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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> yeah, you said it. it's a big day for doug pederson. 50 years old because 50 does come before super bowl lii. first official practice at the university of minnesota and they are simulating the half an hour halftime show to get used to that because that's a lot different than the normal halftime. take a look at this. this is the lombardi trophy for the first time put out there on display with the eagles and patriots helmets. and the eagles are still having fun. and they are still loose today. fletcher cox put on a mexican wrestling mask. he said, hey, i've got superpowers. he also sang a country song with the punter donny jones. they are loose, having fun and doug pederson for his 50th birthday, oh, you know what gift he would like. >> it's a great day, not only because of my birthday. my wife is here and my family
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will be in here later this week. to be able to celebrate this with them and, you know, with the team and to be in this game, obviously, is an honor. if somehow we can pull out a victory, that would be the icing on the cake. >> icing on the cake. he's got a good line. you got to love that. coming up at 5:00, in one hour, we're going to tell you why a cell phone ban has helped bond the eagles defense. i think parents and teachers out there would love to hear this as well. i'm john clark, live in the mall of america. we'll see you in one hour. >> everyone is listening to that one. john, we'll see you soon. we can tell you in the last hour, the nfl announced security policies for fans heading to the big game. security screening at u.s. bank stadium starts at 1:00 p.m. local time. that's more than five hours before the game. the nfl says arrive early and wear warm clothing because you will be waiting outside to get
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through security. so even though you're in the dome, know that important information. with kickoff quickly approach, eagles fans are making their way to minneapolis, minnesota. some eagles fans are receiving a really colorful send-off back in philadelphia. for that story, we want to go to nbc 10's miguel martinez-valle. really rolling out the green carpet for the birds faithful headed this way. >> reporter: that's right. american airlines literally rolling out the green carpet for the eagles fans that are traveling today. so you can see they have balloons, signs. but that is not all they have. this is going to be a great way to send them off and right here with me is olympia. you were telling me you guys have way more when they get on the plane. >> we do. these wonderful rally towels we're giving out to all the customers hoping they'll proudly wave them at the big game on sunday. >> and it's not just the towels for the customers.
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you also have something going on for people working, right? >> we do. in addition to the eagles fanfare for our employees as well, we've actually had two tailgate parties already for the playoff games and we have an extra special tailgate party happening on sunday. it's the airport version of the tailgate par lots of food and ravff raffles and surprises. >> american airlines has a few extra flights today, this week, and they have thousands of people that are going out traveling to the super bowl. one of them right here. so give me your name, and how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling really good. my name is brian long from drexel hill. we're so pumped. a long time coming. we're going to make it happen. >> now this greeting for you, the send off. it just adds to the excitement, right? >> it does. it builds it up. this is what it's all about. what's great about a philly fan is all the excitement of getting ready to go to the game and
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everything that preempts. so it's beautiful. we're looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to it, and t starting. we're going to be live inside the gate coming up at 5:00. i'll see you then. miguel martinez valle, nbc 10 news. >>miguel, i love to see that type of fanfare. the excitement begins before they even get here to the home of the super bowl. ♪ from the fight song to a drum line and even that appearance by their very own swoop. 600 students from the hill street and world academy in least mt. erie filled the auditorium to show their eagles spirit. ♪ fly eagles fly
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>> this elementary school added some dance moves to spice up the eagles fight song. we want to hear the very best fight song renditions. we're looking for versions with the most people. also the most creativity or most unusual instruments. submit yours on the nbc 10 app. we want to see what you have. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. if you need more eagles if you just can't get enough, we have you covered all evening long. tune in tonight and every night this week at 7:00 for our special eagles coverage. the championship "we want it." sunday, we're expecting the biggest night in tv history. it's so big we need two channels to cover it. after the game catch "this is us" on nbc 10. and flip over to our cozi channel and watch nbc 10 "this is philly."
