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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 8, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a kentucky battleground for a clerk refusing to grant same-sex couple marriage licenses and becomes a campaign site stop for a presidential candidate. in mississippi, a toddler and his dog safe after being pulled from the bottom of a 25-foot well. we looked inside the car, it's totaled. >> a wild ride at a parked car. nature does a number on a family's vehicle whether they leave it unlocked outside their cabin. >> i looked in closer in the window and could see the mama bear sitting in the front seat. hey, lunchtime. am i right? mind if i join you? >> and tonight's the night. stephen colbert kicks off his
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reign as host of cbs' "the late show." this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 8th, 2015. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. the kentucky clerk who refuses to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples is appealing her case to kentucky's governor. later today, a rally's planned in support of kim davis, and gop presidential candidate mike huckabee is planning to visit davis in jail. her lawyers want the governor to accommodate her religious conviction. that's the same request denied by the judge who jailed davis last week. today republican presidential candidate mike huckabee plans to visit kentucky clerk kim davis in jail where her supporters protested over the holiday weekend. >> pray for judge david benning to repent. >> reporter: protesters also gathered for several hours monday outside the home of u.s. district judge david bunning, urging him to release davis.
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>> kim davis is unlawfully being held in jail and prevented from doing her job. >> bunning sent the clerk to jail after she repeatedly defied her order to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. davis says doing so is against her religious beliefs. on monday, davis' attorneys filed an emergency motion that asked kentucky governor steve beshear to accommodate davis' religious conviction and not force her to issue licenses to same-sex couples. one of her lawyers sees an easy solution. >> for the court or state of kentucky to remove kim davis' name off of the marriage licenses and allow someone other than her to sign these licenses that do not bear her name. >> last week after davis was sent to jail, her assistant clerks issued licenses to same-sex couples. supporters of same-sex marriage argue that davis should do her job or resign. the judge says davis can expect to stay in jail at least a week.
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he offered to release her if she promised not to interfere with clerks issuing licenses to same-sex couples, but davis refused. congress returns from its summer recess today and begins work on the nuclear deal with iran. they'll debate a resolution disapproving the agreement which appears likely to pass. house leaders say they plan a vote this week, the senate to. if the president plans to veto the resolution and appears to have enough votes to beat back efforts to override it. one year from now, we'll likely know the presidential nominees for both parties, but today the picture remains cloudy as ever. presidential hopefuls spent labor day hitting parades, shaking hands, and hugging babies from iowa to new hampshire. democratic contenders bernie sanders and hillary clinton spoke to union members yesterday. >> obviously we have to raise the minimum wage. there's no doubt about that. [ applause ] >> and it's got to go up so that people have a decent life and work full time, and they're not
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still in poverty. >> thank you for social security, thank you for medicare, thank you for medicaid. every worker in america -- [ applause ] >> in south carolina, republican marco rubio told a crowd he wanted to protect the american dream. and vice president joe biden, who hasn't declared yet, his a parade in pittsburgh -- hit a parade in pittsburgh. he still wouldn't say if he's running. britain and france say they'll take in more refugees to try and ease the migrant crisis. hundreds of migrants broke across hungary's border with serbia yesterday, marching north toward budapest, head coaching to reach germany. chancellor americaer called the influx breathtaking. germany will resettle up to 5,000 syrians over the next five years. france said it would take 24,000 over the next two. back in this country, a 4-year-old mississippi boy was
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rescued after he fell into a well. [ applause ] >> the boy was trapped in the 25-foot well for several hours. the well was only a foot and a half wide. officials believe the boy heard his dog who apparently fell down the well about a week ago. reportedly the dog has also been rescued. the boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution. three men suspected in the murder of an illinois policeman remain on the run. thousands attended lieutenant joseph gliniewicz's funeral yesterday. the procession was more than a mile long. police from around the country came to pay their respects. he was shot and killed not long after he radioed he was chasing three suspects last week. an unidentified woman in colorado walked into a local police station for a hug. she was upset over the recent string of attacks against police officers across the country. she said she wanted to hug an officer. officer chris steiner was happy to accommodate. she hugged him twice. the minnesota dentist who caused a global uproar when he
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killed cecil the lion in zimbabwe is returning to work. he said he thought he was acting legally and was stunned when he learned he killed a treasured animal. he and some leaders lured him away from a preserve to kill him. italy's highest court vindicated amanda knox once and for all in the murder of her british roommate. it was declared knox and her boyfriend did not murder meredith kirchner 2007. the explanation was written yesterday, the court slamming prosecutors for a sloppy investigation. the court said it threw the case out because there was no evidence they were in the room where kercher was stabbed. in a statement, knox says she is grateful the court forcefully declared her innocence. coming up on "the morning news," successful surgery to separate conjoined twins. we'll tell you about the sisters recovering after a marathon surgery.
