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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 28, 2015 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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how could he do that to me? to them? i don't know, ronnie. r bloothey were going to plant the knife and your shirt, soaked in your parents' blood, near your motel to seal your fate. (sighs) how could they be so cold-blooded? i guess the short version is, they felt cheated. the long version-- you tell me. i don't know. i don't know. what are you going to do now? stay clean? i'm not looking for a right or wrong answer, ronnie. oh. i can't live in that house anymore. i'm rich, i guess, s. what do you think i should do? you know i'm single. and rich. (laughs) i mentioned that.ort of that's very sweet, ronnie. i think i'll go down to florida. i got a kid down there somewhere.
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definitely. erin, i hope you know how lucky you are. i do. ll you what's going on, kid? (sighs) something you should hear. joe (recorded): i'm getting close, but the templaray have made me. that's joe. the night he was killed. he was working with the fbi, investigating the blue templar. wh m i should have told you a long time ago, danny. does dad know? no. at? captioning sponsored by cbs the all-new volkswagen jetta. it's great, for the price of good. that's das auto.
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wt d..ketogss >>. date night tonight. >> exactly. >> mariah and her new man's red carpet debu the tension, unseen. >> new voice coaches gwen and blake dating?t. >> i cry every time i'm there. >> we talk to gwen about what's going on at the voice as those blake rumors swirl and inside the latest couples news. >> you guys look incredible together. >> mariah's new man caught texting during the red carpet debut. >> the not y divorced co-stars speak on pregnant, relationship shocker after the emmys. >> i didn't realize it was live streamed. >> didn't know that. >> yeet >> what you didn't see back stage with the winners. >> my son, ian. >> jennifer sent me a sweet ah.. saying i look pretty but not smart.
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>> my vocal cord was cut open. >> donny osmond's first text interview after throat surgery. >> he can still sing? >> i thought, my career is over with. >> chemo, cancer. no hair. >> two stars. two cancer survivors. joan london after 16 rounds of chemo. >> sandra lee's double mastectomy, now new york governor helped her heal >> he said, you're good. i love you. >> plus, celebs flock to see the pope. >> networks are all stepping up. >> inside the media madness f. fiat-riding pope francis. why the stars are fired up. >> pope, there it is . >> now in our 3 5thor season, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us. interview since her double mastectomy and joan london on cancer. way. >> first, more news. here a wrap-up of other big star headlines.
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new couples pregnancy shocker. ben mckenzie and raina beckman are having a baby together. thursday on late night with seth meyers ben made no mention of tionship. though he did have a live stream where he and me renna were spotted together. >> there is a camera. i didn't know if you knew it rela live streamed. >> i didn't know that. >> meanwhile in l.a., ma renna won physical custody of her son was with esstrained husband, ship. she told the court she was in a new relationship and was moving on with her life. next, jan virgin, hitting the red carpet solo. >> confirming it "e.t." today that she and henry split after a yeare the dating. she's been vocal saying her career exploded out of nowhere and henry kept her grounded i of this crazy. >> it is apparently over for
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will forte and january jones. >> will and january split after about five months ofn dating. we hear they split last month. they still have to work together on "last man on earth." >> are newly split again stefany and blake shelton a couple? on-air flirtatiousness is nstant. we saw on monday's premier of the voice. >> i have it say, blake, you look super cute in that. >> i co don't want to know >> in interviews blake and gwen are usually kept separate which is typical when couples are promoting the same film. >> and blake saying he and miranda's split is amicable. >> what it is. we're buddies. >> this is why we think blake and gwen are not a couple. no confirmation. >> it is strongly denying it. >> this is why we hope they are not dating.
