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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 25, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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back at practice, the super bowl bound eagles return to the field to get set for the patriots. and we just heard from eagles head coach doug pederson about the team's biggest focus leading up to the big game. the face of bravery and courage, olympic gold medalist talks about her stare down with former dr. larry nasser and how her fight is just beginning. and holyfield in the house, i'll talk live with boxing legend alexander holyfield about his career and new venture outside the ring. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. and right now at 11:00 it's all about practice. the birds will hit the field and prepare for the biggest gax their lives today and we are counting down to the eagles and the patriots in super bowl 52.
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good morning. the birds will return to the practice field in about 90 minutes from now, but before that head coach doug peeredson spoke to reports. he said the team will prepare like they have a game this weekend. >> obviously we're on a much bigger stage now playing for the super bowl. but the journey's the same, the ride's the same, it's just -- >> pederson also said next week won't be a vacation for the players. he'll keep the intensity going. and philadelphia city council is giving the team its official congratulations. randy gyllenhaal is live for us in city hall. randy, what do you have? >>reporter: a packed political agenda here for the first meeting of the year. they'll do resolutions trying to bring amazon to philadelphia, also one about the new philly school board. but first things first, nothing more important than the birds. the city council will officially honor the philadelphia eagles for their upcoming trip to the super bowl. let's take a live look right now
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inside the city hall chambers where this is going to get going in a second. the council will put forward this honorary the eagles. and honoring sports broadcaster ray dill len ger. he tells nbc 10 this city more excited than any time he can remember. >> it's going to keep building and the people think it can't get bigger than it have trust me, it will. because philadelphia's been waiting for this for a very long time. and they've been to two other super bowls, but this one's different because this one is so unexpected. in '80 there was a team that had been to the playoffs before and you kind of saw it coming. the andy reed team had been to championship games before but couldn't quite get over the hump. but this one, i don't know anybody, really the most optimistic fan that when the season started thought this team could be in a super bowl but here they are. >> reporter: and let's go back into the chambers now. >> it's a wondrous thing that
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allows us all to stand a little taller and closer together. the irish philosopher francis hutchison once said that action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers. he said that centuries ago but he might have said it sunday night hanging from the top of a traffic light right out there on broad street. ways still new to the newspaper business in 1974 when was a reporter for the philadelphia bulletin i covered the fly ieer stanley cup parade. >> reporter: we're still waiting on the city council to give their official pro clam medication honoring the eagles team. for now we're live in city hall. randy gyllenhaal. >> still a little disconcerting to see people in city hall wearing those dog masks even though we've seen them around. don't be surprised to see more midnight green in the stands.
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it seems eagles fans are more eager and willing to travel to the game compared to patriots fans. stub hub released new ticket sale numbers yesterday and sales in pennsylvania are 13% higher than those from massachusetts. the cheapest ticket available now is about $3,000. that's down by a couple grand compared to two days ago. and the ellen show is giving away tickets to the super bowl. all you have to do is write to ellen and tell her why you're the eagles's biggest fan. you can find a link to the contest on and catch the ellen show every day at 3:00 right here on nbc 10. and the only place to watch the eagles taking on the pats, super bowl lii is right here on nbc 10. and as your official eagles's station, remember we have exclusive access to the birds that you're just not going to find anywhere else. count on nbc 10 for coverage up to and during and after the game on february 4th. trial is getting under way
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this morning for the isis inspired shooter charged with opening fire on the philadelphia police officer. edward archer say skiesed of shooting officer hartnett in january of 2016. the officer was hit several times but he still managed to open his car door and returned fire. authorities say archer pledged allegiance to the islamic state after the shooting, but the fbi said was not part of a terror cell. and police are looking for the gun bhoon shot a pizza deliveryman in philadelphia's brewery town last night. he was returning to his car on north hollywood street when two men approached him and whun a gun. he got into his car and took off and herd gunshots. the bullet hit him in the hand. he drove back to the pizza shop and whn police arrived they took him to the hospital. a man is in the hospital with a bullet wound this morning after philadelphia police say a gunman fired six shots outside a wendy's on a busy center city street. the shooting happened after 8:30 last night on chestnut street. victim ran a few blocks before he flagged down an officer
