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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 21, 2015 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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[ male announcer ] from l'oreal. o matc "everybody in here is gonna cry. "everybody in here's gonna fry, fry. "i'm starting with the beauties "'cause they're so bleeping snooty. loall the models. watch them die, die." and now a model's dead. it's just a song. a song about killing models. ok at how convenient would it be if your girlfriend, a model, happened to die right when your new video was being released? that would be number one with a bullet. you think this is some kind of joke? less than 48 hours after your girlfriend slipped into a coma and some woman died because somebody gave them some kind of poisonous mushroom, you're havinug-fueled party and flushing what appears to be the murder weapon right down the toilet. i told you, they're psychedelic mushrooms. well, i got a video of you shaving something g a dr that sure does look like a mushroom onto sofie's risotto at milli's party. what are you talk... oh yeah, you mean my truffle? what? i'm talking about a poisonous mushroom. no, man, it's a truffle i bought at mario's charity auction
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that thing set me backrand. a chocolate truffle? no, no, man. not chocolate. it's like a... it's, like, mushroom, but not a poisonous mushroom. like a... like a tuber, i think. two g $2,000? yeah. they're rare or something. anyway, i didn't give any to milli, and she's the one that's dead. okay. why don't you tell me what you did with the rest of this magical $2,000 truffle? it's gone. i gave it to a lot of other people at the party. you got to ask yourself why they're not dead, too, right? no, i don't have to ask myself anything. but what i do keep wondering about is why you haven't asked any questions about your girlfriend. i mean, she's in a coma. you haven't even asked how she's doing. i know. i-i'm sorry. i-i forgot. right. your girlfriend's dying. it just slipped your mind. yeah. well, see, that's the. what's the thing? she's not really my girlfriend. she's not your girlfriend? no. it was like an arrangement.
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it was my manager and her thing. wendy thought it would be a good idea for sofie's rising star, the red carpet and page six and like that. mother mm-hmm? so this arrangement? what did you get from it? i'd rather not say. really? okay. well, you don't say. i'll just charge you with homicide and get on with my day. protection. from what? (sighs) protection from what? from rumors. what type of rumors? the kind that if a young teenage girl were to hear, she would never buy another dorian ticket. hmm... look, the truth is that i was a lot more interested in her friend harry than i was in sofie. reagan? talk to you?
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i just discovered that sofie was dorian's beard. really? huh. yeah. wow. well, one thing the guy's telling the truth about? the lab results just came in on those mushrooms he was trying to flush down the toilet bowl. mm-hmm? e psychedelic. i guess the truffles weren't poisonous either, then. i don't know. this is very confusing. well, what we do know is that somebody tried they'r to poison someone. one woman is dead, and a girl is in a coma. let's just hold him for possession of a controlled substance till we figure this thing out. yeah. morning. hey. any change? she's breathing on her own. the liver chemistry's better. wen...
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they don't think it was the musician anymore. the mushrooms that they confiscated were a recreational drug. dorian had no reason to harm sofie. they barely knew each other. i know. daniel told you about the arrang you must think i'm horrible. (sighs) it's, um... ement? it's just hard for me to understand. what? why i pushed my daughter to get mixed up in some cr fake relationship with a drug-addled rock star in the closet so she could get her name in the paper? get her face on theepy,r of some stupid magazine? you don't think i feel bad enough already? i didn't say that. that's what you were thinking. little miss staten island salt of the earth. e cove wendy, please stop. you stop. you blame me because i wanted a better life.
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there it is. the contempt. i was trying to be sympathetic, wen. is that so? just leave me and my daughter alone. wen... get out of here! (bells tolling) well, the woman has a history of mental problems. so what's going on? why are they kicking him out? he's a sacrificial lamb. i'm not following you, dad. it'll look like they're latching on to this to excuse themselves for allegations that they've ignored in the past. oh. well, thanks, harvard. you asked. that isn't fair. no it isn't, nicky. but it isn't simple, either. if it goes public, it hurts the church. henry: no kidding. i'm in the middle of a fund drive for comforting community.