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even blen or gwake. yikes. >> the voice is back. >> emmy winner now. >> oh, my god. >> i ser, my phone was blowing up. and they invited me like the produces and i was like, well, i'll be with the boys that night and i have to get a dress. i was like, i don'tiously know. they are like, but we might win. i'm like, i hope so. then when they won, i should have began. what was i doing. i could have been up t the show he is so incredible. and i cry every time i'm there. because it is so emotional. i'm so grateful. >> be grateful, that is key for here. gwen. another tip, surround yourself with good friends. like these guys. >> they all have my back, you know what i mean? in a weird way. pharrell, it is different because i feel like this time i can be more competitive with him. like i'm ready. i'm going to destroy them. it's over. seriously right now. my competitive mode is like up. >> next step, do what you love.
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gwen is back in studio making music and she is celebr the launch of her line. >> everything i designed in my career, the kids clotating is my favorite. >> finally, feeling good about you on the inside. then on the inside you'll just hes kill it. >> today i'm doing light lifts. people seem to like this so i'm giving it to you, you know what i'm saying? trying to give it to you. think about you once in a while. >> meanwhile in new york, an hajj anl /- an anne hathaway talking about mariah. >> so excited you're here. >> when mariah did arrive she was with her new man james packer whose company helped nie nance "the intern", they they have been dating since june this is their first official pred carpet and james proved to be sort after red carpet rookie. for instance, when walking with
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a beauty, don't talk too much. while chatting, mariah wanted to soak it all in. also, don't rush. when he wanted to move on, mariah had none of them. when your date is interviewed, don't stand behind her checking your phone. >> date night, are you supporting your man? >> exactly. fun. you guys look incredible together. >> thank you. >> next, jessica alba speaks out. >> you have spoken so passionately and stood up for your brand like nobody's business. in the face of some adversity. what kind of keeps you going to do that? >> i mean, i just love the honest company. and i love that people love our brand so much and they bring it into their homes everyday. and they spread the love. >> one of the lawsuits against her honest company claims sunscreen doesn't work and photos are included. battles she still believes in what she sell feel the controversy will just go away because of the products and brand will win out in the end?
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>> i mean, this is the most amazing thing in the last three s. years to see me have this idea and for it to turn into such an incredible brand. i'm really proud of it. >> and to another big story this week. pope francis. and his visit to the u.s. >> the pontiff trekked through washington, d.c., new york, and finally philadelphia. it ways historic. his first trip here and the our pop culture report. >> i think what we are seeing is the world's curiosity about this pope being reflected in the news media coverage. >> i'm happy to be a guest in this country. >> pope francis arrived in america today. >> pope, there it is. >> pope there it is. >> the pope is here until saturday, visiting washington, d.c., new york and pennsylvania. not even bothering coming it l.a. a, lost cause. >> trip from d.c. has been very educational for the pope.
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because he only ever read about purgatory. >> from late n to front pages to morning shows. >> we've got our correspondents spread out all over washington. >> pope francis was everywhere this week andight hollywood was loving it. eva lon gore why and roamy downy posted a pick outside the wlous. maria shriver posing children. kirstie alley tweeting i love pope francis. and pope francis might be my celebrity crush.with >> what is so exciting, here is why, think about the pope and what he does. he is a story teller. telling the greatest sfortory of our time, how we can be better people. >> father dave dwyer tracking the pontiff's every move. >> what i heard people say is that under pope francis people of all various levels of society from celebrities to someone not known at all, feel more confident and more comfortable talking about their catholic faith.
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they seem to be more proud to be a catholic >> nbc news tweeted this pick of nuns tailgating. >> truly once in a lifetime moment for this pope. his first visit to the united states ever. >> a day of momentous appearances for pope francis. at the 9/11 memorial and museum. before that,, united nations where actor daniel craig watched his speech. donald trump and his son, eric, waved as they waited for the papal motorcade coming done fifth avenue. >> he is always looking at what brings us together. >> hugh jackman watched. >> i ride my bike a lot of the time. i managed to get around. i know it annoys people but i think it is worth it. i think he is an amazing man. he will be remembered as one of those great leaders, i think, of our times.