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outside an apple store on walnut. no one else was hurt and the 24-year-old victim was hit in the wrist. he's expected to be okay. police are looking for the shooter. in district of columbielawa was hit in milled ton. this happened just after she was released from that same hospital at around 1:00 this morning. she was taken back inside for treatment. we're working to find out how she's doing and what type of car hit her. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, bundle up, it's very cold outside this morning but at least got some sunshine out there. here's a look outside at center city philadelphia in the air mark build, little windy up there too you see those flags flopping. let's check in with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. hey, glenn. we've got quite a different looking sky from yesterday, nice and blue through the but it sure
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has cooled down over the last couple of days. remember on tuesday we were 62 degrees. wednesday morning it felt like 39. that was quite a drop. and this morning at 7:00 a.m. felt like 18. just two days that kind of change. right now it's 33 despite that sunshine and still in the 20s in blue bell, perkasie, kotsdsville 28 degrees. poconos 28 degrees. still feels like 19 in pottstown, 23 in philadelphia, 20 degrees in reading. as we go through the day today, it's mostly just holding in the 30s with at least a little wind, the wind may diminish some later today. it's going to feel like it it's in the 20s again by 6:00 and the
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wind really dies down tonight. so there is no real difference between the actual air temperature and the feels-like temperature. but we're going to be seeing some real significant changes coming, warming and also some wet weather over the weekend. we'll get into those details in a few minutes. philadelphia police say they have recovered the hammer and a kitchen knife a man allegedly used to kill his mother in an east falls apartment. they say they found 49-year-old tammy blunt inside her apartment. the motive for the killing remains unclear, but investigators say the suspect malachi white has mental health issues and was off his medication. >> most people you know your neighbors, you're welcomed, you're happy, but i wouldn't expect anything like to to come out of here. >> sources tell nbc 10 the son had been living with his mother's body for days and confess when'd police came knocking on his door. and this afternoon law
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enforcement officers from around the country are expected to attend the memorial service in hershey for the u.s. marshal shot and killed for serving a warrant at a harrisberg home last week. they say he gunman opened fire and killing deputy u.s. marshal christopher hill. gunman kevin sterges also died in the shootout with police. investigators say sterges had two active warrants in philadelphia. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 katy. what are you seeing out there? >> for this time you wouldn't expect to see a lot but unfortunately we have a lot going on. especially on this expressway going into and leaving the city in the say live look, 76 right at city avenue or if you're take the roosevelt boulevard north. this is traffic heading out of the city and it's just crawling. it's going westbound and there's a crash right around this area, right around the juncture from
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the roosevelt boulevard route 1. that's why have you that delay. then to the far left of your screen you see that the eastbound traffic is crawling as well. that's something else. we have a lot going on. so the eastbound traffic is because there's a roaming maintenance crew in the eastbound lanes heading towards the city and that's adding a ton of drive time to what's typically 18, 20 minutes to go from the pennsylvania turnpike east into the city. it's about a 45-minute drive right now. going to i-95 there's a disabled vehicle at the allegheny avenue that's causing delays on northbound 95. let's shift gears and move into delaware. wanted to get a look at your drive times around wilmington. 95 northbound between 295 and 95 that's about an 11 minute drive, nine minutes in the opposite direction. back to you. happening today, a vote that could finalize a change. septemb septa board is expected to
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approve a route are for the line extension in the area. the change is an alternative one to the one they originally considered. it is planned to spur off the north town high speed line with spops stops at henderson road and the king upresha business park. >> you can learn more about plans to encourage the future use of electric vehicles. they will hold that event tonight at 6:00 on jfk boulevard. a task force has been studying twies promote the use of electric vehicles as part of a broader energy-saving transportation strategy. coming up, facing her abuser. >> i almost passed out. i had the worst headache for hours. >> she talks about the moment she spoke to former team usa dr. larry nasser in court and her strength and determination to keep moving forward.
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and the i'm rose mayor connors, live outside of the north philadelphia nonprofit responsibility for community artwork like this. coming up why the organizers will have 35,000 reasons to smile later on this hour. well, it's cold now but another warm-up is on the way and so is some rain. i'll let you know what to expect for the weekend as we continue that roller coaster weather pattern.
