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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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for the super bowl. eagles head coach doug pederson says he's confident in his team and their ability to bring home the vince lombardi trophy. thank you for joining us. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. he's come a long way himself to get to this career-making moment. john clark joins us with more. >> 13 years ago the last time the eagles were in the super bowl. doug pederson was retiring from the nfl and took a head coach for a job for a high school team. go from high school to being a super bowl coach? it's pretty cool. we have messages to doug from the men who hired him there. >> you're a genuine guy that values the people around him. no wonder your players play so hard for you. >> for the first time i saw you, i felt like you had it and to be able to employ you, i can't e
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tell you how much fun i have had telling everybody i gave you your coaching start. >> that is true. he's known as a people person who bonded and connected with his players in high school. yao see the video before he came e head coach of the eagles. their football coach the only place that doug has been a e head coach before he joined the birds. he talked about the character and how genuine he was and that's something he has brought to the eagles. >> those are special moments. moments that i will remember and obviously, we're on a much bigger stage now play iing for e super bowl. but the journey is the same. the ride is the same. it's just a special doing it at this level. you still have the same types of relationships with these guys now today that you would with a 16 or 1-year-old in high school. >> a lot of high school football coaches getting their resumes ready to send out. one eagle is going home to where
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he grew up outside of minneapolis. but he's got a bit of a ticket problem. we'll explain that coming up at 6:00. >> imagine all the people in your life that make it to the super bowl want to go. >> they only get a certain nurl of tickets. it's like a wedding. you have to decide who is coming and who's not. >> john clark live for us, thank you. philadelphia's mayor is placing the city's rocky statue on the line in a super bowl bet. the wager is the tail of a twitter page of the mayor of brockton, massachusetts. it involves philadelphia's rocky statue and the statue of famed boxer in brokton. >> so the bet is that rocky will wear the losing rocky will wear the gear of the winning team. >> the losing mayor would go with the winning team to the white house. as punishment. >> so if the patriots win,
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philadelphia's rocky statue must be draped in patriots gear on patriots day. if the eagles win, brockton's statue will wear eagles gear on the day of the mayor's choice. later in the show, we'll show you other ways philly and boston are making friendly bets on the big game. call it a surprise of his life. all new at 5:00, brian westbrook came knocking on a die hard eagle fan's front door and what happened next was a life-changing moment. brittney shipp was there for the surprise. >> the road to victory for eagles fans include super bowl lii. it's an exciting but expensive task. traveling to minneapolis to see the game in person with flight, hotel and two tickets will set you back $10,000. the nfl extra points credit card is footing the bill for one fan and eagles great brian westbrook is the one handing him the ticket.
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>> i have two tickets to go to minnesota to watch the game with the eagles fans in minnesota, air fare and hotel paid and everything. hopefully e he says yes. >> we're about five minutes away. we're going to walk over to his house. >> how is that? >> hi, man. thank you so much. i love this. >> he joined them in philadelphia as a season ticketer for 25 years. a fan who drinks cafe from his cup every day can add a pat on the shoulder from brian westbrook and a free trip to the
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super bowl to his eagles memories. >> this is unbelievable. this is probably the best moment of my life. i start tearing up again. i couldn't believe it. i really couldn't it. >> although he has a lot of eagles gear to choose from, his choice for next sunday, his carson wentz jersey and favorite fa beanie for the minnesota cold. >> going to the super bowl! whoo! >> that's right. ahead at 5:00, keeping your super bowl party guests safe during this busy flu season. the small steps you can take to keep your party germ free. dweveloping now, one northbound lane is now open after a water main break shut down part of the boulevard extension. this was the scene near henry avenue. crews salled the roads to melt the ice. despite the lane reopening, traffic still backed up in this area. turning now to our first
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alert weather a chilly day didn't stop people from hitting the park here in camden county. nbc 10 on a windy day at cooper river park. here's a live look all the philadelphia's skyline. a beautiful sunny day. cold. colder that be we're used to. we have more cold temperatures headed our way. before a weekend warm up. >> meteorologist tammie souza has all the details on that. i heard you laugh in there. >> you are spoiled. you're both spoiled. it should be 40 degree this is it time of year and we have been in the 50s and 60s. everywhere but where we should be. everybody is thinkings that cold. snap. a few degrees colder than normal. but this is winter time. so yes, this is a chilly day. now we're going to launch ourselves back into the 50s that you enjoyed so much. so you don't have to keep the big jacket out too much longer.
