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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so the week before the open, we happened to stop a few days in ireland and met a lot of great folks. they said, shane lowry is going to win. they were so proud of this kid's -- the way he handles himself. his golf game. nick: he's got a great reputation in europe of his these golden hands. he showed it today. the up and down at 17 was really special. that was sheer nerve. it was fantastic. jim: they talk so much about his great hands through the areas. who else would that have applied to, great players like sevee. nick: and olazabal had a great
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pair of hands. the players bottoming out with a driver. they believe if they get a lie, shot. jim: and david, shane has a brother who's still at university but won a big one. shane arrived and found his does inl -- brother had won the mull engarr cup. there's another lowry on the way. here's rose now for his par. all those great courses over there in ireland. you played some. 2340eu7 i love it. i love -- nick: i love playing over there. played the first time at royal port rush. jim: rowl county down. nick: i started my career at posht manor.
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those are the days -- i've still got that photograph in 1979 when we first met. 19 years old at -- those are great times in the european tour days. jim: so rose with a final hole bogey and furyk, 72 as the -- is the score today for justin plus two. furyk needs this to join him in third position. and matching 72, it is. open yourself. nick: yeah. i -- i think i'd took me about 13 years before i won. then i won three in a row, so that was obviously a special place for me as well. jim: shane lowry can now count his 550 furm points here.
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-- fedexcup points here. he is the champion and he is a new fresh talent in golf. another 20-something who can really play. won't forget some of the shots he struck today. under pressure. he had the one through the trees at the 72nd, but then on top of it, he knocked it in. to finish in style. partner. nick: it will be great. jim: it will be wufrl. shane lowry is heading there, foorks as a newly minted champion at the world golf championships. good night, everybody, from akron, ohio.
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>> glor: tonight donald trump says he has nothing to apologize for. trump defends his post debate comments telling cbs news he would be quote phenomenal for the women if elected president. a man in the country illegally is charged with rape and deadly assault of a 64-year-old woman in california. new video of the moments just before an unarmed black teenager was shot dead in texas. and the sudden passing of a football and broadcasting legend. frack gifford gone at 84. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor, donald trump says he doesn't demean women, he will defend them. the man leading republican polls spent another day leading all political headlines. we start with julianna goldman in washington, d.c.,. >> i will be phenomenal to the women. i want to help women. >> making the rounds on most
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of the sunday shows done all trump was defiant and dismissed the firestorm surrounding his rhetoric toward women. >> i just wanted to get on with the rest of the sentence. blood was pouring, i was going to say nose or ears. >> i apologize when i'm wrong but i haven't been wrong. i have thousands of women working for me now, they are doing phenomenally well. >> the one network where he didn't appear, fox news am but debate moderator megyn kelly did responds to the flurry. >> he felt attacked. he wasn't attacked. its with a fair question. >> reporter: even though the fallout has cost trump his top political advisor and at least one appearance before conservative activist, the republican front-runner aes rivals have been struggling to respond without alienating voters. >> no, i just don't want to be negative. >> some seem to be wary of conducting the hornet's nest. >> i've made a decision here with donald trump. if i comment on everything he says, i mean whi whole it. role. for president. it's the voters' role to determine without they
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connect to. >> reporter: others are addressing trump head on knowing the insults that a wade-- await. >> the kind of rhetoric we've her of late from mr. trump just is not appropriate in a presidential election. >> i'm to the going to be quiet. i'm going to call out mr. trump or anybody else. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> 24 million people was not there to watch carly fiorina or jeb bush or lindsay graham. perry of texas started attacking me quite viciously and went down in the polls. >> done will trump attacked carlee fiorina again today saying he gets a headache listening to her and she has zero chance of womening. some republican campaigns say they are especially us from trarted because it doesn't matter if he is winning or losing he is still dominating the discussion am. >> thank you very much. police in santa maria california say a man in the country il legally is now charged along with another suspect in the rape and
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deadly attack of a 64 year ol woman. as chris martinez reports, the case is adding fuel to the debate over u.s. immigration policy. >> marilyn pharis was home alone asleep when police say she was sexually assaulted, strangled and beaten in the head with a hammer. she died a week later. one of her alleged attackers is 129-year-old victor martinez ramirez, in the u.s. illegally, in trouble previously with the law. martinez ramirez was arrested six times in the last 15 months. in may of last year he was charged with felony assault with intent to commit sexual assault. officials would not say why those charges were downgraded to misdemeanor battery. he was given probation. other drug possession and weapons charges followed. all past demeanors. and then. >> two weeks before this murder santa maria police officers arrested him for possession of meth. >> santa maria police chief ralph martin says federal immigration officials wouldn't take him and he had few other options. >> you know what we had to do.
