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tv   CBS 2 News Pope Coverage  CBS  September 26, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the pope and vatican officials will get him on board. that helicopter. for that short flight. about a 10 minute flight. to jfk airport. where he will take off for philadelphia. we have also seen a number of osprey aircrafts circling around the helio-port area. the the huge black twin propeller helicopter airplane hybrids and they are doing security sweeps from the sky. and as we have seen from throughout pope's trip, security is extremely tight here this morning. and we are standing by waiting for the motorcade. the pope's famous black fiat to make its way down southbound on the fdr drive this morning before he departing in marine one. reporting live this morning, in downtown brooklyn, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> janelle, thank you very much. and the final stop of the holy father is where his visit to new york began at kennedy airport. and we are awaiting the pope's arrival there from andrea grymes. good morning. >> good morning.
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such an air of excitement here. although the pope is leaving, although just an opportunity to see him. you can see the american airlines charter airplane behind me geared up and ready to go, as soon as the pope arrives here, around 8:40, he will leave to head to philly. there are about a few hundred people. about a couple hundred people here waiting to say goodbye to pope francis. many parishioners from the diocese of brooklyn. which of course includes brooklyn and queens, and they won a raffle to be here today. and airport workers, as well as seven nuns from precious blood monastery in brooklyn. four of them are argentinian and will present pope francis with a bouquet of white roses in honor of his devotion to saint therese the little flower. and a book of images of the marian paintings on the cathedral of st. joe's in prospect heights. the marian images are from around the world to celebrate
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the brooklyn diocese of immigrants and the pope is emphasizing his love of immigrants of his trip here in new york. we had a chance to speak with a nun and the bishop of brooklyn a short time ago. take a list intln what do you think his visit has meant to new york city? >> i think it is a tremendous grace. and he is going to the ascension of everybody. and i think it will be something beautiful for the church. and it is showing to the world what the catholic church is. it is like a big family. full of joy. and so i think it is something wonderful. >> i think the reception shows that there is real hope in this world, and willingness to listen to him. >> reporter: the bishop also
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just being so well received. so joyful here in new york. and my photographer, if he can pan over, there is another group of people, to my left here, where we are hoping, praying that pope francis chats with some of the people on the right here and works his way past the media, hopefully past us, and to these folks standing over here. just interesting tidbits that we heard earlier this morning, pope francis will be sitting in a regular seat on this chartered american airlines flight. in the past, we are told it was customary for pope benedict and pope john paul ii, saint john paul ii for them to take out the first class seats and set up a bed and make it more comfortable for those pontiffs but pope francis we're told insisted he wants no special treatment. so he will be sitting on a regular seat, on this plane, behind me, and of course, pope benedict and pope john paul ii were a bit more frail compared to pope francis. but he has had a very full last few days. so you would think maybe he
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would want to use the 45 minutes to rest up before philly but he is insisting on no special treatment. and i also want to mention, too, among the crowd here, we had a chance to speak earlier with a girl, 15 years old, in a wheelchair, and has suffered from cerebral palsy, her whole life. she is here with her father, they just found out about a day ago, he said, that they were able to come here, and they just were talking about how amazing it is, they used the word awesome, to get the opportunity to come to see the leader of the catholic faith. they say they are very devout. we asked if the little girl, if the teenager, the young girl named jackie, if she was expecting a miracle, she said she hopes for one. we are live at jfk, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. back to you. >> thank you very much. yes, we do hope the pope gets a few moments to spend with that young lady when arriving at jfk. looking at pictures of the fdr right now, as we await the motorcade. the papal motorcade. to make its way toward the helio-port, with the chopper
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making its way to jfk. a quick little flight over there before that short flight to philadelphia. but a lot of pictures on your screen right now as we watch the motorcade make its way toward the helio-port. >> i hope andrea gets a chance. maybe she will get to say hello to pope francis. here. in great proximity to where the pope will be boarding shepherd one. >> pretty exciting. father and i had a very good up front seat as well at the united nations yesterday. thank you so much, by the way, ten hours with us out there, yesterday, at the u.n. as we watched the motorcade go by. tell me about your feelings about this, and about the impact pope francis will leave on new york. >> i've never seen anything like this with a pope's visit. people are always ecstatic when the pope comes to new york but there is a unique something about francis that makes people reach him and as many people said before, it is his normalcy, the fact that he doesn't want any special treatment, just as they mentioned about the airplane. and you know, that he didn't want the special bed or anything like that.
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man when he became pope, when he was first elected went down to the casa where they were staying and insisted to pay his own hotel bill even though he had just been elected. >> and everything he finds, he is just so different than popes in the past. >> looking at these pictures, yesterday, from central park, which has been a series of amazing events, and amazing optics at each event and this one yesterday, 80,000 people crammed into central park to get a glimpse and luckily it was a slow motorcade in the popemobile and so many people came out with such rewards of getting what they felt was to spend significant time with the pope. your impressions of what went on in central park. >> well again, the thought of people trying to be able to see him for just a moment. the fact that they would want to do that. and more than just a father figure. when you see the holy father,
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doesn't sing and do comedy and he doesn't do anything that you would expect. >> and it was a rock star welcome. >> and tears in the eyes in central park. >> that's what i can't believe is the response. whether driving in the popemobile and looking at you and unfortunately he had his back to you as he passed. people walked away, there is this elation. a feeling that comes over you. just incredible. being in the city, it has been a life altering experience for so many people. >> wasn't it amazing to see the rainbow over central park. it is like everybody has been a great mood the past couple of days am i have to say. and so many people greeting you and coming up to you and i'm amazed how many people know who the pope francis is and listening to his message as well. >> and that's the important thing. i would hope very much that people are not just happy to see the pope and be able to say i was there, i took a selfie but actually listening to his message.