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what's going to happen to all those senior citizens we serve? so what do you think, dad? i was kind of hoping to find out what you guys think. it's a tough one. i mean, i can see it from both sides. yeah, me, too. lawyers, what do you expect? well, i'll takside. it stinks. i'm not talking about the legality. it's not a question of due process, it's an ethical issue. yeah. is the church making the father pay fore a ormer sins? yeah. on the other hand, father mcmurray isn't resisting, right? right. of course not. he loves the church. he's willing its fake the sacrifice. are we being selfish for not wanting to lose him? are we putting our wishes before the needs of the church? that's all well and good. but somebody should take a side. he to mood priest. it stinks. well, i think we should have faith that bishop donovan will do the right thing. everything has a cost, even the truth. 's a g but the reward for truth is a clear eye and a clear conscience.
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bishop donovan, when he was at st. brendan's. hmm. i just hope he remembers it. brought you some of staten island's finest, jackie, and some fresh jet fuel. ooh. thank you. any results from the dea in d.c. yet? um, yeah. the mushrooms that killed milli and poisoned sofie, they came from morocco. and they were purchased fresh and harvested no more than a month ago. you got any airplane manifests from morocco? passenger lists for the last six weeks just to be safe from marrakech and casablanca. is is from iberia airlines. rock the casbah. uh, so far nothing on american. but i'm checking air france now. th newark to marrakech, via paris... what was that-that hairstylist? what was it? harry? barry? rry. harry bell? harry bell. right here. seat 30a, three weeks ago. harry, that sweet little hairdresser kid?
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ha maybe. why don't we go pay him a visit? we'll check the rest of the manifests on the way. okay. (alternative rock song plays loudly) i hear music. yeah, pretty loud. maybe he's home. harry bell! open the door! well, you know, the neighbors have been complaining about loud music. right. (loud music continues) before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was a doer. widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica.
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for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic react or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling,ions trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, l and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be megs kely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things. but with less pain, i'm still a doer.
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ore lil th00alieores peseinsof u nto t ghan t vep chlar, i prreo.tt0w!tx#h_!!%4@-j] tt0w!tx#h_!!el@-@zl tt0w!tx#h_!!ed@-fx( tt0w!tx#h_%!)8h-&&t tt0w!tx#h_%!kzh-;i( tt0w!tx#h_%!n-h-n $ tt0w!tx#h_%!0ph-pg< tt0w!tx#h_%!s"h-@5\ tt0w!tx#h_%!ueh-cw, tt0w!tx#h_%!7hh-_ux hey, dorian! a clean park. new york city thanks you. oh, no, no, thank you. i got 99 more hours of community service to do for something that grows in god's earth. well, it may grow in god's earth, but it's still illegal. the other day you told us you'd rather hang out with harry than you would with sofie, is that right? yeah. we had our moment. why? well, harry the hairdresser's dead. apparently, he committed suicide. is harry had just become our main suspect. he was on a plane to morocco, where the mushrooms came from, but we don't have a motive or any reason why he would kill himself. maybe you could shed some light on that for us. morocco? yeah. that-that's actually where harry and i had our time. but he didn't say anything about mushrooms. you were in morocco? we didn't see your name on the airplane manifests. yeah, well, i don't fly commercial.
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oh. so you had a private jet? yeah. that's why i went to morocco. harry was working on a photo shoot for atlanta's marrakesh spread. atlanta? sofie's mentor? atlanta was on a private plane to morocco with you? ve her a lift. like i said, perception is everything. that would explain why she wasn't on the passenger list. i gae looking for atlanta. she just went upstairs for a smoke. why? what do you want? we'r atlanta! detective reagan, my partner detective curatola. you remember us from the hospital...? don't come any closer! listen, all right... i'll jump! i will! all right, i'm stepping back. nobody's going to jump. et out of here! we can't leave you up there, okay? we're not going to leave you unless we know you're safe. so why don't you just relax and we'll talk about this, okay? you have no idea what it's like for me.
