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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 1, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it's august 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the department of homeland security issues a warning about drones being used by terrorists here in the u.s. plus, the mystery wing that washed up on a beach is now in france. will aviation experts there confirm it's part of malaysia airlines flight 370. are you planning a protest or public event? we'll show you a company that offers crowds for hire. and seltzer's sparkling success. why one of the oldest drinks
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around is one of the hottest. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we've got some pretty heavy flair flare-ups. >> a firefighter dies as california's fire continues. >> crazy, crazy conditions. active wildfires across the western states. >> the wing debris found on the beach of a french island from the indian ocean is now in france. >> we were at the stage where we were getting more and more confident. >> america's busiest airspace. >> a drone came within 100 feet of jfk airport. >> there was a drone flying. >> london confirming that some members of the bin laden family london.
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it crashed into cars. >> a 13-year-old now blamed for the crash caught on camera in new york. >> all that -- i never promised you rose garden >> -- and all that matters. 164 skydivers created the biggest skydiving formation ever. >> -- on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> video featuring a thousand italian fans of the foo fighters has gone viral. >> one of them was dave grohl. he said, see you soon, cesena. >> social meade yachlt it can do anything these days.
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captioning funded by cbs and welcome to the weekend. and welcome to august. i can't believe it's august already. >> july just flew by, didn't it. >> we have a great morning including an interesting guest, the younger brother of chris farley. he just made a documentary of his brother. he'll speak candidly about his brother's life and addiction. plus chef john sawyer is bringing a revolution of food to the west belt. he'll join us on "the dish." >> los angeles is not exactly cowboy country but that's where outlaw is staking his claim. and, yes, that's his real name. he'll talk about the single moment that changed his life and
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you'll hear him on "saturday morning." the department of homeland security has sent a warning to police agencies around the country of the possibility of drones being used as whiches in an attack. jeff pegues is in our washington bureau with more on the story. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. law enforcements say terrorist organizations are using drones with video capabilities for surveillance operations overseas. cbs news has learned that officially they cannot rule out similar uses here in the u.s. to support violent activities. federal law enforcement officials believe the growing availablelet of drones increases the chances of carrying out a terrorist attack or committing out a crime. the warning has gone out to country. they say adversaries could use uas to advance terrorist and criminal activities.
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unmanned aircraft systems detect disruption problems. 're defined as terrorist organizations, domestic terrorists, violent extremists, lone operatives and drug trafficking and others. last fall the police department said it was paying close attention to the nation's fascination with drones. one of the top counterterrorism officials discussed the potential security concerns. >> chemical weapons? >> yes, the technology's there which we're thinking it is and will be. >> guns? >> guns, definitely. we've seen that. we've seen some paint ball video very accurately hitting the targets with the paintball. >> over the last several months law enforcement intelligence bulletins have been released almost weekly in response to isis sympathizer,s, but the
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release of the assessments is vinita. >> jeff pegues in washington this morning. thank you. meanwhile it appears a drone was responsible for a close call for passengers and crew on a jetliner. a flight reported a drone flying 100 feet below the plane. the jetliner landed safely last evening and this morning the faa is investigating. kris van cleave is following that story. >> about a mile back there was a drone flying at just on the southwest side of the airport here. >> the pilots of a delta air lines s md-88 with 154 passengers spotted a drone while on approach to land at john f. kennedy airport on friday evening. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> about 150 below us off the right wing. >> reporter: the faa said the
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flight did not have to take evasive maneuvers and landed without incident but they warning other flights to watch out. >> we're probably considerably higher than you are, but we're watching out for it. >> reporter: in may a regional jet flying from washington, d.c. to laguardia's airport had to climb abruptly 200 feet to go over a drone flying at 2 rkds 2,700 feet. australian officials say it's very likely that the piece of an airplane wing found on a french island in the indian ocean is from the missing 777. but it will be up to experts in france to determine that for sure. the wing fragment arrived there
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this morning as well as luggage. vigliotti. >> reporter: good morning. it could take several days before investigators can say without a doubt this piece of wreckage came from flight 370. the search continues along the island and is likely to grow in the days to come. the carefully packaged 6-foot wing called a flaperon will be nal anal analized. >> we think it's very likely. certainly confirmed as malaysian colleagues have said to be coming from a 777, and we're not aware of any other incident where this sort of component has been lost from a 777 aircraft. we still need to check that to
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be absolutely certain. >> reporter: the file result won't be known until next week but malaysia is sending crews to begin a search for more today. it's known for its active volcano and yesterday lava and smoke slowed the search for other wreckage. the flaperon helps keep the wing stable and can float in water which may explain why it was found 2,300 miles away. johnny begate found the flap and this suitcase on wednesday. maybe it's god who chose me to find this piece of debris, he said. families have turned to faith, hoping for good new, but hope has weathered with time. now they just want answers. >> my only thought is i want to know what happened to my family. i want to know where they are and why they are there. i think any single human being
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on this earth needs to know what happened. >> reporter: even if this flaperon is proven to belong to 370 experts say it will be difficult to tell where the plane crashed in thendian ocean. and, anthony and vinita, because the current is unpredictable, it's unclear whether other pieces will wash up on this coast. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency as that state and washington try to get a handle on a number of wildfires. the smoke and flames has claimed the life of one firefighter in oregon where the fire has forced evacuations and now spread to 800 acres. about 800 acres is burning in washington state. at the same time 8,000 firefighters are tackling the two dozen fires burning in northern california. jock blackstone is on the scene. >> firefighters facing walls of flames and dry heat fought back
