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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 10, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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jennifer garner reuniting this weekend. we have to begin with the sad news, the death of frank gifford. >> frank was one of the greatest players of pro football. that is on the new york. >> the last 29 years of his life were defined by the relationship with kathie lee, who is handling this heartbreak with remarkable strength and grace. >> you've got to remember where you were when you got the news. >> it shocked me yesterday. frank gifford passed away. >> frank lived a life of great dignity and just does so much so quietly so many people. >> so many of us knew frank. our hearts go out to the family, to kathie lee and his five children. >> he was asked this question. how would you like to be remembered? and he answered this, first and foremost, as a father who had a job and did it well. >> today, kathie lee thanked her on air colleague for tribute to husband frank. i am in tears, she wrote on
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twitter. earlier, she posted a note to her fans. quote, we are steadfast in our faith and finding comfort in knowing where frank is. the 84-year-old died of natural causes at their home in connecticut. no word yet on funeral plans. >> frank's daughter, cassidy, posted this throwback pic and reality star kendall jenner tweeted, quote, very sad day. rest in peace to my godfather, the legend, frank gifford. >> kendall nicole jenner. >> "e.t." captured their special respond in 1999. >> this is our god daughter. >> this was gifford's last big public appearance at the greenwich festival. and he was on her mind last month at daughter cassidy's movie premiere. >> my husband, we're just grateful. >> of course, here in new york, frank gifford was a football
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legend. "the new york daily news" calling him a man for all seasons. "the new york post" saying he was the ultimate giant. on instagram page, new york giants team posted, once a giant, always a giant. >> the fact that he did, played so many years in the nfl with such integrity and then monday night football and then all those years at sports and then survives me, the man deserves some sort of an award. >> oh, my leg. >> gifford also appeared in about a dozen movies, though better known as half of a high profile celebrity couple. >> frank met kathie lee at another morning show studio not far from here. >> met at "good morning america." i was jack london's substitute. he's so likable. can't help but just like him so much as a person. >> he's been through so much. known so much. experienced so much in this world. and i just grow from being near him all the time. >> they have such a special relationship and we're going to take a deeper look at frank and
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kathie lee's life together, the love they shared, their faith and how it helped them survive every storm during the near 30 year marriage. that's coming up. meanwhile, an interesting twist in the ben affleck/jennifer garner saga. we were the first to show you the images of the family back together this weekend. what does this mean? is there still hope for their marriage? together in atlanta wearing their wedding rings but minding kids now? the nanny accused of having an affair with ben as they were replaced with a team of nannies. >> "e.t." has the photos of the team of women caring for ben and jen's kids while she has her new movie in atlanta. ben visited his family there but recent trip is that jen did not stay at the rental house with him and the kids while there. he said she took up at a hotel. we also have photos of ben outside of that rental home chasing back and forth and smoking. and jen looks pretty run down. stressed out. and honestly a little bit sad. >> there was a family outing on
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saturday. ben and jen and the three kids went to the mall for a movie, but don't read too much into that. >> sources tell "e.t." the two looked distant but cordial. there was no touching. they didn't hold hands or anything like that. and when they went back to their rental home, jen stayed there for just about 30 minutes before leaving and going back to her hotel. >> now the former nanny has resurfaced. 28-year-old kristine uzini laying low but posted this sexy shot with a cocky caption, she's just a girl. she's on fire. ben's life is on fire right now. by the way, he's expected on the red carpet tonight with matt damon. producing the film with lots of drama this season but then, ben knows drama right now. we'll be there on the red carpet if decides to stop and talk. what do you think? >> it's a plan but interesting to see how he handles everything. well, life certainly couldn't be better for jennifer
