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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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down the scene. >> major crimes is on scene and they have secured the campus like i said the campus is very spread out. and it took a while to secure each classroom and evacuate each classroom based on the size of the actual campus. >> reporter: lockdown at the school has now been lifted and the douglas county sheriff says the threat is over. at least a dozen people are at the local hospital mercy medical center. the feds are also on the way to the scene. alcohol tobacco and firearms tweeting this: atf sending additional agents from portland along with k-9 team to hashtag ucc shooting tragedy. we have learned that there were no armed security guards on that community college campus at the time of the shooting today. in the aftermath of this massacre details continue to come out, more than 100 detectives and investigators are now at the scene. live in the newsroom, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news.
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now to the storm that everybody is carefully watching. hurricane joaquin now a category 4 hurricane inching its way toward the united states mainland. but its path keeps changing and that has people who suffered through sandy on edge and getting ready for anything. we have cbs 2 storm team coverage. crews are fanned out across the tri-state area getting ready to weather the storm. let's start with lonnie quinn and the new information coming in now. lonnie. >> you betcha, kristine. it's coming in as we speak. if you take a look, this is the storm high up in space. i give you a satellite view o joaquin, the eye on top of the central bahamas. as big as this storm, i'm seeing something that's encouraging as i look at the trebled. the national hurricane center as of yesterday had this cone, all right, pretty small tight cone because it was all kinds of consensus about this storm was going to go to north carolina or to virginia. skinny red line around the outer banks. this is yesterday. now you go to this morning, all bets are off.
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i was watching this thing, i was working this morning, anywhere the landfall could have been from south carolina to massachusetts with the skinny red line going somewhere around delaware. that was this morning. 2 p.m. another update came out and look at this one. now that skinny red line goes right over suffolk county. that's 2:00 this afternoon. what i want to do right now, i would like to check in on the current information. it's just coming into our weather center. my colleague georgio is putting together a graphic that should make this pretty clear for us to see if in fact it's going to continue this trend pushing further out to sea or going to stay where it is or if it's going to start pushing back to the west. so we have got right now this is just coming in, um, we have got winds that are sustained at 130 miles per hour. 130 miles per hour tells me -- zoom in right here if you don't mind, nick, 130-mile-per- hour winds it's a category 4. so no change there. moving slowly over the bahamas. the bahamas will take a beating with 100 miles per hour winds or stronger for 24 hours. that's a tough situation. now let's watch this all important track from the
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again, we want to watch it move further east. it is due make that hard turn to the north staying a cat. 4 -- keep it going, georgie, then cat-3, cat-2, sunday, 2:00 in the afternoon cat-2. now look at this. this is huge! this is huge, guys! again, we have watched this go from landfall around the outer banks further east, further east, the skinny red line is now offshore entirely offshore of even the northeast seaboard. our guard is not let down. we watch this one. i just started this newscast by telling you i'm seeing something encouraging. i see something more encouraging now. you have to tune into 11:00 when we get fresh information. we want the whole thing to push east. we want this whole cone to be out of our area. we'll have more with more information later on. right now, guys, some good news. more to come. back to you to you at the desk. >> cautiously optimistic, lonnie, thank you. on long island, residents, businesses and lawmakers
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from superstorm sandy -- lessons learned from superstorm sandy. waterfront communities in suffolk county today preparing to batten down the hatches. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan live in len deny lindenhurst. >> reporter: many homes still not repaired in this neighborhood. what will joaquin bring wondering suffolk county residents living along the 980 miles of coastline? >> nobody knows the track which way it's going to go. we're all worried. >> what' your concern? >> my family. we need to be prepared. >> reporter: 4-year-old claire potter is ready with her green umbrella. >> we have four kids and we always try to be prepared for anything anyway, you know, we always have food in the house. >> reporter: local leaders say there's no such thing as overreaction. merchants agree. >> we worry that was waters are high that all our music will be ruined.