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a fast moving fire 100 miles north of san francisco. air tankers and choppers were called in and 650 residents were evacuated quickly from the rural area. >> i've never seen flames so tall. 200 and 300-foot flames. >> reporter: another a thousand firefighters worked to hold back the rocky fire as they worked along the highway. by friday night the fire had grown to more than 18,000 acres. this home was lost to the flames. at this point fire crews had to quickly retreat. steven gillardi said the wind shifted and within minutes the fire began to bear down on his match. gillardi watched as crews tried to save his residence. >> the fire burned the whole thing. >> reporter: only 5% has been contained. many areas have been dry for years leaving brurk dense and
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dry. they say that's what's creating more intensive fire. >> the drought is creating much dryer conditions and we're seeing much more intense fires burning that are more difficult to try to predict. >> reporter: certainly the spread here on the rocky fire has been fast and unpredictable with flames and thick smoke rising from ridgetops all the way around. jock blackstone, "cbs this morning." they say many of hillary clinton's e-mails were too sensitive to be made public. they were not written when she was secretary of state but they're now labeled confidential. she's released her tax returns and health records. julianna goldman has more. good morning. >> good morning. it shows the clintons earned
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more than $139 million between 2007 and 2014. they've released 12% of the 55,000 pages clinton turned in over this year. but in this latest batch there's a high number that's deemed to be classified which is certain republicans. in this e-mail she forwarded a minister. in another she was sending a message. this one is rendezvous in kabul. all have redaxctredactions. >> we've not seen anything as we've conducted the review that indicates anything slould been classified at the time. >> he told reporters friday the process for releasing the e-mails has been slowed down because of the heightened
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scrutiny from u.s. intelligence agencies. >> we're confident we can catch up as our inner agencies complete their review of more documents. we need to be fast. we need to make every effort to meet these deadlines but we also need to be accurate. >> a federal judge las ordered clinton's e-mails to be released every 30 days. but earlier this week richard leon said the state department has. been anywhere near aggressive enough in releasing them to the public. her perm use of the e-mail has become a potential liability. polls show voters see her as less trustworthy and others have touched on the issue saying she's playing by her own set of rules. but on friday, transparency was the word where we've seen several years of tax returns for clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton. from 2007 to 2014.
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they paid a tax rate of 35.7% and they donated nearly $15 million to charity. the campaign also released this two-page letter from clinton's doctor declaring her to be in in excellent clinical condition. there has been questions about her health. doctors note she had to wear special glasses and did experience double vision for two months thereafter but she still takes daily blood thinning medication. vinita, with all of these documents she's provided more health and financial information than any other candidate including jeb bush, though it's noted he has 30 years of tax returns. >> thank you very much. with more on all this and how it might affect the campaign, we're joined by john dickerson. cbs news and political anchor on "face the nation." we just heard she's leased everything. why do you think she's doing that?
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>> well, so that we will say exactly what you just did. she's released everything. the trouble for the clinton campaign has been since this story came out that she created her own server, her own private e-mail system outside of the state didn't system. there have been questions about her honesty and transparency. by releasing all of, this it knocked the story of her e-mails transparency. the campaign trying to balance out the charges that she's trying to hide something with big public displays of letting it all hang out. >> it's a big problem, isn't it, because polls show that 57% of americans don't find her trustworthy. >> that is a problem and that's been building over time. it's something that has dogged hillary clinton in different ways and now it's to the point where every time e-mails are
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mentioned, whether there's anything in the e-mails or not, it initiates questions about the trust situation and it also creates situation where the campaign has to respond and every time they respond, it's a new test. transparent. yesterday it was showing they're trying to be extra transparent or show things before they're even asked about them. >> let's talk about thursday and the wild card in the debates. i'm reluctant to quote themselves back to themselves. you wrote no one has pioneered more insults than donald trump. do you think we can expect to see more of that in the debates or do you think he'll change his tone? >> i love hearing you quote me back. it's better than the unusual insults. i think the question for donald trump is does he go in with what's brought him to the dance, which is to say, what makes him
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so popular. he doesn't follow the niceties of campaigning. he tells it like it is. i hear that phrase all the time. on the big stage, why not go what's leading him to the popularity. on the other hand, when i talk to the others, they think he's going to come and be a choir boy and say, gee, we've heard these things in the press like he's bombastic but he seems like a nice enough guy here and he gets a lot of coverage against playing types. this is one of many things. >> you've had a pretty hard time getting heard over mr. trum sop what are they going to do here to try to grab some attention at this debate, or can they? >> it's difficult. the candidates in the top tier who are the jeb bush and scott walkers, think my understanding
7:19 am
from talking to them and their campaign, they want to stick with their game plan. they'll have something in their back pocket if trump unlives one of his ready insults that he has in hand, but their main job is to talk in cameras for 90 skojds or so wondering why they should be president, hoping people will be tuning in or it will get chopped out and sent to social media. for the lesser candidates or ones further down in the polls. there is a theory, perhaps, that they might get themselves into the news cycle by taking on trump. that's a tricky thing though. debates are strange events where the clock is against you, the moderator is controlling things. so it's very hard to pull off an attack on another candidate and have it work to your advantage. >> he's been so quick to tell us he's never done a debate before. what do you have on tomorrow on "face the nation"? >> we'll talk with mike huckabee. we'll talk with him about the
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debate and his controversial remarks about the president's deal with iran and the nuclear prachl we'll talk about sully sullenberger and the latest on the malaysian air fliechlt also the candidates. we have a full picture of money and politic this year in the election. and then we'll have a political panel as well. >> all right. the always quote-worthy john dickerson. thank you, john. the coast guard has called off its search for two teenagers missinging in the atlantic for over a week. perry cohen and austin disappeared. "the wall street journal" says talks to seal a free trade teal between the u.s. and 12 other nations have wrapped up in hawaii without an agreement.
