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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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freight train cars tossed off the tracks like toys. one on its side, another one derailed yards away just west of the hicksville train station. mta officials say they were the last two cars of a 16-car freight train belonging to the new york and atlantic railway, hauling construction debris on the ronkonkoma branch. after a complete standstill for 40 minutes, passengers began improving through on a second track. riders are warned of cancellations and delays on the ronkonkoma lines. >> can't do anything about it. just sit and wait. >> ronkonkoma line is always wait. >> unfortunately you don't have any choice. >> reporter: crews are checking for track damage and trying to determine what went wrong. there were no injuries. uprighting the cars could take all night. >> and right now we're seeing system-wide delays of about 40 minutes and lots of cancellations.
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about a third of the long island railroad trains east and westbound. there's not expected to be anymore shutdown of service during the riding. we're told a crane will simply upright it, put it on the tracks and haul it away. we're seeing passenger trains going through this area on the second track. we're told it could take all night. they're hoping to have service repaired back to normal by the morning. news. now to a shoot out on a quiet suburban street. children were steps away when the gunfire erupted over what may be a case of road rage. lou young live at 5:00 from new rochelle in westchester county. >> one in custody, one person being questioned. it happened about 1:00 just as the kids at the daycare center were finishing up their lunch. two cars pass each other at a
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freeway intersection out front and bullets flew. >> oh, my god. that's horrible. this is really weird. >> reporter: gun fire under bright summer skies, parents and children enjoying the day. >> it's frightening. it's absolutely frightening. >> reporter: two cars at a new rochelle intersection, a burst of gunfire. >> four gunshots, pop, pop, pop, pop like that. >> squeal of the tires or anything like that? >> no, cars just took off. >> reporter: they heard it up and down the block and inside the new rochelle day nursery, only steps away, rattled workers hurried off without comment at the door, simple assurances that no one here had been hit. >> did you hear anything? >> everybody is fine. that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: as new rochelle cops swept up the remnants of tinted window glass at the scene, an alert went out for two cars on the way. it's unclear what sparked the shooting. a
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letter called it a road rage incident. >> they could have just had a conversation about it or something. >> cops are piecing this together as we speak. one car based on the description was pulled over on the cross county parkway in yonkers by county police. they arrested that driver and recovered a gun. the second car was found near mount vernon hospital where the driver apparently showed up at the emergency room with gunshot wounds there. police are operating under the theory the two men knew each other. lou young, cbs 2 news. a 66-year-old woman died this afternoon in an apartment fire on the east side. chopper 2 flew over 45 sutton place south, a high rise building between east 54th and east 55th streets. the windows of the 14-floor apartment were shattered. the interior completely charred. investigators say the fire broke out around 2:00. there's no word on the victims' identity or what started the fire. new at 5:00, the mta bus
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driver accused of taking a bus on his day off and driving it dunk in nassau county has his own version of the incident. >> cbs 2's alice gainer here with more on his side of the story. >> alexander copeland let his attorneys do the talking. they told us copeland has some sort of medical condition that could have been a factor in all this but they would not elaborate. >> reporter: flanked by his wife and two lawyers, alexander copeland said next to nothing. >> you had a clean record. is this the case of you made a mistake? what do you want people to know? >> he wants to say that he's a married man, he's never had any issues with the law. >> reporter: copeland has worked as an mta driver for years but on sunday he was pulled over driving a bus on the roadway restricted for cars. they received multiple 911 calls from drivers saying the bus was
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swerving and weaving near exit 32 and westbury. police pulled over copeland and said he appeared intoxicated. he willingly submitted to a a sobriety test that he allegedly failed. >> it appears he picked up the bus earlier at the depot and was in route to medford. >> reporter: copeland lives in medford suffolk county but his attorneys would not confirm if he was taking the bus home. >> where was the bus going? >> i can't answer that right now. >> reporter: police say his alcohol level was at a .20, more than doesn't the legal -- more than double the legal limit. the only explanation they would offer up is he suffers from some kind of memory condition. >> does he drive normally anyway with this medical condition? >> he's fit to drive. >> his
