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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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per hour. consist a cat. 4 hurricane -- it's a cat. 4 hurricane, big storm. it's a strong cat. 4 hurricane. and it's moving right now to the southwest at 6 miles per hour. but all the models are in agreement it will turn to the north. as of yesterday, we thought for sure oh, it's coming onshore around north carolina or virginia. well, as of this morning, we put the skinny red line more around delaware where the possible landfall from south carolina up to massachusetts. that was this morning. then you get to the 2:00 update this afternoon. well, now notice how it's moving further and further to the east with the skinny red line going right to long island. the current track taking it to the north from a 4 to 3 to 2, 100-mile-per-hour winds on sunday but still offshore of the outer banks of north carolina and now okay where it was going to suffolk county, now it has curved at least the skinny red line has curved.
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our area is still in the cone of concern. we don't led our guard down. everybody knows about the european model. i'll trace that with my finger. it goes like this and are you ready for this? it's been going like this east of bermuda since the very beginning. if these guys nail this particular storm, they will have made their career at that office. but dana i'm going to follow all this and will be back with you later. they are battening down the hatches and the beaches at the shoreline. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff is live in long beach, where people of course hoping this is not another sandy. carolyn. >> reporter: good evening, dana. that berm behind me just built today. two miles long it's one of the many steps taken by officials here in long beach and across long island in preparation and they want members of the public residents to take their own steps as well hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> people are just preparing for the worst right now.
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still fresh in her mind sandy flooded swing belly's restaurant and covered much of long beach in sand and sea water. on blocks where nearly every home has been rebuilt, there's worry and hope. >> i'm hoping that it stays out east in the sea. >> reporter: nassau county officials say they are better equipped this time with new high axle vehicles and portable generators for traffic lights. they urge residents to prepare now, too. fill up gas tanks, charge phones, stock up on batteries, food and water. and have a go kit ready. and if evacuations are ordered -- >> rather than go to a shelter, we have suggested the family and friends plan where you partner with a family member or friend that lives in the higher elevations. >> reporter: this flood victim learned the hard way. >> i stayed through sandy. i wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: at marinas across suffolk counties, boats being readied. small craft in port jefferson harbor removed or secured.
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tugs pushed barges away from the ferry. suffolk pulling out dozens of high water rescue trucks and humvees saying it isn't an overreaction. despite the uncertainty of joaquin sandy taught better coordination. and back live in long beach you can see that berm. it runs two miles put up just today to protect a brand-new boardwalk. in addition, municipalities across long island have gotten dozens of surplus military vehicles and free of charge from the federal government they say it will help them get through floaters better of course everybody hoping that -- getting through floodwaters better. of course, everybody hoping they won't have to use it. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. more on the preparations in new jersey. as we know, heavy rain from the storm could make it hard to get around in the air and on the ground. governor christie has already declared a state of emergency. cbs 2's christine sloan live in hillside with more on preparations there. christine. >> reporter: dana, remember the long wind during
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superstorm sandy? at gas stations remember the long lines? now the state of new jersey giving money to some stations to keep the power on during storms. just one plan in place as residents brace for a lot of rain. [ bell ] >> reporter: trains, newark liberty international airport, and drivers preparing ahead of the storm. this couple gassing up. >> never know what can happen. >> reporter: gas stations including this one recently flooded after a rain cell that lingered over the town of scotch plains for three hours, concern, too. but it's not just the water. during sandy, long lines at gas stations. the state pumping out a program to help them buy backup generators. 140 gas stations applied. nearly half getting help. but a gasoline organization says that wasn't the issue during sandy. >> the reason for the gas lines was because gasoline could not be delivered to the
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gas stations. >> reporter: governor chris christie canceling his campaign putting hundreds of emergency workers on standby. >> now is the time for you to begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. >> reporter: nj transit which saw some trains under water during sandy keeping a close eye to minimize service disruptions. most airlines not saying if they are relaxing flight change fees. >> it's scary. we are going homing on monday. so probably we are going to stay here one more day. >> reporter: now, the port authority announcing a drainage project at the airport to help alleviate flooding on taxiways and runways. everyone here just preparing again for a lot of rain. we're live in union, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> thank you, kristine. the mta doing its best to make
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sure the city keeps moving if the storm hits us hard. crews already hard at work putting wood over street grates to protect subways from any potential flooding. the mta plans to cover the 540 in lower manhattan. long island rail road and metro-north are also making plans to prevent any unnecessary delays. people living in new jersey's coastal communities also worried that joaquin could bring some really horrible weather and if there are any similarities to this storm to superstorm sandy. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch continuing our team coverage in union beach. vanessa? >> reporter: dana, the blue house you see behind me now stands about 18 feet above ground level. the original was washed away by superstorm sandy. despite the rather raw conditions we have out here right now, crews are getting ready to board up the windows. the owners tell me they stayed during sandy and they won't make the same mistake again.