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we had to cite him out. that's the robb with the system. this is not just in santa maria, this is all over the state of california and all over the united states. >> reporter: this case comes just a month after a similar murder in san francisco caused national outrage. the man accused of killing kathryn steinle had been deported five times and had been arrested again before the murder. but was still in the turned over to immigration authorities. martinez-ramirez had never been deported and was never convicted of a felony. those are critical factors that determine whether an immigrant can be detained. chief martin says gaps in the system are what lead to this murder. >> i am not-- to say that from washington, d.c., to sacramento there is a blood trail into the bedroom of marilyn pharis. >> mar inat the-ramirez will be arraigned later this week. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: the investigation continues into the deadly police shooting of an articlington, texas. the f.b.i. is now involved. and newly released sur ray lance video shows what
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happened just before. here's jericka duncan. >> kristian taylor's bizarre behavior lasted more than 20 minutes. this edited video shows the 19-year-old stepping over a locked gate just before 1:00 trimorning. minutes later, he banged his fist against the window of this ford mustang, then climbed up on the hood and stomped on the windshield until he was able to slide into the car. security alarms warned taylor he was being watched. but that did to the stop him. he walked back to his jeep and rammed it through the gate. police arrived about two minutes later. 49-year-old officer brad miller walked up to the building, but disa pered from the camera's view. more officers followed. articlington police chief will johnson. >> during this arrest, there was a confrontation between officers and mr. taylor, which lead officer brad miller to discharge his weapon, striking mr. taylor. we also know that a taser was discharged during the encounter by the second
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officer in the building. >> reporter: officer miller who has been with the department one year fired four rounds. the medical examiner says taylor died from being shot in the neck, chest and abdomen. the sophomore state university flad football. >> you train to take down, you train to take down with your hands. >> police say they have not interviewed officer miller yet. one of the dealer schip's owners darren lancaster who released the surveillance video told cbs news, i released it because i thought it was the right thing to do. i do not have cameras inside the building since problems at a car dealership are theft on the lot. this is a terrible situation. but i have no idea what happened inside. >> articlington-- arlington police say this was the first time officer miller used his weapon and jeff, they say he was nearing the completion of his field training program. >> glor: jericka thank you.
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today marks one year since michael brown was killed during a confrontation with missouri. the shooting sparked riots across the country and put police tactics in the spotlight. tonight. >> it is time for us to not seek justice but demand justice. >> a year later, the anger in ferguson is still raw. >> don't put a mic in my mouth and think i'm going to be playing with y'all. >> more than a thousand gathered sunday where michael brown, jr. was killed by a white police officer last august. brown's father told the crowd the pain has in the eased. >> the question always asked to me is how i feel. i think that's just the dumbest question you could ever ask me. >> reporter: the family lead a four and a half minute long moment of silence. each minute for the number of hours brown's body laid on the ground. the officer involved in the wrongdoing. the case exposed the deep mistrust between the
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community and the police force, the department of justice later found routinely discriminated against minorities. >> a hard part with me trying to convince my peers that all police are to the bad and there are some good police officers. >> frackie edwards grew up in the area. we spoke with him last october when many in the media and activists had turned their attention away from ferguson. today he's more optimistic -- optimistic. >> change is happening, it takes one day the a time. >> reporter: the efforts by local police to bridge the divide are evident, throughout protests this weekend officers have been seen engaging the public. missouri state police captain ron johnson was tapped with trying to calm the unrest? death. he says officers have more work to do. >> i tell people it's going to take time. we're a year later. >> reporter: the crowds are expected to gather here along west floor exavenue tonight it is the same trip that saw those violent clashes between police and killing.
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jeff, tonight brown's family is calling for peace to prevail. >> glor: thank you. >> pro football hall of famer frack gifford died today from natural causes, the leigh mvp in 1956. he then moved on to i a successful career as a broadcaster. he is surveyed by his wife cathie lee difficultford, five children and five grandchildren. frack give ford was 84 years old. >> 70 years after the atomic bombings in japan, an update tonight on the health study that followed. and a woman's historic swim in shark infested waters when the "cbs evening news" continues. yeah, there you go... wait! oh, no! there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and unitedhealthcare has ways to make the system simpler.
