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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have a developing story on long island. two swimmers caught in a dangerous rip tide. see the dramatic search and rescue. >> but first, a growing health scare in the bronx. the legionnaire's disease spread to more people and more buildings and growing more deadly. good evening. i'm diane macedo in for cindy hsu. the number of legionnaire's cases has jumped in the last 24 hours. 65 people are infected from the disease, up from 57 cases last night. the death toll has risen from three to four and test results show five buildings are now affected. cbs 2 news dave carlin tells us how investigators are trying to stop the outbreak. >> reporter: bronx residents worried and they want answers after new cases and new locations including this verizon office building. >> scary. i have a little one that i have to worry about.
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and got to take precaution. i didn't know it was so close to home. >> reporter: the health department confirmed a fourth death from an outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the south bronx. 65 cases so far in these neighborhoods. high bridge, moresana, hundred's point and mont haven and concourse. the source has not been found. more than two dozen buildings were strucked for the bacteria that grows in warm water and tests positive for the concourse mall and the lincoln hospital and opera house hotel list. the mont haven building that houses a plastic business and this building housing verizon. >> we won't know until we see what happens in a couple of months. out for. include fever, cough, chills, and muscle aches. it is not contagious. and it is treated with antibiotics. people get sick after breathing in water vapor from infected cooling towers. people middle aged or older are at highest risk. particularly if they have
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weaker immune systems. >> i think that these four individuals who died, their deaths could have been prevented. >> bronx burough president ruben diaz jr. says the city is not doing enough. >> to prevent this from happening again, why don't we have regular inspections on cooling systems, and water towers throughout the city of new york, and the same way that we do with elevators. >> a town hall meeting on the issue is set for monday morning at the museum of the arts. in the concourse section of the bronx, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. now to developing story on long island. a dramatic rescue after two men got caught in a rip current. lifeguards and emergency crews rushed to the beach and pulled the men from the water and then immediately gave him oxygen. this happened near national boulevard and long beach at around 6:30. police were then told another man was still in the water. he too was rescued but submerged for about an hour. we are told he is a 23-year-old man from brooklyn but his swimmers were apparently told 6:00 p.m.
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when lifeguard shifts were over but police say the men went back in the water and got caught in the current. the nypd is warning everyone in central park to be on high alert after another violent robbery. as cbs 2ilana gold report, investigators say a panhandler is behind the latest attack. >> reporter: this sketch shows a suspect police want visitors in central park to be aware of. after an attack after 10:00 thursday night. >> have you ever seen this guy? has he asked you for money? >> reporter: investigator say that's what he did in the rammable section at 72nd street. he approached a 53-year-old man claiming he was hungry and needed money but when the man walked away the suspect followed and put him in a choke hold until he lost consciousness. >> it is terrible. and frightening. >> reporter: when the victim woke up a half hour later, his wallet and backpack were gone and the panhandler nowhere to be found. >> something needs to be done. >> reporter: but the increased presence of addressic panhandling and the homeless
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over the summer has the attention of mayor deblasio and says the city is tackling the issue following several violent issues during the last few weeks. >> we will enforce quality of life crimes. the fact is commissioner bratton is dedicating a lot of resources to the hot spots we believe we are having serious quality of life issues. >> reporter: police have stepped up patrols in central park, too, but the crimes continue. the robberies in central park have recently spiked. police tell us both men and women have been victimized at all times of the day and night. so far this year, have there have been 20 robberies here. that number has doubled compared to the same time frame last year, when there were only 10. >> how concerned are you? >> very concerned. i mean i walk here all hours of day with a baby. >> reporter: authorities are warning everyone to be alert. especially since the suspect linked to this week's robbery hasn't been caught. in central park, ila number a gold, cbs 2 news. -- ilana gold, cbs 2 news. a bronx high school teacher is dead after getting hit by a car doing a cross-country bike trip.
