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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 26, 2015 7:00am-7:58am EDT

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good morning: it is september 26th, 2015. saturday." mass excitement at the world's most famous arena. pope francis wraps up his new york trip in grand fashion. and a sudden step down from the speaker of the house. john boehner announces he's leaving congress next month. >> they are halfway home. 250 miles from earth. checking in on the yearlong space mission six months in. also, he created countless classics and walked away from it all.
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we have a rare interview with rock and roll hall of famer bill withers, 30 years after stepping out of the spotlight. >> and a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> thanks for visiting us, your family. >> the pope heads to phiadelphia after rocking new york's madison square garden. >> and please, don't forget to pray for me. [ applause ] >> leading up to the mass, the pope mobile made its way through central park. >> i never felt closer to god in my life. >> i have decided, you know, today is the day i'm going to do this. >> so celebrating house speaker wayne boehner's decision to leave capitol hill. >> michelle obama decided to go with a dress designed by vera wang.
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item angry. >> an impression is created though that you like to dish it out but you can't take a punch. >> oh i think i can take it. >> a pick up slamming into a car and smashing into a home. security cameras captured it all. three people scrambled out of the pick up. police arrested all three. >> high and deep back goes bennett. did he get it? he did. and ends the game. >> and all that matters. >> all panda lovers have been waiting for, the name of the cub born the national zoo. and the baby's name is bay bay, which means precious treasure. >> republican majority leader and hand tooled leather congressman is resigning his post. just look how rejected he was entering today's press
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my oh my what a wonderful day >> there he is going through two stages of grief, zipty and doo da. >> and welcome to the weekend everyone. we're governmentt o special show this morning. including a visit to one of the sweetest spots in the world. taking the london food scene by storm. we visit her beloved bakery and find out the difference between the british and american's sweet tooth. >> plus the college magazine that build a comedy empire. national lampoons greater animal house, caddie shack, vacation. and even helped bring about saturday night live. inside a new documentary bald drunk, stoned, brilliant, dead. >> and producing pop songs on the piano for 20 years. and now a new sound with a
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we'll talk to him and he'll perform in our saturday session. our top story this morning, pope francis departing for philadelphia after a momentous visit to new york. last night he francis wrapped up his new york city visit by celebrating mass at madison square garden. about 18 thus,000 were in attendance. chip reed is here with the details. >> during his evening mass francis said good is living within our cities. and with thousands lining the streets to catch a glimpse of him yesterday, the so called people's pope made his presence felt in new york city. the cheers erupted inside madison square garden at the first sight of pope francis. and the roar continued after a passionate address from new york archbishop timothy dolan.
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single day we pray for and in union with francis, our pope. and now here you are. [ applause ] >> about 18,000 of the faithful packed into the famous midtown arena to witness the pope's message about faith in the big city. >> translator: the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, the pope said. and we ourselves are witnesses of that light. >> but perhaps no one wanted to see him more than the parents of this ailing child, who were moved to tears when the pope gave the child his blessing. it was a tearful moment, capping off a long day in the big apple. started with a trip to the united nations where after the
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scolded for the mideast and africa. speaking in his native spanish he said the flood of refugees was a great summons to world leaders to check their consciouses. and he paraded where the world trade towers once stood. met with families lost lives and took part in an interservice to survivors. >> they show us their face of pain, pain that leaves us speechless but yet screams to heaven. the pope continued on the o east harlem. where excited children showed off their projects and taught him how to use a smart board. or at least they tried.
