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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 9, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i saw something. i saw something. i felt it. i felt it. >> fire on the runway. more than a dozen airline passengers are hurt as they scrambled to get off a plane moments before takeoff. facing flipping poll numbers, hillary clinton apologizes for her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state but that the controversy won't derail her presidential campaign. >> i can survive it because i think i'm running to be president do what the country needs done. a grand slam. er is rhea williams comes closer to making history as she comes out on top in a matchup against her sister.
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"late show" with stephen colbert. >> and the "late show" launches with stephen colbert at the controls. the comedian kicks off his era as late night's newest star. >> with this show, i begin to search for the real stephen colbert. i just hope i don't find him on ashley madison. captioning funded by cbs news" for wednesday, september 9th, 2015. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm alison harmelin in for anne-marie green. a new era in late night television kicked off here on cbs. the "late show" with stephen colbert premiering last night. for colbert it's a new show and a new character, himself. no longer the popular comedy central political pundit, colbert took over the show david letterman hosted for 22 years. don champion's at the ed sullivan theater with more. don, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, alison. stephen colbert's late show was full of energy and laughs and even surprise cameos as colbert is ready to leave his own mark of late night television. stephen colbert brought new energy to the stage at the ed sullivan theater last night. he kicks off the new late show and set the tone early with band leader jon batiste. he had some fun equating the media's love of donald trum eeps sound bites with oreos. his first guest was actor george clooney was here to stop by for one reason. >> i'm just here to see you and i think that's what everybody else is. >> colbert turned to politics with welcoming in presidential candidate jeb bush. >> don't think barack obama has bad motives.
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he's just wrong on thiz issues. >> you were so close to getting an audience. >> reporter: many seems quite happy with his new job. >> we always loved the colbert show and obviously it's not his real character but it's just amazing to see him. >> it was amazing, singing, cockies, kohn candy. >> reporter: it ended with "everyday people" ma may va davis. setting the stage for more calm. >> there was a touching moment when he paid his respects to david letterman. he e said david letterman changed generations forever. so far critics are giving him high praise. so far they're saying he's edgy. >> we'll all be watching here in new york. on tonight's late show
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colbert's guest will be -- no serious injuries reported after an engine on a british airways jet caught fire as it was preparing for takeoff from las vegas. passengers and crew quickly evacuated as smoke poured from the plane's left engine. officials say they don't know what caused the fire but it didn't appear to reach the passenger compartment. the incident shut down two run ways. patrick walker of our las vegas station kjls reports. >> reporter: the pilot of this british airways boeing 777 aborted takeoff as he radioed his emergency to the tower. the jetliner sat on the tarmac as thick black orange billowed
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from the plane's wings. >> we have a fire. we are repeating. >> reporter: 157 passengers and 13 crews scrambled down emergency slides to evacuate. >> we were one of the first people off the plane to jump down the slide and i looked up and the flames seemed to be about twice the height of the aircraft. >> it was pretty scary, yeah. like i mean, yeah, it was shocking more than anything. >> some passengers were able to grab their carry-ons before they slid down the chute. those on board were placed on buses and taken to local hotels. at least 14 people were treated for minor injuries. so far the cause of the fire sun known. late tuesday evening airport crews towed the crippled boeing 777 off of the runway. it took about eight hours for all of the flight crews to clear. hillary clinton says she's sorry and takes full
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responsibility for using a private i'm while she was saerk of state. this is a turnaround for clinton who had refused to apologize. she's been slipping in the polls and her campaign hopes that this will begin the process of moving on achlt craig boswell. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton apologized for using a private e-mail account during her tenure as secretary of state. >> even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. >> reporter: her comments to abc news are a shift who for weeks has shifted criticism and shown little patience about it. but it has dog her campaign and possibly cost her in the polls, the latest of which shows clinton slipping 10 point in the
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past month. >> i can survive it because i think i'm running to be president to do what the country needs done and i believe the american people will respond to that. >> reporter: clinton has turned over about 55,000 pages of e-mails to the state department. the former secretary maintains she did not send or receive classified e-mail on the account and disagreed with an intelligence finding that two of o those e-mails contained classified information. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. this morning clinton hopes to focus on foreign affairs. she'll discuss her support. a contentious debate is expected in congress. it appears president obama has enough report to studyny republican opposition. yesterday former vice president dick cheney slammed the deal calling it madness saying it threatens the security of the united states. >> with the removal of restrictions on iran's bialik it iss program this will give them
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the means to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. homeland. >> tomorrow donald trump will hold a rally contesting the accord. kim davis, you'll remember she's the county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she was released yesterday after spending five days behind bars. >> thank you all so much. you people have rallied and you are a strong people. >> davis refused to issue the licenses on religious grounds. her deputy said they would. her judge warned her not to interfere but her lawyer made no promises. >> she plans to be back to work this week, but i can guarantee you knowing kim, she loves god, she loves people, she loves her work, and sh will not betray any of those three. >> davis's lawyers says licenses
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issued in her absence are illegal. the kentucky attorney general disagrees. the evacuation has been lifted for dozens of homes from a fast-moving brushfire. thefire broke out near fullerton tuesday afternoon. the fires broke out. about 40 homes were under evacuation orders until firefighters started to get control of the flames. flames in thought spots continue to flair but the fire's 77% contained. meanwhile a short bust of heavy rain triggered flash floods in southern california. the rushing waters turned deadly when the fires swept away near a national bernardino forest. coming up on the "morning news," soccer crowd chaos, a match is stopped as fireworks rain down on the field. and later, the latest downturn for macy's department stores. details in "cbs moneywatch." this is the "cbs morning news." being irregular is the worst.
