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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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residents just learning of the murder investigation say they're stunned. >> it's a big deal, yeah. it's scary. >> i just came outside walking to school and there's police cars and cameras. >> the fact that that happened is outrageous. >> reporter: now the suspect who police say and sources say is a former temple student is being questioned at homicide at this hour. and the captain of homicide is planning to give an update in about 15 minutes. you can see that live on the nbc 10 app. live in east falls, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. >> we'll await the results of that questioning. back on the weather roller coaster today. nbc 10 at rittenhouse square where a drop in temps had people reaching for the winter jackets once again. here's a live look at the blue cross river rink in penn's landing. it's back to feeling like skating weather. we're on this roller coaster with our temperatures. it's going to last through most
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of the week. >> first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those weather changes. >> we're not going to get more than three days in a row of either winter or spring over the next week, week and a half. we are in the winter part now. those flags are an example of that. the flag is -- the wind is going from the northwest. we have a lot of clouds. that's keeping the temperature down as well. and it's cold enough to snow in western pennsylvania. the atmosphere has changed. we're back to january. it's 42 in philadelphia. hasn't gotten out of the 30s north and west all day. blue bell, reading, lancaster all at 36 degrees, and it feels like it's in the 20s in those areas. around 27, 35 in philadelphia. remember, it was 62 degrees the last couple of days.
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through the night, the temperature continues to go down. the wind continues to stay up. and so by the morning rush tomorrow, the temperature even in philadelphia is in the 20s. feels like 20 in much of the rest of the area. lehigh valley. it's going to feel like the teens. we'll let you know how long it's going to stay like this and how much it's going to warm up for the weekend coming up. dressing for success. the eagles uniforms are getting a bit of a makeover. the super bowl 52 patches are being placed on those jerseys. the birds posted this video on twitter showing how it's done. nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. we have team coverage for you this afternoon. >> aundrea cline-thomas found out how the city's love for the birds is bringing them together. we'll hear from her at 4:15. let's begin with john clark. i hear the highest paid eagle
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says he's never even watched a super bowl? >> kind of caught me off guard this afternoon. and a lot of people. over 111 million viewers for the super bowl in the united states every year. apparently fletcher cox is not one of them. this is fletcher cox here celebrating the nfc title win sunday night. he and several eagles met with the media today. they're having a regular practice week, almost like they have a game on sunday. when fletcher was asked for his favorite memories watching a super bowl, he said this. >> i really don't watch football. you all know that. >> you don't? >> no. i don't watch sports. you know that. >> have you watched any of the super bowls? >> i don't watch sports. i tell you that all the time. >> not even the super bowl? you played in the league but you don't watch the super bowl? >> all right. that's it. >> all the parties, everybody getting together. fletcher has never watched a super bowl.
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we were investigative reporters, we would have kept asking, what did you do during all these super bowls. he's finally going to see one the following sunday. he's finally going to see a super bowl. we'll have more at 5:00. >> he's going to see it up close and personal, too. >> that's interesting, though, that he doesn't watch sports, john. >> it is really interesting because along the way, young players when they're growing up, they usually say, i watched a player and wanted to be a football player because of him or a certain game. not fletcher bup he's going to dominate in this game. we're looking forward to that. >> that we will. crews in minneapolis, let's take a look. they are getting the stadium ready for super bowl lii including haul away some fresh snow. some saw more than a foot of snow during the storm. airlines are adding more flights and larger planes to help get eagles fans to minnesota. here's a live look at philadelphia international airport. american airlines, delta, southwest and united are lanning pla being to offer additional
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flights to minneapolis st. paul international airport. some of those flights are nonstop to minnesota but act quickly. round-trip flights are already selling out. the championship game, it's less than two weeks away. the only place you'll see it is right here on nbc 10 as we are the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. you can watch every moment of the action before, during and after the game right here. so the last 24 hours have provide someday new details and insight into the russia investigation, including the direction of special counsel robert mueller's team. nbc news has learned that former national security adviser michael flynn spoke to the fbi without a lawyer just a day after he was sworn in. sources tell nbc news he hid that meeting from the white house. meantime, mueller's office has spoken to the president's entire national security and intelligence team, including cia director mike pompeo and former acting attorney general sally yates. other key players in the investigation include current
