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increasing this afternoon. 37 inland, 38 at the shore, and into the middle 30s for the suburbs and lee high valley. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly your neighborhood plans to the teens. but first jessica boyington. watching this construction project near the vine. eastbound schuylkill diverting traffic off. you can see the cones right there today onto the vine street expressway. that'll be at least for another the vine to south street. watch for some lanes blocked on the leftbound side, too. 295 to 495 with speeds also into the 60s. and i'll end here with mass transit. we're not seeing any problems this morning for papco, septa,
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amtrak or new jersey transit. thank you, jessica. vai sikahema. we are just four days away now from super bowl lii in minneapolis. today we'll hear from eagles players and head coach doug pederson. they'll talk today here at the mall of america. this is video of the birds practicing in philadelphia. today and through the rest of the week the team will actually use the indoor practice facility at the university of minnesota to pre face the new england patriots on sunday. meanwhile expect to see eagles toyota tight end rob gronkowski. he's sent the last week i concussion protocol after being knocked out the afc championship game. wentz tweeted out, hey, eagles
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fans you can bid now on two super bowl tickets. this auction benefits a member of a eagles extended family who recently lost their home in a fire. auction ends february 1st, 5:00 p.m., bid now. and here's another chance. for a $10 donation eagles defensive end brandon graham a chance to win two lower level seats at the super bowl as well as up to $4,000 in travel expenses. dream of a lifetime, right? well, you have until friday to enter that. proceeds from the donations will support grand charitable efforts. and we got a chance to hear from the eagles while they are settled in. while trust the process may be associated with another squad, it seems foles is concentrated on another that's already set in
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motion. >> we'll continue to fine tune the game plan and continue to talk to coach wright about the game plan. >> foals also said he can't wait to see how many eagles fans show up. and curry makes the clear how many eagles fans want to see the lombardy trophy resting in south philly. >> it's going to be insane, man. the fans, you know, you feel it in your heart. i know y'all all got a job to do, local media, but at the end of the day if you live in philadelphia and you've been here for years and you've been following the eagles and you've been watching us play you already know what it means because a piece of you are going to feel like, man, they did it. >> one of the challenges facing the eagles could be in their own
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heads. the aura of a dynasty like the patriots can be a little overwhelming. i spoke to buccaneers head coach tony dungy. he said the eagles are doing a good job of keeping all that in check. >> i was there in philadelphia for three days with the eagles, and i think he's done a good job of trying to disassemble that. every eagle that i've talked to it's not about them. how are we going to play. >> so the training is there, the game plan is there. we just have to see if the holds up on game night come sunday. now let's send it back to rosemary conners who's following the eagles excitement in philadelphia. >> those three crucial words, vai, trust the process. one community in montgomery county is going all out for the eagles. this morning members of the lower providence township board of supervisors will be at eagles
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elementary school to proclaim today as eagles day. board members are encouraging the community to join in support for the birds super bowl bid. nbc 10's mast delucia continues our team super bowl coverage. and matt you have the story of one eagles fan who spent a whole lot of time in enemy territory. >> reporter: right, and this may be a challenging time or a fun time depending on how you look at it. one guy who does that all the time is a guy by the name of neil gottlieb. he commutes to boston for work a few times every week. even before the eagles won the nfc championship game all he heard was arrogance from the patriots championship game. and he saw on the wall the
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boston area pro team with the caption. >> well, it actually starts on the airplane. so i travel up there on tuesdays typically and come back on fridays. so when i went up there last tuesday, anyone with aben a an eagles hat was being ribbed. so it was a very funny on the airplane environment. and coming back it was the same environment coming back friday night. people were literally debating on the plane. >> reporter: and he says in boston it's an attitude of confidence. but here in philly it's an attitude of fight. and he likes that underdog spirit, so he's hoping that the eagles might prevail come sunday night. of course, we all are hoping that. and speaking of underdogs, he has the philly pretzel factory here in mayfair. they've been busy and opened up at 4:00 in the morning. so all these folks are working hard inside there.
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it's a little steamy with the windows, but they're make pretzels shaped like dog bones. we're going to head into the dog pound, if you will, in the next hour. >> thanks for that, matt. nbc 10 is the official eagles station. it's the only place you can watch super bowl lii. all week long our team is taking you behind the scenes of the excitement in minneapolis. we are your backstage pass to preparation of the players. come super bowl sunday we expect the most epic night in super bowl history. we'll need two channels to cover it for you. over on our digital channel cozi you can watch our wall to wall super bowl coverage. and over the air, 10.2. 4:07 right now on this wednesday. here's a look at the other top stories we're following for you
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tos morning. the hospital. sky force 10 was over the scene as the crews fought the flames. witnesses could see heavy smoke coming from the second floor and the roof. it took more than a hundred fighters two hours to get the blaze under control. start about a fast freeze. it happened on a south jersey bridge once the sun went down yesterday. there was no chance for anyone to warn drivers. the result was a 14-car pileup in egg harbor township. everybody is expected to be okay. atlanta county crews put extra salt on the bridge after the scene cleared so that it could be reopened. this morning you will the opportunity to see a rarity in the sky. a super blue blood moon eclipse.
