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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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orderly response. >> on long island, officials and crews are working on one message, be prepared while the weather is still good. dozens of vehicles, batteries and water have been collected to give to families in the event the storm creates major damage. and here with what they can expect and when is meteorologist john elliott. >> and i say here, here, take advantage of the day today and again on saturday when we see a dry period. as noted, new number, 125 miles per hours, just 5 miles per hour shy of category four strength, southwest at 6 miles per hour. that means it's basically just sitting and spinning there over the bahamas, just torrential flooding rains there. and here's what we anticipate. there will be strengthening and it makes the move to the north, reaching category four status by tomorrow night. and then it weaken again, continues to go to the north
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more to the east. so this cone has shifted to the east. in fact, the european model takes it well out to sea. notice it's slower. so it's more of a monday event into your tuesday. and definition of the storm right there. you have a front you're dealing with that's going to bring rain. and we have wind and rain today that's already prompting the issuing of flood advisories along the coast. so make sure you're ready for that. and we will talk more about the storm in a bit. right now, back to the desk. >> thank you very much. and coastal communities are watching and waiting as joaquin looks to be heading toward the east coast. >> and ilana gold live with more on how communities are prepare. >> reporter: chris, long beach isn't taking any chances, especially after superstorm sandy. we have seen crews out here and
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sand dunes behind me. bulldozers working non-stop on long beach, digging up mounds of sand and building dunes to stop water from flooding the city. >> it is hitting close to home, yeah. the last time our cars floated away. this time, i don't know, we will see. >> reporter: people who live nearby getting nervous as the hurricane gains strength. >> are you worried about the storm in. >> a little bit. more so with the flooding than anything else. >> reporter: considering many are still rebuilding after getting slammed by superstorm sandy. a tidal surge buried streets under sand and wiped out hundreds of homes. the new 2.2-mile board walk cost $40 million to replace. >> just hoping the it's not going to be as bad as sandy. >> reporter: for now, they'll keep a close eye on the radar and plan accordingly. what are you doing to prepare? >> well, i'm going to go shopping today. buy some groceries. >> probably take better
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precautions this time than last time. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> thoughts of going to pennsylvania, taking a long weekend somewhere else. >> reporter: and nassau county has vehiclessed to go for water rescues and cots and supplies stocked up for shelters if people have to evacuate. the county executive warning everyone to start prepare now while the weather is favorable. fill up your car with gas and get an emergency case ready. >> should you live in a low- lying area and are asked to to evacuate, we have suggested the family and friends plan where you partner with a family member or friend that lives in the higher elevations and shelter with them if you are asked to evacuate. >> reporter: those who live in the coastal communities just hope they can stay put and any potential damage will be minimal. >> it was a pretty scary scene the last time. and i would hope to god that we don't have to go through that again.
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>> reporter: so right now, a lot of people are paying very close attention to the forecast. so are the power companies and they say they're ready to deal with outages if the storm hits. live on long beach, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you very much. the costume characters and topless painted ladies of times square could be here to stay if city hall agrees to a new proposal. the times square task force is calling for change. andrea grymes reports from times square. >> reporter: a local councilman who represents the area says they are okay with times square being quirky but it was becoming chaotic. this morning costume characters walked freely through times square. taking pictures with people walking by. >> it's great. it's nice to get pictures with these characters. >> reporter: but there may soon be more restrictions in place. city council man corey johnson says the times square task force is recommending the
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put limits on exactly where and when the costume characters, topless painted ladies and people selling cds can operate on the pedestrian plazas. >> we want to ensure that the plazas have specific spots where people who want to engage in commercial activity, they can be there but they cannot be all over times square. >> i think that's a great idea. and i would bring my family back here. because for a while, i was telling my wife, it was not appropriate for my daughter. >> reporter: the nypd is doubling the amount of cops to about 100. first amendment rights and quality of life demands came to a head this summer. many complained that the ladies and characters harassed people and demanded tips which in fact are optional. >> the it's not necessary the to have that on the street like that. >> reporter: they argued back, they have the right to be here and try to make a living this morning, none of the characters spoke english and the naked
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but the women did have some support. >> when it's this time of the day, no, i don't think they should be out here. but once it starts getting dark out here, come on, why not? >> as a mom, i guess any family inappropriate characters would be great to keep in a specific area. but new york is pretty crazy anyway so we know what we're getting when we come here. >> reporter: the mayor's office would only say the report is being released sometime later today. commissioner bratton is expected to talk about it at a news conference this afternoon. in times square, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. happening today, police commissioner bill bratton to announce new rules rules for the nypd. he is expected to detail guidelines for officers to use for using force. they'll be required to detail every instance when force is used. the patrol's association issued a statement calling the new
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plan, quote, a formula for disaster. commissioner bratton will update the latest crime figures. and a developing story, russia launched more air strikes in syria and once again, the reports say the bombs did not hit isis targets. russia released video that it says shows the strikes against a bombs headquarters. the u.s. says it appears the same thing happened yesterday. the u.s. and russia are holding talks about the situation. moscow backs the president. a federal is being held this noon in new jersey for the school football player who died after a tackle. meg baker is live with more. >> reporter: chris and mary, a tough day here in warren county. we are outside the faith and discovery church where family and friends have gathered for a final farewell to 17-year-old evan murray who died of internal bleeding after getting hit in the spleen last weekend.
