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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> once we started, um, trying to row back, the two-foot waves started to, like, push us back. >> reporter: the boys were in choppy long island sound waters and it was getting dark. >> we kept on paddling even though it was, like, kind of waste our energy kind of that it would keep us in the same expose. >> reporter: officer michael o'leary spotted them a mile and a half offshore and knew it was no place or time of day for children in a canoe. >> a strong wind out of the south which was pushing them towards connecticut so they couldn't paddle back to shore. >> reporter: he pulled them to safety and shuttled them to shore to relieved parents who had been communicating with the boys by cell phone as they drifted away. >> he was sitting fishing while the boat was still moving further away. that's when i realized okay, we have to get them back at some point soon. >> reporter: and an offshore lesson at any age. >> always go out with the right stuff. >> don't go too far. wear a life jacket. >> they all had their life
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jackets on and they had a cell phone on board. what they did wrong is they went out, um, a little too far and in unsafe conditions. >> reporter: police say how far you want to go out on a canoe and kayak depends on age, ability, time of day and weather. calm seas can change quickly. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. a pilot also had to be rescued after his experimental seaplane crash-landed in waters off long island. cell phone video showing the pilot standing on a pontoon ripped from his fuselage as his plane bobbed on the surface of the great south bay in bayport. 57-year-old joseph cannizzaro seemed dazed but otherwise okay. a neighbor saw the plane go down and raced to the scene. >> nose down, straight nose down. so i didn't know whether he was dead or what. >> i'm alive. it's a very good day. >> the faa says the pilot reported engine trouble.
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the plane now will be inspected to determine exactly what happened. new information tonight in the shooting of a top aide to governor cuomo. there's no a $12,500 reward for information about the shooting of carey gabay. he is an attorney in the governor's office. he was shot in the head early heights, brooklyn. police sega bay caught in the crossfire of a -- say that gabay caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between gangs. the governor called him an outstanding public servant. >> it was just another act of pure randomness of gun violence, having too many guns on the street. >> police are looking at surveillance video in hopes of finding the gunman. if somebody in your family takes the bus and is getting home tonight late, chances are that's because of gate changes at the port authority bus terminal 40. gates were changed today.
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together. there was a lot of warning about the changes but commuters are creatures of habit so the day has been filled with hassles. >> stressed! i was like what's going on? i ain't know which way to go. >> pretty much chaos. >> it's a matter of remembering where to go. >> all new jersey transit buses are now on the third floor of the bus terminal. [ signal breakup ] [ no audio ] [ stand by ] >> children were killed and injured by drivers going around stopped school buses and that has parents taking extra care. >> i don't let my younger daughter cross the street. i have someone pick her up because i don't -- i'm afraid. >> aaa has posted banners throughout the state warning
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drivers more school buses are armed now with cameras to catch offenders and there will be extra police patrols out there, so please be careful. heat concerns prompted some schools in connecticut to send students home early. most schools across the state do not have air-conditioning so teachers did their best to keep rooms cool by bringing in fans and, of course, opening the windows. despite the effort and the inconvenience, parents and administrators agreed, early dismissal on the this hot day was the -- early dismissal on this hot day was the right decision. >> i don't think they could learn the same if they are here all day just suffocating and sweating and wanting to go to the nurse. >> as much as we like to have a routine set at the beginning of the year and this certainly disrupts our routine, common sense has to prevail. >> some schools plan to close early tomorrow, as well. if you find idling cars a nuisance, imagine dealing with idling freight trains.
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residents in a neighborhood in teaneck, new jersey, say they are fed up with trains that sit there engines running in the backyards. cbs 2's meg baker demanding answers from the railroad. >> reporter: palisades avenue in teaneck is lined with homes, schools, businesses, parkland and what residents call a major issue. idling freight trains on the tracks. >> the idling is noisy. it's disruptive. >> reporter: lorraine wilkins holmes backs up to the railroad. she says over the last decade she and neighbors have been dealing with more and more train traffic up to 30 per day each with up to 100 cars. >> you see where the train is next to my house and if something happens, god forbid -- >> reporter: some of the trains stop here on one of the three tracks to prevent bottlenecking further north where there's only one track. >> we don't want them idling behind the houses and also carrying dangerous chemicals. >> reporter: some freight trains carry crude oil adding to fears about safety.
