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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the final countdown. eagles and patriots in super bowl lii. the hype is everywhere. >> be promised the kids we would take them the next time the eagles made it so they're here. >> we're cheering the birds to victory right now. you're looking live at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. this is the place of course for sunday's big game. you can only watch the show downright here. super bowl bound. here is a live picture of philadelphia international airport in about 15 minutes football fanatics will board a plane heading here where we are to minnesota. we're covering every angle of super bowl mania. we're live from super bowl headquarters here in minneapolis. >> in the next 90 minutes we have exclusive coverage of the big game. nbc 10 is your official eagles
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station, you won't see these stories going on anywhere else. >> the birds are focused and bump pumped. >> i think we're ready, but it's not what you say, it's what you do. we have one more to go through what type of team we are, the adversity we have to overcome to get to where we are, and let's do this in the right way. >> check out this party on four wheels in south filly where fans are showing their eagles pride with a road to victory bus. coming up at 5:15 we'll will check in with steve on that green machine. making super bowl memories that's what two local families are doing here in minneapolis. >> dre clark is live in philadelphia, you met two families that say this trip is priceless for a lot of reasons.
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>> if you were fortunate enough to get tickets to super bowl lii you may have had to make the tough decision of who to take with you. two families say it was a easy decision, a real no brainer, it was their chance to bond and experience something special with something -- someone they love. >> it has been game on since 11-year-old dustin shrader and his dad touched down. dustin navigating through heavy crowds at mall of america hoping to catch a famous face. making it to super bowl lii has been unbelievable. >> he first mentioned to his father last summer that if the eagles make it to the big game he would like to go. dad delivered. >> i think it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> in many ways attending the
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sul super bowl has become a bonding affair. in this case a father and daughter. >> she has been watching football with me since she was six months old. >> you're never really supposed to ask a lady her age, so let's just say they have have been doing this for years. she says that dad is her best friend. >> the only other person that loves the eagles maybe more than me is my dad. >> we're having a good time here. >> this was an expensive must. >> his wife said just one thing when they asked about going to the game. >> she said it was on me. >> he is 73 yearsno. >> laughing and makin memories in minnesota. sure it cost a lot to get here but you can't put a price tag on experiencing something like this
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with someone you love. >> a dream come true. especially if the eagles win. >> and we met some of the other people like dustin and david, families from philadelphia that say this is all about experiencing something together and they say really the only thing that could make this season more perfect is watch the eagles beat the patriots together on sunday night. >> all right, dre that is the sentiment from everyone you come across, they say we're going to do this, no doubt about it. with people you know and love. let's talk about the city's plan for celebration. now kicking into high gear. >> drivers cannot park on broad street starting sunday at 2:00 p.m. the flyers have been placed on cars parked in the median.
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they are ready to host large crowds. security will be in place and drinks will be served in plastic cups. >> we don't want people with the bottles bottles, things getting crazy for safety reasons. >> if the birds win, the crowd is expected to be even bigger here in the nfc championship game. >> some parents in atlantic county are worried about school bus problems after the super bowl. >> the hamilton schoolr to parents saying shepherd bus service warned them there may be delays as a result of driver callouts on monday and tuesday. a mother we spoke with tells us she is unable to drive because of a medical condition and a change of routine is difficult for her 6-year-old daughter who has autism. >> i'm anxious and very concerned about how it will go. i'm really concerned about what will happen with my daughter.
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>> a manager tells us that the bus company is not too concerned, but they are ready with extra staff if there are any issues. >> let check in with john clark joining us live once again from the mall of america in bloomington. >> you crossed enmy lines for a one on one with a patriots player who grew up in philadelphia. >> yeah imagine you grow up in the philly area a big eagles fan. you want to play professional football. after you're undrafted, and playing in the arena leagues, the one nfl team that gives you a chance is the new england patriots now you a chance to win your third super bowl. one problem, you have to beat your hometown eagles to get it. >> it's a unique situation. i was an eagles fan for the first 21 years of my life but i have a job to do come sunday
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and i will do as well as i can for the new england patriots. >> he grew up a huge eagles fan, he desperately wanted his birds to win their first super bowl when they last made it 13 years ago. they lost to the team he now plays for, the patriots. >> i was in my friend's house in the basement. we were watching and i was routing for the eagles back then, but they just could not pull that one out. >> i was there, too. i remember watching that game with him and all of the kids just being heart broken. it's amazing how things came full circle for him. >> they are obviously rooting for james, but under those patriots jerseys they might be wearing some green. >> you already have some rings, doesn't philly need it's first? >> no blood is thicker than
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water. i have to root for jimmy, but i can't say that deep down inside i would not be happy for the eagles organization. >> you like to hear dad say that. and this is a house divided. there will be over 30 family and friends here. one of their family members actually works for the eagles so even though they may be wearing patriots gear maybe there is a little green underneath they will bring out. i'm john clark live at the mall of america. a sit down with doug peterson at 6:00. >> all right john, what a dilemma for that family. remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station. don't forget to watch our special nbc championship "we want it."