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lawyers say he's on several medications. copeland was suspended without pay. mta investigators say for security reasons they will not say how the driver got access to the bus and how he started the engine. copeland was given a desk appearance ticket and is due in court. he's charged with reckless driving of a vehicle, dwi and other charges. new information now, fbi agents arrested a new jersey teenager last month for allegedly making threats in connection to the pope's visit. sources say the unidentified teen who may have mental health issues allegedly communicated online with with isis sympathizers about the possible attack. police and intelligence officials are preparing for the pope's visit and say there are no credible threats to the pontiff while he's in the united states next week. right now crews are dealing with a sinking situation in
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broonglen. broonglen. -- in brooklyn. a heavy garb age truck punctured holes and has been stuck for hours. >> what happens when a garbage truck gets stuck in a parking deck, in fact practically collapses through it? you call a tow truck. in fact, you call a big one. in fact, you call a crane. >> reporter: dead in its tracks, this garbage truck sunk deep in to the pavement and right in to the deck itself. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: this strip mall parking lot built over a private freight train line is not meant for heavy trucks according to the manager of the fitness club facing a sunken garbage truck. >> we have limitations on which trucks have to be here and which ones are not supposed to. >> and this one? >> and this one was not supposed to be here. >> reporter: far from
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forthcoming following the collapse of its trash truck through this parking deck. several city agencies on the scene assessing the damage and figuring out how to remove the garbage truck carefully. >> it's over a train structure are asking to have a professional engineer come by and a mass rigger come by. >> reporter: a crane needed to lift the truck out and up as the questions not readily answers. >> is the truck too heavy for this parking lot? >> that would be up to the lawyers to decide. >> reporter: only 711 -- 7-eleven closed today. a parking lot mired in concerns of collapse. >> who know what else is going to crumble here. >> city authorities have not answered our questions as to whether this garbage truck is
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too heavy. steve langford, cbs 2 news. the police union is defending an nypd officer's actions in the mistaken identity arrest of former tennis star james blake. surveillance video shows the officer taking down blake outside a midtown hotel. in an open letter, the pba's president says those who are calling for the officer's firing have never faced the dangers that officers routinely do. quote, in the unfortunate case of former tennis pro, james blake, there certainly can be mitigating circumstances. no one will know for sure until there is a full and complete investigation. now to the west along the utah-arizona border where flash floods have killed at least nine people. raging waters swept away two vehicles but several women and children were rescued from this stalled car. search crews cleared roads today and heavy equipment was brought in to remove a car that had been swept two miles down stream in arizona. most of the people in
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the area are members of a polygamous religious sect, once led by warren jeffs. four people are still missing. officials say a wall of water blocked the only way out of the canyon, thus trapping the vehicles. >> they had stopped outside of that flood area and we're standing there watching the flood and a flash flood came down the canyon and basically the vehicles were swept in to the creek and down. >> officials say all the victims were mothers and children. the youngest was about four years old. and in los angeles, at least three people and a dog had to be rescued from the rain swollen los angeles river. a downpour this morning is being blamed for the dangerous conditions on the river. several people and a dog were apparently caught off guard by the flooding. they ended up hanging to tree limbs before rescuers got there. everybody was brought to safety. up next, she knows the horrors of hazing. >> he didn't have to die. he shouldn't have died. >> thraechb
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-- 37 years after losing her son, a long island mom weighs in on the hazing that's catching headlines. >> the attack that left a woman bloodied and bruised on the floor of a building. >> helpless against the flames. hundreds of homes left in ashes and the deadly mistake one woman made in the face of this fire. >> can you be a mother if you don't raise a child? how a sex in the city star is stirring up debates with comments on parenting. >> yes, we had a little bit of a feel of fall in the air. today certainly feels like summer outside. what season will it be tomorrow? i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it.
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dozens of fraternity members of baruch college face criminal charges with the brutal hazing that led to the death of one of their brothers. >> perspective from a local mom who also lost her son in a hazing incident.
