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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have a great day. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is tuesday, august 25th, 2019 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." chinese stocks hammered again overnight and will u.s. stocks hit after a huge plunge. >> a fourth american hero after the train attack in europe. a book club booted from a napa valley wine train. >> we look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> the dow trying to recover from a 90-point plunge. >> don't panic. don't sell. >> this is like a roller coaster ride. >> investors waiting to see if our u.s. markets will follow.
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>> jeb bush make ago trip to the border and taking on rival donned trump. >> the simple fact is that his proposal is unrealistic. >> meanwhile, sources say president obama has given vice president joe biden the green light to mull a white house run. >> firefighters in washington having a hard time gaining ground on the largest wildfire ever to hit the state. indy car driver justin wilson died from head injuries in an injury at pocono. he was hit in the head by debris. >> signs hung at old dominion university. >> this police officer on leave after caught on camera trying to pressure a driver into buying tickets for a police fund-raiser. >> you buy these or take your -- >> a bus crashes into an apartment building in new york. >> aftermath is still parent. you can see that gaping hole. >> a woman allegedly tried to run over a trooper before a cruiser was able to roll the car. >> all that.
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>> a once in a lifetime whale off the coast of nova scotia. >> jon stewart becoming a fixture at world wrestling entertainment events. >> down goes stewart! >> we are sure he is okay. >> david wright back with thunder. >> crazy night in philly. i don't know if it was a baseball game or a home run derby! >> a record setting night for the new york mets! >> on "cbs this morning." >> i don't know if you know what going on but the stock market plunged and one direction announced they are breaking up. it was good timing for me because when people ask why i was sobbing uncontrollably, i was able to blame it on the stock market. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are
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off so noin mace owen and margaret brennan are here. the stock market's worst day in years. the dow jones industrials lost more than a thousand points on monday. the dow was down more than 3.5% when it closed. >> overseas market, china's major stock index sank another 7.6% overnight and it's fallen more than 42% since its peak in june. don dahler is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> dow futures this morning are pointed sharply under some 600 points and market watchers not xepting excepting a repeat from yesterday. >> reporter: on the new york stock exchange, their faces said it all. floor brokers reacted as index spun into a free-fall within bell.
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>> you feel the tension here on wall street. >> it's been an extremely fast and it's happened very, very quickly. >> reporter: the dow was down more than 1,000 points in just minutes. a mid-day rally wasn't enough to erase all of that damage. and the dow closed down more than 588 points. >> is this the big one? i don't know. it's certainly noticeable. >> simply, it was a moment when somebody called fire and everybody decided to head for the door. >> reporter: oil closed before $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009. >> it caught up with us a little bit and everyone said you know what? wow. what is going on in china is significant. >> reporter: 55% of americans are invested in the stock market. and financial advisers say the worst thing to do is panic. >> short term we are probably near the bottom. long term we have a ways to go. >> reporter: economist max wolf does not think the market is headed for a 2008 repeat but says the market hasn't recovered for those on main street. >> live the gain to the top 10%. i think folks have gotten
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lackadaisical looking at the bottom 80% of american households. which while they have recovered a bunch are a ways below when they were in 2007 and 2008. >> reporter: the drop this past week wiped out 8.5 trillion in market value and will volatility might not be over. the fed is expected to meet next week and may raise interest rates for the first time in seven years. >> don, thanks. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us this morning. >> good morning. >> the excitement continues here. this is about more than china, isn't it? >> yeah. we started with china because we are worried about slowing growth there but we have to look at oil prices. crude oil down below $40 a barrel is pressuring a lot of energy companies and i think that is also a sign could be a little bit of a canary in a coal mine. is demand slowing down? is demand dropping? as don just mentioned, i want to point out there continues to be a lot of fear around what the federal reserve will do, when it will do it.
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that has gotten investors unnerveedun unnerved. final, four years since a big correction and now we have got one. i think people are looking for the bottom. they are definitely nervous and a psychological factor at play here. >> what are the argument some are making the fed should have acted a long time ago? the only place people have to put their money is in the stock market and perhaps why it is overvalid. >> i think one of the biggest criticisms of this fed and bernanke's fed the policy fosters asset bubbles. it means when interest rates are so low what can you do? i can't keep my money in cash, so, okay, i'll buy high-risk bonds and stocks and it pushes the assets higher. part of the fed's is to do just that but this is the downside. frankly what the real question now is the fed is how with they normalize policy but not unnerve both markets and the economy. >> i mean, the time of year we are in, it's the summer. a lot of people still away. they are not necessarily active in trading. could this be a head fake or is
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this a real read of sentiment and nervousness in the united states? >> i think is there a real nervousness and i think among the investment community, whether you are away or you home, there is a lot of anxiety, a lot of hedge fund traysersders and a lot of private xet people are telling me this is a scary time and they are very concerned. the first time i've heard them this worried since the debt ceiling crisis four years ago. that said, for the rest of us mere mortals out there with our 401(k)s and our 403bs you have to relax and chill out. these are the days you could make a mistake and we don't want you to be that. >> 403b? >> if you work for a school. 401(k) for a teacher. >> got it, jill. >> take a deep breath. good advice, jill. the stock market worries are spilling into the republican presidential race. candidate scott walker is blaming china for the market's big losses. he called on president obama to actually cancel next month's state dinner for china's
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president. and donald trump agreed saying, i would not be throwing him a dinner. i'd get him a mcdonald's hamburger. chip reid is in dubuque, iowa, which there is trump is speaking tonight. >> reporter: donald trump was made it clear not in his so humble opinion he is the only candidate who really understands how the world works. >> i've been telling everybody for a long time, china is taking our jobs. >> reporter: that extraordinary level of confidence, critics call it ego is especially high with when it comes to the economy. >> you have to know what you're doing. we have nobody that has a clue. >> reporter: on monday, he singled out jeb bush. >> look. jeb bush is a nice person. he doesn't have the energy or the capacity to make our country great again. >> reporter: the bush/trump feud intensified as bush headed to the mexican border and attacked
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trump's plan on immigration. >> his proposal is unrealistic and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it will violate people's civil liberties. it will create friction with our third largest trading pattern that is not necessary. >> reporter: on fox news, trump fired back. >> i tell me about civil liberties we have to get them out and some of these people are causing tremendous problems. >> reporter: as bush stood by his use of the controversial term anchor baby. >> i think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit. >> reporter: he ignited a new controversy. >> frankly, it's more related to asian people. >> reporter: asian-american democratic officials cited that reference to call bush out of touch, adding the only thing worse than jeb bush's words about immigrant families may be his policies toward them. a new gullallup poll shows bush to trump. democratic front-runner hillary clinton sought to capitalize.
