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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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is electric here. not only in the ticket counters, but also over at the gates, you see we are bleeding green at the philadelphia airport. people are saying they're excited to watch the game and more than anything, they're excited to see the eagles hopefully win this sunday. >> it is the trip of a lifetime, so it is no wonder that drew smith has a lot of emotions. >> very nervous and very excited. >> we're going to minneapolis for the super bowl. >> we're very excited for the eagles. we're excited. >> the excitement felt all over the philadelphia airport. >> i'm so excited, i'm getting goose bumps know it is be a victory for philadelphia! yeah birds!
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>> american airlines gate b 9 turned into a tailgate with fans feeling lucky they get to cheer on the birds in person. >> i think we were all shocked, we're very excited to go and route for the eagles. >> there was a few fans that denied to walk int the eagles nest. >> i'm going to walk the streets, with no fear, no intimidation. >> it was a lonely road for them. because this week, the airport is bleeding green. >> the crowd of eagles fans has been growing. we'll send it back to you guys, miguel martinez, nbc 10 news.
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>> even back here in minneapolis, all of that emergenenergy coming this way. meanwhile, holding a pep rally, davidachors, irving fryer, they took pictures and signed autographs this afternoon and got a tour of inside the italian market. joining us live from north philadelphia. the philadelphia area is buzzing now that the weekend is here, but the key is the festivities staying safe. >> yes, they say they're taking precautions here. there is increased surveillance. also more security on campus. they want to make sure that students stay safe and property is not damaged. >> remember the crowds that filled the streets after the nfc championship, it was a sea of green. a man even climbed up the street
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signs in celebration. the crowds could be e win the night. >> at harrington's pub -- >> i think we might need to shut down early this year because we know eagles will win. >> they will have security on sunday and drinks served in plastic cups. >> we don't want people with bottles and you know, things get a little crazy, just for safety reasons. >> on sunday, drivers cannot park on broad street starting at 2:00 p.m., signs are up and fliers are on cars. >> i would try to stay as far away as possle. >> if the birds win, it will be the biggest celebration but precautions are taken to make sure it stays safe. >> enjoy the game and the festivities of it, be safe, show that our city can be a safe city of brotherly love.
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>> worse, temple students today got a e-mail today says they could face disciplinary actions. nbc 10 news. >> yeah, everybody behave but have a good time. >> exactly. >> people throughout the philadelphia area are wondering what weather will bring for super bowl weekend. a live look at the art museum where eagles spirit is supplying high. glenn hurricane schwartz is joining us now. >> we're looking at a messy super bowl sunday back there in philadelphia? >> yes, hours and hours of rain by then. things are quiet for quite a ways back to our west, but down here, in mexico, southern texas, that is the beginning of the next storm that is going to be affecting us on super bowl sunday. here we go on saturday. the rain starting to move out of
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texas and into the ohio valley. by sunday morning there is an area of snow approaching and there could be some light snow in the lehigh valley, the poconos, sunday morning into from theernoon. south an it is rain in much of the philadelphia area. all of delaware, all of south jersey. that is kick off time, maybe some heavier rain, and by the end of the game, it is still raining. so get used to it. hours and hours of rain with temperatures in the 40s. >> they are feeling their team pride at wyncote, elementary. most of the kids dressed in green for our birds.
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there is concern that some kids in the philadelphia area will have trouble getting to school the day after the super bowl. >> school districts in atlantic county are warning the buses may not be there on time after the birds game. we have the story from hamilton township. >> unacceptable. >> denise brash wondering when her daughter's school bus will show up on monday. >> i'm anxious, i'm concerned about how it will go. >> her concerned fuelled by this letter that was sent home on thursday. saying shepherd bus service there may be delays as a result of driver callouts on monday and tuesday after the super bowl. brasher is unable to drive because of a health condition. she says a change of routine is difficult for her 6-year-old who has autism. >> the opportunities wiy studenl be impacted tremendously.