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the children also sang to him to the pope's absolute delight. then the pope headed off to evening mass with a procession through the park. a moving experience for many in the crowd. >> when he speaks we don't feel that he speaks only to one face. we feel that he speaks to all of us. >> the pope will be leaving new york with some poignant gifts from governor officials. andrew cuomo gave francis a cross cut from steel salvaged from the world trade center. was we mention pope francis travels to philadelphia this morning. the pope will leave from kennedy airport and fly to philadelphia and from there off to the
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cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. >> this will without a doubt be the highlight of the world meeting of family conference here in philadelphia. we can tell people this morning we saw them camping out near the parkway as early as 2:30 all in preparation for pope francis. he touches down at 9:30 here in philadelphia and will make his way over to the cathedral basilica of st. peter and pall. and about 4:30 this afternoon the pope will deliver his speech at independence hall. from the same lecturn president abraham lincoln used at the gettysburg address. and the festival of families, which will include r and b singer aretha franklin. security will be tight this weekend. a nearly five square mile secure
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screening process everyone must go through who enters this area. back here live sunday will wrap up also a jam packed day for the pope where he's expected to visit a seminary as well as a correctional facility. and then he will hold a mass right here near the benjamin franklin parkway, where thousands are expected to attend sunday afternoon. anthony? >> jerica, thanks. now to one of the biggest political shockers to hit washington in a long time. house speaker boehner's decision to resign from congress. his third team as speaker. and here is the latest on the >> good morning. well that's right. he shocked colleagues yesterday morning. boehner was under pressure from conservatives in his own ranks. he said he had always planned to step down by the end of the year
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>> it's been an hon tore serve -- >> fighting bacterias sks the tears. he woke up ready to move on. >> last night i started thinking and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers, as i always do. and i decided, you know, today is the day i'm going to do this. as simple as that. >> the tea party wave of 2010 handed boehner the speaker's gavel. but throughout his nearly five year tenure he struggled with a africature fractured and more conservative caucus. he said he was putting party over his own career. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. >> his announcement brought cheers at a conservative gathering in washington, where some republican presidential
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welcomed the news. >> yesterday john boehner was speaker of the house. y'all come to town and somehow that changes. my only request is can you come more often? >> john bayner is a good man. >> at the white house, president obama said he was surprised by b boehner's decision and praised the public speaker even though end of political fights. >> someone who understands that in government, in governance you don't get a hundred percent of what you want. i'm not going to pre judge who the next speaker will be. that's something that will have house. >> the leading candidate is majority leader kevin mccarthy but he may face a challenge from texas congressman jeff hensarling, who's spokesman said
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he will decide by next week. with a budget fight around the corner, boehner was working to keep the government open through the rest of the year. conservative members are insisting on defunding planned parenthood as part of the next spending plan. but a shut down is far less likely for now. >> so what will be the impact of boehner's abrupt decision to leave congress in the middle of his third term as speaker? let's talk about that and other political issues with steve shigaris. good morning. >> good morning. >> what was it? the pope, the pressure? what was it that finally led to this decision. >> i think this was probably a lot of all that. the hard line conservatives threatening shut down, they were also threatening to oust boehner. and he didn't want to put his members through a tough vote and the turmoil of deciding whether
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>> and the whole issue of the shut down, and now actually seems less likely that is going happen. how does that work exactly? >> the shut down, the funding runs out for the government at the end of the month. so congress needs to figure out how to keep the government running. they are going pass some sort of short-term spending bill. but they were -- the right wing of the republican party was sort of threatening to hold that up in order to force a defunding of planned parenthood. now that boehner is gone i think you are going to see some sort of short-term budget agreement before the end of the month. >> look at the roster and second in line is kevin mccarthy. what difference would that make if he's nominated? and do you think it will be him? >> the problem for mccarthy is a deep distrust of the establishment by hard line conservatives and tea party members. these members were elected to shake things up. they may not stand by and rubber
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stamp somebody like mccarthy. the infights really it isn't quadrillion for ideal for them. >> where the challenges for mccarthy serious? >> they could be. and that is the decision that these hard liners are going to have to take. are they going to push back against mccarthy. by the way somebody who's very highly regarded by his colleague. somebody who's been out there on the road raising a lot of money for republican members. so there is good will on mccarthy's part. do they challenge him or try to put people up in the lower majority leader, majority whip spots and try to gain influence there. >> snz not only happening in the midst of a possible shut down but in the midst of a very large gop presidential field. how do you think this is going to affect that? >> the outsider flames are already being fanned by people like donald trump and cruz.
