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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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a mother and her little boy were trapped underneath sending people rushing in to help. >> cell phone video showing people working to lift the mangled toyota camry off the woman and child pinned beneath before emergency crews got to the scene. this man lost control driving along ballantyne avenue, jumped a median and plowed into a group of kids and parents on the corner of east cambridge avenue waiting for a school bus. >> he came in fast. he hit some -- fast. he hit some kids and the mother. >> reporter: kids and their mother? >> yeah. >> reporter: the driver hit five people. a woman and four children. >> it was a boy and a girl.
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all the ones was taken to -- the people that was hurt. >> from the moment, he was breathing too fast and he can't even talk. he just saw me, gave me my sister, i want to see my sister, i want to see my sister. >> reporter: people who live in the area say cars often speed around this bend making it for school buses. >> all to stop right there. and thosed little kid don't even have a crossing guard to show them how to walk. thank god he going to be fine. >> reporter: back live, another look at that car. police right now investigating to see whether it had any mechanical issues. the driver telling them that he lost control of the vehicle here this morning. as for the five people hurt, all of them stable this afternoon at area hospitals. reporting live from the fordham
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on long island wind an rain brought a massive tree down. branches and electrical wires landed on a parked car. >> more damage in new jersey. heavy rains may have caused this situation. a live wires pitched precariously. >> rain, rain, with a potential hurricane headed our way. this could be a preview of what could be to come. steve langford on the jersey shore. we begin with john elliott. >> we want to show you what's going on right now. we have some light rain through the city into parts of nassau county. another batch to the north and west. you have some light rain in sullivan and dutchess county. that front will usher in a few more showers and then it stalls so it's a pathway for off-and- on showers for your thursday and friday. then our attention will shift to joaquin. joaquin. new numbers for you. now at 80 miles an hour. it's a category 1 storm.
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between the models that we are going to see a strengthening storm. could be a category 3 storm early saturday off the coast of the carolinas. and then more model agreement that it is heading more to the west. we will talk specifics and have the spaghetti models with the various paths coming up and what potential impact this storm could have on us a little later in the show along with your seven-day. right now back to chris. >> john, thanks. parts of jersey hit hard by hurricane sandy are doing everything they can to be prepared this time around. steve langford live in belmar as the shore towns gear up. >> reporter: the big waves, the jersey shore. is joaquin another sandy? here now these preparations are born of pain. >> pray for the people of belmar. >> reporter: the images of belmar today both reassuring and ominous for a town that suffered
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>> we are nervous when we see something like that. especially now it has been classified a hurricane. >> reporter: the mayor matt dougherty says his town so much better prepared for a possible joaquin landing than it was for the sandy invasion. from the bulldozers creating sand berms on the beach to the pumping of lake comeau here. >> by lowering this lake we help mitigate against flood nothing all the homes that surround it. so we have hundreds of families that are right now scared. >> reporter: superstorm sandy still haunts this town which flooded 1300 homes here. >> i was watching pictures this morning on facebook that people were posting and it was very reminscent of not a good time. >> reporter: so you see it is not just the ocean. it is the other bodies of water in this area that, with a lot of rain, can cause such devastation. live in belmar, new jersey, steve langford, cbs2 news. >> thank you. to find out the weather any
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time download the cbs new york weather app. check live radar and get the forecast and send us your weather pictures and video free and available in the itunes store. and stay with cbs2 and the fdne is trying to figure out how a massive fire started in a church. firefighters are calling this suspicious. you can see through to the sky in what's left of this once towering house of worship. the remnants of an enormous fire that stunned neighbors. >> watched in building for the last 50 years. it's a shame it's kind of gone now. >> reporter: the church on della field avenue in staten island went up in flames around 2:00 this morning. a sign out front read house of miracles. the fdny says it's been unok identify for about a year. >> i wake up and all of a
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sudden i smell the smoke and then after that i call 911. >> reporter: someone may have intentionally started the fire. the chief of the department said the scene was so bad firefighters could not even go inside when they first got here. >> extremely heavy amount of fire on arrival, which is indicative of a suspicious fire. >> reporter: the roof and many walls collapsed. another major problem was flying embers landing on homes and buildings. but he says the rain helped extinguish them and the fire stayed contained to the church. >> noisy and lights and raining hard. i say, oh my god. >> reporter: neighbors recalled the scene earlier this approximate morning as firefighters tried to figure out what happened. some residents told the fdny crews were doing some type of work inside the building yesterday, which is another piece of the investigation. no one was seriously injured in the fire.