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game day getting closer. >> and we have you covered after the super bowl too. stay with nbc 10 for a brand new episode of "this is "the t starring jimmy fallon in minneapolis. we have so much in store for you we need two channels to cover it. after the game "this is us" on nbc 10. then watch "nbc 10: this is philly" on cozi immediately following the game. of course everyone wants the super bowl forecast. it is expected to be about 3 degrees at kickoff. >> and with the windchild,l, it will feel even colder.
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let's check in with tammie tammie sooza. >> this is our good luck sign. i'm going to call this our super bowl sunset across the city. spectacular out there. that snow this morning, i guarantee you we have nicer weather than minneapolis right now. also more to in bean town if is cold but it looks really pretty. we will have a super bowl soaker on sunday. a wintery mix to rain. make sure you have a designated driver if you're drinking and use caution on the when you wake up at 5:00 in the morning because you're so excited, tune in here we will have covage all day long. temperatures in the low 30s, look at the southerly wind. run yourer rands, temperatures will rise but we are rain
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across philadelphia. at 3:30 when you ahead out to watch the game and then we'll be looking at ran across the area and it will be heavy at times, but as temperatures drop, any moisture on the roadways could freeze. so a super bowl soaker be prepared for that. publicly released a secret memo being called a bombshell by republicans. it talks about the house intelligence committee and the fbi abusing surveillance powers into russian election interference. it suggests that then candidate trump could be subject to russian blackmail. the transmission would not have been ordered without thats do
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dossier dossier. >> the democrats say the memo could give president trump cover to under mine or fire robert mueller. democrats prepared a memo of their own, but they voted against it's release. this afternoon corey booker released a statement that reads in part that president trump and his allyies in nothing to interfere with the special councils russia probe. >> it has been one year since the dea died after a night of heavy drinking during a hazing he fell down stairs inside of the house. he was served 18 minutes in 82 parents are opening up about the impact of their son's death on their
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lives. >> he is untouched from when we brought the stuff home from slightest little thing can set you off. it can take you by surprise. and essentially cripple you. >> those in the maizing maizing -- hazing. >> a judge says there is no way she will punish the father of a victim who attacked larry nassar in a michigan courtroom today. randall margraves could not hold himself back after his daughter's gave statements in nassar's sentencing hearing. the father asked for five minutes in a room with nassar which the judge denied. he has admitted to molesting youngd h hasha been
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sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison in another county. how much were some fans willing to shell out for the big game? >> and skipping work. how much money the city philadel lose if people call out the day a sup and yes, i have weather for the birds. if you're a peng it's our sharmpies still work and we're signing the road to victory bus. people that are out here checking it out, all coming up next.
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talking to a lot of people from philadelphia friday is when they said they were coming to downtown. >> and we're starting to see them, right? the patriots taking on the eagles at the patriotsstadium. >> studented in delaware country are showing they're support rihere. they held a huge pep rally in honor of the birdies tide. the eagles just one game away from bringing home the trophy. >> no city wants the chip championship more, we have steve
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with the road to xfinity bus. >> yeah this may have going to be packed. right now in about an hour or so we're going over to xfinity live and we have dan the man out here and he is writing one of his messages to the eagles. space is not of plenty here. they range from being very direct to just cheering on the birds here. and you can see we even have some cartoons and all of that stuff out here, it's been amazing even with the cold weather. the bus tomorrow will be grove. ly talk about the places you can catch the bus here on the road to victory. back over to you. >> so much fun to be able to leave your message there for the
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team. those will be preserved for history. >> here we are, thank, steve. you have been now showing us your spirit. now we're revealing the top videos. here is one for the most musical with instruments. >> a ridley music taler really used classic restaurants. so other fans sent their remix, too. ♪ fly, eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ photoyou can see many of it is posed on the nbc 10 app. time for a check of your
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first alert forecast. >> we hear it is going to be a super bowl soaker. >> a super bowl with snow too. tammie souza is tracking if for us. >> it is a mixed bag, but it will not be as cold as it is there. we just saw jacqueline and jim. it is 9 degrees, that's as warm as it will be in the next 48 hours. tomorrow they will wake up well below zero. it will be in the single digits tomorrow as well. in philadelphia, a little nicer, 25 degrees right now. feels like 10. lehigh valley at 23. 26 along the shore, pennsylvania suburbs is 22. that's where we'll talk a peek right here. north wales 24. blue bell also at 23.