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infighting result in such polarization that absolutely nothing gets done on the hill? and if so, as the majority in both houses, the republicans and the eventual republican nominee will have to explain that to voters. >> steve, thank you so much. tune into cbs tomorrow morning when outgoing house speaker john boehner will be john dickerson's guest across the nation. his first live interview since announcing. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke at the conservative values voters summit in washington fritd. and trump took aim at the immigration policies of a republican rival. that didn't go over well with the crowd. >> you have this clown marco rubio. i've been so nice to him. [ crowd boos ] i've been so nice to him. i've been so nice. but then no he's been in favor of immigration.
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and he has been. >> donald trump can dish it out as he attacks other republican candidates but can he also take criticism? >> why so thin skinned? >> i don't like lies. i don't mind a bad story. if you did a bad story on me for 60 minutes, if it were a fair story, i wouldn't be thin skinned at all. you know, some of the media is among the worst people i've ever met. and i mean a good percentage is really a terrible group of people. they write lies. they write false stories. they know they're false. it makes so difference. and frankly i -- i don't call it thin skinned. i'm angry. >> but a reporter asked you couple of hard questions at the first debate and the whole week after that it's war on that reporter. >> well i don't think that was a fair question. >> an impression is created though that you like to dish it out but you can't take a punch. >> i oh i think i can take it. i can take it if it's fair. again if people say things that
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are false, which happens a lot are false, which happens a lot with me. if people say things that are false, i will fight, like, harder than anybody. if i do something wrong -- and that happens -- and they write a fair story that i did something wrong. there is nothing to fight about. . i'm a very honorable guy. i don't like lies. >> tomorrow evening on 60 minutes, donald trump talks about taxes, immigration and replacing obamacare. and russian president vladimir putin sits down with charlie rhodes. another development that could effect the 2016 presidential race, the obama administration said it found a chain of e-mails that hillary clinton failed to turn over to the state department. messages she exchanged with general david pa trayis. >> cheenz president xi jinping
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travels to new york today. last night xi and his wife were honored at an elaborate dinner at the white house. mr. obama offered a toast celebrating the two countries working together. like fingers on the same hand. >> there will be times when our interests entirely overlap. but i think will be sustained is the friendship between our peoples. the foundation of the tides between our nations. [ applause ] >> first lady michelle obama also had something to say last night. in a fashion statement she wore a black off the shoulder dress designed by vera wang, a chinese-american. and the first lady of china is also a fashion icon. look at both of them standing there. a security breech and lockdown is over at sea-tac
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airport in washington state. hundreds were delayed after a man went in through an exit. the suspect was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass. he was reportedly a passenger who had gone through the check point earlier and then returned. this morning's head lines. the "new york times" reports a u.s. trained rebel commander in syria turned over equipment provided by the u.s. to an off shoot of al qaeda. the military said the commander surrendered trucks and ammunition in exchange for what he called safe passage in an area patrolled by the terror group. central command recently told congress that five american trained syrians remained in the battle against isis. the goal was to have 5,000. the philadelphia inquirer reports health concerns are causing the dalai lama to chance his trip to philadelphia.