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that's where you'll get nonstop coverage of super bowl lii and the celebrations in minnesota and here in philadelphia. we're going to be bringing you complete coverage from minneapolis, minnesota, leading up to the super bowl on sunday. our coverage continues in less than ten minutes. everyone wants to look their very best, of course, for super bowl sunday. female fans are glamming it up bird style at the salon. for now, back to the studio with erin and denise. >> i like those nails. all right. thanks, jacqueline.ou political bombshell. philadelphia's most powerful congressman says he will not run for re-election. democrat bob brady made that announcement today. it came two months after nbc 10 learned brady was being investigated by the fbi. nbc 10's deanna duranty joins us
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live. >> it depends on who you talk to. we talked to people on city streets that didn't know enough about congressman brady to talk about him. now they have to figure out who to put up in his place and the congressman says with new district lines being redrawn, that was about the last straw. one of the reasons he's decided not to run again. >> i'm just choosing, you know, family over service. >> reporter: saying he's never walked a grandchild to school, congressman bob brady says his family deserves more of him. >> i look back at all the other days and nights where the job came first, i had to choose public service over my family and friends. >> reporter: elected to serve in the 1st congressional district, congressman brady has served voters from northeast philadelphia, along the delaware river and into upper darby in delaware county since 1988. the city's longest serving congressman, brady doesn't like to talk about what he's done. >> nobody that could come in and do all the things i've done.
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i've passed 14 bills that became law. 41 passed the house. >> braty isn't without controversy. he's been the head of the philadelphia democratic committee since 1986 and was part of an fbi probe where he says charges will not be coming. he says family was a main concern not to seek re-election but also the soon to be redrawn congressional district. right now the city has three u.s. representatives and brady isn't sure if that number will change. i also asked brady about washington's political climate. >> the climate in washington, i'm going to tell you, is rigid and as horrible as can be. if i have -- if i have a bill like i just told you, it's the brady is in front of it, it doesn't pass. >> reporter: brady says that he will back whoever the democratic committee decides to put in his place. he says that won't happen until those district lines are redrawn. he says he is very disappointed
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that both sides, republican and democrats, have been unable to work together in washington. and he also says he will remain head of philadelphia's democratic committee. reporting live in old city, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new jersey senator bob menendez will not be retried on corruption charges. federal prosecutors announced that decision today. menendez was charged with trading his political influence for gifts and campaign donations from a florida doctor. a november trial ended with a hung jury. at least two local lawmakers orp this train that slammed into a truck today. the train was carrying republican lawmakers from washington to a retreat in west virginia. it hit a trash truck just outside of charlottesville, virginia. nbc 10's lauren mayk joining us. >> reporter: one person was killed in this crash. a white house spokesperson says there were no serious injuries among members of congress and
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their staff. two local lawmakers were on board. congressman brian fitzpatrick from pennsylvania and congressman tom mcarthur from new jersey. they are both okay this afternoon. this crash happened in virginia with the amtrak train colliding with a garbage truck. some lawmakers jumped in to help the injured afterwards, including congressman jeff flake -- senator jeff flake from arizona. it reminded him of the scene last summer when a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice. listen as he describes today's crash. >> so i think the closer you were, the more of an impact there was. it did derail the engine car. but it's -- it still took us awhile to stop. i moved back about ten cars. it took about that long to stop the train, even with the front car derailed. so we were moving at a pretty
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high rate. >> new jersey congressman tom mcarthur explained what happened saying on the way to the annual gop retreat, the train that my colleagues were travelogue was involved in an accident. i am okay and thankful for the first responders for their quick action. my prayers are with those who were injured in this accident. a spokesman for congreman brian fitzpatrick tells me he was tossed around a little bit but is okay. this retreat is going to continue this weekend. it's an annual event for republicans. the meeting last year was held in philadelphia. live in the breaking news center, i'm lauren mayk. mixed reaction to the president's state of the union address. it lasted about 80 minutes. the president tried to reach across the aisles to get democratic support for several issues, including tax reform, foreign trade and north korea. some of the strongest reactions were to his comments on immigration. house minority leader nancy
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pelosi said president trump reached a new low in the way his speech dealt with issues such as immigrati immigration. >> the president presents himself as a generous toward dreamers but he's holding them hostage, the most extreme anti-immigrant agenda in generations. >> many in the room were surprised the president said he's keeping guantanamo bay opened. he plans to use the military prison there as an option in the war on terror. former nba player and philadelphia native ra sual butler and his wife were killed in a car crash today in california. he played 13 seasons in the nba. he was a stand out at roman catholic high school and lasalle. butler was 38 years old. we've just learned about new jersey's first flu-related death this season. in december, a 4-year-old girl who had not been vaccinated died from the flu. the state health department says the child was from central new jersey. police are looking for the woman in this video. they say she abducted and robbed
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a woman in philadelphia. the suspect was seen at the walmart just before the crime. the victim was threatened with a knife and force tot drid to dri atm and withdraw $500. surveillance videos also show her showing up at a wawa in a gray car. ♪ i know people near and far if you have a problem all on me and i will be there quickly ♪ >> students at north philadelphia catholic school honored philadelphia police, the fire department and other first responders. st. christopher catholic school hosted a reception for about 100 first responders. students sang, read poems and drew pictures for their guests. today's event was part of catholic schools week. a live picture from minneapolis and the site of super bowl l.