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oxford 22. tonight, everybody is going down into the teens. it will be bitterly cold out there under clear skies. 18 in dover, 16 in vineland. the windchild will be in the single digits tonight, so cover all of that skin with the warm clothes. we had snow showers early erier. washington, oregon that is our weathermaker for sunday. the winds right now. clear skies, plenty of sunshine and the winds turn to the south. we make it to about the freezing mark, snow starts to set in about 5:00 on sunday morning when you're getting ready to
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head out to the game. during the game it could be periods of heavy rain making for some very slif ri roadways clearing out on sunday night, guys. we're following breaking news, a shooting at a septa regional real station. you see all of the activist there -- activity there between the two trains. it happened in the last ten to 15 minutes or so. police said they found one person shot at that station. you see them concentrated there in between the space between the tracks. that victim was taken to the hospital. when we know more we will pass it along to you.
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four masked men broke into a convenience store a took the atm. you see on the right there that is the store safe. police are still searching for the thieves. rolling out the red carpet we speak with the celebrities that are in the bold north for the super bowl. and traveling to the super bowl, the air fare the tickets, the hotel, how much they're willing to shell out.
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>> the mayor of minneapolis made fun of eagles fans in a video posted online but was he that bold when we talked to him in person? we'll show you all new at 6:00. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway
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how is that for some spirit of the philadelphia eagles here in minneapolis, minnesota? the sound of the eagles drumline filling the air here. >> back at home fans are getting hyped in philadelphia. this is a live look at the road to victory bus tour at the wells fargo center. thank you for staying with us. one block from the u.s. bank stadium where the eagles will be patriots on sunday. fans from across our region are pouring into the twin cities. >> keith campbell from wilmington, delaware. >> i'm pinching myself walking around here. >> all right, for some people
5:30 pm
seeing the eagles is a priceless experience. >> i spoke with some eagles fans that say the sky is the limit when it comes to seeing the birds in the super bowl. >> our air fare for four people was $7400. >> how much is your total trip? >> about $20,000. >> to see the eagles in the super bowl. >> i have waited my whole life for this. i want to experience this. >> $22,000 to get here. >> box seats, air fare hotel, she says she has been a fan from the start. >> digging deep in the pockets to see the birdies. >> work is being put on the back burner as we count down to the big game. >> the hometown super bowl hang dollars in productivity.
5:31 pm
>> fans in south philly says focusing on work is getting tougher. >> a new human resources study shows hr managers want the day after the super bowl to be a holiday. the same survey found that 30% of employees planned to skip work t the super bowl. >> when the eagles go to the super bowl what does that do to productivity. >> they work with hundreds of companies from her office and advices using the super bowl bid as a way to keep employees engaged. >> let them celebrate and embrace it to know they will come back and work just as hard or harder. >> for years, studies have shown the big american sporting vermonts though a dip in productivity. studies show workers make up for what they don't do during the
5:32 pm
tournament for the rest of the year. >> in philadelphia the monday after last year's super bowl city stamp used nearly 3,000 hours of sick time. in philadelphia and camden schools, the day after last year's super bowl was one of the most common days that staff called out sick. the largest substitute teacher provider tells nbc 10 they are scrambling to find subs. >> who plans to not be here monday? or let's talk about staffing on monday. >> for the loss in productivity -- >> a super bowl around here after all of these years. >>. >> the city of camden and the philadelphia school districts say they did not see a spike in sick calls on the monday after
5:33 pm
the championship game we'll have to see if that holds true. >> people want to sleep in on that monday morning. nbc 10 is your officialation, don't forget to wash our official nbc championship. then on game day, we're giving you all of the sights and sounds from super bowl central. our coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. >> sunday night the biggest night in philadelphia tv history, so big in fact, that we need two channels to cover it. you can come to us on nbc 4, or live coverage for "this is filllyfill philly." >> we have reaction from the players in cozi on 248. >> when we come back w our nbc 10 colleagues are passing the time on the ice. >> that's a good one, for now back to you in the studios.