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>> reporter: five of the fraternity brothers face third degree murder charges for chun michael dengue, a freshman who rented this home in december 2013 where police say brutal hazing took place and took the 19-year-old's life. >> he was singled out. >> reporter: investigators say deng was blindfolded, weighted down with 30 pounds of sand in a backpack, getting repeatedly tackled football style in the snow, causing brain trauma. after he died, murder charges were recommended for the five key people and lesser charges for dozens of others, some relating to an alleged far-reaching coverup. >> you want to hold not only the individuals involved but if there's an organization, we want to hold them accountable as well. >> more importantly, it's beginning the process of holding the fraternity responsible and
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affecting change so that no other young people are hurt. >> reporter: baruch immediately banned pi delta psi fraternity and suspended all pledging activities. >> these steps need to be taken. >> reporter: eileen stevens' son died in a frat incident in 1978. the student had been put in a car trunk after a night of drinking. >> he didn't have to die. you can't claim that life and walk away and say it wasn't my fault. >> reporter: in the deng case, criminal charges are small solace for his parent. their attorney suing the fraternity and hoping to recover all that happened to deng. >> cbs 2 reached out to the fraternity's national leaders for comment but we're yet to hear back. police in the bronx are on the hunt for a violent robber who attacked a woman for her purse. the surveillance camera captured the disturbing incident in norwood last wednesday night. watch here as the man follows the woman inside a lobby and she waits to be buzzed in.
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police say the man wearing white gloves shoves the woman to the ground then pommels her trying to grab her bag. he takes off with the victim, refusing to give up. neighbors say they are now watching over their shoulders. >> i have a daughter. i have sisters. i have increases. s -- i have nieces. >> it's the time we all get home from work. it could have been me, i missed it by 10 minutes. >> they have plastered the buildings with images of the suspect. he was last seen riding a bicycle on 201st street. a deadly wildfire is burning out of control tonight in the west. flames continue to ravage drought stricken communities. a dozen fires in all. the fire has destroyed nearly 600 homes and left one person dead. chelsea edwards is in middletown, california. >> reporter: the devastation is painfully clear in middletown,
5:18 pm
california and other parts of lake county. landon stayed behind despite mandatory evacuation orders. he and several other residents are taking the fire fight in to their own hands, determined to save what's left of their community. >> there's not a lot of resources this way. we're trying to stop whaunch we can. we're just people -- trying to stop whatever we can. we're just people trying to save our belongings. >> reporter: it's threatened 9,000 homes. >> we were watching the fire and it looked like lava. that's how fast it was moving. >> reporter: the wildfire, driven by wind and fueled by drought, has become one of the most destructive in history. donations are flooding in to the local red cross shelter where more than a thousand people spent the night. >> it's a pretty compassionate town. >> reporter: the fire claimed the life of 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams who had multiple sclerosis. she told her caretaker she would be fine. >> i knew she was in the house.
5:19 pm
i knew she would be stuck and i knew she would have no way of getting out. >> reporter: the wildfire is one of 6,000 that have scorched the state this year. chelsea edwards, cbs news middletown, california. >> as we think of those folks out there, we've got to count our blessings don't we? the weather that we have here, can't ask for much better. lonnie quinn standing by. will it keep going? >> it's going to keep going but it's some of the best weather we've had all year long. there's your picture. crystal clear blue skies. sunshine, 82 degrees as of right now. high temperature. yesterday maxed out at 77. today up to 84 degrees. that's 8 degrees above the average and i see it getting hotter around here. vortex satellite and radar, quiet. we talked about how you don't see a cloud out there. as a matter of fact, nothing in our area. closest clouds i can find, a little deck here, 564 miles away. this high pressure is going to move a little bit to
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the east tomorrow but still it's the dominant factor. where do we start off for temperatures tomorrow? going to be on the cool side but not as cool this morning. we'll start you off at 64 in new york city. it does not look like a night we drop you down, say, places like new paulson in to the upper 40s, don't see that happening. high temperature tomorrow in new york city, 86 degrees. hotter tomorrow than it was today but another winner over ahead. we'll talk about the extended forecast and how long this sort of weather will last a little bit later. as you know, behind the wheel tempers can certainly flare. >> go! go! >> up next, the apps and technology claiming to have a way to tame road rage. >> a race that is getting closer. which candidates just made gains in a new presidential poll? >> first dana tyler looking ahead to the news at 6:00. >> hi from the control room. tonight at 6 :00, that sticker on your car windshield, is it real or bogus? jennifer mclogan with
5:21 pm
the story. long island police investigating a car safety scam. >> it's hard to tell the difference. fake inspection stickers may put you and your family at risk. >> also tonight at 6:00, the new taxi proposal that could have you pay more when you fly.