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he is come here to preach the gospel and lead the people to christ. >> and madison square garden post famous arena turned into a marvelous house of worship last night. it is incredible. it takes on a different meaning from the course of the day, from the u.n., to the more somber tone to the 9/11 museum to central park and ending the day there. >> the thunderous applause, far more than polite applause that somebody else who just happened to be famous would receive. you can hear the resounding applause and he was taken aback, and he is not a man who looks to be in crowds and looks to be in the middle of such ceremony and pomp. >> and concerts in this space.
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>> and a sporting event, too. >> they are hoping you would bless that place. >> yes. >> and things turn around for them. and again, looking at live pictures, as we are looking at the screen, the inside of the motorcade, as it quickly approaches the helio-port as we continue to show hiles and last night's -- highlights and last night's mass. and people are waiting for him to head on the helicopter to jfk, for a brief trip before his flight to philadelphia. >> a busy schedule in philadelphia. they are expecting a half million people at an event today. over a million people at an event and the world meeting of whether in philadelphia or around the world. >> john paul ii started them. around the same time that world youth day began. perhaps a little bit later. but to talk about the family. and realizing in our society, the need to remember the life. society. that is so important for us to
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keep on track, because we can lose it so easily. >> father, were you saying, you have met popes in the past. pope benedict. as well as pope john paul ii. >> yes. >> and when we have been talking about these meetings, of families, you know, for this pope's visit, really it started with him going to philadelphia, and then all this was added on. >> were you surprised how many stops he actually made? >> at 78 years old, i would be exhausted by his schedule. and i'm a little bit younger. >> it is incredible to see how active he has been. and to mary's point, that was supposed to be the hallmark event and it still may be but here in new york, we are thinking that our events were the hallmark event. just like they're thinking from dc from the basilica to the south lawn event, right up to his departure there. and he has done a great job, i feel of having sprinkled events where he is sitting and standing before some of the most powerful people in the world to immediately transitioning to the least powerful people in the world. as i mentioned. from the joint session of congress. to then going to saint patrick's church.
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and he has done a great job of connecting with the people. and you can see it in his face. he is truly happiest when he was with the most vulnerable. whether it is the children, or the elderly. or those less fortunate. >> and that seems to me, what i always thought, when i look at him, i see jesus. i see what he must have been like 2,000 years ago. where he had to be with the sanhedrin, he would be there with him and do what he had to do but it was so obvious in what we read in the scriptures he was much more comfortable with the people and the scenes where the children come up and embrace him and very much the same thing that we are seeing here. >> and so many things to talk about over the next hour or so, with the motorcade, and this is the advanced team is helio-port there, and which means the pope is a few short seconds behind. we will go to janelle burrell on the ground. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are watching as the pope's motorcade makes its way to the helio-port. marine one standing by to get him on board. and we have seen a number of
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promenade here to get a glimpse. as he makes his journey out of new york. including hillary gardner, a few blocks away and what you see? >> and it is incredible to see him and it is significant to see him. and here in brooklyn heights. >> it is a whirlwind of a couple of days and as a new yorker, what is it like to see such an official of the church, right here in new york, your hometown? >> it is really special. and i appreciate the fact he talks about poverty, the right to, you know, dispossessed, and immigration, and climate change and talked about real issue that matter to a lot of new yorkers. >> thank you so much, for stopping with us, toby. and we are hearing the pope is at the helio-port about to over to jfk. back to you in the studio. >> you have it right, janelle. he just got out. >> partially obstructed. you can see the bottom of his robe if you look below the "2" on your screen, he is on the
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other side. >> and everything has been so boostfully choreographed -- beautifully choreographed until this point, and the cameras are on the other side of the chopper and obviously we will not see the pope go up the stairs and enter this chopper. >> and maybe we can see him through that area there. robe. >> right behind the captain's cockpit, you can see. >> he will take the helicopter over to jfk airport about. 10 minutes. and once at jfk, he will depart new york. we want to keep him here, father. it has been nice having him. >> we don't want to let him go. >> it is sad to see him go. not that we don't wish the best for philadelphia and our friends down there but this is such a momentous trip. i know he likes to get up early around 4:30. is he keeping that early wakeup schedule. >> i didn't check on it today, but i would guess he does. >> he is very organized. >> you would have to be. >> and he wants to sit down with the staff and go over exactly what will be happening through the day and just starting from the many speeches, that were written,
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for this, i mean he really took a lot of time to be prepared >> oh, sure. i don't think any of those are >> no. >> exactly. >> and i know the speeches, it felt like he did more and did a concerted effort to speak more english and then at the 9/11 museum, no more english, and i got to stop an went back to spanish. but that effort was there and i know that resonates with people as well to see it, even though it is not his first language, really making an effort. >> especially that i heard that he had been practicing up his english before coming and on it. it is tough when you have to speak about such important matters and you know you are going to make such a big difference to people, and not cleanly. well. and again, as were you saying, the majority of the speeches, we thought, were going to be in spanish, through an interpreter, but more often than not, he really worked on his english, and tried his hand
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at english and i thought he did very well. >> you could understand him. he had a nice ak sent. but every once in a while you knew what he meant even if he didn't pronounce it right. we have been in that situation where we mispronounced something in another language. >> we are happy to have him here and we will give him a pass in do you have a moment that stood out to you? >> i know so many today and so many in washington and some in philadelphia of course but do you have one that really stood out to you? >> watching him go to the girl in the wheelchair. >> yes. >> and we have seen that a few times. >> yes. >> there would be so many people that would go to look for the powerful person, the most influential, and he sought out the individuals with the most vulnerability. >> he was talking about that in all of his talks about, respecting every human life, especially the most vulnerable ones, that so easily can be forgotten in society. and looking at that, this is what the man is about. >> he really as you mentioned every speech reflected his concerns for the marginalized
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and less fort nand and do you think the message will resonate in the joint session of congress and the speeches along the way, do you think people are waking up today with a vested interest in the pope's visit and what they will have to say and their lives will change and hopefully change their ways. >> and god is in our city. >> more than any other visit, i am starting to see it here and i think what he is saying will not be ignored but will resonate. i think maybe the the fact that people are seeing that he is talking about the other issues that he has wanted to discuss. we have been involved so long, necessarily, in the major controversial issues which we had to make sure that the church's teaching on these issues is understood but as francis said, we made our point on those issues, we know what we believe, we are not changing that. there are other things we want to talk about. can we go and look at the other things. such as the environment. climate. which is a lot more agreements among people and i think just the fact that they are hearing