7:20 am
he was scheduled to have an award ceremony next month. doctors advised him to rest after he received a check up this week. kim davis is changing her political stripes. she was jailed for five days for refusing to grant same-sex couples marriage licenses. davis has been waiting for kentucky's democratic governor to convene a special legislation of the legislature to clarify her duties. she says the democrat party left her a long time ago so she's joined the republican party. >> the chicago cubs are heading if are the post season. the giants lost to the a's last night. qualified the cubs for the first playoff berth since 2008. they are assured of at least playing a one game wild card game on october 7th. they have not won the series since 1908. >> a long time. can i just add that the met's magic number is one? and the washington times
7:21 am
bob brady has developed a high profile means of quenching his thirtyst thirst. the democrat watched as the pope proceed ed to proceeded to take the glass of water. he took a sip and carried the glass back to his office. he plans on blessing his grandchildren with the rest of the water. >> the same congressman who after the inauguration took president obama's glass. he obviously has a thing for coming up a rookie cop faces
7:22 am
a tough decision. how his quick thinking saved the life of a 12-year-old girl. >> and later, president obama recently made history by visiting an oklahoma federal prison. a new hbo special takes you inside with him.
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morning saturday." six months to go in space. the documentary about american astronaut astronauts. >> then a look back at the first televised presidential debate between john f. kennedy and
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good morning, it is 7:27. on this saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. in the news after a whirlwind two days in new york city, pope francis will head to philadelphia this morning. thousands waited for hours in central park yesterday, for a momentary glimpse of perhaps the most admired man in the world and he retired to his home away from the rome on the upper east side and expected to leave for the airport in the next half hour. the city of brotherly love is eagerly awaiting the pope, mag mag know meter and jumbotrons are already in place. the mass could draw up to 1 million people. possibly more. and now let's get over to vanessa murdock with a check of the forecast. and i hope it is nice in philadelphia for the pope. >> yes, well, it will be cloudy
7:26 am
there and they have a better chance of showers tomorrow, for mass. and today, it is looking good for all of us. it is generally cloudy, sort of day. and right now, beautiful shot, you can see some sunshine, it is breaking through. and 62 degrees. and we have north/northeast winds at 8 miles per hour. and today, partly sunny and 74. to start your weekend, and winds are out of the north east at 10 to 15. and overnight, still comfortable and cloudy, cool, the city, a low of 59. this will translate to 40s north and west. and then tomorrow, as we look ahead for the tunnel to towers run, 64 degrees. at 9:30, and mainly cloudy, and by afternoon, there is a better bet for some showers tomorrow. 73 degrees. slight chance of showers. best bet is south of the city. that's why i say in philadelphia for mass tomorrow could have a few passing showers. chris? >> thank you very much, i'm chris wragge. another news update in a half hour.
7:27 am
continues after this. west palm beach florida, a flifr wearing a body camera was in his car when another vehicle cuts in front of him and they collide. the air bag deployed and the officer used some pretty rough driver. the other driver was drunk during the crash. the police officer sat down on the curb until help arrived. >> he's a motorcycle cop. he's actually very lucky. on a motorcycle he would have been dead. we begin with the story of a rookie police officer saving the life of a 12-year-old girl. clinging to a bridge in pasadena tuesday night when the officer arrived. the child was described by
7:28 am
and ready to jump. carter evans has the story. >> the nameless, faceless girl on the curb in this police photo narrowly missed becoming a suicide statistic because of this rookie police officer on routine patrol. >> possible jumper on the bridge. notify pasadena. >> by the time the call went out officer chris perez who has been on the tasks for for about a year already was there. the girl was on the ledge, ready to jump. >> she was right about here. on the other side holding onto the bottom portion of the rail zplg. >> one miss step and it could be death. >> you didn't just rush up to her. >> i walked up calmly. literally didn't talk to her until i made it to the sidewalk and asked her what was happening. >> did she tell you why? >> she told me she was upset at
7:29 am
and they treated her poorly and badly and would lock her in a room every time she was bad. >> you know the whole time that if you say the wrong thing she might just let go. >> yeah. definitly. >> it took time, patience and trust. >> it was back and forth banter with me and her. can i come closer to you. can i talk to you closer. can i pull you over the ledge so we can talk in a safer environment. it was that back-to-back conversation that i felt comfortable enough to actually lean over and get her. the girl did allow him to rescue her. >> i grabbed held of her arm and wrapped it around my neck and bear hugged her and dragged her over. >> did she seem happy that you did that. >> she didn't seem happy but she was sad and just started breaking down even more. >> by the time paramedics arrived officer perez's job was done, but not forgotten. >> what goes through your mind when you look at that bridge now. >> fear.