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>> reporter: surrounded by military surplus humvees and other high water rescue trucks suffolk county officials say despite the uncertainty of joaquin, they are taking advantage of lessons learned from sandy: better coordination and communication. >> i directed the fire department and emergency services to open the emergency operations center as of yesterday, we will be with a 24-hour operation. >> reporter: pseg has an additional 729 crews secured to help in restoration efforts if needed. >> we have had terrible storms in port chester in the past so we are a little concerned. >> i'm hoping not to have a repeat of losing those trees, of losing more trees. not being able to get out of my driveway. >> reporter: marinas north and south shore are being readied, small craft in port jefferson harbor removed or secured, tugs pushes barges away from the ferry. >> boats can smash against the pilings and it's -- >> reporter: you're bringing in stuff off your boat now?
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up off the boat, putting out storm lines taking precautions. >> reporter: with searches from long island sound, the east end bays and the atlantic, no one in suffolk is immune not expected flooding erosion and winds. we are live tonight in lindenhurst along the great south bay, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. we now turn to my colleague carolyn gusoff live in nassau county. >> reporter: jennifer, good evening. those berms behind me were bulldozed into position just today by the city of long beach. you will recall it was a city that was under water three years ago durin hurricane sandy. here folks are still recovering from sandy turning their attention now to joaquin. >> i can't imagine we have to go through this again. >> reporter: tracy meehan doesn't want to think about the worst-case scenario after rebuilding her long beach home destroyed by sandy she is wishing joaquin away.
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>> it happened again i think we're done. >> reporter: on a barrier island which was submerged and buried in sand, there is new worry. >> the ocean right down there and you have the bay here. if they connect, it's trouble. >> reporter: but also, hope that sandy was different. >> the moon was aligned, the tides were high that day. >> reporter: yet the message from nassau county executive ed mangano? >> now is the time to be prepared. >> reporter: what to do now? fill up cars and generators with gas. charge phones. stock up on batteries, food and water. and have a go kit ready. plan to shelter with friends and familyif evacuations are ordered officials ask for full compliance. >> if you stay in a place that's anticipated to be flooded then you require a rescue and you had the opportunity to leave before that flooding you have now placed that first responder in harm's way. >> i got to leave, i leave. what can i do? >> reporter: through the town of hempstead crews are
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equipment, moving trucks to higher ground. nassau police with newly equipped high axle vehicles, portable generators for traffic lights, say they're in much better shape than three years ago. so are residents. these calm atlantic beach women say they are stronger from lessons learned. >> hopefully my generator will work this time. >> nassau now has a free app. it's called nassau now. you can download it and see the latest on the evacuations. they try to make the evacuation decisions about 24 hours to 48 hours in advance anything could happen. in long beach, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. statewide, agencies in new york and new jersey are gearing up for joaquin, as well. governor cuomo today activated new york's emergency operations center in albany to monitor the weather. new york city and nassau and suffolk counties have also activated their severe weather and coastal flood plans and governor christie has declared
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a stat of emergency throughout new jersey as severe weather conditions are expected there in the coming days. speaking of new jersey, residents are also worried about what joaquin could bring and also the similarities if any the storm has to sandy. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch continues our team coverage now. she is in union beach. vanessa. >> reporter: i'm standing here along brook avenue and the land that you see behind me used to be lined with homes. that was, of course, until sandy. so now it's joaquin threatening our coast. it's east is he to understand why people -- it's easy to understand why people who live here worry the worst might happen again. sea water forced ashore is already making navigation in union beach a little tricky. and the storm is still days away. >> i'm hoping and praying to god that it's not like sandy. >> reporter: the superstorm nearly wiped out the entire block, split a house in half. that night nearly three years ago remains a vivid memory for those who lived through it.