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people up to, over, this is not somebody who is coming and rattling off the same issues as important as they are but there is a whole world out there beyond the issues that have been dominating the headlines. >> each and every address that he has made, maybe one or two, he did not mention, the environment. and this has been a very important message to him to bring to new york. and something that we normally don't hear from a pope. >> uh-huh. >> and i was wondering what you thought about that. i guess his feeling of being a steward of creation? >> yes, i think we forget that, that the book of genesis, it reads where the lord tells us to be stewards of creation, to have dominion over the earth and cultivate and care for it that. we worry so much about human rights, and people, as important as it is, but how can we live on a planet if we don't care for the planet. >> he was so pointed and so direct about it, at the speeches where he did bring it up, bringing up one quote i remember from the joint session
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of congress, he challenged congress to break out of its quote cycle of polarization and paralysis to finally use its power to heal the open wounds of a planet torn by hatred, greed, poverty and pollution. that was the one thing that struck me especially early on in washington, meeting with powerful officials whether on the south lawn of the white house, and mentioning immigration, and being the son of an immigrant, literally one sentence into his hello, his first words here on american soil, to that climate change speech, in front of the joint session of congress, very direct and very pointed but got the message across. >> and i think he did so in such a powerful way that transcended the political air of being pigeonholed into, is this guy conservative, is he liberal, i have heard people calling him socialist leanings and all sorts of different things and in listening to him, he is above that. the faith is not bound into a political party. i think one of the worst things that often happens is when something becomes a political
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football that it is bounced around. because you start seeing it from the lens of your own political views is, it conservative, is it liberal, is it moderate? and he said listen, this is human. this has nothing to do with what political parties we belong to. but this is an issue we should go above all of that and see things where we can really make a difference. in other words, i think he was probably even just telling christians, you know, so often, we tend to see our faith through the eyes of the political lens. as i said, when people try to pigeonhole this, and i kind of grisle at trying to say is he conservative, is he liberal, no, rather than seeing our lens through the faith of politics and then politics through the lens of faith, and we could be turned around and no longer bound into camps. >> and from early on in his papacy, definitely not shied away from the most controversial issueses, hot button issues and he has gone out there and tackled him. >> yes, he has.
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and issues with people with every political camp, not in the united states only but the rest of word, he has resonated with something that almost everybody can touch on, so he is showing how to unify people, to take our common beliefs, the things we all agree about together and help overcome the difficulties. >> we are watching the helicopter about to take off, getting ready for a few minutes until the departure to jfk airport and once at jfk, he will be there for a few moments, a number of people are surrounding that location as well. hoping to catch a glimpse of him. maybe even get to say hello to the pope. and he will take off to philadelphia from there. >> got a busy day in philadelphia as well. the signature event of course is the holy mass, concluding with the world meeting of families there. and he will visit a correctional facility and meet with prisoners in philadelphia which again goes to what we were talking about earlier about all of the different events, the different things that he got set up, some larger than others but some smaller events where the pope is reaching out to those that are less fortunate. >> yes. >> and seminary. >> a seminary, going from two
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extremes, from the seminary to the future priests to a correctional institution. and you know, we might see that as just worlds aparts but for him it is probably just one human being versus another. each with a unique need. >> father, wasn't one of his first stops after becoming pope was washing the feet of prisoners and a lot of people looked at that moment and said hmm, pope francis, he is a different kind of a pope. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> this is a pope who had showers built at the vatican for the homeless. >> we talked about that yesterday. >> and living in the papal residence. >> and you were pretty surprised to see that as well. >> yes, oh, just to hear that the vatican confirms that he occasionally has snuck out at nights to go into the city of rome and work with the homeless there. >> yes. >> i mean it is so easy for any of us to sit in our living rooms and say oh, people should go out and take care of the poor and do things about it and he actually does. >> he actually does it. from the first moment we saw pope francis, we realized he was wearing different garb, he
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has maintained that throughout. >> yes. >> he has tried to move away from any fancy apartments or fancy -- >> which for the large part has been happening with the past popes, where several of them have gotten away from for example the tiara and carried on the chair and all of that and walk among the people an set the church on a reminder, rather than seen as princes but a servant of the servants of god, as pope gregory the great, as the title of the pope. and to realize that we are here to shepherd you. >> this is a great moment. wasn't this? >> love this. >> at the east harlem school. where some of the students there decided, hey, play a little bit of soccer? >> pope francis, back in his hometown days, a huge fan of the san lorenzo deamagro football club. and i won't take this away from you father. >> the pope was allowed to use his hands. >> yes. >> and you can see on the right- hand side of your screen, that
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the chopper, the blades are in full rotation right now. and as the helicopter will be departing the helio-port in a matter of seconds here with a takeoff and a quick trip to jfk before the pope aboards shepherd one, the american airlines 777 that is ready to send him to philadelphia. another quick flight. i know a lot of new yorkers can't believe it has been 39 hours already. it seems like he just got here. and now, the the pope is leaving. as we give you two camera angles here. as to the departure here, from the helio-port. >> and we have a number of reporters covering all of this, we want to bring you the departure. all of the live team coverage. and andrea grymes is at jfk airport. she has a great spot for the viewing of the pope, as he gets there. and janelle burrell, she is there at the helio-port as well. what are you seeing right now, janelle? >> hi there, mary. we are on the brooklyn promenade. looking across the east river. at marine one. the helicopter, the president
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it is about to take off, from the wall street helio-port and make the trip to jfk and we have seen a lot of people in the brooklyn heights neighborhood lining the promenade to get a view of the pope. toby gardner, who lives a few blocks away, you said you wanted to see this and this is as close as you will get to the pope. >> this is as close as i will get to the pope unless i'm named the next pope and until then i will stay on the promenade. >> a brooklyn heights resident, you see dignitaries and presidents take off from this same helio-port and what is the difference with the pope himself departing new york. >> i think the obamas are here quite often and we see obama here usually once a month but the fact that pope francis is here, he may never come back again. it is a very special event. >> we have seen the helicopter starting to lift off from the wall street helio-port. it is spinning around. it will be making its way to jfk airport.
