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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, touchdown in minneapolis. the eagles just flew the nest. local flavor home and away. minneapolis is more than a thousand miles away but the taste of philly making its way to the big game.
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>> eagles! >> you better believe it. the super bowl is still a week away but business is already booming ahead of the big game. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. right now, the eagles have landed. the birds got a rained soaked super bowl send off at home as the hype continues to grow here at home. good evening, i am denise nakano. nbc 10 is counting you down. now just seven-days away. you will only see right here on nbc 10. we have a team of reporters scattered all over the country talking with eagles fans on the road and here at home. we begin with john clark who spoke with eagles players as soon as they landed in minnesota. >> reporter: this is what the
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eagles see as they arrive here at their team hotel for the super bowl. it has to hit you that you are arriving for the super bowl when you see pictures of yourselves here at the team hotel. some eagles fans showed up to welcome the team and eagles president came out in the cold and welcomed the birds fans to minnesota. they are glad super bowl week is finally here. are you keeping your emotions in check? >> right now i am. 100%. >> a lot of ruckus on the team, but everybody is focused and we are going to have fun but also know it is a business trip. >> reporter: this is the eagles arriving at the airport here with about 60 cameras all
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watching their every move. super bowl hype is here. the birds are hoping to return to philadelphia next monday with this, the lombardi trophy. in minnesota, john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. nbc 10 drew smith is live outside where the eagles faithful is there to say goodbye. >> reporter: other people were out on the street following the bus right up against the runway fence even. fans are 100% behind the team 100% of the way. fans taking the fight song literally today. >> cool experience see everybody and see them board the plane. >> reporter: even in pouring rain. >> i am getting wet but who
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cares. >> reporter: it was a party atmosphere out here. >> i want to see the players, i want to see them come back with the trophy. >> we got to defeat the evil empire. >> reporter: we met three generations of eagles fans. >> i taught them well. eagles for life. >> reporter: photo and autograph from retired linebacker seth joyner. team gear flying off the shelf. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles. >> reporter: confident. the eagles will be landing here in a week's time with a trophy.
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>> meeting with eagles fans making the trip out there. what nfl stores have in store in minneapolis. >> reporter: not too far from the outdoor super bowl live stuff, the indoor experience is now open. a fun place to be in a town full of fun places. >> the city has a great spirit. >> reporter: here you can get a look at every year super bowl ring. we of course have none yet. you can snap a photo with the lombardi trophy. starting to see some eagles fans including a south jersey native >> i get too hard of a time from people living out here. but rooting the eagles all the way. >> reporter: all indoors and it is all interactive.
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no matter what you want to do. you can do it all under one enormous football roof. kids of all ages can try their skills. some have more skills than others. get an inside look at all the cool stuff that make us love this game. wilson is here hand making footballs. they have been making footballs for 77 years. >> our footballs are perfect when they leave the factory. >> reporter: this plays in all the other super bowl activities are worth the stop. >> it is a great city. it is a great place to live. people are friendly. >> reporter: in minneapolis, tim
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for long nbc 10 news. >> partnering with saint jude research hospital for the first super bowl smash. take a look at these eagles fans in sin city. got together to show their favorite team some love. don't forget to tune in all week long at 7:00 p.m. for our special nbc 10 championship. right here on nbc ten we will have nonstop coverage all the way up to the big game itself. after the super bowl, a brand
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new episode of "this is us." breaking news. a hit and run crash involving several cars and a pedestrian shutting down the eastbound lane of i-76. the crash happened just after 9:00 tonight. we know the person hit suffered serious injuries. turning now to our first alert weather, tracking the next round of snow heading this way. meteorologist steve sosna. >> we will see the potential of light snow. we have the rain to deal with. that rain really slow to go. so i made some changes to the
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forecast slowing the rain down and you may have to deal with showers at the shore even here through the day tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. tracking several potential for snow this week. tuesday storm system looks light mainly west of the city. could be a secondary storm here on friday. that has the potential to be bigger. and a third one for super bowl sunday. i will break down the timing and which ones have the most potential coming up at 11:18. see you soon. white house pushing back against a bombshell that president trump ordered the firing of robert mueller. no conversation about firing mueller. but some members of congress are not convinced and believe any attempt at obstruction of justice has to be looked at.
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>> something to be looked at. >> all of this as president trump prepares for his first state of the union address. expected to focus on economics, security and immigration. lauren mayk will be live. and then the address on nbc 10 news at 9:00 p.m. next, home is where the cheesesteaks are. how eagles fans can feel right at home no matter where they are. as we get closer to the super bowl, how a local deli is celebrating the moment.
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nbc 10 randiy gillen hal. >> our nbc 10 road trip to the super bowl takes us through ohio, indiana and illinois. the windy city. the heart of the midwest where
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football fans bear down. but tucked away on the north side of chicago we found a place that eagles fans flock to. at monti's restaurants fans feel right at home. philly pride. and back in the kitchen, cheese rolls. owner is a filly transplant now serving eagles fans every sunday in chicago. >> as soon as they clinched the spot for the super bowl, our phones blew up. well enough big time. >> i am in heaven again. like i am back in philadelphia. >> reporter: saying it is a taste of home. >> a great to have a cheesesteak
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and a best place to watch the eagles. eagles! >> she has got the spirit. fans young and old are getting into the eagles spirit. the folks at carlino's market planning everything they need to feed hungry fans. why they think this could be bigger than christmas. >> reporter: eagles fever is all over, all over the tomato pie and all over the employees. for this family business, it is a boost that comes with smiles and extra sales. usually christmas eve is the big holiday here. >> when eagles went to super bowl in 2004, it was bigger than christmas. we are planning for that too.
