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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a mother murdered. what police found when they confronted the victim's son. white house boycott. the issue that had mayor kenney skipping an event with president trump. their true colors. how eagles fans are fighting back against their bad reputation. nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 11:00, gunshots ring out in one of the busiest areas of center city. >> one person is shot in a large part of chestnut street became a crime scene. >> nbc 10's drew smith joins us with the breaking details. drew? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, this man was apparently running down chestnut street chasing after a it 24-year-old, eventually right outside this wendy's, six shots were fired. that man continued on several
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blocks down to an area outside the apple store on walnut street. that's when he flagged down an officer to say he had been shot in the wrist. back up on chestnut street, people were coming in and out of stores and restaurants trying to get back to their car and one of the cars actually had a bullet hole in it. and police were unable to release those cars yet. again, that man was just facing some minor injuries. he's at the hospital right now. but police say this could have been a whole lot worse. >> with six shots fired at 8:30 at night on a heavily traveled street, we're lucky we only have one victim who was only struck in the wrist who is in stable condition who will survive. >> reporter: and police are having a little bit of difficulty in investigating this. they say that witness, the victim, himself, actually, at the hospital is being somewhat uncooperative. they don't have a motive for this crime but that gunman is still on the loose. they're hoping some videocameras will help i.d. hymn. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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now to the latest on a gruesome discovery inside an east falls apartment. philadelphia police say they recovered the hammer and kitchen knife a man allegedly used to kill his own mother. police a49-year-old tammy blunt was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death inside her apartment on wissahickon avenue. the exact motive if for the killing remains unclear. the prosecutors say the suspect has mental health issues and was off his medications. >> most people you know your neighbors, you're welcomed, you're happy, but i wouldn't expect anything like that to come out of here. >> sources say the 27-year-old had been living with his mother's body for days. and confessed when police came knocking on the door. now to your first alert weather. did you spot the snow tonight? the flakes were falling very lightly in center city and other parts of the region tonight. not a lot of snow. it shows that colder temperatures, they've come back. >> yeah, caught my attention. chief meteorologist tammy souza
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is here to show you what you expect through the morning. >> tomorrow morning we're not going to see icy roads and snow falling but getting the light snow jim was talking about a moment ago. see the light snow showers and flurries making their way across the area. doppler radar is picking them up nicely, moving out of philadelphia, to parts of cherry hill, haddon, you're looking at that, wilmington, you're getting some of this light snow. it's a clipper system dashing by mainly to our south. this will be gone and we'll wind up with sunshine again tomorrow. temperatures, though, we're going to be a little bit on the colder side. you can see things starting to clear out here in philadelphia. right now we're at 35 degrees. 27 in pittsburgh. 21 in rochester, new york. take a look at where we're going. 3 32 in coatesville. 34 in atlantic city. the feels like is in the 20s. we're going to be dropping down into the 20s tonight with feels-likes that are going to with. in the upper teens and low 20s. tomorrow, looks like we're going be seasonally told in the mid to upper 30s.
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we'll talk more about when the warmth returns, it does come back with rain in time for your weekend. we'll discuss that when i return. 11 days now until the big game in minnesota and super bowl fever continue to spread in philadelphia. this is what the quad at city hall looks like after crews hung this fly eagles fly banner there. we know eagles fans, they are not shy about showing their passion for this team. >> but tonight, they're determined to prove they don't deserve the bad reputation they have around the country. we're joined live outside the linc. >> aaron, the big test going to be in minnesota where vikings fans are still recovering from that loss in the nfc championship. >> reporter: yeah, and i'm sure they'll be ready to greet all the fans going over there, jim and jackie, but that is the question. will vikings fans be minnesota nice to all of those eagles fans headed over there to the super bowl? well tonight, we talked to at least one woman who says she is not scared to show her colors.