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nasa says that's when a super moon combines with a blood moon. a super moon is a super moon at its closest point to earth, and a blood moon is when a moon gives a reddish tint. nasa says you should see the initial phases of the eclipse in our area around 6:45 this morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the winds are blowing and cold air coming into play making it feel like it's in the single digits this morning. so if you're going to be stepping out to see that super blood moon blue eclipse before it sets, you're going to have to bundle up because the temperatures are about 20 degrees colder than yesterday. and will feel even coldwer with the wind. clouds will be coming in and that'll help temps hold steady. right now look at the teens
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across new jersey, swedes borough, turnersville, down to 17 degrees this morning. so definitely have to plan on a cold morning. and it's going to be a chilly afternoon. this time of year we should be in the low 40s. and then you factor in that steady wind it'll feel like it's 16 degrees at 9:00. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 26 degrees, and it'll feel like 22 this afternoon. temperatures cool down a bit during the evening hours but will hold pretty steldy during the night tonight. we're clear right now. wilmington, philadelphia, trenton no clouds around. you'll get a nice clear view as the sun sets. that's going to happen just after 7:00 this morning. snow showers to the west. we won't get snow showers, but we will get increasing clouds. rain will hold off until tomorrow. for today 26 degrees up to 34
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degrees and climbing at 2:00 but not much more than this afternoon. the suburbs teens to start with warming into the low 30s. and bright sunshine this morning to start the warming process. delaware will be dry all day, certainly cold to start with. up to 25 at 10:00 and lower 30s at 2:00 this afternoon. and those teens will disappear this morning with bright sunny skies in new jersey, a few extra clouds by 2:00 in the afternoon. you'll see a lot of sunshine today with temperatures in the 30s. we are in some warmer temperatures before it gets cold. i'll show you what's ahead looking towards the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. 4:11 right now on this wednesday. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the traffic. jess? >> rosemary, watching the schuylkill expressway right now. we know what's happening here. it's construction, so an ongoing project that lasts through the morning hours and 5:00.
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you can actually see some of the cones right there. they won't allow you through there to about south street for the next 40 minutes or so. 22 minutes in both directions and speeds still into the 60s. all right, thank you, jessica. green pride. a mother and a daughter are in the right place to celebrate the birds. how a family wh sure minneapolis knows who they support. and gearing up for the game. philadelphia police are preparing for fans who take it to the streets. the fifth time officers will be leaving out one little special ingreed i want in their plan. eagles fans aren't exactly getting a warm welcome in cold minneapolis. and minnesota cold, now we're getting plenty of sthoe. take a look behind me here at l. a few inches coming down as a
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clipper system moves through minneapolis. coming up next we'll talk with fans, players and show you the live pics.
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i'm vai sikahema live at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. while eagles fans all over are ready to root for the birds, i talked to a mom who used to the live in northeast philadelphia but now lives in minnesota. when i caught up with her and her young daughter at the mall, both were wearing their eagles green. her mom says they live in a house divided. >> my husband is from minnesota, so he's a vikings fan.
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so last week was -- there was some tension in the house. >> but all that's in the past now because we're heading to the super bowl. so will the rest of the house cheer with you? >> yes, we've taken the vikings stuff down and now it's all eagles. >> reporter: and she taught mom and i the eagles cheer. well, the eagles and the patriots aren't the only ones getting ready for super bowl on sunday. that's a photo here of justin timb timb timberlake standing on the 50-yard line at the stadium. and now to some super bowl food. well, it may not be a philly cheesesteak, but minnesota fans may sink their teeth into another perfection.
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this is called the juicy lucy. it features cheese between two burger patties. we stopped by and learned this started when a regular customer asked for cheese in the middle. >> made it for as soon as he bit in he said, wow, that's a juicy lucy. so that's where the name came from. >> reporter: matt says on a normal weekday they sell a whopping 700 juicy lucy's. now let's head back to rosemary conners at the nbc 10 studios for more coverage. if you build it, they will come. well, sort of. a montgomery county family has transformed their front yard into a eagles field of dreams. the mini field is a welcome sight for eagles fans driving along college road in collegeville.