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new york ranks as the worst city for road rage. >> perhaps it's all the construction, the congestion, but road rage is something we've got to deal with and now there's an app for that. >> reporter: there's been pushing, shoving, grabbing, honking, and, well, hugging of sorts. road rage has been known to get the better of many a driver. >> go! go! >> i'm going to beat [ bleep ] >> road rage is not just about the road. it's about what's going on in our lives. >> reporter: clinical psychologist says rarely do people get angry while walking on the street but there's something about being in a car,
5:25 pm
we tend to depersonalize our fellow drivers. >> they become our enomies. >> reporter: -- they become our enemies. >> reporter: now there are apps that claim they to help you calm down. blow up traffic, for example, is a voice activated app that detects the level of your voice. if you yell, the app uses animation to blow up the traffic on the road in front of you. >> fire. >> affirmative. >> reporter: other apps go even further by letting you report your fellow driver's bad behavior. drive me crazy and fail driver collect and catalog road rage complaints which they say can be accessed by law enforcement, the dmv, even insurance companies. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: car manufacturers are also hoping to curb regrettable road rage with the use of facial recognition technology.
5:26 pm
sensors will read and influence driver's emotions. if anger is detected the car will automatically play a favorite soothing song. >> unfortunately what it's focusing on, these types of apps, just as we want this person to be punished. >> reporter: experts say drivers would be better served getting at the root cause of their anger. >> despite all the electronic measures that might be out there, the best thing we can do is sort of internal management. >> in other words, experts say learn how to control yourself. they also suggest having something to look forward to when you get in the car like an audio book. i think the consensus around the studio was not so sure about the blowup traffic one. >> not sure what that solves. >> taking out aggression. i'm not sure that's what we want to do. everybody calm down. especially after watch ing that piece. >> we've all been there. i know i have. >> ditto. coming up next, it's a loss that family and friends are having trouble understanding.
5:27 pm
>> it's a nightmare. it's a nightmare. >> a bicyclist killed by a boat. why experienced boaters say the deadly mistake is one anyone could make. >> also, days away from his first visit to the u.s. the pope is practicing his english. which events where he's planning to use his new language and the lucky teenagers who are about to meet him face to face. >> plus, fashion week faux pas. why a couple designers are angry about kanye's surprise show.
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a developing story. work continues to clear two cars on a freight train that derailed in hicksville. they were on the back end of a 16-car train. the ronkonkoma line had to be shut down in the area of the derailment. there are still delays and could be into the morning commute. no word on why the cars jumped the tracks. >> good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. a staten island family is in mourning. their daughter identified as the woman killed in a horrible accident. >> a trailer holding a boat
5:31 pm
became unattached then hit her. cbs 2's scott rappaport has the new information. >> this is the single most horrific tragic event a family can experience. >> reporter: for the heartbroken family of alexa cioffi, her debt is gut wrenching as sensely. >> alexa is one of the sweetest people you could meet. >> reporter: the second of three sisters that loved video games and horseback riding with dreams of some day going to law school killed while bicycling monday afternoon at this intersection in bay terrace after this boat on a trailer attached to a black pickup somehow became unhitched striking and killing alexa and critically injuring another cyclist. >> it's a nightmare. >> i spoke to alexa's grief- stricken mother off camera. she feels broken and devastated over her daughter's death. >> reporter: police are looking into whether the trailer was
5:32 pm
improperly secured to the pick up. at nichols marina, experienced boaters say they have seen it happen. >> if the trailer hitch is in but not all the way and the lever isn't closed, there is nothing to stop the ball from coming out if you hit a bump. >> reporter: it's not clear if any safety chains were used as a backup. at the scene police carefully examined the hitch connections on the truck and trailer. the driver of the pick up remained on site for several hours before leaving. no tickets, no charges. the nypd tells us it is investigating and looking into the possibility of any criminality surrounding the incident. alexa cioffi's boyfriend wrote on his facebook page, rest easy, alexa, i will always love you, together forever. scott rappaport, cbs 2 news. turning to campaign 2016. on the eve of the second presidential republican debate, a national poll is showing a