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>> we want to make sure that those trains are idling for as short as possible. >> reporter: he has been lobbying officials to do something about it. he says some trains sit for more than 12 hours releasing carcinogens into residents' backyards. >> we want to make those changes to discourage csx trains from parking here in teaneck and using teaneck as a train yard as it has for decades. >> reporter: now, some councilmembers say that if the trains do have to stop here, they should only be able to idle for three to five minutes. this train now moving behind me was here for over 10 minutes. the trains are controlled by the federal government and there are currently no regulations on the time trains can idle. csx, which operates the rail network, says there is increased idling due to an uptick in business. they attempt to minimize idling and hold trains in places with the least impact, they say.
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meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> it's hoped an expansion project will relieve the problem. idling trains will be the main problems at teaneck's town council meeting tonight. fellow lawmakers are now taking aim at mayor de blasio's new york. governor chris christie and former mayor rudy giuliani both slammed de blasio's ability to fight crime and homelessness. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with more. >> we have had the safest summer in over 20 years. >> reporter: maybe mayor de blasio should fire his scheduler. up next after the mayor and his wife on a morning cable show was someone who wasn't buying the mayor's act at all! >> i'm just stunned as are most people who live in this area that this has been the safest summer in new york! no one else believes that except for the two people who were just on your set. i guarantee you this. this guy don't believe it. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie referring to the tragic incident at the west indian
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day parade where cuomo aide carey gabay was hitted in head by a stray bullet among gang gunfire. >> we didn't see the outward manifestation of this problem under mayor rudy giuliani. >> reporter: on the attack rudy giuliani who got the homeless off the streets and aggressively fought gun crime. with the west indian day parade, team giuliani often went after guns in the area several days before it began. this year, four people were shot and two stabbed. be doing? >> mayor de blasio should concentrate on governing rather than traveling around and he should return to "stop & frisk." if they had been stopped, questioned and frisking in the three, four days leading up to the parade which is when we began policing it, that might not have happened. >> reporter: when you worked for mayor giuliani, did you homeless and gun policies? >> in terms of the -- what went on in the '90s, we first began to address the issue of crime and homeless-related
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activities in the subways. we dramatically reduced that population because we have the rules and regulations, we could work to do that. >> reporter: the police commissioner said he would like the city council to pass laws that make it easier to go after the homeless although he admitted it would be an uphill battle because many councilmembers identify themselves as progressive liberals. >> thank you. a new era in late night tv begins tonight right here on cbs 2. the very first of the "the late show with stephen colbert." we are live at the ed sullivan theatre where tonight's episode just finished taping. >> another major policy change from pope francis. the new rules for marriage annulment. >> and sibling rivalry. high stakes, the williams sisters facing off tonight at the u.s. open. we'll have a preview of the big match and you will meeter that biggest little fan. and lon -- you will meet their biggest little fan. and lonnie quinn has the forecast. >> newark, new jersey the hottest spot of all hitting 98. stick around for the forecast.
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>> coming up on the "cbs evening news," the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is out of jail. norah o'donnell report. >> reporter: we saw kim davis earlier today as she addressed a crowd of supporters. you can see she was joined by her lawyer and republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. the big question on everyone's mind, those marriage licenses that were issued in the last several days, were they valid? and what happens when mrs. davis returns to work? we'll delve into that ahead here on the "cbs evening
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news." this is broadway at 53rd street. the ed sullivan theatre where anticipation is building on "the late show with stephen colbert." colbert's fans can hardly wait. cbs 2's alice gainer live outside the theater with more on what makes colbert the one to watch. taping just finished? >> reporter: hey, dana. good evening. well, the marquee lights are on as you showed everyone and stephen is at home. now, the audience is actually still inside. the first taping is still going on.