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i've been working fashion week since i was 13. i booked a dozen shows a year. but this year? one show. and i had to beg for it. okay, you don't want to jump because of that. okay? and it's not fair! i didn't mean to hurt anybody! okay, you didn't mean it. i just thought it would make sofie sick, and that-that i would get to close the lara fortunato show. i put it in her risotto when she wasn't looking. but i don' what happened to milli. and now... harry, and that's my fault, too? look, it's not your fault. harry killed himt knowokay? i killed him. we were in this bazaar in marrakesh. the shopkeeper had these mushrooms, and...
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self, harry didn't see me buy them, but he suspected me... okay. i told him that if he ratted me out... that i would say that we did this together. he's dead because of me. no, he's dead because he killed himself, all right? it was an accident; it's not your fault. so why don't you just get down from there, okay? come on down, all right? come on. don't do this to yourself. just take my hand. come on down. come on down. there you go. come on. (gasps) come on down. there you go. all right. yeah, you just stand right there. jackie: atlanta aka lisa jennings, you are under arrest for the murder of milli skye, attempted murder of sofie lightner. let's go. please. let's go. (door opens) wendy. i'm sorry.
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well, if it was one of my boys, i don't know what that would do to me. oh, don't be nice, linda. i can't stand it. had a lot of time to think about things. making some changes... if sofie comes out of this. well, don't even think about moving back to staten island. you'd go nuts. just saying. she was surrounded by some desperate people, and i should have known. i just wanted it for her so bad. i closed my eyes to the truth. you were doing what you thought was best. every mother is guilty of that. you wove known. you would've seen right through them all. i've always envied that about you.
2:15 am
you have always known exactly who you are. you have never once nded to be something you're not, not for anybody. me? i have spent my whole life trying to forget where i came from, prete trying to be something i'm not. look where it got me. well, i'm guilty of that, too. i doubt it. (clears throat) that wasn't my dress the other day. what? i bought it that morning... kept the tags in it. i was going to return it the next day. linda. i know. it was stupid and... it was terrible but... i just wanted ress you. you're a really sweet sister,
2:16 am
to imp you're a really sweet sister, you know that? (sobs) it was staten island. (wendy sniffles, linda laughs) mom? hey. hi... baby. mommy's right here. issing, wendy sniffles) thank you for seeing me, francis. please sit down, your excellency. (k i see. thank you. i won't stay long. i'm on my way to deliver a benediction at the un. they need it. i always knew you had great things in store for you, francis. thank you. and now look at yo hot seat, sometimes. teabout it.
2:17 am
we have such fine schools. 95% ll me students go on to college. they outperform every state and city test you can throw at them. of our and to lose more schools... i have thought about this problem long and hard. francis, when we last spoke, you reminded me of something. what was that, your excellency? the truth. was i sacrificing truth for expe in shipping the problem to south america? and the answer was "yes." ediencbut now... we're going to face this problem head-on. (door closes) how'd the board meeting go? there's enough in the coffers for comforting community
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that's great, pop. what's better, francis, is that bishop donovan changed his mind. father mcmurray doesn't have to go to bolivia after all. always nice to hear good news. captioning sponsored by cbs the all-new volkswagen jetta. it's great, for the price of good. that's das auto.