7:21 am
they say they've achieved a significant progress. it's believed disagreements over pharmaceutical patents and dairy exports were among the main sticking points. they represent about 40% of the world's economy. >> the "los angeles times" includes evidence of a deadly crash measures how well the administration is protecting the public. flying debris from the craft came close to schools. the faa is reviewing the finders. >> "the hollywood reporter" says "rowdy" roddy piper has died. he performed in a series of television matches and made cameos in movies. was inducted into the wwe hall
7:22 am
of fame in 2005. he was 61 years old. >> "the new york times" reports that dan price giving $60,000 to each has come with backlash. some saw it as a political move and others saw it as way for them to pay more taxes and others who make more quit because they were getting races. price says the backlash is just the cause of
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coming up, the latest on the minnesota dentist criticized by many after shooting a beloved african lion. what we're now learning about the hunt. and later how the fbi is struggling to combat cyber crime. the problem is that there are not enough qualified agents. you're watching "cbs this
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good morning, it is 7:27. on this saturday, the first day of august. i'm andrea grymes. in the news, visitors to central park are on alert after another robbery. police have released this sketch. they say this man put a 53-year- old man in a choke hold. until he passed out. after refusing to give that suspect money. and it happened around 11:00 thursday night. by west drive and 79th street. police say when the victim woke up, his wallet and backpack were gone. he is expected to be okay. and nypd statistics show there have been 20 robberies in the park. so far this year. happening today, triple crown winner american pharoah is scheduled to hit the racetrack this morning in new jersey. he is preparing to run in the haskel invitational at monmouth park tomorrow where he is the overwhelming favorite. the haskel will be american pharoah's first start since he
7:28 am
became the first triple crown winner in 37 years. and american pharoah is expected to be retired later this year. let's head outside to vanessa murdock with a check of the forecast. >> good morning. we're here at summer streets. a beautiful day for it. we are going to top out at 90 this afternoon. a hot one despite a lovely start. here we go with the forecast. lots of sunshine. low humidity. and 90. as we go into the overnight hours. it is looking really nice tonight. talking 72 degrees. and mostly clear skies. and northwest winds at 5-10. for your sunday, 89 and mostly sunny. another winner. we have a slight chance of showers and storms mainly north and west of the city today. live from foley square with summer streets. andrea, back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. another news update in a half hour. i'm andrea grymes. cbs this morning saturday
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continues right after this. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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last night we had a blue moon. it wasn't really blue, of course. it's just the second full moon in one month. it happened on the 2nd and 31st. blue moons occur about once every two years. >> that song's going to be stuck in my husband. authorities in zimbabwe are going to seek the skraextradition of walter palmer. >> dr. palmer sent an e-mail saying he did not know cecil was a protected lion. this comes as the leader suggested that cecil was not the only animal palmer wanted to kill.
7:31 am
in an exclusive interview with an exclusive paper, the "telegraph," his guide said the hunt went wrong from the beginning. quote, we were never meant to hunt on the land where the lion was shot. he said an elephant carcass was dragged and moved into the long grass and used for bait. he claims dr. palmer shot an arrow at cecil but wasn't sure the animal was hit. the next morning he was found and palmer finished him off with a second arrow. then he asked if we would find him an elephant more than 63 pounds. i said i could not find one so big. he left the next day. authorities will hold palmer accountable by seeking his extradition. >> this is the route we are taking in zimbabwe. we're taking the issue very series.
7:32 am
they signed a treaty in '97 that allows someone who is charged to be extradited. a wildlife expert says an expert has contacted the agency. the 55-year-old hunter has been vilified all week. demonstrators protested outside his dental office in bloomington, minnesota. palmer told paetsch ejtss in an e-mail he would resume normal operations as soon as possible. meanwhile some of his personal information has been shared on social media and that has turned into a public shaming. >> you see the lives of human beings put behind animals. >> he says this hunt highlights a global problem.
7:33 am
>> while cecil was iconic and people were very invested in this particular individual, hundreds of lions are killed every year for sport, so while this is an incredibly sad situation, it's forcing us to look what we're doing. not only are lions killed for sport, but so are elephants, rhinos, species we know that are declining like giraffes and leopards. why are we allowing this to happen. >> reporter: as of this morning 2,000 people have signed a petition to have dr. palmer extradited. since the treaty was signed 15 years ago, no one has been extradited there to face criminal charges. >> david beg nauchld thank you, david. why rally a crowd when you can just buy one.