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ea fm here to philadelphia are counting down to sunday. just four days to go now. the super bowl could be a real nail-biter for eagles fans. and today, some diehards made sure those nails are really ready for game day. check this out. take a look. it's the face of carson wentz on a fingernail. the artists at l.a. nails in folsome have been busy painting all things eagles. their work is really impressive from faces to logos. seems there's nothing they can't do. cydney long is joining us. i'm dying to see your own nails. what you got? >> caller: jackie, i can tell you for the time and money invested, we're not going to be biting on these fingernails. it's easy to pick out your jersey and gameday cap but we have this tough assignment getting glammed up. i have a wing right here and a
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little bit of glitter on my nails. i wasn't sure how i was going to feel about green hair, but i'm loving the reaction and people are digging it. those fierce female fans across the delaware valley. they are getting revved up for the game showing their inner glow and doing it from head to toe. got eagles green twirled into your hair? >> everything down from hair to nails to makeup. >> reporter: on those hands you'll use for cheering -- >> v for victory. the eagles head. always have the eagles. >> reporter: or on your face. soon to be glowing with excitement. >> super bowl, super glow. >> she always does something spectacular. like always. so i said eagles. i need eagles. the trophy. >> she's got the eagles, the 50 yard line and super bowl trophy to show off. green boil, sparkles, swoops
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wings. >> a lot of people that don't normally get nail art, they get nail art. >> reporter: i'm hsure the bird will lock in a win. count me in. it's the fly eagles fly facial with gameday appetizer ingredients. >> it's avocado, loaded with anti oxidants and it's philadelphia's cream cheese which has lactic asnid it. perfect for the glow. >> reporter: these ladies serious about the shine and making the patriots green with envy. >> my dog wears his nick foles is my homeboy shirt. we don't change anything in the house once the eagles are winning. so your christmas tree is still up. >> this isn't just a win for philadelphia. it's a win for america. nobody wants the patriots to win. the birds are going to win. we're going to take it. i know it. >> reporter: so now definitely time to just sit back and relax and pretty much stay calm before the big day on super bowl.