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are you worried this will be another sandy? >> i am. but, you know, there's really nothing you can do. >> reporter: with so many fearing a second sandy might be heading our way we sat down with the new jersey state climatologist, dr. dave robinson, to discuss joaquin. do you see any similarities to sandy in this storm? >> at the moment, no, because this latest forecast had that left turn out of the picture. >> reporter: robinson says joaquin is a problem child of the storm that's distinctly different from superstorm sandy. >> tropics dominate this one. and the extratropics are dominating sandy. >> reporter: making it a different beast, no cold air to interact with. and sandy's track was spot on several days out. >> it was a combination of some very good models which, of course, still exist and an atmosphere that didn't change once the storm got moving. in the case of joaquin, it's all over the map. >> reporter: despite what
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shore just want to get through the storm. >> pretty scared right now but i'm a little more prepared because i have a good feeling what's going to happen this time. >> if they say evacuate, we're leaving. >> reporter: carolyn gusoff told in us long beach they are building temporary berms, and the same is happening here in the borough of union beach. those dirt mounds are being bulldoze need piles today. the reason they are hoping to cut down on the wave action because while the track may be uncertain for joaquin we are sure the jersey shore will get hit with coastal erosion and flooding. moderate flooding is expected tomorrow with major flooding on the weekend. coming up at 5:30, the things you should be doing to your home and the supplies you should have to be ready for this storm or any that follow. new at 5:00 now, another drone sighting at laguardia airport.
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this afternoon just after departure. cbs 2's sonia rincon has the details. >> reporter: the drone was reported close to american airlines flight 1413 which had just taken off right around 1 p.m. here at laguardia. air traffic control put out this warning. >> caution for a drone reported about 5 minutes ago. >> reporter: in this case, the pilot didn't have to take any evasive action and continued on to miami. but passengers hearing about this say it's happening too frequently. >> i know a lot of people like these for recreation but there needs to be some rules and restrictions around an airport so we live close to dfw so we have had a few of those incidents, as well. >> i would be frightened if i knew it was close by where we were. i'm glad i didn't know about it as we flew in. >> i think it's a new way to use technology, that's good. but it needs some parameters around it. >> reporter: senator charles schumer introduced legislation to require geo sensor technology to keep drones away from airports and events. the faa has investigated more than 600 drone sightings near airports this year. at laguardia airport, sonia
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rincon, cbs 2 news. up next here at 5:00, ordered to move out of her home for her own safety. >> i fear for my life what's going to happen. >> all because of the moldy pest infested house next door. we demand answers about the broken promises to clean it up. >> new air strikes and new accusations. the latest in russian's military action in syria. >> you're thinking these are going to be your signs soon. >> their dreams of becoming parents dashed. why these men think the
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as we watch joaquin advance up the eastern seaboard wicked winds in the boston area. there's hope newly built barriers may protect homes from flooding but residents not taking chances stocking up on supplies. lonnie will be back with the latest on the storm coming up in just a few minutes. a queens family is still trying to recover from superstorm sandy. their home is fine but the storm damaged the house next door. and that house has since been abandoned and the empty house is making a neighbor sick, she says and she might be forced to move. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is demanding answers. >> i don't know how much more i can take. [ crying ] >> it's my home and i can't even live in my own home. >> reporter: cancer survive joyce zoller says she is devastated after being ordered by her doctors and attorneys to move from her home to
5:16 pm
is unsafe but because she says the abandoned home next door is hazardous to her health. >> the mold, the smell, the vermin inside, birds flying all over, it's a disaster. >> reporter: we met the zollers in june of 2014 and learned their neighbor at 145- 08 neponsit avenue had abandoned the property after superstorm sandy. black mold had been growing inside. city records say hfbc mortgage took ownership after it went into foreclosure. but as owners did nothing to clean it up, after our report remediation crews showed up with dumpsters. these pictures show they returned a second time in january but the zollers say it's a mess and joyce says she gets sicker every day. >> i still have problems with my eye. i'm on all kind of inhalers. >> with all the hot, humid weather that we have had and -- and -- and the birds and the droppings and -- and the rodents that -- that must be in there, i mean, it's got to be a horror show.
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buildings inspector was on the property again this morning and gave hsbc another violation for failure to maintain this building. >> why aren't the banks being responsible? shame on the banks! >> reporter: hsbc has been issued multiple building code violations since superstorm sandy and faces more than $20,000 in fines. we reached out to the law firm representing hsbc and are still awaiting comment. >> we probably would be the best of all worlds to just get rid of it and knock it down. >> reporter: joyce says she can't help but worry about the next storm coming. in neponsit, queens, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> the zollers are suing hsbc and the case is in litigation. developing story overseas. russia launched more air strikes today in syria but once again, the u.s. says it does not appear the bombs have hit any isis targets. russia released video saying it shows air strikes against an isis arms depo and headquarters.