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in the west brighton section of staten island, andrea crimes, cbs2 news. a wake is being held at this hour for the new jersey high school football flair who died after getting hit during a game last week. family and friends are gathering in washington township to remember evan murray. the 17-year-old quarterback attended warren hills regional high school. he walked off the field after getting hit and later collapsed and died at the hospital. he died by massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. a water main break is forcing residents to go without water. elise finch joins us with the latest. >> reporter: mary, we are on riverside drive in 160th street where just before 6:00 this morning a water service line that feeds this building ruptured and it set hundreds of gals of water rushing into the lower levels
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the structure. it's rushing through this window and seeping through the brick wall. >> we have a river running through our basement. fortunately, my basement drain is working. so it is not filling the basement. >> reporter: the courtyard suddenly has a waterfall. the street behind the building is cracked and sinking. the sidewalk separated from the curb where it's being eroded. >> crews from the city's department of environmental protection are on the scene. managers at this 250 unit building have shut off water. >> this morning i called my doorman to see if i missed something about the water being shut off and he said there was a water main break and to bring back a lot of water and to treat it like we are in a third world country. >> reporter: in addition to the increase, residents are worried about how much damage has been done. >> our concern is that it's undermining the foundation and the sidewalk. what you don't see is what is
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happening underground. what is underground is all of the dirt under the sidewalk is literally being wash away. the sidewalk is a bridge over a big cavern. >> reporter: now, we are told this is not a city water main. it's a private one. still the city's department of environmental protection shut the water off at the valve and crews are making some repairs to the street. we are told it's up to the building's owner to actually get that service line repaired before water can be restored to these residents. live in washington heights, elise finch. there is much more ahead on cbs2 news at noon. kim davis, the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples said she had a secret meeting with the pope. a fan at the yankees game couldn't catch a break trying to snag a souvenir baseball. and john elliott tracking hurricane joaquin. find out how close it will come
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rit w,et0 g osteettv pnearngt 9. aon,arte f t yrsuset35ba wh tw argrme.t t t pt.etio don't forget follow us on facebook. you can find us at facebook/ pope francis' visit to the u.s. is news again. kim davis, the controversial kentucky court learning who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses says she met the pope. this happened while the pope
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>> i put my hand out and he grabbed it. and i hugged him and he hugged me. and he said, thank you for your courage. >> kim davis speaking out today. >> it was really very humbling to even think that he would want to, you know, moot me or know me. >> reporter: attorney mat staver says it lasted just a few moments and pope francis praised davis for her courage, told her, quote, stay strong and gave her a rosary that he had blessed. staver >> she is someone who stands with those individuals who are standing on their religious convictions, religious freedom is a worldwide message that the pope wants to convey. >> reporter: davis spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. on his return flight to rome, the pope was asked about
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to sign off on gay marriage. he did not mention kim davis but said conscientious objection was a human right. he also spoke out against capital punishment. >> the abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: but that plus a personal plea for mercy did not help kelly gissendaner. the parole board rejected a plea from the pope's representative to commute her sentence to life in prison. the supreme court also refused to reverse the death penalty. the vatican not commenting about a meeting with davis, but also not deeing flying it. when you kiss your kids off to college you assume they will be safe. but could their landlord be taking advantage of them, or worse, putting their lives at risk? >> landlords have very little
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incentive to maintain their properties. tonight at 11 cbs2 exposes the off campus horror stories that are becoming all too common. a slip of the tongue is raising eyebrows with the danish foreign minister. what he said to vice president joe biden that's creating some buzz. before that we have a front that will usher in more rain. yes, i talk with my hands. my hands are going to be busy with your changing forecast after the break. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick
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today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us.