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aniston right now. she signed a deal to be the face of the airlines emirate for reported $5 million and there are new details about her priceless wedding. picked the spot? >> plan a destination wedding. talked about eloping but realized the backyard wedding is the easiest option. >> jen and justin, quiet german shepherd and pitbull sofie. >> they had a glam squad get >> break the details. >> whenever you got e-mailed birthday. >> right. >> howard stern confirmed this morning on sirius xm show, it was he, not robert downey jr. at the wedding. >> i bitched they took away my cell phone. i was outraged. i know these two, we go on vacation. we always have a good time but everything is so [ bleep ] top
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secret. >> the wedding gifts were invited to the honeymoon in bora bora with an option to stay in town. they have to work and also, there was another big part to attend two days later. charlize theron's 40th birthday. >> more than 30 people over. no sign of ex sean penn. aniston's wedding attendees, john. a newly blond kylie jenner celebrated her 18th bi this weekend. >> what's up, tyga? >> last night, her family was partying in full force. even caitlyn jenner represented at the nice guy in west hollywood. afterward, more guests like gigi hadid and joe jonas showed up where kylie was surprised after midnight with a reported $320,000 white ferrari from
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boyfriend tyga. mom kris' shock says it all. >> what? what? >> kylie kicked off the weekend in malibu where kris and caitlyn shared this moment in hugging it out. and kim posted a pic of what she called the parent trap. >> as far as who else is at the celebration, kendall did not bring her rumored boyfriend, nick jonas, to the party, but he is quite the ladies man. let me tell you. dated miley, selena and just broke up with former miss usa olivia culpo but plays a fighter, not a lover. he showed off some of the best moves to aguilera on "e.t." online. >> i'm fighting. come in like this. >> oh my god. >> ladies and gentlemen. nate view. >> nick said he hates going to the gym but no arguing with these results. as a type one diabetic, followed a careful diet with muscle for his mma fighter physique.
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what do you do when you need to cut weight and what food do you miss the most? >> yeah, i love food. that's part of the problem. just consistent, drinking a lot of water. cutting out sodium and it's just a lot of sweat. a lot of sweat. >> cast afraid to get naked. you guys had your intimate scene. when you see that on the script, what's your thought? >> my thought is don't eat that. >> his on screen love life is more complicated. as last season's finale revealed nate kulina may be gay. >> don't have to be happy to be yourself. >> we saw in the season one finale of "kingdom" that nate is struggling with his sexuality. what's his mindset going to be in season two? >> he's still trying to figure it out. it's a journey for sure. i'm willing to go wherever i need to go with the story. we'll figure it out when we need to, i guess. >> nick jonas was on the stage
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and i thought the ladies were going to mob him. they were crazy. >> as far as sheryl underwood, she went nuts. if you haven't caught up on season one of "kingdom," all the episodes are available on digital platforms including itunes and google play. john stamos out of rehab and partying. hold on. it's the pool party with the "full house" cast. you've got to see this. >> and then robin williams one year after his suicide. "e.t." looks look with his son and ongoing fight for robin's fortune. >> mr.
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our web site,, announced the nominees for the real housewives award. nene leakes with four nominations.
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vote on i would hope when i get to heaven, buckley is there going -- enjoy, rejoice. time to meet the flippingest. time to meet jay z. >> one of our many conversations with robin williams. it is hard to believe that tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of his death and unfortunately, his family still fighting over the late comedian's estate. robin williams spelled out his wishes in great detail to avoid tnd of problethat we're seeing. >> even so, terms of williams' estate are being disputed by his widow, susan. they are heirs but wants some of the personal items she received from the trust.
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mayor is author of trial and error and said the rest is about money. >> the biggest fight is the amount of money going into trust to take care of susan schneider williams and pay for her to stay in the house for the rest of her life. >> susan, intensely private person, mr. williams would have wanted this. so that's troubling to the trustee. >> susan saying how much money she received even if it means going to court. meanwhile, one year later, robin's death is no easier to comprehend. >> the world is mourning the death of robin williams. >> how is your family doing? how are you guys doing. >> we're doing okay. >> "e.t." spoke with robin's son zack three months after robin's suicide. >> we're working hard to build our strength and acclimating to the new normal. >> robin never failed to make us laugh including his last one on one "e.t." interview on his set of the comedy "the crazy ones" robin describes working that week with victoria's secret angels. >> i'm good.