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time for "morning rounds" with dr. holly phillips and dr. richard gladder. first up, from the journal of american heart association, they highlight how salt consumption can be bad for our health. holly, tell us about this study. >> we've known about it for some time but this study really looked at how that relationship evolves over the course of time. so they started with 4,000 people in the study who did not have high blood pressure and they followed them for three years. at the end of the three years, 23% had developed high blood pressure. what was interesting is that people who started the study with a high salt intake were at the greatest risk of developing high blood praerk but right behind them they started with a slow salt intake and increased it over the years. teefb gradual increase is enough
7:39 am
to cause hypertension in the end. >> it's interesting. we talk about sugar but what about salt? >> nine in ten americans get too much salt and one in three americans have high blood pressure. we're trying to cut down on it. >> what do you do? salt is in so much food. how do you curb the intake. >> the biggest thing to find is the top source isn't the salt saker. people will say they never sprinkle it on their food. 7 57 comes in processed foods where it's already in the food. think breads, soup, pizza, things where you're not adding soup to it. >> a lot of the good stuff. earlier this year the fall prevention summit convened to help reduce the growing number
7:40 am
of accidents among growing adults. the study finds one in three adults falls each year. that accounts for 2.5 million visits to the emergency room. you wrote that having a conversation with a patient is a very important way to curb this. how does that work? >> first of all, it's having the conversation. a lot of them don't begin with it because falls represent a very significant cause of problems, injuries, that lead patients to come to the hospital. every day we see people falling and this can lead to devastating injuries like head injuries, skull fractures, hip fractures. it's one of the biggest problems that leads to immobility and eventually later putting them into in assists care and living. it's lard, lard problem. >> are they slipping or carrying too much? >> to pick up where rob left off, a recent cdc report found that the number of unintentional results that result in dealt in
7:41 am
americans over the age of 65 has doubled since the year 2000. so that's really fast. there's not a single cause to this. i think a lot of it has to doaging of the population. we're seeing a lot more illnesses like parkinson's. they have hearing and vision loss and our environmental hasn't caught up with the safety measures. people are still living with stairs and without guardrails and those things have to change. >> is there anything you can do to prevent falls? >> first of all, knowing what the conditions are in the home and taking care of a person who is older and knowing what to do to prevent it. a lot of falls occur in the bathroom. having the protective devices in there. also focusing on other things
7:42 am
like protective shoewear. people need have good shoes. millions of americans will deal with sweltering conditions so officials are urging everyone to take extra precaution. i hear it tees's the oldest and youngest. >> it typically is. they put them at risk for lowering their blood pressure. we have patients who have a history of psychiatric illness and mieggraines. >> holly, i don't know if you can beat the heat but what do you do? >> it's fluids. hydration is the most important. if it's very hot to do, try to drink two to four cups of coffee every hour whether you're thirsty. if you don't have a.c., stay in the lower portion of the house,
7:43 am
ideally with a fan. if you're going to exercise outdoors, don't do it between 11:00 and 4:00. head to the brilibrary, bookstore if you feel you're getting overheated. >> we also see people with other injuries. for example, people who use their grill in this time of year, a lot of injuries like burns, sometimes when they're scrubbing the grill itself spikes can be left over and end on the meat and they can swallow that. in pruning, lots of lacerations and cuts. it's not just heat. >> you make summer sound so dangerous. next time you crave a doughnut or pastry, blame your nose. new research shows when adults
7:44 am
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it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. no one knows it better than cyber criminals. no one knows it better than cyber criminals. hackers steal millions of dollars and personal day data files each year. >> the fbi is fighting back but
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it's understaffed. the bureau's having trouble finding and hiring enough qualified personnel. jeff pegues visited the fbi cyber headquarters and met some of its newest agents. >> reporter: among the biggest threats the new agents will face are not the ones they will confront on the streets but the ones online in quantico, virginia, an old nuclear bunker leads to the future. >> in the old days you used to follow people and money. >> reporter: tracing hacks and cyber criminals. in this class new agents who we agreed no tot identify are learned to use digital crews to solve crimes. some will go on using sophisticated methods to track down hackers. and hacking is per vasish. just this summer the u.s.
7:49 am
government revealed its cyber thieves stole the files of as many as 25 million people in fr. the office of personnel management. earlier this year it was announced the health care information of up to 11 million people was stolen from premera, blue cross, and last year sony picture was hacked and had projects and e-mails and receiverers destroyed. the fbi is looking for people who know how the servers work. his biggest challenge is money. >> when you near the private sector and making really good money. it's hard to leave that to take a pay cut to come to the fbi. >> this is a second year for you? >> it is, sir. >> he left a job in security. he's taking a 50% pay cut. >> what appeals to you? >> taking down criminals, people who attack the homelands. >> reporter: the recruiting push
7:50 am
began late last year, by the end of this year, the fbi hopes to agents. for "cbs this morning: saturday," jeff pegues, quantico, virginia. >> having done stories on this topic and talking to experts, a lot of them say it's not if the company gets hacked. it's how they'll respond. >> we need these recruits and we need them badly. coming up, what tastes good? salty. all foods thatted a flavor. now you canned a fatty to the list. really. details. ahead. you're watching "cbs this
7:51 am
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7:55 am
we all know the sweet taste of a sugary treat and the shock of something sour. >> hey, is this milk any good? >> yeahing that really got me yesterday. >> reporter: but according to scientists at purdue universeity, there's a new taste in town. fat. the pure tate of oleogustus is distinct from sweet, bitter, salty. be warned. the taste of pure fat is, quote, not plaemt and typically rejected when in high
7:56 am
concentrations. >> liquid nitrogen, salt, mm. >> by most people. it can help chefs understand >> i like that. >> that's good for all of us. what do you get when 164 skydivers get together? isn't it beautiful? it looks just beautiful. for some of you, your local news you're watching "cbs this
7:57 am
morning: saturday." a sunny start out there. good morning, it is 7:57 on this saturday, the first day of august. i'm andrea grymes. in the news, visitors to central park are on alert this morning, after another robbery. police have released this sketch. they say in the man put a 53- year-old man in a choke hold. until he passed out. after refusing to give him money. it happened around 11:00 thursday night. by west drive and 79th street. and investigators say when the backpack were gone. he is expected to be okay. nypd statistics show there have been 20 robberies in the park so far this year. new this morning, bus and train service is back up and running in brooklyn. after a water main break near the barclays center. crews were working to repair the busy section of flatbush avenue last night. two and three subway lines were briefly shut down and several
7:58 am
the break. now to vanessa murdock with a check of the forecast. she is outside. along park avenue this morning. good morning, vanessa. >> good morning, here in foley square, summer streets is well under way. people are enjoying the slierd, slierd -- the slide, the city and the open roads from the brooklyn bridge to central park. it is a beautiful day. the sun is out. the skies are blue. a look at the forecast. for today, 90. mostly sunny skies. for the most part. but there is a slight chance of storm mainly north and west of the city. as we go through the overnight hours, mostly clear and 72 degrees. low humidity still. and to end your weekend, we will be at -- 89 degrees. mostly sunny skies. incredibly comfortable. and you can enjoy and enjoy summer streets until 1:00 today. it is after that, that we will hit 90. right now live in foley square, andrea, back to you. >> thank you. another news update in a half hour. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix.
