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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the planner, 11:00 a.m., feels like 82. by 2:00, 88 feels like 9. and this evening at 5:00, we are holding on to 89 degrees. and it feels like 90. all the while, mostly sunny skies, and by 11:00 this evening, it is 79. and mostly clear, feeling like 80. the highs today, expected to be at 90 and we do expect this will likely be the first day of the first heat wave of 2015. and i know we have said it before, but now we have four days where we are saying temperatures are in the 90s. shape. and we will talk more about it in more detail in a few minutes. back to you. the top story this morning, the staten island firefighter shot during a chaotic standoff, may be released from the hospital today. the gunman, a suspected gang member, is dead after yesterday's violent confrontation with police. and cbs 2's ilana gold joins us live from staten island outside richmond university hospital with an update on the firefighter's condition. ilana? lieutenant jim hayes could be
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soon as today. this morning we are told he is in stable condition, after getting shot twice during the tense standoff. >> you can hear the chaos from friday morning when the six hour standoff and gunfire landed lieutenant jim hayes in 391-year veteran with the fdny and father of two is expected to make a full recovery. the neighbors anxious for him to return home. >> a great family man. taking care of his kids. taking care of the house. says hello. very friendly. >> they showed up at the apartment of garland tyree to serve him for a probation arrest and they called the fire department for help with the smoke and lieutenant hayes went in and got struck twice.
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>> once through the left buttock and then the calf muscle. >> and he opened fire at surrenders when he refused to surrender. we spoke to his mother after the suspect came to his defense. >> i don't think he wanted to hurt nobody. >> sources say sources had been recently investigating the gunman in connection with many shootings in the city. and 18 prior arrests including murder as a teenager and eventually convicted on a lesser charge. one year ago, he posted this video on youtube, talking about gang life, and he was supposedly affiliated with the nine tray gangsters and wrote about it in a book. and early friday, he posted page. today, i die. >> and going back to lieutenant hayes, both the mayor and fire commissioner were here at the hospital visiting with him, and they tell us he is doing well, and call him a hero. and we're live on staten island
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this morning, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. and now to a developing story. there are new fears in china this morning. days after a series of massive explosions rocked a wearhouse containing hazardous materials. chinese authorities have evacuated a three-mile zone over chemical contamination fears after new blasts at the wearhouse. and meanwhile a firefighter was rescued from the rubble yesterday. the 19-year-old has been trapped for about 36 hours. the death toll now stands at 85 rise. and back here in our area, crews are expected to continue cleaning up the debris from the manhole explosion that tied up traffic for hours from 9th yesterday. >> the cover just boom, came off. >> we all just screamed and ran out of the juice bar. we thought everything blew up
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behind us. >> the flames blowing up. carrying really fast. >> and con edison says underground cables overheated and sparked and blew possibly sparked by the energy demands of the hot day. surveillance video of the triple shooting in brownsville, brooklyn, you can see a man opens the door to the apartment building on saratoga avenue before firing multiple shots and then running away. he killed 21-year-old isaiah cicero, and shot two other men in the arm. police have not yet made any arrests. u.s. intelligence officials say an american aid worker held hostage by isis was raped repeated limit kalin mueller's father says in june, officials told him his daughter also was forced to marry the group's leader. and the arizona native was taken hostage in august of 2013 after leaving a doctors without borders hospital in syria. the islamic state group claims she was killed during a jordanian air strike in syria. happening today, a funeral
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is planned for ar college football player shot and killed by police in texas. 19-year-old christian taylor was unarmed when he was killed by an officer during a suspected burglary in arlington. officer brad miller has since been fired. the grand jury will decide if miller will face charges in the case. new york senator chuck schumer is offering a chance to see pope francis. he launched a statewide internet lottery for a ticket to see the pontiff address congress on september 24, a first for a pope. he said that the senator's web site can be visited to apply, the drawing held the final week of august. and then from dc pope francis will head to new york. from december 24 to the 26th and plans it to address the u.s. general assembly and attend a service at the 911 memorial and visit the our lady of angels and hold mass at madison square garden. we will be bringing you complete coverage of all of the events right here on cbs 2. the parents of a toddler with a rare laughing condition say the disorder made their
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lives a nightmare. >> so they turned to world renowned surgeon from long island. jennifer mclogan has the exclusive story from manhasset. 3-year-old dominic mchallic couldn't perform the simplest of tasks. like singing. without bursting into uncontrollable anxious laughter. >> he could have six, seven a day. >> six or seven seizures a day? >> the reason he is having a seizure, a lesion in the brain and a and it is a peculiar form of epilepsy that has him break into fits of laster. >> they live in slovakia where the outlook of a cure is grim. and their only child was laughing and passing out and getting worse and they were led to america where they contacted surgeons who recently operated
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on this child. >> dr. harold rekay of north shore lij is a world renowned expert in treating the rare condition. >> it is a remarkable story. this is not just a problem for the child. it is a family problem. >> you can see on his eyes, it is not a natural laugh. it wasn't a happy laugh, that's all. no. >> dominic's ground breaking surgery using light energy, a laser probe and heating and zapping the tiny lesion birth defect without destroying memory, vision, emotion, hunger or thirst. >> is this a lifesaving surgery? >> absolutely, yes. without it, for him to have a normal life, we couldn't have a normal life. >> it has been eight days. the surgery deemed a complete success. and the hammics are on their way home to slow vacca, and dominic begins pre-kindergarten next week. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news.