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house the last time, the last storm, when it went down. >> reporter: pamela vazquez says they survived superstorm sandy by some miracle. >> we swam after the house went down it took us an hour and a half to go 150 feet. >> reporter: she is not taking any chances with joaquin. >> this time if they say evacuate, we're leaving. >> reporter: and in the meantime, they will be safeguarding their rebuilt home. >> we have a big window up top. we are going to cover that with plywood over the front doors, as well. >> trying to make sure we're ready. >> reporter: mary-kate costello says she is worried about getting flooded again so she is stacking up on supplies and moving the important stuff upstairs. >> trying to figure out where we're going to go if we're going to go. >> reporter: the borough of union beach is building temporary berms six feet high. >> thisth block used to be houses from one end to the other so because there's no houses and the ground being flat, we're worried about the wave action coming in over the property. we can't stop the flooding. but we can try to stop and slow down the waves. >> reporter: and the borough
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issued a code red this morning. every resident got a phone call urging them to get prepared. >> pretty scared right now but i'm a little more prepared because i have a good feeling what's going to happen this time. >> reporter: well, it is seeming that sandy despite all the devastation here is a driving force for good. people are getting prepared and are prepared to leave if necessary. now, the monmouth county sheriff's office tells me it's also getting prepared watching the storm's every move on the big screen. also prepping all their trucks making sure they are in running order, and in addition to that, they are providing for additional law enforcement as the storm draws closer. we're live in union beach with the mobile weather lab. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. to keep an eye on the storm download the cbs new york weather app get the forecast check live radar and send us your weather pictures and video. it's free and available in the itunes store.
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and stay with cbs 2 and for continuing coverage tracking hurricane joaquin as we plot its movement. we'll have updates all weekend and in few minutes with lonfully. breaking news, a shooting this afternoon at an oregon community college ends with 13 people dead and police report the gunman also dead. the gunfire broke out this morning oregon time at umpqua community college in rose burger king about 180 miles south of portland in roseburg. along with fatalities there were at least 20 people wounded. police went door to door when the campus was locked down to get students to safety. >> i remember the officer knocking on the door and saying come out with your hands up. >> a former president of the college said the school had no formal security staff just one officer per shift. the school has close to 3,000 students. there will be much more ahead
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scott what more do we know? it's happened again, which is so horrible. >> reporter: it's amazing as often as these things are happening these days. there have been at least five mass shootings this year alone of this type. this is a rapidly developing situation as you know. there are a number of people in the hospital that we understand are in critical condition. it's almost certain that the number of wounded and the number of dead that we have right now will change as developments warrant. we will have interviews with witnesses and all the very latest information on this and the information about the hurricane headed up this way at 6:30. >> thank you, scott. we'll see you then. still ahead here at 6:00 on cbs 2 news, drawing the several incidents involving nypd officers caught on camera, there are sweeping new plus this. >> my daughter is not going to
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come back until i hear from the department of health. >> a possible deadly bacteria found in two long island schools. parents worried, are their children safe? >> okay. i think everybody has been getting the message that joaquin big hurricane pushing further east and if you are thinking that we have nothing to be worried about, you're wrong! so stay tuned. we are going to talk about the effects in just a bit.
