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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and a wonderful weekend. good morning. it is friday, august 21st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." devastating wildfires in the west force a fifth town to evacuate. crews pause to remember the firefighters killed in the battle. hackers expose the private lives of ashley madison users. now they threaten to release more than just data. >> should your boss watch your every move at work. new technology is helping track everything employees do. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there's more emotion in it when it's close to home. friends' and neighbors' houses, it makes it a little tougher.
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>> fires in washington force new evacuations. >> merge vehicles rolled through twisp, washington, to honor the three firefighters killed. >> there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a republican conservative with a proven record. he isn't. >> trump is pushing people off their game. jeb bush is not going to win by outtrumping donald trump. >> a high-rise building in los angeles. >> four people suffered minor injuries. >> the blast knocked out power to nearby staples center. >> the hurricane churning in the atlantic this year, hurricane danny. >> it's a small hurricane packing a punch. >> history being made today at ft. benning, georgia. >> i looked around at my peers seeing they were sucking just as bad as i was kept me going. >> the worst stock performance in 18 months. >> could concerns cause major losses. >> the florida woman made a court appears that the judge will never forget.
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>> all that -- >> there's bears in the pool! >> a startling find in a new jersey yard. >> a half turner shot. >> and all that matters. >> michelle obama is leading a new campaign to encourage young people do the unthinkable, eat things that grow. >> i couldn't be more excited about a new campaign call eded fnb. >> called eat your f'ing vegetables. >> it's going to hillary and jeff and scott and marco. it's like puppets. >> i'll buy that. puppets have way more realistic hair. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell and gayle king are off. clarissa ward is with us and so is jeff glor from our digital network cbsn. this morning 20,000 firefighters are battling 80 wildfires. heat and drought conditions are feeding the flames. >> in washington advancing fires forced a fifth town to evacuate. crews in the state took a moment to remember the lives of three firefighters killed in the battle. danielle nottingham is in the town of twisp near where the tragedy happened. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there have now been 13 firefighters killed across the west in one of the most explosive wildfire seasons on record. we are starting to learn more about the three young men who lost their lives wednesday. as 3,000 firefighters in washington battled more than a dozen major wildfires across the
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state, the lives of three of their own were honored late thursday. ambulances carrying the bodies of the deceased passed as fire crews paused alongside the road hands and helmets over their hearts. >> these are people lost doing what firefighters do, which is to rush toward the fire rather than away. >> reporter: officials identified the u.s. forest fighters killed near the town of twisp. 31-year-old richard wheeler 2rks 1-year-old adran zajac and 20-year-old tom zbyszewski. >> the fire went straight up the hit. there were a lot of firefighters here rate quick but the wind went up the hill. >> reporter: the news of their deaths stunned people in this town. >> it's really hard. it's not an easy thing. >> reporter: tom calvert is a
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baseball coach in twisp. his son went to school with one of them. >> nobody's going to be -- nobody's going to be able to replace these kids. >> reporter: one firefighter injured by the flames, 25-year-old daniel lyeon remains in critical condition at the medical center with burns over 60% of his body. >> he can't speak. he's on a ventilator. but he did motion -- he knew we were there and he could communicate a little bit. >> i love my son. my son loved being a firefighter. he loved serving the community. >> reporter: three other firefighters were also injured. they were treated and released. resources here are stretched so thin. the state department of natural resources is now asking citizens to donate their time and equipment.
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they say the officers are pouring in. jeff? >> danielle, thank you very much. as you saw, one of the firefighters killed in the flames was 20-year-old tom zbyszewski. >> reporter: richard and jennifer zbyszewski are heart broken after losing their only son. >> he's a great son. >> he was a great son. >> reporter: he was 20 years old fighting fires to help pay his way through school. he was set to start his junior year at whitman college study studying. >> he was funny and smart. >> cheerful and kind. >> cheerful and kind. >> he was going to be -- >> and the light of our lives, the center of our lives. >> reporter: zbyszewski was following in his parents' footsteps. his father was a former firefighter and his mom worked
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with forestry. >> being able to help protect the homes of people he knew, it was important to him. he loved the valley, i guess, and the people that were here. this was his home. it will be a hard thing for the community to take in stride, losing him. >> reporter: president obama called zbyszewski and the other two fallen firefighters brave americans. >> i mean it's nice he was considered a hero. >> he was always a hero to us. >> he was always our hero. and we would rather have him not be a hero and home with us today. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> so heartbreaking. i mean it actually made me well up just hearing that family. it's awful. >> you can't imagine their pain, but you can sure feel it, can't you. we turn to politics. this morning jeb bush is taking a more aggressive tone against donald trump.
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he was campaigning thursday in new hampshire. bush also took on reporters. he defend eded his calling american born children anchor babies. >> you don't regret it? >> do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i said it was commonly referred to it. i didn't use it as my own language. you want to get to the policy for a second? i think the people born in this country ought to be american citizen. there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a conservative with a proven record. he isn't. i proposed a tax. i've been consistently pro-life. he until recently was for partial birth abortion. i never met a perks that actually thought that that was a good idea. >> john heilemann is with us. john, good morning. >> good morning.
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>> what do you think of jeb bush firing back? >> it was like technicolor trump, black and white bush. he's clearly frustrated but more important in some ways in his attacking trump is the way he's attacking trump which serves another purpose for bush. he's saying i'm conservative. and there are lots of people in the republican party who don't think he's conservative enough. he's accomplishing two things, taking on trump and trumpeting his own. >> is that attracting -- >> 24 hours later we don't know if it's causes traction or not. it could be a big problem for the party in the general election but for all these people right now, their bigger concern is donald trump is front-runner, how do i get to be the nominee. they've got solve that problem. >> we haven't seen that edge from jeb bush up until now.