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>> dominic will enjoy his first swimming lesson next week and it looks like jennifer made a new friend. >> it looks like he is already having a good time. >> adorable. >> thank you very much, jennifer for that story. 9:08. hangover help. the every day fruit that you must eat to alleviate any pain after a night of drinking. >> and also, predicting a seizure before it starts. the new device that could help patients with epilepsy. >> that's the chilling scream of a 14-year-old girl who just jumped into a stranger's van. she is expecting to see a boy she met online and instead gets the surprise of her life. >> first, vanessa murdock with a check on the forecast. >> beautiful summer weekend in store. but it is going to be a steamy one. details coming up. first, though, a check of the community calendar, from cbs 2,
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>> dr. feel good you're listening to. and feel good outside. if you like the heat. 9:11. now. we will kick it over to vanessa murdock in a few minutes to for you.
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right now, a staten island man is facing a list of charges after police say he pretended to be a doctor for three years. police raided donald b. edwards' office this week and saying he had an illegal practice out of a basement apartment despite no medical experience. and confiscated medical equipment and blood vials and doctor's badge. and doctors say he deceived at least 100 patients and went undetected for so long by calling in prescriptions under another doctor's name. long island residents are fuming over plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary. new yorkers can soon get a prescription for cannabis but some parents say putting a dispensary near a high school in riverhead sends the wrong message. and local lawmakers may call for a marijuana moratorium. there is growing concern over increased traffic and worries about a rise in crime. medical marijuana should be available at designated dispensaries throughout new york, by january. and riverhead expects to have a moratorium drafted soon for public debate.
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a warning for smokers this morning. starting next month, new york will ban smoking near after school programs. the law signed by governor cuomo is intended to protect children from secondhand smoke at public and private schools and establish a 100-foot boundary from entrances and exits and programs of outdoor areas while the after school programs are in session. there is some programsing news for people with epilepsy. >> a recently-approved device can detect and interrupt a seizure even before the patient feels one coming on. >> cbs 2 dr. max gomez reports. >> my body stiffens up. and then next thing you know, i start kicking around. >> 17-year-old numbzi chiewkumes's description is bad enough but you have to see one to appreciate his seizure severity. it has made school and sports very difficult and affected his personality. >> he is more reclusive.