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fire crews are battling a forest fire in nigeria's pine barons. it started monday and has burned 1,000 acres. crews are using planes and helicopters to douse the flames, but officials say the fire is moving fast because the ground is so dry. there's no threat to people. a firefighter's recovering this morning after he was injured fighting a fire in fresno, california. the firefighter is hospitalized in stable condition. the fires burned 148 square miles and is forcing evacuations. it's only 31% contained and is still growing. conjoined twins are recovering in ohio after separation surgery. the 11-month-old twins had been joined at the hip and pelvic region until the operation last week. the surgery by a team of specialists at nationwide children's hospital in columbus took 16 hours. the twins are recovering well, but doctors are not sure when they'll be able to go home.
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they say that now both twins can have a normal life. a couple from dallas is reunited with their baby son in el salvador. the mother was holding her infant monday after she accused hospital staff of switching the newborn with another in may. they charged that a doctor had swped the infant at the request of child traffickers. dna testing confirmed which infant was theirs. the doctor is facing prosecution by local authorities. he denies any wrongdoing. and on the "cbs money watch," an airline strike could have rapele effect on travel. and starbucks rolls out a seasonal favorite. we have more from jill at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stock markets were mixed on weak chinese trade figures. tokyo's nikkei fell more than 2%. the hang seng added more than 3%. in washington, investors looking for a rebound following last week's drop and yesterday's holiday. all three major indices lost more than 4% of their value for the week. the dow lost 542 points for the week.
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the s&p finished 67 points lower. the nasdaq fell 145 points. lufthanza pilots are walking off the job today and tomorrow. it is the german pilot union's 13th strike in 18 months over pay, benefit, and cost cutting. the strike targets long-haul passenger and cargo flights. tomorrow's hits short-haul flights. some nearly 100 flights are canceled for today. tomorrow at its annual fall products announcement, apple is expected to unveil a new iphone, apple tv, and a bigger ipad. the latest version of the sfoin expected to have an updated touchscreen and more advanced camera. apple's tv box which connect to the internet is due for a major processor. and apple is likely to introduce a bigger, 13-inch ipad. there's been a big response to a new item of clothing launched by kickstarter, the crowdfunding website. the world's best travel jacket
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has raised them about $9 million in investment, blowing away the $20,000 goal set by the jacket's creator. this makes it the most funded item of clothing in kickstarter history. the travel jacket has 15 pockets and earphone holes, and a built-in travel pillow. and starbucks' most popular seasonal drink returns to the menu today. the pumpkin spice latte has a new recipe. it is made with real pumpkin and no artificial flavors or colors. a tall has 300 calories. i guess fall is really here. >> what was in the pumpkin spice latte before is my question because i drank a lot of that stuff. >> now it has real pumpkin. i think ignorance is bliss. >> you're right. thank you for being with us. straight ahead, a yew area in late night. the world premiere of "the late show with stephen colbert" premieres. and the grumpiest feline
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the comedian begins his air as host of "the late show" on cbs, replacing david letterman who retired in may after 22 years. don champion's outside the theater where the buzz is building. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. buzz indeed. months and months of preparation come down to tonight for stephen colbert. there's a new set, a new marquee, and really a new energy at the ed sullivan theater. in interviews, he called the new hosting gig everything he wanted. george clooney will be among the first guests tonight on the debut of "the late show withphen colbert." >> he's not even just a gifted actor and director -- i don't know why i said that because he's on the show -- he works hard for things he cares about to make the world a better place. that's a good thing to talk about with somebody. >> george clooney is a great talk show guest. >> reporter: "variety's" host
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says clooney and guest including presidential candidate jeb bush offer clues of what's to come. >> he is very smartly putting together an eclectic lineup of people which will, if he does it right, will demonstrate the sort of breadth of knowledge and range that he has. >> reporter: stephen colbert says when it comes to learning about hosting a late-night talk show, he got an early education thanks to his family. >> my sisters mary and margo would get me up in the middle of the night after my mom and dad were in bed -- they weren't supposed to be up either -- they would stay up to watch carson and would get me out of bed because they didn't want to be alone. >> reporter: he won't be alone tonight. millions are expected to tune in to the big premiere. and on tonight's show, jean-baptiste will be introduced as the musical director. the first musical guest will be rapper kendrick lamar on tomorrow's show. other confirmed guest include scarlett johansson, even supreme
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court just steven breyer. a mix colbert says you can look forward to from here on out. >> thanks, don. and "the late show with stephen colbert" debuts tonight at 11:35 eastern, 10:35 central right here on cbs. when we return, unwanted passenger. we'll show you the huge mess left by a bear inside a tennessee family's car. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost . susie got all germy a cold, a bug, a flu when school was back in session those germs were shared with you
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clijollege football's defending champions kick off their season against the only team to defeat them a defeat last year. ohio state meeting up in blacksburg.
