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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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day. >> reporter: the crowd of 1,000 cheered wildly as francis stepped off his plane on to u.s. soil for the first time. they came with a special chant. >> francisco! francisco! usa! >> reporter: it was an "a" list reception along with a full military escort and church leaders the president and first family including the first mother-in-law, along with vice president joe biden, dr. jill biden and other dignitaries. everyone seemed to glow in his presence. he greeted a group of local schoolchildren and had a few private words with the president and first lady before heading to the papal residence. not in a fancy limousine but given his advocacy for the environment, in a fuel- efficient fiat. [ applause and cheers ] [ chanting ] >> reporter: the pope has a jam-packed schedule lined up including an address to
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mass for 25,000 at the national basilica of the immaculate conception. work has been going on for months and church officials say it's worth it. >> the joy, the excitement, the absolute joy when someone receives their ticket and they know they are going to be here and celebrate mass with the pope. >> reporter: as excitement builds for his first public appearances, catholics we spoke with say the pontiff's presence is extremely meaningful. >> oh, just enrichment of our faith. it's just very nice. very nice. >> reporter: and it will be important to note that what the pope says over the next few days will be closely watched. he had some criticism for the government and the people of cuba. what he says here in the united states will be very, very closely watched. we'll have the latest for you coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. with the pope's arrival in the united states, there's excitement and anticipation especially in washington for
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they are anxious to hear his message. cbs 2's tony aiello joining us live now from the papal watch party at the franciscan friary in washington. tony. >> reporter: dana, these are the franciscan friars of the atonement based in putnam county, new york, but they have a beautiful monastery in washington, dc and about two hours ago during a watch party inside, the faithful gathered and made quite a joyful noise when the holy father touched down. the cheers rose up as shepherd one touchdown down. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: and pope francis stepped foot on u.s. soil for the first time in his life. an especially meaningful moment at this holy place for the franciscan friars of the atonement. and the franciscans because he took your name. >> yes. he saw the light. that's grace at work. you know, that, um, i think we have a special bond with him and i think we feel that because i'm looking for things
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he is saying and doing. >> reporter: jim gardner says he believes francis will touch hearts with his message of catholic salvation and service. at catholic charities of dc -- >> everybody how are you doing? miss you guys. >> reporter: -- this new jersey native supervises the kitchen that's preparing food for thursday after the pope visits the church of st. patrick he will step outside to find 55 tables set up here on the street. francis will join dozens of less fortunate people including many homeless enjoying a midday meal. >> i'm hoping the pope grabs a plate because then i have gragg of bragging rights. >> reporter: the monsignor will be with francis as he shakes hands and maybe breaks bread with the needy. >> the vulnerable, the downtrodden, the hungry, the homeless. that's just people. many ways i think frankly he would be more excited about that than the president and congress because of who he is. just a man of the people. >> reporter: and the people of dc will have their best chance to see the pope tomorrow
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morning around 10:30 in the morning after the pope visits the white house there will be a papal parade through a portion of the national mall. the security gates will open and people will start to gather at 4:00 tomorrow morning. live in washington, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. and stay with cbs 2 and for live coverage of the papal visit to washington. pope francis starts tomorrow morning at the white house. then he will meet u.s. bishops at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle in the afternoon the pope says mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. major gridlock is expected in manhattan when the pope arrives in about 46 hours. look at all the places where the pope is going to be in new york, st. patrick's thursday evening, friday starts at the
