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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 18, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> i never played a character that can help so many people. >> a transgender story turns our "e.t." reporter into an emotional sitdown. >> you're making me tear up a little bit. >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you for joining us. at the end of another busy week for star news. >> and we have more big headlines for you. let's get started. tonight's top story. >> was jessica simpson drunk on live tv or ditzy the way we have come to know and love her. >> it's like 44. >> i am looking at myself on the monitor. >> i think ashley is the best at wearing gray. >> your sister? >> yes. >> it all unfolded on hsn. >> we glitz and glamoured it for our anniversary. >> while jessica and her mom pushed her fashion line, a lot of viewers were wondering about her behavior. so ten years ago there were no
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diapers on the scene. >> oh, gosh, no. unless i was wearing one. >> of course, she wasn't drunk. she was here. she was thrilled to be here. i can tell you our team loved working with her. >> today we spoke with hsn's president bill brand who is standing by the star calling her a topnotch professional. >> i think what you have to take into account when you're on hsn, it's very different than traditional television in a sense that it's not just a q&a on a talk show where you get a question and answer. this is two hours live. it's a completely different beast. >> party, party, party. she came stumbling out of a hollywood club and her husband guided her to her car. >> simpson was on point when we were with her last week. >> i'm on my way right now to the red carpet. for a party that celebrating the ten year anniversary of the jessica simpson collection. i could not be more proud of this moment. >> jessica's brand raked in $1 billion in sales last year. >> a sequin jacket is sold out. >> yea! >> we don't release sales numbers. i can tell you it was a phenomenal night. >> jessica's dad told us his daughter is driven. >> she has always been. that this child has been working
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since she was 12. >> you know, give her a break. this is a hard-working woman who has a very successful business. and i'm proud that she chose to come to hsn to celebrate. it was really fun night. >> let's keep moving. >> first up, nice quick hits. >> he is still trending. hot debate guy. we spoke to him two days after the debate. >> it's been a crazy couple days. it's been exciting and fun and just trying to take it for what it is and enjoy the ride. >> twitter still can't get enough of the filmmaker and billionaire son who went to school with patrick schwarzenegger and found out he was famous during a debate commercial break. >> a cnn photographer came up to me and basically said do you understand what is happening right now? i said, no. then i looked at my phone and noticed i had a lot of texts from friends and family. >> greg tells us celebrity crush is january jones. >> the funniest is the $10 one i saw on line.
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the two definitely acted like lovebirds. >> you see tatum looking lovingly at rosie. eyewitnesses saw her put her arm around tatum. >> earlier this month, the daily mail was first to say they were a couple and tatum said she was with her wife. but when asked about the details, she said she was joking and deleted the whole thread. the couple said they are only friends. finally this, who got kim pregnancy news first? >> i haven't told anyone. >> what? >> i told north last night. >> kendall was told soon after. >> she face timed me. i was in a supermarket. i was like be quiet. there are people around. >> our carly steel got an exclusive sitdown and then the name is catchy, modern view. >> you smell divine. >> talk. of course i'm wearing it. >> it has rose and raspberry and vanilla which are all three of my favorite things.
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let's bring in cameron who was at the toronto film festival for us. one movie which premiered there and is getting a huge response is "secario". >> this is a powerful movie. it eye opening, edge of your seat and, yes, even oscar. and i got the chance to sit down and talk with this amazing cast josh brolin, emily blunt and bonito del toro. >> the role was going to be rewritten for a male. >> it was never going to be rewritten but a financier approached the rights and said if you make her a dude, we'll up your budget. >> whoa. >> a sad state of affairs in this business. >> dramatically overreacting. >> emily's drug cartel busting
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>> i just don't think this movie could be the same without emily. i mean that poster wouldn't be as cool as it is without emily. >> now i know her. and i'm like oh, yeah, why you she's the one with the balls. >> and as for that oscar buzz, this cast is playing it cool. >> i take it with a pinch of salt.