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as you can tell. you ask him one thing and he goes into this way, and he cannot concentrate for more than an hour. >> medications have not controlled his seizures so he has decided to try a surgical approach. it is a battery-powered pacemaker of sorts. during a one-hour procedure, dr. asheesh meta has a small electrode around the nerve in the neck called the vagus and they watch for an early sign of an impending seizure. >> the heart rate goes up suddenly when a seizure is about to begin. this skies senses that heart -- this device senses that heart rate and when it does it delivers the stimulation of the vagus nerve and there by reducing the chances of a seizure getting worse. >> we were there when the doctor turned the stimulator on for the first time and he felt a slight ting lin and it will be turned up over the next six months with the help of dramatically reducing the
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amount of medications needed to control the seizures, and in some cases eliminate them. >> he is a good boy and i can't wait to have him back. >> now, not everyone gets dramatic results of course, but in clinical trials, 50% of all patients cut their number of seizures in half. well, in honor of the pope's visit to our area next month, the new jersey brewery has created a beer dedicated to pope francis. cape may brewing company is releasing a limited edition draft beer. the beer's name is a playoff of yolo, which stands for you only live one. and it is called yopo, which means you only pope once. [ laughter ] available in philly and new jersey on september 21. >> i love how the pope is a brew now. if you have had one too many beers research ners australia may have discovered a natural and affordable cure for hangovers. >> pear juice. australia's natural science agency says pear juice may affect your blood alcohol level after a drink but you have to
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drink the pear juice before you consume the alcohol. drinking pear juice once you already have a hangover, won't do you any good. today is the last day to take advantage of summer streets in new york city. you can zip line or slide down a 30 feet high and 30-foot long water slide along park avenue like vanessa murdock did a few weeks ago. the eighth year summer streets has closed off about seven miles in manhattan on park avenue from the brooklyn bridge to central park and the event goes on until 1:00 this afternoon. the water slide on a day like today, probably so refreshing. >> let's check in with vanessa now and first off, we want the firsthand account of what the water slide is like. because it looks like so much fun watching you from here and it seems like a good day for it again today. >> perfect day for it. we will soar to 90 this afternoon. it is a blast of fun but probably all booked up, if you don't have your reservation already, you might want to find an alternative to stay cool. the beach is always a great option. and the beach forecast is looking good. live outside. show you what this picture
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looks like, as we look across central park. the sun reflecting off the buildings. it is mostly sunny. and 78. and we've got calm winds this morning. and it is looking good. and the summer heat is making a comeback. we will be at 90 today. and then even warmer over the next few. and so yes, it will be a great beach week, with a low risk of rip kurns, and then monday, as we fast forward, looks to be the hottest day. not only will temperatures be nearing the mid-90s but humidity levels will be high, so it is going to feel like the mid to upper 90s out. there and we are saying hey, we have the potential again for the first heat wave of 2015. but this is looking pretty solid. if we can hit 90 today, we think we've got it in the bag. so yesterday, a high of 88. today at least a high of 90. and tomorrow, 92. monday, 93. all the while, humidity levels are increasing as well. making it feel even hotter out there. and on the vortex satellite and radar picture, what we know is that we have some more clouds to the north of the city. and a few stray showers as well. and this is a general trend for today.
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there is a slight chance for showers. maybe a stray thunderstorm to the north of the city but otherwise, it is going to be a mostly sunny and very hot start to your weekend. and most of us will stay with the sunshine. and that's because we have the big area of high pressure dominating the forecast. and with this, it is not just today, it is not just tomorrow, it is monday, tuesday, wednesday, and this high pressure system is here to stay for a while. yes, we have chances for showers and thunderstorms, but truthfully, friday looking like the best bet and fla that is certainly a ways away. hour by hour, taking through the the forecast. today, mostly sunny with the chance of showers mainly to the north of the city. note it gets very, very close. so a chance of that happening, and the rest of us, mostly sunny skies. and overnight mostly clear. a very comfortable night. and with humidity levels really starting to increase as we go through the day tomorrow. and so tomorrow, it is mostly sunny. and looking good. and maybe a stray shower again for the north. but we do think tomorrow is an even more dry day than today. and then on monday, a chance again of showers and storms.
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this is not widespread opportunity for rain by any stretch. they are more pop-up afternoon showers and storms. the beach forecast looks like this. for today, a warm start. mid-80s. southwest winds 5-10. tomorrow, a warm finish. mid to upper 80s. water temperature 68 to 76 degrees. and low risk of rip currents. a nice change of pace to report. the mountain forecast, 20% chance of a shower or storm today. tomorrow, a hot one and dry. the temperatures are nearing 90 in the mountains. okay, here we go. the extended forecast, today it is 90 and mostly sunny with the chance to the north and overnight, 74 degrees. and mostly clear and mild. and getting a little more muggy tomorrow. and it feels like the mid-90s under mostly sunny skies. and 93 on monday. we will feel like the mid to upper 90s. and we have a chance for showers and storms monday and tuesday. as well as wednesday. thursday right now looks dry. and friday i think is the best bet for wet weather for everybody. and so three days straight, with 90 or above is a heat wave. and right now we are forecasting four days straight and it all hangs on today.