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united nations headquarters in the morning, a message to the general assembly, and concluding with evening mass at madison square garden. as you can imagine, there will be dozens of frozen zones all over the city street closures, parking bans, even possible mass transit service shutdowns around the papal venues. in other news, police on long island have made an arrest in a hit-and-run that seriously injured a motorcyclist. the suspect is one of their own. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan with the story from ronkonkoma. >> reporter: a respected veteran suffolk county police officer on the force since 2003 assigned to the community response bureau is tonight suspended without pay. officers thomas o'neil turned himself in more than 12 hours after admitting hitting a motorcyclist with his pickup truck and fleeing the scene. video shows the victim critically injured being rushed to the hospital. he was heading to his family
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home. they are now at his hospital bed. his mother says we are thankful he is still alive and of the police officer she added, we now have people charged with enforcing the law setting examples of how tough laws can be circumvented. >> it's a motor scooter, yeah. a little thing. you know? and i always see him when he is in and out. he is very sensible. >> reporter: witnesses included members of this ronkonkoma social club. >> pickup truck here. spoke to the detectives over here. and they checked to see if [ indiscernible ] [ non-english language ] >> reporter: they were looking for surveillance video? >> they took that. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that surveillance video led to officer o'neill described by a neighbor as an excellent family man. no one answered his door. he was released and voluntarily submitted to a blood test on monday, the crash was sunday night. police said a complete and thorough investigation is
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being conducted by the vehicular crime unit. fleeing the scene is out of character that there may have been extent waiting services, according to colleagues. toxicology findings have not yet been made public on both men. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> both the suspect and victim were tested for drugs and alcohol. a new york city police officer pleads guilty today to attempted murder for opening fire on two unarmed men in westchester county. brendan cronin admitted he was drunk and off duty in april of last year when he fired at least 14 bullets into a car stopped at a red light in pelham. the shooting left one man near death. with the plea bargain the judge agreed to sentence him to nine years in prison but the victims say that's not enough. >> i'm sure that if fired a weapon in a a police car, i would be doing much more than nine years.
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>> after the guilty plea, the nypd fired cronin. the holiest day of the jewish year begins tonight at sundown. yom kippur the day of atonement. completes the 10 days that began with rosh hashana. jews fast for 24 hours, search their souls and pray for forgiveness. just ahead tonight at 6:00, a costly crash, a maserati slams into two stores on long island destroying both businesses. also, 20 years ago today, a new jersey toddler diagnosed with a terminal condition receives a special surprise from pope john paul ii. see how she and her family are doing today. >> also, another win for the jets later in sports coach todd bowles talks about the early success. >> and elise finch in for lonnie quinn tonight. >> dana, now we are watching temperatures that are between the low 60s and the low 70s. but believe it on, things actually warm up for the first day of fall. i'll have details coming up in
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>> and the "cbs evening news" less than 30 minutes way. scott pelley with a -- i understand you had a lively discussion with donald trump today, scott? >> we did, dana. we were up in his apartment here in manhattan today talking to gop front-runner for an interview for "60 minutes" which will be on the air this coming sunday. but tonight, we'll preview that for you on the "cbs evening news." he tells us he would welcome muslims into his administration even though he had no comment after he got that anti-muslim question at a recent rally. we'll tell you about that. we'll have the pope's arrival in america and all the rest of
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sparks could be seen before a maserati hit two stores in long island last night in west islip. the driver of the car lost control on a curve. it slammed into a bagel store and restaurant which were closed at the time. the driver of the maserati a 40-year-old man not seriously injured. the crash is under investigation. with pope francis now in the united states, countless people are hoping for a glimpse maybe even a blessing from him. tonight, we revisit a family of a monmouth county girl blessed by pope john paul ii 20 years ago.