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>> the stadium was so alive. so, you know, they said they'd never seen something like it before. >> reporter: there's a national reputation that eagles fans can be nasty at times. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: many saw the few images of wild celebrations in a small number of fans getting out of control. but aaron dimarco, barbara wilson, and shelley, say not so fast. a viral video shows all three women at the nfc championship game sunday hugging vikings fans. and showing brotherly love to the so-called enemy. >> when i hugged them good-bye, i said, you know, we're not all nasty eagles fans. he said, you're not. he said go kick brady's [ bleep ]. >> reporter: for the last few days eagles fans have taken a beaten from vikings fans and now fans like a 26-year season ticketholder are headed right into the heart of enemy territory for the super bowl. are you concerned at all about how you may be treated? >> no, not worried at all. >> these three guys were so nice
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to us. >> reporter: some vikings fans took to twitter joking about becoming uber drivers so they can drive eagles fans to the wrong locations. these ladies say the video should be a guide for how all fans should act. >> you can cheer your team on without getting obnoxious about it and stuff. it doesn't mean you're more passionate about the team winning. >> reporter: and eagles fans continue to do a good thing and give money to the mike zimmer foundation. he's the head coach of the minnesota vikings. so far, they've raised more than $11,000 in just 2 days, apologizing for just a few of those bad apples. for now, live outside the linc, nbc 10 news. >> that should help that bad reputation transform into the brotherly love reputation. thank you. nbc 10 is the only station where you can watch the eagles take on the patriots in super bowl lii. join us for live coverage all day on february 4th. new at 11:00, president
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trump is headed to the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, tonight, where he'll declare the united states is open for president. expected to showcase u.s. economic policies like his recent tax overhaul. tonight the president has also raised new questions about immigration. he told reporters today that his plan will allow so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers to achieve citizenship over a period of 10 to 12 years. d.r.e.a.m.ers are undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as young children. the white house and congress are both working on a plan to keep them from being deported. earlier today, several mayors boycotted an event with the president after the department of justice sent letters to 23 so-called sanctuary cities. the feds are threatening to withhold funding from the cities they claim aren't following immigration laws. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among those who skipped the event. >> trump and his compatriots lay crime at the feet of immigrants all the time. when the vast majority of crimes commit by native-born americans.
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and i think it's totally unfair to put them in that position and treat them that way and denigrate them that way. >> the president called out the mayors claiming they care more about immigrants than american citizens. there will soon be fewer toys "r" us stores in the aus f the company announced it's closing 20% of its locations. the north jersey based company is closing at least four staore in our area. cherry will, as well as horsham and exton in pennsylvania. the closings are largely due to increased online competition from walmart, target and amazon. the kpcompany declared bankrupt in september. the toys "r" us in cherry hill is slated to close in february. new at 11:00, it has been a neighborhood fixture for three decades, but the iconic 12th street gym in center city will close for good at the end of the month. the future of the building which features a mural honoring lgbt activist is uncertain. existing memberships will be
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honored at several philadelphia sports clubs locations. medical marijuana is now one step closer to becoming a reality in montgomery county. the state's third medical marijuana dispensary has been given the green light to open in plymouth meeting. will set up shop on plymouth road. the company can start selling medical marijuana once growers begin distribution. that should happen sometime in the next four months. hundreds of thousands of dollars is up for grabs for non-profits looking to make a difference in our community. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are partnering with the nbc universal foundation to support project innovation. they're offering $225,000 in grant money. the deadline to apply for your local non-profit is this friday. grant winners will be announced in march. for more information on how to apply, go to tonight we're taking you back in time 58 years, to be exact. >> coming up, eagles fans share their fond memories from the birds' last world championship
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in 1960. plus, tax trouble. how scammers are taking advantage of the confusion over new tax laws. you stole my innocence from me. >> dozens of victims finally get justice. tonight, a disgraced gymnastics doctor learns his fate, and a top leader is forced from her job. we're not done, yet. we have one more game. we play this game to play on the world's biggest stage. >> right. >> we're going to the super bowl! let's go! >> nbc 10 news today now starting at 4:00 a.m. on first because you come first. first with traffic reports. first with your neighborhood forecast. more stories and investigations promising results. first at 4:00 a.m. every weekday morning and always on your app because you come first. count on it.