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releasing her own online video. >> don't let the circus distract you. most of the other candidates are just trump, without the pizzazz or the hair. >> reporter: jeb bush is not the only one under attack from donald trump. trump is, once again, going after fox news anchor meghay kelly saying she must have had a treshl vacation and really off her vak. he retweeted this tweet. the by himimbo back in town. a new sign this morning that vice president joe biden might run for the democratic nomination. cbs news has learned that obama gave biden the green light to make a serious run. julianna is in washington with more. >> reporter: it's out of respect
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that the respect vice president has more than earned but yesterday, josh earnest said putting biden on the ticket. >> i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president biden's aptitude for the top job. >> reporter: the president's blessing is important because if biden does get in it would be obvious with he running against his former secretary of state hillary clinton but an official tells us mid to senior members of the obama orbit still on the sidelines who would work for biden. . the intensity to his decision process is calendar driven and he is expecting a division ahead of the first democratic debate in october and tied to growing concerns among top democrats and donors from the fallout of clopt'sclopt clinton he's e-mail server. a campaign would put enormous
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strain on his loved ones. >> julianna, thank you. new details this morning about a fourth american hero in last week's train attack. mark moogalian is a teacher from virginia and joined three others in the take-down of a gunman. one of the heroes will be treated in germany today. >> reporter: the welcoming party was a modest affair for returning hero, but airman spencer stone with mom joyce by his side, looked happy to be back with family, real one and military one. there for the ride and support, buddy alek skarlatos, a national guardsman himself. landstuhl is the army's largest overseas military hospital. the treatment for the u.s. service personnel wounded on the battle fields of iraq and afghanistan. lying wounded himself in the intensive care unit of a french
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hospital, virginia native mark moogalian who was the first to wrestle the gun from ayoub el khazzani. he says his husband became suspicious when the man brought his case into the bathroom but then he saw he was armed. she said so he said to me, move away. it's serious. when he snatched the weapon, the gunman opened fire with the side as arm hitting moo on galian. he looked at me and said, i'm hit. it's all over. he thought he was going to die. there was blood everywhere. but it wasn't over. >> he was squirting blood out of the left or right side of his neck. i just stuck two of my fingers in the hole, found what i thought would be the artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata, landstuhl, germany. >> wow. this morning, the city of sacramento is planning a welcome
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back its heroes in grand fashion. carter evans is outside city hall where a parade is in the works. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after fighting off a possible mass shooting, these friends, turned international heroes, are going to return home where they are being praised for their bravery. now, here in sacramento where they grew up, the city's mayor announced plans on monday to throw a parade in honor of spencer stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler and details of for that event are being worked out. the men first met in air oaksfair oaks at a christian school. last night in paris a 23-year-old sadler attended the premiere of a film straight outta compton." he talked about the latest days and what it's been like. >> it's unreal. two days ago we were just on the train and two days later, all this has happened.
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it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: donors are now lining up to help pay for sadler's senior year at sacramento state where he is studying kainesiologykinesiology. school officials are mulling over a possible celebration for his return. that is expected to happen a little bit later today. >> good to see that. carter, thanks. how about from taking out a terrorism to compton. the auto racing world is remembering one of its own. indy car driver justin wilson died at a pennsylvania hospital from a head injury suffered a day earlier. the racer was struck in the head by a flying piece of debris from another car. jeff glor shows us why wilson was one of the most popular drivers on the indy car circuit. what a sad story this morning, jeff. >> reporter: indeed. justin wilson was a father and driver and talented driver and husband. this was the crash that led to
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the death of justin wilson. except he wasn't in the car that wrecked. a piece of flying debris from the crashed racer apparently struck him in the head and knocking him unconscious. wilson was air-lifted to a hospital but he never died. >> justin wilson died this evening as a result of the head injury he sustained yesterday at the pocono speedway. >> reporter: the 37-year-old, a seven-time indy car winner, was one of the most well-liked and well-respected drivers on the circuit. >> days like this are extremely hard on us as challenge as today is and yesterday was, you know, he is doing what he loved to do and what we all loved to do. >> reporter: ed carpenter knows firsthand racing cars for a living can be deadly dangerous. that's his indy car exploding into a wall at nearly 200 miles an hour during a practice run earlier this year. >> checkered flag! >> reporter: unlike nascar where drivers are fully enclosed, indy car racers sit in an open cockpit but not a death in a
7:17 am
nascar race in 14 years not since the legendary dale earnhardt was killed at daytona in 2001. safety concerns for drivers in open cockpit cars isn't an issue. last year david hinchcliffe was hit and injured from a car actually driven by wilson. in 2011, dan wheldan was instantly killed after his head struck a fence post after a crash. this sunday they say they should consider giving the racers some sort of canopy. justin wilson is survived by his wife and two daughters who are 7 and 5 years old. joseph milo was killed last
7:18 am
week when his plane crashed at a long island, new york, train crossing. a preliminary report shows that the air controllers said he needed to find an airport quickly. >> that runway closed 25 years ago. the plane went down about a quarter mile from the site. this morning, crews in california are battling more than a dozen wildfires. evacuation orders were lifted for 500 homes near the summit fire burning east of los angeles. there are now nearly 70 large wildfires raging in the west. the okanogan fire in the west is the largest in the state's
7:19 am
history and already destroyed 400 square miles and turned 200 homes and fire official say it could continue for months. a prep school graduate hears new details about the so-called senior salute. ahead, what other students are saying about the tradition. plus the revealing testimony announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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ensure. a cop tells a driver to pull out his wallet or walk home. >> ten bucks each, man. either you buy these or i take your car. because it's unregistered. >> ahead, the officer accused of extortion and why it could taint a decades old fund-raiser. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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the new marquee is lit for "the late show" with stephen colbert. we will show you a list of the
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guests he good morning. it's 7:26 on this tuesday, august 25th. i'm chris wragge. an investigation is underway over the crash of a casino bus into a three-story apartment building in queens. the driver swerved to a void a man who cut him off. none of the injuried have life threatening injuries. the opera house hotel is
7:27 am
being sued by one man who dark -- one man who was sickened by legionnaires' bacteria at the hotel saying they wering inly gent -- they were negligent in taking care of the cooling tower. now to john. >> 87 is your high today. above normal, and feeling like the low 90s. the busy weather is earlier, and the front will continue to push through. we are dealing with more storms, and remember that i will clear later in the day east of the city. could be a few isolated strong storms for parts of long island, and then tomorrow, the good news, it's a northwest wind. skies are bright, and it's nice and comfortable.