5:18 pm
but reports and the u.s. government allege russian bombed rebel groups trying to overthrow syria's president bashar assad. that's also what the u.s. says happened yesterday. moscow supports assad while the u.s. wants him out. >> the russian military operations that we have seen so far, um, raise some concerns because russia is targeting areas where there are few, if any, isil forces operating. >> the u.s. and russia are holding talks about these air strikes in part so they don't end up firing on each other. well, back to the weather. we are under flood advisories around here. it has nothing to do with >> no. lonnie quinn in the weather center with the details. >> it's going to be a rough weather day tomorrow. there's your picture. not much of a picture. it's cloudy, overcast, light rain, 63 degrees right now. there's your coastal flood advisory right now. for all of long island all five boroughs of the city and sound through friday. watch for all our coastal communities friday into saturday fueled by winds coming in off the ocean.
5:19 pm
we have a high wind watch for the jersey shore wind gusts talking 40 miles per hour or stronger. rough weather out there. then you combine the rain that we are going to be seeing. we are seeing some light rain now. a little batch of heavier rain just offshore of cape may but it is moving to the north- northeast. so it's going to be clipping portions of our area and then the bigger picture will show you that's like this conveyor belt of moisture that will move in. how much rain are we looking at? not the biggest rainfall ever but it's just adding insult to injury that we have had with some big rain totals already. we are looking at a half to an inch for some folks. some could see more, 1.8 possible around montauk. temperatures tomorrow up to about 57 degrees. you're not going to see 60 tomorrow. it's raining and windy. not a nice weather day tomorrow. but we are going to keep our eye on what's going on with joaquin and we'll update you with the latest on that. right now, back to you. >> thank you. he has more than a new york state of mind. why an event mayor de blasio is planning in iowa has some new yorkers steamed. >> also, price matching.
5:20 pm
are making really worth all the trouble in what you need know. >> first, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: >> we'll have an update on the hurricane preparations, also tonight the also from oregon on the college campus shooting tragedy. and tonight at 6:00, tony aiello joins us with sweeping new changes for the nypd. how force is documented. >> for years, decades really, police have to document every time they fire their weapon in the line of duty. now they will have to document every use of force, physical force to take a suspect down, use of baton, use of pepper spray, and there's also new requirements for officers who witness these incidents. >> thank you.
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5:24 pm
maurice, it's now become something of a running joke in certain political circles picking an appropriate campaign theme song if the mayor runs again. the suggestions include, traveling man, on the road again, or leaving on a jet plane. seems the mayor's thirst for the for the national stage is rubbing people the wrong way. >> when i voted for bill de blasio i voted for him to be an executive in new york city and not to be the poster boy of progressive politics. >> reporter: this criticism of mayor de blasio's decision to hold a presidential forum in iowa from assemblyman matthew toen to is offering tough love advice stay home and deal with the problems facing the city, homeless, schools, 9/11 responders threatened with the loss of federal medical benefits. >> for me it's frustrating he would portray himself to be the voice of this liberal democrat and others while the city right now is in need of
5:25 pm
-- of executive authority. >> reporter: in his 21 months in office of the mayor has been the quintessential roadie going to nebraska, washington and iowa, but to italy, paris and the vatican. his decision to hold a presidential forum on income inequality in iowa appears to have touched a raw nerve because he has yet to hold a single town hall meeting in new york city. >> i think town hall meetings in new york city are just a great tradition. mayors from koch to giuliani to dinkins couldn't get enough of the interaction with people. >> reporter: so controller scott stringer is going to provide a little local competition for de blasio's iowa forum. >> we are going to be doing a town hall meeting on the same night in this city in brooklyn. i think it's so crucial that we use this opportunity to talk about urban america and to showcase the struggles but yet the aspirations of our great city of new york. >> crime is going up. quality of life is going down. and the public schools are
5:26 pm
real embarrassing. he needs to come and pay attention to the people of his city. >> he should have stayed in new york. but he does bonehead stuff like that all the time. >> reporter: on a radio show today the mayor defending holding the forum saying he wants the candidates to talk about what they will do for cities and what the federal investigation. they can make in urban -- -- and the federal investments they can make in urban new york city. they trusted the leaders with personal email addresses but one town is accused of doing something with them and has people outraged. we'll explain how politics is clashing with privacy. also, as we watch joaquin and head into storm season, is your house ready? what you should be putting on your "to do" list immediately. we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities
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aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one!