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we are anxiously waiting their release to gauge their reaction. we are keeping cool with cob brew. the big question of course tonight. who is stephen colbert? on comedy central he played a conservative right wing guy but tonight he will be himself whoever that is. >> i mean it. i bring that online slipped it in clear case to show my true fan i'm a colbert fanboy and i admit it. >> reporter: sean one of the many fans on the long line who got tickets to the debut of "the late show with stephen colbert." >> we love stephen colbert! >> reporter: he entered the theater today waving and smiling. we caught up with tonight's guest george clooney and jeb bush making their way inside. what do you expect to talk about tonight? >> probably the 2016 presidential race. i'm running for president. >> are you excited to be the first guest on the show? >> i'm honored. >> reporter: unlike his predecessor we doubt colbert will do a top 10 list but in the spirit of the night we put
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in a list of why you should watch. just five. and it's not because we couldn't think of 10. number 5. >> glasses. >> reporter: you should watch because of the glasses. >> he has glasses. >> yeah. >> reporter: you feel a sort of kinship with him? >> i do. >> reporter: number 4. >> he has kind of been our watchdog as a generation. we trust stephen colbert. >> reporter: in stephen we trust. number 3. >> he can finally show his true self and that he is not as he calls his alter ego an idiot. >> reporter: not an idiot. >> he is definitely the smartest, uhm, guy on television. >> reporter: perhaps. and the number one reason to watch? he is a heartthrob. >> full head of hair, great glasses, very handsome. >> i just saw him in there warming up and it's an exciting night for everybody at cbs. >> reporter: heartthrob. i like t once again the audience is -- i like it. once again the audience is still inside.
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can't wait to hear what they have to say. several other guests will be here later this week. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. and everybody, you can watch the premiere of "the late show with stephen colbert at 11:35 right after cbs 2 news at 11. groundbreaking reform from pope francis of the annulment process. the pontiff overhauled 300 years of church practice today by creating a new fast track annulment. the new procedure is simplified by giving bishops the sole responsibility to determine when a fundamental flaw has made a marriage invalid. the pope also did away with an automatic appeal that often slowed the process down. an update tonight on the forest fire in the new jersey pine barrens. it's now 50% contained. it's burned 1,000 acres since it began yesterday afternoon in woodland township south jersey burlington county. and, of course, because of these dry and very windy
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conditions, the fire then moved to neighboring ocean county. the cause of the fire is under investigation. set some records today. let's check in with lonnie quinn on when we'll get relief to help us all the way around with rain. >> here's the deal. the relief we'll get will come in the form of rain because the water table is low. take a look at the westchester. temperatures around the area still hovering at this hour around the 90-degree mark but take a peek at this. you expect to see shots of the beach. leo staying cool in the pool after school. a lot of kids' first day of school out there and were you in the upper 90s. right now in new york city, coming in just below the 90- degree mark. 89 with a sunny sky overhead. it feels like 92 because it's going to be cooler than today when you get into the afternoon tomorrow. today you hit 97. tomorrow about 90 degrees or so. humidity goes up so it's going to feel similar to what it felt like out there today. typical would be 78 degrees.
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so look at that. you're almost 20 degrees warmer than average. by headlines look like this. if you are looking for a nice fall scene out there you need rain. you need -- i was going to say you need more rain. we need some rain. we haven't had any rain barely at all this summer. we have a 3" deficit since june 1. need some rain. right now the computer models suggest by the time you get to late wednesday through thursday into early friday you could get up to an inch for most folks. there's some outliers there, coram with 2.1. but not far away montauk with .10". the general rule is half inch to inch out of this rain late wednesday into your day on thursday. right now, we are not seeing anything out there. a little rain north of the area. bigger picture is going to show you the rainmaker. it's a cold front around michigan. it's going to be coming through the area. now, we're certain it's coming through the area. is all of this rain going to hold together? i believe it is going to.