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>> no, no. the question is has anyone succeeded? >> no one has found kryptonite for trump so far. as i say, it's 24 hours in. i don't know how it's affecting trup p. he's down in alabama doing an event at a football stadium. they claim there's going to be 40 thousand people. >> it's like a college football contest, right? >> we will see. the bush view is donald trump with 20% or 25% is in powerful shape in a field of 16 or 17 republicans but eventually it's going to be one on one and they think jeb bush will be the one on one and fw he's one on one, he's in a good position. >> on the other side you've got bernie sanders filling stadiums as well, 28,000, and the e-mail controversy. where is it now? >> getting worse by the day for hillary clinton. and as much for her as for some of the aides around her at the state department. the fbi investigation is getting
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more serious every single day. there's more sips that there were e-mails marked classified or should have been marked classified that were sent to her. nobody thinks she sent them yet, but they were sent to her and ended up on the home server of hers. that's against the law. now the fbi is not just investigating the server itself but how did the messages get to her. did they send those things to her server? again, it's everything about this, the way they've handled it this week, clumsy, evasive and it gets a little more serious every single day and more >> thanks, john. >> thanks, guys. a generator explosion in downtown los angeles last night hurt four people. it was in the basement of a 19-story high-rise. power. the blackout briefly interrupted a shania twain concert nearly a
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mile away. shania tweeted we had so much fun in l.a. we blew the power out. north korea's king jong-un said his army is in aqua city state of war against south korea. the two nations are sparring after south started broadcasting prop began ta to the north for the first time in 11 years. both were firing. in seoul they burned photos of the north korean leader and his flag. wall street hopes to rebound after the stockmarket's worst day in 18 months. the dow jones industrial and s&p 500 fell 2%. the nasdaq fell almost 3%. it's concerns over china. the main indention in china dropped 4%. it ended the week at more than 11%. in
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investors worry that a slowdown in china could lead to another recession worldwide. former president jimmy carter revealed he has cancer,anoma on the brain. >> i was surprised i wasn't angered. i was completely at ease. i've been very grateful for that part. so i'm ready for anything and looking forward to a new adventure. >> in his hometown of plains, georgia, campaign signs read jimmy carter for cancer survivor. he went through radiation thursday. his treatment includes a drug approved just last year. our dr. david agus is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> tell us about jimmy carter's cancer and the treatment therein.
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>> jimmy carter has melanoma. it starts in the skin and can spread elsewhere in the body. in his case it spread to four areas in the brain as well as the live and possibly other places too. several years ago this was a death sentence. now there's a remarkable new drug. what it does is takes the break-off of the immune system. these cancer cells have a don't eat me signal on their surface. this blocks that and immune cells can come in. and about 40% of patients and a little bit more have dramatic responses that can last for years. >> what does that mean for jimmy carter. >> it means it could be a life sentence instead of a death sentence. so certainly the hope is that by controlling the cancer in the brain with targeted radiation therapy that he's getting now as well as the immunotherapy that we told you about, we can keep the cancer in check so he can go on benefiting society which he's
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done over the last several decades. >> he's 90 years old. does that impact his diagnosis in any way, his old age? >> no question about it. you've got multiple whammies. he had three siblings die of pancreatic cancer and a father who died of pancreatic cancer. they can be linked genetically. there are several gene defects where you can have one or the other. in his kaz he's 90. most of the time they develop in patients under 75. that being said i've treated patients over 90 with this drug and they've tolerated it well and had a good quality of life. the key thing is he has the right and it's probably right to stop treatment. if it's benefiting him, he should keep going. >> doctor, it does seem pretty extraordinary that a former president would hold a news conference leak this and be so open about his diagnosis. you think that helps the medical field in general. >> i think it's great.
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former presidents have no obligation to talk about their medical. ronald reagan wrote i have alzheimer's. he's a hero. as a role model he chooses to live with cancer rather than die from cancer. i think that's powerful. >> dr. agus, thank you so much. >> thank you. david sweat pleaded not guilty thursday to three felonies for his prison escape. sweat is already serving life without parole. he and richard matt broke out in june with the help of prison employee joyce mitchell. matt was killed by police, sweat was captured at the border. they're scrambling over the release of more confidential children. michelle miller shows us why it's a concern for the pentagon.
7:17 am
good morning. >> good morning. this morning ashley madison said it was planning to take things public. hackers dive deeper into sensitive information. i'm looking for someone other than my wife >> in their latest data dump hackers calling themselves impact team they're taking aim at the top executive. multiple outlets report that along with a trove of internal files the group posts this message, hey, noel, you can ed a admit it's here now. >> cheating spouses around the world. >> if you're feeling a little naughty, let's go here. >> releasing 32 million dating files and personal information. some of the e-mail names are fake.
7:18 am
still 15,000 appear to trace back to u.s. government accounts. secretary ash carter confirmed thursday that the pentagon is looking at some of the people on the list who used military addresses that of course it's an issue because conduct is very important because we expect good conduct on the part of our people. >> kim zetter is with "wired" magazine who revealed the hack. >> that creates some potential for blackmail. >> reporter: ashley madison is still operating but traffic on its website dropped 40% in july when the hackers first threatened to release data unless the website shut down. the company says the hackers are criminals who appointed themselves as moral judge, juror, and executioner. the hackers claim they're just exposing security flaws in a site that represents 100% discreet service.
7:19 am
>> i think it's going to be difficult for them to survive this. >> reporter: bloomberg's sheila kohat car says it's a wakeup call. >> really it's a warning shot for anyone with a significant part of their business. >> ashley madison says it's closed the access point or all of them. along with the fbi the canadian police are also investigating. that's mainly because ashley madison is a toronto-based company. >> michelle, thank you very much. emotions run high in the case o good morning. so the worst of it, east of the city. watching the slow-moving front and the line of showers with rain pushing through now more of suffolk county. and it's weakened but still flooding continues. a slow go this morning. tell you what though, behind it'd, we will see sun and warmer numbers.