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welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. some political candidates are hiring actors to make their crowds look bigger. you'll meet the man who rents the crowds to the campaign. almost 20 years after his untimely death we look at the life and humor of the very funny chris farley. we'll talk to his brother who produced the film. and bubbling business is bubbling over. first breaking news overnight. the warning about the threat of drone weapons. the department of homeland security is warning police
8:01 am
agencies around the country about the possible use of drones as weapons in attacks. jeff pegues has more from our washington bureau. >> good morning. the cbs news has learned that warnings have gone out across the country. federal officials believe the growing use of drones for recreational uses now increases the chances of one carrying out a terror attack or a crime here in the u.s. that is a warning december emanated to police agencies across the country. it says adversaries could use uas to advance terrorists in criminal activities. unmanned aircraft systems detect disruption and intelligence. terrorist organization violent extremests, loan operatives among others. it does not mention any specific upcoming convenience but points
8:02 am
to the overall security challenges that drones or uauaf propose to police. >> thank you. meanwhile at kennedy airport a drone appeared to be responsible for a close call on a delta air lines jet. the pilot from flight 407 from orlando reported a drone fly 1g 00 feet below the plane. it landed safely and this morning the faa is investigating. >> there's new hope this morning that a significant clue will be confirmed in the disappearance of flight 370, 17 months ago. a part that could be missing arrived today in france where experts will determine it was from the missing jet. 239 people were on board when flight 370 vanished without a trace. the stand department said more than 3 dozen e-mail
8:03 am
messages found on hillary clinton's private server er too sensitive to be public. the e-mails are now labeled confidential. meanwhile the presidential candidate also made public her tax returns and health records. hillary clinton also made waves on social media. she joined her husband bill clinton at u2 at madison square garden in new york. some took pictures of them. they were in the first row of the first tier. that prompted quest love of the roots to wonder why they were sitting in, quote, nose bleed seats. they also got a shout-out from u2 bono. he thanked them for their efforts in fighting aids. as the race for the white house heats one the first republican debate set for thursday, there appears to be a growing number of supporters showing up at campaign speeches and appearances.
8:04 am
the increasing measure to get ahead has painted some actors to be faces in the crowd. carter evans takes a look. >> this is an honor to have everybody here. this is beyond anybody's expectations. there's been no crowd like this. >> reporter: when donald trump entered the race spurred on by the crowd, apparently not all were believers. actors were offered $50 to wear t-shirts, carry signs, and cheer. trump denies paying supporters, but if he did, he's hardly alone. >> why would a politician want to hire a crowd? >> why wouldn't he. >> reporter: they were minor celebrities. hired actors to play paparazzi and fans and it wasn't long before politicians came calling. >> you want the world to think,
8:05 am
you know, it's a genuine crowd. that's what we do. >> reporter: he says party affiliation doesn't matter. you want a crowd, he'll give you a crowd or go negative. >> have you provided a crowd? >> of course. >> demonstrators? >> of course. >> do you see anything wrong with that? >> personally new york. >> do you feel like -- >> we don't trick people. we engage them. >> have we come to a point where we should just expect this? >> sadly, yes. >> reporter: she's a public policy professor at ufs. >> obviously we want politicians, but they know the game and we know to get more people to follow is to create the illusion that everyone is interested. >> reporter: the practice is so common there's a word for it in the dictionary.
8:06 am
have you ever heard of astroturfing? >> yes. >> do you agree with that? >> it's all semantics. >> astroturfing is a fake grassroots movement. >> when do you think it crosses the line? >> when you're actually swaying public opinion. >> he said the only thing he i don't is work with hate groups. anyone else is fair game. >> do you ever think i'm creating a buzz for an issue that really isn't there and wouldn't be there if i didn't do that? >> p i take pride in that. >> to be honest with you, if we're rolling into the election so cynical that we don't believe anything coming out of a politician's montgomery county and any of the crowd around them, then what's to be excited about. so i think we have to suspend our disbeliefs until a crazy
8:07 am
e-mail comes out and we find out in fact. >> i think having them seem genuine is critical. if they find out it's fake fine. >> proving in politics things aren't always what they see. for "cbs this morning: saturday," carter evans, los angeles. >> i'm sorry. he's not only eluding the crowd. he's eluding himself. >> i have to hand it to carter evans. he took him to task. the guy certainly has no perception of his work. 164 skydivers jumped out of a plane in central illinois to form a giant flower. that i built the largest ever vet cal skydiving formation. they lasted a few seconds before
8:08 am
the flyers broke away and deployed their parachutes. >> i was reading it took them 13 attempts. can you imagine? the master full plans to make sure everyone does that at the up next, the sparkling seltzer business. >> it's the fastest growing carbonated drink in america. so what is this new cutting-edge beverage? it's old-fashioned seltzer water. i'm mark albert. coming up on "cbs this morning: saturday," wheel tell you all
8:09 am
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8:12 am
seltzer's been around for centuries but more people are drinking it now than ever before. it's coming popular over sugary drinks. mark albert is here with more on that. good morning, mark. >> good morning. seltzer water has no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol. its buzz comes from carbonation. it's leading to endorsements by sport stars and launching startups.