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more food goode news after wednesday. looking forward to comfortable thursday, and fabulous friday, too. >> i'm chris wragge. we are back in 25 minutes. cbs this morning is coming up right after this.
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heading for the bronze. this is a great strap. goodness me. did she get the bronze in molly huddle cannot believe that. >> one of those painful moments to watch in sports. american distance runner molly huddle thought she had run the bronze medal at the world championships in beijing and as she was about cross the finish line she celebrated prematurely and emily emfelled on her heels and slipped by to capture third place. >> you can't celebrate too early. >> no. that is true. glad it was at least another american. a teammate. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the company behind ashley madison offers a six-figure reward. the fallout from the massive hack attack may have turned deadly.
7:31 am
see how the breach is creating new victims and spawning even more crimes. plus, a driver wasn't given a ticket, but, instead, told to buy it. the officer's actions infuriated philadelphia's top cop. ahead, we show you the traffic stop shakedown caught on video that could lead to criminal charges. time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe. "the new york times" reports on how apple stock reacted after ceo tim cook praised the company sales in china. apple appeared to get a short-term boost on monday after cook sent an e-mail to tv host jim cramer and cook wrote that apple continued to experience strong growth in china through july and august and that helped lift the stock from 10% down to positive territory. it slipped back, though, closing down 2.5%. >> "the baltimore sun" a reports on a drone found near a maximum security prison near cumberland. two men arrested and law
7:32 am
enforcement say the suspects planned to fly drugs and tobacco and pornography into the facility. three staples, i guess, what is most wanted. >> no doubt! "wall street journal" reports on north and south korea agreeing on a deal to end their recently military standoff. south korea will no longer use a loud speaker to blast messages over the border and, in turn, north korea expressed regret, but offered no apologies for the explosion of land mines that badly wounded two south korean soldiers. "the washington post" reports on a safari guide killed by a lion in zimbabwe. this was in the same national park that was home to cecil, the lion, who was killed by an american dentist in july. that death sparked international outrage. the guide was killed by a charging lion as a group of tourists watched. none of the tourists was hurt. >> thankfully. it is not disneyland. a reminder there. "usa today" says a
7:33 am
fraternity is suspended at virginia's old dominion university over suggestive banners welcome, quote/unquote, new female students. the signs were displayed in off-campus house where several of the sigma nu members live. the director called it a reprehensible display. in a message, the university said this message sickens us. testimony resumes this morning in the sexual assault trial of a student. jurors heard testimony on monday of current and past students at st. paul school and a secret tradition called the senior salute. anna werner is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: good morning. 19-year-old owen labrie denies he raped the alleged victim who was then 15 but, yesterday, several of his classmates testified that he told them that he did have sex with the girl.
7:34 am
a warning to our viewers, you may find some of the language in this testimony offensive. >> i was congratulating him on graduating and it came up that he had had sex with [ bleep ] a previous night. >> reporter: owen labrie listened as his former classmate henry kramer testified. >> what is it exactly you remember him saying to you? >> he told me he had sex with [ bleep ]. >> labrie is accused of raping a 15-year-old student as part of the senior salute in may of 2014. the case has exposed the one secret trarks of the elite st. paul school and some upper classmen tried to have sex with female students before graduation. another former classmate, malcolm salovara told the prosecutor that labrie was targeting a list of girls to target for a senior salute. in a series of facebook messages, the two discussed the alleged victim. >> it says who do you want to pork.
7:35 am
>> after you asked who do you want to pork, what does the defendant respond to you? [ bleep ]. >> and your next message? >> isn't she a tess is a? what do you mean by that? >> isn't she someone who is really young. >> reporter: andrew thomson, the former roommate testified. >> he wasn't giving me much information. i kept asking and he eventually told me that in his words that he had boned her. >> reporter: labrie's attorney jay carner spoke to attorneys outside the courthouse. >> the evidence will show where the truth lies in terms of what they heard and what owen intended. >> reporter: now owen labrie is set to testify this week. his attorney says he may be the only witness he calls. margaret? >> anna, thank you. a man who says he was exposed by the computer hack of
7:36 am
ashley is suing the website this morning. he calls himself john doe and says ashley madison's user failed to protect user's information and causing him emotional distress. the lawsuit follows reports in canada that two clients may have killed themselves because of the hack. vladimir duthiers of cbsn has more. >> reporter: good morning. authorities are calling this one of the largest data breaches in the world and the company behind ashley madison is calling the cyberattack an unprecedented crime. it's offering a reward of nearly 34 $400,000 leading to the arrest of the hackers. >> reporter: police in toronto delivered yesterday a stern message to those responsible. >> team impact. i want to make it very clear to you. your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. >> reporter: authorities say the highly sophisticated breach has triggered a devastating ripple
7:37 am
effect with investigators trying to determine whether two people committed suicide as a result of the leak. some customers have also received extortion messages like this one from criminals claiming to have tracked down their friends and family on facebook. >> the social impact behind this leak, we are talking about families, we are talking about their children. this ain't fun and games any more. this is reality. it's affecting all of us. >> reporter: employees at ashley madison first learned of the hack on july 12th, when they turned on their computers, only to get this threatening message. accompanied by an acdc song. you've been burned >> reporter: since then, more than 30 million client names, e-mails and addresses, have surfaced with thousands of e-mails appearing to trace back to u.s. government accounts. authorities are now appealing to the public and the greater hacker community for help. saying this cyberattack has crossed the line. >> because if this is a continuation of what hacking community is going to be doing,
7:38 am
then each and every one of you will be compromised no matter what whether you're on a dating website or some other website. >> reporter: authorities are warning people to stay away from websites that either offer to provide access to the leaked information or to erase customer profiles. they say those sites are scams and, at this point, nobody can remove the information. the late show with stephen colbert is revealing the guests for its first shows two weeks before the big debut. in preparation, workers last night lit up the marquee outside of the ed sullivan theater in new york. his first show on september 8ed will feature actor george clooney and republican presidential candidates jeb bush. wednesday, scarlett johansson and musk will join steven colbert and then it wraps up with amy schumer and stephen king and travis kalanick and tobey keith.
