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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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this football team. taylor did a nice job coming across. that slowed down and allowed grier to come out and keep the drive alive. in this situation, florida's got to run a play. doesn't matter what play they run. get in a legal formation and run a play. formation. that's going to be a penalty. >> verne: off the back foot into the end zone. that one is incomplete, and there is a flag at the 25. >> gary: they were not in a legal formation. that time, brandon powell was not on the line of scrimmage. too many men in the backfield. >> referee: illegal formation on the offense. five players in the backfield. that penalty is declined.
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second down. >> gary: coach mask only has two time outs left. he's -- >> gary: coach mac only has two time outs left. he did not want to burn a time out there. >> verne: second down, 10. recovers. intercepted -- no, robinson, i'm sorry. robinson has been a big factor in the passing game today. that's number six for him. >> gary: yeah, but tennessee is going to live with that, one-yard pass cutting across, robinson is out of gas, he can barely go out and line up he's so tired but there is nobody else. got to line up. it's a big drive. two more plays here. >> verne: third down, eight. good protection for grier. goes right. tipped away. beautiful defensive play by malik foreman, number 13. >> gary: malik foreman had help
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he knew he had a safety to his left, our right, he played that side of the route and reacted to the ball. nice job. >> verne: tennessee puts his perfect record of fourth-down attempts on the line here. they're three of three on fourth down today. perfect for the season. florida. and they've got a fourth and eight. >> gary: there is the tight end. will he go to him again? >> verne: instead he goes to powell. to the 10. spin move. to the five. first and goal. >> gary: still a football game. how about that. fourth down, fourth down, four of them. a stutter crossing route, wonderful designed play by
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florida to get another force down -- it's been mcgee and powell, two each now, or have there been five, six, seven? how many have there been now? >> verne: powell is the injured player. >> gary: will grier showing a lot of composure in this drive, hit hard, patient enough to wait for his late crossing route on that play. >> verne: he went to the ground favoring his right knee. >> gary: i can say one thing. everybody on that florida offense needed a rest. he may be hurt. as he cut. but there's 10 other guys
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saying, "whatever. i need a rest." remember butch jones telling us, verne, we talked about it earlier that against oklahoma there were 10 or 12 plays that could have ended that game "that we had the opportunity it make it." they have had a lot of makes in this game but there have been three or four already in this drive that they could have ended this game. >> verne: >> verne: the verizon red zone offense. >> gary: he decided not to go for two. this is just a 13-point game. >> verne: 4:25 to go, first and goal. taylor alongside grier. right side. tipped away.
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incomplete. emmanuel moseley got a hand on this one. >> gary: mosley -- >> gary: moseley came to tennessee as a 150-pound athlete. he's now close to 180 pounds. they knew he was going to be a great athlete but he's been all over the field covering fade passes -- we haven't really named him much. he's another one of those guys that kind of fell through the cracks in our broadcast. he's been out there on the outside and nobody has attacked him yet. he's the one who got beat for that late fade by oklahoma. >> verne: into the end zone. powell. touchdown, gators. needs a little help getting to his feet. >> gary: ladarrell mcneil.
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the play. he's got him but he doesn't cover him. nice route by powell. >> verne: how about that. 17 plays. 86 yards. six minutes, 10 seconds. >> gary: but on the other side of it, it's a freshman quarterback. 14 of those were pass plays. when they tried to run the ball, had got blown up. the other run was when he scrambled and he got blew up. great drive by will grier.
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brandon powell. >> verne: the gators cut it to six. tennessee, as we've told you throughout, has lost the last 10 games. >> gary: come on. nobody thought it would be easy. nobody thought that. there isn't a tennessee fan alive that thought they would just walk away with this game. >> verne: evan berry. trips. falls.
