that heavier coat this morning. the temperatures are coming down, and it feels like it's in the 30s right now for trenton, wilmington, philadelphia, the suburbs, lee high valley and even at the shore feels like 33 degrees right now in wild wood. actual temperatures without the wind is still in the 40s.
5:00 am
but it's dropping right now, so expect to see that come down a bit more. back up to 40 at 10:00 this morning in philadelphia. we'll see a good deal of sunshine today. up to 40 for the lee high valley, a bit warmer for new jersey and delaware, too. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when the temperatures will take a turn for the colder when i'm back in ten minutes. but first katey zachary has your first alert track. >> good morning, bill. it's 10:00 a.m. and that's good news because a lot of the construction projects that were out there may have lifted. about 12 minutes, and the same if you're going in the opposite direction, no major issues on 95 and traffic is pretty light this hour. this camera shot is to show you there was construction earlier. it has since cleared. 76 eastbound was affec


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