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>> this morning, many of us wsnowfall. you see the snowflakes there coming down. tammy souza is joining us now ane bitterly tonight, as if it now. >> yeah they will wake up with a windchill in the single digits. it will be cold tomorrow in the low 30s. let's skip ahead to sunday for a day that we all wish was right now. if you're thinking i wasn't wait all day long for this super bowl, you can watch thepregame festivities and coverage here on nbc 10. we will be here all day long broadcasting it. and temp in the lourning out the south. maybe some snow in the poconos and the lehigh valley. finish youre errands, at 3:30 you're going to go to the
5:35 pm
parties with your friends. we're still looking at maybe snow in the poconos. at kick off, rain across philadelphia. so here we go pregame, 39 in philadelphia 36 in the burbs. 43 in south jersey. 37 in delaware. the last play of the game? everybody with the exception of the jersey shore is in the 30s, and we could see more mixing in philadelphia, and then it is gone and anything on the roads turns to ice. >> thank you, all new at 5:00 extra cash. check your pay stub. the reason why many of you saw a pay increase today. >> this is an under taking. >> and next at 5:00 my coanchor takes as along for the ride as he flies to the winter olympics in south korea.
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♪ strummed guitar ♪ you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music ♪ travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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the start of the winter olympics right here on nbc 10. we have a crew in south korea right now bringing you interviews with all of our athletes. he boarded a 14 hour south korea and he is taking you along for the ride on social media. >> we're on our way to cover the winter olympics.
5:39 pm
this is how i will live for the next 14even at 6'3" i could still lay down which is nice. >> hit me up here. much love guys. >> yeah his travel companion there is matt shavechaffer, safe travel guys. >> when keith arrives in south korea, he will be greeted by the olympic torch. today the torch relay continued across this suspension bridge after traveling around south korea. the torch will arrive at the opening moan of the winter olympics. remember nbc 10 is the only place to watch the winter olympics starting next thursday. next at 5:00 paycheck increases. why many of you saw a boost today. and on the ice. how some of our family spent
5:40 pm
their day before the super bowl in minnesota. and going ahead with the nfl's roger goodell on what the eke le eagle's historic season means for their league.
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it is friday and that means payday for a lot of people. most workers should start seeing an increase based on changes from the new tax law. new at 5:00 drew smith spoke to people about their plans for that extra cash. >> sports and politics are the talk of terminal market. these ladies took photos with cardboard cutouts of president trump and obama in eagles gear. people are in a spending mood. >> i'm probably going to buy an
5:43 pm
eagles jersey. >> i already spent it here at the market. >> your increase will vary based on how much and how often you get paid and your who wouldingithholding. >> it was like $20 or something more but it will make a difference. >> if it is on the computer or the stub look at net pay, that number should have gone up the amount of money you take ohmhome after taxes. then the federal tax withholding line should have gone down. and the paycheck changes come a month after the tax plan became law. >> they will be working on the different provisions of this code for a long time these are major changes and they can't afford to get it wrong. their these cutre temporary.
5:44 pm
>> i need permanent, trump. >> to all our area revved up for the super bowl is an under statement. rated from top to bottom, they unveiled the ago eagle the -- eagles fans. >> at the whitman school teachers had a backup quarterback contest. back over to jim and jacqueline live in minneapolis now. >> tom two nfl mvp awards. >> a picture appears to show tom
5:45 pm
getting ready to win ago, it shows a man getting ready to hold a sheet that says brad acceptance peach, honored to be this year's recipient of mvp award. does he know something that we don't, or is he just preparing fopossibility? >> if you're here in minnesota, ice fishing is really popular. >> yes, and we spoke with al roker and craig melvin about their experience. >> you were ice fishing the other day. >> yes, yesterday. we went and we both caught a >> so here is video to prove it, you see al and greg working that drill on the ice. here is the finished product.
5:46 pm
pretty cool they were not out there alone this morning. >> i think i got something. >> no. >> yes! yes! whoa! okay. >> that is a big one there, vi. >> they weren't quite as successful as al and krad right? >> that's a lot of work, and as you get is a tiny little -- >> and it's mighty cold out let's go to tammie souz ever ice fished? >> yes, that's super markets, go pick up fish and cook it up and it's just as good for you. >> we tinkered with the idea and thought nah. >> that is why you're very smart. it's cold right now.
