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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the beautiful day. they were in this area. but then enjoying nature and nature turned nasty. you're looking right now at the tree that was apparently top heavy and came crashing down. bryant park was packed with people enjoying the weather when the tree snapped in half. the place where the tree broke is about 13 feet off the ground. it made a racket when can crashed and crashed. >> all of a sudden we seen a tree started coming down part of a tree. it hit. people started yelling. >> reporter: three people were injured on the ground. being told not to move, some park-goers took videos and photos posting them on social media, others helped the victims. >> it was shocking. i'm still in shock. >> reporter: lindsey dorr ran to the most seriously injured woman. >> i needed to help her and comfort her. as i got to the accident, i just, you know, helped her output pressure on her arm which is the left elbow.
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and then until the fire engines came and the ambulance came. >> reporter: these photos show one of the victims in a neck brace. three went to hospitals for x- rays and other treatments. city parks officials told us it's too soon to know the cause. >> i came to the park to relax and then this happened. >> reporter: every splinter is swept up as far as we can see. and we are told we're moments way from this tape being taken down this bryant park getting back to normal. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. no tree fell today seriously injuring a plumber. in old greenwich, connecticut the tree fell a man walking to his truck. firefighters cut away parts of the tree to get the man to the hospital. several vehicles including the plumbing truck were damaged by the falling tree. a big development tonight in the football hazing scandal at susan wagner high school on staten island.
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the city department of education has agreed to lift the suspensions of football activities. cbs 2's tony aiello live near the courthouse in st. george with these late-breaking developments. tony. >> reporter: with no practice this week, tomorrow's game against port richmond has been indefinitely postponed. but tonight, the falcons of susan wagner high school are celebrating a victory that saves their season. their hopeful huddle at an emotional news conference paid off three hours later when the attorney announced a deal had been reached on the suspension of football activities. >> the suspension of practice for the junior and varsity programs at wagner high school is lifted. >> reporter: the suspension was put in place three days ago after allegations of hazing at football summer camp in upstate columbia county. players allegedly hit with a
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broom, shot at with a bb gun, and symbols drawn on them with magic marker. parents who weren't implicated immediately protested their sons being treated unfairly. >> football shouldn't be taken away from anybody. the sport keeps the kids together. it teaches them so much. >> it's really an injustice for us to have to fight to play what we have been working for so hard this whole season. >> reporter: parents hired an attorney who appealed to mayor de blasio and prepared to sue. late friday the city agreed to lift the suspension and continuing to investigate the hazing allegations. >> there were calls made from the highest levels of city government. >> absolutely. >> and i'm very, very happy and i feel faith in our city government and our education system. >> reporter: it's going to be tough to move on from the controversy of the week? >> no. it will be a push. it will help us throughout the season. >> reporter: so the falcons' first game will be a week from tomorrow against tottenville. still, two volunteer coaches
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and four or five students reportedly have been suspended because of the allegations. the school administrators say they are arding additional supervisors to -- adding additional supervisors to all activities for thers are of the season. tony aiello -- for the rest of the season. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. a brooklyn neighborhood still shaken after a wild shootout between a man and police officers. [ gunfire ] >> the nypd says at least 70 shots were fired during the running gun battle in bushwick this morning. bullets pierced windows of a truck and a police cruiser. police telling cbs 2 it started when the suspect identified as gerald harris shot another m nearby. the victim found police officers who later spotted harris and that's when he allegedly opened fire. police say harris kept shooting as he tried to flee. >> i looked out the window and saw somebody running this way. that was it. it was hectic. people were screaming.
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>> none of the officers was hit. a bullet struck harris in the leg. new at 6:00, some rockland county residents are sounding off about a change in the new tappan zee bridge project. they say a new sound wall could ruin their views. cbs 2's meg baker reports. >> reporter: these upper grandview homeowners say they chose to live in south nyack specifically for this landscape. >> the view from my patio as well as inside is just breathtaking. but it's something that i'm in jeopardy of losing. >> reporter: before buying her home in 2013 michelle checked with the state on plans to build a soundproof wall shielding homes from traffic noise coming from the new and expanded tappan zee bridge. two years later, she found out the plan which would have saved her view had drastically >> trees were pulled out. and then we were told that to go. much closer and higher. >> reporter: residents approve
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the sound barrier but it would be no taller than this construction fence and that the wall would be built down on route 287. >> what we were finally presented with only a matter of weeks ago was much different much bigger much closer than what was initially designed. >> reporter: it seems this summer project managers changed plans using this crane basket to demonstrate the height of the wall. double what was promised. if the bigger wall is unstalled where the construction fence is now, residents would only be able to see the top two floors on the brick condo building across the way, no water views. >> i'm losing my complete view. the mountains, the river. the bridge. >> reporter: according to the new york state thruway authority's executive director, the barrier's design including their height and noise reduction level is currently undergoing a final review to optimize effectiveness. overall, residents say there has to be a balance to save the view and lower noise
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levels. in upper grandview, meg baker, cbs 2 news. a commuter alert for the port authority bus terminal. when everybody is back to work on tuesday, officials say they are reassigning some gates to cut down on delays and overcrowding. what this means most new jersey transit gates will be moved to the third floor while most coach usa gates will be moved to the fourth floor. the changes starting tuesday will impact more than 30,000 weekday commuters. new signs will be posted around the terminal to help guide commuters to the new gates. a new pilot program until the city tracks how you drive, when you drive, how fast you drive and how much gas you use. the department of transportation says it will help fix street problems others saying it's like big brother watching. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with the story. >> reporter: it's a tiny black box about the size of a pack of gum installed under the steering wheel that will allow city officials under a pilot program called drive smart to collect and access data about
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how you drive. if you drive like a maniac, if you're mr. or mrs. slow poke. >> we are able the driver as well as the service providers are able to look at speeds, hard braking events. >> reporter: city officials say they will use the information to make streets safer but drivers can also allow various department of transportation partners to use the information. all state, for example, will give you insurance discounts of 10 to 30%. another will get you home faster with less congested routes hooked up to smartphone apps. security experts say there are many reasons to say no to this program. like the danger of hacking. >> sony was hacked. the u.s. government was hacked. so clearly, the city of new york could be hacked. >> reporter: manny gomez questions whether the city could use the information against people. department of transportation officials say that won't happen. >> all of the data again is anonymous. and we actually erase the data from our database every 48 hours.