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one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! tracking joaquin's path. the storm is now a category 4 hurricane. the massive storm is inching its way towards the east coast. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm maurice dubois. the timing of the storm means we have a full weekend to prepare before it approaches the area. >> cbs 2's lou young spent the day in westchester and fairfield counties to find out how you can spend that time wisely. >> reporter: you're getting cleaned out here?
5:30 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: homeowners are already in the hardware store in larchmont. there's a pattern to sales as the name joaquin becomes more common in conversation. >> they are worried about power outages. we had people in this morning looking for sandbags to -- if there's a rise in the tides. >> reporter: it's time to check those emergency lights that have been sitting around since last storm season. make sure they work. one person was taking out a new type of sandbag substitute. >> some kind of super absorbent inside it that gels so it makes like a -- makes a barrier. >> reporter: but they only had one left. there are also a variety of tarps on display. it's what you'll need if water leaks from above. experts say it wouldn't kill to you get the gunk out of your rain gutters while you still have type, as well. this guy says he has one priority. >> i guess gas for my generator. >> that's it? >> that's it.
5:31 pm
sales of sump pumps and generators will increase as the storm becomes more of a certainly. preparations at this point are pretty basic for most. >> batten down the hatches. >> reporter: clear the deck like this home in fairfield beach where reminders of sandy are all around. so your weekend mission, should you choose to accept it, is to secure the stuff that could blow around, protects the stuff that could get wet, keep one "eye on the storm" and prepare for the lights to go out. we are in larchmont, westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> we have all been there before. power outages are the result, of course, of trees taking down power lines. coned says that it has spent the past three years trimming trees near those lines to make that less common this time around. do make sure you have the forecast anywhere and anytime with the cbs new york weather app. it's free in the itunes store. and an impassioned speech by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before the
5:32 pm
that the iran nuclear deal deal would not bring peace and he vowed to defend israel. >> whatever resolutions you may adopt in this building, whatever decisions you may take in your capitals, israel will do whatever it must do to defend our state and to defend our people. >> netanyahu told world leaders that he thinks their silence as iran threatens to destroy his country was deafening and he stopped speaking for 44 seconds. the fbi now confirms it is looking into the hillary clinton email controversy. the agency is refusing to give specifics but acknowledges there is an inquiry. at this point it's unclear whether the investigation will wrap up before the presidential primaries or even the election. newly released clinton emails reveal that russian linked hackers tried to infect her computer five times at least. and residents in westchester are outraged tonight. they say that their privacy
5:33 pm
was invaded after their personal information got out. but the culprit isn't a mystery. it was the town of yorktown. cbs 2's dick brennan has this story new at 5:30. >> ply sons are in the school here. i -- my sons are in the school here. i get all the town alerts. >> reporter: a pitch for a candidate for office. she wondered how she got the name. >> it's good i got the information but not happy they gave out my name. >> reporter: how did the name of people who signed up for yorktown's email list wound up being given to a political campaign? it's easy. the town gave it to them. >> parents give their emergency phone contact numbers to the school district to contact them for official communication from the school district as far as the children are concerned. they don't give that phone number to the school district to pass it out to people to communicate to them to solicit anything. >> reporter: republicans say democrats got the list from an improper use of a freedom of information request from the town but democrats say
5:34 pm
everything was legitimate. >> the email addresses were obtained legally. they were not nefariously obtained. they were not surreptitiously obtained which is what i believe the republicans use that term in their press release. they weren't hacked into. okay? everything was done legally by the town clerk. >> reporter: democrats say this is nothing new and it's been going on for years. the town of north castle said they grant the freedom of information request to the list because it is a matter of law. yorktown says it will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow. yorktown's town supervisor says he wants a resolution banning the practice of handing over the names. dick brennan, cbs 2 news. still ahead here tonight, changes are coming to times square. and it's all because of those painted ladies and costumed characters. what police will soon start doing. >> we're in colts neck, new jersey in a palace something as palatial you see as in las vegas. this home has a classic
5:35 pm
theater on the first floor. and it has an indoor swimming pool. that's coming up in tonight's "living large." >> today in history, 60 years ago today the honeymooners starring jackie gleason, art kearny, audrey meadows and joyce randolph premiered on cbs. the sitcom only ran 39 episodes.