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84 for your day today. and shaping up this afternoon. saturday the better of the two weekend days and wrap around shower chance returns on sunday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by petco. what we feed them matters. are topless women ruining times square? ahead claims of out-of-control behavior could force big changes at the cross roads of the world.
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>> and a reminder that good morning. it is 7:26. a developing story from brooklyn where a woman was killed this morning after being ejected from a moving vehicle being driven by her husband. police identified the victim as a 25-year-old. she was a backseat passenger in the vehicle. but her door apparently wasn't fully closed and on making the turn, she was reapologeticked and hit the pavement. her husband is being questioned by police and may have been drinking before the accident. three construction workers were injured, one critically many a huge gas line explosion at a bronx high school last night at john f. kennedy high. this blast shook surrounding buildings and frightened the the neighborhood. and some people thought it was
7:27 am
a terrorist attack. and police nab a missing snake in times square. the nypd tweeted this photo of the giant snake hanging on an officer's neck. it's not clear how he ended up in times square. and john, does it pay to be cold blooded today? >> you know, that snake was topless as well. so just all over times square. you know, there's actually a little bit of blue right now which is great news. cloudy and 73 in the park. and winds west at 3 miles per hour. and cooler north and west. that front really doing a number on the numbers. most telling and compelling, dew points still in the low 0s for the island. and just up thes north and west. dry air starting to creep in. and the problem is, still dealing with a soaking rain for suffolk county. yellow indicating the heavier rain after the flooding rains. and still clearing showers for north duchess and south ocean, the extremes there. but the left over showers east.
7:28 am
and then a nice mix of sun and clouds and should see nice conditions this afternoon. and better of the todays will be saturday. a pop-up storm possible sunday. >> thank you. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" returns in just a moment. have a great day.
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7:30 am
he launches one to left center. see you later. way up there. >> man. michael taylor from washington smacked the longest home run in the major leagues this season in colorado last night. the ball travelled 439 feet. that tied up the game at two runs apiece. the rockies did come back to beat washington, 3-2. >> wow. >> not bad. in colorado where the ball travels a little farther, but still. >> lighter air? >> yes. at coors field. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, an intense day of testimony in the sexual assault trial. the witness sons during cross-examination. ahead the defense attorney
7:31 am
proves the teen's encounter was consensual. plus, it was graduation day for the first women who complete the army ranger school. we'll show you how they carry them through that this is a great story. the "washington post" reports undote sober aggressive treatment for the earliest stage of breast cancer. a study tracked more than 100,000 women diagnosed. its foundless intervention does not affect the survival rate if women are alive ten years later. people with the lumpectomy did not. it may need to unnecessary treatments. >> the "san jose mercury news" reports on netflix facing a backlash for excluding workers in its dvd division from a new baby benefit. netflix announced this month that it will give up to a year
7:32 am
of paid leave to most of its employees when they become new parents. now are at least three online petitions urging netflix to extend that benefit to workers in the company's dvd service. the group has about 450 employees. britain's "guardian" reports on the prime minister of greece calling for new elections next month. alice sis tsipras resigned after the new bailout deal. he's hoping to consoleidateeidate his power and move forward with the 95 billion dollar ban. philadelphia reports on the ban of drones in airspace during the pope's visit next month. they say temporary restrictions will be in place for unmanned aircraft. it's to provide a safe and secure environment for the pope's visit september 26th and 27th. and "usa today" reports on july being the earth's hottest month ever. the average global temperature last month was nearly 62 degrees. that's about 1.5 degrees above
7:33 am
the average for july. an noaa scientist says this year will likely be the hottest on record. this morning the young woman accusing a senior of sexual assault is calling herself a survivor. her testimony finished on thursday following a grueling cross-examination. anna werner is live. good morning, anna. >> good morning, jeff. 19-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping then 15-year-old girl. she left the courtroom sobbing after an intense cross-examination that lasted nearly 90 minutes. >> you told us yesterday that you went up to the roof initially, right? >> yes. >> reporter: with his head lowered owen labrie listened as his attorney jay carney grilled the 16-year-old accuser about the alleged rape. courtroom cameras do not show her on the stand to protect her identity.
7:34 am
she admitted she helped labrie remove some of her clothing and also laughed at times during their encounter because she was nervous and afraid. >> could it be fair to say he couldn't know that you were uncomfortable because you were laughing? >> no. >> that's not fair to say? >> that is not fair to say, no. >> you're sure about that. right now. >> reporter: carney asked why her account to police days after the incident was, quote, cloudy. >> well, why were you cloudy? >> reporter: she paused to answer seeking the words and then suddenly burst into tears. >> i was raped. i was violated in so many ways. of course, i was traumatized. >> reporter: the trial has cast appall over the yuou elite st. paul boarding school. what's known as a senior salute
7:35 am
where boys arrange to meet with fooem students before graduation. carney set out to prove that the e-mails between them proved that it was consensual. >> with sexual violence there's always nonblame for those accused of committing the crime. >> reporter: laura dunn, a victim's advocate and spokeswoman for the victim's family said she wouldn't take the stand if she wasn't telling the truth. >> being in court and having to be exposed to very vulgar questions at times, no one would do this unless there was a reason, they were already harmed and this was what was necessary for justice. >> reporter: after nearly three days on the stand, the girl released a statement last night which read i can now say that i am a survivor. the trial is resuming monday and owen labrie is expected to testify. his attorney says on wednesday, charlie. >> anna, thanks.