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look at the beautiful sunset. 5:12 is the official sunset. spectacular sping sky. in philadelphia right now, 36. 10 miles of visibility. the winds are out of the northwest. here comes the warm up. look at the 52 in denver. 40 in omaha. 26 in rochester. 27 in boston. we're about to say good-bye to all of this cold weather and make it to the 40s tomorrow. to be the, we're going to be in those 30s. 36 in philadelphia. 35 in dover. 34 in atlantic city. but we'll drop down to 24 in philadelphia. 19 in coatesville. 25 in dover. 23 in atlantic city. i will talk about the forecast for the weekend in just a couple minutes. it's a mixed forecast and we're going to look at the weather next week in minneapolis as well. in case you're going to head
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that way for the game. developing now, dressed in a postal service uniform and arm ed with a gun. a father came face to face with a robber. >> right now at 5:00, lauren mayk explains what kept this dad from running. >> reporter: his side sore, his face shows signs of the attack. but he is feeling lucky today. it was just yesterday that he was putting his 9-month-old son in the car when a man in a postal uniform walked up and pulled out a gun. police released this video that capture d it. the father says he couldn't run or fight back as a man forced him into the house another suspect approached because he didn't want to put his son in danger. >> i couldn't make a run because they had my son. he hit me in the face. >> reporter: while they searched the house, someone threatenened the baby outside. >> he's like, you tell me where
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the money is or i will kill your son. >> reporter: he told him where to find money he had. they took his phone too. now authorities are searching for the men and trying to figure out whether the man in the uniform is or was a postal service employee. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 fuse. police need your help tracking down the skateboarders that rob bed a man in center city. the suspects in the attack it happened last week on the 1700 block of market street. investigators say a skate board slammed into a car while the driver gets out and was attacked. his phone was also stolen. the victim ended up in the hospital. if. you recognize these people, call police. law enforcement officers from around the country are paying tribute to a u.s. marshal killed last week in harrisburg. a public memorial service for deputy marshal christopher hill
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was held today. he was shot while serving warrant at a home in harrisburg one week ago. a gunman opened fire from the second floor killing hill and wounding an officer that gunman was killed in a shootout with police. he's identified as kevin stur jis. he had two active warrants in the city. in philadelphia, police are looking for the person who shot a pizza delivery driver while he was on the job. it happened along north hollywood street last night. two men approached the victim and one of them opened fire. the driver hopped in his car and took off, even though a bullet did hit his hand. police took him to the hospital. today testimony in allentown for federal corruption trial focused on payback against a law firm. the owner of that firm oend the city's tax collection contract testified she was worried about losing that contract she refused the request for a campaign
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donation. the contract was given to another company. they were akuszed in a pay for play scheme. ahead at 5:00, buzzing about the eagles. >> new at 5:00, how a prominent mark on some fans. >> know what you're buying. consumer reporter harry hairston explains what you need to know when looking for eagles gear.
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we are just ten days away from the super bowl and many of you will host friends and family to watch the big game. >> it's particularly active flu season means extra germs at your party. deanna durante explains the simple things you can do to keep you and your guests healthy. >> could you double dip that chip? >> it's a term made famous by "seinfeld." >> what are you talking about? >> double dipping is a major offense. it's also one that can make you and your guests sick. >> that's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip. >> everybody has different
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symptoms for infection. it's good to use good hygiene technique. >> putting your hands in the chip bag or a full bowl of snacks can spread it to the food you're touching. this doctor in the er is e seeing increases in the number of flu patients. the flu may not be all you need to worry about. if you're sharing food for the super bowl. >> there's a neurovirus out there. it can be spread as well. >> if you're sick, stay at home. that's the best way to prevent the spread of illness. not only cover up when coughing, wash your hands a lot as well. >> spread it the day before you have symptoms. >> health experts say you should replace dip dishes often. serve bite-size food so don't contaminate the entire dish and have lots of plates and cups.