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attorney general jeff sessions. he spoke with investigators last week. and we know fired fbi director james comey was also interviewed last year about memos he wrote detailing his interactions with the president before he was fired. now there's growing speculation that mueller's office is seeking to question president trump himself. >> i think we can see a serious attempt at the president or vice president in the next few weeks. >> we'll be fully cooperative with the special counsel. >> special counsel mueller is said to be looking into possible obstruction of justice and also how the president handled several high-profile firings during his first year in office. former usa gymnastics dr. larry nassar will spend 40 to 170 years in prison. erin coleman has nor. >> reporter: nassar's trial has been going on for months in lansing, michigan, but it wasn't until the last few days when dozens and dozens of women came forward with their stories that the nation really started to
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take notice. today those women heard from the man they say sexually abused them. >> your words these past several days -- your words -- your words -- have had a significant emotional effect on myself and have shaken me to my core. >> you saw nassar turn to the women in the courtroom as he read his statement. he did it three times until the judge told him to stop. more than 160 women spoke out about nassar's sexual abuse and the anxiety, the eating disorders and broken families that resulted from it. the judge praised each one of the women after they spoke. today she had no kind words for nassar. >> as much as it was my honor and privilege to hear the sister survivors, it is my honor and privilege to sentence you because, sir, you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. >> nassar was led out of the
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courtroom. the room burst into applause. a number of survivors and their families hugged the women who prosecuted this case. today's sentence will be added to the 60 years nassar is already serving on federal child pornography charges. nassar is also awaiting sentencing on three counts of sexual misconduct in another michigan courtroom. the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with two teens caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting. nbc 10's steven fisher is live in north philadelphia with more on how this happened and the damage left behind. >> those victims were standing over there on 24th street when those bullets started flying. and police believe this was a drive-by style shooting saying that gunmen fired shot after shot. now i want to draw your attention to the back of this black acura sitting there across the street. on the left side of the back of that car you can still see where a bullet pierced that car.
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circled in chalk on the wall, on the ground -- >> this is senseless. >> reporter: bullet holes left along 24th street after four people were shot in a drive-by shooting. >> what kind of community and society i'm living in that you can't walk around and be safe. >> reporter: police say 16 shots were fired out of the passenger side of a car heading south on 24th street around 9:30. police believe a 22-year-old man who was hit several times was the target but not the only victim. caught in the line of fire were two 13-year-olds and a 52-year-old man. >> for the young people growing up, it's sad. you know, it's a shame. it's just a shame. >> put down the guns and pick up a puck. >> reporter: neighbor joe wise lives around the corner. he just got back to his house a few minutes before the bullets started flying. >> a few more minutes later, just be walking or taking my time it could have been me. thank god it wasn't me. my hearts and prayers go out to the two little kids that got
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shot and caught up in something really tragic. >> i'm told that 22-year-old victim still in the hospital recovering but i'm also told all four victims expected to survive. reporting live, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. new jersey is joining the fight to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers from deportation. the garden state will become one of 15 in a lawsuit fighting the trump administration's call to end the daca program. they took part in a swearing in ceremony for the state's first to be admitted into the bar association. >> we hope -- we know he may be the first or among the first but we hope he's far from the last. so we hope this is one step in a long journey. >> mr. patel came to new jersey from india when he was 5. pennsylvania and delaware are among the other states involved in the federal lawsuit. a jury is in place in the trial of the isis-inspired shooter who allegedly opened fire on a philadelphia police officer. edward archer is accused of
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shooting officer jesse hartnett in january last year. authorities say archer pledged allegiance to the islamic state after the shooting but the fbi said he was not part of a terror cell. the trial is expected to begin tomorrow. today leaders in new jersey are hoping to get a better idea on the amount of people living on the streets. they call it a point in time survey. crews from town to town are counting the number of homeless people and offering them help. they'll be giving out some of the basic needs like hygiene products and volunteers will be handing out things like hats, plankets and food bags. they'll also try to find out what happened to make that person homeless. >> one gentleman was pushed out of his home. he had been robbed and they took the locks off the door and took everything in the house and so he really literally had nothing. so just sort of ended up in the streets. >> reporter: last year volunteers counted more than 8500 homeless people in new jersey. it will be a similar scene in philadelphia tonight.