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from lower manhattan. to queens. and you can see it taking off there, and the pope getting one last view of lower manhattan. this is first first trip here to the city. the first trip to the u.s. so this has got to be overwhelming for him as well. and as you can imagine. he grew up in argentina. so this is certainly a momentous occasion for him. all of the people here, along the brooklyn promenade. taking this view in. as we see, that helicopter lift off, into the sky. people are starting to cheer a little bit here. very excited to watch the pope. a lot of them did not get to see him up close. weren't able to get tickets to see him in person. so this is a great view. a great event. an occasion for them to watch, the helicopters take off, you can see the pope there, and the first helicopter and it is followed by another identical chopper, presumably the decoy, and we also see a couple of
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security, keeping watch, over the air space, and as the pope makes his way to jfk. again, it is about a 10-minute flight to the airport, where he will get on the plane and head to philadelphia, landing later this morning. >> and you had a great view there, janelle. you had a great view there from your location. and he is off to jfk airport. what an incredible journey to new york. and we are taking a live look, >> ready to go. >> you think he is probably saying to himself i enjoyed that trip to new york. let's turn around and land this very active. father, i want to ask you though, when he reflects back on the trip, when we watch the choppers make their way to jfk, do you think he will say to himself, shy have done this earlier or like to come back sooner? >> i hope he wants to come back. he received such thunderous applause and new yorkers sometimes get a bad wrap and
8:27 am
considered people always on the run and rushing everywhere cold and uncaring and i think he saw the real side of new york, that we have seen after 9/11 and time again when there is a difficult situation we rise to the occasion and we are good loving people. and the faith is really alive in new york. >> i was impressed, just before the motorcade up fifth avenue when he first got here, the cross-section of people that came out to the street, i think we sometimes, even being residents here, we know the cross roads of road and so many many people lining the streets and our reporters were interviewing, it was incredible to me. that so many people made the effort to be there, and just get a glimpse. >> many of them not catholic and mentioning it. but they were just so impressed that they wanted to be there to see him. >> just passing the statue of liberty. quite a moment there. getting a nice close view. of lady liberty. >> so many opportunities to get a quick one last fly-over before leaving. because as the gentleman that janelle was speaking with, you don't know, we don't know if he
8:28 am
is going to be back. so these are once and hopefully not once in a lifetime tunes for this pope. but -- opportunities for his pope. >> it was on his list. he said he hopes to see the statue of liberty and he did. >> and even for tourists, we have recommended, if you can take a tourist helicopter flight around manhattan to see the sites, it is the way to go. and he has a bird's-eye view of all of our sights. >> and speaking of views, wasn't that incredible to see the rainbow over central park? 80,000 people. and just before the pope was going to enter the the park. there it was. in the sky. it was really a special moment. >> god knows how to use special effects. better than we do. >> and normally, it is a moat logical thing, but this -- meterological thing, but this i at all. >> a little extra help on that one. >> someone tweeted a beautiful smile in the sky for pope francis. >> a perfect tamp stamp on what was to be a tremendous visit.