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president trump is in
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switsserland for the world economic forum. this morning the president met with israeli prime minister netanyahu where they must receive aid money from the u.s. hallie jackson has more on what the president will be doing during the forum. >> reporter: this alpine town is a particularly interesting place for this president to visit, not just because he's the first sitting u.s. president to come to this economic submit in nearly 20 years, but because donald trump ran on that platform of pop pewism and dab bos is filled with the blobl elite. what is he doing here? the guy who sees himself as the deal maker and chief is trying to do exactly that, working on the remembering are the national security, those are the big focuses here. the president later on today is having dinner with some european-based businesses trying to convince them to invest more in the united states. he also has some critical one on one meetings with world leaders. even though president trump is
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here in switzerland, he still cannot escape headlines about russia back home as the special counsel's russia investigation continues to intensify. right before getting on air force one to head here to dav vos, he told reports that he wants to cooperate with robert mueller and he would be willing to sit for an in-person interview with the special counsel. his lawyers say that could happen sometime in the next two to three weeks but you're seeing a little bit of a walkback from the in-house lawyer. they were saying he was rushing to get to davos and he has a willingness to testify, but the lawyer tells nbc no terms have been negotiated just yet. back to you. three people are dead and 13 seriously hurt after a train went off the tracks overseas. the derailment happened on the outskirts of milan. high tallian firefighters have released footage of them pulling pass swrers from the twisted metal. the commuter train was approaching the station when it
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went off the rails. milan police questioned the train driver and investigators say first clues point to either collapse of the tracks or a problem with a track switch. people in southern california were up early this morning after an earthquake rattles homes. magnitude 4.0 quake shook the area about 70 miles southwest of los angeles. there are no reports of any injuries or any major damage. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we're back to winter. the flag's blowing that way, that means colder air moving in generally, especially this time of the year. so it's going to stay chilly through friday. you can make some plans for outdoor activity and travel for the weekend. and then mild and rainy on sunday. there's not going to be any kind of snow this weekend. it's 33 degrees with bright sunshine in philadelphia now. we've got some places still in
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the 20s like in lehigh and berks counties. and even there it's going to warm up. you can see the camera shaking a little bit. 39 for the high today, then 44 tomorrow, at least mid-50s saturday and sunday with average highs still around 40 degrees. take a look at some of those colder neighborhoods, berks, lehigh, north hampton counties. leonardsville at 26, americastown 27, ma kunggy 28, longa port, look at that. 26 degrees with bright sunshine at 11:00 a.m. that's cold. and nazareth at 28 degrees right now. and we have wind on top of that. we've got sustained winds of 15 to 20 miles per hour out of the northwest, just the way those flags are blowing, and so it feels like it's 18 in perkasie,
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17 in coatesville, 23 in philadelphia, a big 5 in mount poconos. this is the coldest day, tonight is going to be the coldest night with those northwest winds. the winds are going to die down tonight, it's going to be practically calm by tomorrow morning. but we're going to be seeing the temperatures drop into the 20s. then as we go into later tomorrow, tomorrow night, the southerly winds start, the warm irrelevant air starts coming up, and we have that real nice day on saturday. but coming in from the west, we've got a cold front and by sunday morning there could be some widespread rain. we're not talking about heavy rain or thunderstorms like we saw with this last front, and it does look like it's going to last for several hours but generally be offshore by monday morning. so as we go through the day today and tomorrow we've got lots of sunshine tomorrow
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chestnut hill 45, swanksville 42, alantown 40, vorhees 45, long port 41, dover at 45 degrees. and over the weekend, it's looking amazing. we've got a lot of sunshine on saturday, no rain at all. and sunday the rain chance is extremely high. so you have a pretty easy pick for going outdoors and not getting rained on. . . >> all right. up next, no monkey business here. two monkeys making headlines because of what they could mean for the future. the scientific success that's refreshing with no debate.
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flu emergency is causing the hospital to pitch tents outside in order to treat more patients.