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vice president joe biden may have liked it when the foreign minister at denmark addressed him. >> mr. president -- vice president, sorry. well, could have been. can be. who knows? >> secretary ambassador chairing the meeting. he accidentally referred to him as mr. president. he quickly corrected himself. the meeting was on strategies to counter isis. now let's get a check on our rainy weather. turn it over to mr. patient -- i mean meteorologist john elliott. >> thank you, primary calvi. it's been a business i have morning. setting up for a busier period through the end of the week. then joaquin sunday into
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monday. let's show you what's going on right now. mild mid-to-upper 70s for many of the weather watchers. notice the 60s settling in north and west. wood born up in the hudson valley 3.25 inches of rain. hackensack about 2 inches. this is interesting. 76 for frankie, and he again dealing with coastal flooding issues and high tides. grateful for the soaking rain for now. that may not be the case after day after day. 75 for ralph here in plainview. i like this comment. fertilized the lawn yesterday. perfect timing because now it's going to water in. that's good for you. and, yeah, we need the rain. it's just will it be too much of a good tinge? we will show you what's going on in the city. light rain for parts of the area. grey skies. and, in fact, parts of the area seeing breaks every now and then in the grey and you get that flash of blue. 77 winds out of the southwest at
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the city is up, too. 74 woodmere, 75 red bink, and the 60s in through starts of sullivan ulster county. 50s up state. 78 easily. we have done it already. 70 the normal. we are above normal once again. not a record, but on the mild and muggy side. 89 and 39 your extremes for the day. sun sets at 6:40. rain this morning and tomorrow. it will keep the pollen counts low, which is a blessing. that gives you a break. these are running totals in the city. 1.25-inch of rain backing me up with some folks over 2 inches of rain. these flood advisories you see for for the jersey shore. persistent rain and heavier rain. it's light rain right now through parts of nassau county. showers in monmouth and ocean
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county as well. there is the front. the front pushes through and you see more showers, well, thursday night into friday and then joaquin is later. that, again, is going to be sunday into monday. now you see this line. there is more of a convergence now that it is going to make the path off to the west and again very concerned about parts of the carolinas and into virginia. so there is more agreement. that will also serve to kick up our seas. so we are going to be dealing with issues of coastal flooding monday as well. as far as the front, you can see it push you through. there is not a lot of activity this afternoon. thursday is shaping up. you see it stalls just out to sea. so then by friday afternoon we will see more rain. this is still affiliated with the front. not joaquin. and then saturday into sunday we see the clouds fill in because of joaquin. it's rain sunday night into monday because of the storm. and it could still be a hurricane when it's in our area. so that's going to be the busy
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period late in the week and the first part of next week. >> thank you. and now here is fresh grocer tony tantillo in the produce aisle. >> reporter: today's tip of the day baby peppers. these sweet peppers, red, yellow, orange, green. look at inside the bag. aren't these beautiful? they are sold this bags like this mainly because they are small peppers. they are sold by the pound, not individually. sometimes the big bell pepper is sold by the pound. selection and storage is very important. sweet, delicious and loaded with nutritional value. when you buy them, see the colors? all have to be bright, beautiful. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away. don't hold them too long. three to four days at the most. they may hold up longer. i wouldn't do that. enjoy them.
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they saute great and they actually have less water content than the bigger pepper. saute these, they don't break down as much. i am tony tantillo your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay
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code black takes manhattan and crew promoting. the new drama was up bright and recall this morning handing out coffee in midtown. the series about life in a busy and understaffed emergency room. academy award winner marcia harder is the emergency director. it is fast paced down and dirty medicine with a heart. it debuts tonight. check out the action on cbs2 tonight at 10 after the season premiere of "criminal minds." tonight at 5:00, a new plan to make salons safer. the equipment you could soon see. and at six out of nowhere tossed off a bridge and onto a driving car. the warning for other drivers. those stories and much more okay. a note to self. if you go to the ballgame and have great seats, have a -- bring a baseball glove. that's tough, all right?
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then a groundball off the chest. third time off the face. off the face! come on. the woman next to him is like, oh my goodness. the people around him are like, oh, lord. it was down by his feet. all is well that ends well. >> got to be a rough day at work for that man. for john and the entire cbs2 news team, thanks for joining us. >> cbs2 news back at 5:00. if you do work with that
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