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definitely, definitely good. six super models. six super models, all in six-inch heels. six-inch heels. >> every time you sat down with robin williams, he entertained you. >> he didn't have to do any work. >> that's why it's so sad. the next court date set for august 28th. coming up next, we look back at our time with frank gifford and kathie lee. their love story that endured through good times and bad. >> i know frank too well to know it's not perfect. luke bryan opens up about friends blake shelton and miranda lambert and also has his own drama with one of his young sons. emergency room. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided
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there is no stopping carrie underwood. makes her the top selling country star. now luke bryan is also high up on that list. and also good friends with blake shelton but asked the divorce from miranda. >> blake and i have talked a little bit. and anytime, i mean, a divorce is out of the public eye is tremendous thing to have to deal with. so when they're in the public eye, hope they're doing good and happy at the end of the day. you feel for them, have to go through it and just pray that they're happy.
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>> blake and miranda both performed over the weekend. during her set, miranda reportedly joked, i wish i had been drinking all day. i deserved it. i just got divorced. and luke had his own domestic drama with his son. tait and beau. >> hey, last night, we got to town and tate was in the emergency room getting stitches. beau pushed him down. he hit a chair. it's a crazy household right now. keep them alive. just keep them alive. >> he's raising nephew till. till is a big kid. >> they put me in the headlock a couple of nights ago. and i really wasn't getting out of it. so yeah. he's in football right now. working out every day. show him who's boss every now and then, but it's amazing having my nephew in the house. >> here we go. >> luke performed songs from his new album "kill the lights"
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along with his hit in a small new york venue presented by citi and streamed the show on the web. >> we get mad at the internet but when you can do a show in a small venue like this and broadcast it out to millions of people, it's why you love that aspect of the internet. we're excited that people can sit at home and watch it and hear some new music. play it again >> well, the internet was certainly filled this weekend with memories of frank gifford after his passing and all thoughts about marriage passing through the test of time. frank and kathie lee faced many storms but their commitment always survived. in tonight's big picture, frank and kathie lee, love, faith, and forgiveness. >> you know, people always said you have a statement. i say, you know what? we are a statement. >> it was in 1997 that kathie lee and frank's marriage faced its biggest trial.
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a brief infidelity. the man even though he was had a good reason why. >> if i had run when frank had temporary insanity that he was set up for, let's face it, then our children wouldn't have their father. and a very dear friend said to me when i was going through the hardest time about it, said if you can't forgive your husband, forgive your children's father. too many families break over something that could be healed if they just trust god. >> a trophy wife? >> not bad. not a trophy, she's a treasure. >> always liked to joke around, the couple lived by a code. family and faith come first. >> what advice would you give to a woman? >> don't. don't. you reap what you saw in this world.
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it makes for a great movie but not a great life. >> 30-year-old kathie at the beginning of her tv career. 53-year-old frank was a football great. both were coming off failed marriages. >> i ended a long-term relationship last spring and frank sort of took me under his wing, you know? he's got a great wing. and i don't know. we didn't fall in love, we really grew in love. somebody said if the age difference between us bothered me. and i said, absolutely, i just hope i can keep up with him. >> they got married three years later and had two children who grew up in the public eye. >> we're trying to convince our kids, even though they're blessed in a monetary way, there's no greater gift in the world than love. if we instill that in them as young children, they'll grow up to be loving adults. god knows the world is full of spoiled adults. >> they're a testament to the great life and love of frank. >> i would rather have 10, 15, 20 years that were really wonderful, really special, rewarding with him than have a lifetime with somebody else that i didn't share the same bond
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with. >> we could take five minutes and turn it into the most wonderful day. we could take a day and turn it into a wonderful lifetime. and that's basically what we've done. >> real love endures everything and we see what a strong woman kathie lee is. >> 100%. we'll have much more on frank's passing tomorrow and the friends who have come together for kathie lee during this trying time. >> a lot has changed but not friends. >> hoda, her courage and inner circle of strength. >> i just can't top that. super size model flaunting it in sexy lingerie. >> finally. >> ashley graham fights to free the curves. >> i have triple ds. >> that's tomorrow.
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and john stamos back in the swim after rehab. full party celebration with
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"fuller house" family. which star and his brother went fishing together? find out in our star shots gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- well, we all know that john stamos went through a rough patch with his stint in rehab but look at how happy and healthy he is now.
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>> john kicking it and celebrating his birthday at a pool party at lori love lin'sughlin's house. there he is with candace cameron bure helped photo bomb this shot and a little frisbee. >> looks like fun. >> the house was full. >> er. happy early birthday, john. looking good. >> yeah. >> bye, everybody. myhey pttsile
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