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we got a view of their campus this morning. large tents are being used for overflow patients and the case rss surging. they say in the past few days they've seen a sharp increase including 15 deaths. the hospital says they consider each patient on a case by case basesy. >> we will see influenza-like illness out here but we're looking at everybody arriving. if they have a complaint or illness that we don't expect is going to need admission to the hospital we're going to try to see them out here. >> we asked when people should head to the emergency room for treatment. well, the hospital says you need that extra help when you can't either drink well, if you have a fever that can't be treated with over the counter medicine, or if you have another condition like asthma or diabetes. a major scientific barrier has been broken. scientists have successfully cloned two healthy monkeys. it's an achievement that could open the door to copying humans. the science academy in china pulled it off.
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it's the first time scientists have had success cloning primates. researchers say the clones could be used for research and testing. this is our time and we're hungry for a super bowl victory the. eagles will take to the field today to prepare for the biggest game of their lives. up next we'll hear from head coach doug pederson about their plan for success. >> and i'm rosemary connors lye at a north philadelphia nonprofit profit. i have to be a little quiet because in minutes from now we're going present the organization here with a big surprise. those details for our champion in action coming up next.
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it's fun to remember the nfc championship game from this past sunday, but for the eagles these images are already in their rear view mirror.
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today they return to the practice field to prepare for their meeting with the patriots. and about an hour from now the eagles will begin their first super bowl practice. before his team took the field, however, coach doug pederson took questions from reports and talked about facing a patriot squad that's won five super bowls in the last 16 years. >> obviously it's a credit to what the patriots have done in their careers and their history and, you know, everybody's trying to win championships like that. but we just got to focus on today. >> and pederson says like the eagles the patriots are a resilient group and he says the proof, you have to look no further than new england's comeback win against the jaguars. right now it's unclear if the eagles will have to account for one of the patriots best weapons rob gronkowski, the tightened took a nasty shot on sunday and must pass concussion protocol tests in order to get back on
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the field exexperts are saying will likely happen in time for the super bowl in a week and a half. today's the first metering of the year for philadelphia city council and members are taking the opportunity to honor the eagles. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is live at city hall in center city. randy, tell us how council is cheering on the birds. >> reporter: well, it's a packed agenda today they're talking amazon, philly public schools, but first things first, the talk of this city is the birds and today's city council honored the philadelphia eagles with their coming super bowl birth. let's show you inside city hall chambers. just a few minutes ago we spotted some council members and staff wearing those now famous under dog masks from inside the council chambers. they're also honoring a philly sports icon, ray ditten ger who is considered an eggles expert. he spoke to the crowd here at city hall talking about eagles fans and their die hard devotion to this team. >> after seeing what we saw
11:31 am
sunday at lincoln financial field, and later in the streets of our fair city, i defy to you say what we're witnessing with the eagles is just a game. clearly it's much more than that. if all you see are numbers on a scoreboard, then you're miss in the point. what's the true es sents sense and beauty of sports? that's its ability to lit us up and bring us together. >> reporter: well spoke pent by the way, the city is already organizing a number of events before and during the super bowl, including a big super bowl watch party. i just got this info, it's organized by council woman cindy bass. it's at the rec center in german town. it kicks off 3:00 p.m. super bowl sunday. live at city hall, randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you. well, you know eagles fans are everywhere. we've been asking you to show us your eagle spirit and we've gont some impressive submissions,
11:32 am
including this one. take a look. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly, fly, fly ♪ fly eagles flooi. >> noc them down one two three. ♪ >> how about that. that's the choir singing fly eagles fly. they're one of the nation's oldest community choruses. they sound really good, too. well, you've been sending us these amazing renditions of the oogles fight song, but in honor of the super bowl we want to raise the bar a little bit. we want to hear the performance with the most people. see how many you can gather in your neighborhood or your church or sinna gag gog, the most creative take as well. we also want to see something with creative instruments. send them to us on or through the nbc 10 app. and if you can only watch the super bowl one place, either in person or right here on nbc 10
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we're your official eagles station which means we've got access to eagles like no one else. count on nbc 10 for live coverage until the game on february the 4th. . . >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, the sun is out and it's a cold morning out there. for skiers and boulders in the poconos as we give a live look. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. glenn. >> yeah, and we look at the other end of our area and we have bright blue skies too. this is cape may looking out into the ocean, little choppy out there but we've got a lot of blue sky. a lot of blue sky in wilmington, delaware, with a live picture there. but that sunshine isn't really helping warm things up very much. it's 33 degrees in philadelphia and still 28 in perkasie. nirt reading and coatesville, 33 atlantic city.