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can we make it today? and can we make it on tuesday? >> i'm not each sure, am i rooting for a heat wave or not? i can't really tell. >> we tried once before. it didn't happen. at least for my own personal well-being, i hope we get this one. >> we have to bear the brunt of 90-degree weather we should be able to call it a heat wave. >> i think so. >> we will have to see. >> thank you very much, vanessa. the yankees win. ending the toronto blue jays 11 game winning streak. >> here is otis livingston with the sports update. >> after getting swept by the blue jays last weekend, in the bronx, yankees were trying to return the favor in toronto. beginning last night. half game back with the jays. first place. and just so happened to be going for the 12th straight win. evan nova lost to them last time out. got nicked out again. falling behind 3-0 in the third. it looked like the price was right in toronto. newly acquired david price, he is undefeated for his career at the rogers center. struck out six in 7 and 1/3 innings and left with a 3-1 lead in the eighth and the
9:21 am
yankees took the lead off the bat of bar lose beltran. three run pop to make it 4-3. and the last few outs were longer than expected. tying on winning runs and it took anthony miller 12 pitches to put away troy. it snapped toronto's 11 game winning streak. yankees back in first place. 4-3 the final. mets and pirates. bartolo colon, got even with yoenis cespedes. and second as a met. and ties it at one. cologne settles down nicely after the hiccup in the first. left with a no decision after striking out seven in seven innings. extra innings. where bobby parnel gave up three consecutive hits to begin the 10th. gregory pollanco, go ahead rbi single. the pirates end the mets four game winning streak, 3-2 the final from citi field. for cbs 2 news, i'm otis livingston.
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today marks the 50th anniversary of the that beatles concert at shea stadium. the concert set world records for a pop concert with 55,000 fans. the event brought in more than $300,000 in ticket sales. >> i'm sure a lot of people stadium. whether it is checking e- mails or text messages or
9:25 am
social media, smartphones can help streamline some of those day to day tasks. cbs 2 julie watts explains why all of that screen time though can have an impact on your children. >> most of us are guilty of it. some more than others. but have you ever wondered how your cell phone use is affecting your kids? >> how do you feel when your mommy and daddy are on the phone? >> sad. >> sad? >> kind of sad. >> and they're not alone. >> dr. catherine sign-dare says the psychological impact is clear. >> children of all ages, they use the same adjectives to describe how they feel when they are competing with screens for their paren's attention. >> angry, sad, frustrating, and lonely. >> and a recent international study confirms her findings. online security company avg found a third of children say their parents spend as much or more children with their devices than them. >> the survey found more than half of kids feel their parents check their devices too often. and a third say they feel unimportant when their parents are distracted by their phones. >> you can't deny that there is some part of your brain in the
9:26 am
back that is like i should not be doing this right now. >> children, it could look like their mommy or daddy is not engaged. >> and psychologists point out parents looking at their screens often respond more harshly to kids. but psychology aside, they say tech can be down right dangerous. >> we have seen a 22% spike in preventible accidents with young children and caretakers using their digital devices. >> a sobers statistic that is making some parents limit their screen time. >> turn them off. >> julie watts, for cbs news. >> it may seem like common sense. but psychologists say it is important to put the phone away during outings and dinners and other family time. time now is 9:26. up next, the day's top stories. >> a staten island firefighter shot and injured during a police standoff could be released from the hospital as early as today.
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and we will have the details. fdny lieutenant jim hayes could be released as early as today after getting shot twice while on duty during a violent confrontation on staten island. >> plus, caught on camera. a new surveillance video released of the gun plan who shot and killed one man and injured two more in brooklyn. >> possible heat wave. the hot and hazy conditions you can expect for the next few days. cbs 2 news saturday morning continues right now. it is getting way ahead of ourselves this morning almost saying sunday instead of saturday. it is saturday, august 15. i'm andrea grymes.
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>> i'm diane macedo. the day's top stories are straight ahead. and meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. vanessa? >> it is going to be a beauty today. but hot. highs will be 90 degrees in the city. a little cooler by the coast. and 92, if it is too much, head to the sea, my friends. a look at the current temperatures as they are quickly warming up with the sun up. 79 degrees in islip and riverhead and 78 for mount vernon and in the city. we have 68 for liberty and 69 in the area. and the vortex satellite and radar picture, more clouds to the north and the city, a few strange showers as well in dutchess county. as we go through the day, yes, there is a slight chance of showers well north of the city and generally it is going to be a mostly sunny skies day for us. an air quality alert does go into effect today at 11:00 across much of new jersey and reason being, awfully hot out and humidity levels on the rise the next few days. today, what the temperature reads, it will be very close to the feels like temperature. here is what the day looks like.