8:29 am
people who had the tickets and brave the elements of getting there early. >> long lines. >> to go through the magnetometers. and we give them cret -- credit. we have a city of tremendous people. >> and we watch the the helicopter as it is making its way to jfk airport. and cbs 2 andrea grimes right there in the front row. plenty of excitement there. many people hoping to get a lance to say hello to the pope. >> and i am one of those people, mary. with me, also, is nassau county executive ed mangano he happened to be here in the press area. we are both anxiously awaiting. and you can see in the live picture, the bishops are starting to line up. the vatican press corps got on the plane and what is it like for to you be here and see the pope? >> it is so exciting. as a roman catholic, to see the pope, and hopefully have a chance to reach out and touch the pope, it is just a wonderful exciting, like lifelong experience that you are just blessed to be here to
8:30 am
see the pope. and it is a wonderful message that he brings to the united states of america, and all of the people around the world. the unity. and working together. and moving our country. and our world forward. and it is inspirational. and it is one that i think will heal the world. and move it forward. >> we spoke with a lot of people yesterday, in central park, and many of them came into the city from long island, and what do you hope people got out of his visit? >> i hope that they got out of this, as a spiritual lift to work together, to be kind to each other, and so really try to provide a better world for the next generation. just as our parents did for us. we should be trying and making certain that we are doing this for the next generation. so always a message of spirit, a message to work together, and to be kind to each other. it is just wonderful and inspiring. >> there is a lot of talk about
8:31 am
what do you hope that politicians, local up to the president of the united states, what do you hope they specifically got out of the pope's visit here? >> clearly we should all work better together. we have to stop partisan politics. work together. to move our country forward. do what is in the best interest of the people. and i think that that message is heard loud and clear, and i hope that many that work in government follow it, and let's say that we will work together, and do better for the people. >> and nassau county executive we appreciate it. >> thank you. barricades here. get your front row spot. and we are, chris and mary, we are hoping that the pope will pass right by us later today. we are getting the warning he is just a couple minutes away. i will toss it back to you in the studio. >> unlike at the helio-port, you have the stairs in front of you so we know you will see the pope. there and get nur spot as well
8:32 am
and make sure the people have their front row spots as well. because this is a rare opportunity, covested by so many, but only shared by so few. we give those people a lot of credit for being there early enough to get this spot here and to get that picture. we have had this discussion the last couple of day. what would you rather do, seeing it with your own eyes or focusing that camera so you are getting a perfect camera. i say this all the time. that some people lose the moment by not experiencing it firsthand because they are too concerned on making sure that they have the picture. >> but the picture does, you have memories last a lifetime, but pictures don't necessarily go -- >> selfies have been something else, right? he has stopped and taken so many. and that is very comfortable with it, too. he has a great broad smile. and his helicopter, just a minute before they get to the airport. >> and the ospreys are there. and the chopper falling right behind. the next couple of minutes. he is expected to take off around 8:40 a.m.
8:33 am
local time and he has been pretty much right on the money with the departure and arrival time and getting all of the events in expeditiously. we will see what happens again. all subject to change because of course with the pope, he has been very good about deviating from the norm a little bit if he sees a child or someone he would like to spend a little bit of time with, with a quick pat on the head or a quick blessing and we know how wonderful he has been with it, ever since touching down in the u.s. and all around the world. >> and the pilot is building. and i am sure it is building more right now, as they are seeing the choppers about to land at jfk airport. and so many have been gathered there. but not just there. and so many other places as well. and father caroza, were there at saint patrick's cathedral and you felt that excitement and everyone seems to be in a good mood. >> and absolutely. watching the pope himself come into your cathedral, which is cardinal o'connor, has called america's parish church, and a lot of times, because we remember, we pray every day, and every mass for the pope and the bishop, and it is exciting enough when you go into the
8:34 am
the cardinal is there, but when the pope comes in and the cardinal is taking obvious second seat to him, this is the principal representative of jesus, on the planet, and he has come to be with us in our own parish church, if you will, it is -- >> you can't put words on times like that. >> and people are so overcome with emotion when they see him and get close to him. some are in tears. >> yes. >> the pride from cardinal dolan, the other night, being able to bring the pope in, and show him this shiny new >> looks good. >> it looks magnificent. better. >> it was absolutely amazing. it looks like a completely different church. >> it was a made for television moment and to know it is like that in real life made it even more spectacular. it was shining literally top to bottom. could not look better. and you could just sense that the the pope, i mean the pope obviously sees some of the most beautiful ba sill cals and
8:35 am
was a sense of pride from cardinal dolan. look what we have done for you. >> this is the first time a lot of us have seen the cathedral without the scaffolding. and we never knew it was a white stone church. >> yes. >> we thought it was gray stone. >> that's right. >> in fact they gave a picture in the journal of the cathedral in the 1930s and it was almost black from all of the car emissions before they got into some of the more cleaner emission programs that we have today. and what it did to the buildings. it is absolutely spectacular. >> and for everyone, when you get a chance, try to go by good it looks. >> and they are lined up, they about to depart. and the choppers should be on the ground any second. and we will see exactly how much time, how much time they devote to goodbyes before the pope heads to philadelphia. do you think the archdiocese here in new york, they are a little bit sad he is leaving? i know there is a tremendous sense of relief that everything went off without a hitch so beautifully and he seems to
8:36 am
i'm a sure there is a little melancholy as well that he is heading to the the next city. >> it is bittersweet definitely but we hope the memory will stay with us and have profound effects not just the memories that the pope was here but that it will linger. they always talked about every time in the past when a pope has visited, the director of vocations starts getting more phone calls from young men wanting to pursue the priesthood. whether or not there is sincere vocations, there is interest. >> yes. >> and it has its effect with that. how long we can sustain that. >> if you ever needed a rallying cry and i know one of the primary themes is also getting more catholics in the pews, you talk about a man who has been up to the challenge, i think you know, pope francis, i'm not a catholic, and i would like to convert, you know. [ laughter ] >> i will take care of that for you, chris. >> i was talking the other day while in washington the other day, and somebody came up to me and said it is cool to be catholic. we haven't heard that. >> not in a long time. >> no. >> and in fact, sometimes, actually, you see it among the youth, i work with the youth a lot and i think one of the