5:33 pm
race that is getting tighter. donald trump is leading 27% in this cbs news political. dr. ben carson has newly quo dried pled his support. nearly 15,000 people showed up at a trump rally in dallas. >> nobody is going to be able to do the job that i am going to do. nobody. they won't. they won't. >> we have realized for several weeks that trump wasn't going away and, so, we decided we needed to do something. >> and the conservative group known as club for growth says it will spend a million dollars on tv ads criticizing donald trump. exactly one week until pope francis sets food on u.s. soil. the vatican released more details about the speeches he is scheduled to make. four will be in english. the vast majority, 14 will be in spanish. pope francis has been practicing his english during
5:34 pm
recent trips away from the vatican. the pope's visit presents an outstanding opportunity for local students. they have been selected to meet pope francis when he visits a school in harlem. hazel sanchez spoke to them today. >> what was your reaction when you found out you were chosen. >> unreal. is this actually happening? >> kara from hartsdale, new york, is one of a dozen rising high school seniors selected to meet pope francis during his whirlwind new york city visit. >> at first shocked because there is a multitude of students they could have picked from. >> meeting him is like meeting the disciple of jesus. it's like, wow, i am one step closer to jesus. >> reporter: the principals from 12 high schools and the new york diocese diocese hand picked based on academic and spiritual excellence. >> i am eager. exiting. i couldn't believe it.
5:35 pm
i had chills. my head was spinning. >> richard's dad couldn't be more proud of his son's honorable opportunity. >> i thought of willie wonka and the chocolate factory. he got a golden ticket. >> reporter: they will be lined up in a hallway inside our lady queen of angels school. they will have a few minutes to see and possibly speak to the pope. some students plan what they want to say. >> my mother is diagnosed with cancer, terminal cancer a couple of months ago. if i could, i would like the pope to maybe say a prayer for my father. it would mean the world to me. >> family and friends ask requests. i'm like, i will try. >> the students feel a connection with the holy father after following him on twitter. >> many people, especially teenagers, people my age see pope francis on twitter. he is with the times. >> he is cool. >> he is awesome. >> pope francis may only be with the students a short time but they say their memories
5:36 pm
will last a lifetime. in harlem, hazel sanchez. >> stay with cbs 2 and cbs new york for complete coverage of the pope was events 24th to 26th including the procession through central park and the mass at madison square garden. >> can you imagine being one of those kids. >> no. when we do these stories, how the parents must be freaking out. >> completely. >> if i was in their shoes -- hope my kid says the right thing. >> get it right. as we continue at 5:00 tonight, you have heard a phrase a man's home is his castle. in this case, we really mean it. literally, up next a castle that will let you live large and medieval complete with a drawbridge and a moat. >> hand sanitizer is being abused and creating a danger for children. >> in 1985 nik egan selling the
5:37 pm
first line of air jordans, the signature shoe one of the most successfully marketing campaigns ever for sneakers and everything else. nike still releases new designs
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tt2watx#`o4 p bt@q>v8 tt2watx#`o4 p "a@q.z\ tt2watx#`o4 p bm@q%qp tt4watx#`o4 r dztq yah tt4watx#`o4 r entq )e( tt4watx#`o4 r gzt& 0bp tonight's living large takes us to a home that looks like a european castle located in the hamptons. >> the homeowner built it from the ground up with his brother based on decades of studying midevil times. emily smith takes us on a tour. >> on a lush piece of prime real estate sits a 15,000 square foot midevil cancel. a drawbridge surrounded by a moat leads you to the front door. we met the homeowner, a former banking tycoon turned philanthropist. >> i'm emily. >> sir ivan? >> absolutely. we are in a castle. the castle was built approximately 18 years ago by my brother and i. >> all aspects chosen by him
5:41 pm
himself to mimic the 14 and 1500s. it has dragons, garr giles and knights in shining armor. >> i'm scared. >> don't be. i'm a night in shining armor. >> this is a 25 by 25 dance floor. >> the video lounge satisfies my love for hollywood movies. that's why i built a castle. i was a big robin hood fan when i was a kid. >> there is a hot tube room. >> this jay cuz sy holds a lot of people, 10, 12 comfortably. >> and in his spare time he plays midevil madness. >> you are like a grown up child. >> upstairs water views. >> taconic bay and water's island. >> reporter: we walked along a hallway with a special art collection and china collection to two master suites.