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performances. >> gary: it start with the running game of josh dobbs. once he got that going, the running game opened up for everybody else. jalen hurd took it from there. he got outside a couple of times. busted some tackles. then that offensive line gashed. >> verne: both teams, two time outs left. out of the spread. out of the spread they go right. jalen hurd picked up three. jonathan hurd, injured earlier in this quarterback on the field
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3:45 remaining. >> verne: they're running up the middle. it will be third down. >> gary: i'm sure mcelwain will take a time out now on third and long. he couldn't give away another 40
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>> verne: he has done so. >> verne: tomorrow morning starting at 9:00 eastern on cbs sports network, join our crew, as they break down everything you need to know about week three on that other pregame show -- only on the 24-hour home of cbs sports. >> gary: the signs are present on that florida sideline. they call it the money down. there in practice every day. this is the ultimate money down. tennessee has gone three for three in their last -- four for four in their last four third-down plays. and florida knows they've got to cash in here. >> verne: dobbs. freelances but he is nailed behind the line. jared davis. number 40.
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led the way. >> gary: tennessee says we're going to play it close to the vest, and bullard -- jonathan bullard just manhandled the front of that line. turned it back in. and the whole florida defense was there to stop it. plenty of time. >> verne: callaway, the freshman, is deep to return the punt of trevor daniel who is averaging 51 yards per punt in this game, and he hits a beauty. but he's outkicked the coverage, and here comes callaway. 56-yard punt. 14 on the return. 2:18 to go. tennessee, 27-21.
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take a 27-14 lead. declined the opportunity to go for two. kicked the extra point. florida just put together its 17-play drive. 27-21 in the swamp. >> gary: it's never easy. florida believes that they've got tennessee's number. tennessee is trying to take it away from them in the swamp. what a great finish. >> verne: first down, 10. jake mcgee has caught six today. grier. screen pass left side. kelvin taylor hit and dropped immediately by jalen reeves-maybin. >> gary: verne told you he made 21 tackles against oklahoma. that's a great individual stat but it also meant that oklahoma had a lot of plays, but he has been all over the field and smartly all over the field. remember, when florida tried
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reeves-maybin that smelled it out. >> verne: grier. left side, wide open. dropped, in and out of the hands of demarcus robinson. >> gary: robinson tried to make a move before he caught it. he tries to spin back and make a move. he's got it. he thinks he's got it. and then it slips through. >> verne: here is your big play, third down, 14, 1:45 to go. >> gary: it sure hasn't been will grier, he's made a few mistakes but he has more than held his own in this football game. >> verne: thrown for 220, on 22 of 40 and he's got a third and 14 here. chased from behind. heaves it away.
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>> gary: he led the s.e.c. a year ago as a true freshman with 18 tackles fora i loss. a lot of those were sacks. he embarrassed the offensive tackle on that play. >> verne: florida is perfect on fourth downs. somehow, jim mcelwain dialed up his inner les miles. >> gary: can this tennessee defense win it? >> verne: 1:39 to go. here is grier. a lot of time. got it. antonio callaway.
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touchdown, florida. >> verne: now to break the tie. >> verne: jorge powell. >> verne: 28-27, gators. >> gary: verne, john jancek has been calling a perfect game but here, i question this. he decides to spy, only rushing three. i would not believe that florida would call a quarterback draw, but watch number four. brandon powell. he gets the big block.
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watch powell right here. he's going to free the freshman with the block right there. actually, clears two defenders on the play, and two freshmen, one a redshirt freshman, and a true freshman, but brandon powell, the 5'9" running back receiver, slot receiver who caught one touchdown pass gets the block to spring the touchdown. callaway and grier perform, and what a play. the question was, could the tennessee defense get the stop? the answer was no.
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remember, two time outs and time to go. >> verne: from the five. evan berry. spins. across the 30. >> gary: at the time when tennessee scored, there was 10 minutes, roughly, to go in the game and coach jones had to make a decision. should he take a 13-point lead and make it a touchdown and two field goals to tie? or should he go for two? he chose to play conservative and kick the extra point and it could be a big decision. i did not like the spy technique on fourth down and a passing situation. florida had to throw. >> verne: stunts defensively. dobbs over the middle. it's caught. ethan wolf, the tight end.