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we have green tea, south philly style canolis after your spa and facial day. you heard from wendy. she is so certain that the eagles will win on sunday, she's already taken the day off from work on tuesday. she is ready for that parade. i'm ready to sit back and relax. i'm cydney long, back to you. >> that looks amazing. i'm so glad you are playing along with the hair, the nails. looking good. >> i'm going to keep it. >> we'll see you a bit later. >> enjoy. relax. we are going to be bringing you complete coverage from minnesota leading up to the super bowl on sunday. our coverage continues in the next half hour. coming up at 4:30, mixed message. you may have seen the social media photos. a bar in minneapolis says it will throw a beer at eagles fans. but it's not as it seems. that story ahead at 4:30. for now, let's toss it back to
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denise and erin in the studios in philadelphia. >> they'll have to explain that. thanks, jacqueline. >> see you in just a few minutes. we've got some breaking news to tell you about on nbc 10. we've just learned there were shots fired outside of abraham lincoln high school in northeast philadelphia. you can see skyforce 10 is over the school. there's someone right at that front door and the school is now on lockdown. you can see all of the vehicles that are there in the front. still unclear at this point if anyone was injured in this shooting. we have crews headed there on the ground. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. now to the first alert weather forecast. a chilly one out there. how long is this cold going to last? let's check in with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> that roller coaster we've been on continues. we're at the bottom of it now. despite sunshine today, only 32 degrees. that's as high as we've gotten in other parts of the area,
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haven't even gotten to 30 degrees today. still a little bit of snow on the grass in the lehigh valley but not much. it's mostly gone. the temperatures have varied. in the 50s saturday and sunday. down to 38 yesterday. only 32 today. but we're going to jump up tomorrow. and then we're going to go right back down as we go into friday and saturday. in delaware, we have temperatures near the freezing mark. greenville, a cold spot at 30. 33 at glasgow. farther to the south, with that southwest wind, a little milder. reading at 36. millsboro, 36. only 32 at dewey beach. now the wind coming up from the south and the southwest, we've got to look to our west to see what air is coming. warmer r. 58 in nashville. 66 in little rock. even minneapolis isn't that cold today. so there isn't a whole lot of cold air over the country
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moment. we have dry conditions across the area now. west to see the next system approaching. and that's it. it's just starting to build out in the middle ofcountry. as we go hour by hour, we have a southwest wind. that's going to prevent the temperature from dropping a whole lot during the night. plus the clo t to see. by tomorrow morning, it's the me temperature as it is right now. and then we go up from there. into the 40s. despite the clouds. there's that southwest wind. and then here comes some rain. that's generally thursday night as you can see. and it's plenty warm enough for rain. but at the tail end of this, by early, early friday morning to change to a brief wintry mix, or snow with falling temperatures. so that's something we're going to have to watch for the beginning of the rush on friday
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because that just moves right out and then the cold comes in. across much area. be with saus m and it's cold saturday tothat sets us up for sunday. here we l sunday. and so, yeah,eom parts of our area a mix. then snow to the north. are going to see snow during the super bowl. but it may change to rain and th back to snow by monday morning. so that's going to be a tricky situation. so we'll have to keep updating that because, obviously, there's going to be a lot of travel there. tomorrow, dry most of the day. the rain comes in late in the day, and you can see the temperatures much milder. >> all right, glenn. our super bowl coverage continues from minneapolis. coming up -- the bar here offering to throw beer at eagles fans. we're going to explain that for you. plus, seasonal switch. meet one guy who, thanks to the
4:22 pm
eagles, never had to take down his holiday decorations. that and more coming up. plus, peculiar passenger. what one woman in new jersey tried to take on an airplane. but first, a look at today's closing numbers on wall street where the dow closed about 70 points higher.
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you have to see this next video. a passenger tried to take a peacock on a plane to los angeles. the woman actually bought a ticket for the bird named dexter so he'd have his own seat. he's registered as an emotional support animal but that didn't fly with agents at newark liberty airport who said dexter was too big. look at him. he's pretty big. the big got grounded but his instagram account -- he has his
4:26 pm
own instagram account. announced his human friends would drive him across the country. wow. >> i like dexter. clearly dexter is a fan of nbc 10. the nbc peacock. we're all about him. i'm jacqueline london live in minneapolis. our coverage continues with a look at one eagles fan who turned his holiday decorations into one big display to show his support for the birds. tim furlong with the head-turning sign on the streets of minneapolis. >> the controversial bar that says they throw beer at eagles fans. they're not going to do this. and it's not even really a bar. i'm tim furlong. the story is coming up. (phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. mother-in-law. i'll call her back.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of northeast philadelphia. that's where skyforce 10 is live
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over abraham lincoln high school. shots were fired outside the school just a short time ago. now the school is currently in lockdown. most students were dismissed already but a basketball game was actually happening inside at the time. we're still awaiting to hear if anybody was hurt. nbc 10 has several crews headed to the scene and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ score a touchdown 1, 2, 3 ♪ >> you're never too young to be a birds fan. they held an eagles rally and also said a prayer for them. we sure hope they prayed for an eagles super bowl win. i imagine they did. the big game is now just four days away. here is where it will happen. you are looking live at u.s.