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i think he can be remembered in that way. so a shot of heros, as it should be. >> we talked to gloria estefan about her performance before the pope's frida . >> i guess i have to put in my resume. warmed up the crowd for the pope. nervous, of y course. if you don't get nervous before getting up in front of a lot of people much more so when the pope is involved in, then something is wrong with u. you're not human. >> i'm actually just about to get on the shuttle here. to go see the pope. >> jennifer arrowsyoind the scenes after papal mass. >> everyone needs this so get into mass. you have to get there around 1:30 for beh 4:30 start. all of the performers. >> finally, protecting the pope. >> this is the largest securit a event ever in the history. >> a massive effort with extra
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officers and miles of barry. >> everybody, except the pope, is worried about the security. >> he actually said, if it is god's time to call me home,icades then that's okay. >> covering the pope's visit does not come cheap. some media outlets paid upwards of $25,000. 25 gs to secure an anchor booth it see the pontiff in philadelphia this weekend. >> coming up, sa your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and youry it rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms
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rich dark chocolate... york peppermint pattie. get the sensation. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.guy is this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! . that is csi celebrating the end of an era this weekend. man, saying good-bye after 15 years on the air. >> we were both guest stars on
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withar marg helgen berger. >> how emotional is it for you to say the emotional stgood-bye. >> there were emotional moments in particular, in which it is with a the final crime scene. i saw my team gathering up all of the evidence. body parts and you e it and i just was like moved by that. >> anybody can convince someone to blow them self namup, it's her. >> 337 episodes and a lot of body parts later, marg and company are investing their last lead. >> we all watched the show together. >> from 2000 to 2006, lady ran role playing bedroom out of her home. >> in this final episode, in way, it takes fans back to the very beginning. >> almost back to the a beginning. she was a fan favorite. without giving away too much of the plot, she becomes a suspect.
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csi takes fans back in time. we take marg back in time. way back. very first time ever you are were on "entertainment tonight" with you were on ryan's hope. >> oh, my god. no way. >> in france. at some castle -- >> wonderful. >> tre wonder >> wow. that's kind of embarrassing. >> maybe we should cut here. >> that's funny to see that.ful.i'm still reeling from it. >> we will flash forward a little bit from that time to china beach. i think at this time you were pregnant. i think pregnant -- >> yeah. >> at the emmys? >> before emmys. >> you conceal pregnancy, you are always holding something in front of you. eventually everyone knows and it
2:19 am
to hidhe fact you're pregnant. >> so matter of fact. what a strange comment. >> and then you win an emmy. for e t"china beach." you were pregnant, is that right? >> yes. eight months pregnant. >> still hiding the belly. still hiding the belly. >> i, literally like a who's who of hollywood. what are some of the standouts for you? >> well since shcs won an emmy, viola davis. dakota fanning when she was five years old. big blue eyees. and people in the me just industry. taylor swift. >> i'm fan of the show. my favorite show. i see every episode every season. >> her first actingusic job. >> yes. >> since she was -- i think 16 maybe. i think. >> and justin bieber was on the show, still in his blonde hair -- >> he was 15, i think. >> 15 years old. i saw some interviews with you afterward where you were like,
2:20 am
he was a little tricky. he was -- >> you know, i got to sort of roped into this interview. which i got tripped up. you know, because ho, he was lovely to meet. >> i was like in there, like playing with them -- they're fake, don'tnestly worry. >> thanks for stopping by. >> and still to come, all of the acting you may have missed from our emmy awards coverage. from the red carpet to back stage with regina king's son, amy schumer's sister and with a
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just not [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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[sirens] it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a big week for us here at the emmy awards. viola davis making history as johnham, game of thrones, julia louiesdrafus.
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schumer. >> schumer shutting it down. >> i'm going to black out. >> turning it up with her fellow funny ladies and working it back stage. >> you were so cute and emotional up there. >> i like that you actually remembered to thank your make-up artist for the smoky eye. >> thank everybody who has helped me on this girl who gave me this sort of smoky eye. >> what a trash bag. lo back. >> have you called up many of your friend. ? >> jennifer sent me a sweet text. >> what did she say? >> that i look pretty, but not smart. >> wero, she did not. >> she did. >> oh, that feels good. brought ice packsnith us. >> i'm like meat at a butcher shop. >> a wet sweaty back.