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in nagasake and hiroshima. it is the on time nuclear weapons were used in warment soon after the americans started working with the japanese to select data. seth doa ne on one of the longest running health studies ever. >> every two years he coming for a checkup. he was just seven when the bomb was dropped a mile and a half from his elementary school. >> everything simply went dark, he remembered. it was like being inside a cloud of black smoke. shielded from the blast by a building, yamane survived. he was first brought for medical evaluation in 1948. today the retooled radiation affects research foundation is funded by america in japan. >> what we learn here can be applied to everyone around the world. >> epidimiologist eric grant is studying 93,000 survivors. >> what is so unique about what you have stored here? >> we have the radiation-- what they died of, when they got
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sick, our clinic has information about what diseases they suffer from. so together, this forms an incredibly rich set of data to study radiation affects. >> it's still a mystery why they are seeing survivors die from heart disease in addition to cancers. the answer may lie in these freezers where more than 900,000 biosamples are stored from survivors of the hiroshima and nagakase bombings. scientists help set global radiation explorer limits for x-rays, airplanes even nuclear workers. harry cullings is chief statistician. >> everything from medical exposure, occupational exposure to the limits put in place for astronauts, all of those things are based on the contribution to science from this group of people. >> takeshi yamane has been diagnosed with two types of cancer. >> the scientists say
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humanity owes a debt of gratitude because you all are willing to be a part of these tests. >> it is strange to say it's an honor, he said, but if our data is of use, i'm gratified. the foundation has now been asked to study a much more recent nuclear disaster, fukushima. applying lessons from the last 70 years. seth doa ne, cbs news, hiroshima, japan. >> we'll be right back. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. it's back to school time you think your car smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack.
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>> glor: rescue operations are underway in mainland china in the wake of a huge tropical storm, heavy wind and rain from soe-de-lore triggered landslides, destroyed homes and left millions without power. at least 22 people are dead or missing in taiwan and china. >> new resources from the united states air force are in turkey ready to fight isis. the detachment including six f-16 falcon fighter jets and 300 troops arrived today. it will be based in the southern part of the country and will launch attacks on isis car at the syria. this weekend kim chambers of new skblee and becamed first woman to conquer one of the world's most dangerous crossings. she swam the shark infested 30 mile stretch between the faralon islands in california and the golden gate bridge t took her 17 hours. still ahead here, an impressive young man marches
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6:27 pm
>> but 90 plus mile an hour fast balls aren't this 22-year-old's biggest firepower. >> like the millimeter cabon. >> the graduate is a second lieutenant in the u.s. army. he has been assigned to an artillery unit with the 82nd around born. >> my mom's dad was if the british royal navy and my dad's dad was a par even. >> robinett who is a standout pitcher from childhood was recruited by a number of schools, including gonzaga and duke. but his ultimate decisions with based not just on what was good for him, but what was good for his country. >> once i chose to go to west point i realized the chance much making a career out of baseball were going to be significantly lowered but i was fine because i was setting myself up to be able to join the army. and that to me was worth the chance of not being able to play professional baseball. >> the senior season at west point robinett had a 2.01
6:28 pm
era, 8 complete games and a no-hitter. the new york yankees took notice. >> this is a kid that the yankees i think need to take a hard look at. because he's opening eyes. and he's a bull dog on the mound. >> west point graduates are committed to serving five years in the army. but if robinett is offered a major league contract and the army agrees, he would be free to join the team after he serves two years active duty. >> there's a good chance you would get deployed? >> there's a good chance. just something i want to do after having gone through west point and knowing my friends are going to be doing that too, i want to be right there with them. >> robinett. >> the yankees say they're impressed. saturday night robinett pimped for the single a charleston river dogs. he has until the end of the month to prove this artillery man has what it takes to be a brontions bronx bomber. don dahler, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight, later
6:29 pm
on cbs, next nfl hall of famering frank gifford pass away. what we learned about his death and a look back on his career and life. >> difficult to get to shore. pretty serious. >> the search for a missing kayaker, singer annie lenox's daughter rescued, but her boyfriend is still missing. and marking the death of michael brown from ferguson to brooklyn. hundreds march in honor of the missouri teenager whose death america. the news is next. sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.


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