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is december 7th. so call empire today at 1-844-717-2652 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. - hurricane joaquin continues to strengthen as it batters parts of the bahamas. high winds and heavy rains have left parts of the island nation under water. joaquin is now a category 4 storm and the national hurricane center in miami says it could grow stronger. forecasters though still say that it is too early to tell if joaquin will make landfall in the u.s. coastal communities are urged to be prepared. in tonight's "living
5:38 pm
really sit around the house. the amenities include a movie theater, atrium, indoor swimming pool. we go to colts neck new jersey for peek inside this palace. emily smith reports. >> reporter: this stone home resides in a cul-de-sac on rancho polo. hi. >> welcome. >> the molding work is spectacular. stone in this house has been imported from all over the world. >> reporter: lots of traditional finishes and a barreled ceiling hallway make up the space. >> extremely unique feature, very rarely found in homes. it's mostly in the las vegas hotels and stuff like that. >> reporter: the living room has a custom marble fireplace a wall of windows and a gorgeous ceiling. >> you are now leading to a soundproof 15-seat home theater. >> reporter: also on the main floor of the home, an indoor
5:39 pm
marble floors. travertine marble floors around the pool. that's "living large." plus a billiard room complete with a coppered ceiling. the main kitchen has top of the line appliances and a 72- inch wide refrigerator. a whole family lives here? >> yes. two boys. >> reporter: off the kitchen, a sunroom with an antique swing imported from india. in addition to the kitchen, a full chef's kitchen. >> it's a chef's kitchen because this is a [ indiscernible ] you mentioned butler pantry. here's my butler's pantry. >> reporter: look at that. in here, a wine cooler and wet bar. this leads you to the formal dining room. >> beautiful crystal chandeliers. >> reporter: you can take the elevator to the master suite or a cinderella staircase. >> this is a single piece wrought-iron railing where usually you find them to be in sections. >> reporter: another palatial feel from up here with sweeping views of the lower
5:40 pm
level. the master wing has shiny cherrywood floors and elevated seating area and the master bathroom. in here, marble heated floors. a spa tub and more. >> stand in front of it. it's a smart toilet. heated seat. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: to live large in colts neck, new jersey it will cost you $4.4 million. >> don't think i didn't notice only the top is open. just saying. >> it is nice, though, when you have little ones around. >> it's nice for a lot of reasons. it's originally listed for 5 million. taxes run about $44,000 a year. >> very nice. as we continue here at 5:00, they thought it was finally their chance at having a family. >> even if there were flags flying we didn't see them. >> but their dream became a nightmare when the surrogate mother disappeared.
5:41 pm
>> first dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00 tonight. dana. >> kristine and maurice, our "eye on the storm" coverage continues after superstorm sandy new jersey transit finding its train yard flooded, tonight what the railroad is doing to make sure the trains are safe just in case. plus, what anyone needs to know about traveling. and after a string of videos showing police using force on suspects, there are sweeping new guidelines in the nypd. what it means for officers and public safety. also, we continue to follow the breaking news. more than a dozen people shot and killed on an oregon college campus.
5:42 pm
at 6:00. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. why are you giving me a gallon of... because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself. when you sign up for bp driver rewards. y. avsl iert hi. a viabt uny?