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more fallout from the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal. michigan state president luanna simon is stepping down amid growing pressure. the resignation comes on the same day nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for. molesting some of the nation's top gymnasts. usa gymnastics and michigan state were both accused of ignoring reports about the former sports doctor for years. over the past week and a half, 156 women told their stories at his sentencing. >> i love this sport and that
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love is stronger than the evil that resides in you, in those that enabled you to hurt many people. >> little girls don't stay little forever. they grow into strong women that return to destroy your world. >> the ncaa is launching an investigation into michigan state's handling of the case. three top leaders at usa gymnastics resigned earlier this week. the students accused of a deadly shooting at a kentucky high school will be tried as an adult. police say the 15-year-old student barged into the school with a handgun and opened fire yesterday. two 15-year-old students were killed. 17 others were injured. the suspect will be charged with murder and acemettempted murder. so far authorities have not revealed a motive. a new warning as tax season gets under way. as you get ready to file, scammers are getting ready to steal your money with phone calls that sound legit. some of the scammers are so sophisticated they can even make the caller i.d. say irs. that's why the real ir, s is
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issuing a new warning saying there are big signs that a call is fake. >> irs won't threaten you on these calls. even if you owe them money, they won't threaten you? >> h that's correct. >> the irs also won't demand money on the spot, but the biggest indicator the call is a scam, the irs' first contact is never by phone. eagles fans are hoping this is the year their team finally wins its first super bowl. >> before the super bowl existed, the eagles did win a world championship. back in 1960. tonight we spoke to fans who were there. >> nbc 10's keith jones has this blast from the past. >> here, take a look at this. >> reporter: 83-year-old charles showed me the program. >> this ad for household finance. >> they would loan you $20. >> reporter: there's even an ad for a television. boasting it came with a remote control that changed channels. >> this is the original eagles
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fight song. here's the lines. it's not fly, eagles, fly. fight, eagles, fight. >> reporter: he and his wife, carol, brought the program at franklin field during the 1960 championship game. a lot has changed since then. want to buy a super bowl ticket, with will likely run you at least $3,500. in 1960, when the birds won their last title, $8. >> being newlyweds, we didn't have too much money. in 1960. >> i was making $42 a week or so. >> i was making $60 some a week. >> reporter: the tickets were worth the expense. their eagles handed vince lombardi's green bay packers their only playoff loss in history. >> i am so lucky to have this woman. she really is -- because she is a class a1 football fan. bigger fan -- eagles fan, and bigger fan than me. >> he is lucky. that goes without saying. please. >> reporter: really, they're members of a unique group.
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>> i love the artwork. you have the eagle. >> reporter: jack was just 9 years old with his dad in the crowd. >> it was really fun, but, you know, over time, the fact that i was at that championship game, the last time the eagles won a championship, you know, it's really something special. >> reporter: at 57 years later, he's transferred his love of the eagles to the third generation. the birds are a family affair. >> it's one of the things that my daughter and i share and she's just -- she bleeds green and this would be the cherry on top of things if they win the super bowl. >> reporter: in montgomery county, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> what a cool story. >> it is. hang on to those $3,000 tickets this time around, of course. >> yes. >> so we can do a story in 50 years or so. >> will be surprised at the price then. >> yeah. eagles fans are everywhere. we've been asking you to show us your eagles spirit. we've gotten some really impressive submissions. >> this one came to us all the way from south korea. >> e-a-g-l-e-s!
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>> eagles! let's go, eagles! >> check out those kids getting a lesson in eagles spirit. they learned how to spell out eagles. they sounded pretty good, too. >> you have been sending us amazing renditions of the eagles' fight song. in honor of the super bowl, we're raising the bar. we want to hear the performance with the most people, most creative take on the tune, or version with the most unusual instruments. send them to us on or the nbc 10 app. right now, c-o-l-d. >> yes. >> an update on our first alert forecast. >> s-n-o-w. a little bit of that falling. >> oh, you two, i thought you your going to break into a giant cheer and we were going to get going on this. you know what, it is going to get colder. this is what you can expect out there. a chilly day tomorrow. it will be seasonably chilly in the mid to upper 30s. not the polar vortex we saw several weeks ago. nonetheless, it's a reminder that winter is still with us.