9:31 am
82, feeling like 82. and 2:00 this afternoon, 88, mostly sunny and we will feel 89. this afternoon. and then 11:00 tonight, if you're out and about, 79 degrees. and we will feel about 80 degrees today. and comfortable compared to what is in store as we move forward. details on that, shortly. andrea and diane, back to you. >> vanessa, thanks. now to the top story, an injured staten island firefighter may be coming home from the hospital today. he was shot yesterday, during a violent confrontation. >> the gunman, a suspected gang member, is dead after that intense standoff with police. and cbs 2ilana gold has more on the firefighter's condition from outside richmond university hospital on staten island. >> lieu attend jim hayes was hit -- lieutenant jim hayes was hit by two bullets during the standoff and he is in richland university medical center in stable condition and could be released as early as today. lieutenant jim hayes, a 31-year- old veteran with the new york fire department, still hospitalized, but expected to
9:32 am
make a full recovery. following this frightening incident. you can hear the gunshots and the screams from destiny corden in staten island friday morning. the standoff started when they showed up to serve garland tyree for a probation violation warrant and the situation turned deadly fast. >> i don't think he wanted to hurt nobody. >> tyree's mother defended her son after he died with a shootout with police. investigators say he used this ak-47 to open fire during the six-hour standoff that the fire department responded to early on. >> as a task force members approached the front door of the basement apartment of this residence, they observed the thick smoke coming from the apartment. >> lieutenant james hayes went in to fight the fire and tyree shot at him multiple times. hayes was struck twice, and both bullets exited his body. >> once through the right buttocks. and through the left calf. >> both the mayor and fire
9:33 am
commissioner have visited lieutenant hayes at the hospital and called the father of two a hero. the gunman garland tyree has a long rap sheet, with 18 prior arrests. including murder when he was a teenager. he eventually got convicted on a lesser charge. sources tell us police had recently been investigating him in connection with several homicides in the city. in this video, posted on youtube, one year ago, tyree talks about gang life, a life he detailed in a book and early friday he posted these three words to his facebook page. today, i die. and going back to lieutenant hayes, we are told his condition has definitely improved. the last time a firefighter with the fdny was shot and injured during an incident was back in 1994. reporting in staten island, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. new this morning, police are on the hunt for a man accused of trying to ripping riders. investigators have released this image. police say he last acted on
9:34 am
august 7 when a 74-year-old woman reported the suspect approached her and yanked several chains off her neck and allegedly tried to rob two other riders of their necklaces but was unsuccessful. new information this morning on a possible new bailout package for greece. german lawmakers vote on the package during a special session on wednesday. yesterday, finance ministers of the 19 nations that use the euro currency approved the first $29 billion of that package. and after more than 50 years, the u.s. has officially reopened its embassy in cuba. but some issues remain. high among them, mutual claims for damages. cuba's foreign minister says cuba's claims for damages caused by the long u.s. economic embargo must be considered. while the u.s. says claims for property by the communist as well. yosemite national park is dealing with some serious problems this summer. yesterday, a tree limb fell on a tent killing two children who were sleeping inside. and earlier this month, a child from los angeles county contracted the plague during a
9:35 am
trip to the popular park. and officials have temporarily closed one of the campsites after two squirrels guide of the plague. -- died of the plague. the angeles forest in california is dealing with issues as well. the county forest is closed as to as hundreds of firefighters battle a wildfire. the fire has burned more than three square miles of land and two cabins. windy conditions are posing problems for crews trying to contain the flames fed by drought. now to campaign 2016. presidential hopefuls are making a pit stop at the iowa state fair as they race for the white house. or try to, anyway. yesterday, democratic front- runner hillary clinton was in clear lake iowa where she defended her handling of the 2012 benghazi attack and the use of a private e-mail server of the former secretary of state and g.o.p. front-runner donald trump will be at the iowa state fair today to get some face to face time with voters, in the early caucus states. >> afterwards, trump will have to make a detour from the
9:36 am