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the city is also holding its point in time survey. that data goes forward tfl's annual homeless census. last year, the count found more than 5600 people to be homeless in the city. that was a 7% drop from the previous year. in lehigh county, a jury heard secretly recorded conversations between the mayor of allentown and his former political consultants. you can hear the mayor complaining about a law firm that gave him a campaign contribution of $100. this after he awarded the firm millions of dollars in legal work. pawlawski is charged with trading city contracts for campaign cash. first responders will soon receive $22,000 worth of new equipment. the grant money will help pay for rifle resistant vests in atlantic city, equipment for firefighters in blackwood, port norrison and new equipment for the ambulance true in mannington township. philadelphia mayor kinney has a new job.
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he was named vice chair of the u.s. conference of mayors social and justice committee. that group is meeting this week in washington. the president is hosting the mayors at the white house, but mayor kenny declined his invitation. >> threatening to lock mayors up in sanctuary cities. i don't think that's a hospitable approach. and just be -- should be up front with how you really feel and don't invite people you don't really want to deal with or help. >> other mayors joined kenney in boycotting the meeting after they put new pressure on cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. in delaware, lisa blunt rochester toured a vocational training program that helps underprivileged young people land a job. the challenge program offers on-the-job construction work program. they help rehab low-income housing which helps them get hired by local construction companies. today's tour was all about
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building a better workforce. the start of the winter olympics here on nbc 10 is now just over two weeks away. >> you can feel the excitement in south korea. ♪ today the south korean team held an inauguration ceremony to mark the official start of its olympic activities. more than 200 south korean athletes will compete in the games. we're learning more about the theme of the opening ceremony now. the keywords of the production are passion and peace. this as north korea remains a divided nation. nbc 10 is your home for the winter olympics. keith jones will have live reports from south korea beginning february 8th. that's just days after super bowl lii all right here on nbc 10. >> thank you for the brotherly love that we have seen through our team, the philadelphia eagles, lord.
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>> a prayer for the city. today people in philadelphia came together at city hall to pray for the eagles and one of the city's biggest epidemices. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas has more on how the city's unity for the birds is bringing awareness to an important issue. >> she's joining us live outside city hall with more on that. >> reporter: on the surface, it may seem like a stretch but the idea is that perfect strangers can come together to support the eagles, maybe the same can be true for more pressing issues in the city. >> we were already together around the eagles, amen? >> amen. >> reporter: in the shadows of cut dlouts of michael kendricks. >> now we can get together around all the other issues we are facing as a city. >> reporter: more than 100 people gathered in the courtyard of city hall to pray. >> it's hurting people that's hurting people every day, lord god. >> the philadelphia eagles were underdogs. nobody thought they could overcome it or they were facing something too big for them to overcome. >> reporter: but the eagles fans
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cheered as the team soared to victory clinching the nfc championship sunday night. strangers gathered in the street to celebrate, bringing together a city some say is often divided. >> what are the eagles hopefully teaching the city? >> unity. without unity, there's no victory. >> the city of philadelphia united. >> reporter: in that spirit, praise philly radio host and columnist solomon jones brought people together to unite around more pressing issues. >> that we'll take it and apply it to opioid addiction and apply it to poverty. >> our babies are getting killed by our babies. we have to do something about that. >> reporter: the eagles are more than a team. they're an example of what can happen when you believe. one this group is hoping impacts the city beyond the game. >> we really appreciate the eagles. they are really an inspiration to the city. we want to support them any way we can. >> reporter: the group has faith the eagles will win the super
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bowl. when everybody comes together and does their part, the team is hard to beat. a lesson they're hoping those that govern the city and the country, for that matter, take heed to. reporting live outside city hall, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. back to your first alert weather. a live look down broad street from the kimmel center campus camera. the hats and gloves were back out today as we feel those normal temperatures for this time of year once again. >> that change happened quickly yesterday. the warm air just out of here. glenn, you said it was coming. >> and we have wind and cloud cover on top of that to make it feel even colder. plus two days in the 60s, got a little spoiled. it's going to stay chilly through friday. saturday looks like a real winner but it's going to be mild and rainy on sunday. temperatures now, 42 in philadelphia. but in many p.a. suburbs, it has not gotten out of the 30s today
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and the temperature drop since yesterday at this time, 15 to 20 degrees. you add wind on top of that, makes it feel more than 20 degrees colder. more like 25 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. and we've got some places getting close to freezing already. leonardsville at 33 degrees. mertstown 34. nazareth, 35. walnut, 33. easton, 36 along with bethlehem. it is pretty cold. also windy. 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. these are sustained winds. and that's what puts the feels-like temperatures in the 20s. we had some clouds, sunshine. now the clouds are back. we're not expecting this snow flurries and snow showers that they're getting in western pennsylvania. the mountains kind of put a stop to that most times. but we are going to be getting
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the cold that is associated with that. now as we go into tomorrow, we expect a lot more sunshine and another chilly day. colder than today. at least temperaturewise. 38 in chestnut hill. 35 in allentown. and in easton. reading, 37 degrees. vorhees and robbinsville, 39. longport and avalon, 39. rehoboth beach and dover about 40 degrees. as we go to the weekend. friday will be a chilly day. especially in the morning. a lot of places in the 20s. but not a lot of wind. and then we're going into the mid-40s. the average high is 40. so even 44 is not that bad. look at saturday. a lot of sunshine. 57 degrees in philadelphia. the cold spot at the jersey shore, 49 because of the wind coming in off that chilly ocean.