4:31 pm
bank stadium in minneapolis where our eagles will take on the patriots in super bowl lii this sunday. a game you can only watch right here on nbc 10. i'm jacqueline london. coming to you live from minneapolis, minnesota, where today the eagles held their very first practice of super bowl week. but before they hit the field, nick foles said he's looking forward to hearing eagles fans take over minneapolis this sunday. >> trust me. i know what it means to the city, to us. there's been a lot of hard work. a lot of years waiting for this opportunity. but we're going against a great opponent. we still have a lot of work to go out there and compete on sunday. i look forward to that. but i know philadelphia is all behind us. i know they'll be here cheering loud. i'm excited to see them in the stands and them bringing the energy for us. >> there has been some bad blood between eagles and vikings fans since the nfc championship game last sunday. one business in minnesota heated
4:32 pm
things up even more with an apparent threat to eagles fans. nbc 10's tim furlong wanted to know why that place wanted to keep poking eagles fans. and it turns out, well, they don't. >> i am not going to throw beer at eagles fans. >> reporter: this guy at minneapolis' truth bar setting the record straight. i and many others tweeted out this picture of the sign saying eagles fans should stop in and have a free beer thrown at them. this was after the eagles whooped their vikings for a trip back here for the super bowl. many of you fired off nasty replies to my tweet, classless you called this place. one tweert suggested their glass might get shattered. >> we've gotten several calls with several renditions of the eagles fight song. >> the truth bar, turns out it's a conference and rec room for an ad agency here in minneapolis. they don't even hate the eagles so all our vitriol was for naught. >> it was all in good fun.
4:33 pm
hopefully everybody else will see it that way. >> reporter: there's a fridge full of beer here and you're welcome to have one. you can get comfy at the table or play some darts. the anxiety pgency put the sign hoping people would know the place is for rent. >> i had no idea it would take off like this. they've put a webcam in the window. they say it's to capture funny reactions but it could be to keep fans from taking action against the place. the owner of the agency says they didn't mean to offend and all us eagles fans are welcome here. >> no, there will be no beer thrown. well, you never know. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> so we drove by the business today and look what the sign says now. it says patriots fans, stop in and get deflated prices just fo. remember that whole deflategate thing? so they're equal opportunity insu insulters. spreading it around.
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nbc 10 is your official eagles station. if you need more eagles, we have you covered. tune in tonight and all week long at 7:00 p.m. for our special eagles coverage. nbc championship "we want it." stories you can only see on the official station of the eagles. also, sunday, we are expecting the biggest night in philly tv history. it's so big, we need two channels to cover it. after the big game catch "this is us" here on nbc 10. setti your dvr for that. all those questions answered about jack. then switch over to our cozi channel and watch "this is philly." for nonstop coverage of super bowl lii. we are going to bring you complete coverage from minneapolis, minnesota, leading up to the super bowl on sunday. our coverage continues at 4:45. you're about to meet some really die-hard eagles fans.
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they are going to great lengths to show their support for the birds, as you can tell. a little ink there. that story is ahead at 4:45. for now back to erin and denise in the studios in philadelphia. >> we'll see you then. thanks, jackie. new details about the death of former nba player and philadelphia hoops legend rasual butler. he was killed in a car crash this morning. danny pommells takes a look at his legacy. >> butler made quite a name for himself in philadelphia. >> that's just putting it lightly there. sad day for fans of philadelphia basketball. and those that loved genuine loving people as well. the lasalle university family, along with many others, coming to grips with the death of former standout explorer rasual butler and his wife killed in a car accident this morning. butler lost control of his range rover around 2:00 a.m. and the car then hit a wall and flipped. you see a picture of it there. they believe the car was speeding before the accident
4:36 pm
that killed the 38-year-old and his wife. butler played at lasalle from 1998 to 2002 and two-time first team all-atlantic ten player and a member of the lasalle hall of athletes. butler was drafted by the miami heat in 2002 and played with the hornets, clippers, bulls, raptors, and played in ice cube's big 3 league. he has several former teammates including reggie miller, shaquille oneal and reggie wade have taken to social media. rasual butler was 38 years old. >> definitely a tough loss for the area. >> it is. thank you, danny. you know too much salt is bad for your heart. >> what new research says salt could be doing to your brain. and super bowl betting. people are expected to drop big bucks on the big game. what first time betters need to know. that's new at 5:00.