7:36 am
cbs news legal except rikki klieman has prosecuted sexual cases and defended rape suspects in court. good morning. >> good morning. >> give us a sense how you think this defense attorney and what he is doing. >> first of all you have to understand here jay carney is one of the better defense attorneys in the country. it's all about the opening statements. you never get a second chance to make a first impression. jay carney made an opening statement that was powerful and dignified. so did the jury decide in his opening that he is the arbiter of trust? he is the carrier of truth. if they decided that in the opening, then he is entitled to be harsh with her, difficult with her, and in many ways to make her cry because he believes she is lying. however, if in that opening statement the jurors decide that he is not the trustworthy one,
7:37 am
that the government is trustworthy, then they will resent him for his cross-examination of her. >> how could a juror not be moved by this young woman's testimony? >> i mean it was painful listening to that. >> it is very painful listening to that. so we are not in that courtroom and even with the camera in court, you can't really absorb the visceral reaction. these jurors are either going to believe her or not. and in this case, we get another added factor. jay carney says his client is going to testify. so then the jury gets to decide do they believe him or not. now, this young woman has either been a true rape victim who was totally traumatized by something she could not control and therefore eventually made a complaint. and i do say eventually. it takes her five days go to the police. and it's only after their sexual encounter has been posted by
7:38 am
someone else on social media. but she's either a true victim or she looks like she's coached and rehearsed. only the jury can make that determination determination. >> what does its look like to you? >> i can't answer that, charlie, because i'm not watching her. she takes advantage if you think she is lying of the situation of being able to emote. or your heart goes out to her and you say this is terrible. now, how do we tell the truth? we learn to tell the truth in these cases by the other evidence in the case. there are a slew of e-mail exchanges between these two people, and you have very friendly e-mail exchanges. he calls her a gem. she answers back, well, basically, you are too. these are e-mails after the encounter. there are e-mails before the encounter. she admits in her own testimony that she didn't really want to disappoint him.
7:39 am
she didn't want to feel embarrassed. she didn't want to feel inexperienced. so, you know, this is a real test in the end for do they believe him or her. >> rikki klieman, thank you very much. topless women could be dragging times square to the bottom. up next, will part of the world-famous tourist spot be ripped up? and if you're heading to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. we'll be right back. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments.
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new york's mayor this morning finds nothing amusing about the topless women posing for pictures in times square, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. the area is known as the cross roads of the world. oomz millions of people visit it each year. critics say they harass people for tips and room the family-friend ly
7:44 am
family-friendly streets and they take way from others. vinita nair. the return of the so-called battle days. good morning. >> good morning. toplessness is legal in new york in times square. it was originally for breast-feeds mothers and artists exercising their freedom of religion but some say these topless women have taken their protection too far. they call themselves spanish for naked and they practically are. with children nearby they strip down to bikini bottoms and use paint and fetters. the chief of the police department james o'neill says they're a nuisance because they cause congestion as they stroll the streets smiling for the cameras. >> they want to be in a safe place and not be accosted.
7:45 am
they want to enjoy their team in new york city. >> he says it reminded him of times square's seedy past when this area was known for peep shows, prostitutes and drug pushers. do you guys have some fear that this kind of activity could take times square out of that family-friendly destination it's become. >> times square 1983 is certainly not the place it is in 2015. it's a far safer place right now. we're not returning to those days. >> i believe there's going to be a little bit of interest in times square. >> reporter: mayor de blasio set up a task force to rein them in. one way is ripping up the pedestrian plaza. >> a lot of people are uncomfortable with it and i understand why. in a commonsense level this is not appropriate in public square. >> but it can be trickiness because toplessness is a constitutional right in new york state.
7:46 am
>> to the extent that new york can legitimately outlaw the harassment with whatever message these women might be conveying. i think they can do that and not have any constitutional problem. many visitors to times square already home to the naked cowboy seem unfazed. >> i like the naked cowboy. >> some things are best private. >> it does not bother me, the naked body. it's not bad. >> even in sometime square women in g victims are still allowed for now. >> reporter: these signs are a reminder to pedestrians that they don't have to tip these people. right now they say they're expecting to have some proposals by october. >> all right. vinita, thank you. it's quite a conundrum. >> nice visit to visit occasionally but another reason why i typically veer around it.
7:47 am
>> as many new yorkers tend to avoid times square. a college football player recovered more than he imagined. ahead, the onside kick at wow, getting funky down stairs. wet weather south shore, heavy rain for parts of suffolk county. expand the view and you can see, you've got rain into parts of duchess, litchfield county and then south ocean. and that's it. starting to clear eightway. and we are going to usher in sun today. nice conditions this afternoon and tonight. and remember late saturday into sunday, a chance of a shower or storm returns. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with
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7:52 am
award more than you. thank you from all of us for believing and exemplifying what it means to be a broncho. we love you, son. - >> his coach said the scholarship was long overdue thanks to his hardwork. two west point graduates march into history this morning. we'll hear from the first two fooem army rangers and the men they helped along the way. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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good morning. it is 7:56 on this friday, august 21st. we begin with a commute airletter. the rain is causing problems on the roads. and we have an update. >> reporter: that's right. due to flood, the northern state parkway is closed in both directions at route 10 and have 107. heavy westbound delays back to south oyster bay road on the eastbound side. traffic is stopped back tall way past post avenue. stick with the l.i.e. as an alternate. and now john. you know, it's interesting, you look at the picture and it isn't raining anymore but on average, 2 to 3 inches of rain into suffolk county. and then the left over effect. and telling in the city, clouds
7:57 am
but blue as well. transition underway. we're at 72 degrees. and where is the rain right now? it's soaking. we've got the rain for parts of the south shore and then a soaker for a good part of suffolk county. and you see a break pushing in from the west. we are looking better this afternoon. 72 right now. going up to 84 with some more comfortable conditions this afternoon. exercise caution, particularly east. >> thank you. and now a developing story where a woman was killed this morning after being ejected if a moving vehicle driven by her husband. police identified the victim as a 29-year-old. she was a backseat passenger in the vehicle. but her door apparently wasn't closed fully. and on making the turn, she was ejected and hit the pavement later dying of the injuries. her husband is being questioned by police. three construction workers were injured and one critical in a huge gas line explosion at a bronx high school.