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the line stretched through the parking lot. hundreds of people including classmates and teammates. and many including police officers are wearing ribbons with no. 18 strong, his football number pinned on their chest. and an honor student, he was a three-sport varsity athlete, basketball, baseball and the star quarterback for warren hills regional high school. and we expect to hear from family and friends after the mass which should end around 1:00 p.m. today. and we will have more memories of evan murray coming up at 5 :00. we're live in warren county, meg baker, cbs 2 news. the cause of an early morning fire in a new jersey car lot under investigation this noon. investigators say flames broke out at an auto auction lot in fairfield just before 6:00 this morning. at least 27 cars were damaged. and crews used forklifts to try to salvage the vehicles that were not on fire. the lot was not open at time. >> it was closed. and there are on-duty security officers but the property is rather big. so depending on what their
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would go unnoticed for a little while. >> no one was hurt in the fire. still to come here on cbs 2 news at noon, christmas just two months away. one major retailer trying to catch up to get your buying dollars. >> how you can get the best deal when it comes to retailers competing against one another. and honoring gabay. plus, this yankee fan missed catching a foul ball three times and now he is
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handling the attention. new at noon, governor cuomo has -- excuse me, has created a scholarship program to honor his staff member who was shot and killed last month. the governor says the fellowship will be awarded to an attorney who came from an economically disadvantaged background and devotes their life to public service. it will pay for five students to attend university. it may be october 1st but retailers already jockkying for your holiday shopping dollars. target added 29 retailers to the price matching policy. walmart and best buy are also joining the competition. in order to get the lower
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another company is selling the item for less. >> part of the policy that's a little anti-consumer is it's a pain in the neck. so there are guidelines. there's limitations. they say the item must be the identical item, brand name, size and weight. and that can be awful-putting for people. >> -- be off-putting for people. >> only able 5% of shoppers take advantage of price matching. just one ticket will claim the entire $310 million up for grabs last night. the lucky winner bought the ticket in michigan. in case you may have won alesser prize, here are the numbers, 21, 39, 40, 55, 5 and the the power ball is 17. -- and the power ball is 17. and the next jackpot is around $40 million. up next here on cbs 2 news at noon, he got everyone's attention with his lack of catching skills. >> i'm going to get crap for it.
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he is talking about his five minutes of fame at yankee stadium. >> the fresh prince of not being able to catch. plus, $75 for a meal she didn't eat. she's being charge for the a wedding she department go. we will explain that.
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we have tracked down the yankee's fan who could not keep his hand on the ball to find out what caused these errors. will smith making headlines today but not the will smith you're probably thinking of. he became the accidental star of tuesday night's yankee game, three ball, three strikes and he was out. >> reporter: some guys have all the luck, great seat for a pivotal yankee's game, great company by your side and the chance to be a hero, a foul ball coming your day. >> a rough day for this young fan. >> reporter: okay, not the easiest play in the world. but will, you have to focus. in case you get another chance. >> and this groundball couldn't make the play. >> reporter: okay, that's two strikes. this will smith is no legend. and than the third strike, poor will in the pursuit of happiness, the subject of nationwide ridicule, thank goodness he's a good sport.