7:39 am
he makes his debut on tuesday, september 8th, here on cbs. >> how excited are we about that? >> a lot of work been going on there this summer. a philadelphia cop stopped a driver and asked for his contribution. >> you and your friend got any money to buy these tickets and support your police department? ten bucks each, man. either you buy these or i take your car. >> whoa. up next, the apparent shakedown bringing attention to a very worthy cause. if you're heading out the door, go ahead and set your dvr so you can watch that story and more here on "cbs this morning." we will be right back. in my bakery, i see customers every day. but some days, i felt like all they saw was my acne, not me. i couldn't believe i still had acne. so i went to, found a dermatologist, and asked her about aczone (dapsone) gel.
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a philadelphia police officer is facing possible criminal charges this morning
7:44 am
over a traffic stop. officer mooutask talking to two men he just pulled over to help with a fund-raiser. jim axelrod has more. >> reporter: no one was hurt in this encounter but the footage has been watched more than a million times on facebook. among the viewers, philadelphia's police commissioner who says the officer's conduct was unexcusable. these are not the type of tickets normally issued at traffic stops. >> you and your friend got any money to buy these tickets to support your police department? ten bucks each. either you buy these or i take your car because it's unregistered. >> reporter: in another clip, 32-year-old matthew zirgesski a nine-year veteran of the police department makes fun of the driver's pink windshield wipers. >> what is up with the wipers? >> breast cancer, man. my grandma went through it. >> reporter: philadelphia police
7:45 am
commissioner charles ramsey was livid. >> no part of the video i like at all. >> you got a sweetheart? >> i'd rather take my girl than ethan this guy. >> two fruit cakes. >> his language on one of the tapes homophobic which is a violation of our policy and not what we expect from our officers. >> reporter: the driver posted the videos to facebook and he spoke to philadelphia station wyw but did not want to appear on camera. >> he was disrespectful and a lot of cops i run into on disrespectful and a lot of them are good. >> reporter: the annual hero thrill show scheduled for october funds college scholarships for children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. it started in 1954. it is a philadelphia institution. >> you got 30 bucks? ten bucks each. >> reporter: the police commissioner said officers are not required to sell tickets and what zirgewski did looked like a shake down. >> if he wants to sell somebody a ticket in lieu of towing a
7:46 am
man's car makes it problematic. >> reporter: the organizer for the hero thriller showed told "cbs this morning" the event is, quote, a high and holy tradition and the organizers no way condone the officer's actions. commissioner ramsey said he could discipline zergewski or refer it to the district attorney for possible criminal charges. >> do people not understand there are cameras everywhere yet? that's what i don't get. >> a book club wonders why it was kicked off a napa valley wine train. why ahead the members say their race played a role. plus, jon stewart is feeling the effects of his wwe fame. ahead, what happened with the
7:47 am
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7:51 am
oh, no! oh, no! >> jon cena, let him down, john! down goes stewart! >> that body slam not exactly a moment of zen for former "daily show" host jon stewart. he got some payback on monday from wrestle john cena. cena slapped stewart with a chair a day earlier at the wwe slam. stewart is expected to make a good recovery. >> he's a good actor! >> stewart is used to body slamming politicians. >> right. in america es anyone, anyone can run for president. >> don't think i'm crazy, because i'm not. >> the lord gets to decide who is and who isn't president.
7:52 am
>> maybe they could put us in a big cageman match and the two men who walk out are president and vice president. >> there are hundreds of long shots you won't see on the campaign trail. ahead, the big surge in deez nuts. actress sonia manzano will join us since announcing her retirement.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 on this tuesday, august 25th. i'm chris wragge. an investigation is underway into the crash of a casino bus in queens, and it happened yesterday in rego park. six people suffered injuries, but none are life threatening. the police are hunting down a man on a robbery spree in east harlem. investigators said he displayed a gun and took $200 on cash before taking off. he struck at least five pharmacies and cell phone
7:57 am
stores over the last new days. the new carousel should be done in 2016. riders will have views of new york and new jersey. now here's john elliott with. >> hi, everybody. hazy sun in the city. pockets of fog, showers and thunderstorms this morning, and it's been a lot of variety. mostly cloudy, 77. it's like a ferris wheel, and we did want effect for you. 76 in seay on. and 72 in spring break. you can see the front pushing through. there's a lot of available energy as the front pushes through. there's a possibility of a few leftover storms, and we could see stronger storms later reese as the front pushes through. batch the skies. the moderate rip current risk
7:58 am
again today, and for moo more -- for more of the jersey shore. sublime summer weather through the end of the woke. nicer numbers, and lower humidity. >> i'm most host.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this. it's tuesday, august 25th, 2015. 15 years since bruce springsteen's "born to run." much more coming up including the handful of long shot candidates running for president and run from the serious to the ridiculous. first, here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> dow futures pointed sharply upwards and they are not looking for a repeat of yesterday. >> people are looking for the bottom and they are definitely nervous. a psychological factor at play. >> donald trump has made it clear he is the only candidate who really understands how the world works. >> the president's blessing is important because it would, obviously, be awkward with the vice president running against his former secretary of state. >> after fighting off a possible mass shooting the three friends
8:01 am
are going to return home where they are being praised for their bravery. >> company behind ashley madison is calling the cyber attack an unprecedented crime. >> your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. >> philadelphia's police commissioner said this officer's conduct is unexcusable. >> don't people understand there are cameras everywhere now? >> donald trump had a rally at a football stadium in alabama. he talked about that weather and how that weather might affect his hair. >> if it rains, i'll take off my hat and i'll prove -- i'll prove once and for all, it's mine, okay? >> sounds good to me. why not just dip in a bucket? you don't have to wait for the rain. >> go on six. ready 7. to nor a i'm norah o'donnell. wall street futures show that stocks may rebound this morning
8:02 am
after monday's huge losses. the dow jones industrials fell more than a thousand points yesterday in the first few minutes of trading. they recovered most of that, but then dropped again. the dow finished the day down more than 3.5%. china's main stock index plunged another 7.6% overnight. it has lost more than 42% since its high point in june. the front page of china's state-run "people's daily" this morning does not mention the big sell-off. there is also nothing on the newspaper's english website. >> that is interesting as they control the media as well there in china. >> they control the media but can't seem to control the market. >> yeah. cbs news confirms this morning that president obama gave vice president joe biden a green light to consider a run for president. it's another sign that biden is closer to challenging former secretary of state hillary clinton. aides to the vice president expect he will make up his mind before next month before the first democratic debate in october.
