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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the hall mark of pope francis' message to reach out and help those in need. we're waiting for the pope to emerge. you can see the count down clock on the screen right now. we are under five hours away if the pope boarding his plane and landing here at jfk here in new york. and we will have live coverage for you beginning at that time as soon as we see the airplane literally enter our air space. throughout all the visits here in the new york city area. we will get back to the pictures in a few moments. we are waiting for pope francis to emerge if the church here in washington, d.c. just holding on this picture for just a second as we see the photographers making their way way out which should give us -- one second here. >> and chris, pope francis could have had lunch with anyone in washington, d.c. but he decided to share a meal with the needy. he will be joining homeless
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men, women and children at catholic charities. what a moment. it has been quite a visit in the nation's visit. and we see pope francis emerging from st. patrick's church. many people there to greet him. we have been witnessing all of the crowds here in washington, d.c. to see pope francis. and here he is about to greet so many of those in the crowd. >> again, looking at the pictures mary, i know it's been quite a scene for you in washington, d.c. as you're reporting there for us at noon. seek for others the same possibilities that we seek for ourselves. one of the many messages from pope francis during the meeting with the joint sessions of congress. he is so warmly received everywhere he goes. such a thrill for these people. so accessible. and you can see with each and every moment that he's here on
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warmly by so many that he's had the chance to greet and the people that had a chance the to meet with him. >> reporter: get ready, new york. wait till you see the crowds who will be there to greet pope francis. they just want to catch a glimpse of him. people walking and rung and taking bikes getting to the locations as quickly as they can. he said the yardstick we use for others will in the future be the yardstick used for us. so many remarks we heard before congress this morning, chris. >> enjoy your meal. [ applause ] >> just listening in with the meal. >> reporter: enjoy your meal. what a moment here. here he will be greeting so many people that have been waiting, really, for hours in these barricaded areas just trying to say hello to the pope. and he is there to the meet
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and to really take what they say back with him to rome. and of course he will be bringing the messages to new york. the count down clock is ticking down. and to see him in new york will be something special. we've had three other popes in new york. pope benedict , pope john paul ii and the pope back in 1965. so quite a number of them have been in new york. but this pope who is instantly recognized, so many know him, so many like him. we will see many, many people out there, of course, awaiting his arrival later this afternoon. >> and mary, tell me if you agree on this, he has had so many event, this 78-year-old pope has kept such an act tiff schedule -- an active schedule since he touched foot on u.s. soil. and it looked as though he was starting to feel. but he is so happy and so overjoyed when he is in the presence of not only children
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and just seems to me, there is a different smile on his face when he is with these people. not that he doesn't enjoy being with the politicians but you can see the unbridalled joy on his face. it equals the joy of the people he has been able to spend time with and reach out and touch. he says dialogue is what moves us forward. and everything that comes out of the pope's mouth seems to resinate with the people he has been fortunate enough -- people he has been fortunate enough to gather with. >> reporter: all of the people here in washington, d.c. have mentioned that, his humility. and i think you're right about that, there is a different look on his face when he is in the crowd of the faithful. you can see a big smile. really looking forward to being in the crowds. not sure if security really likes this because security is trying to push a number of
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him through but he doesn't mind at all as he was traveling through the city. he was getting out of the vehicle when he could. here he is greeting babies. it was just incredible to see how he has made himself so accessible to those who have turned out to see him. never before have we seen anything quite like this. right now, he's just in the middle of the crowd. usually you would see people moved away, in barricades, but at this point, they have let him get right in the middle of everyone. and you see the great broad smile you were talking about, chris. >> it's funny because this is the closest, i think, with the exception of some of the children that he was able to great in washington, d.c., this is sol of the closest, from a proximity standpoint that we have been able to see the faithful get with the pope here, not as necessarily a controlled environment. security is right there with him. and they do a nice job of
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moving people's hands away. his translater is right there on the left shoulder. and people taking every opportunity, you saw that gentleman right there with his iphone to get that selfie with the pope. these are coveted, coveted moments and to see this joy, there's something about this pope. i know the one thing that we have talked about over and over again, just you listen to this man and you see what he's all about. and that kind of, that philosophy of that being so modest, being so humble, he's the the type of pope, whether you're catholic or not, you want to reach out and hug. and it looks as though everyone who comes across the pope in some way, shape or form want to reach out and touch him. >> reporter: and you can see the broad smiles on their faces as well. it's been so nice to witness this when he comes across. someone gets close to him. here he is with a little girl. and he is doing this each and every time. but the smiles don't go away
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quickly after he does greet someone. and some people have been very overcome with tears, with emotion after meeting this pope. there he is, right there in the middle of the crowd. and you said it, this may be the closest he has been to a crowded area since he has been in washington, d.c. and in the americas in fact. but look at those cameras. they want that selfie for sure that's for sure. these are great shots. are you surprised with the stamina of this pope? we mentioned it before, 78 years old, a very, very active schedule while here in washington, d.c. and when he comes to new york and on to philadelphia. but he looks like he is ready to go just past noon. >> reporter: i've been really surprised at the number of events scheduled for him. especially the number of crowds