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34 degrees at the beach. we still have wind that's based on the sustained wind of how we get the wind chill. 21 be in mount holly and trenton, 23 in philadelphia. and it feels like at 10:00 a.m. it was 20, we're only going up to about 30 or the low 30s in philadelphia. and we're not getting out of the 20s in areas north and west. at least for the way it is going to feel. let you know how much warmer it's going to feel as we head to the weekend coming up. all right. the president of michigan state university is stepping down amid growing criticism of how the school handled the larry nasser sexual abuse scandal. she announced her resignation yesterday. dozens of patients accused nasser of molesting them at his msu offices. several victims claim they told the university about his sexual abuse as early as 1997.
11:35 am
>> i just signed -- >> the resignation came just hours after the judge sentenced nasser to up to 175 years in prison for molesting some of the nation's top gymnasts. 156 women told their stories at his sentencing. many accused michigan state and usa gymnastics of ignoring their accounts. they are now calling for continued accountability. >> larry nasser did not arrive in isolation. we will not rest until there has been a complete investigation and overhaul. >> the ncaa is launching an investigation of their own into michigan state's handle of the case. three top leaders at usa gymnastics resigned earlier this week. and this morning olympic gymnast spoke on the today show. >> it's hard to put into words but it makes me literally sick
11:36 am
all the stress and trauma of everything. but for that moment, i had to be strong and -- >> she was the captain of the 2012 and 2016 gold medal gymnastics team described what it was like to face nasser in the courtroom during his sentencing hearing last week. and just has she is used to supporting her teammates, she supported her fellow accusers. >> i didn't know, you know, most of these girls and these women, by just felt an instant connection. we were hugging each other. we really are an army of survivors and this is just the beginning for us. >> she hopes the hearing will help get out the warning signs of a predator and help with future abuse. pat neon will resign his seat in congress. they planned a protest outside his springfield office. they're upset that he used thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to set will a form e
11:37 am
aide's sexual harassment complaint. he called the aide his soul mate. he admits he reacted badly when she began gating another man but told us he never harassed her. he described the payment as a severance rather than a settlement. and today a philadelphia councilwoman will introduce a bill that takes aim at the amount of salt that's in your food. she wants trurnts label any menu items that have 2,300 milligrams of more of sodium. the labels would also include a warning that high sodium intake could cause heart disease and stroke. city council president plans to introduce a resolution today to explore the use of civilian traffic enforcement officers the move would allow police to focus on criminal veftions. the civilian officers would be allowed to issue tickets but they would not be allowed to carry firearms or make arrests. and councilwoman cindy bass
11:38 am
plans to introduce a resolution to help the city make the best first impression possible on visitors. she wants council to investigate whether transit operators should have to clean up, maintain and beaut phi transit points across the city. that would include septa, conrail, amtrak and csx. a local organization uses a unique approach for preserving and celebrating african-american heritage and now it's about to be named the latest winner of champions in action. the village of arts and humanity in north philadelphia engages young people. the group believes that by learning through the arts people can vept skil can vept skills need ford personal success. we're live there in north philadelphia with the village of arts and humanities is about to learn about the award. rose mary i feel like i should be whispering like they do at the masters rare big surprise, right? >> you should. you should be whispering.
11:39 am
it's a big surprise. we're about to go break it to them, break the big surprise to them right now. hey, guys. hey, everyone. i'm rose mary connors with nbc 10 and you are live on nbc 10 right now. do you know why -- do you know why we're here? >> no. >> reporter: no? i'm joined by -- i'm joined by our friend the citizens bank. nbc 10 and the philadelphia media network and have you been named the champion in action, the latest champion in action. okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so, you guy, you see that big check, bright? you see that big check from sit zebs bank? you see that big check that says right behind you, that says $35,000? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so being a champion in action means that you get $35,000 in funding from citizens bank plus you get media support
11:40 am
from nbc 10 telemundo 62, and from philadelphia media network which is the inquire, he are daily news and to tell us more about this is my boss general manager and present rick harris. >> great. hi, guys. >> hey. >> i can just tell you we only hang out with champions. we only hang out with champions and i can tell you this rurl not forget this staff meeting. in fact other staff meetings you'll be look around the corner going where are the guys from citizens and the media network and nbc 10 and t 62. i just want to say congratulations. we are thrilled to be here representing all the folks from nbc 10 and telemundo 62 say true honor. as we learned more and more about dwhu in the community with youth and inspiring creative thinking and just moving the neighborhood forward, this made it a very easy choice for us. so congrats, we're glad to be here. i love seeing all your bright shiny faces. this is a wonderful day.