8:03 am
many top democratic donors are growing uneasy about clinton's e-mail controversy. a poll found 51 fund-raiser committed to raising large funds for the clinton campaign. nearly two dozen candidates in the race for the white house for the republicans, the number could grow by a lot. there are nearly 800 aspiring presidential candidates who, guess what, have registered with the federal election commission. chip reid is on the campaign trail with a look at that. it's great country. >> reporter: it is. this proves it. the number of people filing to run for president is an all-time high. alongside hillary clinton and donald trump the front runners, you have a lot of long shots, including obi-wan kenobi and a cat and a 15-year-old from iowa
8:04 am
who goes by the name deez nuts. >> reporter: healer brown ran as a french candidate for governor of idaho but said that god had bigger plans for him. >> says, no, son, i got a higher rank for you. i'm going to make you a commander in chief. >> reporter: last year he registered and joining names with captain crunch and rocky balboa and ronald reagan's ghost in announcing a campaign for president. >> i just think i'm a better option than hillary clinton or donald trump or jeb bush. >> reporter: 15-year-old brady olsen may be two decades shy of the commander in chief but he told keyc last week, he registered with the sec under deez nuts's it's working. >> when i got the message they wanted to interview him, i thought, wow this is getting more traction than i anticipated. >> reporter: this summer
8:05 am
thousands of votes in iowa and north carolina and minnesota were asked if they would support him in this robot call. >> who would you vote for? donald trump, press 1. hillary clinton, president 2. deez nuts, president 3. >> reporter: tom jensen is the president of the polling organization which found support of deez nuts as high as 9% with hillary clinton and donald trump and found to be polarizing. >> when you have a situation like that where votes don't like either candidate they are looking for another candidate. at least on this poll, stepped in deez nuts. >> reporter: they say anyone with register a campaign and the number of submissions has
8:06 am
increased from 139 in 1976 to 419 in 2013. self-proclaimed redneck for president mccloud jr. sent in his paper work in april. >> there are now 400 of us and put us in a cage and the two men who walk out are president and vice president. >> reporter: it's fair to say the rest of the field expands the political spectrum. >> the lord gets to decide who is and who isn't president. >> i will be able to destroy any democrat or republican candidate. >> reporter: the fec says no one is an official candidate until they have raised or spent at least $5,000. the truth is the fec doesn't have the money or the resources or the time to go through all of these submissions to see who is eligible and who is not. case in point, over the weekend, someone filed a fake registration in the name of joe biden. margaret? >> there you go. >> chip, what was the name of the sea lion candidate? >> reporter: that would be
8:07 am
limber butt mccovin. >> i thought it was admirable he kept a straight face. >> reporter: it didn't last for long, did it? >> a lot of fun. thank you, chip. a 10-year-old boy is relaxing at home this morning after being lost in the woods for more than a day. malachi bradley reunited with his family yesterday afternoon. he disappeared while hiking in the wilderness sunday in utah. ben tracy shows us how the boy's unlikely spirit may have helped him survive. >> reporter: after spending 28 hours along in utah's high wilderness, malachi bradley was met by the embrace of family members monday afternoon. he huddled in his jacket to keep warm and nestled between some rock to dodge the howling wind overnight.
8:08 am
he treated the survival stint as just another walk in the park. >> it was really fun. it was, like, literally 40 miles. >> reporter: malachi began his adventure on a weekend camping trip with family. while fishing with his dad sunday morning, he wandered off. >> i was trying to collect mushrooms and i couldn't find any by the lake. it was stupid. >> reporter: after his father called for help, more than 100 search and rescue workers combed the remote rugged terrain on foot and in the air looking for malachi but it was a small search dog that picked up the boy's scent and pointed teams in the right direction. >> proud of my boy. proud of the team. proud of the 235kfact i'm not going to have a tragedy. i don't have a tragedy. i have this story that my son gets to tell and that feels awesome. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," i'm ben tracy. >> glad he is safe and sound. >> the parents are terrifyied and classic family moment, the kid says, that was fun.
8:09 am
the most important eye test your children need before going
8:10 am
back to school. for decades, she starred opposite big board and elmo and cookie monster. >> sometimes, i wish i could just snap my fingers and have all of my work done by magic! >> oh, but -- >> ahead, inside "sesame street" with retiring actress sonia manzano. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve".