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>> they say they have clearly articulated to shepherd that our expectation that bus pick up and drop off times proceed as theyay there is a possibility of post super bowl callouts. >> we have to get up, go to work, kids have to go to school. >> the hr manager told me over the phone their not too concerned about monday. they have extra staff ready to go should there be any issues, and according to sheppard's standard year round policy, employees that callout could face disciplinary action. >> i can't afford to take off work. i can't understand why anyone think we would. >> these bus drivers insisting they will be behind theel- bus. >> ted greenberg, nbc 10
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tuesday. we have an investigative reporter looking into how much people do skip out on work on the monday after the super bowl. what he uncovered at 30. bowl, they tailgated philade a and went into the wells fargo center. >> i've been anan my whole life, this is our third super bowl, third times a charm, brady is going down. how long did it take to get that face on? as for the wing'sing contest this year, molly skylar won with a new world record. 501 wings. now dealing with indigestion, i'm sure. they're all dressed to
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impress, i'm sure. >> back here in minneapolis, es year, the super bowl and soccer. >> john clark is joining us now. they have been reunited in the north, i know they were separated after the chip win. >> you're right about that, when the're eagles players were celebrating on the field with their families together, zach ertz his wife was playing for the u.s.women's california, but they both play football and they're together here for the super bowl. >> she's an amazing athlete and i'm proud of here. >> he is proud to have julie here. she missed the championship win because she was playing at the same time for the u.s. women's soccer team. she cried when she found out he
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made the super bowl. >> it is emotional for me. >> i definitely cried more in private when i watched the side by side. just for him, just to see that he felt how proud i was in the moment, a how much i wished i could have been there to separate with him. >> julie has been here all week and she got to interview her husband. >> what's your favorite meal i make? >> unbelievable tack tos. >> and yes, she won the world cup, and zach needs to catch up. >> she has the supper hand right now and i'm looking to even the score. >> how cool is that, here in the mall of america, you can get eagles fans to sut across the small, do the eagles chant!
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>> you heard sock vikings fans back here booing. this is what is happening all day here in the mall of america. back to you at 5:00 we'll have the story of the need patriots player from our area in philadelphia who, of course, is playing his hometown birds. >> is unbelievable in the mall today. >> it goes with the territory around here. john, we will check back with you, thanks. >> check out the underdog. students at this elementary cool in northeast philadelphia showed their spirit. some of them were hand chosen b t-shirts for being underdog students. they put their best foot forward
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through adversity. >> the eagles victory bus is back out ttoday. they are getting fired up, are the crowds even bigger and bigger, steve? >> yeah, that's right. and i don't appreciate that gift you sent me here in south philadelphia which is the cold air, the windchill, 11 degrees, but fans don't let that stop them and they're right here behind me, right guys? >> so the road to victory bus has made it to south philadelph. we're in parking lot d right now. we will be here until 5:15. look at all of the messages we got. both sides of this bus is inked up with eagles passion, are we going to win on sunday, everybody? >> can we get a song?
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♪ fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ one two three ♪ hit them low, hit them high, watch our eagles fly ♪ ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s >> come by and say hi. we have swag on the bus. we are saving the shell of the bus so your message to be part of history. >> all right, have you signed the bus yet? >> what was that? >> have you signed the bus
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yourself? >> yes, i mean the bus is inked up, filled, we're really, really excited about it. >> okay, i don't think he exactly heard me, but i'm sure he put his autograph on there. thank you. >> so if you want to catch up with the eagles road to victory bus, it will be back tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to noon. and 2:00 to 3:30. that is followed by a tour of south philadelphia from 4:30 to 6:30. ♪ fly eagles fly >> everyone has eagles foever including these little ones. they were all dressed in green for a rally. so we want to hear the very best fight song versions.
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don't wait. >> as you know, nbc 10 is your official eagles station and if you need more eagles, we have you covered. coming up tonight at 7:00, tune into nbc 10. nbc 10 championship, we want it. and then on sunday, we're expecting the biggest night in philadelphia tv history. after the big game, you can catch "this is us" here on nbc 10. flip over to our cozi channel for our "this is fiphilly." channel 248, over the air at 10.2. >> back to the studio. >> thank you, we'll see you again in just a few minutes. breaking news from wall street right now.
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the do you tumbled more than 660 points today. the biggest weekly drop for the market in more than two years. it comes after weak earnings for giant companies like exxon mobile and alphabet. >> the house intelligence committee just released a controversial memo. president trump says it proves that they have biassed against him. >> it says the fbia abused their surveillance powers in the russia investigation. it was made public today that the fbi, the justice department, and democrats lobbied against that decision. they say the release is a threat to national security. they say that they found serious miscon dend.