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they have two time outs left. the clock will stop as they move the chain. 1:06 to go. the >> verne: flag. >> referee: prior to the snap, false start. 77, offense. penalty is five yards. first down. >> gary: rock back on the left side.
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knew it. >> verne: 56 seconds to go. >> verne: the target line. they've got a ways to go. the target line for a field goal attempt. tennessee has used one of their remaining two. they've got one left. >> gary: as you said, it's been a les miles performance for jim mcelwain today. dialing up five different fourth
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four of them to the tight end. and then to powell, and the last one, the home run ball on fourth and ballgame. and a great job coming back to help powell on that play. that's not bad. those are wuerffel numbers. >> verne: they are, yes. five for five on fourth down. will grier. alvin kamara is on the field now. back behind joshua dobbs. first down, 15. he's got him wide open. kamara. first down. clock stops as they move the first down chain. >> gary: mental mistake by jared
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davis, number 40, trying to cut underneath kamara in this first-and-15 play. it would have been no big deal for kamara to catch the ball for a three-yard gain there. a mental mistakes. >> verne: first down, 10. here is dobbs. looking left all the way. escapesa i tackle. tries to get out of bounds. he fumbles it. >> gary: this is going to be the second spot of the fumble. they'll move it back where he was before this bounced out cleanly. again, dobbs runs away from a sack. missed tackle on dobbs from the the secondary. he ran out of another sack that time. i think it was alex mccallister, number 14 that had him dead to rights. >> verne: medley's longest of the year is 47 yards. dobbs, low. wolf. out of bounds. that stops the clock with -- >> gary: i don't think so.
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>> verne: no? >> gary: no. he drove him out of bounds. he's asking. it's a first down so they stop the clock to set it and then they'll wind it. >> verne: a little disorganization. they stop the clock with three seconds left. there is a flag. >> gary: that could be the end of the game. there might be a run-off here if there is a penalty. this is hair-line close. what confused tennessee is when the ball went out of bounds, they spotted it and ran the clock. >> verne: mcelroy trying to get
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if this is a run-off, game over. >> gary: yes. left. >> referee: illegal substitution on the offense. penalty is five yards. it will be first down. tennessee has chosen to use their final time out to avoid the 10-second runoff. time out, tennessee. >> gary: without the time out, it would have been a disaster. >> verne: the last win by tennessee in this game -- vols made it 28-27 in the fourth quarter. had a chance to tie. but james wilhoyt missed the extra point. here is the attempted extra point, ask then they drove back into field goal position. for the win. wilhoyt from 50. it's got enough distance.
7:24 pm
he nailed it. talk about redemption. >> verne: here comes aaron medley. >> gary: this one will be farther. >> verne: yeah, this is from 55 yards away. >> verne: low snap. kick up. the kick is -- >> gary: mcelwain took a time out to freeze him. >> referee: third and final time out of the second half. 30-second time out. >> gary: oh, boy. the opposing coaches calling time outs have not worked well in this game. >> verne: mcelwain calls the
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time out. >> gary: i think tennessee on that drive used both of their time outs to avoid runoffs of time. did not use their time outs wisely. the last one saved the day or the game would have been over. >> gary: what confused tennessee is when dobbs got stripped of the ball, tennessee thought the ball went out of bounds but the clock kept going and they lost track of the clock. >> verne: aaron medley from 55 for the win. >> verne: it's going to go --
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the streak is at 11. >> gary: after last year's loss to florida, butch jones called it the toughest loss of his coaching career. he may have topped it. >> verne: tennessee squandered a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter. another look at what would have been. it was oh, so close. >> gary: my goodness, with pleny of leg too. >> verne: yes.