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then on sunday, a cold front coming in. it's going to be bringing rain but the mild air is definitely going to be staying there. temperatures into the 50s across the entire region. now if you are -- happen to be traveling to minneapolis, we've got a few mild days before it starts getting cold. by next monday, the high is only 19. the low is 7 and it's going to get even colder than this by super bowl sunday. >> come on, glenn. >> that's some good news. green hair? don't care. >> forget the championship hats and t-shirts, diehard eagles fans are dying their locks. why some local hair salons are sudden suddenly ahead of super bowl sunday. trouble in toyland. some local toys "r" us stores shutting down and taking a piece of people's childhood right along with them. and home alone. the hideout for a teenager when burglars ransacked his home.
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the closing bell on wall street. and the dow closed at a recor r after a volatile session today.
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this is nbc 10 news. a woman in florida was watching burglars ransack her own home on her cell phone as her 13-year-old son was inside the house. he was hiding from these intruders right here. the burglars busted through a sliding glass door to get in. the teen ran upstairs into a closet, locked himself in there and called 911. while all this was happening, mom was watching it all unfold through her home security system. police got to that scene in minutes but the burglars were already gone. fortunately, the son was not hurt. scary stuff. kfc's latest promo is a
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kfo -- >> it doubles as a drone. smoking grilled wings come in a limited edition box. punch out the parts and assemble your drone. you control it through a smartphone app. it is only available tomorrow and friday and you can only get it in india. yeah. >> and then fly it back home here. there you go. toys "r" us is taking another step beyond filing for bankruptcy. next at 4:00, how the trouble in toyland is having a domino effect on local stores. plus, are strange irs watchg you swipe? security experts say there are flaws in tinder's dating app that could put users' privacy at risk. mother nature is giving us a roller coaster road in the therm meter department. i'm tracking the changing temperatures for your neighborhood in the most accurate forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ i don't wanna grow up i'm a toys "r" us kid ♪ >> many of us probably remember that commercial from our childhood. but there's trouble in toyland. for today's generation of kids. today toys "r" us announced it would be closing nearly 200 of its stores. and today's move came after toys "r" us filed for bankruptcy last fall. >> the north jersey based company is closing at least four stores in our area. also horsham and exton in pennsylvania. cydney long is joining us outside the cherry hill store. >> a lot of families pretty upset about today's announcement. >> reporter: as you might imagine, they are upset to lose that touch, that feel, that family experience of shopping
4:30 pm
for the toys inside the store but they're not altogether shocked that you can put a toy in your cart on your phone and have tarks rive on your doorstep tomorrow and it will soon take the whole shopping cart experience it will make it obvious let's. >> built on the love of geoffrey the giraffe, wish lists and "i'm a toys "r" us kid" theme song, toys "r" us will close 1 out of every 5 u.s. stores. cherry hill is one of them. >> it's sad. >> it's sad. >> toys "r" us filed for bankruptcy protection in september. two things are to blame for the stores closing. the crushing financial blow being dealt by online shopping at target, walmart and amazon as well as mistakes the company made fulfilling orders during the holiday season. >> i do shop online as well, but it's fun to come in and actually look at the toys and enjoy the experience of seeing the toys, right? do you like to come to this store? >> reporter: cherry hill will
4:31 pm
begin to close its doors as early as february. barbara caesar hopes this store survives. the company's rebranding and restructuring for her granddaughter's sake. >> we had a fun visit today. >> she got a new pink car and being in the store, she knew it was the right size. she's sad to see a family tradition fading. >> i can remember my mom walking around here with my little boys, and it's just a fun memory. >> i'm sorry for the people who are going to lose their jobs. i hope they place them at other locations or maybe some retraining or something like that. >> now we're going to sit at our table and turn on our computer or our phone and you don't really get the fun, the experience of being in a store. >> reporter: some of the toys "r" us locations will blend with babies "r" us. of the 180 total toys "r" us closures nationwide, we can tell you that 20 of them are right here in the tri-state region and 12 of them in new jersey.