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>> take one dip and end it. >> put a spoon in the dip, put it on your plate and you can dip your chips service you want. don't even think about sharing drinks with anyone else. >> very well done. a business is making sure your pet is ready for the big game. we stopped by the bakery and marketplace today. because of super bowl, they have everything a furry eagles fan could want. look at that jersey. including eagles collars and jerseys. they are offering special treats with an eagles twist. >> people have been really excited about him. really receptive. have beening them up as soon as e we put them out. >> can't imagine. it will run its eagles themed specials through next week. out of this world pregame
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show is on. tap ahead. just hours before. the eagles face-off against the patriots. an asteroid will pass pi earth. it's not going to be crashing into the stadium. but this the chief astronomer at the franklin institute says we won't be able to see it because it will be too far away and won't be dark outside. an asteroid will pass. >> unless the eagles don't win. >> i think it's a good thing. this is the next asteroid. it was first discovered in 2002 and then it was named. it is considered hazardous because it is within 4.65 miles of our planet. but in reality, this one is ten times the distance to the moon away. it isn't going to be between the
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moon and the earth. it's about a half mile or so wide. it was a bit closer we'd all be in a panic. i think it's a good oman. the atmosphere is throwing down for the eagles. >> i like that. let's take a look at something else. the atmosphere is beautiful out there this evening. we're having a lovely sunset. let's take a look. philadelphia, 37 degrees today. just a hair below that. we are seasonal for our winter temperatures. the highest wind gust at 24 miles per hour. no snow out there. 33 in the lehigh valley. 34 in south engineer se see. let's check out a few neighborhoods. how about new hope at 33. north wales at 31. you're coming in at 32. union vilville at 32. oxford at 33 degrees. let's zoom in to philadelphia and see what's going on. society hill, 36 degrees. 32 in sum isserton.
5:19 pm
and so everybody comparable in temperatures. no giant change from neighborhood to neighborhood. what you can expect. a big warm-up. good-bye to the temporary koldown. a mixed weekend. rain on sunday. but 50s both days. then we're going to see the rain and snow type pattern set up for next week. so doppler radar, everything is quiet right now. we don't have anything in the area. we did have a clipper go by quickly last night. some clouds off to the west. nothing to disturb us. let's run through hour by hour the sky conditions. the winds have turned from the northwest and they will be more out of the south and southeast tomorrow. that's going to warm us into the 40s. then we get into saturday and we see a few clouds come in. we make it to the 50s. here comes the rain. maybe 2:00 in the morning sunday morning moving across the area. should be out of here by later in the day. but we could get some good soakings here today. temperatures will be warm.
5:20 pm
now let's see the bigger picture. we go into monday. monday is quiet. tuesday is quiet. but look at this. we could perhaps monday night into tuesday some snow. so right now, things look quiet on monday. but monday night into tuesday, we could see a little bit of snow. a dusting to an accumulation. how about go to the twin cities. if you're traveling for the super bowl, things are quiet through next tuesday. then on wednesday, a quick shot of snow. this is going to be a clipper that comes through. and then on thursday, things are quiet. friday, clouds increase. they have a significant clipper coming through saturday evening. they could be seeing a little bit of a rain/snow mix. maybe some freezing rain moving through the twin cities and out of here for super bowl sunday with frigid air coming in behind it. take a look. on sunday, 9 at 6:30. that's the start time. 6: 6 at halftime.
5:21 pm
a windchill of minus 15 degrees. i'll have your ten-day in a few minutes. live over breaking news in kensington. firefighters on the scene of a fire that damaged three homes. this is hurley street near allegheny avenue. several people had to be res kud. it's unclear if they were injured. we'll monitor the situation as you see the camera from sky force 10 is on the rooftop. it appears it's been put out. we'll keep you updated. next at? >> how nbc 10 is helping pay u it forward to a nonprofit making strides in our community. jumping on the bandwagon. why city leaders hope the eagles reaching the super bowl brings visitors to the city of brotherly love.