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[explosion of fireworks] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny. in our morning round looking out for your child's eyes as they head back to school. . 40% of americans are near-sighted and nor one-third of teens and preteens are affected and the rate is up from the early 1970s but many children don't get the right eye exams. dr. anne summers is a practicing ophthalmologist. good morning. >> good morning. >> screenings vary from state-t-state. who needs to get screened and how often? >> your doctor will check your
8:15 am
newborn when they are born. your pediatrician might do an annual exam for your child. here is the shocking thing is lots of children become near-sighted and don't realize they are near-sighted. they don't complain, they don't know that is normal vision. so a mother will bring a child in when they failed a screening test in kindergartner or at a preschool and come in and the mother is shocked the child can't see the big e on the eye chart or the child can't see the pictures. i have special pictures i can show a smaller child. a smaller child might look at a hand or see this is a picture of a car or truck and identify that for me. that child is amazed when they then put on the glasses, what i'll do is i'll say, the child may not want glasses, and i'll say, well, try these in my trial frame and i can -- these are like lego glasses and yes, these are you! >> when they see better, they realized. >> and then the children are
8:16 am
excited and say, mom, you can see the individual leaves on the trees! this is thrilling! >> these kids sometimes don't know that they can't see. it can affect their academics. >> absolutely. if you can't see the blackboard, you can't do well in school. if you can't see, you can't do well in school. and visual learning is maybe 80% of learning. so you hear it but you can't write it down or you can't see it, you're not going to learn it. so having good vision is super important. sometimes the children in third, fourth, fifth grade, they will say, i can't see the blackboard and simple glasses help. and it's very important. if your child needs glasses and 40% of americans are, as you said, near-sighted, if your child needs glasses, there is a positive spin to it which is with these glasses, i can show them in the trial frames, with these glasses, you can see better for school, for sports, for video games and you'll hit that baseball and you're going to play better soccer. it's a very positive experience. >> parents walk in and say i
8:17 am
want an screening, an exam and i wanted something specific? >> excellent question. your school usually does an eye screening but if you feel like there is a problem and you see the symptoms of a problem, your child is squinting, your child is sitting very close to the television or the video, your child is resisting reading. sometimes kids don't want to read they get a headache reading and they don't enjoy reading and can't see well. if you feel there is a problem, there definitely should be a screening. if they fail a screening, bring them to an ophthalmologist and we will do a complete eye exam and we do a complete eye exam inside the eye also. thank you, doctor. we have to leave it there. >> okay. >> we will be back and talk about 11 members of a book train kicked off a wine train in napa valley. was it because they were noisy or was race a factor? you're watching "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by find more than a pair of glasses.
8:18 am
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call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today. a group of women is speaking out this morning after they were kicked off a historic napa valley wine train. the crusade they were too noisy but the women believe they were targeted because of their race. their story struck a nerve on social media the #laughingwhileblack began
8:22 am
trending on twitter. mireya villarreal has more. >> reporter: lisa johnson and her ten friends thought they were about to embark on a fun day out with their book club boarding a napa valley train in california. >> we were supposed to have fun and drink wine and be able to discuss our book. >> reporter: before they left the station, johnson says the group was approached by a worker and asked to keep it down. >> we hadn't even left yet. no wine, no anything. >> reporter: once the train departed she posted photos on the facebook. but according to the others people on the train car began complaining the ladies were making too much noise. a little loud? >> i don't think we were loud. i think when you have a group of 11 there is a certain amount of noise that comes with that. we weren't intoxicated. >> reporter: the company says after three warnings, they had no choice but to remove the women from the train, but even some of their own employees
8:23 am
seemed to enjoy the group's vibe. just halfway into the trip, the women were escorted off the train and offered transportation back to napa. >> humiliating. >> we shouldn't have been subjected to being ejected from a train while laughing while we were black is pretty much what we firmly believe. >> reporter: johnson says she captured this screen image of a statement by the company which has since been deleted. it said, in part, the wine train has its own railroad police that escort the train every day following verbal and physical abuse towards other guests and staff, it was necessary to get our police involved. >> if that were the case when we were escorted off the train into the arms of those four waiting police officers, why were we never questioned about that? >> reporter: the company issued a statement to cbs news. 11 guests were asked to leave
8:24 am
our train for being noisy and disrupting the experience of our passengers. we want to apologize to them for their experience and listen to their concerns and complaints. >> it felt like stories that i would hear my grandmother talk about, you know? in her experience of not being able to go into places or people escorting them out in a way in which they didn't belong there. and that's not something that i ever thought that i would have to experience in my life. >> reporter: johnson says she is speaking out because she doesn't want anyone else to have to live through her experience. for "cbs this morning," mireya villarreal, california. >> it's really unfortunate and you can tell they are upset about that experience. >> very hurt. >> yeah, very hurt. all right now to a story. have restaurants passed the tipping point? ahead, "the new york times"
8:25 am
columnist frank bruni good morning. it's 8:25 on this tuesday morning. muggy today, and then it will be fabulous for the rest of the week. i'm mary calvi. an investigation is underway of the crash of a casino bus into a three-story building in queens. it left a gaping hole in the building, and witnesses said the driver swerved to avoid a vehicle that cut him off. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. a 19-year-old man charged with firing a pellet gun at a cop on the mayor's detail is free on bail this morning. his attorney said he accidently fired the gun from his apartment across the street from gracie mansion on sunday night, and officer kelly bryant was hit in the back and treated for bruising, and police sources say he would not have been able to hit gracie mansion far variety of reasons including the tree cover
8:26 am
surrounding the area. a man who came down with legionnaires' disease has filed a civil lawsuit against the bronx hotel identified as the source of the outbreak. if accused the opera house wrecklessness, and the rooftop air-conditioning unit was the source of the bacteria that sickened 128 people and killed 12. it seeks unspecified damages. police are searching for a man responsible for a robbing spree in east harlem this is the bocca pharmacy. he stole cash before taking off on the bike. he has struck five pharmacies and cell phone stores over the last 10 days. today will be a day of transition, and you will see the humidity values dropping, and the skies should brighten.