8:37 am
things that is most misunderstood is that young people by and large are not turned away automatically from the faith. what they are looking for is something solid. they want to know something that is going to be there for them. and when they see that this is something that has stayed and is not going away, they are more likely to embrace it, because they know it is not going to disappoint them a couple of years down the line by totally changing. as you can see, sometimes when they have their role models in sports stars, or rock stars, and people, and then they discover they have some major drug problem or something, and they let them down. and even with the problems we have had, i mean throughout the centuries, we have certainly had our embarrassments, and the days where we had to wear egg on our face, but we continue. and there is still the holiness of christ that comes through even through the sins, with all of our warts and all of our failures. through. >> i think people here would say probably the biggest fault with this pope is he has a boston celtics jersey. [ laughter ] >> but other than that -- >> especially in new york. [ laughter ]
8:38 am
>> but the approach with the sem north americans, with the bishops -- seminarian, with the bishops, to get out. to go out with the people. not wanting them to sit back in their churches and cathedrals and wanting them to get out and get their shoes dirty, hacienda leo, cause a ruckus, and get out there with the people. and this is an approach spearheaded. he doesn't want to look at your shoes and see that you have nice shiny shoes on. he wants your shoes to be dirty because that means have you been out working and i think that is a different approach that can draw people in to say exactly what you have been saying, it is a little bit of a different approach. it is a little bit out there. being with those, that need your help. >> i remember hearing years ago in the seminary, somebody saying that a priest hands had to have calluses long before they hold chalices and we have to be out among the people, otherwise we become stuffed
8:39 am
shirts and we don't want any more stuffed shirts. and he is giving aus big challenge now. and he showed whoas to do and we have to do the same. >> he moves with his heart and that is one of the major take- aways, any time you have spent watching or seeing this pope, especially now that he has been here in the united states, he does, his actions are backed up, his thoughts and prayers are backed up by his actions. and it is that, to me, it is what is so refreshing to see. it is not kind of an ivory tower pope, mary you and i talked about, this the vestments are simple. everything is very simple and that makes him more approachable. >> and so many people turning out at jfk airport. and andrea grymes is there with the beautiful front row seat, giving her a perfect view of the pope. tell us what you are seeing now. and who you are meeting. >> we are actually seeing the ospreys start landing first. we saw i believe three of them. so we know that marine one with the pope is not too far behind.
8:40 am
marine one of course on loan from the president of the united states. you can see here on the tarmac, even more people starts to line up. we have the bishops. bish demarso was here a moment ago, of brooklyn, and several auxiliary bishops from brooklyn, as well as bishop william murphy from the diocese of rockville center on long island. if my cameraman can pan a little bit to the left, you can see here from behind, these nuns, who are also anxiously awaiting the pope. oops, i think we see marine one now. it is coming into focus, i believe. the nuns who are here on the tarmac, are waiting to greet pope francis, precious blood monastery in brooklyn and four are argentinian, they have with them a bouquet of white roses to give pope francis in honor of his devotion to saint therese, the little flower and a plate of cookies to give him as well in addition to a book of images of marian images in
8:41 am
the cathedral in prospect heights, brooklyn. so they are waiting to give that to him as soon as he lands. there is no official program here. but he is expected to speak with those who have gathered, a lot of parishioners from brooklyn and queens and airport workers and nassau executive, ed mangano and a few people that we have gotten a chance to speak with, who are physically suffering. we spoke with a 15-year-old girl named jackie. and a short time ago. and she is in a wheelchair. she has cerebral palsy. her father was telling us, they just found out, they just found out a day ago they were going to get the opportunity to be here. we asked, does she think she will get a miracle and she says she doesn't know but just being here gives her hope. and chris and mary, just to see her face light up in her wheelchair. just as the mere thought of presence of being in pope francis's prens, was enough to
8:42 am
give her so much hope that a miracle would just be kind of the icing on the cake, it seems like, at this point. one land. this is so exciting. i have to say. and the pope is expected to of course get off marine one, and walk over to the crowd, a lot of them, the cameras are up, the vatican flags are up, they have mini flags they have been flying this morning, a lot of people on their tippy toes out here. there, andrea. there would be. but you can see the vatican flags are flying, and it is a nice little handout for everyone and the phones are ready to go. >> up and ready. >> from fifth avenue, to his arrival, the other day, to right now, everybody has those phones out. and everybody has such a great shop to see the people capturing the images. >> look at that landing at jfk airport. our andrea grymes, has that perfect view. and here we are showing it to you. live. pope francis, at jfk airport.
8:43 am
and this is the final stop. he will be leaving new york in just a few minutes, headed to philadelphia, very busy schedule in that city. he will be at independence hall, and a mass, with more than a million people expected for tomorrow. and as he arrives there, many people are hoping that they get a chance to see him as well. so many people expected to turn out in philadelphia. in fact, they have closed roads already. there. and here he is at jfk airport. and andrea has been talking to so many people, that got there very early this morning. lined up. and ready to see pope francis. >> i mean mary, you mentioned if you weren't here, you would want to be there, too, correct? best seat in the house. what better to do on a saturday morning than wish a fond farewell to the pontiff who has had a mon men us to monumental visit here in new york city.
8:44 am
and a little bit different than the fiat and he can't roll the window down. and hopefully a few waves as he deplanes off the chopper in just a second. a successful touchdown at jfk for the holy father as he gets ready to board the boeing airlines 77 bound for philadelphia. and you mentioned before, shepherd one, really more of a media term, it is not necessarily the official title of the plane. but it is not retrofitted for the pope. there are no amenities. no flatbed. no conference room. like air force one. which is basically a moving white house. an airborne white house. but a first class seat to himself and has. it and some of the trappings on the plane, an official seal on the door of the the vatican and two vatican flags before takeoff, other than that, a normal charter flight with a full press corps in the rear, in the coach session.