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both paying tribute to adam ward and alison parker, the news team from roanoke shot and killed last month. the hokies lead at halftime. in the second half, all ohio state. the top-ranked buckeyes scored four straight touchdowns to run away with the 42-24 victory. all eyes will be on arthur ashe stadium tonight when serena williams faces off against her sister venus in the u.s. open final. thennand i murray fell in four sets. he got so frustrated he destroyed his racket and gave it to a fan. the first time in 18 grand slam events that murray has failed to reach the quarterfinals. a world-famous celebrity threw out the first pitch at monday's diabetesmond backs game. grumpy cat appeared with her handlers. she looked grump oat pitcher's mound. with help, the ceremonial pitch was wide at home plate, and she looked even more grumpy.
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but on grumpy cat monday, the diamondbacks were able to beat san francisco 6-1. vacationers in tennessee got a wild surprise this weekend. they found a bear trapped in their car, and it left behind an unforgettable mess. kyle granger of knockville has the story. >> reporter: this very well could be the vacation images one family will never forget. >> you look inside, the car is totaled. >> reporter: after a picnic, they wondered why some bear cubs wouldn't leave the side of this car. >> sat there and watched them for 45 minutes thinking it was cute. and then it got old. we chased the cub bears off. they didn't go far. we couldn't figure out why they didn't go far. >> i looked in closer in the window, and i could see the mama bear sitting there in the front seat. and that's when i told all of them that there was one inside. >> reporter: that's when preston decided to be the brave one and open the door. that's when mom escapes and runs off with her cubs.
4:22 am
>> you could tell the bear was in there for probably about an hour is what we're guessing. >> reporter: but leaving behind a destroyed mess. >> what we figure is it closed behind her, she couldn't get out, the cubs couldn't get in to get her. and she went at it inside. >> they were back here this morning again. there was a bigger bear this time. >> reporter: now as the family heads home from vacation, the first call they'll make is to their insurance agency and admittingly -- >> we're totally em-bear-assed -- >> reporter: to report how this happened -- >> the back seat, everything, the head liner totalled inside. looks nice outside. >> that was kyle granger reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," new trends in car technology and much more on stephen colbert' "late so how" "show -- "late show"
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first they were ejected, then they were suspended. now two texas high school football players could face criminal charges for their apparent attack on a referee during a game friday night. police are investigating the incident that was caught on camera. one player can be seen blind siding the official while the other piles on. school officials call the act disturbing. that missing blue whale has been spotted. a boat off the coast of mexico saw the blue whale entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line. it was seen first last week near los angeles, more than 100 miles from where it was seen monday. rescuers have been looking for the 80-foot whale to free it from the fishing line. a california kai yakker who survived a shark attack off the coast of malibu is speaking out. kcbs talked to him. i was doing something that i always do -- shark fishing.
4:26 am
>> reporter: a hobby most can't understand. but for dylan marks, catching sharks on california's coast and releasing them has been a lifelong passion. >> it's more than having my hands on them, to experience them that way. >> reporter: this weekend off the coast, his search for adventure left him searching for help in the middle of the ocean. >> it was huge. >> reporter: marks hooked a hammerhead shark. >> it ate the bait and took off. >> reporter: pulling him on the small kayak behind. when he got close enough to pull out the hook, he got hooked. >> i felt it brushing against me, in between my legs and around, underneath the kayak. and i felt the skin, i felt it thrash around. then i felt something different. >> reporter: marks was bitten and bleeding. >> i got in the way of a scared animal. i put it in that position. >> reporter: marks was able to wrap his foot, flag down a boat, and was flown to the hospital. he underwent surgery to repair several broken muscles and ligaments and won't be walking for weeks. yet, still he is thankful the shark wasn'tvengeful. >> the size -- wasn'tvengeful. >> the size of the shark with the mouth, i probably wouldn't
4:27 am
have a foot. i probably would have bled out by the time i got to shore. >> reporter: although marks says he still loves the ocean and sharks, being bidden by one has given him a different perspective. >> i am not shark fishing on my kayak anymore. >> reporter: he's realized loving the ocean and sharks mean protecting them and respecting them enough to leave them alone. >> that was kcbc's joy benedict. coming up, we'll hear from the attorney of the former south carolina police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black man about new evidence in the case. plus, a preview of today's u.s. open match between serena and venus williams. and a look at the future of car technology. finally, a super-size discovery near stonehenge. two miles from the historic site is a larger set of stones built 4,500 years ago. radar detected up to the 90 stones underground. some stand 15-feet tall. it's believed they form a "c" shape.
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researchers call the discovery superhenge. still unknown, why they're there. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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