7:58 am
it happened last night in marble hill. the blast shook buildings and frightened the neighborhood. and some told us they thought it was a the terrorist attack. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
stay with us. it is friday, august 21st, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a best-selling children's bedtime book. a top sleep expert explains the psychology behind the story of the sleepy rabbit. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there have now been 13 firefighters killed across the west in one of the most explosive seasons on record. >> the bush view is eventually it's going to be one on one and if he's against trump, he's in a good position. >> a generator explosion in downtown los angeles caused an explosion in a 19-story high-rise.
8:01 am
>> what does this mean for jimmy carter? >> it could mean a life sentence instead of a death sentence. >> people try to stay private as hackers expose people. >> she's either a true victim or she looks like she's coached and rehearsed. only the jury can make that determination. >> what does it look like to you? >> toplessness is legal in new york including right here in new york. >> it's quite a conundrum. i don't know what you do about it. it's totally legal. >> nice place to visit but another reason why i typically avoid it. >> make sure to check out next summer's blockbuster "the avengers versus 14 cats that look like hitler." >> i'm charlie rose with clarissa ward and jeff glor of
8:02 am
our cbs digital network cbsn. norah and gayle are off. this morning a fifth town has been evacuated. nearly 29,000 firefighters are involved in the battle. some of the most dangerous fires are in washington state. >> high winds have made fighting the fires more challenging. temperatures today will top 90 degrees. firefighters paused yesterday to honor the lives of three men killed battling the flames near the washington town of twisp. former president jimmy carter's cancer treatment is under way. this morning he calls his battle against melanoma in his brain a new adventure. >> i've had a wonderful life. i've had thousands of friends. and i've had an exciting adventurous and gratifying existence, so i was surprisingly at ease, much more so than my wife was. >> mr. carter's wife roslyn
8:03 am
attended his news conference thursday. he also focused on a dark moment during his presidency. >> i wish i would have sent an extra helicopter. >> his treatment includes radiation and a drug approved just last year. we learn thad two female army rangers are tougher than some of the men they trained with. they'll be graduateing in a few hours. one of their instructors said they do not quit and they do not complain. david martin is outside this morning. good morning. >> good morning. two women will be wearing a rangers tag showing they completed the army's most difficult course. over the past decade 77,000 men have made it through ranger
8:04 am
school and now two women have proven they can do it too. >> we can deal with the same stresses and training that the men can. >> first of all congratulations to all of you but i'd like to ask the two women how does it feel to be the first. >> graduating with these guys next to me and the 90 plus other ranger students that will graduate tomorrow will probably be one of the highlights of my life. >> reporter: the six who joined them admitted they had been skeptical at first but the women proved themselves in the field. >> these two females have shown themselves that they can serve by my side at any time because i know i can trust them and i hope that they can trust me. >> in fact, one male ranger said he couldn't have made it if shaye haver hadn't helped him carry some of his gear. >> shaye was the only one who saved me. i probably wouldn't be sitting
8:05 am
here if it wasn't for shaye. >> he couldn't get anyone to help carry a heavy weapon until griest stepped forward. >> nine guys said they were too broken and tired. she just as broken and tired took it from me almost with excitement. i thought she was crazy for that but i thought she was motivated. >> stories like that gave a line to say standards must have been lowered. >> no women i know would want to go to ranger school if they changed the standards. >> reporter: one woman, a mother of two, is still going through the course, and more are expected to start in november. clarissa? >> wow. amazing, inspiring women. what an exciting milestone. >> breaking another glass ceiling. >> david, thank you so much. you could become part of the cast of "star wars." ahead, how to land a role on
8:06 am
8:07 am
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8:11 am
there's bears in the pool. >> that is so awesome. we love this video. bears in new jersey. the bear cubs were enjoying the pool, picking up a mat from the pool, swimming around on a surfboard. the homeowners and their kids watched the bears enjoying their dip. the kids were a little worried
8:12 am
that the bears' claws would deflate the pool you would think. so cool. in our morning rounds, can a bunny in a story bring relief for parents' kids. the psychology of the rabbit who wants to fall aslooep is a number one seller on the bestseller's list but is it a true story or tall tale. carol, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. >> this is particularly relevant for me. i have a 5-year-old and a 2-month-old so we're always interested in seeing them off to sleep as soon as they can get there. but i mean really interesting. the book includes lines like this. i'm going down to visit uncle onsaid roger the rabbit because he'll help me fall asleep now. how do you make yourself fall asleep? i mean these are subliminal messages or overt messages in the book, right? >> it's actually -- i have to admit. i thought it was fascinating the
8:13 am
way the psychologist put together. there's lots of books that you read to your kids. there are books that are instructional, but this psychologist did several things. as you're suggesting he used variations in tone and also boning those words yo sew you could pick them out that allows the brain to receive information differently and so change is learning. >> because when i'm reading with my son right now who's learning how to read, i'm having him picking out certain words. >> is this the 2-month-old or 5-year-old. >> i wish it were the 2-year-old. she's rolling over. she's not quite reading yet. it's interesting the words you choose to focus on. >> another thing he did is encourages the parents to onwith the child. we know yawning signals sleepiness sleepiness. yawning -- it's the part of the brain that's associated with empathy. you're creating an emotional
8:14 am
connection with your child. sleep is such an important part of what we need to be doing for our health and promoting health. >> tell me about it. >> are you saying is it like hypnosis -- says the man who no longer is getting any sleep. is it hypnosis? >> that's usually a state in which you can suggest them to do certain things and change their behaviors but this is really more hypnotic. that is it allows the natural process of sleep to occur in the way that it's suggestive. i wouldn't say it's a form of hypnosis, per se, but i think it's a really, really new way of putting these things together. they also include relaxation therapy which is proven by evidence-based medicine which is a tool to help people fall asleep. >> what is that? >> start with the toes and relax those muscles and gradually relax those muscles. people don't realize how the brain is receiving that information and that tone if
8:15 am
it's tense can actually stop you from drifting. >> at what age should you smart doing it? >> you know, it's never too early because once behaviors are formed they're hard to change and we know that much of the debate about health care can be prevented. >> you're not a fan, quickly of ooe ooe ereaders. >> that light can inhibit that. are sown cards a sound business decision. don dahler is in new york city. >> some of the eateries is trying to cut tlau some of the noise by creating some of their own. we'll put it to the test and why one prominent food critic is giving them an earful. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by finish.