11:41 am
congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> so well said, rick, on behalf of nbc 10 and andy at media news. i'm joined by so many of our wonderful colleagues who work at the branchs in this neighborhood and we love what you're doing using arts and create activity to help young people become entrepreneurs, focus on justice and taking charge of the neighborhood. we love that, we love the empowerment that you're bringing to great neighborhoods here in north philadelphia. thank you for what you do. we're really just so proud we've done over 3 huchb these for $9 million at citizens bank. it's great to be here in north philadelphia so congrats and thank you [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: i just want to say thank you so much to citizens and nbc, the fact that you guys are amplifying the voices of north philly so many in this
11:42 am
room, it means the world to us. and i just want to talk about these people in this room really quickly. this is one of the best, most creative and talented teams in philadelphia, but even more that that they are representing the best of humanity in philadelphia. and i'm really proud to work with them at the intersection of art and education and social justice and this is an amazing gift. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the executive director, village of arts and humanities, really quickly, amy buckman to share a few words. >> this is so perfect i come from the newspapers, the daily news, inquire, he, all those, we have news, arts, sports, everybody in this city is maybe just a little bit focused on sports right now. >> go eagles. >> but i think that the great thing about sports in our city and about the arts as well is they really have the potential to bring people together. you hear everybody talk being about the eagles when they're in
11:43 am
line at the wawa or on the subway and the arts have the power do that as well. that's what you all are doing here in north philadelphia. we're so happy to be part of giving you this money to keep doing it. congratulations. >> all right. >> reporter: amy buckman, dan fitzpatrick with citizens bank and rick harris with telemundo 62. we'll send back to you. >> they look genuinely surprised. to learn more go to our website at or the nbc 10 app. twluns you'll find information about your nonprofit and how you can apply to become the next champion in action. our next guest is a true heavyweight. ahead i'll sit down with boxing great evander holyfield and talk about how he's supporting the next generation of boxers in and out of ring. well, weather roller coast are continues. i'm tracking a warmer weekend and there's going to be some rain too. i'll let you know how long that pattern's going to last just ahead.
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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. the olympic village is ready to welcome visitors. it will host ice hockey, curling, figure state skating and speed and short track skating. the village can host 2,400 athletes. coaches and teams will move in on february 1st. more than 90 countries will send about a total of 20,000 athletes to the winter games. keith jones will be traveling to the winter olympics to bring you
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complete coverage of all our local athletes. you'll only see the interviews here on nbc 10, home of the winter olympic games starting february 8th. well, is he a former four-time heavyweight chap champion who conquered the likes of mike tyson, larry holmes, and now boxing legend evander holyfield smak a name for himself as the next real deal as a boxing promotor. holyfield is in the area for his real deal boxing showcase series. we're thrilled to welcome the champ here at nbc 10 this morning. evander, welcome. you look great, champ. >> thank you. >> glad you're here. you had a very long and impressive career. tell me what you learned in and out of the ring that's going to help you as a promotor. >> well, the fact is life is about confidence, believing, and choosing the right people around you. >> and tell us about this next stage in your life. what's ahead? >> well, the most important
11:48 am
thing is about appreciation. i appreciate what the game did for me, so to really go back and give back, i have to show these young guys what do. i have to tell them, you know, you got to listen, you got follow direction, you can't quilt, you can't do everything that everybody else do because these are the same thing that allow me to be who i am. >> we just saw a video there with mike tyson. are you guys still friends? i mean, i couldn't help but, you know, just check your ear when we first met. >> well -- >> do people ask about that all the time? >> all the time. but it give me an opportunity to tell people life's about for giving. >> and you've forgiven him and you guys are good friends? >> i wouldn't say good friends. but we cordial with each other, you know, it works. >> you've been in fights in this area before. i think you're well versed of boxing in the philadelphia area. tell me what you know. tell me what your sense is, the history of boxing in this town