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too much salt in our diet may harm your brain. mice fed more than a normal amount of salt had trouble getting through a maze or building a nest. doctors think too much salt could damage humans brains as well and cause memory lorks disorientation and difficulty doing everyday tasks. get ready to see more golden arches. mcdonald's will open 1,000 new restaurants and speed up plans for self-service ordering. right now no word on where the new mcdonald's will open. our coverage continues live from minneapolis. some members of the birds faithful know no bounds. the great lengths several eagles fans went to today. that's up next. we're expecting some warmer weather, plus our next shot at, yeah, snow. that's ahead in our exclusive first alert forecast. and we're taking you inside our temporary home. new at 5:00, lynn london takes
4:41 pm
us on a tour of the historic guthrie theater where nbc 10 is broadcasting live.
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a live look a u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. it is the site of super bowl lii. in just four days, our eagles will take on the patriots here with football's greatest prize on the line. so much anticipation. i'm jacqueline london coming to you live from minneapolis, minnesota. the birds faithful are known as some of the most passionate fans around. and that fact was on display this morning in societyhill.agl were literally bleeding green for their birds today. yeah, this was the scene this
4:45 pm
morning on south street where they handed out 50 free eagles tattoos. the artists inked up fans with everything from fly eagles fly pieces to a simple eagles logo. one lucky fan we he has no i b just like eveone else here, everyone else in the city. they. this is w some serious fans. online temporary tattoomaker momentary ink funded today's free tattoo giveaway. new meaning to bleeding green. one business is helping to feed the fans while fighting the eagles underdog status. the pretzel factory is baking up these pretzels in the shape of a dog bone. the company tells us already has multiple orders for hundreds ofhebones. some of the money will be donated to a local animal sporting an nneapolis, minnesota, leading up to the super bowl on sunday.
4:46 pm
super bowl lii. our coverage continues in less than ten minutes. we meet one guy who turned his holiday display into some super support for his eagles. ted greenberg will have that story coming up at 4:55. for now, we're live in minneapolis, minnesota. i'm jacqueline london. back to you in the studios, denise and erin. >> you get to keep your holiday decorations up. you don't have to take them >> perfect. it's a little colder where jacqueline is than it is here. but it was pretty blustery out there. >> scraping the ice off the windshield this morning. how long is this going to last? >> not very long because it's going to be significantly warmer tomorrow. and the temperature in minneapolis is pretty close to what we're seeing today. that's going to change over the next few days. in the mid-20s. 32 in philadelphia. not much of a difference today. upper 20s to near 30 across the
4:47 pm
rest of the area despite all that sunshine that we had. in philadelphia itself, 32 at the airport. it's already down to 29 in west mount erie. elkinspark. these numbers will not be going down much during the night tonight. in some respects may start going up toward daybreak. it's not just the clouds coming in. we've got a southwest wind developing and that's bringing in warmer and warmer air. eventually some moisture is coming in. a lot of clouds and the rain and snow just starting to develop with this system back to our west. so here we go with the temperatures in the upper 20s to start off the night. by daybreak near the freezing mark. so indeed it does warm up overnight. then here comes this next system. more like a front, and it's warm enough so that it's rain. that's tomorrow night. and then at the vy end of
4:48 pm
this, it could briefly change to a wintry mix or even some snow for the very, very beginning of the friday morning rush. especially in south jersey and delaware. so keep an eye on that. then the cold air gets reinforced. a lot of wind. it's going to be windy on friday and that's bringing in a lot of cold air for saturday. then the next system comes in, this is a legitimate storm. and it looks like it's going to warm up enough a lot of the area has rain on super bowl sunday in the afternoon but cold enough for snow. maybe accumulating snow in the poconos, lehigh valley, berks county. possibly changing to rain during the evening. even warmer air comes in. but as the storm itself exits offshore, that brings colder air back. so it could change back to snow at the very end. that's a tricky storm, and it does look there will be some