8:45 am
>> you mention nod additional amenity -- you mention nod additional amenities. i don't want anything extra. i am fine. >> simple, simple, simple. that was the directive to the archdiocese and it is nice to see they didn't follow that direction at all. >> and the home away from home. he wanted two things. >> still water and bananas. >> and 11,000 square feet, and five floors in the wealthiest section of town. >> that was a lovely welcome for the pope. >> and dessert? >> right. >> as the vatican, he lives very simply, in a small apartment and key choose the papal residence which is much more luxurious. >> i heard actually while the papal palace is certainly extravagant but the papal apartments that were used, this he were a little simpler than people would imagine. but even to them, that was too much for him. >> yes. >> room 201 of the vatican hotel. >> yes. >> what he has access to, for what he does, it is incredible. >> they are trying to get ready for pope francis's departure
8:46 am
taking a look there. stepping down. and pope francis, is he still seated? i think he may have just gotten up. and we will watch him depart from the helicopter and then board the plane on his way to philadelphia. >> marine guard coming out for the official salute. normally, the president was deplaning, standing guard of father. here you go, cardinal dolan coming down the stairs, followed by, there he is. pope francis. [ cheering ] there. out there. and now, they are showing him the way to where the crowd has gathered, a nice wave from pope francis, and andrea, you are right there, up close. >> we are. and when the door opened, and
8:47 am
shot of him, the crowd just erupted in cheers. and he smiled and waved to everybody there. and waved their little vatican flag. everyone has their cameras up. you can see right now, he is flanked by cardinal golan from the archdiocese of new york and walking toward him is bishop nicholas demarso of brooklyn and some nuns from brooklyn as well who are presenting him with a bouquet of white roses. but just listen to the cheers. one of the nuns that i spoke with, oh, sorry, chris, one of the nuns i spoke with earlier, one of the nuns that i spoke with earlier, just asking her, what is does it mean, what did his trip mean, just what did the whole visit mean for new york? and she just said, it shows how much of a family the catholic church is. and i really think that that is something that he did show.
8:48 am
just talking about it, people excited to be catholic now. and even people who aren't catholic, were just excited with his presence and a wonderful time to be in new york, and to be an american as well. as we bid farewell here to pope francis. the crowd here just started chanting, we are family. the sold song. >> it is funny, he will be hearing that song quite a bit today, because sister sledge is actually performing at one of the concerts later in philadelphia. >> the whole family. but you will see that. i will say this, father and you can chime in, too, for the nuns, they were recognized, at saint patrick's cathedral the other night with a standing ovation and they gave him a standing ovation for that, and for them to be so prominently seen here this morning. it is a nice visit. >> they often take a backseat to things because they raised us as children and taught in our grammar schools and run so many of our hospitals, so much of our social work, it is on the back of the religious women, and the pope acknowledged that.
8:49 am
and everybody there, it wasn't just the sisters themselves who were applauded, the whole cathedral. >> it was something that did not go unnoticed. >> final moments before pope francis will depart new york, for philadelphia, and he certainly is taking his time. making sure he gets to see each and every person there. >> he is not in a rush. they will wait for him. [ laughter ] >> he has been pretty much on time though. >> it has been great. >> the entire schedule. >> even with the chance to greet everyone, and here he goes, down the line, and each and every person has a chance to meet the pope, say a few words to him, and he certainly doesn't seem to be rushing anyone along. >> he is actually really only greeting and saying goodbye to just a few people. most of that is security. he has had such a layer, three and four layers of security. both secret service and the swiss guard around him and in the white here, they are facing this way, the vatican, coordinated the whole trip and choreographed beautifully, to this point. but the the pope saying goodbye
8:50 am
to some of the gentlemen that have obviously spent so much time, not only taking care of him on this trip, but also cardinal dolan, and everyone else, who will say goodbye to him as they usher him up the philadelphia. and then in about a half hour, 40 minutes, they will touch down in philadelphia, and begin what is going to be another day for this pope. >> and members of the clergy, this is so important, so special. hasn't it? >> absolutely. >> what will this mean for you? >> it is a challenge. in addition to the joy of knowing the pope has been among us and we have had banners outside church and all sorts of things just trying to excite the people on his visit, he has put down the gauntlet, laid down the gauntlet to us to do what he is doing and go out now and make sure we are really preaching the gospel, not just in good homilies, not just in programs, but in our own outreach to the people, the poor, and the marginalized and every place and every town, every city has them. and it could be so easy for us
8:51 am
to forget about them. >> how important is it for the catholic church, for the archdiocese of new york, washington, philadelphia, you name it, to make sure the momentum, to keep up the momentum now, that there is not this? >> we have been praying for something like this to happen, lord, give us a little help here to get the message out. and now he has done it. it is windy. wow. >> a little slow going up the stairs. >> tough with that wind. >> you think someone would take the pope's bag. >> someone help him. >> maybe he insists on carrying his own bag, knowing him. >> having a little trouble getting up the steps. slowly there. >> he has a knee problem also. >> he has been very quick to say, during these trips, that i will take care of it, don't worry. he wants to handle things himself. >> i am guessing someone did offer to carry his bag and he said i have it. >> but there he is, you can see for the final moments, hopefully maybe he will give us one more turn and a wave. as he greets the captain and
8:52 am
on board the american airlines flight. the final moments to see pope francis here in new york and looks like he is headed into the cabin right now. an incredible visit and if i can quote cardinal dolan for a second here, thanks for stopping by. come back soon. a tremendous trip. it is sad to see him go. we have been obviously on high alert the last couple of days, it is wonderful covering the event if we can speak selfishly for a moment, it is truly something we will never forget and i know i echo that same thing for those on the streets and able to catch a glimpse or a picture or close enough for a selfie the last couple of day tables it is a tremendous opportunity. and i had an opportunity to see him up close at the the united nations. he heads off to philadelphia. a number of major events here. it has been great to see him here in the big apple. >> absolutely. too bad he couldn't take in a show. >> it was not a moment for him