7:30 am
an aunt and no other family. she wanted to live with her. for now the 12 year old is in protective custody, waiting. carter evans, los angeles. >> great work by that police officer. >> yeah it is just so heartbreaking, a 12-year-old. so sad. little baby. >> i know. >> thanks to carter evans. coming up behind bars with president ob up next, medical news in our morning rounds. including a important new study
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time for our morning rounds with cbs news contributors, dr. holly phillips and doctor tara nurulla in new york. weems women with complications during pregnancy may be at greater risk of heart disease later in life. >> madgeimagine if we had a crystal ball that could really clue us in into number one kill over women, cardiovascular disease. now we're beginning to understand the complications of the pregnancy may be a warning signal. pregnancy is almost like a stress test so in this study
7:35 am
and found the complications of pregnancy, things like pree champsia, high pressure that develops or pre term delivery can raise the risk anywhere from 1.6 to 4 times. when they happen in combination. so you have prekpooising ingpreexisting high blood pressure and. and they also identify two new risk factors. one would be high sugar in the urine or. >> i don't know what to do with that information though. it is not like you can stop any of those complications in your pregnancy. >> i think when we put this in context. instead of being frightening it really should be seen as the great opportunity. a great opportunity for women at a very young age to know if they are at an increased risk of
7:36 am
and also for doctors sort of in the primary care sector. as a general internist like me or o.bgyn. ob giens. pregnancy is a stress test but maybe we should get you a treadmill stress test. and i think we have a very receptive audience. particularly in women who have just given birth. you want to be in best health you can to raise your children. so i think this is a great opportunity. >> next up a new report for the centers for disease control find older american whose work are healthier than those who are unemployed or retired. we've heard studies like this before but this is new in some ways. >> right. one of the things that makes this really impactful is just that it's such a humange amount of information. data from 85,000 people over the age of 65 and really looked at three criterion.
7:37 am
one was if they had any physical limitations. the next was how they felt about their own health. and then if they had any sort of long-term health complications. across the board people who were either retired or unemployed reported poorer health outcomes than people who were still working. and that is even after you accounted for other risk factors like smoking or obesity. now the study couldn't show whether or not it was retirement that caused poor health or whether because you had poor health you retired. but still this link is there and it is incredibly important. >> so we don't know. people i think actually it is the mind it is staying active. but do we know what really? >> we don't know for sure. older americans, one thing they bring up is being mentally engaged and having a purpose to your life. there is no doubt that plays into the physical health. some of the other factors that might pray in. social support when you continue
7:38 am
to work. income. comprehensive healthcare benefits. and then just this idea that you are physically active for every time. you are getting up, going to work. you are active. impb implications. we hear should people be forced to retire at the certain age? and now we know it is not so great for the workplace. all right a panel of experts with the north american menopause society released new recommendations for treating hot flashes without the use of hormones. about 75% of'5"% of u.s. women have menopausaleal hot flashes with 50 to 80% trying non hormonal therapies. what treatments seem to be the most effective. >> now that hormone replacement is no longer just standard of care for women having hot flashes we see women trying anything, everything, whatever
7:39 am
so this expert panel out some pretty clear guidelines about what the data shows works. two things shown to be very effective. one is cognitive behavioral therapy. the other --. support them and haven't been proven to work. techniqueses. fans. exercise and yoga. jins gin seng and omegas. >> are there downsides to hormone therapy.