2:24 am
the dress. >> oh, i can't think of anything but the heat, i'muilt ifraid. my brain -- >> fried. >> fried. >> what is up with this? >> my gosh, it is really hot. >> i regret not wearing underwear. >> i might a here and talk to you all day because this fan is giving me what i need. >> what is that you're wearing? >> nancy odell. >> i have a clothinstandline, so i thought it would be fun for the first time in 20 years to design finish. >> the process from sketch tog dress was probably about three months. >> this is the next step after the sketches. called a mock up dress. they take cheap material and put the dress together so you can get the perfect fit. then my modern design was created using double fabric faired with an everlay. draped over the shoulder and on to the train. we added contrast with the gold metal belt. e design i todayhad to have,
2:25 am
i wanted it to be sophisticated and elegant but a little bit of edge. the on winner johnham called up on the stage it snag his first win after eight nominations for lead actor. >> this a very long >>overdue emmy. >> a long, long journey and it's really nice to be here. and a good way to say good-bye. >> ver large standing ovation for you. >> i think i turned around and that's when a i stopped remembering what i was doing.y >> thank you. thank you all very much. >> john thanked his dog and ex girlfriend of 18 years jennifer. he just announced two weeks ago their split and earlier this year, he completed a stint in rehab. >> you've t of things in this year that have happened. but yet, now you have this emmy. how does it feel? >> you know, in the grand scheme of add lothings, this is just another night. but it is also nice to be
2:26 am
recognized for something that i really did put a lot of work into. "game of thrones." record breaking 12 emmys. slaying the west wing for most >> emmys won in a sing hele year. even amy schumer trying to get in on that. >> how does it feel? >> fantastic. >> viola davis. >> the night belongs to this woman. >> the only thing that separates a woman of color from anyone else, is opportunity. >> the first african-american actress to win an apply for lead actress in a drama. >> seems like the right person at the right time for this historic moment. >> somehow it is like they always say that the purpose of life is the life of purpose. and i just remember, i grew up in such poverty and there was something in the forefront of my mind that thought, this going to
2:27 am
be my life? and for god to have brought me to this moment is kind of miraculo >> in my mind, i see a line, to the kerry us.washington's, halle berrys, thank you for taking us over that line. . >> you have tied candacebergen, mary tyler moore. >> that's cool. completely mind-blowing. >> and the one whose talent can't be confined to one category. >> i really just want to say thank you to my family. who has stood beside me my entire life. >> your mom? >> yes. >> and your sister being here? >> yes. my mom has stood for me when i couldn stand myself. and just carried me at times when i was weak. >> you also have the unfiltered strong and funny lady. >> how does it't feel to win this with your sifter? >> cheers. >> yay.
2:28 am
>> emmys. >> yeah. >> is this another emotional up there, just cry normall that? >> she's a big crier. >> shut y likeup, you're jon cryer. seeing her up there was the most exciting thing in the world. >> what makes them stand out and stand above is the difference they're making in their own lives and under the lives of the people around them. >> my son, ian. you make being a mother my greatest accomplishment. i love you. >> my in life is to make her proud and seeing that makes me know that i have somebody thatgoal can look up to that is amazeing amazing. so it's isurreal. no joke. >> your daughter, is she up? >> she may be up.
2:29 am
she told me, mommy, if you lose, i will still love you. you're still my gi paige, can you answer the phone? i'm on entertainment tonight. she is not picking up. she probably already fellrl. asleep. you see how they handle the success. they are just not impressed. >> check her with posing with jewelry from neil lane. vie old why inola in the shot and this message from her little girl. >> i love you mommy. and i hope you win another one. you're my favorite girl. and i love you! >> the only thing is making your little kids happy. that is so sweet. straight ahead, four years ago, bradley cooper hit the big screen and limitless. now it has become a series and we are hanging with the
2:30 am
>> inside another tvshow's big premier. quantico. >> destiny has learned from me. >> to feel this special... you need to eat this special. kellogg's special k... made with whole grains and fiber to help a body thrive. folic acid and vitamin d to make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... in a bowl of special k....