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it was certainly far enough. let's go down to allie who is with jim mcelwain. >> allie: coach, you called that last time out, hopefully ice the guy. he misses anyway. was that one of the most nervewracking moments? >> no, our guys hung in there and played. not sure we deserved it but there is something about these gators. they're special guys. if nothing else maybe we sold more popcorn. >> allie: tennessee led for most of this game and you had a lot of banged-up players. you played through injuries. how resilient was your team? >> i'm really proud of them. we felt the whole time we could stop them. didn't generate much offensively but when we had to make plays we made them and that was a lot of fun. >> allie: will grier. played without his back-up quarterback today. he was banged up.
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he went out there and grinded. >> he stayed in the moment and that's something we talk about. don't worry about anything else. just go win this down. for the most part, he persevered a lot. stayed in the moment. i'm proud of that. >> allie: your team was perfect on fourth downs. what gave you the confidence to continue to make those calls? >> i didn't like punting. i don't know. >> allie: enjoy the popcorn. thanks. >> verne: will grier, 23 of 42 for 283 yards. he hits callaway with the game winner. a 63-yard touchdown pass. >> verne: let's take a look at the napa auto parts play of the game. any doubt about this? here is grier. here is callaway.
7:29 pm
there is the block that freed callaway for the 63-yard gain. let's listen to mick huber of the florida radio network. >> grier looking, looking, got a receiver, catch made on the near sideline, down the right side, 35, 30, callaway down the sideline, he's going to score, he's going to score, he's going to score, it's a touchdown, oh, my. >> verne: indeed it was. let's take another look at this ever-so-close game-winning effort from 55 yards out. >> gary: i thought that was going to hook in. didn't you? i really thought it was going to hook in on that play. >> verne: it was so emnissent of james wilhoyt's 50-yarder. the last time tennessee won this game.
7:30 pm
butch jones, jim mcelwain, the gators are 4-0. ballgame. we got one. >> gary: the last two touchdown drives, three-fourth-down conversions. >> verne: for gary danielson and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from gainesville. gators win. undephotted for the year. the dodge post-game show is next. it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon.
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amoi setng
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geouofheas g fs. >> adam: wow. welcome to "the dodge post game show."
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tonight on cbs. >> adam: in the game you just saw, florida does it again, 11 straight wins over tennessee, 28-27. speaking of "limitless," it seemed like tennessee had this game wrapped up and florida kept getting new chances. joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. >> rick: a 17-point lead against oklahoma and didn't get anything done in the second half. in this game a commanding lead, seven-minute drive, 16 plays, punches it in, doesn't go for two. there is no reason not to go for two. there is no way florida is going to get three possessions there which is the only reason. i agree, too many coaches go for two, too early. that was a spot to go for two. he's going to rue the day. >> adam: they lose 28-27. >> brian: then there is the
7:35 pm
live with that but i agree you have to go with it there. that drive, five for five on third down were the volunteers and then will grier, the true freshman says i'll see you your five for five on third and i'll raise you five for five on fourth down. the mettle of this young man -- we talked about his poise in the pregame show. once again. >> rick: 100 yards passing on fourth down by that gator quarterback and i want to give butch a pass -- looked like confusion late in the game. the head linesman gave a confusing signal. he looks like he's going to show everyone it's marked for play then he hesitates and gives the stop-clock signal. >> brian: then a penalty for too many men on the field. >> rick: i don't know that it would have mattered but it would have given them more time to get a little bit closer before the unfortunate field goal. >> adam: aaron medley ends up with a medley of attempts at the end and the second one after the time out by jim mcelwain to freeze him, his second attempt
7:36 pm
was mighty close. a couple of inches wide right and again tennessee loses to florida for the 11th straight time. let's get you caught up on the rest of the action today. l.s.u. and leonard fournette, b.j., another career high. >> brian: leonard fournette went off after paying homage to syracuse running backs of the past. 228 last week, 244 this week. >> adam: probably back in new york state again for the heisman trophy celebration. 244 yards against syracuse today. a new career high. every game so far. the next opponent is eastern michigan. maybe one more. rick, georgia. they've got some backs there too. >> rick: if they're chartering flights for knock today, get a ticket for nick chubb. he's been the model of consistency. again today another 100-yard game.