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l th00alieores peseinsof u nto t ghan t vep chlar, i prreo. any lessons that you've learned so fs year? >> be grateful for even the bad things. >> i have a sit-down with the
2:21 am
newly single gwen thi >> and victoria beckham is slammed for sending too thin models down the cat walk. >> coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." >> models are .0001 of the population. >> labelled skeleton spice, are beckha rls too skinny? >> some of them were painfully thin. >> fashion week's model weight wars. just what should a woman on the cat walk look like? plus -- >> receiving great. m's gis gwen stefani putting on a brave face? >> then -- >> oh yeah. >> and unless they like wear a sequinned out or something. >> i >> jessica simpson, stumbling and always unfiltered. were fans concerned? >> the first ever enteent tonight magazine. stars before they were famous. >> don't tell anyone. >> i'm having a great time. >> child stars. >> i'm just in second grade. >> emmrtainms. >> to tell you the truth, i was just excited to get a job. >> remember these couples who
2:22 am
>> hi, sarah jessica ay starert. >> as we celebrate 35 years on air. we have the stars looking back at their "e.t." debuts.nd rob >> do you remember your first time at "e.t."? >> am i at a bowling alley? that's a strike in my book. >> now in our 35th season, t is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us, everyone. on emmy weekend. by the way, we put together a very special show for you.his like the flash back to end all flash backs. with our first look ever at entertainment tonight magazine. >> fantastic. all of your favorite stars before they were famous. we will get to all of that in a second. first, let's dig into some of the biggest star headlines. was jessica simpson drunk on hsn thursday night or just a little ditzy the way we have come to know and love her? >> i don't know this is like -- i am looking at myself -- in the monitor. >> oh. >> and we glitz and glamoured it for the anniversary. and really like ashley is like
2:23 am
the best at wearing gray. my sister. >> while jess and her mom pushed her fashion line, a lot of viewers were wondering about her behavior. >> so 10 years ago, no diapers on the scene. >> oh gosh no. unless i was wearing one. >> of course she wasn't drunk. she was here. thrilled to be here. i can tell you, our team loved working with her. >> we spoke with president bill brand who is standing by the star. calling her a top-notch professional. >> when you're on hsn, it is not hsn's just a q & a on a talk show where you get a question, you get an answer. this is two hours live. a completely different beast. >> party, party, party. >> meanwhile, in nk, criticism over victoria beckham's fashion show. your models were very thin. a few that were -- that distracted you. ew yor is shocking. >> critics blasted beckham
2:24 am
calling herand it runway show skeletal spice and anorexia chic. >> victoria designs for women that look like her. and she should. however, try and choose models that are healthier. >> i think it would be unfair to point out one designer for having models allegedly too thin. >> authoodell, author "tales from the back row." >> she the have to be fitr amy in order to fit into the samples. >> and our interview with gwen stefany at her split. >> do you have any lessons you've learned so far this year? >> of course, i have. i think the number one thing is probably living in the moment. because if you can do that and you can just sit there and be grateful, for even the bad things and good things, then you will have peace. >> following her break up with husband gavin, gwen is keeping focused on her new hit. she will rock the stage at a solo master card concert in new
2:25 am
but are her boys fans? >> do your kids listen to your classic no doubt album? oh, i'm just a girl >> they do not. i took them to aspen. and it was super cool and i feel like that's the first time that they've seen the show and cason was like, mom, were you drunk? because the way you were acting, you were telling the audience like you knew them or something. i was like, first of all, no. i wasn't. and no, how do you know about drunk? kingston defy wants me to write hits. he's like mom, you got to write a hit. i'm like, okay. >> all right, let's move on.initeld let's get to the special on our commemorative magazine. "e.t." before they were famous just hitting news stands across the country. >> pouring through our first interviews with so many of anday's super stars. it is fascinating to see what they were like before they hit it big. has fame changed them? you decide. take a look. to
2:26 am
>> i'm having a great time. >> least important thing to me is becoming famous. >> i want to do everything, ything i want. >> tom at just 21. that youthful voice showing "e.t." his "risky business" bill board. ever and what we noticed, he was unguarded, open and revealing the first time. >> sometimes i have a hard time reading. that's why i didn't want to go to college and the structured education for four or five more years wasn't something i was looking forward to. and i was just going to travel around. but in reading, sometimes it is difficult for me. when i get tired and it's not that exciting. >> mullet hair george at 24 is kind of serious talking about joining the facts of life. >> they don't need me fo ratings. i think they just want to keep
2:27 am
things fresh.r keep things going. and i think i might be in some way a small part of keeping things fresh. i'm not there for ratings. >> but then we saw that self depricating jokester has there all along. >> little make-up? >> i never said anything about your drinking. >> we can totally see why george and sandra are friends tod been both of them love to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously but sandra almost gave up acting. she was just giving it a try when she went for the partay. the sitcom "working girl." >> i was here for three months just vacationing and seeing what l.a. was like. because i had never been here before. on i was getting ready to leave. and just came out of the blue. out of the blue, i read it. said this is great but i'll never get it. there are 50,000 other women there that can do it just as well as i could. so i did it on thursday and got it on monday. i did my laundry, grocery shopping and went to work. >> brad was a raw kid from missouri who skipped his final year of college to try this acting thing. >> my real name is brad pitt.