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the driver admits she was looking at her cell phone at the time. the 25-year-old patrick wannacof died thursday on oklahoma highway, traveling with other cyclists for a bike and build, a nonprofit that raises money to build affordable housing. another cyclist also was hurt. wannacof taught for three years at fordham high school for the arts. wildlife authorities in zimbabwe are suspending the hunting of lions, and leopards and ill fants in an area often -- elephants in an area often hunted by hunters. hunterred killed jericho is posted on facebook but a researcher at the park says jericho is still alive and that gps on his collar is sending normal signals indicating he is moving around. zimbabwe is trying to extradite american walter palmer on charges he illegally hunted cecil. protecting endangered species is also the theme of a very special presentation that took place tonight on the empire state building. giant images of endangered animals were projected on the southern face of the building until midnight.
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the filmmakers behind the project called bracing extinction says it hopes to inspire a global conversation about the plight of endangered species. an elderly driver in new jersey lost control of his car and smashed into his neighbor's house in westwood last night. the man says he stepped on the gas instead of the brake. crashing into the house on karl place. two children ages 11 and 12 and their mother had been sitting right in the path of the minivan but got up just about 15 minutes before. >> actually i'm grateful. very grateful that we're all okay. but i'm a little angry. to be honest. i mean we could have all, all three of us could have been killed. >> the cell phone video of the car being removed from the property. luckily, no one was hurt. including the driver. a wing flap suspected to be from the missing malaysia airlines plane has arrived in a military testing facility in france. a motorcade with a police escort carried the debris to
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the facility where it will be analyzed next week. found on the french island on the indian ocean. and experts hope to get details from the metal stress to determine what happened and looking for explosives and malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. and as the fda investigates two drone incidents at jfk airport, the department of homeland security has issued a warning saying terrorists may use drones in an attack. the alert went to authorities across the country. cbs 2 dick brennan spoke exclusively to the nypd's counter-terrorism bureau. >> reporter: the department of homeland security bulletin warns police agencies around the country as drones used as weapons in criminal or terror activities and says the increased use of drones underscores potential security vulnerabilities that could be used by adversaries, the nypd told cbs 2 in an exclusive interview that a reconfigured drone could be very dangerous.
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>> to have a simple thousand dollar drone fly in with a payload of explosives and set it off, detonate it with a cell phone. you can kill a good amount of people. >> reporter: the in addition's deputy chief of counter- terrorism salvadore depace told me terror groups like isis are bent on turning simple drones into deadly weapons. >> they have given that indication? >> absolutely. if you go to the internet and what we monitor here, it is surprising what these drones can do. >> reporter: drones are already a menace at airports. just yesterday, there were two close calls at jfk. at around 2:30 p.m., jet blue flight 1834 reported seeing a drone on approach to the airport. and then around 5:00 p.m., delta flight 407 was about 1700 feet above the ground, when a drone appeared. >> about a mile back, there was a drone flying just under the southwest side of the airport here. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> i would say probably 100 feet below us. off the right wing. >> reporter: drones are not
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allowed to fly above 400 feet or be within five miles of any airport. but recently, many have violated those restrictions. >> the drone itself could cause damage to an engine. god forbid something like that happens. >> reporter: there is no specific drone threat against new york city, according to the nypd but there are daily chopper patrols with an eye on drones. dick brennan, cbs 2 news. to campaign 2016. vice president joe biden may be challenging hillary clinton for that presidential bid. sources tell cbs 2 his staff is meeting with democratic leaders who have in fact the candidate. and his son beau reportedly away. some in the democratic party believe that clinton is vulnerable. thousands of verizon workers could walk off the job in a matter of hours. a contract covering 39,000 verizon employees and nine state, including new york, new jersey, and connecticut, expires at midnight. the communication workers of america is negotiating with verizon over health benefits
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and pensions, the contract covers workers in verizon's wire line business, which provides six line phone service and fios internet service. a funeral for bobbi kristina brown disrupted by a family feud. cbs has the firsthand account of the outburst that got that woman kicked out of church. >> plus, is this cheese in your refrigerator? 36,000 cases now recalled. because people could choke. >> and police officers are on the hunt trying to find a mysterious creature spotted in a city park. first here is elise. >> a beautiful day for pretty much any and all outdoor activities. a gorgeous night. can we expect a repeat for tomorrow? the answer coming up. . >> well, elise triple crown champion american pharoah in the tri-state area. we will show you how he looked in advance of tomorrow's big race. and what has got noon lucas duda? something his manager said? actually, yes. we will tell you about it later
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in sports. inlyi vemay ocat sck ndib smyif wot vee y rela
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iinlyou e ghsnk we are following a developing story in california where wildfires are growing out of control. 9,000 firefighters are battling the flames from the air and on the ground. hundreds of people living there have been evacuated from their homes. as nearly two dozen fires burn across northern california.