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break out the febreze, and breathe happy >> on victoria's exit. >> and happy days stars c scare. >> she has survived nonhodgkins and now she has this thing in her head. >> battling tumors. >> massive brain trauma.ancer >> and a child star ever coming out. actor. i sold tupperware for a while. >> that is monday. >> if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, pope mania. >> popey wopes is on his way over here. i want to dedicate songs to you. >> jennifer hudson and glorias estefan.
2:34 am
>> as warm and wonderful as you might imagine. >> this is probably a dream come true. >> number four, emmy break-ups. amy poehler reportedly called it quits with nick crawl. gina rodriguez announcing her split after awards. and will forte and january jones are over. >> will and january rely split after about five months of dating. >> number three, newly split gwen stefany and blake shelton really aported couple? we did talk it gwen about being back on the voice. >> this show is so incredible. i cry every time i'm there. so emotional. i'm so grateful. >> number two, mariah's new man, james packer. while m talked it "e.t." he stood behind me on his phone. >> you look incredible together. >> thank you. >> goth am ariahtars are having a baby together. ben made no mention of it this
2:35 am
talk about the emmys where he and marena wco-s spotted together. >> this is live streamed. i don't know if you knew that. >> i did not know that. would have liked to have flown that. >> if you'rere on the verge of having a life that most people can't begin to imagine. >> that is "limitless" which brought in solid ratings after its premiere cbs this week. we were on the cast talking about bringing bradley coopers big screen hit to tv. >> you're ready to become so on who matters? >> bradley launches jam mcdermott on a wild ride working as an fbi consultant. >> bradley obviously add huge hand in thatmeone >> all there for the taking. >> you recognize this as really good material. so i'm trying to ride. on the coat tails of his choices. see what comes up creatively. very satisfying. >> i think he is just mighty enterprisi i'm more than happy to be in his employ. >> bradley is also the executive
2:36 am
>> best in the world. bradng andcooper. >> bradley cooper right now at this moment is arguably the biggest male movie star in the world. so for him to be involved in this automatically sendsley a message to people. it must be good. there must be something special. because he doesn't have to do it. he wanted to do it and continued telling story. >> you're on the verge of having the life that most people can't even begin to imagine p. so what's it going to be, brian? >> here we he go. the >> so very ambiguous for most of us but conceptually it's been fu rift with bradley and see where he thinks big picture, pretty cool. >> suddenly, i had access ton to every single brain cell. >> i think we should put like eddie mora for president posters around. i think that we should market my moment. >> i would vote for bradley cooper over donald trump in heart beat.