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e 0%ib oic neorgis u estt -favlae enu edt e stt t t pt.etio we continue to track hurricane joaquin now a category 4 storm that could be headed our way. lonnie quinn will be here with an update in just a few minutes. now to a cautionary tale for people trying to adopt a child that involves a heartbroken couple and a birth mother who suddenly disappeared. and as cbs 2's alice gainer reports, they suspect she lied about being pregnant in the first place. >> reporter: this sonogram shows twins, baby boys jason
5:44 pm
and byron miller thought they were going to adopt. after having three previous adoptions fall through, the pair was ecstatic. >> we're thinking these are going to be your sons. soon. >> reporter: the mother of these twins they thought was winona mcclellan. >> this woman walked into an adoption attorney's office and said, hey, i'm about to have a baby this week. >> reporter: so they rushed to reddit nursery. [ music ] >> reporter: buying two of everything. they even have a baby registry online showing the due date as september 30. the couple liquidated a 401(k) to pay for adoption fees and say the adoption attorney gave mcclellan several thousand dollars for living expenses. >> even if there were flags flying we didn't see them. >> reporter: it was until she postponed the c-section that they became suspicious. >> after everything we put through and have been through this could not be happening. >> reporter: after missing another doctors appointment, she was gone. they took a closer look at that sonogram and traced it to a video posted on the internet years ago.
5:45 pm
mcclellan has a criminal history involving theft, bad checks and drug possession. an adoption agency saw their story on a texas tv station and recognized her. they called police. mcclellan was arrested as she was about to meet with another set of parents looking to adopt. as for the devastated millers. >> everybody keeps saying, you have so much to give, you would be -- [ pause ] >> they all want to us go through it. >> i think we have done our best. >> reporter: they say this attempt to adopt will likely be their last. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> mcclellan was arrested for violating probation. she was also arrested back in april on a drug charge. the costume characters and topless pink ladies should be allowed to stay in times square according to recommendations from the city hall panel. but the times square task force is calling for changes. people have complained that they harass visitors. the department of transportation should limit where and when the performers
5:46 pm
can operate in the pedestrian plaza, according to the task force. the nypd would double the number of officers who patrol the area. >> with that power would come the ability like we have in the parks to promulgate rules and regulations as the time, place what behavior could be allowed. >> mayor de blasio is expected to support the recommendations. all right. let's talk weather now. it's all about joaquin and what precedes it. lonnie quinn has that. >> plate is full. we have a lot of weather to talk about. out there now, kind of gloomy, all right, a little bit of light rain in the area. you're dealing with a temperature right now outside of 63 degrees. east-northeast winds at 18 miles per hour. so kind of a gusty blustery day out there. and that's just going to be what our world is going to be like here for a couple of days. 64 was your high. 56 was your low. an 8-degree spread from top to bottom. five degrees cooler than this time of the year. vortex satellite and radar, it's green right now. the showers that are out there aren't too heavy most of them
5:47 pm
on the light side. if you zoom in tight you will notice west of warren county, sussex county, you can find a few little flashes of yellow out there. there's a little bit of a moderate shower then you make your way out to long island and we are dealing with a lighter rain there, as well. rain showers tonight. for tomorrow going to pick up in intensity and it's all because of this stalled front which will put some bouts of heavier rain into our area. then what's really interesting about this, check out this. you go down the bottom of the cold front right here, and then follow this line. where's that going? that goes right to joaquin. and i know joaquin you don't see the big greens or yellow, or the reds and you're thinking, what's the deal, no rain in joaquin? our radar signature ends around nassau in the bahamas. trust me, joaquin is filled with waters! and this moisture trail is pulling some of that moisture into that low pressure system along that front and it's going towel lie make its way into our area. so -- it's going actually to make its way into our area. so it's coming into our area on friday, leftover rain for saturday and sunday.