campaign trail and report for jury duty. the real estate mogul will have to report to a manhattan courtroom on monday. and if he doesn't appear, the billionaire could case a $250 fine. some parents got in on a social experiment involving their teenaged girls. >> the goal was to teach the girls about the dangers of social media. but as cbs 2 dave charlen shows us, for some, the message is not getting through. >> mikala, are you crazy? what's wrong with you? >> what are you thinking? >> these parents are screaming at their underaged daughters, after their girls put themselves in extreme stranger danger. the parents consented allowing this man, coby person, to conduct and videotape the chilling social experiment. >> i made a fake profile on facebook, posing as a 15-year- old boy. >> with the three girls he contacted, would they meet with him all alone? each time the answer was yes and each time the parens were right there. at first, hiding. in this case, behind masks in
9:37 am
the back of a kidnapper van. [screaming ] >> it is tough. and it is scary. and it is getting people's attention. >> 21 million views in two days. >> person, a professional prankster from cliffton, new jersey, says he found the parents with a craigslist ad. >> we approached them in a very professional manner. >> the parents including this man who is about to surprise his 12-year-old daughter letting a strange ner the house saying not my kid. so imagine the shock. >> you're 12 years old. you could have been raped and murdered. what would i do if anything happened to you? we already lost your mother. >> slowing parens that this could happen to anybody. >> watching the video with the child psychologist susan bartell. >> are you crazy? are you out of your mind? >> her father frantic. absolutely frantic. >> but she is not surprised. from my own personal clinical experience, many, many girls
9:38 am
will go with strangers into potentially dangerous situations. >> we have to talk. >> dr. bartell wants parents and kids to watch the video together and then the parents lay down the law. >> you can't assume that if they're telling you they have never done it or they wouldn't do it, that in fact that is truthful. the rule is you never go anywhere alone with a stranger. it doesn't matter how much you're tempted to. >> the parents some say went too far. >> a little bit drastic. >> but colby persons say the parents did everyone a favor. >> i think they are heroes. >> parens who love their kids enough to scare them. >> don't you ever do this again. >> and save them. >> in midtown, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> to see the video in its entirety, you can visit our web site and hopefully those girls learned an important lesson. >> i know, the girls looked so scared but i can imagine from the parent's perspective to see how easily they were lured like that. time yow is 9:38. reading and righting and identity theft. the child's school could be putting information at risk. the warning from parents as they get their kids ready to go back to school.
9:39 am
>> do it yourself dentists, the dangerous teen trend that parents need to know about. >> and could sexting help your relationship? up next, a new study reveals a surprising number of people doing it, but experts explain what it can really do to a couple. >> first though, here is vanessa murdock with a check of the forecast. >> right. i think it is going to be a great weekend. but it will be hot. we are talking highs in the 90s today. for some of us. and could it be the beginning of the first heat wave of 2015? i will talk about it, coming up, in my full forecast. but remember, rain or shine, you can have the forecast any time. with the cbs new york weather app? you can check live rather, send us your weather pictures and video all free in the i-tunes
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store. good morning. hope your saturday is off to a great start. the weather is cooperating but get ready for hot temperatures as we take a look at the 59th street bridge. as are you gearing back to see your kids back to school, some crooks are gearing up to steal their identities. the thieves get the child's social security number and then change the age to apply for loans, medical insurance and more. cbs 2 dave carlin has the story. >> reporter: 11-year-olds ariana and ramiah shopping for back to school. ariana's dad looking to get what they need and make sure they don't become part of identity thieves. >> children this young, even babies can get their social security numbers stolen. >> this is ridiculous that a scam artist will actually do that. target kids at this age.
9:43 am
>> it is such a growing fraud, the better business bureau of metropolitan new york put out a warning. >> one out of every 40 families with a child under the age of 18 has had that child's identity compromised. >> if your child is a victim, you may start seeing credit card offers, collection notices or irs notices in their name. but more often, children don't discover the problem until they are 18. and need loans or credit. >> it is a fraud targeting those least able to defend themselves. the parents, there are things you can do. >> a lot of places ask for more information than they really need. >> too many places insist on having your child's social security number. >> first of all ask do i really have to give that. >> monitor what your child is doing online. >> only download these apps through official app stores. >> always get your own credit report information. but also the extra approval forms allowing to you check with your child's name and social security number. >> buying a house one day or a car and they definitely need credit for that.