8:13 am
logging 70-pound crates through new york city's burgs, he calls man. one of only four old-fashioned seltzer businesses. business? >> i guess. >> why? >> seltzer is in my blood. it's a sentimental thing. >> reporter: his timing could not be better. with the demand bubbling over, he launched a side business. brooklyn seltzer boys to deliver directly to homes, restaurants, and street fairs.
8:14 am
>> we had a waitlist for seltzer. >> you had a wade list for settler. >> we had a weightlift for sell ter. it's it's a good thing. >> cheers. >> cheers. people want retro. people want what's old. there's a whole trend to getting back to healthy beverages. seltzer is probably the healthiest soda you can drink. all it is is water and c02. that's it. >> sales consumption is up 45% in the past five years while soft drinks are down less than 8%. canada dry is growing at three times the rate and necessarily is building $200 million to
8:15 am
produce seven more production lines. there's even a fresh take on selling seltzer. they'lled a a jolt to sales. dr. bruce bryant is a sensory science researchers in philadelphia. he says some of our palates are simply wired to like settler and its bite. >> the carbon dioxide gets into the tongue tissue and sew liz f lid fie it and that acid activated pain fives in our month. fromming. >> it wasn't all a drink of choice who ee riding a book. settler water he says is named
8:16 am
after the german town of neederseltzers where it was thought to have heals ss prop properties. they put carbonation into water and then branded it. >> has it come a long way? >> wea resurgence a yeks seltzer man hopes to rice. >> it's definitely is. years. in fact, the typical mark now drinks the least amount of cola since 1988. >> this is a remarkable turnaround.
8:17 am
>> so it really is water and carbonation. >> they say you get the same amount because it keeps the prayer you open the 2-liter palace tij botter. and seltzer is different than club soda. >> absolutely. can club soda can have more. up next, a very funny marngs chris farley, a "saturday night live" to 20 years ago. you're from what i hear you're using your paper not for writing but rolling a lot of doobies. you're going to be doing a lot of doobies when you're living in a van down by the river. >> he still make mess last. we'll meet his brother and the
8:18 am
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i love these fries. >> you love them so much, why don't you marry them. >> can i have some? >> sure, go ahead. >> oh, god. these are good. >> sidney sydney k you leave some for us us. i thought you were trying to lose weight. >> lay off me. i'm starving. >> chris farley was at the top of his game when his life was cut short by an accidental drug overdose in 1997. he was 33 years old. a documentary opened in theaters yaft night. >> he was a light when he came into the room. >> chris was a force of nature. through the rife. quantitate actively amped up past everybody else.
8:22 am
>> his basic impulses make everybody funny. he found his identity with that because that was his natural impulse as a kid. >> it was that feeling like, i get it. i'm only going to watch that guy if he's on stage. there's nothing touched him. he's wildly entertaining. >> the film was directed by derek murray and brent hodge and his younger brother kevin was the executive producer. good morning. thank you for being with us. the documentary made me laugh, made me cry, made me fall in love with your family. it's so personal. him. >> the comedy, which we wanted to do and focus on, it was pretty simple. the mountain. his comic genius and short life and there were so many people that loved chris farley and miss him and we felt it was a story that needed to be told because
8:23 am
at the end of the day we didn't know who chris farley because. >> the family was reluctant, i >> yeah. i think it was a hard thing for the family to go through when we lost him so young. it's just a difficult thing but i assured him this is what i think needs to be said. there's a lot of love for chris out there and people really knew exactly who he was a where he came from i think it would be interesting for folks and i think he deserves that and his fan dees serve that. that's why we're here. >> was there anything you didn't know about your brother? you hear from so many comedian and how they feel and how they pioneer. >> i was impressed at his colleagues and how much they really cared for him. i think show busy isiness and i was for chris.
8:24 am
it's a competitive world and show business is competitive. >> comedians are competitive. >> comedians are competitive. i was really touched that they had such great love. >> lorne michaels called him infuriatingly talented. i thought offstage he was a different guy, but he was always on. >> yeah, that's the thing we noticed. chris farley was born chris farley. this is the chris farley from high school and college, second city, "snl," it's the same guy throughout. always the class clown, always the funny man. same guy. >> it was interesting to hear so many say he was not the writer but he was the guy everybody wanted to work with. what was it about him that made people at second city and "snl" and even movies loved working with him? >> i think it's those characters. >> look at those characters. matt foley, motivational speaker, chip n dales.
8:25 am
these are iconic characters. guy. you think whatever you have on off that page. instincts. you could start with the idea it. as you learn with the writers in the film, yeah, just go for it. you're going to make it that magical thing by that comedic >> they would start something would know where to fix it. he couldn't just bring it out. he'd say, oh, that's needs this, this, and this, and that's exactly what it needs. >> one of his favorite idols was john belushi. >> its was incredible having lorne michaels and dan aykroyd comment on that. it was incredible to have them speak about this in our film.