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>> reporter: the bread baking will go on 24 hours and using a lot of sprinkles. hanna went for the cupcakes. >> who is that? >> the eagles. >> what is on your shirt? >> eagles. whoo! >> reporter: from the excitement of young fans to the emotions of those who waited so long. >> reporter: what is the season like for you? >> very good. so emotional. >> reporter: why is it emotional for you? >> about time to win some. >> i am getting the eagles tomato pie. >> reporter: filled with a lot of work and good fortune for businesses like this one who feed hungry fans. >> i would love to have it happen every day.
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nbc 10 is spending an entire team of anchors and reporters to minnesota. station of your philadelphia eagles. and just a reminder, the only way you can watch super bowl lii is by watching super bowl sunday. bruno mars was the big winner at the grammy's ♪ tonight i'm going to show you how ♪ best country album went to chris stapleton. tonight at the grammy's artists wore white roses in
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support of me too and times up. take a look at the wrestling fans. this is one of four nights in philadelphia for the wwe and tomorrow is monday night raw and the wwe smackdown is on tuesday. turning now to first alert weather tracking snow headed for our way. and meteorologist steve sosna. >> little bit of a smackdown from mother nature. pay attention to the forecast. news of snow on certain days. tonight is quiet for many of you turning chilly. that is the big story. a break from the warmth -- or i should say the cold. will be light snow in here on tuesday. not looking like a big storm system. the storm system on friday looks
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more impressive. and another storm system for super bowl sunday. we did have a nice break from the cold this weekend. high temperatures mid to upper 50s. average high 41 degrees. live look outside from the comca comcast center. here is the perspective looking at the cold and as you can see, our friends and neighbors in the twin cities dealing with temperatures feeling like 30 degrees. starts as early as tomorrow night. up to 48 degrees tomorrow. rebound on thursday to 49 and right back to the chill by friday with temperatures in the 30s. most of you have cleared out. nice from philadelphia north and
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west. but showers down at the shore. these showers are stubborn. these showers may linger in to tomorrow now. the south jersey communities from atlantic city to southern delaware, you may not escape the rain here. otherwise chilly conditions north and west of the city, you do not need the umbrella. northern and western communities you are a-okay. clouds maybe a few breaks of sunshine. southern communities different story here. so tomorrow is location, location, location. if you are philadelphia, north and west, you are fine here. jersey shore communities clouds and have the umbrella as we will see on and off showers. showers are on and off through
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12:30 tomorrow afternoon. then another system comes on in here on monday night into tuesday. that will energize a coastal storm. too little too late for coastal communities. there is a second piece to this storm and that will bring a few snow showers tuesday into wednesday not looking like a big storm system. let's get into thursday into thursday night. this storm system we will keep an eye on and have more on that at the end of the show. let's turn it over to amy with sports. hey, did you know that the eagles are in minneapolis? they are. the birds got their first win of the week today because they beat the patriots to the site of the super bowl. we will hear from the birds about the big game next in
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sport. >> announcer: energize the fans is powered by nrg. powers the eagles, powers philly and powers you.
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it's time to fiber optics your netflix. go to getfios.comto switch today. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. change the way you experience tv. >> reporter: this time next week we might be witnessing the biggest party in philadelphia history. eagles arrived in minnesota this afternoon. john clark spoke with a few players once they settled in. >> reporter: has it hit you that you are at the super bowl?
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>> not yet. living in the moment, enjoying the moment right now. maybe tomorrow when we have media day. >> reporter: how ready is this team? >> as ready as we can be. be a good game. >> reporter: one of the reasons the eagles are where they are, they didn't miss a beat when foles took over for wentz. foles says it keeps them guessing. >> you can do everything. and anyone who has ever played football, will tell you that. when you see the same thing but don't know what is coming, it is hard to play. in those looks, it comes down to execution up front and me making a good decision.
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>> reporter: jeru and the other metro stars. got sprung on a break away and lost in the finals. fliers are back in action wednesday in washington. sixers played in oklahoma city. he might play tomorrow in milwaukee. first time he will play in back-to-back games. going right to russell westbrook. and he will jump right all over the all-star. and the slam. westbrook scored 37.
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122-112. what a game he had. all alone. 31. career high. bridges took a big offense forward. and dante puts it in. villanova 20-1. that will wrap it up for sports. we will right back after this.
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they came out of nowhere, sir! how many of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners!
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good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. steve back with the final check of the forecast and we are talking snow. >> yeah, a nice break from the snow but won't last for much longer. this is the thursday into friday storm. starts off as rain and transitioning to snow. none of these storm systems are particularly strong but incon convenient in terms of timing. chance of snow or rain.
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the friday one is the one that i have my eye on. 48 degrees for tomorrow. snow showers and then that eye on the storm on friday. >> thank you. i am denise nakano. "eagles game plan" is next.
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coming up on eagles game plan. >> you got to set this up with this type of formation. if we hit it, it is a big play. great protection and i am going it tell you something, you can't put this ball in any better spot than nick did. >> the eagles have become very efficient with this rpo concept, the run pass option. it gets nick foles into the game. and it now becomes a staple into the eagles offense. >> this is something when you go up against the new england patriots, they want to get you on a match up disadvantage. communication is going to be


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