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>> more control over the people. i probably wouldn't be down for that. definitely not. >> yeah, i would definitely do that. yeah. 30% is 30%. >> enough, enough, enough! it's the nsa, cia, fbi, you have more information than you need. >> reporter: they are looking for hundreds of people who participate in the test. i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> marcia says in addition to an app to reduce car insurance rates, there are apps to tell you where to bit cheapest gasoline and how to drive safely. coming up tonight at 6:00 , the security scare at the u.s. open. what we are learning about the new york city teacher accused of flying and then crashing a drone into louis armstrong stadium. >> later in sports tonight one of the most familiar faces with the giants gets cut from the team. so what happened to steve weatherford? >> seeing double on long island, not one, not two, but 11 sets of twins all
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kindergartners all in one school. so how do their teachers keep them straight? >> that's got to be a task right there. we are going to talk about -- nothing to talk about. it's the holiday weekend forecast. i have the forecast coming up. coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," hundreds of frustrated refugees leave budapest to walk to austria. scott pelley with complete coverage and more at 6:30. >> reporter: it's a remarkable story. thousands of refugees many from the syrian war trying to get to germany. they got on trains. police took them off and brought them to camps. take they took off backing for germany. we'll have the story and the rest of the world news coming right up on the "cbs evening
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an update on two shoplifters we told you about last month. police have arrested a 40-year- old man. investigators say he is the man seen here in surveillance video with a female accomplice shoving four handbags worth more than $24,000 under her dress. the pair appears to be undeterred by the five employees and 13 surveillance cameras in the penny pinchers boutique. investigators say they may be linked to a series of high-end
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consignment shop larcenies on long island, as well. a new york city school teacher is facing charges after his drone crashed at the u.s. open. the unmanned device dropped out of the sky in the middle of a tennis match last night bringing the match to a halt as police investigated the scene up in the stands. the drone's other than a science teacher at the academy of innovative technology in brooklyn turned himself in. the 26-year-old said he lost control of the drone. a neighbor says he saw it near teacher's home in jamaica a month ago. >> that was very dangerous. if he has a toy like that he should have had better control. >> the man is charged with reckless endangerment and operating a drone where he shouldn't have. they are doing double takes on long island. kindergarten children arriving at one school to discover they
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are among eleven sets of twins. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan joined in the class in lynbrook. >> reporter: they love being look-alikes. what's your name? >> jolie. >> your name? >> julian. >> reporter: it is 11 times 2 at lynbrook's kindergarten center. the brennan twins, logan and lucas. >> hi. >> reporter: are you identical twins or fraternal twins? >> we're fraternal. >> reporter: the lynbrook community prides itself in setting the bar very high here year after year. although 11 sets of twins is a record, several years ago, they welcomed 7 sets of twins. how are you going to keep them straight? >> i have a list. i made a chart. and i made sure i made -- placed them in thproper classes. >> they are very excited to have 11 sets of twins. >> reporter: how old are you? >> i'm 5. >> reporter: is this your very
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first day of kindergarten? y >> biggest challenge is really not comparing them. because each twin is so unique, so you want to make sure that you treat them very differently. >> reporter: riley and leila perez still four years old. >> good. >> good. >> what do you like best? >> reading books. >> reading books, too,. >> reporter: you say the same things. are you twins? >> aha! >> reporter: controlled chaos can be fun. what's the best thing of being sister and brother twins? >> we play a lot. we don't fight. >> reporter: you don't fight? >> ow, ow, ow! >> it's the best. >> reporter: what's the most engaging part of having all these twins? >> oh, they are just all delicious at this age. they are just wonderful inquiring minds and very curious. >> reporter: big hearts, open eyes, filled with hope. from lynbrook, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> there's one set of identical twins. the rest are fraternal. 11 sets of twins.