8:27 am
a hint of blue right now. variable winds at 6, and numbers around the area, mid- 60s north and west, and upper 70s for long island, and the dew points are already high, and this is the front, pushing through. heat and hue marylandty, that's enough. the ingredients are there for another isolated shower or thunderstorm. the models not too bullish on the coverage of those, but we will leave them in the forecast for the rest of today. by tonight, should be comfortable. coming in for a 7:00 show in the? i -- lucky you. things are generally quiet wednesday through thursday. >> we have another update in 25 minutes, and cbs this morning returns in a moment. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> this is a whale of a picture. a tourist on a whale watching cruise shot this off the nova scotia coast last friday and a humpback whale jumped out of the water and flipped on to its back. apparently the whale was having a good time and soared out of the water. i've been in a small boat and had that happening and there is nothing like it. it is just stunning. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> it is. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, is it time to stop tipping waiters and waitresses? why a rising number of restaurants are doing away with the tradition. >> plus, actress son inchtsa manzano is joining us. only on "cbs this morning" she will talk about saying good-bye after more than more than
8:31 am
decades on "sesame street." who is her favorite? we will find out. that is ahead. right now, it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe. "usa today" reports on duke university freshmen refusing to read what they say are moral reasons. some incoming first-year students at duke saying reading "fun home" would compromise their christian belief. one said he wouldn't read it because of the graphic depictions of sexuality. detroit free press reports on police officers. dash cam video reports this accident. officers performed cpr on him and then delivered two shocks from a defibrillator. the man started breathing on his own. the "new york post" says a facebook post is fair game. he says his estranged wife's
8:32 am
page proves he was often out of state while he raised their 4-year-old son. the woman says it is private and the judge cited with the dad and the first ruling of its kind in new york. "the new york times" reports on trends highly contagious matt anxiety and performance. the children do worst in math and poof performance increase the kid's math anxieties. the rolling stone reports on a break for one direction. the members will take the time to reportedly work on solo projects. member niall horan addressed in a tweet the following. anthony is really broken up. >> can i tell you what i thought about that whole story? they are setting themselves up for a wildly popular reunion tour, am i right? >> a lot of money in that.
8:33 am
>> what do you think? >> there is always one of those down the roads somewhere. usually a very lucrative one but i know a lot of teenagers, including my 19-year-old daughter won't be happy. a customer taunting note to a waitress in a tip line for a bill for $112. a diner wrote l.o.l. and that is short for laugh outloud and posted a picture of it on facebook and the receipt said one hour for food. the waitress called the experience cruel and unnecessary. she said waiters are often just the messen ger enmessenger for delays. as minimum wages rise, restaurants say no to tips. yes, to higher prices. the times reports a growing number of restaurants are experimenting with no tipping policies to manage rising labor costs. frank bruni is here, an op-ed columnist for "the new york
8:34 am
times" and the paper's former restaurant critic. this is a tough decision for any restaurant owner. is this really a gamble on what kind of staff is going to work for you and what they are willing to do? >> it's a gamble on staff and it's also a big gamble when it comes to customers. we are so accustomed to the tradition of tipping in this country. i think a lot of customers are deeply unsettled when they get into a restaurant and find out they are not going to tip. they feel sometimes wrongly that it gives them less control over the experience and i think that is the real x-factor here is how a customer will feel about tip prices being rolled into the overall price or added automatically. >> what is the intent for restaurants to do it this year? in the past the whole idea means the tips can pay their waiting staff less because they get tips. >> a couple of things going on. there has been a revolt over recent years what is called the backup of a restaurant. dishwashers and especially cooks and restaurants are experiencing
8:35 am
a shortage in getting talented kitchen staff. kitchen staff ends up being paid less than waiting staff because they don't pay for tipping. if you take the tip prices and put them into the rest of the menu you as management have control over how the money is sdurs disbursed and rising minimum wage laws means that restaurants are having to pay people in the back of the house more and, again, they have to come up with a different way of distributing the revenue, different economic model. >> do you think there are any waiters or waitresses would want to work by this system? >> absolutely. there is studies showing there is discrimination in tipping. blond waiters get more brunette. >> wait recesses with lipstick. >> african-american waiters get less. some waiters and waitresses i think would like this a lot because it would take some of the random behavior out of the e occasion. others wouldn't because they feel they can use their charm to up their income. so it depends on the serve every. >> the advantage of tips as
8:36 am
wages has been that, of course, theoretically you don't have to report them on a tax return or won't report them on a tax return and waiters and waitresses like that. so much being done on credit cards they lose that. >> right. absolutely. one of the reasons a lot of servers like tipping culture 10, 20 years ago is because a great number of tips came in cash and that has diminished to a point i think it's almost negligible how much tipping happens in cash. >> have you seen many restaurants test this out? >> we are seeing more and more all the time. here in new york, in different ways in a different cost levels, dirk candy, a restaurant downtown, per se. sushi asuta are finding different ways to do away with tipping and sometimes they are rolling what would be the tipped money into the overall price and sometimes they are adding a 20% administrative charge line. restaurants on the west coast that have experimented with one line for tips to the front of the house and then another line that says if you'd like to leave the kitchen staff a tip. >> at the end of the day, this means -- would mean higher prices, right? >> yes. >> in terms of how much entree
8:37 am
and appetizer cost? >> it means a higher price. the argument is what you've actually spent by the time you walk out the door hasn't changed. you just didn't do a portion of that indiscretionary tipping. >> do you think this is happening at certain specific restaurants, any chance this will spread? >> i don't know. it will spread for a while but it's hard to change decades of diner behavior. like i said i think the average diner thinks the tip gives him or her a lot of power at that table and is reluctant to give that up even reasons to do so. it makes your experience better. >> it's standard in europe? >> absolutely. i was in italy a couple of years. a tip was extra little thing. >> do you still tip? >> i try tip well. >> i agree. it's important to tip well and remember that most servers are making less than minimum wage. >> and they are working really hard. >> yes.
8:38 am
after 44 years, she is moving away from "sesame street."