8:26 am
>> lorne michaels said chris is the child that aykroyd and belushi had together and we don't know about it. >> how did you approach the comedians about it? they may have said, that's not how we want to remember him. >> once kevin felt that trust and go forward in the community, we wanted to share it. we wanted to do the film. it was important that the family actually endorse the film and the important part was to show to them we have true motives to tell the storybook life of chris and from that standpoint it just snowballed. over the last 12 months we got an incredible cast. >> there's so many wonderful funny moments. >> you just reminded me of what an zroort talent he was. thank you all for being with us. you can see "i am chris farley".
8:27 am
it will good morning. it is 8:27 on this saturday, august 1. i'm andrea grymes. in the news, visitors to central park are on alert this morning after another robbery. police have released this sketch, they say he put a 53- year-old man in a choke hold until he passed out. after refusing to give that suspect money. it happened around 11:00 thursday night, by west drive and 79th street. and police say when the victim woke up, his wallet and backpack were gone. and he is expected to be okay. and nypd statistics show there have been 20 robberies in the park so far this year. and happening today, triple crown winner american pharoah is scheduled to hit the in new jersey. and he is preparing to run in the haskel invitational tomorrow at monmouth park. the overwhelming favorite. the haskel american pharoah's start since the triple crown
8:28 am
and american pharoah is expected to be retired later this year. now to vanessa murdock for a check of the forecast. she is live outside in lower vanessa? >> we are here in foley square for summer streets until 1:00 this afternoon. you can hit park avenue, from central park to the brooklyn bridge without cars or traffic. awesome. and enjoy some fun in the sun. like slide in the city. it is getting peopling -- giving people a great time. looking at forecast, how beautiful it will be today. low humidity. sunshine, 90. a chance of some storms this afternoon. a slim chance for that. best bet though mainly north and west of the city. tonight, mostly clear and 72. very comfortable tomorrow. and 89. with another winner to end the weekend. andrea? >> vanessa, thank you. we will be back with the news at 9:00. i'm andrea grymes, cbs this morning saturday continues
8:29 am
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hes with important and raised in cleveland and fell in food the old-fashioned way eating his mother's and grand moe mother's cooking. being a chef was not part of his plan. >> but plans change. he returned to cleveland. he's now executive chef and owner of "the green house tavern," "noodle cat" and. he received the james beard award. good morning. >> good morning. >> you brought us three personal cakes. >> three personal cakes a
8:31 am
firsthand if that's not enough, you can take a full cake. cleefbland is all about. >> thank you for coming from cleveland and tell us what you brought with us. >> we brought over here one of my favorite vegetable dishes from summertime. peas, pecorino and black pepper on top. book. that's my son's favorite pasta we enjoyed in italy and these are the beef short rips that are typically a little longer. we like that because it's nice easy preparation for the butcher to get to us and we can use sources that we love and foie gras clams. foie gras clams and onions and some beets, raw, roasted, and dehydrated. >> i want to ask you about the book. >> sure.
8:32 am
>> i thought i saw in a video kids learn from their parents, food phobia. >> absolutely. >> whoo whatat did you want to do? adults. the recipes i brought in weren't from anywhere. we're talking about engaging kids on a small level and expanding it one they learn more and more and more. that way they have the ability to develop their own palate and arm themselves with tools for the rest of their lives. we're not tricking them with cauliflower in the brownie. we want to pull it off the shelf, figure out that you love it. ily is gateways into that kid's head and into their foot. >> embrace the cauliflower. >> absolutely. >> as a kid you started out studying engineering and then you completely changed course.
8:33 am
>> true. >> what did your mom say when you did this? >> when i decided to drop out of engineering school, throw away the auto cad, i had been cooking for a long time. so she bought me a membership to james beard foundation, a wooden cutting board and a cutting knife. she said you're on your own with tuition but here are the tools you'd need. >> you were working in a lot of cities before you decided to come back to cleveland. what made you do that? >> i think that was everybody's brain train. when you turn 18, get out of ohio. once we rom and my wife and i had a kid, we wanted to have an upbringing for our kids. partner? more than that. more than that. operation. >> she's everything. >> you did a lot. >> yeah.
8:34 am
think i you have to make the choice today that life is not going to be in harder or yearsier than it was. you embrace what's happening. change is coming and going. it's never going to be easier. >> that's a great philosophy. >> i want to hand you this dish to sign. as you do that i want to ask who with? >> i change it often but i'm going with leonard cohen. i have him tattooed on my wrist. he's inspired so many people. the art and arts are to be shared.
8:35 am
>> good pick and jup next, our saturday session. a genuine outlaw. that's his name. sam outlaw who's bringing a sharp edge version of country music back to california. don't miss his national television debut. morning: saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ...connects to the ends of the earth? from roller coaster hills... musical streets and movie chase scenes.
8:36 am
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let's try this online snacking thing again. oh! dan n. oikos. and if i don't love it's free? dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is creamy and delicious and has 12g of protein and 0 fat. dannon oikos, love it or it's free! dannon in this morning's "saturday session," an outlaw who's feeling some of nashville's thunder from 2,000 miles away in los angeles. >> his name really is sam outlaw and i sat down with him here in new york. 33-year-old sam outlaw is a relative newcomer to country music, but the southern california singer has quickly made a name for himself. >> your last name. >> yes. >> comes from your mom.