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when people do good work in the community, we want the to reward it. e we call those angels among us champions in action. they are the nonprofits that help their neighbors thrive. >> it they receive $34,000 in funding from citizens bank plus media support from nbc 10 and tel money do and the media that work. nbc 10 was in north philadelphia
5:25 pm
to help make the announcement of the new recipients. >> you have been named the champion in action. >> reporter: champions deserve to be rewarded and it's the village of arts and humanity nonprofit in north philadelphia. a surprise the staff was not expecting. >> to surprise these folks who think they are here for a staff meeting coming in from home, cold weather in all, and then we come in with something that is warm and welcoming and uplifting. it's just a lot. >> the partnership involving nbc 10 tel mun doe zlgss bank and philadelphia media networks seeks out nonprofits that engage and enhance the community. >> and our ability it reward them in some small way is just all about joy and dpifing back. >> the same goes to raise a child it takes a a village and that's certainly true here. the village of arts and humanities focuses on art
5:26 pm
education and social justice. the $35,000 will go toward the inner city youth who will benefit from the mission. >> it support our core programming with more than 400 young people totally free in the neighborhood. everything from photographty to film to mapping to clay and ceramics, music production, young people can come and learn from working from professional artists. >> the village is a haven for creativity for adult members who once served time behind bars. >> it's an outlet to express myself. don't know which direction. >> now they do. in north philadelphia, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> great program there. ahead at 5:00, betting on the birds. >> as we head to the super bowl, people in philly and boston are making some friendly wages on the game. what's on the table all new at 5:00. and everyone wants to get
5:27 pm
their hands on the eagles gear. but before you open your wallet, know what you're buying. an important consumer alert, next. right now everybody says they cheat. maybe they do. >> an entire south jersey police department of eagles fans against that one secretary who is pulling for the patriots. who says maybe they do cheat. the rivalry brewing, that's coming up at 6:00.
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right now at 5:00, first head to the super bowl t-shirts and fan merchandise is popping up across the area. but is it official team gore thank you for staying with us. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. consumer investigate i have reporting harry hairston joins us with tips on what you to know when you're look iing for eagle gear. >> there's nothing like team loyalty and that's what philadelphia fans have. now when you drop it your hard earned cash on items to show your eagles pride, you'll want to know the difference between official and unofficial gear. dawning an eagle hat and draping an eagles flag, every morning the eagles won the nfc he sets up shop here on montgomery avenue in lower marriott. >> i have a couple of them. >> reporter: he's a road side vender cashing in on eagles
5:31 pm
super bowl frenzy. but you're not going to find official nfl shirts here. >> this is more of a fun thing. this is more of a fun thing. it's not all political stuff. it's just fun. this is what the fans want. >> reporter: just ask carrie. she happened to drive by. >> i did a u-turn to come back. >> reporter: this fan tells us it doesn't matter to her that the gear isn't officially sanctioned by the nfl. >> they are a little better if you see some of the sweatshirts. they have a fighting eagle on there and they are pretty awesome. >> reporter: there's nothing illegal or counterfeit with his items. but they are not official nfl gear. the nfl and eagles logos are not on the items. nor is the official wording sanctioned by the nfl. such as super bowl. if you're in the market for the official gear, here's what you need to know. the officially sanctioned items comes with those names and nfl
5:32 pm
logos. take a close lock. notice the nfl hologram on the official tags. these are all the things our street vender is not allowed to use on his items. >> what size? >> reporter: if you want to show your pride at a less expensive cost, there's always someone like joe. >> you can't find this in any store. >> once again, joe isn't doing anything wrong or illegal. but he's definitely helping fans show their pride. authorities are on the lookout for anyone trying to sell counterfeit gear using the official logos. >> harry hairston, thank you. if you have a consumer complaint, head to and fill out the form or give us a call. we will respond to you. millions of people around the world will be watching super bowl lii. that's a lot of eyes and philadelphia hopes that leads to a lot of visitors. the president of visit philadelphia is already looking ahead. she wants the attention the
5:33 pm
eagles are getting to bring in more tourists and their money. >> what it does is it gives a sense of urgency as people say, okay, i have always meant to go to philadelphia. that would be a good time to go. when they come, they realize there's too much. so they come back and we're so accessible that they can. >> 42 million people visited philadelphia last year. we're going to see if that number goes nfl network. >> i saw how it's affected the community. it's time to reevaluate how we deal with crime, how we deal with punishment. >> birds safety malcolm jenkins will be featured in part one of a series on football players and social justice. in one segment, he sits down with police superintendent. the two discuss social justice issues affecting police and community relations. a friendly wager coming up.