5:42 pm
the other has a cherry wood bed from indonesia. the dog plays along wearing a cape to honor the peace man foundation, his charity. we stepped out to the pool. an infinity edge with versace style tile. there is a volleyball court next to a tennis court. >> what do you get with a home like this. >> you are not unless you come up with between 50 and $75 million. >> reporter: to rent it for a summer, $1 million. that's living large in a castle in water mill. >> not only that, the home has gotten bathrooms and a regulation nba style basketball court. >> how many living larges do you think we have seen. >> our fair share. >> nothing like that. >> i got nothing to say. >> very unique. >> speaks for itself. >> incredible. >> incredible use of colors, definitely. we may get extra vitamin d from the forecast.
5:43 pm
could a lack of the vitamin be linked to brain problems like dementia and alzheimers? we will have the research next. >> dana tyler looking ahead to the news at 6:00. >> hi. here is a look at what we are working on in the newsroom. more on the freight train derailment at hicksville that we told you about. we will have a live report. the latest on l.i.r.r. delays and cancellations. also a dog dies left alone at a new jersey veterinarian's office. how this dog's death could help save other animal's lives. another touching story. a 6-year-old wheelchair bound boy scoring a touchdown for his team.
5:44 pm
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ready or not kanye west is taking over the catwalk. he decided at the last minute to present his kanye west adidas originals collection tomorrow at noon. published reports say the decision is pumping two other designers off the schedule. annie bowen is scrambling to reschedule after west's show took her venue and then reportedly several of her models.
5:47 pm
there was no comment from the other designer affected or west himself. well, james core din was back -- cordin was back on the road for karaoke. >> a small disagreement on who should be behind the wheel. >> are you sure you are okay to drive? this is making me feel a bit uneasy. >> [ laughter ] >> better be safe than story. >> i got a license. >> really? you got your license. >> listen to stevie wonder's classics including superstition, signed, sealed, delivered and he serenaded his wife over the phone, a heartfelt moment that left the host in tears i just called
5:48 pm
to say he loves you >> oh. >> you can watch the late, late show with james cordin at 12:45 after stephen colbert. that is cool. >> so sweet. >> stevie is so funny. let's talk weather. lonnie is here. what a winner. gorgeous. >> great stuff. if you like it we will repeat it for tomorrow. the weather pattern we are involved with, this is not a real tough one. it's a real strong high pressure and that is not going too far. we will keep repeating these sort of days. take a look at the pictures sent in to the weather office by all of my weather watchers, pretty looking shots. sunshine all over the place. here is one -- this is from adam heather. beautiful blue what i got outside right now is a beautiful blue sky over new york looking up the hudson river, g.w. bridge, sunny skies. here is what you should be expecting as you look ahead.
5:49 pm
a cool night ahead, maybe not as cool as it was last night or this morning. it will be strong out there, sunshine for the day. the heat will peak on thursday. that doesn't mean friday we will drop off the cliff. it will be cooler but warm. 84 friday. pretty good looking forecast. today 84. typical 76. you know, we need rain. there is no rain in my forecast, not over the next five days. i don't think over the next seven days. we are running a deficit for the entire year over half a foot of rain. need rain out there. i'm so were rid about what the fall will look like without the leaves having some moisture, they will crinkle and turn brown and die, unfortunately. so,ing there is no chance for rain as you look to your night tonight, your day tomorrow. crystal clear skies. basically looking at the clear air in the middle of it you find the high pressure system. because of where it's parked, it's pumping in a mild southwest flow.