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in fact, i think some you have will be getting heavy downpours out there. and with that ground being so dry, it could be a lot of runoff and flooding problems so here's how we see it. by the time you get to wednesday 7 p.m. start to see some pockets of heavy rain, here's your front making its way through the area, then thursday that's the actual front making its cross around 3:30 in the afternoon with some very heavy rain in spots, okay? then if you look across the board at the numbers, 90 degrees for wednesday. that would establish that heat wave i'm talking about. again, there's that chance for some rain late tomorrow. but it's really more another hot and steamy day. humidity goes up thursday about 87, friday 84. saturday 82. look at sunday. 77 degrees by the time you get to the end of the weekend. >> sounds good, lonnie. now to the u.s. open and all eyes will be on venus and serena williams tonight. world number one player surina cannot reach the -- serena cannot reach the calendar grand slam of tournaments unless she beats venus.
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but for one prodigy and little fan the showdown is more about form. >> reporter: who is your hero? >> serena williams. >> when you look at her, do you see yourself? >> sort of. >> reporter: sort of? >> she's better than me so not really. >> reporter: but you can get there can't you? >> yeah. >> 9-year-old sophia from roosevelt island hopes to get to the u.s. open one day. it's a hot ticket tonight. otis here with more on tonight's sister act. >> that's right. serge a hero to that little girl. i'm sure her sister -- certainly a hero to that little girl. i'm sure her sister feels the same way. history is on the line with serena williams and venus williams. >> the latest on matt harvey with his agent.
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coming up. all that talk, all that talk. he is pitching. >> that's right. matt harvey on the hill. probably good thing he is on the road in d.c. he is you understand fire because of apros -- he is under fire because of a proposed innings limit after tommy john surgery. he will be able to pitch 60 pitches for each round of the play-offs. first they have to get to the play-offs.
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yesterday they extended their division lead to five games over the nationals with an 8-5 win in d.c. now back to harvey. he is taking some hits for this latest revelation but the truth is, the mets are going to need him down the stretch beginning tonight. terry collins expects him to let his pitching do his talking. >> matt harvey is going to step up and show everybody in new york, everybody in baseball, that he is as tough as the persona he puts on. he told him the only way you're going to restore all the things you stand for is pitch the way you usually do. the yankees back of the blue jays, tanaka against the orioles tonight. joe girardi is worried about nathan eovaldi who won't return to the play-offs with elbow inflammation. >> i was really surprised because he had had no problems before. nothing. and i blamed it on myself because i think about a week ago i said that was the one starter i didn't worry about
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physically. one thing is for sure, a williams sister will be in the semifinals of the u.s. open. the two play tonight. but it will be venus who would continue her quest for a heard it open title or will it be serena williams going tore some serious history trying to keep her hopes for a calendar slam alive. last woman to do that, steffi graf in 1988. the sisters have met 26 times professionally. it's always a gut-wrenching experience for them and the family. it's changed as of late. >> it's more firm than it used to be. we really relish the opportunity and we're both happy to still be involved in getting so far. >> it's still super intense. >> she is doing well. >> she wants to win this. >> so do i. so it's not easy. >> i don't think anyone wants to be a spoiler. i think people love to see history being made. but at the same time,you're for exampled on winning even though the circumstances are different. >> should be a great one.
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cilic trying to hold off the opponent. up two sets to one as they play a tie break in the fourth set. one of the members of the giants super bowl xlvi winning team tyler sash was found dead this morning. the cause of death for the 27- year-old former safety is unknown at this time. forget about "deflate- gate." we didn't get the total school from "spygate." they recorded opponent signals from at least 40 games. secret library orders the tapes crushed and documents shredded. we thought it was just the jets game. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by: chrysler.
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a new chapter in late night begins tonight! the countdown to stephen colbert live outside the ed sullivan theatre continues. plus what he told us about opening night iters. >> and now take a look at -- jitters. >> and snails on your skin? this is just one not so glamorous way women are getting beautiful. ugly beauty unmasked tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. the "cbs evening news with


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