5:34 pm
a look at what's on the table in the super bowl betting when between people in philly and boston. right now, to your weather. a live look at allentown. it's turning into another chilly night. what a beautiful shot. now look at how much temperatures will drop over night. 24 degrees. about 12 degrees cooler than it is now. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is joining us with the forecast. that's a big drop. >> it's a big drop. but it could be worse. we have seen worse. let's be thankful we are going to be in the 20s tonight. not the teens or the single digits. our good friends in minneapolis and boston much colder than us right now. so at least we're seasonal. we'll call it that. how about we go snow skiing. people are enjoying themselves at 23 degrees. it feels like 12 and winds are out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. in philadelphia a beautiful sunset taking place. 36 degrees. it feels like 27. last stop in wilmington. it feels like 25 with those
5:35 pm
northwest winds. . the winds will turn around to the southeast. and then the 50s are going to come scooting in here for the weekend. 52 in denver. it's warm out there. we're in the 30s. but we are going to be making it all the way up into those 50s for the weekend ahead. 30 in coatesville. 35 in dover. 33 in trenton. your neighborhood weather is going to wake up to the mid- to upper 20s in philadelphia. the mid- to lower 20s in the pennsylvania suburbs. sunshine with 19 in the lehigh valley as wakeup weather. 26 in delaware. 25 in new jersey. and the jersey shore right around 27 degrees. i'll have your ten-day and look at your weekend a little closer, when i come back. developing now, philadelphia police are looking at surveillance videos of finding a gunman that shot a man in the heart of center city. it happened around 8:30 last night on 15th and chestnut.
5:36 pm
the victim was shot in the wrist. no one else was hurt. one car did get hit by a bullet. >> the city council is looking into replacing traffic cops with regular people. today the city council president drod a resolution that will call fors on the matter. the goal is to licen the traffic log jam on some of the busiest streets by using civilian officers. under the measure, those officers could issue traffic citations, but would not carry weapons. they also wouldn't be allowed to make arrests. >> the reality is it's traffic in the city of philadelphia has gotten to a point it's utterly ridiculo ridiculous. we just don't address it. we allow it to continue to clog our streets. the would let police officers focus on criminal investigations. new york, l.a. and baltimore all use civilian employees to manage traffic. here's a look at some of the
5:37 pm
stories making headlines across our region today. starting in mercer county, leaders are trying to keep millennials in new jersey. the business and industry association hosted a conference aimed at building up the state's future workforce. leaders are. developing strategies that match education and private sector jobs as a way to keep young people in the state and attract others to the garden state. in delaware county, villanova university broke ground on a new performs arts center. it will be home to the educational programs in the arts including the theater. the $60 million project is funded entirely through donations. . opening up about the abuse tra traumatized her. >> ali raisman on her brave moment in court and her concerns about the future. and all new at 5:00, going green. how these smoothies whipped up are benefitting kids in our area.
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olympic gymnast ali raisman is speaking out. it comes after the doctor at the center is of the usa gymnastics sexual abuse scandal learned his fate. raisman was among more than 150 victims who spoke at the sentencing hearing for larry nassar. yesterday a michigan judge sentenced him to at least 40 years in prison.
5:41 pm
while serving as the doctor for usa gymnastics, nassar molested some of the nation's top gymnasts for years. raisman says he's just the tip of the iceberg. >> this is bigger than larry nassar. we have to get to the bottom of how this disaster happened. if we don't figure out how it did, we can't be confident it won't happen again. >> nassar was the team doctor for michigan state university. the president of the university stepped down amid-growing criticism of how the school handled the scandal. turning to a friendly bet. >> how people are making a wage on the super bowl. >> singing the gospel. how rapper snoop dogg is using the super bowl to switch up his craft. it's going to be a mixed weekend ahead. one day it's dry, one day it's wet. i'll break it down for your neighborhood, straight ahead. and coming up at 6:00, hitchhiking to the super bowl. the robot that wants your helping to minnesota.