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the 38-year-old firefighter david rul was found dead in california and investigators are trying to figure out exactly how he died. a family feud erupted at the funeral for bobbi kristina brown. the daughter of bobby brown and the late singer whitney houston. the relationship between the two families is apparently so bad one relative got kicked out in the middle of the service. bobbi kristina brown's casket was draped in pink flowers outside a suburban atlanta church. as family and friends gathered for the 21-year-old's funeral. tyler perry was there. as well as singer monica. bobbi kristina's father bobby brown also hugged loved ones outside the church. but inside, during the service, long time frush trations between the houston and brown families apparently boiled over. entertainment tonight's cameras were there as bobby brown's family leona brown stormed out of the church. and kevin frazier tells us things went wrong when whitney houston's mother-in-law pat houston jumped up to speak. >> leona brown jumped up was
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like how dare you, how dare you, how dare you and at that moment tyler made a bee line for leona and tyler and bobby and other folks helped to escort leona along with security out of the funeral. >> you will haunt from the grave. she will haunt her. that is not over. >> pat houston was also whitney's former manager. brown has accused her of trying to profit from bobbi kristina's death. >> i have knowledge of who she is. whatsoever. >> reporter: and frazier says the rest of the family was shocked by the outburst. >> you look at the person who cheered for her day in and day out, from the moment she was at the hospital, until the moment she passed away, it was pat houston. so it is interesting that leona brown would target pat and have this big problem with pat houston, because her father bobby brown did not have a huge problem. ago.
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six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. similar to the way her mother died three years ago. she will be buried monday next to her mother at the fairview cemetery in westfield, new jersey. autopsy results on exactly how bobbi kristina died are still not complete. new tonight, more than 36,000 cases of kraft singings cheese are being recalled because they could be a chosing hazard. kraft says a thin strip of the packaging may stick to the cheese after it is taken out of the plastic. take a look at these labels. the recalled products are 3 and 4-pound boxes with a best when date of december 2015 and january 2016 with a manufacturing code of s54, s55 and kraft says 10 customers complained about the packaging. three have choked on the slices. new at 11:00, nypd officers are scouring flushing meadows park after someone apparently spotted an alligator there this morning.
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police from the 110th precinct released these photos of the search. no word on exactly how big the alligator is or how dangerous it could be but police have lovingly mick named him john. -- nicknamed him john. and the summer streets program returned to new york city and this year there is a new addition to the fun. whoo! >> that is cbs 2 vanessa murdock going down a giant water slide. the 300-foot slide was at foley square. there are also walking tour, bike rentals and a zip line for the first three saturdays in august. park avenue will be closed to traffic and opened to pedestrians. if you missed it today, you will have another chance to catch it. and elise finch is here now with the exclusive cbs 2 forecast. it was a beautiful day for summer streets and anything else you wanted to do outside warm weather. >> and a beautiful night. a gorgeous night out there. we have some pretty cool temperatures though in some of our locations and let's check in with some of our cbs 2 weather watchers to see what
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kind of temperatures we are getting out there. as we start in long island, islip, this is the 78-degree reading from nancy, in east sigh slip. she says another nice day. i agree. nothing too much to complain about. as we head into new jersey, this is big ed in lebanon, and 73 where he is and he says low humidity and pleasant breeze and a perfect day. ed, i have to agree you with. it is a beauty. a gorgeous day. we have the 79 degrees in little neck. but a few 60s. if you head up to the lower hudson valley, we have some low 60-degree temperatures. this is sherry, in woodborn and she says, i believe she sent me a little note that says nice night for sleeping. don't need the air conditioner. just the window fan. a live look outside. not sure if you will or will not want your air conditioner but a beautiful night. mostly clear. 79 degrees. a little warm in the city. and winds out of the west/northwest at 6 miles an hour. and 89, that was our high temperature today. that was a 5-degree above the average, that we consider normal for this day of the year. another warm one.