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a little bit? we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! sweeping changes at the
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nypd with plans to document and review every time an officer uses force everything from tackling a suspect to using pepper spray. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: it happens thousands of times a year. nypd officers using force in the course of doing their jobs. soon, they will be required to fill out a form to document every time they take down or subdue someone every use of a baton or pepper spray. >> it is a very, very significant change as you can appreciate. >> reporter: commissioner bratton also ordering officers to take action if they witness a fellow cop acting inappropriately. >> officers at the scene will be disciplined for their failure to report as well as going forward to intervene. >> reporter: bratton is also dedicating more resources to investigate the use of force and track which cops may be using it too often. so what does the patrol officers union think about all these changes? not a whole lot according to the pba chief.
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with continual second-guessing of officers' actions is a formula for disaster. it is a call for police officers to disengage themselves from the very pro- active policing that brought this city from the brink of disaster." but an agency keeping an eye on police praises the new force reporting requirements. use of force there's no way to gauge whether or not you're getting it right but there's still a great deal more that needs to be done. >> reporter: the nypd agrees and will offer additional training in how to deescalate encounters so force isn't needed. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> also today a report critical of the nypd claiming it often ignores disciplinary measures recommended by a review board. let's corpus christi and galveston to hurricane joaquin. lonnie quinn is here right now to give us the latest and what's forecast. >> just quickly want to touch upon the fact that we have been uncertain about the track of joaquin and that's something different from the national hurricane center.
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themselves on their track forecasting. they say hey, look, you know what, intensity forecasting, they are doing the best they can. but i want to talk to you about the weather in our area. not big totals today and we knew today was going to be a break in between systems but, you know, .4" is the biggest number in east brunswick. we'll see more tomorrow. right now in new york city, that's not much of a picture. you can't see really anything because it's overcast with some light rain. 60 degrees your high 64 is five degrees cooler than year. we have advisories in effect. coastal flood advisory for every one of our communities that has a shoreline and it's not because of joaquin. it has nothing to do with joaquin. this has to do with big winds off the water. wind gusts off the jersey shore 40 miles an hour or more. this is a separate system from joaquin. putting rain into our area,
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the -- we'll zoom in tight. the rain is light throughout. i don't see any yellows flashing in our area so if you catch the light green color on the radar or even dark green, a light maybe semi moderate rain shower out there but that's what i'm calling for tonight. i think you could see some heavier rain tomorrow. there's that wider picture i want as this front which is sort of stalled in our area is going to send little bouts of energy. you can see them here. through our area. we'll sigh maybe half inch again tomorrow some folks maybe getting up to an inch of rain and then you check on joaquin. it's a big storm. category 4 hurricane. let's talk about how it's all going to work out. the rain we see tomorrow not really associated with joaquin although it may pull in some moisture but we get that tomorrow. saturday it's spotty. sunday spotty as well because again we are really buying into the fact that this is pushing further and further and further to the east. look at the cone now. here we go. for us sometime around monday the 2 p.m. picture. off of -- well off montauk, the skinny red line at least as a tropical storm.
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but we remain in the cone of concern as i have been saying. you can't let your guard down until then. if you are getting frustrated, come on, every time we get a new update it's a different story, it's hard to follow because of high pressure systems, low pressures, a stalled front. think about our atmosphere for those of you -- look, don't think about the videogames today. think about remember old- fashioned pinball machines, dana? old-fashioned pinball new jersey. the flippers. that ball was bouncing all over the place because of different things that influenced the direction that the little pinball was going to go in. well, this high is going to push further east. if this can separate itself from the low that's going to give us the rain tomorrow it opens up an escape path for that storm. and that's what we believe is going to happen. we got to follow it. it's not a definite but we watch it. so 57, not a nice day tomorrow. 62 on saturday moving in the right direction but windy.