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when he was in washington, d.c. throughout yesterday. but you know, chris, i wanted to mention this, oftentimes you hear about rock stars who are so kind to stop and greet the entire crowd. can i tell you, each and every time there's a crowd with pope francis, he did you want leave the crowd. he goes from place, the beginning of the line tall way till the end and tries to greet as many people as possible. it's been quite remarkable to see him do all of this. and again, 78 years old. this has not been easy. and there's a time change involved in this. he has not been getting much rest. hopefully he will get a little bit of rest tonight in new york. he will have a little bit of time to take a break. but yes, it has been a very busy schedule for pope francis. >> and very taxing, not just from the standpoint of the scheduling but also to speak, to be the first pope to speak before a joint session of congress, about a 523 minute
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speech, all in english for the most part. and that's got to be difficult because we know english is not his first language. and we will touch on this in the few minutes, but hitting on hot button issues from climate change to immigration and marriage and income equality among others. this has been not only a mission for this pope where it's to get out there with the faithful and see what he has been doing now but also there are a number of messages and i think the messages have been conveyed in such a way not to make it overly political. but to get behind the pope. >> reporter: there were a number of quotes that were used today that certainly were heard. one of them, building a future of freedom requires love of the common good. he really has been trying to
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no matter what side of the political aisle you are on, to the try to bring people together in a cohesive unity. and he also added this, and i thought this was significant too, he said, i'm happy that america continues to be the land of dreams. and there was a real big uproar and applause when he did say that. he referred to martin luther king, jr. three times during the address. and you could hear the applause throughout, about a dozen times we heard applause, standing ovations as well. and of course, on a number of topics that were controversial, some people did not stand. some people did not applaud. and i think we were expecting that as well. >> yeah, they had asked congress to be on their best behavior today but you knew there would be some that would take it upon themselves not to applaud or stand up.
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bipartisan was able to stay at bay. he referenced martin luther king, jr., app are ham lincoln. it was a well received speech. and another nice moment following that, also making a quick appearance on the speaker's balcony with john boehner, nancy pelosi and a number of others to again address the crowds, the thousands of people that were outside the capitol building that had been watching on large monitors and he was able to step up to the microphone there and say a few words in spanish and then ended with a god bless of america which received thundrous applause from washington today. as we bring you live pictures here. we are about 11 minutes after the hour right now. you can see the papal visit count down screen. we are at four hours and just
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over 48 minutes before the pope touches down. he has been keeping a tight schedule but he has been very good about being just about on time for every event he has scheduled on this visit so far. so we are expecting an on-time arrival at jfk where our coverage will continue as the pope touches down here in new york city. and everyone very excited about this visit. we are down in washington and mary has been there all morning long. it looks as though the pope and his crew are making their way to the pope-mobile. and then we will move on to the next location. >> reporter: and obvious, we are going to be take -- and of course, we are going to be taking a look at what's to come in new york.
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welcome back. hi, mary. >> reporter: chris, good afternoon to you. pope francis just finishing his whirlwind trip to the nation's capitol. the highlight of his visit, the first address by a pope to members of congress and in it he did not shy away from the [ applause ] >> reporter: pope francis received a standing ovation over and over again. [ applause ] >> i am most grateful for
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joint session of congress. in the land of the free and the home of the brave. [ applause ] >> reporter: he spoke before lawmakers in the heart of the u.s. government. he is the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. >> building a future of freedom requires the common good. >> reporter: on the subject of immigration -- >> most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: pope francis also understanding of those who come to the u.s. looking for a better life. >> we must not be taken aback by the numbers. but rather view them as persons. seeing their faces and listening -- [ applause ] >> to their stories. >> reporter: seated behind the pope were vice president joe bide and house speaker john boehner, the highest ranking
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and the pope also spoke on the issue of poverty. >> all those people around us in a cycle of poverty. >> reporter: and he also tackled the issue over the environment. >> i convinced that we can make a difference. i'm sure. >> reporter: during the speech, the pope made a call to protect the family and focus on the nation's children. and he also mentioned four americans including abraham lincoln and martin luther king, jr. >> the dream continues to inspire us all. and i am happy that america continues to be, for many, a land of dreams. [ applause ] >> reporter: and with that, we also heard the cheers outside. tens of thousands had gathered and it is incredible to see the
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just hoping to catch a glimpse of the pontiff. he is here for a few more hours and then he is coming your way to new york. >> a lot of people able to catch more than a glimpse. thank you so much. we will check back in. pope francis touching down in new york city in less than five hours and the nypd is out in full force with authorities making sure that everyone stays safe. andrea grymes joins us live from the upper east side where the holy father will be staying. >> reporter: that's right. the pope is not here just yet but the nypd already is. they are out in force as you can see in anticipation of the pope's arrival later today. excitement here on the upper east side is definitely building. >> such a thrill to have him here. >> reporter: last minute preparations are underway at the pontiff's home away from rome on the upper east side. from dozens of police officers working the detail outside to people in the neighborhood stopping to snap pictures of the papal residence.