8:39 am
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sonia mondayza!anzano took on the roll of maria on "sesame street" in 1971. she helped children learn numbers and much more, including spanish. >> this is a very, very important letter today. >> a nice looking letter. >> very important on sesame street. >> a mouth can do. >> it can kiss! >> you know, sometimes i wish i could just snap my fingers and have all of my work done by magic! >> you hear that? >> yeah. >> she wishes all of her words could be done by magic! >> i now pronounce you husband
8:43 am
and wife. >> yea! >> big bird! what are you doing? >> oh, i'm looking for the baby. >> can somebody say have fun? oh, but school is really great. you should have been there. >> did you like it? >> oh, yes. >> after 44 years and 15 emmy awards, sonia is leaving "sesame street." and wrote a new memoir. she joins us only on "cbs this morning." good morning! >> good morning. it's great to be here. >> childhood dream coming true! maria, maria, maria! i'm here! >> thank you for flashing my lights before my eyes and everybody else's eyes this morning! >> isn't that great to see? >> it's remarkable. there were moments in those clips that i don't even remember shooting. >> it's such a cultural thing
8:44 am
because so many of us grew up watching "sesame street." >> of course. >> you were the first latina many of us saw on tv and people said you're the most loved person ever. >> thank you, thank you. i've been very gratified. i love it when people who live in the midwest, say you're the first latin person that i've ever known or seen. i'm sure they know latin people, they had to know latin people but i think when they see me, i was the first one that was real to them. >> yes. >> and i think that is wonderful. >> yeah. >> it's -- well, i mean, as a parent, you helped raise my three children. and i know you probably heard that millions and millions of times. i like what our makeup artist said you're the beyonce of "sesame street." >> that's not too shabby! >> but seriously. i mean, you know, i know you know how much you've meant to so many kids growing up. it's just extraordinary. >> yeah. thank you. i found a lot of comfort when i
8:45 am
was a child watching television, so i think that it was natural for me to fall into a show that was providing comfort. "sesame street "" means a lot to many people but for me it meant an hour there was safety and comfort. >> that was important to you, why? >> because i was raised in a tumultuous environment and i would watch those children on tv land now, "father knows best" and "leave it to beaver." and it gave me comfort. "sesame street" shows comfort and order and love in a place that is recognizable to children who might be in the same situation i was. >> what was it like growing up in the south bronx? >> it was pretty tumultuous and there was alcoholism. >> in your family? >> in my family and there was violence and there was love and there was humor. it was a mish-mosh.
8:46 am
i found comfort watching television. >> you call in this book love and chaos in the south bronx. it's such a difference in childhood than the one you presented to the world. when you talk about that, that safe place, was there something like that for you? >> i think that i retained maria. i was the best maria i could be because of that childhood. not? spite not in spite of it. i recalls remembered myself watching television and i always remembered how it felt -- how it felt to look for answers and try to put two and two together. i was the kind of kid who would find shapes in the cracks in the ceiling and the blaster and hero "sesame street" is animation where kids are encouraged to find shapes where they were not obvious to the viewer. so it was a perfect fit, i think. >> you ended up getting a scholarship to a school in pittsburgh' came to broadway,
8:47 am
original cast of "god spell." >> yes we did that as a student project. >> there couldn't have been a lot of parts for latina actresses in new york. >> there was none. when i grew up, there were no latins in television or in the media and no black people either. so i did "god spell" and when i got the call for "sesame street," i was absolutely thrilled. i can't say there were a million actresses going up for the part, but i was the one who lucked out. >> i have so many questions for you. do you have a fivertavorite muppet? >> yes. oscar the grouch. >> really? >> yes. because i think he brings nuance and when i'm talking to him, i can't tell if he is 8 years old or 48 years old. >> was it tough acting with muppets? >> oh, sure. my first muppet that i had to act with was grover. i kept looking down at frank, the puppeteer at my feet.
8:48 am
he said, don't look at man down there! look at me! and carol who plays big bird, don't be nervous. only millions of people watching you. >> what do you think of "sesame street" transitioning to hbo? >> it's been on the air a long time and "sesame street" has always reflected the times it existed. it came out of the '60s and civil rights movement and very idealistic show. i think its move to hbo it's still mirroring the society we are living in. if i criticize anything, and i'm not, i would criticize the times we live in and not the show. >> now that you're retiring, what are you going to do next? write more? >> i think i'll write more. i love to put mice sensibility in books. i have another children's book, picture book that is also going to be released in september, in addition to becoming maria. and certainly i will continue to try to help kids in whatever arena is afforded to me. >> we will miss you.
8:49 am
thank you so much for being here this morning. it was a thrill for all of us. her book goes on sale today. together, they celebrated 285 birthdays! three identical sisters make history. that's next on "cbs this
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
morning"! >> these triplets are celebrating 95 years of finishing each other's sentences. catherine and france and marguerite were born in new york in the 1920s and thought to be the oldest triplets in the country. the identical sisters have always dressed loik andalike and even wore the same wedding dress at each of their wedding. >> i love that story.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
that does it tonight. good morning. it is 8:55 on this tuesday morning. i'm mary calvi. in the news, an investigation is underway into the crash of a casino bus into a three-story apartment building in queens, and it happened yesterday in rego park it left a gaping hole into building. the witnesses said the driver swerved to miss a driver that cut the bus off. chris christie will be at rutgers university in new brunswick to speak about the nuclear deal with iran. christie will voice his solidarity with the republicans who oppose it, and he will urge mens of democratic side to follow senator menendez's lead and reject it. work is underway on the new traction coming to the staten island water front.
8:56 am
the construction of the massive ferris wheel should be done by 2017 it will be more than 600 feet tall and able to accommodate 1400 passengers. riders will have views of the city. a ride on the ferris wheel will take half an hour. they say the views will be spectacular, john. >> in the future, when you're planning the trip to that site, what you want to do, go on a day like today or tomorrow or thursday or friday, air quality is sticky today. still go. go to the empire state building, go to the statue of liberty, dot sights today, but plan on it. it's going to be a little humid. 78 in new cannon, and brick, bronxville, too. this afternoon, above normal, and feeling warmer, too, with the high dew points, but the change so coming tomorrow and thursday after a passing shower, and an isolated storm today, mary.
8:57 am
we are going to be enjoying great summer weather wednesday through friday. our next newscast is at noon. we are always on at i'm mary calvi. have a great day.
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