8:16 am
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it won't be long now as the signs go up, the countdown continues for stephen colbert's debut as host of the "late show" on cbs. people were busy last night putting up the sign on broadway down the street from the theater. his debut is september 8th. >> can't wait. if you're dining out this
8:20 am
weekend, options are unlimited. there are 1 million eateries. they employ 14 million people. but some residents are turning up more than the heat. owners believe it is time to make some noise. don dahler is at centina in new york city and he shows us the battle of the dishing out decibels. don, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we're a little bit early at centina's for the breakfast rush. diversity, quality, creativity, all of those are the hallmarks of the eating foody culture. and while a lot of the best chefs are creating tons of buzz, so are their restaurants, literally. it's 7:30 wednesday night in new york city. drinks are flowing. food rushing out of the kitchen. and the dining room buzzing. >> is this your guys' first time here? music to his ears. >> restaurants are an
8:21 am
opportunity for me to pay, create music. >> reporter: he prides himself on creating the perfect atmosphere. >> if i can look and see somebody bobbing their head to a song that's playing while we're serving them an incredible salmon tartar with a sweet cord bredetto, yeah, that's really cool to me. >> reporter: crowds are flowing at a restaurant for a good meal and a hip environment. the one thing they might not be able to enjoy is conversation. >> we've got 45 people in a room with 600 square feet. >> reporter: even if you had a dinner party at home and that many people at the dinner table it would be loud. >> hell, yeah. i've never had 34 people in my home for a dinner party and if i did, i'm sure my neighbor would complain. >> reporter: the idea is to create a party atmosphere in a lot of these places. >> reporter: restaurant critic adam platt has reluctantly listened to this transition over his 15-year career with "new york" magazine.
8:22 am
>> the fancy old-fashioned fancy restaurant with a hushed sort of darkened little parlor, now it's really the exact opposite. the siren. the noise attracts people like, you know, moths to a flame. >> reporter: here's a thought. if you can hear the restaurant from the street, the people inside are having a good time. but for platt who works in these environments, it's becoming an occupational hazard. >> i already have hearing loss. >> do you feel like sometimes you need some earplugs to go do your job? >> even the chefs are a little astonished. >> reporter: so what caused this noise resolution. about a decade ago, platt says, kitchen culture charged into the dining room. bars became larger and place for people to congregate and as rents increased restaurants removed the thrills, stripping away objects that absorbed sound
8:23 am
because they were expensive to clean. results -- >> there are no rub rugs, no tabling cloths, wood. we're essentially in an elaborate noise box. >> reporter: in a relatively unscientific way we tested it out using a decibel app on our smartphone. the decibel was anywhere from the mid 80s into the mid 90s, a jackhammer pounding away. owners say they're simply giving people what they want and despite the possibility of hearing loss, americans agree. dining out more than ever, breaking through the white noise to still connect. >> you can't come to a restaurant and be alone. this is something that brings people together and it's something that continues to encourage social interaction, and i love that. >> reporter: of course, it's going to surprise no one to know
8:24 am
anger over loud restaurants breaks down along generational lines. there are quite a few older people who pine for the days of the murmuring conversation and table cloths but a lot of young people would probably think that's the most boring dinner ever. clarissa. >> you travel around the world. you lived london. is it true in those cities as well? >> it's true. clearly i'm an old fogey. i find it incredibly distracting if you can't have a conversation. >> and how close they sit together. i enjoy sitting around a round table. are we going to get the salmon tartar with the corn in the green room? >> as soon as we get the music. >> thank you so much, don dahler. bosses are finding new ways to track your ever move. will it make you more productive or paranoid? that's ahead after your local
8:25 am
news. good morning. it is 8:25 on this friday, august 2 1st. we begin with a commuter alert. the rain is causing some problems on the roads. and we have an update. >> good morning. the northern state parkway is closed in both directions. due to flooding at route 106 and 107. and eastbound traffic is stopped back tall way to post avenue. you will want to stick with the l.i.e. as an alternate. the rain has stopped there. but it's the problem that you see with 2 to 3 inches earlier in the morning. and look at more blue over the city and north and west, that's the case as well. 72 degrees in the park. winds are calm. and humidity at 84%. and where is the rain? well, it's still a good soaking rain for parts of eastern suffolk county. but notice colors are brighter
8:26 am
and lighter and that means good news. good news for fairfield county. much better north and west as well. we have the left over drops east of the city this morning. and notice that cooler air already starting to filter in. and bouncing back and recover nicely, low to mid-80s around the area. and part of a cold front pushed through. and tomorrow looks good, mainly dry for saturday. and we will leave the chance for a left over shower back in play on your sunday. but things are shaping up. >> thank you. now to a developing story where a woman was killed this morning after being ejected from a moving vehicle driven by her husband. police identified the the victim as a 29-year-old. she was a backseat passenger in the vehicle. but her door wasn't fully closed. and on making a turn, she was ejected and hit the pavement and later dying of injuries. her husband may have been drinking before the accident. three construction wars were injured, one critically in a gas line explosion at a bronx high school.