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vicky's husband started it right after the nfc championship game. they hope it will bring good luck. >> how does that make you guys feel? >> like celebrities. >> win or lose, they tell us this shrine to the birds will be up for the rest of the year. why not, right? 4:18 right now on this wednesday. cold start out there and icy on your driveways probably and on the roads. meteorologist bill henley is tracking that freeze out there. >> there are few spots that didn't dry up yesterday afternoon, but the wind did dry out most of the area. but if it's on the ground, it is frozen this morning. that wind is making it feel even colder. that's cold air moving in and making it feel like it's in the single digits. it's going to be a cold wait at the bus stop this morning. we'll get some sunshine, but 18 for exten, quaker town, teens for wilmington right in the same
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territory. standby and bundle up if you're heading out the door. you'll also need your sunglasses. there will be some clouds moving in this afternoon, but no weather until later tomorrow. the nearest showers are to our west and the ohio valley. you can see that's moving through minneapolis giving them snow. that's the system that's going to bring us rain later tomorrow not for today. today we will stay dry and warm up to 37 degrees. that's close to the normal high of 41. tomorrow will exceed that normal. so up to 47 degrees, and then the cold comes right back in for friday, saturday andme sday and, the storm is coming together with those temperatures in the 30s, we could see a combination of rain and possibly snow. but not on saturday. saturday we're going to see sunshine. it'll be cold. 30s in philadelphia and the suburbs. up to 36 degrees at the shore. and then on sunday clouds will be building.
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it will start as rain, but we could see some snow mixing in by evening time. temperatures peak in the upper 30s on sunday, but then colder air will be moving in on monday morning. i'll look at that in the ten day on ten in the next half-hour. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on the cameras this morning. we're starting on the schuylkill expressway. we have a closure on the eastbound side. you have a diversion. they're diverting all traffic off the schuylkill east and diverting it off onto the vine street expressway. so moving through center city it's a little bit of a change th be there until about 5:00 this morning. and a small closure on the whit that will clear. so we'll have that closure just
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because it's the beginning of rush hour you won't be stuck out there for too long. but right now detouring that around the scen:21 right now. a vision for america. president trump addresses a divided nation in his first state of the union. >> the state of our union is strong because our people strong. >> the policies he's now pushing and the response from democrats. missile mixup. new details about how a real scare led to that fake attack warning in hawaii. and apple under investigation. all new at 5:00 a.m., the latest fallout with the tech giant for slowing down older iphones.
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the former usa gymnastics physician who was sentenced to 175 years behind bars last week will face dozens of more victims today in a michigan courtroom for another sentencing hearing. this time dr. larry nassar will have to hear from more than 50 girls whom he abused at a center. he accepted a plea deal for several more criminal sexual misconduct charges. some of today's, victims, by the way, are also some of the same women who confronted nassar during an earlier sentencing hearing this month. we're hoaring more about the death of the actor mark salling. investigators found him in a river bed just outside los angeles yesterday morning. he was known for his character on the tv series "glee." the 35-year-old was facing up to
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seven years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography. amazon has revolutionized the way we shop and now want to revolutionize health care in america. while the goal is to slash the cost of ensuring their combine 1.1 million employees, a statement released yesterday did not detail exactly how the venchture will operate. this morning we're learning more about the missile alert scare in hawaii earlier this month. the the employee who sent the false alert said he thought the attack was real. a routine drill at 8:05 a.m. showed a phone recording that said exercise, and then the employee warned the public from
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a computer. he has since been fired. >> he has performance issues, and throughout the ten years he has confused drills at least two times. >> it took 38 minutes to issue a new alert say there was no threat. the fcc says the drill was run without sufficient supervision. the emergency management administrator has resigned and is accepting full responsibility. 4:26 on this wednesday. our team coverage of the super bowl countdown continues. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live just outside the mall of america. >> what he says about facing his former favorite team. still lots of time before the big game to figure out how to use the microphone.
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if you're heading out the door, you have to figure what to wear to stay warm. it's a cold one this morning. the temperatures have plummeted this morning, and taking advantage of it cold weather in the poconos mountains making some snow. right now 18 degrees at 4:27.
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mixed emotions. a philadelphia area native now wears a patriots uniform. what he has to say about facing preparation. super bowl lii. philadelphia police are getting ready for fans to fill the streets, and this time they have something different in mind. better than crisco to control a. president trump lays out his vision for the nation during his
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first "state of the union" address. plenty to get to on this wednesday. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. >> good morning, rosemary. i'm vai sikahema. we are your officials eagles station. we have complete coverage leading up to the super bowl on sunday. it's actually snowing in parts of the area here in minneapolis. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is reporting that. bill? yeah, that snow you're seeing there is going to come to us as rain later tomorrow. you won't see it today. what you'll see today i of people bundling up. the wind is blowing too. it the single


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