5:50 pm
temperatures will go up tomorrow. they will go up into thursday as well. there is rain out west. we thought this might give us a chance for rain saturday into sunday. is there a chance at all? there is for sunday. a slight chance. not enough if you ask me. a slight chance to squeeze a few raindrops out. a lot of this will travel up and over the high pressure system. it remains the dominant factor in our weather now for seven days. tomorrow another warm one out there with the pretty blue sky. 8 thursday. some of you could find the 90- degree mark. 85 friday. there is that little cool down i'm talking about, not much of a cool down. 81 saturday. 77 sunday. i have a slight chance with more clouds. i would like to see more of a soaker out of it but it does look like that wants to happen. tuesday partly sunny. tuesday high 78. >> thank you, lonnie. >> okay, guys. could lack of a common
5:51 pm
vitamin be linked to alzheimer's or other dementia. >> that is the conclusion of a new study. dr. max gomez explains the risk is higher in african americans and hispanics. >> sunlight and diet are the two main sources of vitamin d. many take vitamin d supplements. still having a low vitamin d level is very common. so, researchers from rutgers and the university of california davis studied a racial and ethnically mixed group of 382 older adults with average age of 75. >> about 60% of the group regardless of their race or ethnicity was low in vitamin d. >> dr. miller new as a group older adults are at a greater risk for mental decline. >> as the population ages, the fastest growing segment are the old and oldest of old. with that is an increase in the risk of cognitive dysfunction and out right alzheimers and dementia.
5:52 pm
related? the study group had vitamin d levels measured at the start and studied over five years. >> some of the subjects had out right dementia, some mild cognitive impairment and some normal cognitive functioning. >> those who had dementia had lower vitamin d status than those who had mild cognitive impairment or who had normal cognitive functioning. >> those low in vitamin d declined more in short term memory as well as a more complex thinking task. >> they were declining about 2 1/2 times faster than those who had adequate vitamin d. >> the study does not prove cause and effect of course but given vitamin d may strengthen the immune system may help prevent cancer. ask your doctor about taking a vitamin d supplement since most of us in the northern
5:53 pm
hemisphere are deficient in vitamin d. >> wear sunscreen if you get it from the sun. >> if you wear sunscreen you won't get vitamin d from the sun. >> thank you. a warning from doctors that more and more children are getting drunk on hand sanitizer. poison control center hot lines across the country say since 2010 they have seen nearly a 400% increase in children younger than 12 ingesting hand sanitizer. the amount of alcohol ranges from 45 to 95% and ingesting 2 or 3 squirts can cause alcohol poisoning. doctors say hand sanitizer should be stored out of the reach of children. well, these days, a lot of business meetings are taking place anywhere but in the board rooms. today deals are getting done on long distance bike rides, during workouts, in the gyms and nail salons. it can amp up creativity, productivity and build lasting business relationships. how companies are taking employees out of their comfort
5:54 pm
zones to get their work done in new age networking tonight at 11:00 on cbs 2 before "the late show" with stephen colbert. she doesn't have children but claims she is a mom in a different way. up next, sex and the city actress kim cat trees is creating debate with comments she made on parenting. see if you agree. >> at 6:00, somebody decided it's not too early to think about holiday shopping. how to secure the popular gifts early this year. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers.
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do not take invokana if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana . imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name.
5:57 pm
what makes someone a mother? that is a question someone is buzzing about after recent comments from kim kay troll. she declared herself a parent. >> kim is known for her role asa man that jones on sex and the city. she sparked controversy with her statements on motherhood during an interview with bbc radio. >> i am a parent. i have young actors and actresses that i mentor. i have nieces and nephews that i am very close to. there is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn't include your name on
5:58 pm
the child's birth certificate. >> people fired off supportive and angry comments online. the sentiment on the street is similarly divided. >> if she feels like she is a mom and she feels like she is connecting to kids then that's fine. >> i never knew what it was to be a parent until i had a child. >> i don't think she would be a mom necessarily. >> a great aunt. >> a great aunt sounds like a good thing. >> jeff gardire calls the controversy a teachable moment. >> there is plenty of room for being a parent to a child that you take care of every day as well as someone who considers themselves to be a parent because they are a guiding influence in someone else's life. >> many agree with her statements, others say if you aren't parenting fume time you shouldn't call yourself mom or dad. >> like people who have jobs and say i have a child because i have a dog. they feel being able to nurture someone or something is like
5:59 pm
being a mom. >> there is no official statement from the actress but she is responding to people's statements on twitter. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> that is it for the news at 5:00 a. we will see you at 11:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. a major counterfeit ring discovered on long island. drivers putting others in danger paying for fake stickers to avoid car inspections. also tonight, a commuter alert. it will be a long night for some long island railroad riders. a freight train derailment cancellations. police warn about an alleged car safety scam with potential danger for anyone on the streets. they found dozens of cars with


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