7:37 pm
brilliant in tuning up for the tide next week. >> adam: greyson lambert one incompletion. is coker doing it for you? bama. two picks in the loss last week to ole miss, here he finds michael niswander. >> adam: 34-0 the final, bama going between the hedges next week on cbs. vandy on the board with a field goal. look out, 3-0 over ole miss up to number three in the country. a&m and arkansas. went to overtime last year, b.j., hogs on the board first. >> brian: brendan allen a passing team. >> adam: 7-0 the score so far. brandon allen nine are nine thus far. also from the big ten, cardale jones and company putting down
7:38 pm
38-12 and michigan state pull away and get the win 30-10. coming up, we'll update you on number three t.c.u. and texas tech. a back-and-forth shootout in lubbock. we all feel the calling to build something great. and that's how they're made. klondike ice cream meets candy bar. the best ice cream bar ever conceived.
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introducing our 2015 nfl line up. get your favorite team's bud light can for game day. >> adam: welcome back to "the dodge post game show." thursday night football on cbs and nfl network this week. the ravens and steelers. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action.
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football on the way. >> adam: let's get back to the scoreboard. ole miss down 3-0. >> brian: you didn't think it would last. >> rick: one guy who got left out of the party last week, stringfellow catches a touchdown pass and ole miss back in front. >> adam: back in front. 7-3 the score there. they have been going and forth, t.c.u. and texas tech in lubbock. >> rick: six lead changes in this game. aaron green gets into paydirt the second time. horned frogs back on top. >> adam: a banged-up defense. we'll see if texas tech can do it. averaged over 10 yards on first down in the first half. b.j., we saved this one for you. special teams dooming the longhorns again. >> brian: michael dixon. what are you looking at, son? 42 seconds left on the clock. he mishandled the snap. gets off a putrid kick. three plays later, oklahoma state kicker ben grogan go is it. oklahoma state has won three straight in austin. pushed field goal last week
7:42 pm
which was blocked or tapped then they do this on special teams. unbelievable. >> adam: they fall to 1-3. they go to t.c.u. next week. look out, baylor the second team since 1996 to have three straight games with over 700 total yards. seth russell. more touchdowns than incompletions. notre dame at one point up 21-20 then they hit the gas pedal. they go to clemson next. from the a&m-arkansas game, we have an answer from kyle allen. there hasn't been an incompletion in this game yet. christian kirk for the touchdown. tied at 7-7. leonard fournette was cool even though he was indoors today, the sunglasses on, russell with the big game, jeremy cash making b.j. proud on the defensive front and b.y.u., got shut out. >> brian: michigan defense. >> adam: thank you for watching the dodge post-game show.
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tonight on cbs. next saturday. "the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. go big or go home." closed captioning provided
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. this is cbs 2 news. was a great leader a class- act kid, we loved the kid. tragedy on the football field the sudden death of a quarterback leaves a high school heartbroken. the pope is in philadelphia, why he suddenly stopped his motorcade at the airport. breaking news, amazing. the mets are finally back in the play offs. good evening i'm diane, cindy is off. shock and sadness over the death of a star quarterback in new jersey.
7:45 pm
students placed flowers andcandles, the teen ager died doing what he loved. images of the high school evan murray before something went terribly wrong. >> he was in the game took a hit and walked off the field and taken off by ambulance beyond that nobody else seems to know. >> the sudden death the starting quarterback after taking a hit in friday's game against summit high school, sparking an outpouring of grief and support next to the football field, the morning after. >> evan was a great leader a class act kid. the coach says everyone marveled at the star athlete's excellence in football, basketball and baseball, he'll be remembered for much more. >> the young gentleman that he was, not just the athlete, but the person he was, more person than the athlete, he carried himself so well everyone that he went. that's the key thing about him.