5:48 pm
it's all because it's buying into the new track of the system. category 4 right now, it's a 4, then a 3, then a 2, then a 1 off our shores. but as of right now, the skinny red line which we can't focus just on that stays offshore of the coastline of the eastern u.s. but the cone of concern still keeps almost all of new jersey and a good portion of the tri-state area in that cone. granted we're on the lower probability side but we are in the cone nonetheless so we don't let our guard down. here's how i see the next 7 days. friday 57. a wet weather day. saturday 62. still keep a chance for some wet weather out there. even sunday i keep a chance for some wet weather out there. kind of blustery out there as well because we got a big system offshore. we are hoping it's going to be offshore. can't commit to that 100% yet. then on monday look at this. you're still watching joaquin. then tuesday, you start to see a little bit more sun getting ready to come back to the area on wednesday. wednesday and thursday of next week will be some nice weather days but it's been a long time
5:49 pm
seven-day that we have had so much bad weather to deal with. we have had bad weather days here and there this summer. we have been spoiled. the yankees fan who couldn't catch a foul ball or even one tossed to him is now talking about his famous on air flop. will smith made national headlines when he missed three foul balls from his great seat at yankee stadium this week. well, finally did he reach out and did grab a ball after he missed it on the third try. he figured that he certainly would catch some heat for this but had no idea what was to come. >> i didn't know that i was going to wake up with my phone just totally blown up. come into work, boss is kind of mentor i say to him, what do i do? he's like, you either got to own it or just walk away from it and just decided hey this is one you own. you know, make the catches next time. >> smith said that the half dozen beers he had during the game didn't help. [ laughter ] >> the silver lining? you can see here all the
5:50 pm
him and he plans to send it to his older brother a marine stationed in north carolina. >> which is very nice but we're blaming it on the alcohol. >> yes. >> on the alcohol. >> the young lady with him not impressed. [ laughter ] >> a little embarrassed. as we continue in just a moment, a lot of stores are offering them but are price match guarantees actually worth it? not as simple as you might think. >> and coming up at 6:00, the school health scare. a potentially deadly bacteria found in two long island schools.
5:51 pm
their child's safety. target is offering to match the online prices of competitors. >> but the price match program does come with rules. so is it even worth it? at this long island target store in farmingdale shoppers were delighted to hear about target's online price match offer. >> i think that's great. i think that it's happening in a lot of stores and it's nice to see them catching up.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: many of target's rivals already offer to match prices. age lists say target's move is more of a symbolic gesture that it will slug it out price wise with its competitors believing instead that it will have little effect on target's bottom line. that's because in the past, fewer than 5% of consumers ever collect on a price match. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says target also requires you to prove your claim. >> part of this policy that's a little anticonsumer is it's kind of a pain in the neck. so there are guidelines, there's limitations they say the item must be the identical weight. >> reporter: elizabeth and her husband say they will start comparing online but they are not ready to rush to target for a small price difference. >> i would if it was worth my while. i have to considerate price of gas, too. [ laughter ] >> reporter: analysts say target's price match offer is
5:53 pm
largely aimed at its biggest rival walmart. where it has some loyal shoppers thinking of switching -- >> money is money, honey. when you're a senior you want to go to the cheapest place ever. so i'll try it. >> reporter: target says customers who do try it will have up to two weeks to collect on a lower posted price. the price has become an all important selling point for retailers as online competition increases and more consumers turn to their phones to comparison shoppping. >> because money is money, honey. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news, a gunman on a rampage opens fire on a college campus. 13 people shot and killed, many more wounded. good evening, i'm dana tyler.
5:54 pm
we'll have more on that story in a moment. we start with hurricane joaquin. the category 4 storm now on the move. models showing a variety of possible tracks. will it make landfall and where? plus, what it means for us in the tri-state area. coastal communities taking no chances bracing for the worst. building sand dunes to protect homes and beaches. after seeing long lines at the pumps find out what's being done to make sure gas stations have enough fuel and power to run of the pumps. we have cbs 2 team coverage. we'll start with lonnie quinn in the weather center. lonnie. >> i'm going to give you a current view of what joaquin looks like now. it's a tightly wound storm. it's not nearly as big if you -- look, if i was to place superstorm sandy on top of that, sandy would fill the screen. this is a strong smaller storm but boy, big winds associated with it. there's the eye of the system right over the central bahamas right now and the central bahamas, i have to tell you, they are going to deal with winds over 100 miles per hour for a total of about 24 hours. all right. i want to show you the current readings. winds currently at 130 miles
5:55 pm
per hour. consist a cat.
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