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live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10 news. ♪ pennsylvania governor tom wolf is rolling in sweet treats after the eagles big win in the nfc championship game. >> he won a five-pound pierson salted nut roll. >> can't tell you how happy i am the eagles won. when i was at the game it was a great game. the eagles won an overwhelming victory. and i get to eat the bet that i made with the governor of minnesota, these tasty butterscotch krimpets. go, eagles. let's go win it all in minnesota. >> what about the nut roll? it's not clear whether he made good on his bet to deliver the nut roll but we'll keep you posted. lots of sugar going on there. nbc 10 is the only place you'll see super bowl lii. the nbc 10 app is your fan guide
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to the game whether you're watching at home or making the trip to minnesota. download our free app for more on super bowl schemes to look out for, too. first alert weather. a windy day along the waterfront. >> i don't think i've ever had a salted nut roll. do we need to look for that in minnesota? >> absolutely. >> we need to go on a whole food tasting thing. >> not a foodie town like this one, though. a few people taking a stroll in wilmington today. the temperature drop is a welcome sight for those people. everyone planning on hitting the slopes. here's a live look at camelback mountain resort. cold for now but how long will that last? nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changes. i'm guessing through the winter as it usually does? >> no, we're getting -- this up and down roller coaster thing. two days in the 60s. monday and tuesday. we're going to have more warm
4:34 pm
weather over this weekend. we're going to have another stretch next week. can't get the cold air to lock in yet. all right. we have a lot of cold clouds out there. and they are preventing the temperature from going anywhere. it started the day off about 44. now it's 42. and it stayed in the mid to upper 30s north and west. blue poll, perkacy. 24 in mt. pocono. wind on top of that. feels like it's in the 20s there. that's in the middle of the afternoon. for january, a little on the chilly side. compared to what we've seen over the last two days, quite a shock to the system. as we go through the night tonight, the temperature will be dropping. it's not going to stay level like it did during the day today. dropping into the 20s by 7:00 a.m. and with the wind on top of that, it's going to feel like it is in the teens.