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going green for a good ca e cause. a restaurant in center r city specializing in healthy food is selling an eagles green machine smoothy e designed by lane johnson. for every eagles smoothy sold here, johnson's foundation will get a $1 donation. >> everything is green now. you get into the spirit. with lane that's been drinking this smoothy so it's working for them. we need your support to bring a big game. >> the smoothy has kale,
5:45 pm
spinach, honey, pineapple and banana. it looks really good. new at 5:00, betting on the birds. >> as we head to the super bowl, people in philadelphia and boston are making some friendly wages on the gauge. >> it's not just the patriots versus the eagles. with both mayors in brockton and philly putting their rockies on the line losing rocky has to wear the winning team's gear. >> it has to be a quick photo in either city. >> a super bowl loss would be tough to swallow for the eagles, but nothing washes down defeat like a harpoon ipa, which they will have to pour if the patriots win. >> it's bittersweet for them. we'll help them get over it. >> this is a battle brewing between the breweries to see who can raise the most money for
5:46 pm
charity. >> we're going to wipe the floor with these people. >> no question pats fans say that the donuts who banned boston creams will be sending cane donuts. >> do you even want the donuts from philly? >> probably not but we'll take them. >> they will take some t-shirts as is tradition for the losing fire department to have to send. they don't mean to trash talk, but remember this? philly, they are still waiting. >> there's only one did not poeny up when they lost the bet. who is that? >> that would be philly. from the last time we played them. >> i'm beginning to dislike these story when is weboston. >> it's very skewed. >> we'll have the last laugh. we'll be classy. >> you just wait, boston. many are showing your pride bying us your rendition of "fly, eagles, fly."
5:47 pm
>> that's a kilted robe doing their rendition of the fight song out the link this past sunday is. >> you have sent us thousands and thousands of home videos for our eagles song challenge. now we are taking it to a whole new level. we're looking for the most people involved, the most creative rendition and most unusual instrument. head to or upload best video to our nbc 10 app. snoop dogg is trying his hand at gospel music. fans will hear that album during the nfl gospel celebration that airs super bowl weekend. snoop says he's been working on the album for more than a year. looking forward to hearing that. nbc 10 is the official home of the philadelphia eagles. also the only place to watch super bowl lii. no need to change the channel. here's a live look at the home of the philadelphia eagles. it was a sunny and chilly day here outside the link in south
5:48 pm
philadelphia. >> you know what? winter is back. embrace it. >> to your point earlier about the competition between us and boston, the friendly competition, we're always about 10 degrees warmer than them. so there you go. no matter what happens, we're hoping for warmer. outside it is a winter day. but don't worry. we're going to warm back up above our average of 40. tomorrow we're going to be in the low to mid-40s. we're looking at 36 in philadelphia. 34 in delaware. and 34 along the jersey shore. let's scoot on in and take a look at what's going on in philadelphia. 31 for park side. port richmond at 35 degrees. and summerton at 30 degrees. there's love for you in enginje. south jersey it is 32 in
5:49 pm
hamilton square. cherry hill at 32. 32 in vor heez. so for tomorrow, everybody is going to be pleasantly mild. 46 in philadelphia. 44 in the suburbs. 42 in the lehigh valley. 46 in south jersey. 46 in delaware. so back above. average we go with plenty of sunshine. doppler radar, nothing showing up. we had clear skies today. a beautiful day. high, thin clouds aring to drift through. they are falling apart there as they enter about the mid-way point in pennsylvania. that's because we have high pressure in place. it's keeping us nice and dry and clear. let's run you through the next couple days. the winds are out of the northwest. it's a colder air mass from canada. watch the winds. by tomorrow they are going to spin around. they are figuring out where they are going and coming out of the southeast. it's cool off the atlantic waters, but warmer than out of the north.