5:47 pm
there is stadium. it is 9:00 degrees and it feels like four below zero. you will wake up twin cities and all of the rest of the eagles fans traveling there well below zero tomorrow morning. let's look at the highs. 42 in millville, you're saying where was that. that was very very early this morning. then the snow moved out of the area and the cold air came rushing in. ten at pocono, 25 at mount holly, and 21 in pots down. let's go ahead and take a look at what is ahead of us, bitter cold on saturday a windchill in the single digits, it will be sunny and cold. clouds move in late in the day, and we see snow and a wintery mix in the he will high valley and the poconos changes over to rain. much of the area will see just rain during the day. a super soaker with slick roads
5:48 pm
all day long. next week we turn more seasonal. we don't have anything on the doppler radar right now. just snow showers this is the next weathermaker moving in through sunday. let's see how that plays out for us. ng to look at temperatures in full tonight, the winds will be more out of the west and northwest. tomorrow they turn to the southwest. the winds pick up and kick us into the 30s, and then look what happens, we make it all of the way into the low 30s, sunday morning early, temperatures continue to climb in the 40s from philadelphia south and east and maybe snow continues in the poconos, but for much of the area the rain is out of here and temperatures will fall like a rock. anything on the roads will freeze. please be aware of that if you're driving around on sunday night. 16 in thely high-- lehigh valley.
5:49 pm
the clouds will move in jersey shore hat 32 delaware at 35 and 32 in the pennsylvania suburbs. let's look at the ten. 43 on sunday. that will be in the afternoon. the wintery mix will turn to rain. 40 on tuesday, rain on wednesday, changes over to snow late at night, and early on thursday, and back to seasonal temperatures to end next week. >> earn? >> the stars are out for the super bowl and the celebrities that we're catching up with ahead of the big game and preparing for pandemonium. how philadelphia is getting ready for the birds first ever super bowl win. stay with us for news at 6:00.
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welcome back lester holt joining us from minneapolis, he is here as well. >> he as a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." >> hi maybe we can trade handwarmers, we're here in minneapolis, the super bowl host city. tonight the big city is the fire storm in washington after the president declassified that explosive memo. we're going to break down what it says and doesn't say. also our exclusive with the man
5:53 pm
who triggered hawaii's false missile alert. we'll sent it back to you guys. >> we'll see you then and hopefully in person soon. >> and handwarmers, a heated vest and socks, the whole nine yards. fire it up. >> very good. >> he is a smart man. so this now, they rolled out the red carpet here in minneapolis. >> britney shipp attended the super bowl gospel celebration where there was a lot of love for the philadelphia eagles. >> lots of celebrities flying into minneapolis and straight to the red carpet. >> what do you want to say to your fans in fillphilly? >> fly eagles fly. >> so i have to ask, who are you rooting for? >> i'm just a football fan. i'm a steeler fan in my heart, so i am just cheering for both
5:54 pm
teams. >> are you cheering for the patriots? >> i'm not cheering for anybody, i'm not into football. >> is there a special reason why you're wearing green? >> i'm an eagles fan, cheering for the eagles. >> but they needed a little help with the chant. >> can we do the chant? >> we just spell it. we say e-a-g-l-e-s. eagles! >> on the red carpet in minneapolis for super bowl 52 i'm britneyshipp. >> snoop saying fly eagles fly
5:55 pm
is everything. ago le eagles fans are making music of their own. >> this video is from yarden. a temple university music student. this is taking the cake for the most unusual instrument used. and we're kicking our super bowl coverage into overdrive for nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> we are, eagles season! >> we'll show you how philadelphia fans are taking over tonight, just two days after super bowl lii. >> i'm going one on one with nfl goodell who tells us how the eagles season shows what sport is all about. and why the draft will not be
5:56 pm
coming back to philadelphia this year. and super bowl sunday soaker. rain coming and i will break down your chances coming up on the first alert at 6:00.
5:57 pm
right now at 6:00 the eagles beat. coming up the throngs of bird
5:58 pm
fans showing up in the bold north right now. >> their dreams could come true in just two days from now. and this lombardi trophy could be headed to philadelphia. good evening from minneapolis, minnesota. the buzz here in super bowl city is intensifying as each hour passes moving us closer to the eagles show down. a live look at the site of super bowl 52. tonight every eagles fan is hoping this will be the home of the birds first super bowl win. we're bringing you live team coverage tonight from across philadelphia and minnesota. we'll begin with nbc 10s tim furlong who is also live in minneapolis tonight. fans are just starting to take over the city i love it. >> yeah, some people are asking where all of the fans and i say the weather stinks, they're not
5:59 pm
out and about, but they're coming later in the week. you're not going to find many other here looking at super bowl rings because we don't have them yet, but eagles fans are making their presence felt. >> we're excited to be here in minneapolis. >> the eagles mascot is now
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