2:28 am
i was born with it. >> while angie grew up in hollywood with oscar winning dad jon voight. >> first academy award. >> gorgeous dress. >> thank you. >> beautiful. >> are you nervous for your dad tonight? >> sort of. >> and we love how tom hanks kept that boyish quality that made us love him. >> i've been told by people in real life that ey, you're a wimp. on tv you look huge. >> julia glam and confident now. but when weh met her, a small unpolished girl from georgia. a friend of mine said, i saw the poster, have you a mustache. but that means they like you. they would bother to take the time do do it if they didn't like you. i guess i'm officially initiated into the new york public eye. >> the same person can't sweetheart personal at she still has now. >> my first kiss was in a roll are skating rink. i was 12 years old.n
2:29 am
i add boyfriend. he was a good kisser. pretty good, graham. >> johnny depp has always been about the work. even when he was just 24 years old and "21 jump street" heart-throb, he didn't want to be pigeon hold. >> i didn't want to be teen idol, pretty boy, singing up there. that's not what about. if the one thing you're worrying about is how you look, then you're not there to act, you're there to model. >> a true diva at i'm26, but at 21 trying out to be a fly girl on in living color, she was nervous. r thought i >> and oprah, we were there before her talk show went national. >> i believe that when you believe in yourself, when you really truly believei neve yourself and i don't mean just liking yourself and buying a pair of shoees. but believe in yourself and your own possibilities, that the world is open to you. i in really do.
2:30 am
people say i'm hot now, doing so great now. i've been in television since i was 19 years old. so i've been warming up for a while to get to this point. so i think that what's happening to me is exactly what is supposed to be happening to me. i'm delighted. i'm joyful and i, everyday, is celebration for me. but i'm not really surprised. >> and today, chris evan says considered a a super hoohero heart-throb but he was pretty green when we took him bowling. >> that's a strike m my bo >> do you remember your first time on "e.t."? >> am i in a bowling alley? >> yes. >> am i in a belg alley? >> yes. >> impressive heok.remembered. back then, chris was starring in the spoof "not another teen movie." his s on "grey's anatomy."
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welcome back on this emmy awartds weekend to our "e.t." before they were famous special. we've been with so many of this year's nominees long before they were honored by the tv academy. you just have to see their very firstviewes with "e.t.." we love julie mad cap personality and she first showed it to us shooting on a snow inter mountain on "extreme." >> i'm a one-woman kind of guy on this show. and in real life. i could get in so much trouble.y already like 30 second, i'm in trouble. >> claire danes battles mental illness on "homeland." but at 15 on "my so-called life" she was just trying to keep her head straight. >> i just want to be a sane person. i want to be a person who has a life and to act. i don't want to be an actress. >> cookie lion looks to be
2:34 am
but back during "husbandtle and flow" she didn't know where her next check would come from. >> i have a hot moveryiyy coming out and i'm unemployed. with her husband. >> it is hard to play a serious sarcastic character and that's what i do. >> y the break-in of the cop. i get shot. the pimp gets shot. cops come in from the ou seebathroom, front door. i was played by a cop who was going to be my trick. >> first time on "e.t." playing a nurse on "city of angels." >> i'm an actor. 98% of us at any point are unemployed.
2:35 am
>> matt leblanc plays an exaggeration version of himself on episodes but "friends" was not his big heat. >> i come from newton, outside of massachusetts, and there is not very many people from back home that decide to be actors and move to new york and to california. >> jeffrey tambor just might bring home the golden gal for s role in "transparent." he was just happy for the gig on "mr. sunshine." >> actors didn't act. i didn't go in this for hi fame or success. i just needed to act. >> "house of lies", but here is a role you may not remember, he was on "golden palace." >> look, i good to have this big talk, i just wish i knew what to him. >> how did your parents tell you? >> she is real good. so it's fun. we're good friends. you know, it's nice it play something else.