5:50 pm
then by the time we get to late tomorrow night and sunday, the clouds increase. winds out of the south. we're going to it to the 50s for the weekend. rain moves in before dawn on sunday. it scoots out sunday afternoon. and brings in slightly cooler air. not frigid air. we'll go back to the 40s on monday. then this is what happens after sunday. we clear out and have sunshine on monday. clouds move in and lock at this. monday night into tuesday, a fast-moving clipper comes through. a coastal storm maybe provides enough moisture to bring us some snow across the area. now let's take a look at where the cold is going to be. we have the futurecast here. we have cold air coming down on sunday into perhaps minneapolis. we get. a blast on tuesday here. a cold blast back to the low 30s. let's go scoot ahead for the super bowl. absolutely frigid in minneapolis. prepare for that if you're traveling. single digit highs on super bowl sunday. 57 on saturday. 55 on sunday with rain.
5:51 pm
46 on monday. maybe some rain turning to snow into tuesday. colder on tuesday. 39 on wednesday. we move ahead and we warm back up to the 50s and 40s and here we're going to be in the 30s. single digits in minneapolis on super bowl sunday. eagles fans are trying to find a special way to memorialize this super bowl appearance. coming up, why fans are putting their body on the line in hopes for super bowl victory. later dreamers deal. what president trump is proposing now to help more than a million young people. it's one of several new stories we're working on for nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
welcome back. lester holt has a look at "nbc nightly news." >> an alert for travelers. they shell out more money at the airport. the cough and sniffles. how do you know if it's the cold or the flu. we're going to tell you important signs to know in the
5:55 pm
deadly flu season. for now back to you in philly. >> eep though it's tom brady and the patriots, fans are confident some are putting their money with wr their is. let's just say they are putting their body where their mouth is. inside cadillac tattoos, they are ready for eagles fans. >> it's great. >> reporter: ann gus is a tattoo artist and he's bye-bye getting a lot of eagles requests. but not for now. for ten days from now. >> people are like after they win, i'm getting a super bowl 2018 winner. >> reporter: this eagles fan
5:56 pm
stopped in today to take a look around. >> win or lose, i'm going to get one. it would be that much more special if they won. >> these fans are floating around. he's confident in the birds but not ready to pull the trigger yet. >> i don't want to jinx it. >> reporter: eric wears his team's colors on and ushd his sleeve. it's 13 years old. it's past due for an addition. >> when and if they did win the super bowl, i'm getting the trophy or something added around it. and then it's looking good this year. >> reporter: even ai-sat in the chair, but as he put the stencil on my arm, i, too, should probably wait. reporting in north philadelphia, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> that's dedication. he's local. huge eagles fan himself. 20 to 2020, don't jinx yourself.
5:57 pm
that's why we're all waiting. we don't want to jinx it. all new at 6:00, we talk to eagles stars malcolm jenkins about how they will get past the patriots to win philadelphia's very first super bowl. also new at 6:00, one patriots fan in south jersey is standing all alone against an entire police department full of eagles fans. why she says she can look past a little cheating by new england. plus running out of bed. the local hospital forced to take the flu fight outside. it's cold now, but the warm up is coming for the weekend. i'm also tracking weekend rain. and then some snow next week in my first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, the eagles get back to practice today just ten days out from the super bowl. >> i really don't e know what expect as far as the atmosphere and amambience, but i'm guessin it's crazy. >> the birds strategizing on how to take down the patriots. >> you can't get caught up in what they do. it's more about what we do. >> just one win away from making philadelphia's super bowl dreams come true. one win. good evening, i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm jim rosenfield.
6:00 pm
the eagles back practicing at the complex today trying to keep their routine as normal as possible before they head to minnesota. >> we have all of philadelphia is is lit up. >> the team is is focused. they want to be focused on what is is the task at hand. >> all of philadelphia is lit up in eagles green right now. these are live cameras showing green lights all around the city. the mayor said there's not going to be a celebration for this birds before they go. >> he says it's possible there could be a small one. we'll have to wait and see. >> let's go to tim furlong with more. >> everyone talks about the patriots mystique. >> is there another team or opponent? >> at eagles practice, number 9 is running the plays.


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