4:49 pm
precipitation on super bowl sunday right during the game. some areas getting rain. some getting snow. tomorrow, up near 50. 47 in chestnut hill. this rain is mostly tomorrow night. langhorn, schwenksville, allentown and easton, too. and it's going to be even later in south jersey, jersey shore and in delaware. that's why we kept the raindrops off of that picture. feels like friday morning in the teens. but that's not the coldest. by friday night, single digits north and west. saturday morning, close to zero in doylestown and west chester and pottstown and allentown. that's going to be the coldest of the entire next week. of course, for the eagles, here we're at home. and it'ind of nasty on sunday. a mix of rain and snow in philadelphia. temperatures generally above freezing but there could be some
4:50 pm
significant problems up toward the lehigh valley. we'll get an update on that from tammy coming up. we want to keep you updated on breaking news we've been following at abraham lincoln high school. police are now trying to determine if a person who showed up at nazareth hospital with gunshot wounds is connected to a shooti ofhe school away from the school. the shooting happened before 4:00 while a basketball game was being played inside the gym. the shooting victim is being airlifted in critical condition. we have crews on the ground at the hospital and at the school gathering more information. a live report from the scene coming up in just minutes. our live super bowl coverage from minneapolis will continue next. coming up -- out santa, in with the super bowl. an eagles fan gets resourceful
4:51 pm
to show his support for the birds.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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i'm jacqueline london coming to you live from minneapolis, minnesota. s fans all over are showing their support for the eagles this weekend. you are about to meet one man who had some help from his holiday display. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg with the story. >> these soldiers i put up every christmas. >> reporter: but by going green they're getting an extended stay on charlie's front lawn in township. >> i've always been an eagles fan. >> reporter: thanks to the birds. >> this is coach pederson. >> and their quest for a super
4:55 pm
bowl victory. >> the community all like -- people all stop and take pictures. >> reporter: 15 soldiers donning special helimemets and jerseys of his daughters made dating back to the 2005 super bowl crew. >> this would be the third time i've had them up. >> reporter: this is a work in progress. ten more soldiers will go up here representing members of this year's super bowl team. >> only because i could only obtain ten shirts. the green bulbs in the windows the work of his wife. this father of 11 and retired casino dealer has high hopes about sunday and showing his pride with a unique lineup of his own. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. i'm jacqueline london live from minneapolis. back to you. >> we're following breaking news in philadelphia. skyforce 10 is flying above lincoln high school in northeast
4:56 pm
philadelphia. also over a hospital nearby where shots were fired outside of the school. one person has been injured and taken to the hospital. live report from the scene straight ahead. plus, facing eviction. the new help that is now available if you think your landlord is taking advantage of you. that's all new at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> skyforce 10 live over lincoln
4:59 pm
high school in northeast philadelphia where gunshots were fired outside. we've learned at least one person was airlifted. right now people are packed inside a basketball game between lincoln and auden reed high school. aaron, you just got there on the scene. what can you tell us? >> first and foremost, i think this lockdown has just officially ended. if you want to take a look, you can see some yellow tape outside of the front door there. there's officers with their guns out, and we've seen a whole bunch of students leaving the front doors out here and walking to the sidewalk where we are right now. so under our best guest, we believe this lockdown is now over but, of course, this investigation is continuing. if we swing over a little bit more, you can see a whole bunch of officers, a whole bunch of cop cars in front of lincoln high school. i can tell you they've been checking book bags, checking
5:00 pm
cars. anding f inlooking for any sort evidence. there was some sort of large fight, large altercations in the parking lot which led to someone pulling out a gun and firing a shot. one person was taken to a nearby hospital. i believe nas retzareth hospita.


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