9:44 am
>> javier lee says he will check right away. exercises say all parents definitely need to do it before the child turns 16 because identity theft repercussions can take more than a year to dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> and anyone who discovers child identity theft needs to file a police report and notify the federal trade commission. >> well, do it yourself online video tutorial has some dentists worried. >> what i am going to do is put it behind my teeth, around the teeth i want. so like that, okay? >> the girl in that video is using a rubber band to try to straighten her teeth. the online trend is actually popular among teenagers but orthodontists warn you could be in for a lifetime of trouble. >> you can actually damage the teeth. the supporting bone structures underneath. it can even result in loss of teeth. >> the american association of orthodontists warns the cost of repairing that kind of damage
9:45 am
done could be more expensive than just getting braces. more and more adults are sending racy messages in a new survey, it shows it could help couples in casual relationships but not as much for those in long term ones. researchers at philadelphia's drexel university surveyed people online, and found 88% of adults admitted to having sexted. and 74% said they were doing it when in a committed relationship and 43% in casual relationship and 12% says they segmented with someone else while cheating on their partner. the survey involves 870 adults in relationships and of course, be careful what you sext, a quarter of those surveyed said they shared sext messages with an average of three people and they live on forever. sharon stone is 57 years old. and not afraid to flaunt it. stone has a set of provocative photos in the issue of harper's bazaar magazine. the revealing spread showcases
9:46 am
her incredible shape. the actress credited yoga and low carb diet and stays away from alcohol. despite the photos, the stunning stone tells the magazine when it comes to dating though, she never gets asked out. >> i wonder why. >> people must think that she already has someone. >> yes. or assume they are not good enough for her. >> get out there, sharon. we have faith in you. time now to check in with vanessa murdock and a check of the forecast. it is a good weekend to enjoy the heat outside, right? >> it is a beautiful weekend but 90-degree heat is what we are in store for. and feeling more like 95 tomorrow. we have to love the heat to enjoy this forecast. we want to check in with the weather watchers right now and see what they are saying today. pictures coming in that are so pretty. that's where i would like to start things off with the weather watchers today. first, i want to check in with mark and janine demartin. now this photo is taken from well north of the city. and this is the trend well north of the city today. some more clouds. maybe a stray shower. and elsewhere, we expect things
9:47 am
to look a little bit more like this. beautiful blue skies. some clouds. but a whole lot of heat for all of us. we will take you live outside and show you what is happening out there right now. looking good across central park. we have sunshine in the city. it is 78 mostly sunny. and winds are calm. and as we look ahead, the 90s are returning, do you like that idea? i hope so. because we have four days with temperatures in the 90s. and the humidity all the while will be creeping back up. and the heat will be peaking on monday. mon, highest humidity, highest temperature, it will feel like the mid to upper 90s up there and we are saying hey, can this be the first heat wave of 2015? it is possible. we need to hit 90 today. and on the back end, so we have a couple of chances here to really make this length mat for the season. but nonetheless -- legitimate for the season. but nonetheless, it is very much possible. and regardless, it is hot the next several days. as far as humidity goes, today will be comfy and tomorrow we
9:48 am
will be feeling it and by monday, we will be really feeling it. the steamiest day of the next seven. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, plenty of clouds to the north of the city. and a few spotty showers as well. and a slight chance of a shower or storm to the north of the city and the rest of us will stay dry today under mostly sunny skies. the dominant feature in the forecast is high pressure. big area of high pressure that stays in place for days and days. i'm not saying that we will be completely without showers or storms because that will happen. we will get some activity out but for the most part, this high pressure system stays put. it is going to be a very stagnant, steamy, forecast. and so for today, getting hotter out there. with winds out of the southwest, and looking good though. with the slight chance of a shower or storm to the north. and tomorrow, a summer sizzler. we will be even hotter than today. a little more humid as well. winds persistently out of the south west. and for monday, hotter and mid to upper 90s and hazy and hot and humid to start your workweek. today, it will be hazy hot. just not so humid. as we look at the beach
9:49 am
forecast. the water temperature is 68 and 76 degrees. and there is a low risk of rip kurns today, that is great news, and warm start at the beach and mid-80s today. and tomorrow, a warm finish. mid to upper 80s. and winds out of the sought west 5-10. nice breeze to keep you cooler. along the coast. and the mountain forecast, there is a 20% chance we will be dealing with some showers. maybe a thunderstorm and it will be warm. mid to upper 80s out there. and tomorrow, just a hot one. and we expect it to stay dry though. and mid-80s to 90 degrees. in the mountains tomorrow. and now your extended forecast here, here we go. for today, it is 90. mostly sunny, with that slight chance, well north of the city for wet weather and overnight, 74. and mostly clear and mild. and becoming a little bit more muggy though tomorrow. and 92 degrees. we will start feeling the humidity under mostly sunny skies. it will feel more like 95. for monday, it is 93 degrees. and we will feel like the mid to upper 90s. and chance of showers and storms that way, and a chance of showers and storms on tuesday. when we are still in the 90s, folks.