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i like that little boy there. let's check with lonnie quinn. >> the little boy pinching his sister. who did he reminds you of? ernie douglas. >> somebody here. >> my three sons. >> my 22 children. right. [ laughter ] >> all dana weather-wise about the holiday weekend. let's show you what it looks like outside. today we had that cloud cover that lingered. it's breaking up now. there's still some clouds out there. it's partly sunny going to get brighter deeper into your weekend. 82 degrees is your current reading outside. my headlines look like this. there are no weekend weather problems except we need some rain. not going to get rain. just keeps getting drier and drier through the holiday weekend. there's also a rip current concern out there. let me show you what i'm talking about. as of now, the rip current risk is the highest along the south shore moderate ris, for the jersey shore right now. overnight into saturday and i know a lot of you heading to the beaches it's not so much a concern on the jersey shore but anywhere on the south shore of long island there's a high risk with four to six- foot swells so be careful in the water.
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just go in at protected beaches. have a great time. but have the lifeguards to keep an eye on things. all right. vortex satellite and radar, it's quiet. we were hoping for more rain. it delivered for some of you are isolated heavy downpours last night. a little bit today. but a little bit is probably the best way to describe it. bigger picture is going to show you high pressure to the north drops in and it's becoming a player in our weather. high pressure will give you sunshine out there. this canadian high makes itself at home for tomorrow and sunday and monday. sunshine throughout that time period. it gets hotter each and every day. i'll give you those numbers here in just a moment. got to spend just a moment here talking about the moderate drought that we now recognize throughout basically all of long island, also portions of north east new jersey into the lower hudson valley. abnormally dry elsewhere. we need some rain, all right? i know i'm beating the drum around here so many times on this. but we need it. and if you want to have a pretty looking fall, hear me
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on this, if you want a pretty looking fall you needs the rain. let's hope for some maybe after the holiday weekend. no rain in sight but i'm rooting for it after that. 81 on saturday. 86 sunday. monday 89. tuesday 90. wednesday 88. thursday 87. friday 87. so look if those numbers go up a little bit, very possible to see our third heat wave of the season as we get deep near september. >> thank you. otis livingston next with what's ahead in sports. >> dana, mascot gone wild. he may have had a smile on his face but he was out to punish a football player. and steve weatherford was one of the most visible giants always on social media and in the community but today the popular punter got the boot from big blue. we'll tell you why after the
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fans are going really? surprising move by the giants. >> i'm saying really? a day after announcing an injured pierre-paul is
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returning to the team, steve weatherford is traded. he is a valuable part of the super bowl run and became one of the most popular players using social media to get fans a behind-the-scenes look into the giants and his own personal life. including after you survived a scary accident in june. the giants wouldn't confirm it but saving $1.3 million on the salary cap was likely the reason. his head coach tom coughlin said that didn't make the decision any easier. even in leaving weatherford showed class. >> i'm filled with gratefulness and thanks for the opportunity to be a new york giant. i'm so thankful for every opportunity i had to step on that field. thank you for embracing me and thank you for embracing my family as your own. no matter where we go, new jersey will always be our home and i'll always be a giant. thank you so much and go giants! >> told you. always classy. >> sign him up again. bring him back. >> the giants picked up a punter from the steelers brad wing. still no word on the jets cuts.
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they have to be down to 53 players by 4 p.m. saturday. the man who broken geno smith's jaw a month ago looking for work again. linebacker was cut by rex ryan and the bills. he was picked up by buffalo a day after the jets released him for breaking geno's jaw. tonight serena williams will continue her quest for the calendar grand slam against bethany sands. she may have gotten some help in her quest from her big sister. venus took out one of the two season. serena won 21 of the last 29 points of the match. she wins in straight sets. it's a possible collision course. no word for the top seed in the men's side. novak djokovic on to the fourth round in straight sets after improving to 11-0 for
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his career against andres. title. mark teixiera on the 15- day dl as the yankees start a bronx. keep your eye on the swivelhead. the denver nugget mascot cleaned up the mess. rocky rocks him and then does the karate kid stance. see they call that the crane. watch look at that. >> wait a second. >> you can't see his lips moving but now he is talking trash. [ laughter ] >> 10 years old? >> i think decking the desmid. >> can we show the weatherford -- >> that was so beautiful. >> wonderful guy. i'm going to miss him. class. always had that energy. positive in the locker room. just every time you see him looked like he had a permanent smile. great guy. we don't know if jess going to catch on with another team, go into broadcasting or spend time with the family. >> just had a baby.
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we'll be right back. coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00, two suspects are goin to come on the camera any second now, check out this video, they are staring right into the camera! but police say it's what they
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did off camera that has them searching for them tonight. and look at this. all right. it's a smartphone. looks like a calculator avalanche, right? well, not so fast. it's what teens are doing with this that has parents really frightened. that's coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. an amazing transformation for a historic vehicle. video released thursday shows the restoration of the one millionth corvette made built in 1992 one of eight cars national corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky, february of last year that happened. rebuilt it. car and driver magazine priced it at $750,000. hope you can watch the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," steve hartman on the road with a for keeps. thanks for joining us. labor day weekend. captions by: caption colorado


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