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and a victim's father tries to attack larry nassar. he had to be held down and pinned during the sentencing hearing. he was sentenced to more than 17 in prison. >> the flu season has gotten worse and it could keep going. a new report from the center for disease control today says the number of flu cases went up last week. one of every 14 visits to doctors and clinics were for flu symptoms. >> and now the frigid weather is here to stay, we have six more weeks of winter according to a certain groundhog. >> i see my royal shadow, six more weeks of winter to go. >> that's right, punxsutawney fill saw his sh-- phil saw his .
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it is a tradition that started over 130 years ago. do you trust the groundhog, or someone like glenn hurricane schwartz. >> i had a face off with this guy, you will find itpage, i tw we'll see who won. but east the groundhog was wearing an eagles bow tie. temperatures in the 20s across the area. despite some sunshine, that is really cold after being in the 40s yesterday. we have a good bit of top of e can gusting to 38 mile per hour in wilmington, 36 in dover. i alentown. the feels like tempeture dined wind, not the gusts. and even with that, six below
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zero. in mt. pocono. it feels like being in minneapolis today. they all siare in single digitst a point where it should be the warmer time of day. through the evening it will feel colder. down to 2 in allentown by 8:00. it will stay cold all night. feeling like single digits everywhere by 11:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning single digits everywhere but wind will be down a little bit. so even those temperatures are down, the wind is down, and that is why it feels like temperatures are pretty much the same. ts, and by the t still feels middle of the afternoon, wow, the warmest part of the day,
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tomorrow is a very cold day again, not as windy, but that is a dry day of the weekend. things will change by sunday. so these are the actual air temperatures going only into the 20s and most of the area tomorrow, and then the clouds start to come in late. and by sunday morning there could be some light snow. . and possibly just into some of the philly suburbs. we have warm air shooting up from the south. maybe a little mix up in the lehigh valley. by kick off time it is rain. after the game that is when it starts drying out and cooling down as we go into monday.
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so the weekend forecast, two quite different days. a cold,ny day on saturday, and a milder but wet day on sunday. could be a few snow flakes at the start in philadelphia, but hours and hours and hours of it and the amount of snow, perhaps a little bit in allentown and several inches in the poconos. our coverage is going to wound from minneapolis. added charges, a patriots fan is paying the price ahead of the super bowl show down with the bird birds. >> and the room with a few, how some people will watch the game and how it can provide a welcome distraction. >> behind all of the gear and beer. the chips that will make a
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difference ahead as our super bowl coverage continues.
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welcome back to minnesota, eagles fans still holding resentment from the last time these teams played in the super bowl. >> it is fun to have an arch enemy, the owners of a coffee shot played a trick on a customer decked out in patriots gear. a guy by the name of sal had the nerve to come into the coffee
4:26 pm
shop, so they put together a fake bill and put a $5,000 patriots charge on it. they offered to buy him a free breakfast when the eagles win the super bowl and tsal wears eagles gear. >> the stars are really rolling into minneapolis now, and our tim f furlong on celebrity watch so far. >> i found the biggest celebrity challenger, here in minneapolis with so many other eagles fans, the drum line, it's beginning now, guys, the eagles take over when we come right back. this winter in the state with more ski mountains family fun reaches tha new peak.r, so whether you're a speed demon
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let's go! >> he is in! he can't be stopped, a run away train. a run away train. and it is jay ajayi. touchdown! a season full of memorable moments that will all come to an end here on sunday. a live look at the stadium. kickoff for the game is about 50 hours away. we're seeing more and more eagles fans flock to the bold north today. >> as far as the energy level back in philadelphia, it is unprecedented awe of the charts, everywhere you turn, someone is talking about the eagles.