2:37 am
on hair alone, i would go cooper. >> the show looks good.'s how bradley appeared on tuesday night's premier episode but that's not all. they are telling us he will pop up every three or four shows. >> that will fans very happy. dreamy blue eyes. all right. now to a new series premiering this weekend, make"quantico", starring an actress that is the answer to angelina jolie.hopefully she will have half that career. we will see the leading lady in action. >> nice to meet you. >> we had six hours together. >> think you would want anyone to know that. >> the temperature was right. i've been made aware tlaf. >> playing the sexy fbi trainee at thedidn't center of the quantico terrorism story but her own is just as intriguing. bo rn inborn in india, as a teen, she became miss world. >> after winning miss india, i
2:38 am
thought, i've been brought here for a reason and i started bestory g i would be destiny's child besides beyonce. because destiny had plans for me and i just said, whatever it is, let's just roll with it.lievin >> hut! >> she became a bollywood movie star. while in spagning a guess jeans contract. >> guess girls normally, are blonde, blue-eyed bomb shce, si and it was nice to be a brunette one. >> what are you arresting me for? >> what we believe to be theells. most devastating terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. >> she said she looked at 25 scripts before deciding to play harris. >> she is badass, kicks ass and she is a sexy girl. so she was bound to do some naughty things. >> i didn't do any of this. >> and it will keep you wanting to know more. you really have to keep up with
2:39 am
the show. there is a good looking cast. >> wow. brianca told us she wanted to bring authenticity to the her role so she spent about four dayes with real life fbi agent to make sure she got it prepare for a rl
2:40 am
>> two touch offed welcome back to a story that truly touched me this week. joan london and sandra lee sharing with "e.t." their emotional battle with cancer. more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. but these two stars are proof that there is hope. but it's not without incredible strength. >> how do you feel? >> i am feeling great. >> tell me about the hair. i love it. i love it. >> i've got back. i'm kind of digging it, you know. i never ever would have cut my hair like this. it is kind of funny when someone passes me in hairthe store or your hair cut. like i cut it. this is how much has grown back and i'm so happy to have it growing back. >> joan's journey is nine months chemotherapy. she lost her hair and before boldly doing this on the cover
2:41 am
of "people" the 65-year-old experimented with many different looks and many different wigs. >> is this yourgi jane look? >> i walked in a hair salon i had never been to before. you asked the lady behind the counter he, do you have anybody that can shave my head? they looked at me like i was from mars. this call guy named juan walked over and said, follow me. he didn hardly anything. he sat me down in the chair. and he put his cape on me. and he pushed my head forward and i't say heard zzssshhhh -- a very odd thing for a woman to hear that. and just right over the top of my head. and don't ask me why. but afterward i got done and picked up all of the hair on the floor and put it in tin foil. i still have it. >> why did you keep it? why? why? >> i can't explain it. certainly not for my baby book. in't know why. just part of my old me.
2:42 am
i guess. this is the new me. >> sandra's story is different. doctors i do advised her to have a double mastectomy. >> how are you doing physically? >> physically extremely challenging. because we knew that there was high probability i would get an infection. just matter of time. there are just complications when you have such an aggressive surgery. >> aggressive meaning double a mastectomy. >> when they take your tissue out from a double mastectomy it is a very aggressive procedure and there are often times complications with it. i'm very thin-skinned. something i dent like to admit. but physically and emotionally, i can be very -skinned. and this just, she knew when i came out of surgery that it wasn't going to go well. >> she is now cancer free and by her side through it all hthin been her partner in life new york's governor andrew cuomo. after the mastectomy, what were the words between you and andrew.
2:43 am
>> he wasas the last person that i saw before i went out. he was in his scrubs. and he said, okay, we're doing this. i got in my little suit on the operating table. he put his face down -- he said, you're good. i love you. >> he said, you're good, i love you. what did you say back to him? >> he he said, you're good. i love you. i'll be here when you wake up. and the only one that makes me cry is that one. nothing else makes me cry. isn't that just amazing. so sweet. >> you look unbelievable. hed into the hospital with me. he was there every single day. i had to tell him to go back to work. i did. and then he didn't good. he went and hid in ano move room. i got up and found him. i said, you have to go back to work. >> both ladies faced cancer and emerged on the other sidether stronger and determined it make a difference.
2:44 am
>> so it's been four months since the double mastectomy. how do you feel about having made that decision now? >> i would make that decision again wbs absolutely. even given the complications and the secondary infections. there is no question in my mind. easy with it, relaxed with it. relieved there is no cancer left in my body. and i just want to, you know, i just want to move on with my life. >> joan's inspiration with her book, had i known. sandra is working on a documentary. >> i don't think you can do that little dance with death and not come out another person. really you come out on the other side and you say, i made it. i fought. i survived and i will put my hand out an i will pull someone else through. >>e is too short. like a little stuffed ride. just let it good. and you get really clear really fast as to what is important if your lif. >> loving the people that you
2:45 am
get to be on this planet with and wanting the best for them is a real thing. >> sandra also told us that she advocateslife only detection. american cancer society recommend mammograms starting at age 40 but sandra says follow your instincts and i couldn't agree more. when i found my lumplump, two doctors said it was nothing. thankfully i defected my cancer early enough to say i am cancer free now. also we are talking about donny osmond about his health care. his first interview about his vocal cord surgery. >> this is serious. i want to the high notes and it doesn't come out. >> the new jam bond song. >> how long did it take to write that song? >> about 20 minutes. >> next, which oscar winner spent timees spain as an exchange student while this high hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! in with jublia.