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the film. i find it hard to sort of go down that route. >> that would be major mistake. performance, emily's husband john kerzinski. >> was what was i had reaction? >> i don't know. i got a lot of leg hits like during it. you can see him shaking his head. i think that is good news. and a leg hit is like oh, my god. now just a heads up. there is a lot of violence in the film. keep that in mind. it is amazing. emily just landed another big role. she will star in "the girl on the train" which is based on the best-selling book that has been compared to gone girl. >> okay, that right there is some serious glamour. modern family star sophia vergara is a knockout. she made her debut there in 2010. so it's no wonder she made our best dressed list every year since. >> i remember when i was in colombia, i was part of a red carpet in hollywood.
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together the whole look and feel, you know, very movie star. >> one of the things we love about her is her sexiness and confidence on the carpet. >> one word always when i see you is vavavavoom. >> since she is a covergirl, we look. >> i love color. i think red carpet is a place you can show off. >> rewinding to her past emmy looks, you can see she loves a pop of color on the lips. last year being the boldest of them all. you can actually get her exact shade. it's covergirl outlast lip color in ever ready.
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>> too hot, too sexy. right, rite aid knows when you look, good you feel good. so check out your neighborhood beauty destination for all the tools to get that red carpet ready look. coming up, julie bowen, clair james and "empire's" cookie is nominated for an emmy.
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>> i have a hot movie coming out and i'm unemployed. but that is the nature of the business. >> that is on the way.
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magazine's ones to watch party magazine, "e.t." before they were famous? it's in the stores this second. you can read it this weekend before you tune into the emmys on sunday night. and we're looking back at the emmy stars before they were famous. >> she is a one woman kind of guy on the show in real life. i'm going to get in so much
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all right. it's like 30 seconds. i'm in trouble! >> we fell in love with julie bowen 20 years ago on the snowy set of "extreme." and we were impressed by wise beyond her years was starring in it. i want to be a person that has a life and can act. i don't want to be an actress. she used the talents for the first role day by day. >> it's fun to be -- for me to come in and play a sarcastic character. and that's what i do. >> i'm ready for battle. >> yes. >> today he writes the icy but stylish first lady in "house of cards" but she was in the hollywood vice squad. >> you'll be seeing the break in of the cops. i get shot. danielle gets shot. just all the cops. cops came in from the bathroom
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claiming to be my trick. >> i'm an actor. 98% of us are unemployed. whenever you get a job that, is fabulous. >> she is being candid on "city of angels" where she played a nurse and hanson has turned cookie line into a household name. >> like right now. i don't have a job. i have a hot movie coming out and i'm unemployed. but that's the nature of the business. >> i can't wait for sunday and our "e.t." team coverage already everywhere. the red carpet, backstage of the parties and we'll have all the winners and, of course, we'll break down the best and worst dressed. make sure you're right here on monday for all of that. coming up, a special treat, antonio sabato jr. has a home reality show and we have his tour of wayne newton's massive
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>> so this is the red room. i heard about this. >> and inside the new film "about ray," it focused on a male. the cast. >> give me a hug.
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i'm not starting a new school in this body.
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i'm just not. >> maybe they'll make an exception. >> i'm done with being an exception. >> that is "about ray." it was played in toronto where it got a standing ovation. it has a terrific cast. >> and she plays a teen transitioning from female to male. so we asked jazz jennings to be our special correspondent. they is one of the most important young faces in the transgender community. it shows in our conversation with the stars that turned out to be both emotional and >> you have all the special people like butterflies, you know, transforming into something else. and can make us all stop and realize that our definitions of what male and female is can be so much bigger. >> why can't she just be a lesbian? >> she's not a lesbian, she's a boy. >> all the different generations and how it affects us and in a
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>> hey. i'm actually pretty stylish. i gained five pounds. >> you mentioned that this is the most important character that you have ever played. why is ray so special? >> i think because ray is a lot of teenagers that are like ray that are out there and so to me it's like this film and they're going to hopefully get to see this film and that's -- that's amazing. i never played a character that can relate and help so many people. >> you sound like my mother. you sound like my grandmother. you are sounding like my trendsetter friend who is a boy. i feel like you guys really are capturing the reality of what it means to be transgender. >> i find it an exciting time to be able to have a definition and for them to be here. i'm excited. >> you're making me tear up a little bit. i feel like this film is so