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but i didn't know my phone would blow up. come into work and my boss, hey, what what do i do? and he said own it or walk away. and decided, this is one you own. make the catches next time. >> reporter: will smith pulling a jamie foxx and blaming it on the alcohol. interesting. but not to make matters worse, a few beers, heck a few babies didn't stop these fans. >> leans in and over and can't hang on. >> nice catch here? two beers you in-hand? no way. >> hold on to the baby. >> nice reach. >> reporter: which brings us back to will smith. he's a good sport for a guy with not much agent lealic ability. and he can't catch. but is he a good catch? you would have to ask the young lady next to him. and that's our next interview. >> oh, boy. we will try to catch up with her. and smith did say he had half a dozen beers during the game and that probably didn't help the
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all the umpires signed the ball. and he plans to send to it his older brother who is a marine in north carolina. >> so he did get one in the end. >> yes. let's get to john elliott. a lot going on today. >> girls don't make passes at guys who wear glass. i feel bad for the guy. we are pitching nasty weather your way in the form of a cold front. and we have that wind filling in. that is just come pounding the flood risk along the coast. and then joaquin to deal with. and i want to share advice from the weather watchers in addition to giving us the numbers. 50s with limited exception. and look at this, i like this comment, this is ron barber, 59. and he says check out your generators. yeah, why not? make sure it's full of gas and ready to go. and from david too, 58, and
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take a picture of your basement and belongings and stock up. always good to have the picture evidence. i don't see a repeat of sandy but it's a good idea. you know when you fill out the forms. and i like this picture that pry i didn't know sent this in. look at that, yeah, busy getting those beaches ready. and let's get you ready, number one for your cool gray day today, the wet weather that returns tomorrow not affiliated with joaquin. and the arrival late sunday into monday. 60, overcast in the city. winds north, northeast at 16 miles per hour. and stronger winds around the area. and cool around the area from 57 to 61. and the limited temperature spread because of the regulating effect of the wind and the cloud, these numbers 5 to 20 degrees colder than we were yesterday. and we do have this wind north, northeast just piling up the water. so we are concerned about flooding. all along the coast from connecticut through the city,
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fork, this is not affiliated with joaquin in a direct sense. so it will contribute to the risk of flooding day after day into and through the weekend. 63 if we work hard. well below normal. sunsets at 6:38. one of the flip side, the blessing, yeah, pollen count is way down. yeah, look at that, saturday into sunday, winds blowing but not a lot in the air. and we have light rain in the area. expand the view and you get a sense of that front. and this front backs up and taps into the area of low pressure. and we see the potential for heavier rain late friday. and then late sunday into monday that we deal with joaquin at 125 miles per hour. remember two days ago, the spaghetti models took this into north carolina. and this morning, they were shifting a little bit to the east and now there's more of that. it's off to the east. that does not mean even in the absence of a direct hit or direct land fall i should say
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dealing with the risk of wind and flooding late sunday part of your tuesday. today. and then again a break on saturday to get things ready so you're ready for the storm. >> i know we talked earlier, but the worst seven-day in ages around here. >> yeah, bleak. so so caw lee flower underrated. >> reporter: one of the best finds is kauliflower. look at the head first, you want to make sure it's nice and compact. they should not be pulling yelling. brown, a little bit, that's okay. it's totally natural. and it's even okay to eat. when you bring it home and store it, wash it before you use it but not before you store it. with some vegetables, that can speed up the decaying process. it's popular because you can
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and it can be the center of the meal. it can chopped up with pine nuts and raisins and that's my favorite sauce for pasta of all time in the fall. up next, a bride and groom's gift for one guest. >> i was shocked to see that i was being charged. >> charged for two orders of herb crusted fish.
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never made to it the wedding. tonight on cbs 2 news, we will continue to track hurricane joaquin. the next models come out right at 5:00. so tune in to see the path changes. and at 6:00, parents keeping their children home from school after the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease is discovered. are their kids safe? those stories and much more on cbs 2 news at 5:00. and how about this, a couple didn't show up for a relative's wedding and got a bill. jessica baker turned to facebook to vent about it. and she says she and her husband missed her cousin's wedding when the mother could not baby it is as planned. the wedding invites said no children allowed. but then the newlyweds sent the bill for the food they didn't eat. the couple says they don't
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expect to be reimbursed. >> and she put it on facebook. so quite a bit of strife during the holidays. >> i bet. >> okay, that does it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news news time, thank you for joining us. i am chris wragge. >> and i am mary calvi. we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a good afternoon. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out.
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