4:31 pm
>> fly eagles fly ♪ >> there was a party in the city hall in camden this afternoon. they were told to wear their gear to work and tailgate in style. there was a band, a dj, and prizes to kick off super bowl weekend. >> eagles fly on the road to victory. >> a packed bar at 6:00 this morning for an eagles pep rally. 93.7 had a live remote from the pub in newark this morning. everyone fired up for this sunday's game. the celebrities are pouring into minneapolis this afternoon. >> tim furlong is on star watch, any big sightings? >> yeah, a lot of football
4:32 pm
royalty, a guy walked by me and it was kurt warner. i like seeing the folks from philly, the folks coming out to invade this town with eagles logos. are you having a great time? >> yes we are. >> you see that trophy up there, i feel like people are smudging it and we're not going to let that happen. >> we met bird fans from the far east. and birds fans from carson country. >> i love him, he is a great representative of north dakota. >> it is awesome, we can't wait, we're excited, an action packed weekend. >> this guy has not missed an eagles super bowl. >> we searched every website. >> this native skoured thcourede
4:33 pm
internet. >> this kid is piling up the autographs. his ma'am says what we have seen is minnesotans have been awesome so far. >> they had a welcome ceremony for us, they had balloons and cheer leaders there and psychinpsyc vikings mascots. >> it is getting noisy. >> eagles! >> it is getting loud and green, and you know what is really, really good is we're starting to see a lot of cool eagle stuff that you can buy, too. this is my cooler robot. it takes off and helps your
4:34 pm
friend. if my wife is watching, birthday present! back to you. i love this thing, it's like a puppy, and it has a radio. >> all right, now this is in north philadelphia, the kids made cardboard cars and decor e decorate the classroom in eagles green. >> flo ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ one two three >> kindergartners to seniors, everyone loves the night song these days.
4:35 pm
this is the senior class at the north hampton senrs center. we're looking for the songs with the most creativity, and the most -- nbc 10 is your official eagles station, we have you covered for all things super bowl. >> we do and we're keeping you ready. tune in tonight for our essential eagles coverage. nbc 10 championship, we want it. we're expecting the biggest night in philadelphia tv history. so big we need two channels to cover it. set your dvr for "this is us." watch nbc 10 this is philly. the celebration in philadelphia and minnesota. coza 248, overthe air it is 10.2. now to the important forecast for super bowl wooekd. >> things could get ugly on sunday, not on the field, but on
4:36 pm
the streets because of the weather in philly. >> that's right, at least we're talking about rain and not ice or snow. at least for the majority of the ye area. and the storm is so far away and small, you would not think it is much of anything, here it is. that is going to be a storm that moves in with a lot of moisture pretty quickly. an area of snow starting to approach, and it is so cold on saturday and saturday night that it would start a snow in lehigh valley and also the poconos. but it is going to warm up considerably in the philadelphia area and even in the suburbs. it will be raining by the time we have kickoff. the darker green indicating potential for heavier rain.
4:37 pm
by the end, it is still raining. if you're partying late enough, the rain might end, but that's about it. it is a very moist system. so what we expect is a chance of a little morning snow, the lehigh valley, a rainy afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 40s while the game is going on and even after the game. >> more coverage straight ahead no shortage of things to see in minneapolis. >> also a few things you won't see come sunday. the little chips that are part of the game and what they will be providing. next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> and the billion dollar loss. what the city could face if people skip out on work.
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facebook is all about tradition and history, but technology is now makes it's w into the game in a big way. >> the footballs are still hand made, but inside is a high-tech chip that tracks every play and pass. they are also in the shoulder pads, used to track their every movement like speed and location. fans will now be able to take advantage of new tech. >> they can order merchandise and have it delivers right to their seat location. >> you will not be able to use your phone to get in the door. >> if you don't have a ticket for sunday's game, nbc 10 has you covered. and some people have a
4:42 pm
really interesting seat. those seats could provide a welcome distraction. that story straight ahead. >> plus a sunday outlook that is anything but super. what you can expect this weekend next on my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. extra cash at 5:00. why you probably saw an increase in your paycheck today.
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(phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites...
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ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping. welcome back, one thing that may happen during the super bowl is women going into labor. >> we asked nurses about what to expect on sunday. she said several patients are past due. that is to say if the parents are watching the game, they have
4:46 pm
to get them to refocus, especially the dads. >> it can be a distraction for the dad at the wrong time. >> have you seen that before during sporting vermonts that are not even as big. >> i have where you have to grab the dad's attention, and say hey, it's time for your baby to be born and they're shaking their heads and they're like really? it's very funny. >> nurses working sunday say they will get to watch the game when it is on in patient's rooms. >> so the other day, glenn hurricane schwartz said he would like to see it played on a harp. we got this, this is from gibsborough. >> so very relaxing.
