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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 6, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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are fleeing the civil war in syria. thousands are using the trains without checking travel visas after hungary had experienced a buildup of refugees. pope francis is urging catholics to take in refugees saying every catholic parish, monisary and sanctuary should be housing a family of refugees. a car was towing a boat on this trailer when it detached and hit, you can see it, the other truck there. the boat toppled over as the tow crew tried to remove it. zoo keepers are investigating how a cheetah escaped its exhibit, forcing a
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lockdown. staffers at the indiana zoo found the cheetah named pounce laying outside of its exhibit. it was behind a barrier, so pounce couldn't actually get to visitors. >> the cheetah was able in the landscaping area, and they were able to dart it and sedate it. >> reporter: the zoo was shut down for an hour this morning until the cheetah went back to its exhibit. zoo keepers say it will be kept out of the public until they can figure out how pounce escaped. firefighters hailed as heroes for saving a home and a party. a man says he stays clean without bathing. what he does to get rid of the
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a muslim flight attendant said she was suspended from her job because she refused to serve alcohol because of her religious beliefs. she converted to islam 2 years ago but only recently learned her faith prohibits her from serving alcohol. she worked out an arrangement with coworkers who volunteered to serve the alcohol for her, but another flight attendant filed a complaint saying she wasn't fulfilling her duties. she was placed on unpaid leave. the company said they embrace and respect the values of all team members. a police officer in connecticut jumped to the rescue of a baby trapped in a hot car. the 1-year-old got ahold of a set of keys and accidently locked herself inside of her nanny's car while the nanny was outside of the car. officer jerry sally used a
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window punch tool to get into the car. >> that situation is tough. you don't want to see any harm done to the child. i had to crawl in and philly grab the child and pass her to the nanny. >> the little girl was flushed, but she was okay. firefighters saved a house and then a homecoming party far marine. they were called to a house to put out an oven fire. the owner said the fire destroyed all the food for a surprise party for their son who was just coming back from boot camp, and the firefighters returned to replace what was lost. a massachusetts man has not take an shower in a dozen years, but he could be cleaner than all of us. dave woodlock is is a chemical engineer and he founded a company that says spraying live bacteria on your skin is all you need to do to keep clean.
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you spray it on your skin twice a day. whitlock does not miss bathing at all. >> no one did clinical trials on people showering every day, what's the basis for assuming that's a healthy practice? >> whitlock says the key is restoring the good bacteria to our skin that has been stripped away from excessive cleaning. now to elise with the workweek forecast. it looks like by the end of the week we may have rain? >> yes. beginning of the week, however, nothing but heat, and let's get started. we will take a live look outside tonight, and it's pretty cool. mostly clear, 73 degrees, and a little on the warm side for 11:37 at night, but generally speaking, cool overnight temperatures we expect, just take a look. 58 in middletown, 61 in wayne, and 62 in scarsdale, and 62 in keyport, and temperatures overnight, comfortable out there, and tomorrow, i think by
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most people's standards, it will be hot. a hot holiday for your labor day monday, headed into tuesday, even hotter it will really be hot and humid on tuesday, and you need to dress in your best summer clothing, even though so many people consider this the unofficial end to summer. itself. warmer. take a look. the beaches headed there tomorrow, not bad. 82-86. headed to the mountains, not bad. 84-88, and things will be heating up nicely. we talked about rain, and take a look. there it is. thursday and friday a chance for showers and thunderstorms as the temperatures gradually decrease, and for your labor day monday, 89 degrees for the forecasted high, and we get tons of sunshine, and we will also have increased temperatures and humidity. 92degrees, hot and humid.