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important. and i'm ready to see change occur. and i'm ready for everyone to just be able to live their lives authentically. this is just one step closer to making it happen. >> it's our job no matter who you are as you grow up. that's the only thing you have to focus on your whole life, i think. >> give me a hug. >> that's what i was about to do. >> it's all about love. >> beautiful. you're so articulate. >> that's amazing. that's a great role model for so many people. >> and for kids that aren't transitioning, just understand how important it is to be brave and not be dictated by what other people think of you. and it's a hard thing when you're young. it's all about peer pressure, right? so well done. >> yes, great job, jazz. very heart warming. "about ray" will hit theaters before the end of the year to qualify for oscar consideration. >> all right. we're joined now by the newest guest correspondent but really
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he's a friend, antonio sobato jr. you've known him forever. >> i have. >> good to be here. >> i worked for him for two years. >> i feel bad for you. >> you should. he's a beast in the gym. but you're taking us inside of celebrity home. you have a special one for us today. >> i'm taking everyone inside wayne newton's house for the first time. >> and you always loved real estate. you have your own show fix it and finish it. >> i love acting but i love real estate. you ask me to go to las vegas and go inside his mansion, i said, i'll pop on a plane and be right there. wow. look at this. this is -- i don't know what to say, wayne. i've been coming to vegas for a very long time. i've always wanted to see your house. i mean -- i'm speechless. i don't know where to look. >> i couldn't be more thrilled than to have you here. >> i'm excited to be in wayne newton's house. this is pretty cool.
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his ranch might be called the smithsonian of sin city. it includes 12,000 square feet of memorabilia, paintings by margaret cane and a zoo filled with exotic birds and penguins and a monkey who i met on wayne's private jet. >> hi. >> he is remarkably attached to wayne. moving on, i got to check out his 165 seat theater. huge screen. >> what's happening is it's film is a life long dream. >> that dream includes a sprawling ranch, home to 60 horses. >> you can't have my ear. what is the worth of this particular arabian? >> i've been offered over $800,000 for him. and i turned it down. >> vegas is perfect for the arabian breed. and look at this. they train in a horse swimming
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>> one time around this pool would be equivalent to five miles at a hand gallop on the track. >> wow. >> with no stress at all on their legs. >> we go back to animals. they keep you at peace and on the straight and narrow. >> yes. >> you never hear anything bad you about, man. >> you just haven't talked to the right people. so this is the red room. >> the red room. i heard about this. >> you can tour wayne's world, it's now open to the public. and it's so cool. you'll be able to be in his office called the red room. beneath the ceiling, wayne hosted several presidents. michael jackson, frank sinatra and dean martin. >> we have every dean in here from presidential letters to robert e. lee's sword. >> i don't know where to look first. there is so much memorabilia. >> you could actually take a week and never see everything in
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>> are you on a wheaties box? >> that's me on a wheaties box. >> you better not spread that the word shenandoah is an indian meaning house of beauty. >> you're turning your house into a museum for the world to see. >> my wife said to me one day, did you ever think about maybe opening this up to the public? and it hit me kind of like a ton of bricks. it's the happiest that i am in my life is sharing. and so why not share one of the things that you lot of most? >> that house is amazing. i know wayne opened it up for the public today. what is your favorite thing? >> among so many things, seeing that arabian horse going inside the pool and doing the laps. pretty cool. >> so much fun. i hope you do a lot more for us. >> i'd love to. >> thank you. >> and now in the interview with tonight's birthdays, which star of madagascar was named after a soap opera actor?
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"e.t." birthdays.tt0w!tx#h_!!%4@%*m@ tt0w!tx#h_!!el@% j, tt0w!tx#h_!!ed@%&hh tt0w!tx#h_%!)8p-e%$ destination for 24/7 news on your favorite celebrities. take a look at stars celebrating birthdays today. >> the one and only jada pink et smith who turns 44 today. happy birthday. jada is named after her mother's favorite soap star from "as the world turns." >> by the way, nancy, you ready for them? >> one more dress fitting and i'm ready to go.
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>> you always look magnificent. >> good-bye, everyone. >> "entertainment tonight" where history is made. >> "e.t.'s" 35th year on the emmy red carpet. and the best is yet to come. >> everybody's doing it. >> we've got all the gossip. >> that's what i'm hearing. >> the winners backstage and breaking down the fashion hits and misses. >> too hot.
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>> that's monday.
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