9:50 am
so that is four days straight, that would certainly give us the heat wave, after that, temperatures are still on the hot side in the mid to upper 80s. >> possibly the first of the season. >> possibly. >> we are keeping our fingers crossed on this one. >> thank you, vanessa. >> sports this morning, carlos beltran had a huge homer in the 8th inning giving the yankees a big win over the blue jays, here is otis livingston with the sports update. >> getting swept by the blue jays last weekend, in the bronx, the yankees are trying to return the favor in toronto this weekend. half game back for the jays for the first place. and so happened to be going for the 12 the straight last night. evan nova lost the last time out and got nicked up again falling behind 3-0 in the third. the newly acquired dave price. undefeated for the career at the rogers center, as a visitor and as a home player. struck out six in 7 and and a third innings. and the yankees took the lead off of carlos beltran's bat. three-run pop to make it 4-3. meanwhile the last outs took longer than expected.
9:51 am
tying winning runs on base and took andrew miller 12 pitches to finally put away troy. snapping toronto's 11 game winning streak. yankees back in first place. that deserves a high five. 4-3 the final. mets and pirates. bartolo colon gave up a homer in the first. took a while for the mets to get it back. off the bat of yoenis cespedes. and second as a met. 20th of the season. colon settled down nicely after the kick hup in the first. one and seven in the last night's start. left with a no decision after striking out seven in seven innings. extra innings. bobby parnel, three straight hits to start the 10th. and gregory polanco, go ahead rbi single. the pirateses end the mets winning streak, 4-3 the final at citi field. head-to-head the past few days of practice, giants and bengals tangle up for real or as real as it can be for the preseason. lopsided night for the giants in cincinnati. and carved up by the bengals first teamers. 432 total yards for the bengals on the night.
9:52 am
and that doubled what the giants did. eli manning, out of rhythm with the receivers. so bad, that he had to play four series after going three and out on the first three drives and four for eight, just 22 yards and a 13-point loss. 23-10. pga championship. second round. suspended because of thunderstorms. jason day, matt jones, leading in 9 under par. jon daily nowhere near the lead thanks mainly to one hole. the par three 7th hole. one over par. that was inside the cut line. tee shot. into the water. takes another ball. we have splash-down. another ball. bloop. bloop. before finally hitting the green. but he wasn't done with lake michigan. check this out. so frustrated he will throw his club into the water. story not over though. because a kid in a boat retrieves the club. i have the power. daly three-putted. a 10 on the par three. and misses the cut at 10 over par. i'm otis livingston for cbs 2
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
news, have a great saturday. cbs 2 is back with the top a staten island firefighter staten island. may be released from the hospital today. lieutenant jim hayes, a 31-year- old veteran with the new york fire department is expected to make a full recovery. the gunman, a suspected gang member, is dead after police. officials say the standoff began when a federal task force
9:56 am
attempted to arrest 38-year-old garland tyree for violating parole. police release new surveillance video on thursday in brownsville, broobz. you can see a -- brooklyn. you can see a man opens the door of an apartment fire before firing multiple shots and then running away. he killed 21-year-old isaiah cicero and shot two other men in the arm. arrests. police have released new surveillance footage of three people wanted for robbing a woman in brooklyn. investigators say just after midnight, on thursday, the woman and two men were armed with a gun when they forced their way into the victim's brownsville apartment. they demanded the 41-year-old hand over money, which she did, and they then took off. the victim was not hurt. well, 77 degrees right now. heading to around 90. what is the weekend looking like? >> the weekend is looking truly beautiful. just hot. as you mentioned. 90 today. tomorrow, we are saying 92. humidity levels will be rising. today is comfortable. tomorrow, a little iffy. here a look at the highs around
9:57 am
the region for today. 90 in the city. 93 in morristown. and 92 in free hold. after that, temperatures elsewhere will be in the mid to upper 80s for the most part. 82 for a high in montauk. and 84 in seaside heights. mostly sunny skies. for most of us today. but there is a slight chance for showers. well north of the city. tonight, comfortable, 74 and mostly clear. tomorrow 92 and mostly sunny. feeling like 95. >> all right. gear up. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thank you, vanessa. >> all right. that wraps up today's cbs 2 news saturday morning. our next newscast is tonight at 11:00. >> check the day's top stories all day long on cbs new york .com. for vanessa and the entire cbs 2 news team, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. thanks for watching, have a
9:58 am
great saturday. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico,
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