4:35 pm
it is going to stay dry. we're not expecting any precipitation the rest of the week. but the feels like temps this evening in the 20s and by 8:00 a.m., look at that. doylestown, for example, 15. allentown, 16. we'll see how much it's going to warm up over the weekend and when the rain is coming in a few minutes. here's a look at some of the stories we're following county by county. in montgomery county. the east greenville borough will keep its police department for now despite demands from the mayor to get rid of it. the council voted to table the decision on whether to dispand its police force. the mayor campaigned on a platform of getting rid of the department and potentially using the services of the upper perkeomen police force. until last year they shared it with nearby pennsburg. they'll meet today to determine if they can keep the remaining force operational. in cumberland county. officials broke ground on a new
4:36 pm
$20 million police headquarters. it's expected to open next january. in atlantic county, helping children deal with trauma. today atlantic cares healthy schools, healthy kids. they talked about how to recognize trauma and also support people who are impacted by it. also ways to use yoga to enhance resilience in children and families. well, spying on your swipes at a time of the year when many people are looking for love. >> valentine's day approaching. still ahead, why security experts say a popular dating app should be doing more to protect users from snoopers. a delaware hair salon is going green. eagles green. green dye. green hair extensions. coming up, meet folks who wear their passion on their leaves and on their head. good look for tim or -- >> not so much. >> eagles fans are headed to minneapolis for the super bowl. ahead at 5:00, a consumer warning. what you should know before
4:37 pm
booking a place to stay. >> his hair just needs to be styled.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> true most vegetables pack a more nutritional punch when eaten raw. surprisingly, some are better for you when cooked. cooked tomato, red peppers and asparagus hold on to their nutrients and makes the anti-oxidants easier to absorb. she recommends cooking spinach because you're likely to eat more of it. and the more you eat, the more nutrients you take in. today in philadelphia, a push to decrease the number of african-american women who die from breast cancer. they're trying to find ways to boost survival rates for women of color. the group included top medical professionals, as well as local activists and elected officials. african-american women are about 40% more likely to die of breast
4:41 pm
cancer than white women. to our weather now. first warm, now back to cold but not for long. >> mother nature giving us a bit of weather whiplash. >> that's right. we're spoiled for a few days with those warmer temperatures. and they're going to make their return. plus, i'm tracking the next chance for rain in your most accurate weather forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a warning for tinder users. security flaws in the popular dating app could put your privacy at risk. those flaws could let hackers see the images of tinder profiles as users swipe left and right. however, names and personal information are crypted so they are not adrisk. starbucks is the latest company to pass along the benefits of the new republican tax plan to its workers. the company announced pay raises and stock grants for its employees in the u.s.
4:45 pm
it's also offering paid sick leave and parental leave. starbucks said about 150,000 employees will be affected by the changes. the eagles aren't the only ones stepping up their game for the super bowl. so are eagles fans. >> we asked our viewers to come up with your most creative rendition of the eagles fight song. here's a look at the standouts so far. ♪ ♪ >> from the kilted rogues on bagpipes to bruce and jim and their body parts. eagles fans coming up with ways to perform "fly, eagles, fly." that's creativity. keep those submissions coming. we want to hear the performance with the most people, the most creative take and the most unusual instruments.
4:46 pm
send them to us on or on the nbc 10 app. >> so many have already been pretty creative. we're stepping it up. don't let us down. we know you've got it in you. glenn? >> you can see my version on my page back from last week before the game. and we've got some football feeling weather. 42 degrees. feels like winter. a lot of clouds around, too. and in some parts of the area, still in 30s like in the lehigh valley and berks county. that's pretty cold. plus we've got the wind and the cloud. but look what's going to happen. another cold day tomorrow. not quite as cold friday and then saturday, sunday, way above average. maybe not quite as warm as monday and tuesday were and then we drop down again next monday. so only two days worth of that warm weather. in delaware, we've got 37.
4:47 pm
greenville, limestone road, 41 in odessa. farther to the south, we have 42 in dover. ellendale. 44 in millsboro. rehoboth beach, bethany beach. it's cold everywhere and will be colder tomorrow. feels like in the 20s in pottstown, reading, lancaster. low 30s elsewhere. those numbers are going to go down tonight because the wind is going to stay with us. a lot of lower clouds but it's not a thick layer. not enough to produce the snow. the snow generally stays in the western part of pennsylvania but we'll keep an eye on some of those flurries and see if any of them cross the mountains. tomorrow, though, only 9 in fairmount. 38. 37 in reading. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. a lot more than what we saw today. robbinsville, 39. longport, 39 and newark, delaware, at 40 degrees. over the weekend, you have a
4:48 pm
chilly start to friday. and a cool day, but not too bad. especially since we're going to get wall-to-wall sunshine. saturday, another sunny day, but much warmer. way up in the 50s. really going to enjoy saturday for most part. and then on sunday, the mild weather continuing but this is the price you've got to pay. cloudy skies and rain. now as we head through next week, we're keeping with this up and down. there's the warm weather on saturday and. the rain on sunday. colder and windy monday. then very cold on tuesday. even kolder th colder than but again as we head into next week. next thursday and friday, back into the 50s. but take a look at day ten. a high of 29, and a chance for
4:49 pm
snow. so the honeymoon is over. >> but not minnesota kind of cold. >> no, that's not minnesota. that's us. but the cold air that's getting into minnesota by super bowl sunday will work its way over here, you know, within the next week after that. so we are going to be getting colder weather in february. >> we would love any of those temperatures on our extended forecast. we'd love those temperatures in minneapolis. >> yes. >> because minneapolis, like super bowl sunday, you were saying it could be -- >> my estimate would be single digits during the super bowl, if you head outside the stadium. >> regular temperatures. that's not the real-feel. >> there won't be a whole lot of wind, i don't think. >> that's good news. >> single digits. >> anybody is going, they have to dress in layers, bundle up foot warmers. >> it's like going to a difference country. >> thanks, glenn. next on nbc 10 news -- a different kind of dye job for some eagles fans.