8:27 am
it happened last night at john f. kennedy high in marble hill. the blast shook buildings and frightened the neighborhood and some people thought it was a terrorist attack. and relief in bronx this morning. the disease outbreak is now over. the health department has identified the cooler tower at the opera house hotel as the source of the outbreak. cooling towers can serve as breeding grounds for the bacteria. this week, the city passed new regulations for inspecting the towers. the outbreak was the worst in the history. it claimed 12 lives and sickened more than 120 people since early july in the south bronx. and we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" returns in just a moment.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hope you have a great day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, if you think your boss is looking over your shoulder now, just wait. digital expert nick thompson is in our toyota green room. there he is. they're taking the next step in tracking your work day from the moment you walk in the door. plus, surrounded by "star wars." the describe five legend is leaping off the big screen and you can be right in the middle of it, but only if you know where to look. we'll help you use the force, ha, ha, ha. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" has an update on worker abuse at nail
8:31 am
salons. state investigators conducting sweeps still find violations. they range from health and safety issues to underpaying workers. one group of investigators in new york issued 124 violations since may. michigan's "tribune" reported on two girls pulled from the lake yesterday after people saw them struggling. one was not breathing. she was taken to the hospital where her condition improved to stable. a red flag indicating dangerous swimming conditions was flying at the beach. "usa today" reports on worker satisfaction among tech workers. they report a big salary but they're not happier. only 19% said they were very happy at work and only 36% saw an opportunity for professional growth. time records on letting jon
8:32 am
stewart host a presidential debate. his fans launched a petition. they want the commissioned unpresidential debates to consider letting stewart moderate a debate. the petition has more than 104,000 signatures. it's the stage name of 15-year-old brady olsen. he's a farm boy reportedly from iowa. nonscientific poll numbers from several states show the independent candidate showed he received 10% of the vote. that's a potential matchup with donald trump and hillary clinton. and britain's "guardian" reports on a sky-high swimming pool. it will be 100 feet in the air built between 2 apartment buildings. it will be transparent.
8:33 am
he is introducing us to dizmo land, a so called amusement park in england. they see a decrepit castle, refugees on a boat and a woman bombarded by seagulls. he said he is not taking a jab at disney. maybe not the first place to visit. some companies this morning are starting to monitor their employees more closely than ever. a recent new yorkxarticle highlights your performance to be tracked in real time. cbs news contributor nicholas thompson is editor of the "new york" magazine. nick, good morning. this kind of gives me the heeby explain the technology. >> what companies are doing is tracking their employees when they come in, when they leave, when that i take breaks.
8:34 am
that's the most basic level. they're also tracking them on their apps on their phone. when they're in sales that can be helpful, for other people it can be creepy. some are tracking their browser, every stroke as they type it in and others are having realtime feedback on their employees. for example at amazon if you want to say something about your employee either praise or criticism you can immediately do that. it's constant monitoring all the time. >> the tracking is mostly through the phone. i mean they're not putting a chip behind my ear, right? >> it's through your phone and employee badge. but in due course once the technology exists it will be used. >> nick, what do you think is okay and what's too far? >> i think roy's okay is trying to improve efficiency and improve your employees and set goals and have your employees meet them and not go beyond the boundaries of which your employees are comfortable, right? if you do things they don't know about, that probably crosses the line.
8:35 am
if you do things that depress morale, that's bad for you. clearly there can be benefits for a company, for an organization to do this in a certain degree. make sure you do it in the right moderation. >> there's nothing wrong with findinging out if somebody's in a building. >> why not just call them. >> if they're not answering. >> it's a lot simpler. you can say, wait, this project took longer than expected. why did it take longer than expected. oh, because all of these people working on it were coming in early, leavingarily and taking breaks or playing fantasy football. that's the advantage. the real disadvantage and i don't think they've changed it is what's changed in the economy is machines taking over jobs and what humans can do best is think creatively, think outside of the box, things that robots can't do that. to do that you need space and flexibility. so there are companies going in the other direction like netflix says you can take whatever vacation you want whenever you want.
8:36 am
policies. daydreaming. what you try to do if you're a boss is have certain restrictions and a limit amount of monitoring but also let >> yeah. give them space. >> is it working? what are the results for these companies? >> i think a lot of bosses would say it's working great, you know, we've improved our productivity, we're getting more widgets built in a shorter amount of time. on the other hand, places where this is used can lead to unhappiness, so managers may not know this. so it's complicated. it's mixed. i can't give you a straight answer on that, but it's a fascinating, fascinating change. >> if you allow one employee to comment on another, should the person commented on have an opportunity to respond? >> the issue there is you won't get as honest feedback if you allow that to happen. if somebody knows there has been a comment put and it's come from this meetinging they can track it back.
8:37 am
that's up to the company. i think realtime commenting creates internal competition and sniping. >> and when does it stop. thank you. ahead, charlie d'agata takes us to a galaxy not so far away. >> reporter: there's a good reason i'm dressed as hans solo because just like everybody else here, i'm part of a set. this is secret cinema. a movie experience with a difference. we'll reveal almost all coming up on "cbs this morning." well, nay farce be with you. the force in nature that we have been dealing with right along this cold front. and now cold more in name than anything else but it's serving to you beer in lower dew points and brighter skies north and west. and still dealing with showers off to the east. and they are going to continue for the next hour or so. better by lunchtime for all. 84 later today. saturday, the better of the two weekend days.
8:38 am
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ask your doctor about xarelto . i've been waiting for you. we meet again at least. our sickle is now complete. when i left i was the learner. now i am the master. >> only a master of evil. the light saber battle is one of the most famous screenenes from "star wars." they can't wait for the next movie. but they can relive the story in in london. >> okay. you're clean. turnaround. the alliance? >> i do. >> very good.
8:42 am
>> reporter: we were given strict instructions that we wouldn't be allowed to enter the secret world without going undercover ourselves. >> stay safe. >> thank you. >> reporter: and now i'm ready. inside a mystery location we can't reveal, we're transported to a galaxy far, far away. luke skywalker's home planet. a world brought to life by secret cinema founder. >> we wanted the audience to feel leak what it was like to take luke skywalker from his farm thrust into this secret quest. >> reporter: secret cinema is part film set, part amusement park and wraparound theater. its production of ""empire
8:43 am
strikes back"" is the company's most ambitious project yet. how true is this? >> this is really true. here you have aliens following you. you have all kinds of them trying to sell you stuff and steal stuff from you. >> reporter: the whole idea is to make the set come alive. the audience isn't just encouraged to play their role. it's expected. interacting with the actors and becoming part of the performance. >> you're not the target, but if you get in my way, you're dead. >> reporter: keeping the venue a secret is all part of wriggle's mission to wow the audience to recapture the magic of a time when going to the movies wasn't a trip to a soulless multiplex but an experience itself and the idea was born of a time when wriggle went to a move on his own at 11 years old. >> suddenly instead of just watching the film i felt like i was inside the film.