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protesters screamed at the dentist who killed cecil the lion. dr. pal merry returned to work after being away from work for several weeks. some call for palmer to be extradited. on c b"cbs moneywatch" a preview of apple's new iphone will be unveiled today and new closings of macy's department store. >> the ninth generation iphone will be introduce. the iphone 6 s and f s plus will feature an updated touchscreen that will allow for shortcuts within apps. a major update is expected for apple tv including a more faster chip and sensitive kroll and it will have a 13-inch screen.
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the dow rose 390 points. the s&p finished 48 points high eric and the nasdaq gained 128 points. stockmarkets soared. tokyo's nikkei shot up 7%, its biggest single-day gain in nearly seven years. hong kong's hang seng added more than 4%. the cfo of united stepped down, jeff smisek. united began a direct flight between newark and columbia, south carolina, where the former chairman of the charity hat a home. the flight was canceled last year after he rae signed. macy's is closing 40 of its stores that are underperforming. they'll be shut next year. macy's didn't say which stores are closing. macy's has 740 stores in 45
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states. workers will be relocated or offered serves packages. >> this is heineken's first acquisition of a u.s. craft brewer. lag knee as the built it on its flagship. and instagram is expanding its availability today to most advertisers around the world. previously it was only available through the u.s. and other countries. by the end of september more than 200 countries will have more ads and they'll make more money and allow for more competition with snapchat. >> very clever folks. their you very much. straight ahead inside a killer's apartment. shows the inside of theater
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in the closing minutes fans started throwing fireworks and flares on the field. the players were led off the field and the match was suspended. a colorado district attorney released images of the booby traps, bomb, and explosives in the apartment of movie theater killer james holmes. a never-before-seen js showed various trip wires scattered throughout the apartment. it showed gasoline and bullets set up in strategic places once the fire had started. the parents of freddie gray have reached a settlement. the 25-year-old black man died after being placed in custody. six police officers are charged in gray's death. queen elizabeth is making history this morning becoming britain's longest reigning
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monarch. she came to the thrown in 1952 at the death of her father king george vi. she surpassed her great great grandmother queen victoria. she ruled for 63 years, 7 months, two days, 16 hours and 2 minutes. williams versus williams. serena williams takes on her sister in the march to tennis history. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse...
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. it with us the one obstacle serena williams did not want to see on her march toward completing a grand slam, her older sister venus.
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they face off for the 27th time in twim's quarterfinal. venus comes out on top in the second set. in a decisive third set serena pulls away to win match point and sharing a hug with her sister. >> it mean as lot to me obviously. we're very, very tough competitors on the court, you know, but once the match is over, the second it's done, we're sisters, we're roommates, and we're all that. >> reporter: serena's striving to become the first woman since 19le 8 to win all four tennis majors in a calendar year. with the deflategate scandal and the suspension seemingly behind him the patriots are seeing an old controversy known as spygate resurface. according the a report roger goodell dealt the patriots a harsh penalty over deflats gait as a result of spygate.
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it was more widespread than previously thought and goodell limited the details about it. they blasted the report saying, quote, it is disappoint that some choose to agree in myths, and rumors rather than giving credit to coach belichick and his players. it looks like the mets are running away with the national league. and in the eighth kirk nguyen heist delivers a knockout punch, new york ahead for good. the mets win and take a lead over washington. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning." the ladies of the hit show "the talk" join us in the studio. i'm alison harmelin.
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now presidential candidate jeb bush. we're very. itted about that, very excited. should be a good conversation. this is the rare tv appearance where he doesn't have to share the stage with 16 other people. as many of you know, governor bush was the governor of florida for eight years and you would think that much exposure to oranges and crazy people would have prepared him for donald trump. he skewered presidential candidate donald trump and while he's still getting laughs colbert's new gig is a departure from the character he played on his comedy central show for nearly a decade. before last night's premiere sunday's mo rocca asked him how he's changing gears. >> thought how will i ever make the broadway.
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>> reporter: stephen colbert has indeed made it to broadway. will you greet the guests before they come on stage? >> yeah. >> some hosts don't. >> some hosts don't. i got in the habt of doing it at the old show because i wanted to say, hey, the guy you're about to meet is a poorly informed high-staffed idiot. >> he's the karng ter stephen colbert he played for ten years on comedy central's the "colbert report." that character was a caricature of a blowhard conservative pundit. >> there's one firearm that will never be too dangerous for texas. this kind. >> it was flattered they thought i was a natural pundit over the years but it's really nice to not have to pretend it anymore. >> so what's the goal with the new show? >> the goal is to have fun with
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my friends and, you know, that means sometimes talking about things that you care about. >> reporter: what stephen colbert cares about will be even clearer on the new show. he'll be doing 200 of them each year. >> how soon once it starts are you totally in it? >> seconds. seconds. first joke. how than. >> first joke. >> yeah. >> right. >> first laugh. first laugh. that's the drug right there. >> that was mo rocca reporting. and coming up after your local news of "cbs this morning," clarissa ward's undercover report of antiquities by isis. and the ladies of "the talk" are back with a preview of their new season. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin.
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have a great day. different strokes for different folks and so on and so on and scooby doobie do -- captions by vitac --
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