11:49 am
is. >> well, you know, my first guy was georgy bennett is from here and i wouldn't know what i know if it wasn't for george. george, who was a genius in not really getting hit. so, you know, i did well by doing what george asked me to do. >> do you have -- are there moments in your career as you look back in the span of your career going back to the olympics, i remember you got a guy from new zealand. >> kevin barrett. >> i remember watching that fight and you were suspended. >> i got disqualified. >> disqualified in the olympics. but over the span of your career, what stands out? what stands out most? was that the ear incident with mike? was it, you know, was it the olympics? >> the olympics is the number one thing because it gave me the opportunity to represent the united states. and representing the united states was, you know, i'm talking about you had all the best fighters in the united states and the guy that actually
11:50 am
i had to beat was ricky womack and he was reigning amateur world champion. and i had to make the olympic team i got to beat the guy who beat the cuban and the russian. >> that's receipty impressive. you've got a long career. i know you follow sports you're a big sports fans, you spent a lot of time most of your career in the atlanta area. you probably follow football. what do you make of the eagles and the patriots? >> well. >> up here in philadelphia? >> think the eagles my cousin, the falcons, a bird's a bird, they flock together and so they're going to win the championship. >> well good, we're glad that you feel that way about us. evander holyfield, thanks so much for coming in, champ put look good man. evander holyfield presents real deal showcase in the casino in philadelphia. doors open up at 6:00 p.m. for more information tap the nbc
11:51 am
10 app on the link there for and you you can look to find it on ten. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. this is the coldest day of the week, but it's not necessarily the coldest day for the rest of the month. next week we've got a couple of cold days too. 33 with bright sunshine in philadelphia and just barely up to 30 in many other parts of the area. but everybody is seeing that sunshine today. some of our neighborhoods in delaware down near 30 degrees. limestone at 31, greenville and reedy point at 32. farther to the south it's 40 degrees in the ellen dale at 39. the beach at 34 degrees. dover is 37. it feels like it's colder than that because we have a 15 miles per hour sustained wind.
11:52 am
it's 37 in reading, perkasie and coatesville. now, as we go through the rest of the day and tonight, the wind is going to be diminishing. the temperature down into the low 20s in the city and teens in the suburbs. tomorrow we start with the southerly wind so it won't be quite as cold tomorrow afternoon as it is this afternoon. saturday is a beautiful, dry, sunny, warm day. and then here comes the change. this is for sunday, 7:00 a.m., fairly widespread rain, not necessarily all that heavy, that we saw earl thier this week but we're talking about several hours worth. and as we head toward monday it moves out but we'll keep an eye on it to see if any of it tries to move back on monday or monday night. tomorrow, no chance of any kind of precipitation, nothing but
11:53 am
sunshine. chestnut hill 45, easton and allentown 40. puna at 44, avalon 42, and the beach at 45 degrees. the weekend forecast showing warmer weather and dry sunny weather on saturday. a rainy kind of day but very mild on sunday. and after that, we start cooling down again. monday windy and colder. look at tuesday, a hive ongh of 33. but we start warming up next week so that roller coast wert temperatures continues at least through next week. we'll be right back. >> we're not done, yet. we got one more football game to play. >> yes, sir. >> one more game, okay. we play this game to play on the world's biggest stage. >> we're going to the super bowl, baby. >> let's go!
11:54 am
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rehob coming up this afternoon start agent 3:00 actor ed o'neil and ferrell will stop by the ellen show. and then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> shelly kill? >> bella skin quinn? >> bella -- nope. >> tale of two accents and 2 cities tongue twisters. boston and philly fans go head to head on who has the most peculiar annunciations. we'll have that at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the final check of your afternoon. this is the coldest day of the week where you get much
11:57 am
warmer by the weekend. >> all right. there you have it. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. trs
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[gentle music] ♪ >> eric: jenn, what are you-- what are you doing here? >> jennifer: i needed to see you. i needed to tell you that i never stopped caring about you. >> eric: what about dr. shah? i thought you were-- >> jennifer: no. i ju dated him to get over you. >> eric: why? we were connecting. >> jennifer: doesn't matter why. all i know is i can't get you out of my heart. [gentle music] ♪


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