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parents elizabeth and ward with their daughter katie, who continues to defy the odds. >> look who's here! and did we practice? are you going to say hi, dana? >> hi, dana. >> reporter: hi, katie. katie is 22 and has a genetic disorder degeneration in the brain means her nerves are exposed and sends misfires in her body. she can't swallow or talk and she also has muscular dystrophy. but seeing katie now and in 2004, with her devoted big sister maura, it's evident caitlyn is a fighter. >> you want her head on the pillow? >> yes. i think she wants to -- there you go. >> reporter: she was born healthy in 1993 at a year and a half her parents devout catholics were told she wouldn't live past 5 years old. i met them by chance at newark
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airport in 1995. what started as a routine live report of pope john paul ii's departure turned into something extraordinary for the family and for me when the pope pointed to law enforcement families waiting to wave good-bye. >> he is 10 feet from me he is going to be right here. >> reporter: i was behind the families among a small group of reporters. >> the holy father is right here and -- shake my hand. hello, holy father. he just shook my hand and now he is continuing on down. how was your trip been? >> very nice. >> reporter: seconds later, the pope stops at elizabeth holding 2-year-old katie wearing a red coat and he kisses the toddler. i interviewed the parents moments later. then and now, they say prayers move mountains. >> the day we met the pope, that was a day that turned her life around. >> reporter: the papal blessing a matter of seconds, the family says that added years to their daughter's life. >> for a child that has such a
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a miracle for the length of time and the actual physical improvements. >> reporter: when you're looking at her eyes, how does she communicate to you? >> she can have some say, we can get a yes or no out of here, right? like right now, are you okay sitting in the wheelchair? look at mom. yeah? did you see her head go? >> reporter: yes. >> thank you. that's an example of where she definitely understands. >> reporter: and they say since she was blessed by pope john paul ii, relatives and friends do more than just visit katie. they pray with her. with the anticipation of pope francis coming, what do you think of pope francis? >> there's a lot of work to be done in the world whether it's hunger, wars, he doesn't hide in the vatican. >> reporter: but the retired port authority police officer says his family had their moment and are now eager to watch pope francis' visit on tv. deeply grateful for their unforgettable encounter 20 years ago. >> here's katie. right here.
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>> reporter: and counting their blessings. >> when she first was born we thought, you know, she was sent to us for us to take care of her but we quickly realized that it was the other way around. she is here to take care of us and that is -- >> it's the truth, right. >> the family is profoundly grateful to all of katie's doctors at johns hopkins hospital in maryland and here in new york, columbia now morgan stanley children's hospital and katie's home nursing care five days a week and, of course, port authority police and liz's coworkers, she is a special education teacher and katie just holding her hand, elise, the strength, the strength, she is an adult now and she was not expected to get past five years old, three to five years old blessed by pope john paul ii. >> unbelievable. i know. no tears. we are just going to talk weather. i know. keep it moving. so we have amazing weather
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thanks to some high pressure. a live look outside. we have a little bit of sunshine out there. that's kind of been the case all day. we have had sunshine peeking out but for the most part we'll call this a mostly cloudy day. we are still sitting at 71 degrees which is our high on the day. 74, it's a 30-year average what we consider normal. we didn't get there today. that's unusual. we have been above average for so many days this summer but not today. the interesting thing is as we head toward the first day of fall temperatures warm up. not get cooler. so take a look. here's your vortex satellite and radar. showing the cloud cover, in association with a cold front that cold front really does nothing to cool things down. in fact, the high pressure behind it is really going to warm things up so the circulation around it i should say. we have these areas of high pressure going to bring us some very nice weather over the next few days. skies are going to clear up overnight tonight and then we'll see lots of sunshine for tomorrow and the next few days
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spike in temperatures for the first day of fall. yom kippur tonight, clearing skies. we have 59 degrees that's what we are expecting is our overnight low tonight in the city. we have cooler temperatures north and west in fact some locations will be in the upper 40s tonight. as we head into the day tomorrow, it is the first day of of fall at 4:22 a.m. 80 degrees the first day of fall. 57 to 80 depending -- 75 to 80 depending where you are in the tri-state. it's a warm bright start to autumn. dress accordingly. that papal visit begins when the pope arrives at jfk to be around 77 degrees. st. patrick's cathedral on thursday will be 73 when he arrives there. tons of sunshine, both times and into friday, we'll add a little bit more cloud cover to the mix but still, temperatures looking good right around 76 degrees. here's your seven-day forecast. it shows tomorrow the first day of fall it is going to be a warm one as i mentioned 80 degrees. we are at 78 on thursday. so not much cooler.