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more of the same for wednesday. cooldown on thursday with the showers and thunderstorms, and by next weekend, temperatures are in the low 80s. >> still holding on to the summer weather. >> yes! >> that's what i like to hear. here's the stories to look for in the week ahead, starting tomorrow, governor cuomo will be leading a trip to puerto rico including melissa mark- viverito. on tuesday, commuters who lose the port authority bus terminal in midtown have to find new departure gates. it's one of many fixes underway while they consider replacing the bus depot. on friday the september 11th remembrance ceremony will take place in lower manhattan. victims' families will read the names of the nearly 3,000 people killed at the world trade center, shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon nearly 14 years ago. children are headed back to
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school, and today in new jersey, some students got a big surprise. nearly 200 of them received free backpacks filled with school supplies. many say it's been difficult for their families to make ends meat, and they hope to start the school year off on the right foot. >> i have this book bag so i don't have to be asking people like can i borrow your pencil? can i borrow your pencil? i have my own stuff to take care of it. >> reporter: you have had to do that before? >> i have done that a lot of times. >> there's another free school supply tomorrow at the east end and south end wards. >> matt harvey does another about face. steve harvey discussing that with bobby valentine in studio. that's next in sports. for the latest headlines, don't forget to follow us on
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all right, we are starting things off with the mets, the team that was really cruising into the playoffs just a few days ago, and now preparing for the 3-game showdown with the second place nationals. the rubber game against the marlins, and joenis cespedes with a breakout year. we almost forgot about matz. he was the pitcher of record until the blister pop.
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the middle relief has been an issue for the mets. the marlins coming back to tie it, and then they win on the strange fly there in the 9th inning. the nationals sweep the braves as well, and the mets' lead is down to 4. yesterday matt harvey made a lot of mets' fans upset about being noncommittal into pitching into the layoffs. today he clarified his thoughts and did on the players' tribune, derek jeter's website. he said i will pitch in the playoffs, and i will be go. he released the article at 6:30 this evening, but bobby valentine was here half an hour before the statement, and i asked him about the interview. before the statement. we asked why he took the job at sacred heart university. >> i was at home and the red
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sox told me to go home. i got home, and the president said come on up and have breakfast. before i knew it, a job was offered, and i said why not? lifetime. let me try it. it's 3 years later, and i'm with a fabulous group of people who love what they do, know what they do, and they just let me be there to be the a.d. basically. you know it's a hidden treasure in connecticut and new england where the second largest catholic university in all of new england, and we had 1400 freshmen enter our class this year with 32 division i sports. it's happening at sacred heart. get bored. you go there, and it's action all day long. >> part of this is not just finding people to work underneath you. it's fund raising as well. charity golf event coming up. is there a special project you're working on right now? >> reporter: there's a few.
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we just put in a new turf and track, and we have new locker rooms that went in for all the major sports, and now we have an end zone facility, 50,000 square foot beautiful facility we are raising money for, and we need a high tech score board for our soccer, lacrosse, and football field, and we are working on those things, and good news is that the dollars are coming in. i have a lot of friends who have contributed very nicely, and we have a lot of alums coming back. >> bobby, you're just doing your job. you're doing it well here. this is the program, by the way, the football team went to the playoffs, baseball, went to the ncaa regional playoffs, and this is division 1. how much does this help targeting the students you're trying to get and the residents in the area? >> reporter: i have great coaches who know how to recruit, and, you know, when someone gets there, if it's their fit, they don't leave. you will know it when you're on campus. you know it when you're talking
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to the coaches if it's for you or not. if you want something in the mid-major or something with 5,000 fellow students, if you want somewhere where people know who you are, not just a number, and they care who you are, and then they will stay at sacred heart. we won our first football game, two-time defending n.e.c. champions in football, and we won our first game yesterday. our track is fabulous, and our fencing is nationally ranked. we have 18 division i sports teams including women's rugby that we added this year. we won the first game. it's all happening. >> you seem as proud as any baseball team you have ever managed in your career. >> good people and a really fun way to go to work in the morning. it's always exciting. >> i just found out on september 17th you're going to be roasted by friends? >> yeah.