7:40 am
>> used to be you hormone therapy. now we know that for some women it can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease, stroke and o a number of other risk factors. there is still a small group of women for whom benefits out weigh the risks. but it is done on an individual level. finally good news for those of us who have trouble sitting still on the job. a new study from british researchers finds a little workplace fidgeting may be good for your health. tapping your feet at the desk help to counteract the harmful effects of sitting too long during a workday. start tapping. >> great news for my six-year-old. although she's not employed. she fidgets. much. up next an american
7:41 am
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vp after six months aboard the international space station, nasa astronaut scott kelly and a russian cosmonaut have reached the halfway point of their mission. they are spending a full year in orbit to learn about the physical and mental effects of long-term someplacepace flight, as much as a journey to mars. titled a year in space. >> i do sometimes dream of being in space. i'll wake up and tell amiko hey i had this dream and i was on the space station.
7:45 am
and sometimes she's been with me. she's been with me in i dreams. my kids have. but while up there most of humanity is 250 miles below you. if anything goes wrong on earth you are not going home. >> time editor, jeffrey kluger. this looks amazing. >> extraordinary experience. time has gotten the kind of access that in 37 years of covering space i've never been able to enjoy before. we've been behind the scenes at the russian space agency. we've been where the rocket was launched. we've been at the training center. we've been at the neutral buoyancy lab. >> if the average trip is about six months, why did you want to see what would happen at the year mark? >> it is a critical juncture, because if human beings are ever going to make trips to mars we
7:46 am
have to determine if the human have to determine if the human body can function for so long in space. so scott kelly and micha are up there running this real time experience. and in scott's case there is a serinendipitously perfect control study. because his identical twin brother mark a retired astronaut is running the same test on earth so two identical templates and two environments and you learn an enormous amount. >> what are you hoping to learn by comparing the two. >> so much happens when to the body when you take off the function of gravity. the heart can grow slack. muscles can grow weak. bones decalcify. fluid shifts upward at the right of about two liters increasing pressure on the skull. the telomeres burn down faster so scott may actually age a bit faster.
7:47 am
but he'll get 3% taller without gravity. >> unbelievable. so in the sixth months has anything changed when one twin and -- >> well you don't know yet. what they are doing though is comparing all the things. they are comparing what goes on in the gut and comparing immune functions as well. scott just recently self administered a flu vasquez inccine in space. >> what other experiments are they doing jeffrey? >> well they are doing something with in order to see if you can bring the fluid out of the head, they are wearing low -- reverse pressure inflatable pants. a little like clown pants to pull the fluid down. mark also got before he went up two tiny blue dot tattoos which will always make it easy for him to determine where to hut put his sonogram probes.
7:48 am
>> do you think any of these experiments could also benefit humans on earth. >> i do. and one of the space station mottos is off the earth for the earth. and i think that is a very real thing. this isn't just a feel-good slogan. the more you learn about how the human body operates when you take off the x factor of gravity the more you can learn basic science about aging, about cardiovascular health, about fitness and cognition. it is one of the reasons john glenn at age 78 went back into space in 1998. because a lot of the symptoms ss space travel parallel the symptoms of aging. >> fascinating. six months left. jeffrey, thank you so o much. >> thank you. >> come aupg television first. 55 years ago we look at the kennedy/nixon debate that changed american political campaigns forever.
7:49 am
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another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask live on the upper east side at the papal residence. pope francis is expected to appear at any moment for the hoax u.s. visit. good morning. i'm -- historic u.s. visit. good morning. i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. >> he was there a moment ago, as you can see the motorcade getting ready to whisk the holy
7:52 am
and to jfk for the quick flight to philadelphia which begins another day of a day and a half of chockful of events for this active pope who kept an active schedule after touching down in the u.s. in washington, d.c. a few short days ago. a tremendous visit the last few days. >> a live picture of the jfk that will take him to -- the helicopter that will take him to the jfk. look at the security outside the papal residence. we have seen them every step of the way. and you can see the security personnel in the back of the vehicle there. >> you can see the fiat. but you can't see it, because it is so small. in front of the hull being tvs. here and adex denys has more from her vantage point. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris and mary. pope francis just exited the papal residence on 72nd street and madison avenue.