8:39 am
>> that's right. my given name is sam morgan. obviously i tell people if you're playing country music with the last name outlaw, it sounds fake. but it's my family name, my mom's name and it mean as lot to me. >> it took on extra meaning after his mother passed away a few years ago. >> i think it was after that point it became more significant because it's kind of a chance for me to continue to honor her and she was an amazing person and she was someone who believed in me. >> outlaw started writing sonics while in school but after a decade he started working in digital advertising. >> in the interim you had a >> yeah. >> like in advertising. >> yeah. like a professional. a career. >> a real job. >> a real job. security, health insurance, yeah. >> and you threw all that away for this. >> yeah. >> outlaw turned back to music
8:40 am
when he turned 30. >> your 30th birthday party was kind of a turning point? >> yeah. a crisis thing. >> what happened? >> by the time i'm 30, i was making good income, disposable income, hot girlfriend and great party. i thought i'll look successful. in my mind i do. i woke up the next day and the dust settles and i'm like, is that all there is. >> yeah. >> so he started writing country songs. he fell in love listening to george jones and emmylou harris. he started in los angeles where he lives. two years ago outlaw made the switch to music full time. >> i called my wife and i said, hey, honey, i think i might need
8:41 am
to quit my job, you noeknow. there was kind of like a pause. she said, marngs in, i was waiting to hear that. >> that's nice. >> i might have shed a tear or two. this month he released a new song, a nod to his hometown. >> my wife and i checked out nashville and we said we'll move to nashville. i said, you know what, if i stayed in l.a. i'd be a door in a cowboy hat but if i move to nashville, i'll be another door in a hat. i thought you know what, i'm staying in l.a. my family's in l.a. i get benefits i wouldn't get in other places. >> now sam outlaw is brings his
8:42 am
own sound to the rest of the country. >> i don't claim to be the best singer in town. i don't claim to be the best guitar player. but when i've written a song i know is good, that's the only time i feel like i've done something. that feeling is something you can't really shake. >> now with the single "ghost town" from his debut album "angeleno" and making his national television debut, here's sam outlaw. wishing you could see how the city used to be surviving the streets wish that you could feel like we once felt on these streets
8:43 am
but you can't no you can't i'm on my way through some kind of ghost town i'm on my way back home i'm on my way wishing i could slow down i'm on my way back home wondering how to see a car or truck or train no one there to say what's happened but i want someone to blame but i can't no i can't because i'm on my way through some kind of ghost town
8:44 am
i'm on my way back home i'm on my way wish that i could slow down i'm on my way back home looking for some answers in the rocks and sand digging's got me nothing but something on my hands i didn't see it coming never thought we'd see her she's coming along wish that you could see my
8:45 am
family just how it used to be wish that i could call my mama once more before she leaves but i can't no i can't no i can't no i can't i'm on my way town i'm on my way back home i'm on my way wishing i could slow down i'm on my way back home i'm on my way through some kind of ghost town snoes i'm on my way back home
8:46 am
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as promised, more music from sam outlaw. this is, "who do you think you are." who do you think that i am some other guy
8:50 am
what did you think that there was some other night what do you want me to do waitin' around playing it cool is bringing me down who do you think you are breaking my heart where do you get off runnin' around how do you think i feel left in the dark hey, girl who do you think you are i wasn't looking for love
8:51 am
just mindin' my own till you showed up in that dress waiting to get you all night you've got some moves now you're not something to me but am i to you who do you think you are lookin' for good where do you get off turning me on how you do think i feel left in the dark hey, girl who do you think you are
8:52 am
even if i wanted to i couldn't forget that night you started stopping and i can't stop now you've got to make it right hey, girl who do you think you are hey, girl who do you think you are
8:53 am
>> sam outlaw. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday.". or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. a big mac, an asian chicken salad. ten piece chicken mcnuggets! minions: (speaking minionese) ha ha ha ha ha! you can win $250,000 with minion mania at mcdonald's. and double your chances to win with a 20 piece chicken mcnuggets for just five dollars. (minions): ba da ba ba ba (raspberries sfx)
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tomorrow on "cbs sunday morning," tracy smith profiles a hollywood legend, carl reiner who at 93 ask charging ahead with his wide-ranging career. plus summer camp for grown-ups. 1 million americans went to camp last year. and on monday on "cbs this morning," cops go under cover as homeless people to crack down on distracted drivers. how they carried out the sting on monday on "cbs this morning." have a wonderful weekday, everybody. >> we'll see you next saturday. thanks for being with us.
8:57 am
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police are searching for this man who they say choked another man until he passed out and robbed him in central park. we are live on the scene. >> plus, water main break, the latest on the closures of a busy section of flatbush avenue in brooklyn. >> oh, my god. >> extreme road rage on the long island expressway. what to do if the driver gets dangerous near you. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning, coming up on 9:00 a.m. august 1. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. the day's top stories straight ahead. vanessa murdock is live in lower manhattan with the mobile weather lab with summer streets. good morning, vanessa. >> good morning, ladies.
8:59 am
good morning, everybody. it is getting hot out here. quite fitting. we are in the middle of the city and it is summer streets. the crowd is growing at foley square, misters and corn holes and hom mocks and light fans at foley square. one of the many rest stops across the route. and let's show you what you can enjoy today along park avenue. my favorite personally, astro place, there is place for your pets, there is a dog run, a place to get photos with your pets, they have lots going on there at astor place. at foley square, not just about the theme, it is about tubing as well. there is sliding in the city today. huge slides, 40 feet high. and a block from here is the beloved zip line. along the route, they are handing out helmets today, and it is an incredible day to get out. a look at the forecast.


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