8:53 am
to do anything but what was scripted. but they did hit on all of things, to make this trip a success, rather than just doing the major event that you knew he would do, i thought it was beautifully choreographed as we mentioned before, where he got some really great opportunities to be with the people. i think one of the biggest concerns from a safety standpoint with so many layers of secret service, this pope likes to do the pope of surprises, he likes to gets involved and mix with the crowd and get in there, a huge fear for the secret service, and the nypd here, and they afforded him those opportunities. where he could be. we got those great pictures with the kids. we got the great pictures with him taking selfies. from washington. straight here to new york with. different people who wanted to get close with them. the the security was there. but at the same time, he was still able to do the the things that make this pope, this pope of the people. >> absolutely. >> in papacies of the past, we haven't seen this type of outreach. >> no. john paul ii was the first to really start that. to try to be among the people. and bringing the church into
8:54 am
the modern world. it was set in the second vatican council, the document of the church of the modern world, to try to get the church to approach the modern things. and it has been actually a long process, we feel it is just a little over 100 years ago, one of the few good things that mussolini did settling the old roman question by the vatican accord that created the vatican city as an independent nation. this way, the pope was not a head of state, as the papal states had dissipated over the centuries. he could not be a subject of leader. him. but it is 150 acres in rome. so it is not anything that is a great temporal power but now he is free to be a spiritual leader and we are seeing the effects of that having to deal with the modernist program and what the church would like to have done and a lot of it at the first vatican council but pre-empted because of the
8:55 am
refune fiction of italy and the second vatican council was able to do that and put us on solid feet. and pope paul vi. >> he was here in new york, back in 1956. >> after the turmoil and everything that took place, it was important for the church to clearly set down a reminder, to the the people of what we believe, and will is what we are about. and -- and this is what we are about. and it has take an couple of popes to do that. john paul was first to say let's take that message into the crowds. knowing of course with mass transportation, and the mass media, that you could use it to our advantage. so he brought it all over the world. >> and to see this pope so instantly be able to connect with the faithful. the numbers on twit remember incredible to see. >> 25 million, nine different languages right now. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and the number has gone up, by about several hundred thousand since he started his visit to the united states. and it is very different than in the past. because people are able to get his message so quickly. >> yes. >> instantly. >> yes, the use of modern technology has been such a boon and a blessing with that.
8:56 am
and you can get directly his words. and a lot of times, things just like a game of telephone, they get transferred along the way, is completely different from what you have said. and he can actually put his own it directly. diluting things. >> yes. >> with the younger generation, it is so quickly coming out, and also coming up with an album in a couple of months in november, wake up, go, go, is an album of some of his words, connected with music. >> i think it will be on the play list. >> wake me up before you go. [ laughter ] >> that is a way to connect with people my age. >> we will wait for that for sure. >> and as we wait for the plane to depart for philadelphia. >> it is loading up a few more, the press number, and you can see the rear staircase where they are filling the coach cabin with some of the travel team, that areful traing with areful -- traveling with the pope right now.
8:57 am
and massive traffic issues down there. just like we have been dealing with here in new york. but when you're closing the ben franklin bridge down there and only having people, making it more of a pedestrian walkway, you know there are some issues down there. but they are expecting lose to a million people for tomorrow's mass. it will be big. >> and half a million people today. when the pope does leave for philadelphia, the crowds are already gathered in that city. he is going directly to a mass. there won't be much time for a break. he is ready to go. 45 minute flight and off to the cathedral for mass, immediately. so father, he has had a whirlwind visit. >> absolutely.
8:58 am
as everything we have seen here in unusual, well, between washington being the national capital and new york being the cross roads of the world, but i'm told that one of the reasons why this pope didn't celebrate mass at yankee stadium or shea, or citi field, rather, in addition to the fact that the yankee were playing last night, they didn't want anything to shadow or everyshadow the main event of philadelphia. >> because he has such a presence and such a presence, very difficult to do that. and philadelphia, the trademark event and i think a lot of people in newark would argue that there are a number of events here the quote-unquote trademark and in philadelphia, the cannonnization mass or joint session or appearing before 20,000 people on the south lawn. it is tough to pick what is the biggest event of the trip. >> it was an amazing thing. the cannonnization of saint junipero serra. the first time that an american saint has been cannonnized on american soil. usually those are done in the vatican. so to come to the united
8:59 am
states, and do it here, for us, and you think of, you know, all of the names that we know in california, all of the big cities in san francisco, san diego, los angeles, those were all the missions founded by father junipero serra. and a tremendous impact he has on our own history. especially in the west coast. >> it was nice to see the statue. after the speech. of father serra. >> the pope is seated and they are getting ready for take off. hard to see him through the window. but yes, he is there. he is seated. seatbelt on. get ready to go. and cardinal dolan is out, greeting so many people who have turned out. and what a moment this has been for him. i really enjoyed him calling the pope papa francesco. at a number of spots. >> i thought last night during mass with the very end of it, with him speaking to the pope, amid the breaks and thunderous applause, it was wonderful. and hopefully in the next couple of minutes we can show you excerpts of that. a trademark moments. and you got to believe he has
9:00 am
to have a tremendous sense of


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