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we do get a little cooler heading into weekend. both your saturday and your sunday we are looking at temperatures in the low 70s. it's good news though for tunnel to towers. it's good walking and running weather for that event. i think a lot of people are looking forward to it. not too many complaints about the weather. >> thank you. the changes for the giants. steve overmyer is in for otis with what's ahead in sports. steve. >> a little bit of a surprise. apparently too many drops may have cost one player his job. one player was cut. and the jets have found their identity and it centers around takeaways. here what coach bowles says next in sports. >> i'm kristine johnson in the newsroom. coming up tonight at 11, police are looking for this teen right here. he is accused of trying to burn down his neighbor's house. apparently he wanted revenge. also ahead a mystery elixir that can alter your mind. no alcohol is involved. is it safe? that and more coverage live
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other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir flextouch . covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. how about these jets off to a strong start?
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>> i know, right? a vote of approval from the coach to the quarterback today. today jets coach todd bowles says even when geno smith gets healthy ryan fitzpatrick will the starter and if you watched last night's win that will be no surprise. last night, the todd bowles john edwards introduced themselves to the nation by not just beating a super bowl contender at home. they manhandled the colts. the pressure, the jets had 13 turnovers all of last year through two games they have already got 10. fitzpatrick was in command of the offense. he threw a couple of touchdowns but brandon marshall gets most of the credit for this. you see him carry a couple of colts into the end zone. otis livingston asked the coach if he thinks about the importance of this 2-0 start. >> early part of the season think about that stuff until you retire. we are off to a good start.
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it just means we go 2-14 right now. we got keep progressing and we have to keep working. >> meanwhile the giants don't have a lot of time to pick up after another blown game they play on thursday against the redskins and a little bit of an interesting roster move signing former jet kendrick ellis for the defensive line and to clear that spot, they cut receiver preston parker. he has had five drops this year leading the nfl. look who is on the field today. victor cruz didn't practice but he looks like he is closer to returning. our otis livingston was in the giants locker room with ee line manage today. >> how anxious are you to get out on the field given what's happened the first two weeks? >> that's a good thing about a short week is that you don't have a lot of time to reflect on the past. get back out there and start preparing and go out there and see if we can put four quarters together and play a complete game and get a win. >> you can see the giants try to find their form against the redskins on thursday night football right here on cbs 2. coverage begins at 8 p.m. if the yankees have any
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division, they need to win the final two games of this series against toronto. last night, they were dominated by david price again. did you know since the trading deadline price has matched up with the yankees four times and he has three victories. he only gave up two hits the whole night in the jay's victory. toronto now sits 3.5 games up with 13 games to play. finally we'll head back to the giants locker room where one player apparently was not too happy about how his story was written about him. today he called out that reporter. >> your job is to bridge the gap between players and get that message what i'm saying to the fans. and it's probably what's the thing that is what's wrong with journalism is that, you know, people have an agenda and sometimes they print things, you know, based on the way you want to spin it. there should be a penalty for that in my opinion. maybe they should be excommunicated from the locker room. >> excommunicated from the church of the locker room.
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>> and penalty flag. >> maybe yards. >> stand back. >> no. he's gone. >> thank you. steve. still ahead the father of all pandas' china's pan-pan celebrating a milestone.
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we'll be right back. a very happy birthday to one of china's national treasures the world's old male panda turned 30 on monday. that's equivalent to 100 human years. his birthday party included an ice sculpture cake decorated with carrots he tossed around. pan-pan was born in the wild in 1985 and later raised at a protection center. he is the father of more than 130 giant pandas. his secret to longevity, his caretakers say, physical activity. [ pause ] >> mm-hm. thanks for joining us. the "cbs evening news" is next. pope francis in the united states now complete coverage. good night. captions by: caption colorado
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