7:53 am
think is the infamous black fiat we have anxiously tried to spot here in new york city. expected to travel down fifth avenue and caught down the drive here and the helio-port in manhattan. there is a lot of security as expected. it is difficult to get a clear view but even so he the excitement in the area is contagious. and you can see people peeking out of their windows trying to get a glimpse of the holy father. he has touched so many people. including myself. and simply just waving. and we are hoping we will get a glimpse as they pull out here. different. as he travels, i'm sure hundreds will show up i'm sure to say goodbye. back to you guys. >> as we can see the motorcade making their move through the helio-port it should be a few short minutes before they get. there cbs 2 meg bake ser live on fifth avenue and 67th street with people trying to get one last glimpse of the pontiff before he heads south to meg, good morning. >> good morning, chris and mary. we are ready to send the pope
7:54 am
off on style here on fifth avenue as he makes his way to philadelphia. avenue. there is no tall black fences here. but there are shorter fences to prevent anyone from crossing or driving down fifth avenue. and we want to tell people, this is not a ticketed event so look at the pope. i was fort the gnat enough fortunate enough earlier in the week to be on fifth avenue when the pope came down with some people and yesterday in central park i was with 80,000 other people and it was exciting to get a glimpse of the pope and together. said. to see him. >> he is blessing us. god bless you. god bless our papa. god bless. i love you. i love you blessings. >> it is crazy. i'm from argentina. it is great to see the papa here. in new york. and we are from the same country. >> such a diverse group of
7:55 am
from all over the world. to see him. >> and you can hear in that last sound bite, the pope brought everyone together there, in central park. we are in close quarters but everyone was respectful of one another. just embracing that moment together. knowing what an honor it was to get those tickets and be able to get a peek of the pope. emergency vehicles, first responders coming down to make way, as the pope comes by. we are here on 57th street. and hopefully get a last sneak peek of him and other people out here waiting on fifth avenue. back to you, chris and mary. >> cameras everywhere. we have a glimpse of the pope. great to see him go by there. meg, i know you're waiting as well. the pope will leave manhattan from the wall street helio-port and heading there right now and cbs 2 janelle burrell has a
7:56 am
view from brooklyn heights. >> good morning once again, mary. the pope is scheduled to make his way down the fdr drive within the next few minutes. and you have to keep in mind, this was the very first visit here to new york. so as overwhelming as it has been for us, you have to imagine this is such a momentous occasion for the pope as well. we are saying goodbye here in style this morning and you can see a lot of police officers, a lot of security here, ahead of his arrival. and we have counted at least about a dozen nypd marine units in the east river here, as well as coast guard boat, so you are looking right now, we are on the brooklyn promenade and the fdr drive, this is the route that the pope will be taking, down to wall street, and the helio-port where he will board a sikorsky helicopter which is identical to marine one. a helicopter that the president and vice president use when they are in town. right now we are seeing two choppers at the helio-port where presumably one of them will be a decoy for security reasons.
7:57 am
the pope and vatican officials will get him on board. that helicopter. for that short flight. about a 10 minute flight. to jfk airport. where he will take off for philadelphia. we have also seen a number of osprey aircrafts circling around the helio-port area. the the huge black twin propeller helicopter airplane hybrids and they are doing security sweeps from the sky. and as we have seen from throughout pope's trip, security is extremely tight here this morning. and we are standing by waiting for the motorcade. the pope's famous black fiat to make its way down southbound on the fdr drive this morning before he departing in marine one. reporting live this morning, in downtown brooklyn, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> janelle, thank you very much. and the final stop of the holy father is where his visit to new york began at kennedy airport. and we are awaiting the pope's arrival there from andrea grymes. good morning. >> good morning.


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