7:46 pm
and also how much all the kids loved him. a memorial by the field featuring a letter from the quarterback's girlfriend that reads in part thank you for being the love of my life, most of the sorrow here unspoken, though painfly clear. school officials are taking no questions. the team's coach spoke to us off camera and says in 35 years of coaching, he has never seen this. asked if this was a tragic accident, wanted to add his thoughts and prayers are with the murray family. at the home police protection for a family suffering a football team logo still adorning the drive way entrance, neighbors too areheart broken. >> a funding drive for the family. >> talking to a man who said i believe god is in charge but i certainly have questions for
7:47 pm
a cause of death is yet to be determined. cbs 2 news. to the final leg of the papal visits, cheering crowds grated the pope, take a look at live pictures as the pontiff just arrived at this concert being held on benjamin franklin park way. in philadelphia with more, danielle. >> reporter: pope francis came with a message about immigration and freedom. reaching young catholics to reach out to young people. pope francis arrived at philadelphia's independence hall to loud cheers outside the building where the founding freedom.
7:48 pm
spoke from the same one that abraham lincoln used. it is impairtive that the followers of the various religions join their voices in calling for peace. >> pope francis traveled from new york to the city of brotherly love this morning, and in the background a marching band played from the movie rocky. as he road away from the plane the pope had another of his moments when he ordered his car to stop. francis got out and walk today 10-year-old michael, who suffers from ser cerebal palsy. said this requires a more active role for women. >> it means valuing the immense contribution.
7:49 pm
celebrating families share the stage with aretha franklin. >> danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news. thank you. people in our area are still reflecting on the pope's visit to new york, on the upper story, matt. >> reporter: diane, life has returned to normal here on east 72nd street where the pope visit. people have been posing all day long outside the papal, between madison and fifth, posing for pictures as you can see the yellow and white flag flying high tonight. >> a man who symbolizes hope wanted to see america's symbol of hope, pope francis asked the pilot of his white hawk helicopter to circle the statue of liberty before heading to jfk. according to timothy who was on
7:50 pm
native buenos aires, said nuns gave him flowers and wished him well on the journey to philadelphia. >> it is showing to the world what the catholic church is, like a big family full of joy and so i think it is something wonderful. >> during his whirlwind tour of new york city, he preached equality and justice and physically. >> i asked him if i may hug him, he said, si. when i hugged him i felt peace and joy, and felt as though >> spiritually. a senior at maria high school. i asked him to pray for my father who was sick and blessed the picture of me and my father moment. andrea grimes spoke about the pope's visit. >> do you think more catholics
7:51 pm
? i hope so, who knows, i hope maybe more catholics will come and the collections will go up. a great source of energy for the catholic church. i wanted to show you these giant concrete blocks, the nypd had had the 409 of them put across streets city weed street -- city wide to protect the pope while he was there. >> lots of the blocks outside central park i'm sure the nypd is taking some much-needed rest. mets fans have a reason to celebrate, with more on that. >> the pope was in town, now this? >> it is a good week, a very special day for the mets and their fans this year for sure. after years of anguish and disappoint, it just makes this
7:52 pm
the mets are champions let the -- still a week and a half left of the regular season, but tonight is a night for celebration, after nine years the mets are back in the play offs the team is currently in cincinnati, they won't be back into new york until friday tomorrow, though, at citi field the team store will debut the nl e championship merchandise, celebration later on tonight at 11:00. all right thanks so much
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forecast. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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. time to check in with your cbs 2 exclusive forecast. right now we have partly clear skies, winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. check out these highs on the cool side, and into la guardia. here is what we got on your vortex saturday and radar, still cloud cover, we have high pressure, however, just to our north. some rain to our south. so what does that do? the circulation around that area of high pressure will keep most of us dry so it is cool and comfortable for tonight also dry as we head into the day tomorrow, we'll see some sun and clouds there is a chance that we could see a little bit of rain especially south of the city, looks like the rest of us managed to stay dry on your sunday. monday a different story. we all have a slight chance to see some showers.
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here is your seven day forecast, 70s, one 80-degree temp. that does it for cbs 2 news, thanks so much for
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