2:36 am
got two emmy nods this year with producing "homeland." back sixth and seventh nominations. out. >> we look back at star couples you may have forgotten about. >> commitment ring. >> plan to get married.
2:37 am
were brad and angelina. george and amall. some of the biggest couples. those a-list guys were all married to someone else. >> at one point, they were were. "e.t.'s" cameras captured plenty of romance and unexpected pairings in our 35 years on the air. sometimes we he catch ourselves when we look back and go, wait. they dated? >> rr this cup snell jennifer anston and actor tait
2:38 am
dating onset and in life. >> you have rings on?emembe >> yeah. irish commitment rings. for our first anniversary we gave them to each other. >> tate was one lucky guy. before jen, he was involved with sandra. now she and jen are new bffs. sandra then briefly dated letter "aime to kill" co-star matthew mcconaughey. >> have you ever loved and lost? >> yeah. i think when you get to -- yeah, i think everyone at t age as lovered and lost. but it's worth it. >> after that, ryan gosling, 17 years younger. ryan later became thislved with rachel mcadams, his notebook co-star. julia roberts invo almost became mrs. dillon mcdermott. after that, kiefer sutherland. they were supposed to get married on the fox studios lot. >> planning to getmarried. i've never been involved in planning a wedding before.
2:39 am
days before the i dos. she moved on to jason patrick, bratt. >> lovely young lady with me is demi moore. and she is my valentine. >> demi and emilio were once engaged. he marri paula abdul. demi's marriage it bruce willis lasted yearly 13 years before tying the knot with ashton. before demi,ed mad man january jones and then fell for the late brittany murphy. >> we're a pair. >> just married. >> they were kidding but they withved together for many years. >> hi, sarah jessica and robert. >> brad pitt li july yet lieu wibs gwyneth paltrow and then they bailed on theired withing at the last minute. to damon with mini driver but she didn't know he would announce this on oprah.
2:40 am
but we're not really romantically involve matt more. we're just really good friend. and i love her dearly. >> post mini, he dated winona ryder who was once with nid johnny depp and you got love cher and her younger men. we wish her romance with tom cruz had gone cruise had gone the distance. >> it was a long time ago. a long long time ago. and never one of us ever talked about it. cher and tom cruise. also linked to gene simmons, eric clapton, michael bolton and almost add romance with elvis presley but regrets turning him down. >> how do you turn down the king? >> you also saw demi moore and emilioesta emilio estevez in this piece.
2:41 am
scene. >> work with judd and ali. i knew demi before we started shooting. >> i understand everybody hates other and you don't get along. >> oh, yes, absolutely. and we are quite a crowd. if gets to the point where they each they are so bad that we end up having to laugh anyway. >> like a life achievement or this is your life, rob. you know. >> i think medical school is now >> absolutely. i'm now a student of life. >> i feel so comfortable with them already. i feel like emilio and judd are brothers to me in a lot of ways. >> i wasn't really par f the brat pack. because they had that main group. >> that main group, emilio, alley she'dy, demi moore, juddt o
2:42 am
lowe were at the peak. they were young, wealthy. >> i went out with them one night. it was a blast. it was a lot of fun. >> if we're not working we good to the great bars a the georgetown. they put us at this hotel in front of these great bars. to worth. we've been doing a lot of exercising the old elbow. >> i went to college for two years in new york. i zrntdidn't have aantal college it was at nyu. >> drinking beer. but the same kind of madness with the whole group of us re then when you go out with everyone, you know. >> they played together on the set, too. we were there as they shot theas opening scene in caps and gowns. you got the feeling anything could happen. >> it's fun. because a bunch of us were together. it's fun. and there are so many people to --
2:43 am
>> what andrew is laughing at, is this. >> i know everybody is sick and tired of that and somebody is dropping their shorts. i knew it. put that camera around. let's prove this is really happening here. >> okay, okay. about time. >> the cast dropped trow on eac other during every interview. >> everything has to evolve around drama all the time.h >> what you want, baby got it what you need, you know i it all i can do, is a little . >> no more than two of the brat pack ever gotappeared on screen ever together. 1985 was there moment. their time. >> i feel he comfortable enough within myself to come out and say all right, guys, let's good at it. in a competitive way. all right, i dare you to be as good as me. i dare you to be as good as me.