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hurricane or tropical storm in our area. 68 on sunday. same deal there. but notice at least putting a sun in the background of the clouds. >> that's encouraging. >> monday we watch the system. the closest path it will take to us will be on monday. then it's out of here. >> all right. but every, single day you will be on top of it. >> every hour. stay tuned to 11 p.m. it's going to be a real important advisory. we want to watch it continue to move to the east. a health scare at two long island schools at the was detected. the smithtown district superintendent says after a is gone. but as cbs 2's dave carlin reports, some parents are not so sure. little bit on edge. >> reporter: 15-year-old heather says she is breathing easier now the schoolday is over. she is a tenth grader the asmithtown east which along
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legionnaire's in their cooling towers. parents got this robo call from the school superintendent. >> upon receipt of the results yesterday, the towers were immediately shut down and disinfected by licensed professionals. >> they retested it and it was negative so it should be fine. >> reporter: there are no reports of legionnaire's disease at any of the smithtown district schools. the testing whats done as a response to the legionnaire's -- was done as a response to the legionnaire's outbreak in the bronx that killed more than a dozen people since july. >> it's not a disease to be taken lightly. >> reporter: some parents are not content to let the school district have the final word on the this and they want more documentation. >> to have an actual document showing exactly what it was would be nice. >> my daughter is not going to come back until i hear from the department of health. >> they did it. it's not hard to clean it up. >> reporter: the district says the threat is over. testing will be ongoing. and it's time to get back to the books. in smithtown, suffolk county, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> legionnaire's disease is especially dangerous for the elderly and for people with underlying health issues.
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here's otis with sports. i wouldn't say the mets can relax. >> the. mets still in a battle for home field advantage in the division series started today with a one-game edge on the dodgers. smallest crowds at citizens bank park history. no surprise with the start time pushed up to noon on a cold windy day in philadelphia. most of the mets starters sitting this one out including yoenis cespedes who is expected back tomorrow after last night's scare when he was hit on the hand with a pitch. sean gilmartin making his first career start for the mets in place of steven matz and his bulky bat. 4th inning darren rough roughs him you have with a would run blast. the phillies sweep the mets 3- 0 the final. dodgers just beats the giants 3-2. now, both teams have an 89-70 record. but the mets hold the tie- breaker so they could have home field advantage. three games left. the yankees going to make the play-offs but they are backing their way in and if things don't change quickly they will be one and done. they have their series finale
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as expected after having a setback in practice yesterday, victor cruz will not play in sunday's game in buffalo. no timetable on his return from the calf injury. the jets with a final practice on u.s. soil before heading to london for their international matchup with the dolphins on sunday at 9:30 a.m. right here on cbs 2. the jets offensive line will have their hands full in the uk. dolphins defensive tackle is a force to be reckoned with. jets guard willie colon who contained him last year is out with a knee injury. brian winters gets the unlucky assignment. his coach's advice, eat your wheaties. >> i'm just going to take [ indiscernible ] face good players every week so, you know, it is what it is. >> we respect what they do but, you know, we feel confident that, um, you know, we're a great line. we have been put together, um, played well together and hope to continue to do that this week. >> that's on sunday. just a reminder week 4 is under way tonight right here on cbs 2 with the thursday night matchup between the ravens and the steelers.
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our coverage begins with a pre- game show at 7:30. finally back to the jets and their trip across the pond, the team had a meeting with the sleep specialist to help them with the five-hour time difference. rookie leonard williams told us what he learned. >> i was kind of nodding off to be honest. the guy was telling us it's all right to go to sleep e shouldn't have said that. he turned off the lights. >> practicing the technique. >> i have been trying to -- [ laughter ] >> no, not -- >> he had to stay awake for
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>> we'll be right back. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed.
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we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! i'm kristine johnson in the cbs 2 newsroom. racoons caught on camera taking over backyards. the problem so bad in brooklyn, the health department is getting involved. also tonight, our weather team continues to track the changing path of hurricane joaquin. we'll have the latest on where it's headed and also how communities are preparing. those stories and more after thursday night football. >> up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," the mass shooting on a community college campus in oregon. good night.
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