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we're going have a mixed weekend, mild, in the 50s. we'll have one day with rain and one day without and have several rain chances beyond that. not a wheel lot of snow, though. here's your wake-up weather. tomorrow, you're going to wake up in the upper 20s in philadelphia. by 1:00, you'll be into the upper 30s. that's about where we're doing to top off with sunshine. pennsylvania suburbs, your start in the mid 20s. make it into the mid 30s. in lehigh valley, start in the low 20s, make it into the low 30s for tomorrow. delaware, upper 20s. you make it to the upper 30s. if you're in new jersey, south jersey, 26 is your starting weather. you'll make it to about 35. the jersey shore, you're going to start at 28 and make it up to about 27 degrees. now jacqueline mentioned we have a little s-n-o-w out there. we certainly do. light snow showers making their way through the area. you can see the heaviest concentration is now moving through south jersey, northern delaware, still kind of moving through parts of philadelphia. we're going to watch this taper off. it is just a fast-moving little
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clipper system that's dashing by. this is is not going to leave snow on the roads. this isn't going to affect your commute in the morning. what it is going to do is view mind you once again we are still saddled in winter. even changing to rain once you get to parts of maryland. we have the winds coming in out of the north keeping us cooler. we will make it, again, tomorrow morning into those 20s for wake-up weather. mail we'll make it to the mid and upper 30s tomorrow with sunshine. don't see cloud cover there. on friday we're going to make it up into the 40s across the area. as the wimpnds to the southeast. over the weekend the winds turn to the south. make it to the 40s and 50s across the area. look off to the west, yes, there is some rain that's going move through. not on saturday, but watch what happens. this is primarily a sunday rain eve event. maybe even early into monday before it's out of here. then we clear out and temperatures tumble once again. before the temperatures take off back up into the 50s. so super bowl outlook, all
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right, february 4th, it's going to be bitterly cold. they can get cold in minneapolis, but let me tell you what's going to happen. they're going to be mild then they're going to drop. why would you even in a dome want to have to be in single digits to watch a game? clear skies or not, when you can just wautch it with us and stay nice and warm and cozy on nbc 10. 39 tomorrow. 44 saturday. 57 on saturday. 56 on sunday. with a chance of rain. 46 monday. it will be windy and back to the 30s tuesday and then right back up into the 50s. hey, guys, iced tea is my guest tonight. plus we have meghan trainor, music from the avit brothers. it's a great show. do not change the channel.
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honorees. nbc 10 at the nicole miller boutique for the event. four local women will be honored at thor is hoe er iceremony nex surprising eagles news today. >> yeah, this shocked me. john? >> we found somebody who's never watched the super bowl and plays for the eagles. we'll hear from him and other birds as philly deserves a super bowl finally. philly rapper meek mills' music has been getting the eagles hyped. we get a statement from him in prison tonight on his hometown birds. that is next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> it's a big moment. super bowl. something you dream about as a kid. but at the same time, you know, we're going in this game, it's a game, you know, once i step onto
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the gridiron, i'm playing, like, playing against the patriots. >> hey, i'm john clark. eagles back to work today. zach ertz says they're preparing like they have a game on sunday, of course it's another sunday away. the eagles have never won a super bowl, as you know. they have the third longest drought for an nfl championship since 1960. i asked zach ertz about what the eagles are doing for this city and what a super bowl would mean. >> the city got what it deserved winning the nfc championship. the best fans in football to play for. i mean, that stadium on sunday night was the loudest and best environment i've ever been in as a player. but the thing is that they deserve a super bowl. they've been starving for a super bowl. us players are going to do everything we can to deliver that. it's going to be an unbelievable test for us but something we're excited about. >> that is great. philly rapper meek mill is in prison in chester right now but will reportedly be able to watch his hometown eagles in the super bowl in prison, of course. the eagles have been playing meek's "dreams and nightmares"
11:29 pm
song to get hyped. look how much fun they were having before the nfc title game. the song has been the eagles' anthem. meek is a huge philly sport fan and released this statement "it really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs. that's why i make music. the eagles have also motivated me with the way they've overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year. i'm so proud of my eagles for making the super bowl. i'm confident my guys are going to beat the patriots and bring the super bowl trophy to philly." here's malcolm jenkins on how meek's music is spiring the birds up. >> special game. hey, they're going to play this in the stadium. the first thing they did was in the pregame, everybody was dancing. every time they played it throughout the game, it gave us the juice, man, we fed off our crowd. >> they did. over 111 million people in our country watch the super bowl every year, but apparently fletcher cox doesn't. he said he has never watched the super bowl. >> i mean, you know, i really don't watch football.
11:30 pm
so, you all know that -- >> the super bowl? >> no. i don't watch sports. you know that. >> he will now. he'll see it for the first time. sixers have won 8 of 10 after tonight beating the bulls. take a look at this. ben simmons putting on a show on australian heritage night. perfect. second quarter, ben on the break. lobs to robert covington. 14 assists for big ben on the night. fourth quarter ben with the pretty spin move. triple. double for ben. 19 points, 17 boards, 14 assists. sixers win 115-101. one final note, former philly jim thome elected to the football hall of fame today. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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z. well, you're going to wake i to a little bit different day tomorrow. we'll be lucky to make it to the mid to upper 30s tomorrow. at least we hang on to sunshine. we get back to the 50s for this weekend, well above average. we pick up rain sunday and scoop back down into the 30s by the middle of next week. no matter what, it's going to be much warmer than it is main minneapolis a week and a half from now. >> we'll wish for this weather. >> yes. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ice-t, meghan trainor, musical guests the avett brothers,


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