2:44 am
and it's gre >> all right. michelle was just singing at the music in st. elmo's fire. it is like its ownat. track, hitting the chart for two weeks in september of 1985. >> still one of my favorites to this day. from movies to television. next, we look back at our time with two "ncis" stars decades. and get thisup -- >> i like that. >> soap opera people are not real people. >> that's ahead.
2:45 am
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2:48 am
econd me home right now, please. >> sophia have a gara's first >> s english speaking role, it was clear than she add great sense of style. she has had her share of wardrobe mishaps like one of the dresses she today wear in the moveie movie. >> it was plastic. >> and she squeaked. >> it summer. so in the sun it would melt under my legs. >> and from red dresses to red ling was >> you must think i'm pretty weird, huh? >> that's the first time i've worn a g string in my life. it was an intereserie. experience. red's my color. >> before he was part of the brat pack, rob lowe bravely wore women'senediting and shared it with us. >> i didn't know how to do a bra. it was very funny.
2:49 am
awkward kind of esfun. to have this bra and uncomfortable. jesus. i pity you guys. >> today emmy nominated sag award a-lister. baldwin had an his start in the "cutter to houston" where he gave us his impression of being a doctor. >> i think we detected a serious case of -- >> jon cryer will forever be -- >> don't think anyone will know are. >> not really. >> before "pretty in pacific" put him in his status, he he was >> i was supposed it take over for him. at the last minute the producer said i wasn't ready. i guess he was probably right. i was very nervous about the whole thing because matthew just won a tony.
2:50 am
and i was just -- and my first job and i was really a wreck. nervous wise. >> >> will smith got hi start as fresh brings of bell air but oscar nominated star might not have gotten into the entertainment business if his mom hads way. he told us all about it during his first interview in 1988. >> my mom was so upset her when i came home. july 20, in that area, just graduated and everything. and said, mom, i want to pursue a record career. you're joking, right? ? my mom is like, you're joking, right? okay, well while you're in school i'm sure can you work on different things. i was like, mom, i don't think i can do it in school, mom. and you know, for two weeks. >> now early visit with "ncis"
2:51 am
heart-throb mark harmon at his alma mater ucla wrb where he shared advice in 1981. >> hang on, do whatever you believe in and that is special and different about yourself and other people and hang real tough as far as compromise is concerned. >> before they were mr. and mrs., ashton kutcher and mila kunis, cast mates on "that 70s show." ashton was modeling. mila was only 14 years old when she was cast. we met them before they started shooting and ashton told us all about his '7 os look. >> this hooded sweatshirt. and it is cute. can you warm up when it is cold in those cold wisconsin or my case iowa winters. and fall and can you look at the leaves change. >> morning entertainment tonight or good night entertainment tonight. i'm going to work here.
2:52 am
>> michael weatherly spent the day on the set. back in 1994, hard to believe, the "ncis" star was this >> are you watching? . marky mark knows nothing. >> soap opera people are not real people. we don't exist in the world with the rest of you. we exist in an alternate universe full of really typical dialogue andster why types. >> hav a surf board? in 1996 we got go skating in central park where he told us all about his accidental acting career.e >> i was attending university of alberta in canada. i was going to be a high school teacher. and just before i finished my last semester, just a few months to go, i got a call and they shipped me out. so from that to this.
2:53 am
dpt have any -- there's no transition period. >> the soap may have branded him a hi but humble, he wasn't buying it. >> you we all laughed. becauseunk. we know who the real mason is. i feel like i have everyone fooled. like i'm going to catch them one day. wait a sec, nothing special about this >> ashton kutcher, we showed you his past with the late britney movie,guy. after she became famous in "clueless." >> i can't believe that movie came out to years ago.
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