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we are looking at the vortex satellite and radar and not a whole lot to talk about. a few decaying storms hours earlier, and moving out of pennsylvania but really dissipating but before they moved into new york and new jersey, so not a whole lot there. and higher pressure building in. we are clear and comfortable tonight. and it is just gorgeous. as we head into the day tomorrow, also beautiful. and if you like today, you will probably like tomorrow. and looking good. for some folks, it will be a little hot but we are looking for a repeat in the city. 89 degrees. we will do it again. it will however be a little warmer, and more humid, as we head into your monday. we are expecting temperatures in the low 90s. and tomorrow, great beach day. air temperature, and water temperature, both pretty nice. a moderate risk of rip kurns. and heading to the mountains, gorgeous, and mostly sunny. and 82 to 86. a spike in temperatures on monday. hot and humidity. a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms. and cools down significantly. >> many people i'm sure are looking forward to that. >> thank you very much. coming up next, steve overmyer will have the sports
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is right for you. steve overmyer is here now with your cbs 2 sports update. and the mets have a new trade, a real one this time. >> exactly. and i think this is the year.
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>> is it? >> i don't know. we cross our fingers. we hope. but the move the mets made to get yoenis cespedes moves they from taking their shot. the slugging outfielder will likely be a two month rental but if all goes right the rental agreement will last through october. cespedes hitless in three at- bats but providing automatic protection for lucas duda, seventh homer in seven games. and the skipper had to slit sit down with duda saying drive in runs or you will sit. and he did. and cespedes in the eighth, with another shot at duda. we're not sure why. he is down nine for the last 24 with eight homeruns. and the mets win this one. they are now just a game back of first place nationals. and with a 3-2 victory over washington. and injuries forcing the yankees to go with brian mitchell.
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who is making the second career start. really a pretty tall order. even if it is against one of the worst offensive teams in the american league. mitchell didn't make it out of the fifth inning. his replacement, diego moreena didn't fair any better. what is milky cabrera, former yankee. a a three run shot. 6-1. five hits for the yankees and they lose it by a final of 8-2. last week we told you about the return of american pharoah to our area. he will be running in the haskel tomorrow afternoon, and a race whose purse increased with his participation by nearly a million dollars. american pharoah went through the final preparations for the race. this is a three-day pharoah fan fest. and the track is expecting anywhere between 60 and 65,000 fans to see this triple crown champion. he will go off as the odds on favorite which at the moment is listed as one to five odd, up side down for those who don't know and you might smell a coronation on the horizon but
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it is really the owner's way of giving fans another shot of seeing the racing legend. >> it is a big thrill. big horses have come here, to have a triple crown winner come back, it will take a whole 'nother level and we hope it sunday. >> we are thrilled to have a triple crown winner come to our home state of new jersey. we are so excited. so elated. we are thankful for monmouth for the accommodations for the big lorse. can't wait for sunday. >> red bulls still looking for the first win against philadelphia this season. 0-2 against the union. and new york just acquired shawn wright phillips this week. his brother badly wright phillips and how about this, a little brotherly love in philadelphia. they get together for the game- winning goal. 3-1 the final. red bulls improving to 9-6-5 this season. how about nyc-fc against montreal. not exactly the ideal matchup for both teams. new york struggling at home. mon dral doing the same on the run. but piataa taking advantage of a great scoring opportunity for montreal.
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a dobby via a penalty kick for new york but unable to net the equalizer in the closing minutes of the match. one. playoff spot. and finally, we really don't need reality television. all we have to do is just keep the camera on the stands of any ballpark in america. at a giants game, this young fan makes a great catch and gets the ball tossed into the stands and his mother's request he reluctantly gives the ball to his little brother who is crying and still crying and soon we find out why. read his lips. >> all right. >> i wanted to catch it. [ laughter ] >> it is not enough to get the ball. he wanted to catch. it but you know, hats off to little brother. >> there is a lesson there somewhere. they can learn this. use this as a teaching moment. maybe she did when they got home. >> probably did. >> all right. steve, thanks so much.
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