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tell your doctor if you have been to a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to ind routns. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain andfectio help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. "writings on the kwts" for the next bond movie.we talked to sam about cementing his place in history with so many of his biggest musical inspirations.
2:49 am
>> talk about the honor of having the theme song from the new 007 film. how that film when that set in and you realized, oh, my god, i'm doing the bond film. >> to be honest, it hasn't set in ye did people haven't properly heard it yet. >> we love that humble game sam plays. 23-year-oldt. singer is the first british male solo artist to create a bond theme song since 1965. 50 years later, the 24th film is all his. >> how long did it take to write that song? >> about 20 minutes. 27 minutes. >> 20 minutes? >>yes. >> genius comes out in 20 minutes. >> i don't know. you haven't heard it yet. >> now the last bond song "sky fall" was a total windfall for adele snagging her an oscar, global globe and grammy. we are guessing that the newly slimmed down sample follow her
2:50 am
>> is this the fastest song you've ever written? >> yes. it came so naturally to us. i can't explain why. me an jimmy are still nervous, we're not sure if people will love it or hate it. good to see sam smith doing so well. you remember he add vocal surgery which >> sigh lenned him for three weeks. >> i remember when i had laryngitis, i was on vocal rest for three days. that was challenge ppg. >> imagine three weeks. now donny osmond shares details about the injury no his vocal cords that could have cost his voice. we he talked about his surgery get ready, get ready >> when was the first time you said, something is not right here? >> i was singing one of the melodies in the show and i went for the high note and it doesn't come out. it j got worse and worse and finally, mid june, i had to
2:51 am
cancel three shows. i just couldn't -- i could barely even talk. >> theustoice that made him american icon was slipping away. surgely was the only answer. >> when somebody takes a scalpel to your vocal cord and v you think, okay, please be careful. this is serious. >> i'm sure you were tryrified. >> it is my livelihood. it defines who i am. i'm a singer. when that gez agoes away, you basicallypet strip me of my identity identity. >> this is the polyp that endangered his voice pf after surgery it's began. >> i started talking ten days ago. after the operation he ordered me, no sound, not even a whisper for three weeks. >> what procedure did he just do on you? >> he pumped up my right vocal cord with saline, expanded so he could get to the polyp.
2:52 am
and extracted that polyp. then, you can't suture it. then after all the months of singing again, the left cord was torn up. sew so he lasered all those and now i have a pristine vocal cord. and i started singing and i sing for the first time -- i put it on my facebook account. within minutes millions of people watched it. called up my wife and started talking to her. she said, you sound 20 years younger. but you just don't know what's going to happen. i could have tested it so i a little no. follow the doctor's directions explicit explicitly. i don't o chance anything. so when the first sound came out of my voice, it was like, oh, here i am.want t
2:53 am
>> how recover did notty andonnie and marie show is coming back. we were there for a portion of his act aep thankfully we will here him sing ed,again. >> a gradual act. >> he and wife debbie are unveiling the did notty osmond home collection of furnishings. >> we will have our fur all over the country. >> we have come up with two lines. city and country. two lines to choose from. >> when did you know this wasniture a passion for you? growing up, no, mom, that doesn't look good there. move this here. this looks better here. >> i don't know, in show business, you're always cious about looks. this has it look right. it is a tough -- paying attention to detail. >> completely jealous of you. >> i'm making you a cons promise. >> oh boy. >> that both debbie and i will help you with your new home. >> i will take you up on that. i literally feel like i'm lost. >> it's done. consider it done. >> i think she just got herself
2:54 am
a new interior designer.
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