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>> what is that night going to be like for you? >> the american cancer society is raising money in stanford. i have tommy lasorta, my first manager coming in, and my first roommate is coming in and chris russo is coming in because he was the first guy on the air who said fire the guy! we will let him roast me. matt harvey taking all the headlines right now. can you believe this? 180 is apparently the number he in his head from the beginning of the season, and here we are at 166 innings pitched, and they are coming to the decision right now. is there a reasonable resolution to the inning pitched situation? >> maybe let him pitch in the bull pen and pitch that one inning that is necessary and they need so dearly and stretch it out for 14 games, and may get them into the world series it may be a solution. i don't get this whole thing. i can't imagine on august 29th
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or any day after the first day that there were conversations between you know, his agent and matt and the team and the doctors, first day, you know, hey, how are you? want coffee? how many innings can you pitch? it's a simple thing. i think everyone knew about this except for maybe us on the fan side, and i don't know what the resolution is other than let him pitch as long as he can, do as well as he can. i'm a real fan. he's a great, great pitcher. >> i believe that i know you're a believer in matt harvey, but from the outside prospective looking in. it seems like they are all undermining the authority of terry collins here. >> i don't know. >> are we seeing this from a different prospective. >> i can't tell you if it's undermining or a surprise. if it's a surprise, i'm surprised. i don't think it could be a surprise. from the first day that i did smy's opening day with the
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mets, there was talk about innings limits on the young pitchers, and never numbers, but they must have had numbers. we will limit them, limit them to 270? you can't have that. >> he was guinness the six-man rotation, delaying the starts in the bull pen, and whatever it was, he was against all of that and he wanted to pitch last september if you remember right. >> you think there's been a change in his thought process. >> it seems disingenuous on it, doesn't it? >> i don't think it's disingenuous. i think it's either confusion or maybe it's scott. scott is a very good agent. maybe there's a real smart reason he is doing this, and matt harvey, the baseball team, and hopefully it's in the fans' best interest. >> there's a real financial reason behind this, $200 million contract that could be waiting for him at the end of the rain boy if he gets through on the other side. >> reporter: again, i don't think a player's career should
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ever be put in jeopardy. if in fact the medical report, the number is 180, i, as a manager, would be very, very unlikely to -- it would be very unlikely i would go over that. i don't that the on my rose -- i don't want that on my resume. i don't want that to be the burning bridge. i don't think that's a good thing. our thanks to bobby valentine for joining us in studio it seems like the yankees can't catch a break here. toronto won again, down 3-0 to chris archer with the second low lowest e.r.a. at yankee stadium, but that didn't mean a lot to brian mccann, and then alex rodriguez seems to have found his swing again, hasn't he. second of the series, 28th of the season. the yankees win 6-4 and they remain a game and a half back of the first-place jays. all right, we are going to see another sibling showdown at
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the u.s. open. serena williams going for the calendar grand slam taking out her fellow american, and venus held up her end. 1 hour 58 minutes combined in the two matches, and they will meet for the quarter finals on tuesday. we look back at the month that was in new york sports, and last month we honored legends, and we saw records broken and a jaw broken. editor john hess looks back at august in new york sports. >> it's out of here! lucas douda with his second of the night. >> yes! >> third home run of the inning for the mets. >> and the mets have swept the nationals and moved into a first place tie. >> they certainly made a big statement this weekend. let's see how they follow it up. >> yoenis cespedes with the third double of the night. >> they are now in first place.
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>> they are off, and it's american pharoah. he's all by himself! it is a rousing return for the living legend. >> the home plate umpire got into it a bit. >> he was trying to tell me to calm down. i don't think he needs to tell me anything. don't talk to me if i'm not talking to you. that's lot of umpires' problem. another home run. two home runs for the rookie, arriving in a big way here in the bronx! >> welcome, and now and forever, number 20, jorge posada! [ cheers ] >> this is one of the happiest days of my life. having a plaque at monument park and having number 20 retired is an honor and a dream come true. >> it's out of here.
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yeonis. he's even wowing myself. >> his jaw is broken and he's sidelined for 6-10 weeks. you can't teach an old dog new tricks but you can feed an old coach dog biscuits. >> number 46, andy pettitte. number 46! >> wow! this is absolutely amazing. i never would have dreamed i would be standing before you today. >> i'm just going to go out there and not worry about where i am in the lineup, but just be productive. >> hit deep to left field, and this one is a going a long way. hoe i will smokes -- holy smokes, the captain is back!
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we look at each other and go wow! she takes the first steps to the calendar grand slam. >> thank you so much! it's been really amazing, and i can feel the support and love on my journey and this milestone that i'm trying to take, one match at a time, and i love you, and i appreciate all the support. thank you so much. [ cheers ] and good luck with her next step on tuesday against her sister. stick around. we will be right back. ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki.
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all right a final look at the forecast, elise? >> it's going to be a hot labor day. i don't think we will hear too many complaints. some folks may see 90. as you head back to work or school, 92 and hot and humid. another 90-degree day on wednesday. >> not complaining about that. that does it for the cbs 2 news at 11.
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