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>> it's an exciting moment for everyone. i think everybody's happy that he's here. >> reporter: pope francis will stay here during his short trip to new york. the five-story townhouse is home to the vatican's diplomat to the united nations. despite the buzz and the police presence, they had no idea the residence was about to host the holy father. >> so the pope is staying here, you didn't know? >> no. but he's not due for hours. >> later today. >> reporter: just a few more hours to make sure security plans are firmly in place. and the nypd commissioner told me this morning, they're ready. >> this has been months in the planning. and people can come to new york and celebrate and enjoy and feel secure. >> reporter: special fencing has gone up on 5th avenue where pope francis will arrive later today for evening prayers at st. patrick's cathedral. it will separate ticketed guests from passers-by. and fencing has gone up for the
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after his address to the un general assembly. plus, expect thousands of law enforcement personnel including the secret service. >> there's no credible threat directed at the un or the papal visit. and we are fully prepared for any scenario. >> that was our andrea grymes reporting. stay with cbs 2 news and for live coverage of the papal visit. we will bring you all of the public events and there's a long list of street close yes, sir. you can see those at and any other information you may want. we will be right back with the forecast right after this. will you meet a good person today? if you have medicare and extra help, call now and meet a whole company of good people.
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distance to see the pope- mobile. that fiat that has gotten so much publicity. we will see the pope get out and go into the residence for a little r and r before boarding the plane and making his way to jfk. arrival scheduled for 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. and we will get gone back the pictures as soon as we see the pope-mobile on the screen there. but for now, let's get to john elliott and find out what the pope can expect. beautiful. pretty in washington, d.c. look how pretty in new york. blue skies. and 76. winds east at 8 miles per hour. relative humidity still nice and comfortable around the area. cooler readings in the low 70s to the west. 73 jersey shore. and watch out for the rip currents and choppy seas. and moderate rip current risk for the beaches of long island. and these numbers compared to yesterday, it's warmer so we will be warmer than we were yesterday. yesterday we hit 80. we will go to 81 today.
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sunsets at 6:50, 10 minutes to 7:00. and mostly sunny skies to see. pollen count, well, could want on it. numbers in the mid- to upper 3s p. a lot of ragweed out there. make sure you're ready for that. and another way to -- a quick snapshot. radar and satellite almost getting day off, there's a big ridge of high pressure in control here. a low to the south and a front to the west. the high trumps it all. and we stay dry. your day today, 81, warm again, you bet. for the arrival this afternoon, 76 at jfk around 5:00. that's comfortable. and st. pats a tonight, 73. and tomorrow, a busy day again. all of the functions around the area, 74 there in east harlem. and then we will see increasing clouds and cooler conditions for the weekend. chris -- >> thank you. let's rejoin mary calvi down in washington, d.c. for us right now. before we say good-bye, i know there's action going on down there in washington.
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busy day in the nation's capitol. at this time, we are watching the pope's motorcade as eight approaches the vatican embassy. he is going to get a little break before coming to you in new york. the crowds have gathered as well there. just waiting for him to emerge and go into that residence. he will be here for another few hours. he's scheduled to depart from andrews air force base at 4:00. he is expected to arrival there at jfk at 5:00. you can hear the crowd cheering of course as the pope is here in the nation's capitol. this will be his last stop before heading to the airport in a few hours. but again, so many people, so excited here in the nation's capitol to have him here for a couple days. it has been a historic couple of days as well. the canonization of a saint on u.s. soil. the first.
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congress. a historic address. the first pope to do so, chris. >> mary, looking at the pictures now live on the screen as the doors are now opening from the pope-mobile. this fiat which has again garnered so much reaction. just the optics and there is pope francis emerging from the car right now. >> yes, what an image. and we will have full coverage. you can see the count down clock on the screen, four hours and 32 minutes before the pope arrives here in new york city. for mary calvi in washington, d.c., i'm chris wragge. there you see it, pope francis once again on your screen having a great time in
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