4:47 pm
it is beautiful. >> ask and ye hall receive. >> all right, told you it would sound good, huh? >> let meee if i can think of any other instruments. >> we have request of 40 degrees here in minneapolis. >> it's 40 degrees? >> that's our request, if you could provide that. >> no, that stuff i can't do. at the very least, when you get back here it will be a whole lot warmer. temperatures in the 20s today. this is cold for us plus we have wind. gusts well over 30 miles per hour. this is just sustained winds. 29 in dover, 23 in philadelphia,
4:48 pm
we take su a fancy calculation and it ends up with a feels like temperature of 6 below zero. and single digits across much of the rest of the area here in places that are not single digits now. as we go into tomorrow a lot of sunshine, starting off bitter cold, feeling like single digits, but in the afternoon, it is just in the 20s. then here comes the storm for sunday. because it is so cold for saturday and saturday night, the ground will be cold if the precipitation comes in on sunday morning. it could start off with some snow. you're going to see darker blues here, but it would stick and cause problems. but as the day goes on, temperatures are shooting up. a strong wind here and this means rain for the afternoon,
4:49 pm
especially by the time we have kickoff, it is raining everywhere. and the poconos, but even in the end of the game, still raining and still in the 40s, don't worry about anything icing up when you go outside to party. by monday morning, it is gone. then the colder air starts coming back in. and then we're waiting for parades. on saturday, it is cold. 34 for the high in philadelphia. so even with sunshine saturday is a cold day. sunday mild er. this is 90 plus percent rain. even pa suburbs, a little bit of rain at the start. the lehigh valley may have a
4:50 pm
couple inches of rain and in new jersey and delaware it is all rain and they will get obviously no snow accumulation. in minneapolis now, it is 27 in philadelphia, of course we feel colder than that. and by the time the game is going, it is going to be bitter cold in minneapolis. it is just no doubt about that. as far as our ten day on ten, we have below normal temperatures for much of the time and there we go sunday is mild eer but we. childier on wednesday, but it is milder. possible early snow on thursday, but temperatures on the chilly side, but nothing brutally cold next week. >> all right, we could handle those temperatures after we have been here. >> up next, the excitement
4:51 pm
taking over the philadelphia region. sidney long is taking it all in. >> who wants the eagles to bring home a super bowl trophy? >> we do! who wants a pep rally in south jersey? >> we do! go eagles!
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. >> from minneapolis, minnesota to philadelphia and everywhere in between, fans are getting hyped for the game on sunday. >> the energy is reaching epic
4:55 pm
levels. >> we found a sea of students in eagles green showing off their adrenaline and energy including these fifth graders that had gear, cool hair. >> the eagles are going to take the patriots to the house. >> disney, mickey mouse, and hats. >> they painted their hair and all kinds of cool things. this is like christmas and halloween all combined. >> also electric on the eagles fan van decorated by seniors, it blasted music as it rolled from school to school today. >> they have to decide the most
4:56 pm
spirited school wins an ice cream social. >> ice cream? coach\son's favorite. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> are you allowed to stay up late that night? >> yes. >> these birds took their enthusiasm to new heights. >> this is what they will remember. >> with a cheerkwauz thsquad th, we can't lose. >> we're talking to a patriots player who grew up as a big philadelphia eagles pan. >> you will hear his take on playing the birds coming up on sunday. and it will -- memories in , i'm dre clark. we're going to talk to two
4:57 pm
families that say it's not just about watching the game but experiencing something special with someone you love. that is next at 5:00. and it will be a sloppy super bowl sunday. everything from rain to snow to maybe a little bit of a mix in between. ly ti i will time it out for you in your neighborhood.
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the final countdown. eagles and patriots in super bowl lii. the hype is everywhere. >> be promised the kids we would take them the next time the eagles made it, so they're here. >> we're cheering the birds to victory right now. you're looking live at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. this is the place of course for sunday's big game. you can only watch the show downright here. super bowl bound. here is a live picture of philadelphia international airport in about 15 minutes football fanatics will board a plane heading here where we are to minnesota. we're covering every angle of super bowl mania. we're live from super bowl headquarters here in minneapolis. >> in the next 90 minutes we have exclusive coverage of the big game. nbc 10 is your official eagles


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