4:50 pm
the rush to the salon as they try to match the birds green goblin. plus, from pretzels to cheesesteaks, where and why philadelphia's most famous treats are being banned for the next few days. that's all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. can you imagine?
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
♪ nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. the birds are in the big game. and the city is going green. >> but this time, we're talking about that, hair. nbc 10's tim furlong shows us the newest style statement honoring the eagles. >> first person --
4:54 pm
>> reporter: jalen mills always goes green and now as a symptom of eagles fever, you can, too. >> we're big eagles fans, yes. >> reporter: on market street, babe salon is always busy. but since sunday, they've been doing lots of green. >> for eagles green, kelly green, mean green. green gang, however you want to do it. >> reporter: evan and his crew cut some eagles players hair. today it's all about green extensions. >> go birds. >> i'm sure tattoo parlors are doing a lot of business. maybe coloring your eyebrows or hair is more temporary n later you can come back and get your phillies or sixers red or orange. >> tell me this guy doesn't look like cisco with his hair dyed. >> he wanted his whole noggin dyed. his sister got her pigtails green and mom -- >> i'll do some pieces. i'll definitely do some pieces. >> she ended up going all in,
4:55 pm
too. >> go birds. >> the spray washes right out but the green extensions last much longer. >> by the time we stop celebrating winning the super bowl it will be faded out by then. >> if you've ever wanted to color your hair, this is the time to do it. green brows furlong, nbc 10 news. >> green goblin right there. the super bowl is less than two weeks away. the only place you'll see it right here on nbc 10. we're the official television station of the philadelphia eagles so you can watch every moment of the action before, during and after the game, too, right here. >> if you are green with envy, you can do the same with your eyebrows. >> i'll give it a try because it does wash out, right? let's find out what's going on at 5:00. >> here are keeths jones and erin coleman. >> we're going to hold you to that. >> i need to see that. >> erase the tape now. >> if you want to go, not cheap. >> one birds fan walked away with a pair of freebies.
4:56 pm
plus -- >> drew para. >> super bowl bound. diehard eagles fans from the jersey shore clinch a prize sending them to the big game. >> i can't even explain how it feels. so excited about it all. >> i'm ted greenberg with why it's a win-win. >> turning cold again. our cakewalk is over. we had it good here with temperatures in the 60s. but numbing cold is back in the picture. i'll walk you through what you need to know, and also another warm-up in your forecast coming up. and alexa likes an underdog. what the amazon smarthome device to say about the super bowl. and the nbc 10 meteorologist who got her to say it. that and more all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. we're not done yet. we've got one more game to play. we play this game to play on the biggest stage.
4:57 pm
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nbc 10 news starts now. ♪ >> he is looking. he is going deep. >> from backups to cover boys. >> i don't know if it's really hitting me. nick foles and the birds are now on the brink. the super bowl stage is being set. fans throughout the region ready. the game's ultimate prize now in
5:00 pm
sight. good evening. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm keith jones. if that doesn't get you pumped up, you don't have a pulse. we get one day closer. february 4th is the day. that means we're now 11 days out from super bowl lii in minneapolis, minnesota. we have team coverage with john clark and nbc 10 jersey shore bureauer ted greenberg. >> we heard from one eagles player who thinks the fans deserve to see a super bowl win. i agree. >> it's finally time, right? everyone knows the eagles have never won a super bowl. they've been in existence for 84 years and the last nfl championship they won before they were super bowls, 1960. that's 57 years ago. that is the third longest drought in the nfl. and these eagles know this. here is zach ertz celebrating. and a trip thos first super bowl. zach is passionate about finally bringing a super bowl to eagles fans. >> the city got what it deserved


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