8:44 am
i realized as a child there's no difference between, you know, the fiction and the reality and i think everything's grown up to be a little too stray and too dull. >> reporter: previous productions include "back to the future," turning this ground in east london to 1955 hill valley following marty mcfly through time and space complete with a time traveling delorean. then as now audience members were told to get into character, not just costume. >> what i'm interested in is there's no space, there's no cat walk, there's no performance or audience. it's all one. >> reporter: blurring the lines between reality and fiction, actors and audience, iconic movie scenes rrnltd ss aren't just staged. they happen. >> these aren't the droids you're looking for. >> these aren't the droids
8:45 am
you're looking for. >> he can go about his business. >> he can go about his business. >> there's the other side. tickets are about $115. where else can they get a showdown between darth vader and obi-wan kenobi. and the screenings are drawing more rebels, pursenary, and storm troopers than you can shake a light saber at. it sees an audience over 100,000. as for when secret cinema pops up in the states, well, telling would spoil the surprise. >> we want to kind of hopefully create a mystery and an anticipation. we'll launch in the u.s. in a secret city sometime in the next six months. >> reporter: keeping secrets is why we aren't allowed to reveal the climax of the show either. you can only feel the force firsthand.
8:46 am
for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata, london. >> are you going to go, jeff? >> unreal. the world that george lucas has created, the universe, it just goes beyond. i mean it's incredible, right? >> it's incredible. and he's not making it. this is not being made by george lucas. >> right. people have picked up that. >> it's great franchise. >> you can go to for clues on where they're coming in the u.s. tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning: saturday," the party where swing is still king. michelle miller shows us how the jazz lovers are bringing the roaring '20s back in style.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
that's tomorrow. as we close the week, three quick things. thachlk thank you, clarissa. happy birthday to my friend who's 7 today and i'll see you tonight on the "cbs evening news." look at the week we've had.
8:50 am
it's terrific. >> these are people we lost which is what firefighters do, rushed toward the fire rather than running away. >> that was pure fire running up the hill. >> you can see what's left behind of the homes. >> police have released that footage of the suspect they say is the bomber. >> it really was a departure from what we've heard from clinton in recent weeks. >> nobody talked to me about it other than you. >> owen labrie was accused of raping then 15-year-old freshman girl. >> i was raped. >> mr. trump, are you batman? >> i am batman. >> i apologize. we left the helicopter at home. >> jimmy carter says the cancer has gone to the brain. >> addyi is the first of its kind.
8:51 am
>> for women's sexual desire. >> phenomenal talent in major championship. >> i didn't expect itthat i was going to cry. >> are you going to miss your mom? >> no. > no? oh, don't cry. brown sugar how come you taste so good >> keep going. the dancing is good. >> my jaw is just like -- >> look at those soles. >> charlie likes black people, i'm here to say. >> he joins us from the iowa state fairgrounds. he joins us from the iowa state fair grounds. see what i have to go through? is that okay, clarissa? does it meet your approval? >> i'm never getting invited back. >> you have to put on your thinking cap and be analytical. >> i can tell you're a party guy. i can tell.
8:52 am
>> well, you know. >> you know they're here. you just can't jolly well find them. oh, look. >> wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. straight out of compton >> yeah, we're in the movies. >> we exercise first amendment as far as i'm concerned. >> what did you tell him to do? >> i just wanted him to show people the real me. i didn't want to give it to him. i wanted him to earn it. making love >> that video was so hot i had to go take a shower. charlie would like to know when the celibacy is going to end. >> i remain and always will be walter blunt. >> at the moment charlie is competing for the most mentioned on our show. >> yes, that's true. talk about your bedroom scenes. >> i was terrified. >> not confident in your body? >> don't let's go there.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> oh, she likes good morning. it's 8:55 on this friday, august 2 1st. we begin with a commuter alert. this morning, rain is causing problems on the roads. we have an update. good morning. >> good morning. the northern state parkway is closed in both directions due to flooding at route 106 and 107. heavy delays back to south oyster bay road. and eastbound traffic is stopped to post avenue. traffic is being diverted to the l.i.e. which is now heavy westbound as well. tell you what, a simple equation, 2-inch of rain, poor drainage and even though the rain has stopped, still dealing with the problems. and clouds stilinger in city and 72 around the area. and cooler north and west. it feels good because dew
8:56 am
points are down as well. dew points down in the city to 65. and remember this time yesterday, it was at 71. and light rain still for eastern suffolk out to the twin forks. right now. watchers there. skies. 84 for your day. an okay day saturday. sunday. and heat and humidity up a bit. and some thunderstorms monday into tuesday. thank you. now to a developing story in brooklyn where a woman was killed this morning after being ejected from the moving vehicle driven by her husband. police identified the victim as a 29-year-old. she was a backseat passenger in the vehicle but her door apparently wasn't fully closed and upon making a turn, she was ejected and hit the pavement and later dying of injuries. her husband is being questioned by police and may have been drinking before the crash. three construction workers were injured and one critically at a bronx high school in a gas line explosion. it happened last night in marble hill.
8:57 am
the blast shook buildings and frightened the neighborhood. and some people thought it was a terrorist attack. our next newscast is at noon. and we are always on at hope you have a great day and weekend. i need everything on this list so my kids will be ready for school. they'll be 110% ready. folders, rulers, crayons? 15 , 35 , 50 .
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